6/27/12 Awesome Fusion superpowers run

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  1. (9:45:16 PM) Soulless: Stoat arrives!
  2. (9:45:46 PM) Salmander: Oh my god it's Gaston
  3. (9:46:01 PM) NAC: Cameron walks into the sub bay, displacing several smaller researchers as he comes in from the wrong door.
  4. (9:46:03 PM) Soulless: She nods to Gaston.
  5. (9:46:07 PM) Soulless: Also to Cameron.
  6. (9:46:40 PM) TheRaven: Taggart walks in with his usual assortment of gear.
  7. (9:46:59 PM) ScanGMs: Corbette's there with a clipboard. "Things are happening in the pool. Go fix now." He leaves.
  8. (9:47:13 PM) Mr_Wilt [~Mr_Wilt@A0889ECE.1023C973.306722CC.IP] entered the room.
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  10. (9:47:18 PM) Salmander: gaston get sin the sub without a word
  11. (9:47:34 PM) TheRaven: Taggart boards, grinning slightly.
  12. (9:47:39 PM) NAC: "I love it when they're descriptive." Cameron mumbles, following the person he's never seen before.
  13. (9:47:45 PM) Soulless: Stoat heads on in.
  14. (9:48:53 PM) Salmander: gaston is a large, burly french man with a moustache Cameron probably has wet dreams about.
  15. (9:48:54 PM) Halvors [] entered the room.
  16. (9:49:21 PM) Cross [] entered the room.
  17. (9:50:04 PM) Halvors: Sverre silently hops in the sub. He's still wearing the balaclava and coyote brown Beret.
  18. (9:50:19 PM) ScanGMs: Once everyone's in the sub, the hatch closes and they descend.
  19. (9:50:55 PM) Halvors: Sven peels off the balaclava. It's rather unnecessary.
  20. (9:50:57 PM) Halvors: *Sverre
  21. (9:52:13 PM) Uncandescent left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  22. (9:52:26 PM) ScanGMs: As they reach the crossover point, the pool around them flickers, and is replaced by an inky blackness.
  23. (9:52:39 PM) TheRaven: "Oh, that's promising."
  24. (9:53:03 PM) Halvors: "Hmm."
  25. (9:53:19 PM) ScanGMs: Anyone looking out the windows, Perception.
  26. (9:53:37 PM) NAC: 6df+5 Perceptionating
  27. (9:53:37 PM) Glacon: NAC: Perceptionating: 7 (6df+5=+, 0, -, 0, +, +)
  28. (9:53:44 PM) Salmander: 6df+5 k
  29. (9:53:45 PM) Glacon: Salmander: k: 3 (6df+5=-, -, -, 0, 0, +)
  30. (9:53:47 PM) TheRaven: 6df+6
  31. (9:53:47 PM) Glacon: TheRaven: 6 (6df+6=-, +, +, -, 0, 0)
  32. (9:53:55 PM) Halvors: 6df+8 I see many things. Including dead people.
  33. (9:53:55 PM) Glacon: Halvors: I see many things. Including dead people.: 10 (6df+8=+, -, +, +, -, +)
  34. (9:54:01 PM) Salmander: Gaston look at the sub wall
  35. (9:54:42 PM) Soulless: 6df+8 percep oopss
  36. (9:54:42 PM) Glacon: Soulless: percep oopss: 8 (6df+8=+, +, -, -, +, -)
  37. (9:55:47 PM) Halvors: Scratch that, Sverre is clad in much more practical earthy durable clothing.
  38. (9:55:48 PM) ScanGMs: all except Glacon notice dim glowing shapes in the background. They're kinda pretty. Everyone notices gravity lightening.
  39. (9:56:03 PM) Salmander: I hope glacon doesn't notice
  40. (9:56:11 PM) ScanGMs: *Gaston
  41. (9:56:25 PM) TheRaven: "Just keeps getting better and better."
  42. (9:56:31 PM) Salmander: "Eh?"
  43. (9:56:42 PM) NAC: "Interesting..." Cameron mutters, what kind of shapes?
  44. (9:57:24 PM) ScanGMs: They're vague at this distance, but they're mostly lines, bent lines, and parallel lines.
  45. (9:58:51 PM) ScanGMs: Gravity's minimal by now.
  46. (9:59:33 PM) Salmander: Gaston sits and waits patiently, biding his time. Well he would sit, except he can;t keep his butt to the seat, and finds his head knocking against the submarine ceiling.
  47. (9:59:35 PM) Soulless: Stoat looks around, cautious. She jumps curiously to feel the effects.
  48. (10:00:10 PM) TheRaven: Taggart is strapped in. He barely notices the change until Devlin's locket floats up in front of his face. "...Zero-g. That's new."
  49. (10:00:15 PM) NAC: "Huh, haven't felt this light since I was a little girl." Cameron grumbles, fastioning himself into the seat even tighter, muttering incoherent nonsense about falling out of the roof of the sub.
  50. (10:00:17 PM) ScanGMs: Stoat rather easily floats across the sub in whatever direction she jumped. More shapes, all different glowing colors begin appearing.
  51. (10:01:05 PM) Soulless: Stoat appears put off. She doesn't know how to deal with it.
  52. (10:01:54 PM) ScanGMs: SUDDENLY
  53. (10:02:34 PM) ScanGMs: The shapes begin extending in loops and spirals and corners. Very quickly, they crisscross the void, making a web.
  54. (10:02:46 PM) TheRaven: "Oh, fuck."
  55. (10:03:13 PM) Salmander: Gaston hasn't seen anything this trippy since his formative years in French culinary school, when somebody laced his baguette with LSD
  56. (10:03:35 PM) ScanGMs: There's a smaller, subtler change... as it grows, it becomes plain that multicolor tendrils are coming out from the background and heading towards the sub.
  57. (10:03:40 PM) TheRaven: "Anyone have a Jimi Hendrix album handy?"
  58. (10:03:47 PM) Salmander: "We're being netted."
  59. (10:03:56 PM) Salmander: "Like a fish."
  60. (10:03:59 PM) Halvors: "Well then. Cthulhu tentacle rape in technicolor."
  61. (10:04:02 PM) Soulless: Stoat gets her knives. "Can we maneuver the sub out of this net?"
  62. (10:04:03 PM) TheRaven: "Wonderful."
  63. (10:04:28 PM) NAC: Cameron blinks, wondering if it were possible to strap himself further into the chair. Probably not, because he already feels bonds cutting into his regular circulation.
  64. (10:04:30 PM) Salmander: how wide are the holes in the net?
  65. (10:04:36 PM) TheRaven: Taggart looks at the external sensors. What's the environment like?
  66. (10:05:22 PM) ScanGMs: There's no real sense of scale. Taggart, there's air in the external environment, and lots of magnetic fields, and it's cold.
  67. (10:05:27 PM) Halvors: Sven sighs. He's packing slightly different kit. A yugo AK instead of the STG and a Shangxi type 16 .45 acp broomhandle.
  68. (10:05:51 PM) Salmander: "Can any person aboard steer this submarine?"
  69. (10:06:00 PM) TheRaven: How cold, exactly? Dangerously so?
  70. (10:06:03 PM) ScanGMs: The sub grinds to a halt as tendrils, which seem to be about two or three inches in diameter, wrap around it. The growing stops.
  71. (10:06:18 PM) Halvors: "Aaand then it goes squish."
  72. (10:06:19 PM) ScanGMs: About 40 degrees Farenheit, Taggart.
  73. (10:06:50 PM) ScanGMs: All is still. There's plenty of room between the tendrils, which appear to be neon light tubes, to move around as one pleases.
  74. (10:06:53 PM) TheRaven: "Well, pop the hatch?"
  75. (10:07:15 PM) Salmander: 4 degrees celsius, to us canadians
  76. (10:07:19 PM) Halvors: Sverre shrugs. "Sure."
  77. (10:07:22 PM) Halvors: He goes and does so.
  78. (10:07:40 PM) ScanGMs: Cold wind hits Sverre's face. A humming permeates the air.
  79. (10:07:56 PM) Soulless: Stoat's not looking forward to this, but climbs out when the hatch is open so she can scout better.
  80. (10:08:05 PM) TheRaven: Taggart steps out, looking around.
  81. (10:08:06 PM) Salmander: Gaston follows Sverre and taps the "neon light tubes" with his finger
  82. (10:08:07 PM) NAC: "I vote against it, personally" Cameron pipes up "I don't want those things- well nevermind" He mutters as Sverre gives those things the opportunity to get inisde.
  83. (10:08:11 PM) Halvors: Sverre sighs. His hat is a nice cozy bergmutze. He folds down the ear flaps.
  84. (10:08:20 PM) ScanGMs: Stoat drifts out and bumps up against some tubes. It's like being in a massive ball of glowing spaghetti.
  85. (10:08:23 PM) Halvors: He then proceeds to look about.
  86. (10:08:40 PM) Soulless: Stoat attempts to cling to the sub, put off by the floating-ness.
  87. (10:08:44 PM) ScanGMs: They're floating in a void among a massive tangle of neon light tubes of all colors.
  88. (10:08:53 PM) Halvors: Sverre hops off the Sub. "Well then."
  89. (10:08:55 PM) Salmander: gaston grabs onto the tubes wrapped around the ship
  90. (10:08:57 PM) Soulless: She climbs over to one of the tubes and puts a hand on it.
  91. (10:08:58 PM) ScanGMs: The wind's cold.
  92. (10:09:04 PM) Salmander: "This is, 'ow you say, trippy shit?"
  93. (10:09:04 PM) Halvors: "The sub is going nowhere at all. We should move."
  94. (10:09:07 PM) Soulless: What do the tubes feel like?
  95. (10:09:41 PM) ScanGMs: The tube is made of glass, as far as you can tell. They are slightly warmer than the surroundings.
  96. (10:10:00 PM) Halvors: "And, man calling this trippy shit, I never got a name."
  97. (10:10:03 PM) Halvors: "I'm Sverre.
  98. (10:10:04 PM) Halvors: "
  99. (10:10:04 PM) NAC: Cameron grumbles and unstraps, getting out of the sub after the group, making sure to hold onto the hatch so he doesn't fall into the netting.
  100. (10:10:15 PM) Soulless: "...I suggest we should either hold onto each other or the tubes to avoid floating off."
  101. (10:10:22 PM) Salmander: "Je m'appelle Gaston."
  102. (10:10:55 PM) ScanGMs: The tubes go off into the distace for what could easily be miles. There's plenty of room to move around...
  103. (10:11:04 PM) Halvors: [And I do not speak french, goddamnit.] (That was in German.) Sverre understands that simple sentence, but dislikes france and the french in general.
  104. (10:11:07 PM) ScanGMs: ...perception, all. If it makes a difference, it's visual perception.
  105. (10:11:12 PM) TheRaven: "Jesus, what is this, some kind of interdimensional rave?"
  106. (10:11:13 PM) TheRaven: 6df+6
  107. (10:11:14 PM) Glacon: TheRaven: 10 (6df+6=0, +, +, +, +, 0)
  108. (10:11:15 PM) Soulless: 6df+8 perepshun
  109. (10:11:15 PM) Glacon: Soulless: perepshun: 8 (6df+8=+, 0, +, -, -, 0)
  110. (10:11:20 PM) NAC: 6df+5 Visualness
  111. (10:11:20 PM) Glacon: NAC: Visualness: 6 (6df+5=+, -, -, +, 0, +)
  112. (10:11:24 PM) Salmander: 6df+5 JE M'APPELLE GASTON
  113. (10:11:25 PM) Glacon: Salmander: JE M'APPELLE GASTON: 6 (6df+5=+, +, +, -, 0, -)
  114. (10:11:26 PM) Halvors: 8df+6 I once killed a man at a rave
  115. (10:11:26 PM) Glacon: Halvors: I once killed a man at a rave: 7 (8df+6=+, +, 0, 0, -, +, -, 0)
  116. (10:12:04 PM) ScanGMs: Taggart sees something dark but glittery move in the corner of his eye. A bit bigger than a person.
  117. (10:12:30 PM) Halvors: Sverre flicks the safety off on his AK. It makes a loud click.
  118. (10:13:17 PM) Salmander: Gaston shrugs and decides to enjoy himself. He wraps his belt around a neon light and lets go, floating
  119. (10:13:58 PM) Salmander: He takes out a flask of whiskey, allows a drop to escape, and then opens his mouth and waits for it to slowly float in.
  120. (10:14:37 PM) ScanGMs: Stoat and Sverre see it move too.
  121. (10:14:44 PM) Salmander: He lets out a hearty laugh
  122. (10:15:35 PM) Soulless: "...Glittery movement."
