Murder Mystery in a Timely Manor - Session 4

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  1. [14:02:20] <@sophos> As thunder dies somewhere overhead, the manor becomes eerily silent. The party stands divided in the neighboring rooms; the library and dining room, respectively.
  2. [14:05:17] Ace_Moonlight mumbles something as he sets to work on the screws on the back of the speaker.
  3. [14:07:05] PrettyWreck had walked out of the dining hall with heavy, angry stomps. Keeping the door to the dining hall open, he leans to the hallway's wall with a heavy sigh, blowing smoke out of his lungs. Slowly calming down with every smoke-filled breath, he soon stomps the cigarette butt against the cold stone floor.
  4. [14:09:57] PrettyWreck quietly and somewhat more calm, he returns to the dining hall: "Hey. Almost forgot about these. You'll want to see these." He takes the notes from his saddlebag and puts them on the library table.
  5. [14:12:25] Ace_Moonlight grumbles again and gathers his things. He carries everything to the dining room table and sets to work once more.
  6. [14:13:24] <@sophos> Violet_Reverie chases after PrettyWreck into the library, which is quickly becoming a cramped space.
  7. [14:17:09] Mayhem moves past the accumulated ponies to join Ace in tinkering with the speaker.
  8. [14:17:42] <StellarAscent> "Uuh! Let me see!" He rejoices, moving towards the notes Pretty had put on the library table and examined their contents.
  9. [14:18:09] <@sophos> "Excuse me," says the robot as it attempts to dodge the crowd of Ungulates, "my programming requires that I roam about the Gallery about now."
  10. [14:18:14] <StellarAscent> "We too found notes, but they mostly contained encrypted messages unfortunately." He stated calmly as he read through the notes.
  11. [14:19:27] Mayhem looks up. "Maybe one of you should follow the robot and see what it's up to?"
  12. [14:19:48] PrettyWreck gives a short nod and a appreciative "uhhuh... maybe we should look at these in the dining hall after all. More space?"
  13. [14:21:06] <StellarAscent> "Oh yes, good idea. Madame? Would you please put the lettets we found on the content. Though... there might be more at the back of the library. We have not explored that area yet, because of... the projection." He approves of Pretty Wreck's idea and suggest to explore the library deeper.
  14. [14:22:11] <@sophos> Violet_Reverie sticks as close to PrettyWreck as she can as they move to the dining room.
  15. [14:23:42] PrettyWreck rather mercilessly ignores the nagging, angry voice at the back of his head and gives a slight shrug: "Hm. I'll just take the notes to the dining hall then. I've already read them. Let them read the notes in the meantime, while we look through." Pretty takes the notes after StellarAscent is done with them and delivers them some feet away to where Mayhem and Ace_Moonlight are. "Here, some light reading for you all. We'll
  16. [14:23:42] PrettyWreck look more closely to the library."
  17. [14:25:38] Ace_Moonlight pauses what he's doing and uses his tail to pull the journal from his bags. "I found one myself," he says, setting it next to PrettyWreck's stack.
  18. [14:27:27] <StellarAscent> "There is also an empty journal here on the table, and the mistress collected a seemingly empty book as well." He added calmly.
  19. [14:28:43] <PrettyWreck> "I'll read them later." Pretty gives half a smile to Ace_Moonlight and returns to the library with Stellar
  20. [14:30:33] <Ace_Moonlight> "OH!" Ace_Moonlight shouts, dropping his screwdriver to the table. "I almost forgot..." he says, trailing off as he digs through his bags. "Got this one, too." He sets a second journal on top of the first. "One's from the library, the other's from the safe over there," he says, pointing at the wall.
  21. [14:31:28] <StellarAscent> "It basically points out that the library was former investigators' base." He summarzies the journal from the safe.
  22. [14:31:42] <@sophos> Violet_Reverie takes a moment to read through the journals Ace_Moonlight set on the table.
  23. [14:32:33] Ace_Moonlight sets back to work on the speaker.
  24. [14:32:59] PrettyWreck answers to Ace_Moonlight with a short reply, then disappears to the library once again.
  25. [14:34:12] <@sophos> Mistress_D checks several bookshelves in the library, but is unable to decipher any of their contents. She saunters into the dining room and notices the several notes and journals strewn across the table. She walks to the unfamiliar ones and begins reading.
