Oran Mini - No Gibles Allowed

Aug 6th, 2011
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  1. [12:18:36] <@Paradox> It's Spring 73. It's quite early in the morning when you receive a couple of curt knocks on your door.
  2. [12:20:26] * Jack rubs his eyes, awakened quite curiously by the knocks. Who could be visiting at this hour? He stretches and makes his way over to the door of his tiny shack, then opens it.
  3. [12:23:12] <@Paradox> A young lady about your age stands there. She's about your age; maybe a year younger, maybe a year older. She's blonde, and wearing a tan jacket, a beige scarf, and shorts. She blinks at you for a moment.
  4. [12:23:26] <@Paradox> "Oh, excuse me. Is Joe here?"
  5. [12:25:03] <Jack> "Joe?" he thinks for a moment, "My grandfather? No." He shakes his head, "He died not long ago, and I inherited this place. I'm Jack."
  6. [12:26:28] <@Paradox> "He ... died? He died!?"
  7. [12:26:51] <@Paradox> "Oh. Well. I'm glad someone is here in his place."
  8. [12:27:11] <@Paradox> "I brought the seeds. I'd like my gible now, please."
  9. [12:27:20] <@Paradox> She holds out a small green bag.
  10. [12:29:56] <Jack> "Er what?" He seems a bit perplexed, "Well, my intentions for this land weren't exactly...whatever he was doing. But what is this about your gible?" He certainly didn't know of any gible around here.
  11. [12:31:43] <@Paradox> She blinks, as if genuinely really surprised you don't know what she's talking about. "I ... but ... he said ... that if I got him the firebloom seeds, he'd give me a gible."
  12. [12:32:01] <@Paradox> "He said he knew where to find some! And that he'd help me catch one!"
  13. [12:33:04] <@Paradox> "I spent a year and a half scouring through a geothermally heated marsh on a tiny island in pirate territory looking for a firebloom, and you're saying you don't have a gible to give me?"
  14. [12:37:54] * Jack sighs, "From what I understand, my grandfather was not exactly the best for keeping his word. Not since grandma died, at least. But I hardly knew the man myself." He considers for a moment, "I think I know where I could find a gible for you, though, if you still want one."
  15. [12:38:43] <@Paradox> She breathes a sigh of relief.
  16. [12:39:39] <@Paradox> "Really? Because, I mean, I've just done so much for this! I need strong ground type pokemon."
  17. [12:43:41] <Jack> "The mine around here seems to have plenty of those," he nods, "in fact, I'll head there and start looking immediately. If you can stay around town, I'll let you know how it went." The young man smiles, glad to see she's relieved, "What's your name, anyway, so I know who to look for?"
  18. [12:44:33] <@Paradox> "Oh, of course. My name is Elizabeth Tann. Thank you for helping me, Jack."
  19. [12:47:35] <@Paradox> " ... Do... do you want the seeds as payment? I don't have much money, but I think I could come up with something else as payment! Probably. Or how about a pokemon egg? That's basically a trade, that ought to be fair!"
  20. [12:48:23] <Jack> "Well, tell me a bit about the seeds. They must be special to be worth that much of a search, yes?"
  21. [12:50:23] <@Paradox> "Well, the Firebloom plants have bright red flowers that literally burn when exposed to the sun. Alchemists can use them for really amazing things, I'm told!"
  22. [12:53:11] <Jack> "Well, we can discuss the reward later," he nods confidently, "I've got a Gible to find. See you soon!" With that, he heads off towards the mine, Taro trailing behind him.
  23. [12:54:50] <@Paradox> "Well, alright. I'll be in town somewhere!" She calls out as you run off.
  24. [12:55:01] <@Paradox> (FF to mines?)
  25. [12:55:40] <Jack> (Yep.)
  26. [12:57:13] <@Paradox> It only takes a few minutes to walk out there.
  27. [13:00:29] <@Paradox> Entering the mine entrance, it's pretty dark, unless you have anything to see by.
  28. [13:04:58] * Jack removes a torch from his packs and lights it, scanning about carefully.