  123. (10:15:37 PM) TheRaven: Taggart turns to whatever he saw, bringing his rifle around.
  124. (10:15:45 PM) ScanGMs: It ducks behind the sub!
  125. (10:15:46 PM) Halvors: Sverre sighs. "Frenchman. Pay attention."
  126. (10:15:52 PM) Soulless: Stoat also attempts to turn, which is difficult, concerning it's floating in space.
  127. (10:15:54 PM) Salmander: "What?"
  128. (10:16:01 PM) Halvors: "Glittery thing behind the sub.
  129. (10:16:10 PM) Halvors: Sverre tries to maneuver about.
  130. (10:16:11 PM) NAC: Cameron's still holding onto the sub, trying not to float off into the abyss. "Well, that's fun."
  131. (10:16:13 PM) Halvors: How difficult is it?
  132. (10:16:38 PM) NAC: Cameron pulls himself along the sub, grabbing onto every crevice he can. Athletics to move?
  133. (10:16:40 PM) ScanGMs: Athletics to maneuver your way around the sub. Here, any tight turns require athletics.
  134. (10:16:42 PM) Soulless: Stoat's holding onto one of the tubes.
  135. (10:16:46 PM) TheRaven: Taggart pulls on one of the tubes, wondering how sturdy they are.
  136. (10:16:49 PM) Soulless: 6df+8 athletics to move in spaaaaace
  137. (10:16:50 PM) Glacon: Soulless: athletics to move in spaaaaace: 7 (6df+8=+, -, +, 0, -, -)
  138. (10:16:52 PM) ScanGMs: Light turns and going straight can be done without checks.
  139. (10:17:02 PM) ScanGMs: They're rather sturdy, Taggart.
  140. (10:17:05 PM) NAC: 6df+8 Cameron's as light a feather and he don't like it.
  141. (10:17:05 PM) Glacon: NAC: Cameron's as light a feather and he don't like it.: 9 (6df+8=0, +, 0, 0, 0, 0)
  142. (10:17:08 PM) Salmander: Gaston puts his belt back on and follows Taggart
  143. (10:17:13 PM) Halvors: 6df+6 to try and surprise the glittery thingy behind the sub
  144. (10:17:14 PM) Glacon: Halvors: to try and surprise the glittery thingy behind the sub: 6 (6df+6=-, +, -, +, 0, 0)
  145. (10:17:19 PM) TheRaven: He uses those to move around, then. Ath still?
  146. (10:17:25 PM) Salmander: 6df+6 gaston keeps a steady grip on the lights
  147. (10:17:26 PM) Glacon: Salmander: gaston keeps a steady grip on the lights: 6 (6df+6=0, -, +, -, +, 0)
  148. (10:17:46 PM) ScanGMs: No, but it'll take an extra turn to get there.
  149. (10:17:55 PM) TheRaven: Alright.
  150. (10:19:21 PM) ScanGMs: Everyone but Taggart gets there to see an amorphous, navy-blue something about 8ft x 4ft x 4ft. It's fully opaque, and it sparkles, almost like someone sprinkled shattered glass through it.
  151. (10:19:41 PM) NAC: How far away from the sub is it?
  152. (10:19:49 PM) ScanGMs: It's fluid, and shifting in composition. Hard to tell what, if anything, it's made of. About four feet, Cameron.
  153. (10:20:14 PM) Salmander: "Who wants to poke this thing?"
  154. (10:20:16 PM) TheRaven: <<Status report?>>
  155. (10:20:22 PM) Halvors: Sverre flicks the safety on his rifle back on and slings it away. It's too bulky.
  156. (10:20:27 PM) Halvors: Out comes the Shangxi.
  157. (10:20:31 PM) Soulless: <<Sparkly blob, about 8 feet tall and 4 feet away.>>
  158. (10:20:43 PM) ScanGMs: It stretches slowly towards...
  159. (10:20:43 PM) ScanGMs: d4
  160. (10:20:43 PM) Glacon: ScanGMs: 2 (d4=2)
  161. (10:20:44 PM) NAC: Cameron's still on the sub so he's staring it straight in the face. Well, it doesn't have a face, but he seems to find something to stare at and does so. "Hello?"
  162. (10:21:00 PM) ScanGMs: Sverre. It's stretching towards you, Sverre.
  163. (10:21:24 PM) Salmander: "Per'aps it speaks French. Bonjour."
  164. (10:21:26 PM) Soulless: Can Stoat attempt to push Sverre away?
  165. (10:21:34 PM) Halvors: Sverre clenches his teeth. "I'm not sure if it wants a hug or my intestines."
  166. (10:21:44 PM) Halvors: Sverre keeps his pistol ready, but doesn't fire yet.
  167. (10:21:53 PM) ScanGMs: She can, but Newton's laws apply here.
  168. (10:22:05 PM) Halvors: "Wait. Let's see what it does."
  169. (10:22:20 PM) ScanGMs: Taggart makes it there now.
  170. (10:22:33 PM) TheRaven: "The fuck is that?"
  171. (10:22:47 PM) Salmander: "Ton mere."
  172. (10:22:48 PM) NAC: "I'm calling it betty."
  173. (10:22:49 PM) Soulless: Stoat moves to move Sverre away if need be. "Does anyone have any rope."
  174. (10:23:09 PM) ScanGMs: It reaches out and touches Sverre in the chest. It feels very cold and prickly, but not solid or liquid.
  175. (10:23:27 PM) Halvors: Sverre pauses, waiting to see if he starts to freeze to death or something.
  176. (10:23:33 PM) Halvors: He doesn't make any sudden moves.
  177. (10:23:43 PM) Halvors: "Let's not scare the weird thing yet, alright?"
  178. (10:23:49 PM) Soulless: Stoat has her knives out. "..."
  179. (10:24:07 PM) ScanGMs: Sverre, you start to feel a scraping across the area it's contacting you. About a foot square, to be clear.
  180. (10:24:29 PM) Halvors: Sverre gulps. "I feel... scraping. Doesn't hurt... yet."
  181. (10:24:34 PM) ScanGMs: It hurts now.
  182. (10:24:36 PM) NAC: "Can you communicate?" Cameron asks the thing.
  183. (10:24:36 PM) Salmander: gaston sneezes and hols on tight to the lights
  184. (10:24:39 PM) Halvors: "Ah fuck."
  185. (10:24:46 PM) Soulless: "Get away."
  186. (10:24:50 PM) Halvors: Sverre slowly, slowly, brings his pistol to bear on the thing
  187. (10:25:23 PM) Halvors: He flicks it to full auto. [Please stop.] (Norwegian.)
  188. (10:25:27 PM) ScanGMs: The thing begins to expand around him, bringing the cold and prickly and scrape-y with it.
  189. (10:25:36 PM) Salmander: gaston comes closer, making sure he can reach his cleaver at any moment
  190. (10:25:38 PM) TheRaven: "Fuck."
  191. (10:25:43 PM) Soulless: Can Stoat move to try and pull Sverre off?
  192. (10:25:43 PM) Halvors: 6df+6 nuhuh, no fucking way
  193. (10:25:44 PM) Glacon: Halvors: nuhuh, no fucking way: 4 (6df+6=0, -, +, 0, -, -)
  194. (10:25:53 PM) Halvors: Sverre empties a clip into it.
  195. (10:25:55 PM) Halvors: If he can.
  196. (10:25:58 PM) TheRaven: 6df+9 shooting at the part not attached to Sverre yet.
  197. (10:25:58 PM) Glacon: TheRaven: shooting at the part not attached to Sverre yet.: 6 (6df+9=-, 0, -, -, 0, 0)
  198. (10:26:03 PM) Soulless: Or rather, help sverre move away?
  199. (10:26:17 PM) ScanGMs: Athletics, Stoat.
  200. (10:26:18 PM) ScanGMs: 6df+12 pdef. You don't know the secret yet!
  201. (10:26:18 PM) Glacon: ScanGMs: pdef. You don't know the secret yet!: 11 (6df+12=0, 0, -, +, 0, -)
  202. (10:26:33 PM) ScanGMs: Taggart's and Sverre's shots go into it... but don't come out.
  203. (10:26:45 PM) Soulless: 6df+8 Stoat attempts to pull Sverre off while holding onto a tube so that they don't float off.
  204. (10:26:45 PM) Glacon: Soulless: Stoat attempts to pull Sverre off while holding onto a tube so that they don't float off.: 10 (6df+8=+, 0, -, +, 0, +)
  205. (10:26:48 PM) Halvors: Sverre gulps again. "Oh christ."
  206. (10:27:01 PM) ScanGMs: It emits a loud noise that sounds something like a whistle.
  207. (10:27:01 PM) ScanGMs: 6df+12 holding onto my prize.
  208. (10:27:01 PM) Glacon: ScanGMs: holding onto my prize.: 13 (6df+12=-, -, +, 0, +, +)
  209. (10:27:08 PM) Salmander: 6df+8 gaston chops into it with one of his cleavers
  210. (10:27:09 PM) Glacon: Salmander: gaston chops into it with one of his cleavers: 8 (6df+8=-, +, -, -, +, +)
  211. (10:27:16 PM) ScanGMs: 6df+12 vs. Gaston
  212. (10:27:16 PM) Glacon: ScanGMs: vs. Gaston: 13 (6df+12=+, 0, +, -, +, -)
  213. (10:27:31 PM) TheRaven: That was Taggart's intent. OTM rounds don't usually exit. "Goddammit this is bad."
  214. (10:27:37 PM) ScanGMs: Gaston's cleaver swishes through it. Stoat can't pull him away for some reason.
  215. (10:27:56 PM) Halvors: Sverre raises his hands above his head. [Jesus, please.] (Czech)
  216. (10:28:14 PM) ScanGMs: It's enveloped most of Sverre's torso by now, showing no signs of stopping, although its glittering-ness becomes more pronounced. Sverre, -1 body.
  217. (10:28:15 PM) Soulless: "...Help me pull him out before you shoot while he's still in the mass."
  218. (10:28:26 PM) NAC: Cameron kicks himself off the sub towards Sverre, grabbing a hold of some convenient tubes and trying to pull him off.
  219. (10:28:39 PM) Halvors: Sverre groans. [Ohhhh shit...] (Russian)
  220. (10:29:01 PM) NAC: 6df+12 Tagging hulk of a nurse to yank.
  221. (10:29:01 PM) Glacon: NAC: Tagging hulk of a nurse to yank.: 11 (6df+12=+, -, -, -, +, 0)
  222. (10:29:09 PM) ScanGMs: 6df+12 what
  223. (10:29:09 PM) Glacon: ScanGMs: what: 12 (6df+12=-, 0, -, +, 0, +)
  224. (10:29:23 PM) Salmander: Gaston, at a loss of what to do, decides to test chemical agents. He does this by opening his flask and pouring some whiskey on the blob.
  225. (10:29:30 PM) TheRaven: 6df+5 Taggart chops at it with a tomahawk
  226. (10:29:31 PM) Glacon: TheRaven: Taggart chops at it with a tomahawk: 2 (6df+5=-, 0, -, 0, 0, -)
  227. (10:29:37 PM) Halvors: "Gaston, give me some, jesus."
  228. (10:29:43 PM) Halvors: "I don't wanna die sober."
  229. (10:29:46 PM) ScanGMs: Cameron manages to pull both Sverre and the thing towards him. The whiskey goes into but not out of it. The tomahawk swishes through as well.
  230. (10:30:16 PM) ScanGMs: bee arr bee
  231. (10:30:21 PM) Salmander: Gaston takes out some stove matches and lights one, then drops it into the blob.
  232. (10:30:50 PM) Salmander: He then gives the flask to Sverre
  233. (10:30:57 PM) NAC: "That was not the intended outcome." Cameron mutters, hanging onto Sverre and moving out of it's new direction.
  234. (10:31:21 PM) Halvors: "Merci beaucoup, Danke schau..." He takes a decent sip. "Et al."
  235. (10:31:24 PM) Halvors: He hands it back.
  236. (10:31:42 PM) Salmander: Gaston accepts the flask.
  237. (10:32:30 PM) ScanGMs: back
  238. (10:32:31 PM) Halvors: "Maybe this thing is just trying to give me a blowjob, eh?" Sverre chuckles weakly. ~I'm gonna die.~
  239. (10:32:51 PM) Sequence [] entered the room.
  240. (10:32:51 PM) mode (+h Sequence) by ChanServ
  241. (10:32:54 PM) Halvors: ~Oohhh good odin.~
  242. (10:33:00 PM) Salmander: "Sloppiest blowjob I have ever seen."
