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  1. This painting is a montage spread out over several separate panels.  In the upper left panel, three maggots are leaning over a round table, studying various maps of the Shifting City.  On the very center of the table is a crude drawing of a hog-tied cat being presented to a creature identifiable as a bear only because it is clearly labeled as such.  The panel in the upper right shows the three maggots in what appears to be some kind of disguise shop.  One of the maggots is trying on a pair of glasses with a fake moustache attached, while the other two are dragging a trench coat over the teller.  In the background, an angry looking hedgehog furrikin is mopping ooze up off the floor.  In the bottom right panel, what is clearly three maggots in a trench coat are exchanging a large sack labelled "real gold" to one of the orange thieves in the Shifting City.  For some reason, this panel also features the angry furrikin, seemingly following them around continuing to clean up the ever-increasing puddle of slime.  The bottom left panel shows an aerial view of the three maggots, and several orange thieves crouched on buildings, preparing to ambush a strange looking, and incredibly large cat.  The fifth and sixth panel are in the centre of the painting, covering a corner of each of the other panels.  Put together as one large box with a diagonal slash to show these events happen together, the fifth panel shows three maggots, still in their trenchcoat, jumping out at the giant cat.  Meanwhile, the orange thieves are all turning and disappearing into the shadows, clearly having no intention of getting involved.  The sixth panel finally offers a clear view of the city streets, and the strange feline entity.  Strange, coppery streets lined with buildings built of parchment scrawled with obscure runes and symbols.  Prowling along the street is the alien feline, so large that it barely fits between the buildings.  Washed out jade fur with yellow and black eyes, the elongated fangs of this scripture-winged beast are fully exposed as it hunts its prey.  Before the catlike creature, three maggots are fleeing in terror.  One of the maggots has fallen behind the other two, already showing evidence of having been clawed and chewed lightly; toyed with.  Streaks of multihued ooze drain towards the gutters, staining the otherwise pristine copper surface.  Circling above, in a black starry void are three dreameater moths that are keeping a healthy distance from the playfully homicidal cat.  For a third time, the hedgehog furrikin makes an appearance, this time cleaning up a shredded trench coat, and trying on the fake moustache.
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