  29. [13:06:59] <@Paradox> (roll wis)
  30. [13:07:57] <Jack> 1d20
  31. [13:07:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 1d20: 2 [1d20=2]
  32. [13:09:00] <@Paradox> 1d100
  33. [13:09:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d100: 94 [1d100=94]
  34. [13:10:36] <@Paradox> You manage to spot quite a few different kind of ground type pokemon; diglett, sandshrew, a geodude
  35. [13:10:46] <@Paradox> but you can't find any Gibles here.
  36. [13:12:08] * Jack makes his way deeper down. He wasn't about to give up yet.
  37. [13:13:13] <@Paradox> 1d100
  38. [13:13:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d100: 49 [1d100=49]
  39. [13:13:54] <@Paradox> As you walk through the deep mining caverns, you suddenly hear and feel a loud THUD behind you
  40. [13:14:35] <@Paradox> Turning around, you see a Boldore behind you! And it does not look pleased.
  41. [13:16:24] * Jack grimaces, releasing Mr. Angry. Both he and Taro stand gaurdedly before Jack as they stare the rock pokemon down.
  42. [13:16:34] <Jack> "You want a fight, then? Let's do this."
  43. [13:17:13] <Jack> (Dex is 10, Speeds are 10 for Taro and 8 for Angry)
  44. [13:17:22] <Jack> (*12)
  45. [13:17:25] <Jack> (DEX is 12)
  46. [13:17:48] <@Paradox> It stomps the ground angrily
  47. [13:17:55] <@Paradox> You go first.
  48. [13:21:18] <Jack> Taro barks to Angry, who does a puffy little nod in response. They were communicating. Taro spotted a weakness, and Mr. Angry intended to follow through. The tough JIgllypuff rushed in at the Boldore with a punch that would shatter rock at a decided weakpoint. (Taro using Helping Hand, Angry using Rock Smash.)
  49. [13:21:21] <Jack> 1d20 Rock Smash hit
  50. [13:21:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, Rock Smash hit: 10 [1d20=10]
  51. [13:22:15] <Jack> (Can dicemaid handle multiple dice type rolls? I forget.)
  52. [13:22:24] <Jack> (Well, let's find out.)
  53. [13:22:26] <Jack> 2d10+1d20+1d8+8
  54. [13:22:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 2d10+1d20+1d8+8: 34 [2d10=7,5; 1d20=13; 1d8=1]
  55. [13:23:22] <@Paradox> ( uh )
  56. [13:23:31] <@Paradox> ( unless you have dual wielding, only one pokemon can act per turn )
  57. [13:23:35] <Jack> (I do)
  58. [13:23:46] <@Paradox> ( do you? oh okay )
  59. [13:23:59] <@Paradox> BAM
  60. [13:24:10] <@Paradox> Mr. Angry hits the rock hard; but it's still up due to tough defenses
  61. [13:24:55] <@Paradox> the rock looks at Taro in annoyance, and fires off a power gem attack
  62. [13:24:57] <@Paradox> 1d20
  63. [13:24:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 4 [1d20=4]
  64. [13:25:25] <@Paradox> 2d20+1d10+10
  65. [13:25:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 2d20+1d10+10: 39 [2d20=17,7; 1d10=5]
  66. [13:27:58] <Jack> Taro takes quite a beating, but is still standing. "Don't let 'em give you that, Taro. Show him what you can REALLY do.!" (Preparing a Hidden Strength.)
  67. [13:28:36] <@Paradox> (okay, go ahead)
  68. [13:30:27] <Jack> Tarro retaliates by...spitting at the Boldore? Wait, no, that's not spit, that's a water gun attack. A normal Eevee using water gun. That's crazy! Meanwhile Mr. Angry follows with a much less effective, but still at least slightly damaging Pound attack.
  69. [13:30:31] <Jack> 1d20 Water Gun AC
  70. [13:30:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, Water Gun AC: 3 [1d20=3]
  71. [13:30:51] <Jack> (AC 2. That misses, right?)
  72. [13:31:03] <@Paradox> The Boldore spins in place, deflecting the water gun attack.