  243. (10:33:01 PM) TheRaven: "I'm thinking a grenade would be a bad idea here."
  244. (10:33:02 PM) ScanGMs: It's down to Sverre's knees and elbows when SUDDENLY
  245. (10:34:22 PM) ScanGMs: With a *crack*, lavender lightning comes from behind and above you, hitting the thing in its midsection. It squeals and shakes, before, with a PUFF, it dissipates entirely.
  246. (10:34:43 PM) ScanGMs: Sverre is covered in cuts.
  247. (10:35:03 PM) TheRaven: "The /fuck/?"
  248. (10:35:06 PM) Halvors: Sverre exhales in relief and then winces in pain. "Glad it didn't suck me off, if it's that sharp."
  249. (10:35:21 PM) Halvors: "I hope someone brought fuckloads of gauze."
  250. (10:35:23 PM) Salmander: "It was the whiskey."
  251. (10:35:44 PM) Soulless: "Whiskey summons lightning?"
  252. (10:35:46 PM) NAC: Does Sverre still have his clothes on?
  253. (10:35:51 PM) Halvors: good question
  254. (10:35:53 PM) Halvors: does he?
  255. (10:35:54 PM) ScanGMs: Yeah, but they're cut up as well.
  256. (10:35:57 PM) Halvors: ah
  257. (10:36:01 PM) Soulless: Stoat grabs Sverre and pulls him towards everyone else.
  258. (10:36:14 PM) Halvors: Sverre looks down at himself. "Ahh, fuck it. The cold is getting in through the cuts. This sucks."
  259. (10:36:21 PM) TheRaven: "Cam, you wanna handle that?" Taggart swivels towards the source of the lightning.
  260. (10:36:56 PM) Halvors: "Anyone got an Izzy or two?"
  261. (10:37:30 PM) NAC: Cameron nods and pushes himself towards the bleeding Sverre, reaching into his medical bag and pulling out some gauze. "I have no idea what an Izzy is, but if I find one you can have her."
  262. (10:37:44 PM) ScanGMs: Those of you who look to see where the lightning came from see something that resembles what you just fought, except that it seems to be embedded with looping, twirling neon tubes. Further, more tubes form lots of flexible tentacles that wrap around nearby environmental tubes for support. A red circle separate from the rest resembles an eye.
  263. (10:37:46 PM) Halvors: Sverre chuckles. "Israeli Truama Dressing."
  264. (10:37:47 PM) ScanGMs: It looks down at you.
  265. (10:38:06 PM) Halvors: Sverre looks up and swallows again.
  266. (10:38:09 PM) ScanGMs: "Interesting... beings of pure matter." Its voice is deep and vibrating, and synthetic-sounding.
  267. (10:38:35 PM) Sophos left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
  268. (10:38:36 PM) Salmander: "Bonjour."
  269. (10:38:39 PM) TheRaven: "Oi!"
  270. (10:38:55 PM) Soulless: "...Who're you."
  271. (10:39:06 PM) Halvors: "Did you save me?"
  272. (10:39:22 PM) Halvors: Sverre is wide-eyed. ~Good Odin this is weird.
  273. (10:39:23 PM) Halvors: ~
  274. (10:39:29 PM) NAC: "Hello." Cameron says, forgetting to take care of the bleeding European for a moment.
  275. (10:39:46 PM) Halvors: Sverre jabs Cameron lightly. "Hey."
  276. (10:39:52 PM) ScanGMs: "An exile... and yes." It unwinds some tentacles to crawl around the group to get a different view. "The power I've gained from incorporating what matter I could into myself... concentrated this way." It prods the sub. "This one doesn't move."
  277. (10:40:08 PM) Halvors: ".... incorporating matter."
  278. (10:40:09 PM) ScanGMs: It seems to be talking to itself almost as much as it is to you.
  279. (10:40:12 PM) Sophos [] entered the room.
  280. (10:40:13 PM) Halvors: "Are you going to devour us?"
  281. (10:40:23 PM) Salmander: "Want some whiskey?"
  282. (10:40:48 PM) TheRaven: "Right...could you tell me where the fuck we are?"
  283. (10:41:56 PM) ScanGMs: It looks at Taggart. "You seem to have stumbled upon my base of operations... hm. So much power... yet you are unaware of how to use it." It reaches out with a neon tentacle and pokes the sub, and moves to do the same to Taggart.
  284. (10:42:13 PM) Soulless: "...We know how to operate the sub."
  285. (10:42:17 PM) NAC: Cameron grunts and continues treating Sverre, wrapping him around with the medical gauze.
  286. (10:42:20 PM) Halvors: Sverre's a lil' scared of this.
  287. (10:42:26 PM) Halvors: The tentacle eyeball god
  288. (10:42:28 PM) Halvors: not Cameron
  289. (10:42:37 PM) ScanGMs: "Which of you is the sub?"
  290. (10:43:01 PM) Salmander: "Me."
  291. (10:43:09 PM) Salmander: Gaston shrugs to the others. #YOLO
  292. (10:43:22 PM) Soulless: "This thing." Stoat pats the sub.
  293. (10:43:27 PM) ScanGMs: With a thunderous *CRACK*, it lifts a tentacle and shoots more lavender lightning behind you.
  294. (10:43:30 PM) TheRaven: "Could you please not do that?"
  295. (10:43:40 PM) Soulless: "It's called a submarine. Sub for short."
  296. (10:43:44 PM) NAC: "Don't be rude to it. The sub is the transport that brought us here."
  297. (10:44:23 PM) ScanGMs: Anyone who cares to look can see another one of whatever attacked Sverre squeal and POOF out of existence.
  298. (10:44:37 PM) ScanGMs: As the lavender lightning hits it, that is.
  299. (10:44:50 PM) Salmander: Gaston doesn't look
  300. (10:45:00 PM) Salmander: He's too busy being french
  301. (10:45:27 PM) ScanGMs: "I saved you once more. You must learn to tap the power inside of you, for I cannot win on my own."
  302. (10:45:43 PM) Halvors: "Show me how."
  303. (10:45:46 PM) NAC: Cameron turns in time to see the thing pop out of existence. "Win what?"
  304. (10:45:47 PM) TheRaven: "Oh, great. It's a space blob hippie."
  305. (10:45:55 PM) Halvors: Sverre is looking wide-eyed at the thing, his lips slightly parted.
  306. (10:47:00 PM) Soulless: "...Explain further."
  307. (10:47:08 PM) ScanGMs: It 'looks' at Cameron. "I have been exiled by those I have fought off for you. I seek regime change."
  308. (10:47:28 PM) NAC: "Exiled why?"
  309. (10:47:46 PM) Salmander: "Oh, good, politics."
  310. (10:47:54 PM) ScanGMs: "That is unimportant." It then addresses Sverre. "Matter... it would not surprise me if you came from a place composed almost entirely of it."
  311. (10:48:30 PM) ScanGMs: "There is extraordinary power in matter. May I ask- are you familiar with the transformation of matter into energy?"
  312. (10:48:54 PM) TheRaven: ", e=mc^2?"
  313. (10:49:31 PM) Halvors: "Like burning something down?"
  314. (10:49:36 PM) Halvors: "Or explosives?"
  315. (10:49:46 PM) Soulless: "...I know how to throw a knife. That's energy..."
  316. (10:49:57 PM) NAC: "Well it tends to be very... explosive." Cameron grunts. "And what kind of energy, potential or kinetic?"
  317. (10:51:05 PM) Soulless: Stoat doesn't know the science of stuff, so she lets those who do know talk.
  318. (10:51:09 PM) ScanGMs: "I am unfamiliar with much of the context that would be necessary to judge your statements... perhaps..." It drifts a bit, and wraps itself around the sub. "Matter is constructed of parts smaller than I suspect you can perceive. At this level, it can be forced into larger parts, releasing copious amounts of power."
  319. (10:51:53 PM) Salmander: "We are aware of that." Gaston scratches his belly.
  320. (10:52:11 PM) BiggerJ left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
  321. (10:52:32 PM) TheRaven: "Right, like a nuke. How does that apply to us, though?"
  322. (10:52:48 PM) Soulless: "...I don't believe we can expand ourselves like that."
  323. (10:52:54 PM) Soulless: "Not without killing us."
  324. (10:53:19 PM) ScanGMs: "The power I have demonstrated for you... I have learned to incorporate matter into myself and utilize it in this manner. If you wish to survive, you must do the same."
  325. (10:53:25 PM) Salmander: "What are you made of, monsieur?"
  326. (10:54:15 PM) ScanGMs: "I do not know which words would allow you to understand it." It looks at the sub and taps it. "Can the sub speak? I wish to know that it understands me."
  327. (10:55:03 PM) Salmander: Gaston decides to lie in order to not spend hours explaining what the sub is. "It can. It just is very lazy."
  328. (10:55:28 PM) Halvors: "Damnit Frenchman. No, it can't."
  329. (10:56:04 PM) NAC: "It's non-sentient."
  330. (10:56:11 PM) TheRaven: Taggart decides to start trying shit to focus energy or something. Concentration and all that Matrix stuff.
  331. (10:56:43 PM) ScanGMs: "..." It drops the subject. "Now. My use of this power has caused those with authority to exile me here... they fail to understand that I can use this environment to my advantage. However. I cannot return to my rightful place, as even my power is insufficient."
  332. (10:57:21 PM) NAC: "And you require more matter? You can take the sub if that would make you more powerful."
  333. (10:58:09 PM) Salmander: "Don't take the sub please."
  334. (10:58:10 PM) ScanGMs: "No. I have sufficient matter. I am incapable of existing in multiple locations, however. Your multiple aspects allow you to do so."
  335. (10:58:17 PM) TheRaven: "Dude, do you know how pissed off the directors get when we lose subs?"
  336. (10:58:32 PM) Soulless: "..."
  337. (10:58:59 PM) Halvors: Sverre has been patched up. He's fished out his duffel from the Sub. He's wearing a ratty ass trench coat. It'll keep him warm.
  338. (10:59:31 PM) ScanGMs: "I have a task for you to undertake. If successful, it will almost certainly allow re-establishment of the fundamental values of-" It makes some deep tones. "...I do not know if you have a word for it."
  339. (11:00:29 PM) NAC: "We do." Cameron shrugs, then blinks for a minute. "Wait, if you're having trouble finding words in our language, how are you speaking our language?"
  340. (11:00:53 PM) Soulless: "...What's the task."
  341. (11:01:15 PM) Salmander: gaston sniffs
  342. (11:01:19 PM) ScanGMs: To Cameron: "Very carefully." To Stoat: "First, you must unlock the power of matter."
  343. (11:01:27 PM) Soulless: Stoat's suspicious but she wants to get this over with. No matter what happens, the dimension is collapsed and then they can move on.
  344. (11:01:32 PM) Soulless: "...Be more specific."
  345. (11:01:34 PM) Mactavish left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
  346. (11:01:44 PM) TheRaven: "Pool entities always speak English. Magic or something."
  347. (11:01:48 PM) ScanGMs: "I suspect that your consciousness will allow you to release the energy that matter is transferred with."
  348. (11:02:03 PM) Halvors: Sven fiddles with his pistol. "Who knows guys, we might learn how to use the Force."
  349. (11:02:09 PM) Soulless: "..."
  350. (11:02:12 PM) ScanGMs: "If you would... please attempt to release that magic." It gestures to Stoat with a tentacle.
  351. (11:02:19 PM) ScanGMs: *-magic, *+power
  352. (11:02:33 PM) Halvors: "It might be kinetic?"
  353. (11:03:16 PM) Soulless: Stoat closes her eyes and consciously attempts to think expanding, expanding rapidly, quickly as the creature described, then attempts to swipe a punch in the air.
  354. (11:03:28 PM) ScanGMs: Roll Mind, Stoat.
  355. (11:03:34 PM) Soulless: 6df+7 Mdef
  356. (11:03:34 PM) Glacon: Soulless: Mdef: 9 (6df+7=0, +, +, +, -, 0)
  357. (11:03:39 PM) ScanGMs: No, not Mdef. Mind.
  358. (11:03:45 PM) ScanGMs: Subtract three from that to get a 6.
  359. (11:03:50 PM) TheRaven: Taggart was doing Matrix-y shit previously. Mind?
  360. (11:04:02 PM) ScanGMs: Be more specific, Taggart?
  361. (11:04:13 PM) Soulless: oh, then it's a 6.
  362. (11:04:13 PM) ScanGMs: Oh. Yeah, roll Mind.
  363. (11:04:25 PM) TheRaven: 6df+6 I AM THE ONE!