  73. [13:31:10] <Jack> 1d20 Pound
  74. [13:31:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, Pound: 14 [1d20=14]
  75. [13:31:25] <Jack> 2d10+8 Normal damage against a rock thanks dicemaid
  76. [13:31:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, Normal damage against a rock thanks dicemaid: 24 [2d10=10,6]
  77. [13:32:21] <@Paradox> ( don't you get a bunch of bonuses to that?)
  78. [13:32:32] <@Paradox> (like, STAB, and then underdog stab, and then ace bonus?)
  79. [13:32:32] <Jack> (Oh right)
  80. [13:32:53] <Jack> 2d8 stab
  81. [13:32:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, stab: 8 [2d8=4,4]
  82. [13:33:00] <Jack> (There you go.)
  83. [13:33:18] <Jack> (It's not as ridiculous as Eevee's tackle because of no survivability.)
  84. [13:33:24] <Jack> (Er, adapability.)
  85. [13:33:33] <@Paradox> BONK. Not nearly as impressive as the rock smash.
  86. [13:34:53] <@Paradox> (shouldn't the bonus also be like +14? not +8? Angry has base 11 attack, and improved attacks gives you +3)
  87. [13:35:05] <@Paradox> Anyway, the rock charges up... and unleashes a barrage of rocks!
  88. [13:35:32] <@Paradox> 3#1d20 Rock Slide Jack/Taro/Angry
  89. [13:35:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, Rock Slide Jack/Taro/Angry: 4 [1d20=4], 4 [1d20=4], 8 [1d20=8]
  90. [13:36:02] <@Paradox> Miss, miss, hit!
  91. [13:36:25] <@Paradox> 6d10+16
  92. [13:36:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 6d10+16: 56 [6d10=6,2,9,7,9,7]
  93. [13:36:41] <@Paradox> Mr. Angry takes a strong hit from the rocks!
  94. [13:38:53] <Jack> (Halved due to resistance aaaand...)
  95. [13:40:10] <Jack> ...Mr. Angry grabs one of the rocks as he's barraged, leaps towards the Boldore, and begins to blugeon him with it in a veyr bizzare sort of counterattack
  96. [13:40:14] <Jack> (Counter.)
  97. [13:40:25] <@Paradox> SMASH
  98. [13:40:35] <@Paradox> The rock keels over, KO'd.
  99. [13:40:52] <@Paradox> Mr. Angry strikes a pose in triumph and kicks the downed Boldore.
  100. [13:41:22] <Jack> "Great work. Nice thinking both of your," Jack smiles appreciatively, "Now let's see if we can find a gible down here..."
  101. [13:43:20] <@Paradox> 825 EXP
  102. [13:43:50] <@Paradox> 1d100
  103. [13:43:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d100: 69 [1d100=69]
  104. [13:44:17] <@Paradox> You find a sexy magazine on the floor of the mine. Huh.
  105. [13:45:52] * Jack picks up the magazine and pockets it discreetly. Who puts all these down here?
  106. [13:47:33] <@Paradox> You find a chamber with some crustle sleeping around a pool of clear water.
  107. [13:47:48] <@Paradox> And you manage to spot a bright white wooper swimming slowly within the clear water.
  108. [13:50:52] <Jack> "Taro, tackle it down!" he points at the Wooper. The eevee nods and moves in to strike.
  109. [13:50:54] <Jack> 1d20 Tackle
  110. [13:50:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, Tackle: 11 [1d20=11]
  111. [13:51:05] <Jack> 2d10+4d10 Not too high Dicemaid please
  112. [13:51:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, Not too high Dicemaid please: 34 [2d10=5,8; 4d10=9,3,8,1]
  113. [13:51:31] <@Paradox> The Eevee jumps into the water, and lands on the startled wooper.
  114. [13:51:45] <@Paradox> "WOOP WOOP WOOP!"
  115. [13:52:13] <Jack> (Let me know when I can toss a ball.)
  116. [13:52:45] <@Paradox> 1d20
  117. [13:52:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 15 [1d20=15]
  118. [13:53:15] <@Paradox> 3d20+1d8+11
  119. [13:53:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 3d20+1d8+11: 45 [3d20=16,6,11; 1d8=1]
  120. [13:54:03] <@Paradox> The wooper closes its eyes, and the ground under Taro explodes upward with power, throwing him back out of the pool.