  364. (11:04:26 PM) Glacon: TheRaven: I AM THE ONE!: 6 (6df+6=0, 0, +, -, 0, 0)
  365. (11:06:46 PM) ScanGMs: Stoat, your punch crackles through the air with blue light, creating a wind that pushes people near her back a bit.
  366. (11:06:46 PM) ScanGMs: Taggart, you create a small glowing blue ball.
  367. (11:06:46 PM) ScanGMs: "As I expected... you are incorporating the smallest particles of matter into your existing matter matrix and manifesting the resultant energy. I did not expect your affinity for the task."
  368. (11:06:58 PM) Halvors: Sven gapes.
  369. (11:07:01 PM) Soulless: "..."
  370. (11:07:05 PM) Halvors: ~Oh Odin, let me harness this power....~
  371. (11:07:08 PM) Halvors: Can he try to do stuff?
  372. (11:07:20 PM) TheRaven: "Woah."
  373. (11:07:26 PM) ScanGMs: He can, if he focuses. Describe what he tries to do, then roll Mind.
  374. (11:07:54 PM) Halvors: Sven concentrates hard, thinking of Lightning and Thunder from the Gods. He holds his hands out in front of him
  375. (11:08:02 PM) NAC: Cameron blinks. "Well. We have super powers now." Cameron mumbles, backing away from stoat.
  376. (11:08:06 PM) Halvors: 6df+4 his mind ain't so great
  377. (11:08:06 PM) Glacon: Halvors: his mind ain't so great: 5 (6df+4=+, +, 0, -, +, -)
  378. (11:08:09 PM) ScanGMs: d4
  379. (11:08:09 PM) Glacon: ScanGMs: 1 (d4=1)
  380. (11:08:13 PM) Salmander: 6df+6 Gaston focuses on setting Svenne's hair on fire
  381. (11:08:14 PM) Glacon: Salmander: Gaston focuses on setting Svenne's hair on fire: 4 (6df+6=+, -, -, -, +, -)
  382. (11:08:35 PM) ScanGMs: Gaston, Sverre, Pdef, both of you.
  383. (11:08:49 PM) Soulless: Stoat looks at her hands curiously.
  384. (11:09:06 PM) Halvors: 6df+6 huh what
  385. (11:09:06 PM) Glacon: Halvors: huh what: 3 (6df+6=0, -, -, +, -, -)
  386. (11:09:10 PM) Salmander: 6df+8
  387. (11:09:11 PM) Glacon: Salmander: 9 (6df+8=0, +, -, +, 0, 0)
  388. (11:09:16 PM) Salmander: :cool:
  389. (11:10:53 PM) ScanGMs: Gaston, yellow lightning flies in a curvy arc from Sverre's hands and past Gaston, singeing his hair. Also, your hands flash orange, and the orange flies over to Sverre's head, which is set on fire. -1 body, Sverre, and your head is on fire.
  390. (11:11:11 PM) Salmander: Gaston pretends it wasn't him
  391. (11:11:36 PM) TheRaven: "..."
  392. (11:11:42 PM) ScanGMs: It moves in close to Gaston, staring at him. "You are misusing it. Stop."
  393. (11:11:48 PM) Soulless: Stoat attempts to shoot water from her hand to put out the flames.
  394. (11:11:50 PM) NAC: Cameron hrmmms. He looks out a few inches infront of him and tries to imagine something appearing that might be usefull. Luckily for him, Sverre's hair catches on fire and Cameron focuses his energies into creating a bubble around the fire, hoping to starve it of oxygen.
  395. (11:11:55 PM) ScanGMs: Nothing, Stoat.
  396. (11:11:58 PM) NAC: roll mind?
  397. (11:12:03 PM) Soulless: Hm.
  398. (11:12:05 PM) ScanGMs: Yeah, roll Mind.
  399. (11:12:08 PM) Halvors: Sverre grunts. "Jesus fucking christ, is everyone trying to fucking torture me to death?"
  400. (11:12:15 PM) NAC: 6df+4 Cameron has the mind of something rather average.
  401. (11:12:16 PM) Glacon: NAC: Cameron has the mind of something rather average.: 4 (6df+4=+, +, 0, 0, -, -)
  402. (11:12:34 PM) Soulless: Stoat is a bit curious now. She was able to bring wind, and others can bring lightning.
  403. (11:12:34 PM) Halvors: ~Wait, no. Stop saying Jesus. He is not real.~
  404. (11:12:45 PM) Soulless: But she couldn't bring water?
  405. (11:12:49 PM) TheRaven: Taggart focuses on slinging energy balls around. Mind?
  406. (11:12:59 PM) Salmander: gaston takes off his apron and smothers Sverre's head
  407. (11:13:00 PM) Soulless: "..."
  408. (11:13:03 PM) ScanGMs: Cameron's hands crackle green, and the fire goes out as the air goes away from Sverre's head. Sverre momentarily can't breathe.
  409. (11:13:13 PM) ScanGMs: But then it goes away. Taggart, Mind.
  410. (11:13:15 PM) Halvors: Sverre chokes. ~FUCK THIS SHIT~
  411. (11:13:26 PM) Halvors: "FUCKING CHRIST LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE."
  412. (11:13:48 PM) Salmander: "Your head was on fire."
  413. (11:13:55 PM) NAC: Cameron lowers his hand and looks sad "...sorry ,I was just trying to help." He says, turning away.
  414. (11:14:17 PM) Soulless: "...I couldn't bring water, but fire, lightning and wind works,"
  415. (11:14:25 PM) Soulless: "...Why is that."
  416. (11:14:31 PM) Halvors: "No, no. Just... be careful, big fellow."
  417. (11:14:38 PM) Halvors: Sverre gives Cam a quick hug.
  418. (11:14:45 PM) ScanGMs: "AHEM." The entity speaks loudly. "You cannot summon matter by destroying matter."
  419. (11:14:50 PM) ScanGMs: "Now. You have a task."
  420. (11:15:18 PM) Soulless: "..." Stoat listens.
  421. (11:15:37 PM) TheRaven: 6df+6 zoop
  422. (11:15:37 PM) Glacon: TheRaven: zoop: 10 (6df+6=+, +, -, +, +, +)
  423. (11:16:14 PM) ScanGMs: Some tentacles extend from it out to Cameron. They hold a small, navy blue ball-type thing maybe seven inches around.
  424. (11:16:14 PM) ScanGMs: Taggart produces some brilliant balls of energy, flying around him. Note that they are in zero-gravity and thus this looks badass.
  425. (11:16:35 PM) TheRaven: "Fuck yeah."
  426. (11:16:51 PM) Soulless: Stoat nods to Taggart.
  427. (11:16:54 PM) ScanGMs: "This is my offspring. I have determined that it has nearly unlimited potential. I may die, but should it survive to maturity, it will be unstoppable." The small ball makes a humming sound.
  428. (11:17:08 PM) Soulless: She looks to the small ball.
  429. (11:17:28 PM) Soulless: She looks to the blob, as if saying 'go on'.
  430. (11:17:31 PM) Halvors: Sverre tries something that /won't/ be a bad idea. Let's go with.... making his hands glow green.
  431. (11:17:34 PM) Halvors: 6df+4
  432. (11:17:34 PM) Glacon: Halvors: 7 (6df+4=+, -, +, +, 0, +)
  433. (11:17:46 PM) NAC: Cameron picks up the ball thing and holds on to the thing gently. "So you want us to protect it?"
  434. (11:18:32 PM) ScanGMs: Sverre accomplishes this task easily. "I have prepared a spot for it to reside. It is impenetrable to those who cannot use the power of matter."
  435. (11:18:35 PM) TheRaven: "Cam, you wanna handle that?"
  436. (11:19:17 PM) Halvors: Sverre exhales in relief. He can actually do shit.
  437. (11:19:44 PM) NAC: "Can those things that attacked us use that power?" Cameron asks, holding the orb of blue light close to his chest.
  438. (11:19:45 PM) ScanGMs: "However, while I suspect you cannot perceive it, there are those in the path to that place who would almost certainly overwhelm me should I try to go there myself."
  439. (11:20:03 PM) Soulless: "...You want us to take it there and eliminate those stopping you?"
  440. (11:20:45 PM) ScanGMs: To Cameron, "They are capable, but they do not know how." To Stoat, "You need only to deliver it safely. My safety is ultimately irrelevant except insofar as it affects that of my offspring."
  441. (11:21:02 PM) ScanGMs: "A distraction would suffice, if it is all you are capable of."
  442. (11:21:21 PM) Soulless: "...So you want us to cause a fuss."
  443. (11:21:48 PM) Halvors: "I can do that."
  444. (11:21:53 PM) Halvors: Sverre attempts to summon thunder.
  445. (11:21:57 PM) Halvors: 6df+4
  446. (11:21:57 PM) Glacon: Halvors: 3 (6df+4=-, -, 0, 0, 0, +)
  447. (11:22:05 PM) NAC: "Or not cause a fuss, and deliver your offspring unharmed?" Cameron puts in.
  448. (11:22:17 PM) Salmander: "I can misuse my powers." Gaston qinks.
  449. (11:22:53 PM) ScanGMs: Sverre, you get some nice crackles of yellow electricity.
  450. (11:22:53 PM) ScanGMs: "Whatever you are capable of. I shall mark a path for yo to follow." It lifts a tentacle and appears to 'close' its eye. Lavender lightning shoots out from the tentacle off into the distance, singeing neon tubes along the way.
  451. (11:22:55 PM) ScanGMs: *you
  452. (11:23:27 PM) Soulless: "...Let's go, then."
  453. (11:23:47 PM) TheRaven: "Okay...Cam, you want to take the kid? I think the rest of us can handle making a distraction."
  454. (11:24:06 PM) Soulless: "...Cameron, you were better at using the powers than I. I think you should be free to act."
  455. (11:24:15 PM) Soulless: "I'll take the... offspring."
  456. (11:24:24 PM) ScanGMs: "I suspect that they have created unique weapons in my absence. You are likely to experience surprise."
  457. (11:25:02 PM) Salmander: "I love surprises," Gastons says, turning away and stroking his five o'clock shadow.
  458. (11:25:27 PM) NAC: Cameron thinks for a moment, looking at the egg. He's only held it for a moment, but he already feels attached to the thing. "If you think that'd be best Stoat." Cameron shrugs, still holding it to his chest.
  459. (11:25:54 PM) Soulless: Stoat gingerly takes the egg, cradling it closely. "Okay. Let's go."
  460. (11:25:57 PM) ScanGMs: "Go. I perceive adversaries here." Indeed, flickers of glimmering darkness appear here and there.
  461. (11:26:11 PM) TheRaven: Taggart heads out, humming.
  462. (11:27:11 PM) ScanGMs: The thing sends out lavender lightning bolts here and there, shooting down the dark, glittering entities that are beginning to appear around it.
  463. (11:29:00 PM) Halvors: Sverre heads out at a light jog.
  464. (11:29:03 PM) NAC: Cameron nods and gives up egg custody, following the lander bolts with his eyes. "Which direction?"
  465. (11:29:18 PM) NAC: Jogging is useless without gravity.
  466. (11:29:28 PM) ScanGMs: Jog? There's no gravity.
  467. (11:29:28 PM) ScanGMs: There are singed tubes where the lightning hit them. They make a path.
  468. (11:29:31 PM) Soulless: Stoat hop-swims in the air with the egg. She suddenly has an idea!
  469. (11:29:32 PM) Salmander left the room (quit: Connection reset by peer).
  470. (11:29:33 PM) Halvors: Sverre flails about. [Fuck.]
  471. (11:29:41 PM) Halvors: Sverre sighs and floats along.
  472. (11:29:57 PM) Soulless: Stoat attempts to create wind by kicking, like she's swimming. She focuses on the same expanding forces that she did before with the punch.
  473. (11:30:07 PM) Soulless: 6df+4 hnng
  474. (11:30:08 PM) Glacon: Soulless: hnng: 5 (6df+4=+, 0, +, -, +, -)
  475. (11:30:23 PM) Salmander [] entered the room.
  476. (11:30:23 PM) mode (+ao Salmander Salmander) by ChanServ
  477. (11:30:30 PM) NAC: Cameron nods and leans forward, angling his feet away from the path as he takes a superman like pose. He concentrates and attempts to explode the air out from behind his soles.
  478. (11:30:35 PM) Halvors: Sverre tries to conjure a hook shooting from his hand and latching on to something, Scorpion-style.
  479. (11:30:39 PM) Halvors: 6df+4 hope this works
  480. (11:30:40 PM) Glacon: Halvors: hope this works: 6 (6df+4=0, +, +, -, +, 0)
  481. (11:30:45 PM) TheRaven: Can Taggart move without rolling anything?