  121. [13:54:16] <@Paradox> (Angry's turn, then Jack)
  122. [13:54:20] <Jack> (Taro is...KO'd, yep.)
  123. [13:54:27] <Jack> (How's teh wooper looking?)
  124. [13:55:17] <@Paradox> It's a little under half health, you'd say
  125. [13:59:55] <Jack> Mr. Angry moves in for a devestating, but hopefully nto TOO Deevstating punch. Meanwhile, Jack secures Taro in his pokeball.
  126. [14:00:07] <Jack> 2d10+1d8 Rock Smash
  127. [14:00:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, Rock Smash: 13 [2d10=3,5; 1d8=5]
  128. [14:00:12] <Jack> (Perfect.)
  129. [14:00:38] <@Paradox> (+attack .. so that's 24)
  130. [14:00:44] <@Paradox> (also, roll accuracy you silly)
  131. [14:00:53] <Jack> 1d20
  132. [14:00:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 1d20: 6 [1d20=6]
  133. [14:00:58] <@Paradox> Hits!
  134. [14:01:03] <@Paradox> The Wooper is not looking too great.
  135. [14:01:32] <@Paradox> It fires a glob of mud right at Jack's face
  136. [14:01:34] <@Paradox> 1d20
  137. [14:01:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 5 [1d20=5]
  138. [14:01:57] <@Paradox> 2d20+1d8+11
  139. [14:01:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 2d20+1d8+11: 24 [2d20=6,5; 1d8=2]
  140. [14:03:05] * Jack frowns as he's hit, but doesn't seem to be THAT hurt. He takes out an apicorn ball and goes for the Wooper.
  141. [14:03:11] <Jack> 1d100+5 CATCH
  142. [14:03:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, CATCH: 87 [1d100=82]
  143. [14:03:17] <Jack> (:|)
  144. [14:03:45] <@Paradox> 1d100 be nice?
  145. [14:03:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, be nice?: 84 [1d100=84]
  146. [14:04:06] <@Paradox> Jack throws the ball in the water, which thankfully keeps it from breaking.
  147. [14:04:40] <@Paradox> (Taro's turn)
  148. [14:04:48] <Jack> (TAro is KO'd and in ball.)
  149. [14:05:05] <@Paradox> (Angry's, I mean)
  150. [14:05:18] <Jack> (Alright. Angry's delaying action.)
  151. [14:06:43] <@Paradox> The Wooper hops out of the water, and fires a water gun at Jack.
  152. [14:06:44] <@Paradox> 1d20
  153. [14:06:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 5 [1d20=5]
  154. [14:07:05] <@Paradox> 2d10+1d8+11
  155. [14:07:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 2d10+1d8+11: 28 [2d10=4,5; 1d8=8]
  156. [14:07:50] <Jack> Jack grunts as he's hit, but he's not deterred yet. He takes out another ball and tosses.
  157. [14:07:52] <Jack> 1d100
  158. [14:07:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 1d100: 15 [1d100=15]
  159. [14:07:56] <Jack> (+5 so 20)
  160. [14:09:06] <@Paradox> roll roll roll
  161. [14:09:08] <@Paradox> CLEEK
  162. [14:10:47] <@Paradox> Congratulations, you caught a shiny wooper!
  163. [14:11:08] * Jack goes to pickup the newly caught Wooper and retrieve his other ball from the water.
  164. [14:12:47] <@Paradox> You indeed do this without any difficulties!
  165. [14:13:57] * Jack releases Nam the Skitty so that his party is back up to two strong as he continues his search for the Gible-shaped holy grail.
  166. [14:15:34] <@Paradox> 1d100
  167. [14:15:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d100: 52 [1d100=52]
  168. [14:16:21] <@Paradox> 1d100
  169. [14:16:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d100: 48 [1d100=48]
  170. [14:18:10] <@Paradox> You find a large onix which thankfully does not seem interested in you.
  171. [14:18:44] <@Paradox> In another cavern, you find a machop practicing karate chops on some boulders.
  172. [14:18:51] <@Paradox> But you find nothing even remotely gible shaped.