  482. (11:30:53 PM) NAC: 6df+4 CAMERON PINK, MIND FREAK.
  483. (11:30:53 PM) Glacon: NAC: CAMERON PINK, MIND FREAK.: 6 (6df+4=+, +, +, 0, -, 0)
  484. (11:31:14 PM) ScanGMs: Stoat, blue crackling emanates from your feet, and you are propelled forward by a gust of wind.
  485. (11:31:14 PM) ScanGMs: Sverre gets nothing.
  486. (11:31:14 PM) ScanGMs: Taggart can move without rolling by using his arms and legs and shit.
  487. (11:31:14 PM) ScanGMs: Cameron gets the same as Stoat. Everyone but Cameron and Stoat is blown back a bit by the wind.
  488. (11:31:33 PM) TheRaven: Limb-flailing it is, then.
  489. (11:31:42 PM) Salmander: Gaston just be trodding along
  490. (11:31:44 PM) Halvors: Sverre sighs.
  491. (11:31:46 PM) Halvors: "Fuuuck."
  492. (11:31:46 PM) Soulless: Stoat looks surprised.
  493. (11:31:50 PM) Halvors: He tries to emulate Stoat.
  494. (11:31:54 PM) Soulless: "Try thinking of swimming."
  495. (11:31:55 PM) Halvors: 6df+4 oh fine
  496. (11:31:55 PM) Glacon: Halvors: oh fine: 2 (6df+4=-, -, 0, -, 0, +)
  497. (11:32:30 PM) ScanGMs: Halvors gets a rather weak version of what Cameron and Stoat get.
  498. (11:32:30 PM) ScanGMs: Taggart can also use the neon tubes around him to push off of and pull himself forwards.
  499. (11:32:46 PM) Halvors: Sverre is frustrated as hell. He keeps trying, if he can?
  500. (11:33:22 PM) ScanGMs: Not now.
  501. (11:33:22 PM) ScanGMs: The current order is, from front to back: Cameron & Stoat, Sverre, Taggart & Gaston.
  502. (11:33:43 PM) ScanGMs: A whirring sound is heard...
  503. (11:33:43 PM) ScanGMs: d3
  504. (11:33:43 PM) Glacon: ScanGMs: 1 (d3=1)
  505. (11:33:56 PM) Halvors: Sverre weakly goes along. "I fucking hate this." He's slightly pouty from his wounds and lack of cool superpowers.
  506. (11:33:57 PM) ScanGMs: Cameron and Stoat. Pdef.
  507. (11:34:07 PM) NAC: 6df+8 Cameron is superman
  508. (11:34:08 PM) Glacon: NAC: Cameron is superman: 6 (6df+8=-, -, +, 0, 0, -)
  509. (11:34:12 PM) Salmander: 6df+6 Gaston concentrates on applying a gravitational plane to himself, letting him just walk along an invisible path that heads through the center of the way carved by the big sphere thingy
  510. (11:34:12 PM) Glacon: Salmander: Gaston concentrates on applying a gravitational plane to himself, letting him just walk along an invisible path that heads through the center of the way carved by the big sphere thingy: 4 (6df+6=-, +, 0, -, 0, -)
  511. (11:34:20 PM) Halvors: Sven gets his rifle out.
  512. (11:34:38 PM) Soulless: 6df+10 PDEF
  513. (11:34:38 PM) Glacon: Soulless: PDEF: 9 (6df+10=+, 0, -, -, +, -)
  514. (11:35:32 PM) ScanGMs: Gaston feels himself pulled in one direction, and stopping. However, he has no traction, and slips and falls when he tries to walk forward.
  515. (11:35:32 PM) ScanGMs: 6df+8 pew pew pew
  516. (11:35:33 PM) Glacon: ScanGMs: pew pew pew: 10 (6df+8=0, +, +, 0, -, +)
  517. (11:36:09 PM) Salmander: gaston shrugs and drifts along
  518. (11:36:56 PM) ScanGMs: Cameron and Stoat get splattered with a few golfball-sized globs of what resembles the dark-blue, glittery thingies. They cling to where they land and start scratching at you. They make little whirring sounds. Your move, all.
  519. (11:37:25 PM) TheRaven: Can anyone see what launched the blobs?
  520. (11:37:39 PM) Halvors: Sverre tries to use his rifle to propel himself forwards. He starts firing behind himself but well away from Taggart and Gaston.
  521. (11:37:40 PM) ScanGMs: Oh, there's another one of the entities about fifty feet to the side of Cameron and Stoat.
  522. (11:37:55 PM) Halvors: ~Human rocket!~
  523. (11:38:00 PM) Salmander: 6df+6 gaston sends a fireball with his mind at the entity
  524. (11:38:00 PM) Glacon: Salmander: gaston sends a fireball with his mind at the entity: 7 (6df+6=+, -, +, -, 0, +)
  525. (11:38:03 PM) ScanGMs: You can make a new Mind roll if you want, Sverre.
  526. (11:38:17 PM) Halvors: ScanGMs, what about the gun propellor thing?
  527. (11:38:22 PM) Halvors: Does that count as a turn?
  528. (11:38:24 PM) Halvors: Should I roll?
  529. (11:38:26 PM) NAC: Cameron lets out a groan and looks over those things, they don't feel right "This isn't good." He grunts, focusing on the scratching and attempting oh so carefully to pop off those things with a small explosion of fabric and dead matter, trying to dislodge it with this new power.
  530. (11:38:51 PM) NAC: 6df+4 Cameron's performing miniature mind explosions.
  531. (11:38:51 PM) Glacon: NAC: Cameron's performing miniature mind explosions.: 2 (6df+4=-, -, +, 0, 0, -)
  532. (11:39:08 PM) TheRaven: 6df+6 I KNOW KUNG FU (mind to launch glowy doom)
  533. (11:39:08 PM) Glacon: TheRaven: I KNOW KUNG FU (mind to launch glowy doom): 6 (6df+6=0, 0, +, 0, -, 0)
  534. (11:39:15 PM) Soulless: Stoat closes her eyes and focuses. Instead of expanding, she thinks of the opposite. Condensing. Condensing. Condensing. A condense sphere around her, impenetrable by any invasive creature including these blobs, rejecting them as she chooses to reject them, protective of herself and her egg. She attempts to create a force field that rejects those creatures on her, rejecting anything she...
  535. (11:39:17 PM) Soulless: ...doesn't accept in the field.
  536. (11:39:23 PM) Soulless: 6df+8 Tagging Heart, protective of her egg!
  537. (11:39:23 PM) Glacon: Soulless: Tagging Heart, protective of her egg!: 7 (6df+8=-, +, 0, 0, -, 0)
  538. (11:39:49 PM) ScanGMs: For the gun? No to both questions.
  539. (11:39:50 PM) ScanGMs: 6df+6 oh noes, it's a Gaston (combined roll)
  540. (11:39:50 PM) ScanGMs: 6df+6 We are but little golfball version of the larger mass. (roll for both)
  541. (11:39:50 PM) Glacon: ScanGMs: oh noes, it's a Gaston (combined roll): 9 (6df+6=0, +, 0, 0, +, +)
  542. (11:39:50 PM) Glacon: ScanGMs: We are but little golfball version of the larger mass. (roll for both): 6 (6df+6=0, -, +, -, +, 0)
  543. (11:40:52 PM) Halvors: Sven tries to see if his little idea does any good.
  544. (11:41:00 PM) Cross left the room (quit: Connection reset by peer).
  545. (11:41:02 PM) ScanGMs: The thing shrinks away from Gaston's lightning and Taggart's glowy doom. Cameron's little clingy balls are blown away, and Stoat's are unable to latch on.
  546. (11:41:22 PM) ScanGMs: Sverre, you can make a roll.
  547. (11:41:28 PM) Mr_Wilt left the room (quit: Client exited).
  548. (11:41:38 PM) Halvors: ScanGMs... so the gun thing did nothing at all?
  549. (11:41:52 PM) TheRaven: Taggart swings his rifle around and focuses on loading it with energy.
  550. (11:41:53 PM) ScanGMs: It did a little, but not a ton. You didn't waste a turn, though. Feel free to make a roll.
  551. (11:41:59 PM) Halvors: Ah. Alrighty then.
  552. (11:42:38 PM) Halvors: Sverre tries to imagine gusts of wind from his cupped hands held behind him, superman-style. The rifle floats about, empty and slung onto him.
  553. (11:42:45 PM) Halvors: 6df+4 please glacon ilu
  554. (11:42:46 PM) Glacon: Halvors: please glacon ilu: 6 (6df+4=0, +, -, +, +, 0)
  555. (11:42:54 PM) TV_Wilt is now known as Mr_Wilt
  556. (11:43:22 PM) ScanGMs: Sverre is propelled forwards and is now with Cameron and Stoat.
  557. (11:43:23 PM) ScanGMs: The expelled clumps drift together and form a single mass, which proceeds to attack
  558. (11:43:23 PM) ScanGMs: .ch Stoat, Cameron, Sverre
  559. (11:43:23 PM) Glacon: ScanGMs: Cameron
  560. (11:43:32 PM) ScanGMs: Cameron. Pdef, Cameron. Or Mind, since you can see it coming.
  561. (11:43:49 PM) Halvors: Sverre quickly reloads both of his firearms.
  562. (11:44:36 PM) NAC: 6df+8 Cameron's mind is shit, so he uses the power of being a giant man.
  563. (11:44:37 PM) Glacon: NAC: Cameron's mind is shit, so he uses the power of being a giant man.: 8 (6df+8=0, 0, 0, -, +, 0)
  564. (11:45:15 PM) ScanGMs: 6df+8 With our powers combined, we are CAPTAIN BLUE THING
  565. (11:45:15 PM) Glacon: ScanGMs: With our powers combined, we are CAPTAIN BLUE THING: 11 (6df+8=0, +, +, +, -, +)
  566. (11:46:47 PM) ScanGMs: Cameron's hit in the neck /hard/ with the thing, which dissipates after the impact. -1 body, and Cameron's thrown back a bit. With a whirring, more globs of stuff come out of the entity. Pdef, Taggart and Gaston.
  567. (11:46:59 PM) TheRaven: 6df+7 ohshi-
  568. (11:46:59 PM) Glacon: TheRaven: ohshi-: 6 (6df+7=+, -, 0, -, +, -)
  569. (11:47:14 PM) Dexanote [] entered the room.
  570. (11:47:50 PM) Soulless: Stoat focuses on maintaining here sphere of rejection.
  571. (11:47:55 PM) Salmander: 6df+8 k
  572. (11:47:55 PM) Glacon: Salmander: k: 4 (6df+8=+, -, -, -, -, -)
  573. (11:47:59 PM) Salmander: fff
  574. (11:48:04 PM) ScanGMs: 6df+8 hwat
  575. (11:48:04 PM) Glacon: ScanGMs: hwat: 4 (6df+8=0, -, 0, -, -, -)
  576. (11:48:09 PM) Halvors: Sverre changes his position, keeping his knees close to his body soas to make himself a smaller target. His rifle is shouldered.
  577. (11:48:12 PM) Salmander: :cool:
  578. (11:48:39 PM) ScanGMs: Its aim is off, and both Gaston and Taggart are unhit. Y'all can move.
  579. (11:48:39 PM) ScanGMs: Stoat, roll Mind for that. That'd be a Mind to Pdef maneuver, methinks.
  580. (11:49:27 PM) TheRaven: Mind maneuver to give Taggart's sidearm energy powers? He figures it might be more receptive, being from Charon's dimension and producing its own ammo.
  581. (11:49:43 PM) Halvors: Sverre tries to imagine himself on a horse made of air, riding it through the zero-gravity space.
  582. (11:49:48 PM) Halvors: 6df+4 HORSIE
  583. (11:49:48 PM) Glacon: Halvors: HORSIE: 3 (6df+4=0, -, -, 0, +, 0)
  584. (11:50:04 PM) Soulless: 6df+4 Stoat's mind is terrible
  585. (11:50:04 PM) Glacon: Soulless: Stoat's mind is terrible: 3 (6df+4=+, -, +, 0, -, -)
  586. (11:50:28 PM) Salmander: 6df+6 Gaston shoots lightning from his fingertips much like the chancellor from Revenge of teh Sith
  587. (11:50:28 PM) Glacon: Salmander: Gaston shoots lightning from his fingertips much like the chancellor from Revenge of teh Sith: 3 (6df+6=-, 0, -, -, 0, 0)
  588. (11:50:51 PM) ScanGMs: Mind to Ranged, Taggart.