  173. [14:20:41] <@Paradox> (roll WIS)
  174. [14:20:44] <Jack> 1d20
  175. [14:20:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 1d20: 12 [1d20=12]
  176. [14:21:37] <@Paradox> You feel a slight tug at your belt.
  177. [14:21:55] * Jack looks down curiously at the tug.
  178. [14:22:03] <@Paradox> Taro's pokeball is gone. D:
  179. [14:23:05] <Jack> "HEY! Who did that?" He looks about angrily, ntoicing Taro's Pokeball is now missing.
  180. [14:23:27] <@Paradox> You hear a few snickers behind you.
  181. [14:24:01] * Jack turns the torch in the direction fo the snickers.
  182. [14:24:38] <@Paradox> High upon a cavern ledge, sits a Sableye. Taro's pokeball sits there next to him. It's thumbing through the sexy magazine and laughing.
  183. [14:26:23] <Jack> Jack clenches his fist and contemplates. He takes out the sexy magazine, showing it to the Sableye, "Hey, if I give you this, will you give me that back?"
  184. [14:28:29] <@Paradox> It's holding the magazine you had. It already has that too!
  185. [14:31:24] <Jack> (Is it out of most attacks' range?)
  186. [14:32:10] <@Paradox> (a ranged attack could hit it)
  187. [14:33:28] <Jack> (I got nothing, then...)
  188. [14:33:36] <Jack> ( second...)
  189. [14:34:28] <Jack> (Yeah, nothing.)
  190. [14:34:40] * Jack looks around for a good rock to throw at it.
  191. [14:35:47] <@Paradox> You find a rock easily enough.
  192. [14:36:28] <Jack> (Roll dex to toss.)
  193. [14:36:33] <Jack> (or?)
  194. [14:36:41] <@Paradox> (just accuracy check)
  195. [14:41:14] <@Paradox> (that's just 1d20 :I)
  196. [14:41:19] <Jack> 1d20
  197. [14:41:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 1d20: 10 [1d20=10]
  198. [14:41:55] * Jack tosses the rock at the Sableye, hoping to provoke it or knock it off its balance more than anything else.
  199. [14:43:05] <@Paradox> It hits!
  200. [14:43:10] <@Paradox> 1d4+1
  201. [14:43:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d4+1: 4 [1d4=3]
  202. [14:43:23] <@Paradox> It doesn't do much damage, but it seems to make it angry.
  203. [14:43:39] <Jack> "You want a fight? Come on then!"
  204. [14:43:47] <@Paradox> 1d20
  205. [14:43:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d20: 6 [1d20=6]
  206. [14:43:56] <@Paradox> It flings the magazine at Jack's face!
  207. [14:44:38] <@Paradox> 2d20+1d8+12
  208. [14:44:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 2d20+1d8+12: 50 [2d20=10,20; 1d8=8]
  209. [14:45:54] <Jack> (I think I might be almost dead. Not sure...)
  210. [14:47:26] <@Paradox> (You've taken 24+28+50)
  211. [14:48:37] <Jack> (I've still got a bit in me in me, then.)
  212. [14:51:07] <@Paradox> (Your pokemon's turn, btw)
  213. [14:51:23] <Jack> (Not much they can do. No ranged moves.)
  214. [14:51:24] <@Paradox> It hops down to the ground after throwing the magazine
  215. [14:51:35] <Jack> (Oh, there we go.)
  216. [14:52:05] <Jack> "Nam, Fake Out, Now!" Jack orders the minute the Sableeye leaps to the ground.
  217. [14:52:06] <Jack> 1d20
  218. [14:52:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 1d20: 12 [1d20=12]
  219. [14:52:17] <Jack> 2d10+6
  220. [14:52:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 2d10+6: 18 [2d10=10,2]
  221. [14:52:24] <Jack> 2d6
  222. [14:52:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 2d6: 10 [2d6=4,6]
  223. [14:52:34] <Jack> (28 total and flinched if that hit.)
  224. [14:53:12] <Jack> (Oh fff. Sableye's immune to normal, isn't it?)
  225. [14:53:43] <Jack> Skitty activates Foresight. At-will
  226. [14:54:05] <Jack> (So no fakeout.)