  589. (11:50:52 PM) ScanGMs: Sverre, nothing. I'll let you roll something else.
  590. (11:50:52 PM) ScanGMs: Stoat, your bubble of protection fails.
  591. (11:50:52 PM) ScanGMs: 6df+6 vs. Gaston
  592. (11:50:52 PM) Glacon: ScanGMs: vs. Gaston: 8 (6df+6=+, -, -, +, +, +)
  593. (11:51:07 PM) TheRaven: 6df+6 brainpower!
  594. (11:51:07 PM) Glacon: TheRaven: brainpower!: 6 (6df+6=-, -, 0, 0, +, +)
  595. (11:51:09 PM) ScanGMs: Gaston's aim is turrible.
  596. (11:51:48 PM) ScanGMs: Taggart, you have the maneuver. Your gun glows purple and crackles.
  597. (11:51:58 PM) Halvors: Sverre huffs in annoyance. He tries to use his almighty perception skills to find a way to snake himself physically forwards using the ropes.
  598. (11:52:05 PM) Halvors: 6df+8 I'm actually good at percepting
  599. (11:52:05 PM) Glacon: Halvors: I'm actually good at percepting: 7 (6df+8=0, 0, 0, -, -, +)
  600. (11:52:33 PM) NAC: Cameron grunts and spins back into his orbit, coughing up a bit as that blob of blue punches him in his scar. He thinks, thinking hard, Cameron trying to figure out what can work to help out.
  601. (11:52:44 PM) TheRaven: "Oh yeah." Are there more blobs, and can he shoot?
  602. (11:52:49 PM) NAC: Can he picture a shield for a pdef to mind maneuver?
  603. (11:52:50 PM) ScanGMs: Sverre finds a path he can take forward with relative ease. He could work up some momentum if he wished (and I won't even have it take a turn).
  604. (11:52:58 PM) DrSavage [] entered the room.
  605. (11:53:15 PM) Halvors: Sverre bites his lower lip. ~... no. I'd end up catapulting myself off into nowhere.~
  606. (11:53:30 PM) Halvors: He proceeds to keep up a good pace, but one where he's reasonably sure he can stop on a dime.
  607. (11:53:44 PM) ScanGMs: Cameron may do so.
  608. (11:53:44 PM) ScanGMs: Yes, Taggart. But it's not your turn any more.
  609. (11:53:44 PM) ScanGMs: The globs conglomerate and zoom towards
  610. (11:53:44 PM) ScanGMs: .ch taggart, gaston
  611. (11:53:44 PM) Glacon: ScanGMs: gaston
  612. (11:53:48 PM) ScanGMs: Gaston. Pdef.
  613. (11:54:45 PM) NAC: 6df+8 Cameron pictures a protective bubble, focusing on being able to create a sheild around him when needed.
  614. (11:54:45 PM) Glacon: NAC: Cameron pictures a protective bubble, focusing on being able to create a sheild around him when needed.: 8 (6df+8=0, +, 0, 0, -, 0)
  615. (11:54:55 PM) Salmander: 6df+8
  616. (11:54:55 PM) Glacon: Salmander: 6 (6df+8=-, -, 0, 0, -, +)
  617. (11:55:19 PM) Halvors: Sverre has his rifle flapping about on its' sling, his pistol clutched in one hand.
  618. (11:55:21 PM) ScanGMs: Success, Cameron. a semisphere of yellow glows between you and the entity, swirling.
  619. (11:55:21 PM) ScanGMs: 6df+8 attacking mai gaston waifu
  620. (11:55:21 PM) Glacon: ScanGMs: attacking mai gaston waifu: 8 (6df+8=0, -, 0, 0, +, 0)
  621. (11:55:55 PM) Salmander: nuuu
  622. (11:55:56 PM) ScanGMs: Gaston's pawnched in the lower back, and the blob dissipates. -1 body.
  623. (11:55:56 PM) ScanGMs: d2 More blobs are shot at you.
  624. (11:55:57 PM) Glacon: ScanGMs: More blobs are shot at you.: 2 (d2=2)
  625. (11:56:04 PM) ScanGMs: .ch g, t
  626. (11:56:04 PM) Glacon: ScanGMs: g
  627. (11:56:14 PM) ScanGMs: Wait... that was unnecessary. Gaston, Taggart, more pdef.
  628. (11:56:23 PM) Salmander: 6df+8
  629. (11:56:24 PM) Glacon: Salmander: 8 (6df+8=+, -, 0, 0, -, +)
  630. (11:56:31 PM) TheRaven: 6df+7 uh-oh
  631. (11:56:31 PM) Glacon: TheRaven: uh-oh: 8 (6df+7=+, 0, 0, +, 0, -)
  632. (11:56:40 PM) ScanGMs: 6df+8 ho-hu
  633. (11:56:40 PM) Glacon: ScanGMs: ho-hu: 7 (6df+8=+, 0, -, 0, -, 0)
  634. (11:56:51 PM) ScanGMs: More misses. EVERYONE GETS TO MOVE.
  635. (11:57:19 PM) Halvors: Sverre tugs himself along. ~Time to make some noise.~
  636. (11:57:21 PM) NAC: How many blob things are attacking?
  637. (11:57:33 PM) ScanGMs: Eh, four or so.
  638. (11:57:40 PM) Salmander: 6df+6 Gaston propels himself forward towards the blob using his mind powers whilst pointing his cleaver forward
  639. (11:57:40 PM) Glacon: Salmander: Gaston propels himself forward towards the blob using his mind powers whilst pointing his cleaver forward: 11 (6df+6=+, +, 0, +, +, +)
  640. (11:57:49 PM) Salmander: Let's do Blob #2
  641. (11:58:04 PM) TheRaven: 6df+8 magic bullets!
  642. (11:58:04 PM) Glacon: TheRaven: magic bullets!: 8 (6df+8=+, -, +, +, -, -)
  643. (11:58:36 PM) ScanGMs: Wait, hold on. I misunderstood. There's just the one big blob shooting at you.
  644. (11:58:36 PM) ScanGMs: 6df+6 vs. Gaston
  645. (11:58:36 PM) ScanGMs: 6df+6 vs. Taggart
  646. (11:58:37 PM) Glacon: ScanGMs: vs. Gaston: 4 (6df+6=0, 0, -, 0, 0, -)
  647. (11:58:37 PM) Glacon: ScanGMs: vs. Taggart: 7 (6df+6=-, 0, 0, 0, +, +)
  648. (11:58:50 PM) Salmander: Ok, at the one blob
  649. (11:59:55 PM) NAC: Cameron prepares himself, taking a few deep breaths as he focuses on that yellow barrier. He closes his eyes and thinks, taking it slow. Exerting the power of his mind, he takes that barrier and wraps it around that giant blob, trying to compress it and compress it into nothing at all.
  650. (12:00:08 AM) ScanGMs: Mind, Cameron.
  651. (12:00:09 AM) NAC: 6df+12 Tagging manuver, and slow and steady for serious mind power.
  652. (12:00:09 AM) Glacon: NAC: Tagging manuver, and slow and steady for serious mind power.: 11 (6df+12=0, +, -, -, -, +)
  653. (12:00:19 AM) ScanGMs: 6df+6 oh noes
  654. (12:00:20 AM) Glacon: ScanGMs: oh noes: 7 (6df+6=+, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0)
  655. (12:00:53 AM) ScanGMs: Gaston, you go forward and, cleaver aglow, slice a gash into the blob with a flash. Taggart, yellow balls of energy that probably have bullets in them hit the big blob, making yellow ripples. It squeals loudly, obviously injured. It begins to shrink as Cameron envelops it and compresses, shaking.
  656. (12:01:54 AM) ScanGMs: Stoat or Sverre feel like doing anything?
  657. (12:01:55 AM) Soulless: Stoat attempts to boost Cameron's power with her mind, adding hers, insignificant as it is, onto Cameron's.
  658. (12:01:58 AM) Soulless: 6df+4 ;w;
  659. (12:01:59 AM) Glacon: Soulless: ;w;: 1 (6df+4=-, -, 0, -, 0, 0)
  660. (12:02:28 AM) ScanGMs: She can sort of feel it helping a little.
  661. (12:04:23 AM) Halvors: 6df+8 Tagging 'I was so white as snow once'
  662. (12:04:24 AM) Glacon: Halvors: Tagging 'I was so white as snow once': 4 (6df+8=-, 0, -, -, -, 0)
  663. (12:04:30 AM) ScanGMs: What does Sverre try to do?
  664. (12:04:35 AM) Halvors: Sverre tries to conjure up a flashback and project it.
  665. (12:04:40 AM) Halvors: And Glacon is a fucking ass.
  666. (12:04:42 AM) ScanGMs: What is the flashback?
  667. (12:05:04 AM) Halvors: He's being hauled out of a building, bleeding heavily from multiple cuts. There's screaming.
  668. (12:05:18 AM) Halvors: A man with one arm stumbles out behind him, collapsing into the street.
  669. (12:05:36 AM) Halvors: The man carrying him takes a bullet to the neck and falls, leaving Sverre choking on dirt.
  670. (12:05:41 AM) Halvors: He's dragging himself along.
  671. (12:06:03 AM) Halvors: Another explosion.
  672. (12:06:10 AM) Halvors: Chunks of... something... hit him on the back.
  673. (12:06:29 AM) Halvors: He tries not to acknowledge that its' probably human flesh torn to shreds by a hand grenade.
  674. (12:06:33 AM) ScanGMs: He creates a hazy image of these events in the surrounding area that everyone can see. Sverre, roll pdef against your cuts that you just got.
  675. (12:06:34 AM) ScanGMs: 6df+6 vs. an explosion
  676. (12:06:34 AM) Glacon: ScanGMs: vs. an explosion: 2 (6df+6=-, 0, -, -, -, 0)
  677. (12:06:54 AM) Halvors: 6df+6 sure
  678. (12:06:54 AM) Glacon: Halvors: sure: 5 (6df+6=+, -, 0, 0, -, 0)
  679. (12:07:08 AM) Soulless: Stoat looks around, feeling somewhat panicked since she doesn't know that Sverre is summoning this image.
  680. (12:07:28 AM) ScanGMs: The blob is affected by the explosion, being hurt further. Sverre's mind is not strong enough to actually injure his body, but he feels the pain.
  681. (12:07:28 AM) ScanGMs: The blob makes no moves. You can move freely.
  682. (12:07:35 AM) TheRaven: Taggart opens fire on the projection.
  683. (12:07:54 AM) Halvors: Sverre gasps out. "Ahh... [Stop! St-]"
  684. (12:08:00 AM) Halvors: He almost loses himself in his own projection.
  685. (12:08:10 AM) ScanGMs: What aspect of the projection, specifically? Also, the projection stops once he stops concentrating on projecting it.
  686. (12:08:12 AM) Salmander: 6df+8 Gaston slashes some more, as he is already next to it
  687. (12:08:12 AM) Glacon: Salmander: Gaston slashes some more, as he is already next to it: 9 (6df+8=+, 0, 0, 0, +, -)
  688. (12:08:19 AM) ScanGMs: 6df+6 :(
  689. (12:08:19 AM) Glacon: ScanGMs: :(: 7 (6df+6=0, -, +, -, +, +)
  690. (12:08:22 AM) TheRaven: Anything that looks hostile
  691. (12:08:24 AM) Halvors: The experience, the pain, the screaming. The chaos.
  692. (12:08:25 AM) NAC: Cameron continues straining himself to hold the barrier around the object.
  693. (12:08:34 AM) Halvors: Once it goes away, he relaxes. ~Fuck.~
  694. (12:08:36 AM) Halvors: ~Bad idea.~
  695. (12:08:46 AM) ScanGMs: More cuts happen to the blob The projection from Sverre fades.
  696. (12:08:49 AM) NAC: 6df+4 ~Mind powers are fading, too much concentration~
  697. (12:08:49 AM) Glacon: NAC: ~Mind powers are fading, too much concentration~: 6 (6df+4=+, -, +, -, +, +)
  698. (12:08:52 AM) ScanGMs: *blob and the
  699. (12:08:59 AM) ScanGMs: 6df+6 vs. Cameron
  700. (12:09:00 AM) Glacon: ScanGMs: vs. Cameron: 2 (6df+6=0, -, -, -, 0, -)
  701. (12:09:23 AM) ScanGMs: It's compressed further, and with a poof, it loses coherency, and dissipates.
  702. (12:09:33 AM) Salmander: "Damn right."
  703. (12:09:48 AM) Halvors: Sverre looks back. "Sorry about that little scene, fellas. That was my bad."