  227. [14:54:30] <Jack> Angry, on the other hand, redies a Rocksmash
  228. [14:54:33] <Jack> 1d20
  229. [14:54:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 1d20: 1 [1d20=1]
  230. [14:54:45] <Jack> ...and passes right through the sableye
  231. [14:55:15] <@Paradox> Jack's turn~
  232. [14:56:10] <Jack> (How long would it take to climb up to where the Sableye was, or is that not even possible?)
  233. [15:01:41] <Jack> (Uh?)
  234. [15:02:37] <@Paradox> (Uh, probably not possible for Jack)
  235. [15:02:58] <Jack> (Oh, okay.)
  236. [15:03:05] <Jack> (Not much he can do on this turn then.)
  237. [15:03:27] <Jack> (Back to Pokemon, then.)
  238. [15:04:42] <@Paradox> The Sableye attacks!
  239. [15:04:51] <@Paradox> 1d20 Kitty~
  240. [15:04:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, Kitty~: 19 [1d20=19]
  241. [15:06:22] <@Paradox> 5d10+12
  242. [15:06:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 5d10+12: 39 [5d10=4,7,1,10,5]
  243. [15:06:25] <@Paradox> And Flinched
  244. [15:06:36] <Jack> (What attack was that?)
  245. [15:07:29] <@Paradox> ZenHead
  246. [15:07:47] <Jack> (Thaaat's a KO.))
  247. [15:08:29] <Jack> And Nam is down. Jack grimaces. This was looking really bad.
  248. [15:09:20] <@Paradox> Angry's turn :O
  249. [15:10:23] <Jack> Angry braces himself in a defensive stance (Defense curl.)
  250. [15:11:42] <@Paradox> 1d20 scratch
  251. [15:11:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, scratch: 16 [1d20=16]
  252. [15:11:49] <@Paradox> 2d10+12
  253. [15:11:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 2d10+12: 22 [2d10=8,2]
  254. [15:12:06] <@Paradox> The goast lunges at Mr. Angry with razor sharp claws!
  255. [15:13:02] <Jack> Mr Angry takes the blow, then retlaiates with another Rock Smash.
  256. [15:13:05] <Jack> 1d20
  257. [15:13:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 1d20: 18 [1d20=18]
  258. [15:13:33] <Jack> (Defenses lowered)
  259. [15:13:39] <Jack> 2d10+1d8+8 Fighting Damage
  260. [15:13:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, Fighting Damage: 22 [2d10=2,8; 1d8=4]
  261. [15:13:54] <Jack> (Actually that should be +12 because of Hustle I think.)
  262. [15:15:24] <@Paradox> (your sheet says Mr. Angry's attack is 11 anyway :I )
  263. [15:15:31] <@Paradox> (which would make it +16 with hustle)
  264. [15:16:00] <Jack> (Oh. Okay.)
  265. [15:16:12] <@Paradox> Anyway, you manage to hit the ghost!
  266. [15:16:22] <@Paradox> It looks confused. how u hit me bro?
  267. [15:16:45] <@Paradox> It's not looking too great
  268. [15:17:08] <@Paradox> 1d20 scratch again
  269. [15:17:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, scratch again: 7 [1d20=7]
  270. [15:17:13] <@Paradox> 2d10+12
  271. [15:17:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 2d10+12: 24 [2d10=10,2]
  272. [15:18:58] <Jack> Jack did not want to drag this fight out much longer, and the thing did look pretty tough. If not he, then perhaps someone could find a use for it. He takes out a ball and tosses.
  273. [15:19:05] <Jack> 1d100+5 CATCHAn
  274. [15:19:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, CATCHAn: 79 [1d100=74]
  275. [15:19:23] <@Paradox> nope.avi
  276. [15:19:26] <@Paradox> Angryturn
  277. [15:19:52] <Jack> ...Or not. Angry tries to end this his way - with a brutal counter attack.
  278. [15:19:54] <Jack> (Counter.)
  279. [15:20:44] <@Paradox> (MFW 1HP)
  280. [15:20:51] <Jack> (Oh really?)