  704. (12:10:04 AM) NAC: "Hah! We killed... one of them." Cameron blinks. He decides to get up to stoat and help protect the orb, realizing that there are probably more.
  705. (12:10:09 AM) Halvors: Screams echo in his ears still.
  706. (12:10:53 AM) TheRaven: "What the FUCK was that?"
  707. (12:10:54 AM) ScanGMs: In the background, they can hear lightning strikes, presumably the Fusion Teacher Thing fighting off the blobs that have converged on it.
  708. (12:11:04 AM) Soulless: Stoat focuses on keeping a barrier around herself and her little egg. "We need to keep moving."
  709. (12:11:20 AM) Soulless: err, she mentally imagines the barrier.
  710. (12:11:26 AM) ScanGMs: Stoat, that'd be a Mind to Pdef to maneuver.
  711. (12:11:32 AM) Soulless: okay
  712. (12:11:42 AM) Soulless: 6df+4 DICKS
  713. (12:11:42 AM) Glacon: Soulless: DICKS: 1 (6df+4=0, 0, -, -, -, 0)
  714. (12:11:43 AM) Salmander: Gaston puts away hos cleaver. "Oui."
  715. (12:11:57 AM) ScanGMs: DICKS indeed. Stoat's distracted by something or other.
  716. (12:12:33 AM) Salmander left the room (quit: Connection reset by peer).
  717. (12:12:56 AM) Salmander [] entered the room.
  718. (12:12:56 AM) mode (+ao Salmander Salmander) by ChanServ
  719. (12:14:05 AM) Lurker is now known as Lurk_Sleeps
  720. (12:14:10 AM) ScanGMs: By this time, they're all with each other. What do you do?
  721. (12:14:45 AM) TheRaven: "Alright, what now? Keep going?"
  722. (12:15:02 AM) Halvors: "Keep going, yeah. That and make some noise."
  723. (12:15:54 AM) Salmander: "Ok."
  724. (12:15:54 AM) NAC: "We should keep moving to the safe spot..." Cameron nods in agrement to sverre. "Shoot a big explosion off into the distance, distract some of the things down the path a little bit."
  725. (12:16:31 AM) Salmander: Gaston pulls out the chord hold the pots and pans hanging from his back. they clang together loudly as he moves.
  726. (12:16:32 AM) Halvors: Sverre hesitates.
  727. (12:16:52 AM) Halvors: "I can try to conjure that flashback again. I think I can handle the consequences."
  728. (12:16:57 AM) Halvors: ~I hope I can.~
  729. (12:16:58 AM) Soulless: Stoat holds the egg carefully. "Go on." She motions to Sverre.
  730. (12:17:05 AM) NAC: "We don't make noise that attracts them to us... I was suggesting making an explosion to the left or something." Cameron continues on, looking at Gaston.
  731. (12:17:30 AM) Soulless: She nods to Cameron in agreement.
  732. (12:17:42 AM) Soulless: "Sverre, can you direct your flashback away from us."
  733. (12:17:42 AM) Salmander left the room (quit: Broken pipe).
  734. (12:17:51 AM) Halvors: tagging, again, White as Snow. I have one AP left after this.
  735. (12:17:55 AM) Halvors: 6df+8 WORK DAMNIT
  736. (12:17:55 AM) Glacon: Halvors: WORK DAMNIT: 7 (6df+8=+, -, 0, 0, -, 0)
  737. (12:18:14 AM) ScanGMs: How far away does he want the flashback to be from them?
  738. (12:18:15 AM) Halvors: Sverre tries to project it off into the distance.
  739. (12:18:21 AM) Salmander [] entered the room.
  740. (12:18:21 AM) mode (+ao Salmander Salmander) by ChanServ
  741. (12:18:34 AM) Halvors: uhh, three city blocks. That should put them out of harms' way for the most part.
  742. (12:19:46 AM) Vol [] entered the room.
  743. (12:20:26 AM) ScanGMs: Success, Sverre. Horrific war scene off in that direction. A blob goes over to poke around. Given the way it's moving around, it seems to notice that there's some sort of something where you are, but is more concerned by the flashback. You have one turn to make a move, then you'll have to roll Sneak.
  744. (12:20:27 AM) TheRaven: Taggart focuses energy towards that, too.
  745. (12:20:44 AM) ScanGMs: Taggart can add half his Mind roll to Sverre's.
  746. (12:20:53 AM) ScanGMs: Since he wasn't actually there for that flashback.
  747. (12:21:30 AM) Soulless: Stoat tries to mentally imagining becoming unnoticeable as she moves.
  748. (12:21:36 AM) TheRaven: 6df+3 he has seen a number of explosions, however.
  749. (12:21:36 AM) Glacon: TheRaven: he has seen a number of explosions, however.: 4 (6df+3=+, 0, -, 0, 0, +)
  750. (12:21:52 AM) Soulless: 6df+4 Let her become the void itself
  751. (12:21:53 AM) Glacon: Soulless: Let her become the void itself: 4 (6df+4=+, -, +, 0, -, 0)
  752. (12:22:16 AM) ScanGMs: The flashback becomes noticeably more solid and vivid. Stoat's maneuver is unsuccessful. Her image wavers and flickers, but she's still obviously there.
  753. (12:22:59 AM) Salmander: gaston sits and waits for everyone to move
  754. (12:23:17 AM) NAC: "I suggest we move now." Cameron speaks up, aiming himself forward.
  755. (12:23:28 AM) NAC: 6df+4 Supercameron speed. MIND BLASTS AT FEET.
  756. (12:23:29 AM) Glacon: NAC: Supercameron speed. MIND BLASTS AT FEET.: 3 (6df+4=+, -, 0, -, -, +)
  757. (12:23:40 AM) TheRaven: Taggart heads forwards.
  758. (12:23:56 AM) ScanGMs: Yeah, y'all roll sneak now, with a...
  759. (12:23:56 AM) ScanGMs: d11
  760. (12:23:56 AM) Glacon: ScanGMs: 3 (d11=3)
  761. (12:23:59 AM) ScanGMs: +3 bonus.
  762. (12:24:18 AM) Salmander: 6df+3 lololol
  763. (12:24:18 AM) Glacon: Salmander: lololol: 1 (6df+3=0, 0, -, +, -, -)
  764. (12:25:02 AM) NAC: Can Cameron use his mind for sneak?
  765. (12:25:09 AM) Halvors: 6df+3
  766. (12:25:09 AM) Glacon: Halvors: 3 (6df+3=+, 0, 0, 0, 0, -)
  767. (12:25:12 AM) Soulless: 6df+11 Stoat's +3 sneak bonus, she attemps to be sneaky.
  768. (12:25:13 AM) Glacon: Soulless: Stoat's +3 sneak bonus, she attemps to be sneaky.: 7 (6df+11=-, -, 0, -, 0, -)
  769. (12:25:14 AM) NAC: If he Rps what he's doing well.
  770. (12:25:46 AM) ScanGMs: Go for it. But only you, since you asked and are trying.
  771. (12:25:50 AM) TheRaven: 6df+3 stealth is unnecessary when you can hit a target from a kilometer away.
  772. (12:25:50 AM) Glacon: TheRaven: stealth is unnecessary when you can hit a target from a kilometer away.: 0 (6df+3=-, -, +, -, 0, -)
  773. (12:27:32 AM) NAC: 6df+4 Cameron thinks about what he's doing, in this world they can convert matter into energy. Light is a form of energy. With a deep breath, he concentrates on altering the energy produced to absorb light, rather than emit it.
  774. (12:27:33 AM) Glacon: NAC: Cameron thinks about what he's doing, in this world they can convert matter into energy. Light is a form of energy. With a deep breath, he concentrates on altering the energy produced to absorb light, rather than emit it.: 2 (6df+4=-, -, -, +, 0, 0)
  775. (12:28:27 AM) ScanGMs: And add in the +3 sneak bonus, and Cameron gets a +5. He dims considerably.
  776. (12:28:27 AM) ScanGMs: d8
  777. (12:28:28 AM) Glacon: ScanGMs: 7 (d8=7)
  778. (12:28:30 AM) ScanGMs: 6df+7
  779. (12:28:32 AM) Glacon: ScanGMs: 9 (6df+7=+, -, -, +, +, +)
  780. (12:29:06 AM) ScanGMs: The blob spots you, but is distracted by the flashback. It makes no move for you. You may move freely.
  781. (12:29:36 AM) NAC: Can the group tell the blob spots them? It has no features.
  782. (12:29:45 AM) Salmander: "Let us move quickly."
  783. (12:30:22 AM) TheRaven: Taggart gets moving.
  784. (12:30:23 AM) ScanGMs: It makes a sudden move towards them, but moves back to the projection.
  785. (12:31:26 AM) NAC: 6df+4 Cameron rockets his feet again.
  786. (12:31:27 AM) Glacon: NAC: Cameron rockets his feet again.: 5 (6df+4=-, +, 0, -, +, +)
  787. (12:32:10 AM) ScanGMs: Cameron is going faster than the rest of the group now.
  788. (12:32:15 AM) ScanGMs: They're blown back a bit.
  789. (12:32:43 AM) Salmander: 6DF+6 gaston gets behind stoat and pushes her protective sphere forward while rocketing his own feet
  790. (12:33:03 AM) Salmander: 6df+6 what he said
  791. (12:33:03 AM) Glacon: Salmander: what he said: 9 (6df+6=+, +, +, +, -, 0)
  792. (12:33:37 AM) BiggerJ [] entered the room.
  793. (12:33:44 AM) TheRaven: 6df+6 Taggart might as well accelerate too.
  794. (12:33:45 AM) Glacon: TheRaven: Taggart might as well accelerate too.: 2 (6df+6=-, -, -, +, -, -)
  795. (12:33:58 AM) ScanGMs: Choose which of those actions that roll applies to, and roll Mind again for the other, Gaston.
  796. (12:34:05 AM) ScanGMs: Taggart accelerates weakly.
  797. (12:35:12 AM) Salmander: gaston would be rocketing his feet while placing his hand against stoat's sphere, so wouldn't it just be one action, with his own acceleration pushing them both?
  798. (12:35:43 AM) ScanGMs: Stoat's sphere isn't active. If he wants to push on Stoat herself, then yeah, it'd be one action. If he does, they are propelled out in front of the group.
  799. (12:35:57 AM) Salmander: Ok let's do that
  800. (12:37:02 AM) ScanGMs: Anyways. Up in front: Gaston and Stoat. Next: Cameron. Fourth: Taggart. Fifth: Sven.
  801. (12:37:23 AM) Soulless: Stoat doesn't much approve of being propelled in front of the group, which is very vulnerable. She attempts to put on her little sphere in order to protect herself wholly.
  802. (12:37:38 AM) Soulless: 6df+8 Tagging Heart
  803. (12:37:38 AM) Glacon: Soulless: Tagging Heart: 9 (6df+8=-, -, +, +, +, 0)
  804. (12:38:28 AM) Salmander: gaston is a rocket man, he don't give a shit
  805. (12:38:53 AM) Soulless: *herself and the little egg
  806. (12:39:04 AM) ScanGMs: Gaston is burning out his fuse up here alone. Stoat and the egg are protected.
  807. (12:39:51 AM) ScanGMs: There's another blob in their path. Beyond it, they can see that the singed trail that Fusion Jesus left them spirals down to a point.
  808. (12:39:58 AM) ScanGMs: Y'all get a move first.
  809. (12:40:40 AM) Salmander: 6df+6 gaston applies opposite force and grabs onto stoat, to propel himself and stoat back behind the group
  810. (12:40:40 AM) Glacon: Salmander: gaston applies opposite force and grabs onto stoat, to propel himself and stoat back behind the group: 2 (6df+6=-, -, -, 0, -, 0)
  811. (12:40:45 AM) Salmander: ffff
  812. (12:41:22 AM) ScanGMs: You're now going /backwards/ weakly, but you're still in front.
  813. (12:41:36 AM) ScanGMs: Actually. You're just decelerating.
  814. (12:42:03 AM) ScanGMs: Stoat, if you want, you can spend your turn keeping up that shield for you and the egg.
  815. (12:42:14 AM) Soulless: Do I have to reroll?
  816. (12:42:20 AM) ScanGMs: Nah.
  817. (12:42:59 AM) Soulless: Then Stoat spends the turn, trusting her teammates. Woop, trust!
  818. (12:43:04 AM) TheRaven: Can Taggart shoot the blob in their path?
  819. (12:43:29 AM) ScanGMs: Yes! His bullets are still fusion!bullets.
  820. (12:43:54 AM) TheRaven: 6df+13 tagging for it, then!
  821. (12:43:55 AM) Glacon: TheRaven: tagging for it, then!: 12 (6df+13=0, -, +, -, 0, 0)
  822. (12:44:10 AM) ScanGMs: I'll wait to give results until everyone's rolled.
  823. (12:44:11 AM) NAC: 6df+4 Cameron attempts to shoot the blob out of the way, creating an explosion to it's left.
  824. (12:44:11 AM) Glacon: NAC: Cameron attempts to shoot the blob out of the way, creating an explosion to it's left.: 3 (6df+4=0, +, -, -, 0, 0)
  825. (12:50:43 AM) Halvors: Sverre tries to project guardians. Allies from the flashback, if that makes sense.
  826. (12:50:50 AM) Halvors: 6df+4 prolly won't fucking work
  827. (12:50:50 AM) Glacon: Halvors: prolly won't fucking work: 5 (6df+4=0, 0, +, +, 0, -)
  828. (12:52:30 AM) ScanGMs: Aight, let's do this.
  829. (12:52:30 AM) ScanGMs: 6df+6 vs. Taggart
  830. (12:52:30 AM) ScanGMs: 6df+6 vs. Cameron
  831. (12:52:30 AM) ScanGMs: 6df+6 vs. being distracted by Sverre or no?
  832. (12:52:31 AM) Glacon: ScanGMs: vs. Taggart: 8 (6df+6=0, 0, +, +, +, -)
  833. (12:52:31 AM) Glacon: ScanGMs: vs. Cameron: 8 (6df+6=+, 0, -, +, +, 0)
  834. (12:52:31 AM) Glacon: ScanGMs: vs. being distracted by Sverre or no?: 1 (6df+6=-, -, 0, -, -, -)
  835. (12:53:49 AM) ScanGMs: It's hit by an energy bullet from Taggart, with red ripples going around it from the impact point. It isn't budged by Cameron's small-ish asplosion. Sverre projects some allies he knows from the flashback. The illusions take up weapons (describe, if you will, Halvors, then the blob will take a turn)
  836. (12:54:49 AM) Halvors: Scruffy and smelly laymen with beaten and worn assault rifles. One of them has a RPG. They're wearing coveralls, beaten up canvas jackets, etc.
  837. (12:55:32 AM) Halvors: Sverre exhales in obvious relief as his guardians take up positions.
  838. (12:56:10 AM) Halvors: The one with an RPG chucks it, taking up another shitty rifle.
  839. (12:57:48 AM) ScanGMs: 6df+10 The blob sends out one disk made of the same material as itself per projected ally, flying in quickly at an arc. They suddenly attempt to shoot out root-like structures as they "impact" the projections, but find no grip, and disintegrate.
  840. (12:57:48 AM) Glacon: ScanGMs: The blob sends out one disk made of the same material as itself per projected ally, flying in quickly at an arc. They suddenly attempt to shoot out root-like structures as they "impact" the projections, but find no grip, and disintegrate.: 6 (6df+10=0, 0, -, -, -, -)
  841. (12:57:54 AM) ScanGMs: Mind, Sverre.
  842. (12:58:08 AM) Halvors: 6df+4 oh shit, mind stuff.
  843. (12:58:09 AM) Glacon: Halvors: oh shit, mind stuff.: 3 (6df+4=+, -, -, +, -, 0)
  844. (12:58:38 AM) ScanGMs: The projections dissipate nonetheless. Y'all get to move.
  845. (12:59:17 AM) TheRaven: 6df+9 pewpewpew
  846. (12:59:18 AM) Glacon: TheRaven: pewpewpew: 10 (6df+9=0, +, +, -, -, +)
  847. (12:59:52 AM) Salmander: Gaston jumps off the front of Stoat's SHIELD, propelling her back and himself forward, towards Mr. Blob
  848. (12:59:59 AM) Salmander: 6df+8 slashy slashy
  849. (12:59:59 AM) Glacon: Salmander: slashy slashy: 10 (6df+8=0, +, +, +, -, 0)
  850. (1:00:51 AM) NAC: 6df+4 Cameron imagines the shield from before wrapping around his hands. He needs to punch that thing, but doesn't want to touch it.
  851. (1:00:51 AM) Glacon: NAC: Cameron imagines the shield from before wrapping around his hands. He needs to punch that thing, but doesn't want to touch it.: 2 (6df+4=-, 0, -, 0, -, +)
  852. (1:01:50 AM) Soulless: Stoat is propelled back! She tries to keep herself from drifting off too far by a gust of wind, while still struggling to maintain her position.
  853. (1:02:11 AM) Soulless: her position with her little hamster ball force field.
  854. (1:02:21 AM) ScanGMs: Roll for that, Stoat.
  855. (1:02:22 AM) Soulless: 6df+4 Hamster Ball Wind Gusts!
  856. (1:02:23 AM) Glacon: Soulless: Hamster Ball Wind Gusts!: 7 (6df+4=+, -, +, +, 0, +)
  857. (1:02:51 AM) Halvors: Sverre shoots at the blob.
  858. (1:02:52 AM) Halvors: 6df+6
  859. (1:02:53 AM) Glacon: Halvors: 8 (6df+6=0, +, 0, 0, +, 0)
  860. (1:03:17 AM) ScanGMs: Stoat's shield holds, as does her position.
  861. (1:03:17 AM) ScanGMs: Cameron's hands crackle and glow blue a bit with a shield around them.
  862. (1:03:17 AM) ScanGMs: 6df+6 Taggart
  863. (1:03:17 AM) ScanGMs: 6df+6 Gaston
  864. (1:03:17 AM) ScanGMs: 6df+12 Sverre, you have failed to imbue your bullets with fusion energy!
  865. (1:03:18 AM) Glacon: ScanGMs: Taggart: 5 (6df+6=-, 0, 0, 0, +, -)
  866. (1:03:18 AM) Glacon: ScanGMs: Gaston: 5 (6df+6=0, -, -, 0, 0, +)
  867. (1:03:18 AM) Glacon: ScanGMs: Sverre, you have failed to imbue your bullets with fusion energy!: 11 (6df+12=0, -, +, -, 0, 0)
  868. (1:04:12 AM) ScanGMs: Sverre's shots sink into the blob to little effect. Taggart's shots and Gaston's cleaver make lots of shiny holes and a nice gaping cut, respectively. The blob squeals.
  869. (1:06:14 AM) ScanGMs: As it shakes and puffs away, it sends out some of those nasty disks, at you. Pdef everyone, or Mind with a description. Stoat takes a +4 bonus due to her shield.
  870. (1:06:14 AM) ScanGMs: 6df+10 Stoat
  871. (1:06:14 AM) ScanGMs: 6df+10 Cameron
  872. (1:06:14 AM) ScanGMs: 6df+10 Sverre
  873. (1:06:14 AM) ScanGMs: 6df+10 Gaston
  874. (1:06:14 AM) ScanGMs: 6df+10 Taggart
  875. (1:06:14 AM) Glacon: ScanGMs: Stoat: 5 (6df+10=-, -, -, -, -, 0)
  876. (1:06:14 AM) Glacon: ScanGMs: Cameron: 7 (6df+10=-, 0, 0, -, 0, -)
  877. (1:06:14 AM) Glacon: ScanGMs: Sverre: 8 (6df+10=0, -, 0, -, 0, 0)
  878. (1:06:14 AM) Glacon: ScanGMs: Gaston: 8 (6df+10=0, +, -, 0, -, -)
  879. (1:06:14 AM) Glacon: ScanGMs: Taggart: 8 (6df+10=+, -, -, 0, -, 0)
  880. (1:06:45 AM) Salmander: 6df+8
  881. (1:06:45 AM) Glacon: Salmander: 11 (6df+8=0, 0, +, +, +, 0)
  882. (1:06:53 AM) TheRaven: 6df+11 tagging I Know What I'm Doing
  883. (1:06:53 AM) Glacon: TheRaven: tagging I Know What I'm Doing: 11 (6df+11=-, +, 0, -, 0, +)
  884. (1:07:04 AM) Halvors: 6df+6
  885. (1:07:04 AM) Glacon: Halvors: 6 (6df+6=0, 0, -, 0, 0, +)
  886. (1:08:04 AM) NAC: 6df+8 Cameron tries to use his make shift shield fists to block!
  887. (1:08:04 AM) Glacon: NAC: Cameron tries to use his make shift shield fists to block!: 7 (6df+8=0, -, -, 0, +, 0)
  888. (1:08:34 AM) Soulless: 6df+14 Stoat's PDEF with her shield.
  889. (1:08:34 AM) Glacon: Soulless: Stoat's PDEF with her shield.: 11 (6df+14=-, 0, -, -, +, -)
  890. (1:09:03 AM) ScanGMs: Only one injury. Now allow me to indulge myself as I think of creative ways for most of you not to get hurt.
  891. (1:09:41 AM) Vol left the room (quit: Quit: ).
  892. (1:11:51 AM) ScanGMs: Gaston ducks out of the way as two disks converge on him. They slam into each other and puff out of existence with a crack.
  893. (1:11:51 AM) ScanGMs: Taggart knows what he is doing and does twists as one disk slides past him, cutting into his pants leg just a bit.
  894. (1:11:51 AM) ScanGMs: Sverre takes one to the upper shoulder. He feels a few roots dig into his shoulder, causing severe pain until the blob's death causes them to dissipate.
  895. (1:11:51 AM) ScanGMs: A disk collides with Cameron's fistshields, creating an intense light before both the shields and the disk pop out of existence, sending Cameron back a bit.
  896. (1:11:51 AM) ScanGMs: A disk shatters upon impacting Stoat's shield. The shield sparks and ripples as it is hit.
  897. (1:12:40 AM) ScanGMs: With the creature gone, you can all see the singed path leads down to a hollow, transparent, shifting multicolor sphere, just big enough to hold the egg Stoat's holding
  898. (1:13:10 AM) ScanGMs: Your move.
  899. (1:13:36 AM) TheRaven: "Well, I think that's it."
  900. (1:14:31 AM) Sequence left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
  901. (1:14:39 AM) Soulless: Stoat dives for it, expending a propulsion of wind to aid her to the sphere so she can attempt to place it in.
  902. (1:14:44 AM) NAC: Cameron looks down at his naked fists and lets out a sigh, before pulling himself along the neon tubes to the shifting multicolor spear.
  903. (1:15:22 AM) NAC: 6df+4 Cameron recalls that the thing needed mind over mater powers, so he concentrates on opening the shell wide enough for the egg.
  904. (1:15:23 AM) Glacon: NAC: Cameron recalls that the thing needed mind over mater powers, so he concentrates on opening the shell wide enough for the egg.: 4 (6df+4=0, +, +, -, 0, -)
  905. (1:15:37 AM) Soulless: 6df+8 Tagging Heart, she's protective of this sphere and wants to get it to safety quickly. Zoom.
  906. (1:15:37 AM) Glacon: Soulless: Tagging Heart, she's protective of this sphere and wants to get it to safety quickly. Zoom.: 9 (6df+8=0, +, 0, +, 0, -)
  907. (1:15:51 AM) Salmander: Gaston puts away his cleaver. "easier to cut than butter."
  908. (1:15:59 AM) ScanGMs: Success on both fronts. Stoat gets there in minimal time, and Cameron holds open the sphere.
  909. (1:16:41 AM) Soulless: Stoat puts it in.
  910. (1:16:50 AM) Halvors is now known as HalZs
  911. (1:16:51 AM) Soulless: She does so gingerly and as gently as she can.
  912. (1:17:08 AM) ScanGMs: It sits there and hums loudly. The sphere closes and starts glowing.
  913. (1:17:35 AM) ScanGMs: And glowing...
  914. (1:17:42 AM) ScanGMs: Oh my, that's rather bright, isn't it.
  915. (1:17:51 AM) Soulless: Stoat tries to shield her eyes with one hand.
  916. (1:18:08 AM) NAC: Cameron stares right at it, because he aint afraid of no light.
  917. (1:18:14 AM) TheRaven: Taggart doesn't particularly care.
  918. (1:18:26 AM) TheRaven: He did grow up in a desert, after all.
  919. (1:18:29 AM) ScanGMs: The sphere glows brighter until everyone is blinded by its brightness...
  920. (1:18:29 AM) ScanGMs: ...and the glow dissipates. You find yourself back in the sub at the sub bay, in #farrecon
  921. (1:18:56 AM) ScanGMs: For reference, once you're back, you don't get to keep your superpowers.
  922. (1:19:10 AM) NAC: Cameron's still going to try.
  923. (1:19:19 AM) ScanGMs: Who wouldn't?
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