  281. [15:20:54] <@Paradox> Jack's turn
  282. [15:20:54] <Jack> (Well jeez.))
  283. [15:21:20] <Jack> Surprised that it's STILL not down, he takes another ball. This one would probably be a keeper for all this trouble.
  284. [15:21:25] <Jack> 1d100+5
  285. [15:21:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Jack, 1d100+5: 66 [1d100=61]
  286. [15:21:42] <@Paradox> roll
  287. [15:21:43] <@Paradox> roll
  288. [15:21:47] <@Paradox> CLICK
  289. [15:24:37] <@Paradox> Level 28 Sableye. Female, Prankster, Naughty Nature. Knows: Switcheroo, Fling, ZenHeadbutt.
  290. [15:25:16] <Jack> Jack breathes a heavy sigh of relief. That was a bit close. "I think it's time we cut out losses. Perhaps Elizabeth will be interested in the Wooper," he considers, speaking to no one in particular. "Anyway, Mister Angry, get ready to catch, I'm going to knock the ball down."
  291. [15:25:52] <@Paradox> Mr. Angry facepalms.
  292. [15:26:02] <@Paradox> He then puffs up, and floats up to the ledge.
  293. [15:26:25] * Jack watches and nods approvingly, "Nice work!"
  294. [15:26:35] <@Paradox> He throws the ball back at you, and hops down.
  295. [15:27:31] <Jack> "Let's make our way out of here, then." Jack then begins to head back the way they came. His team was hardly in a position to fight, but he still kept his eyes peeled for signs of any Gible on the way out.
  296. [15:28:53] <@Paradox> 1d100
  297. [15:28:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Paradox, 1d100: 94 [1d100=94]
  298. [15:29:08] <@Paradox> No gible, but you don't get assaulted by any more pokemon on the way out.
  299. [15:30:02] * Jack looks and asks around for Elizabeth once he's back in town.
  300. [15:31:41] <@Paradox> You find her at the bakery, having an inadequate muffin and some tea.
  301. [15:31:55] <@Paradox> "Oh, hello Jack. You look pretty roughed up. So how many gible did you catch?"
  302. [15:32:57] <Jack> "Hey again," he sighs, looking quite exhausted, "I couldn't find any, but...if you're looking for a strong ground type, I have something that may interest you. Rare color too." He clicks one of the balls and releases the shiny wooper.
  303. [15:34:30] <@Paradox> "...."
  304. [15:34:38] <@Paradox> "Well, it is a rare color."
  305. [15:34:43] <@Paradox> She picks up the wooper.
  306. [15:35:14] <@Paradox> "Okay. I'll take him. But I'm not leaving this town until you help me find a gible, no matter how long it takes!"
  307. [15:37:07] <@Paradox> She throws you the bag of seeds.
  308. [15:37:55] <Jack> "Alright, then. You have a deal. I'll find you one."
  309. [15:39:20] <@Paradox> She smiles. "Thanks. I appreciate it. I promise I'll make it worth your time. I mean, is there anything I can help -you- do in the meantime? That farm of yours looked pretty ... well, pretty run down, to be honest."
  310. [15:43:15] <Jack> "I've actually been looking to renovate the whole area. I'm...trying to build a pokemon gym there, like in the city," he goes a bit red as he explains, "I know it sounds crazy, but I think it could really liven this place up."
  311. [15:44:05] <@Paradox> "Whaaaat, really?"
  312. [15:46:02] <@Paradox> "I'm trying to become a gym leader too. For Tacitea City."
  313. [15:46:33] <@Paradox> "Ground type, obviously! I have to beat my brother first though."
  314. [15:50:01] <Jack> "Really? I figured, about the type preference. And your brother? Good luck with that," he smiles, "Enjoy your stay here. It may not seem like much, but there's a lot more here than it looks like. I mean, the fishing contest is just a few days away..."
  315. [15:53:12] <@Paradox> "I hope so. Anyway, let me know if you find any leads on where we can find a Gible! Come visit me at the Inn, too, or I'll get bored and lonely."
  316. [15:53:38] <@Paradox> She stands up. "I'll see you around later, then."
  317. [15:53:43] <@Paradox> </sessun>
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