  26. [14:35:28] PrettyWreck examines the row of books in front of the staircase
  27. [14:35:38] <StellarAscent> Walks in between the doors of the dining room and the library and faces the mistress. "You have the empty book, right? Could you put it out?"
  28. [14:37:59] Mayhem sighs. "Well since nobody else thinks this is important... Ace, I'm going over having a look at what the robot is doing." She then moves off to the gallery.
  29. [14:38:48] Ace_Moonlight nods. "Don't forget, you got my radio if ya need me."
  30. [14:39:44] <@sophos> The bookcase contains what look like a series of encyclopedias, but everything is written in a code. On it's side, a message is scratched into the wood but it's too faint to make out.
  31. [14:39:48] <StellarAscent> "Good luck, Mayhem!" He calls after him.
  32. [14:42:43] <@sophos> Mistress_D looks up from her reading and says, "Sorry, Sir Steller, I believe you were the one who took it from the shelf."
  33. [14:44:29] PrettyWreck grimaces, tracing over the message with a hoof. "Stellar... were you in here while Mayhem, Violet and I were upstairs? Did you happen to go upstairs?"
  34. [14:46:18] <@sophos> Mistress_D searches her bags and produces the book in question. "My appologies," she says, "I must have gotten confused in all the excitement."
  35. [14:47:12] <StellarAscent> "No reason to apologize. The recent circumstances have been... strenous."
  36. [14:47:29] <StellarAscent> "In any case, is it truly empty?" He asks, examining it once again.
  37. [14:47:29] <@sophos> PrettyWreck finds that StellarAscent has dissapeared on him.
  38. [14:47:52] <Ace_Moonlight> "I can take a look at it when I'm done here," Ace says.
  39. [14:48:51] PrettyWreck rolls his eyes and examines the pile of books instead
  40. [14:52:33] <@sophos> The books have seem to go to the last bookshelf but the amount on one shelf doesn't match the large pile, which rises to shoulder level as it meets the corner of the room.
  41. [14:53:03] VioletReverie [BookOfKenzi@Fire.Is.Love.Fire.Is.Life] joined the channel.
  42. [14:54:09] PrettyWreck digs a little deeper, pushing the topmost books off of the pile, muttering: "With my luck, there's probably going to be a body under these damn tomes."
  43. [14:55:46] <StellarAscent> "Have I already mentioned the valve puzzel in the kitchen? Ooh... wait... Mayhem is gone. Darn." He sighs, frustrated they won't be able to solve that puzzel now where the minotaur and her strength was gone.
  44. [14:56:18] Ace_Moonlight sighs. "Anyone got a smoke?" he asks, looking at StellarAscent, VioletReverie and Mistress_D.
  45. [14:56:51] <VioletReverie> Violet shakes her head, curls bouncing. "Nope, sorry!"
  46. [14:56:57] Ace_Moonlight pulls his two-way radio out of his bags and offers it to StellarAscent. "You could always talk to her this way," he says.
  47. [14:57:55] <@sophos> After a thirteenth screw, te plastic backing of the speaker pops off. Behind it is an unusual set of spark batteries, sodering, a glass vial, and more screws.
  48. [14:57:58] <StellarAscent> "No, sorry. I am not a fan of inebriation, thank you." He somewhat snarkily apolgizes that he had no smoke on him.
  49. [14:58:25] <StellarAscent> "Thank you!" he says to Ace and happily takes the two-way radio. He then turns it on.
  50. [14:58:31] <StellarAscent> "Mayhem, you there?"
  51. [14:59:02] Mistress_D [] joined the channel.
  52. [15:01:03] <@sophos> Mayhem stands in the gallery, where the robotic butler has taken to staring at the wall-mounted portraits. It doesn't seem to notice her.
  53. [15:01:05] Ace_Moonlight sighs once more, looking at the innards of the speaker. "More screws..." he complains. "Violet. Would you go ask Pretty for a smoke for me? I'd love ya forever," he says with a smile.
  54. [15:01:57] Ace_Moonlight inspects the glass vial and spark batteries.
  55. [15:02:54] Mayhem asks the robot. "Benson, is there anything specific you are supposed to do here?"
  56. [15:02:58] <@sophos> Beneath the pile, PrettyWreck uncovers a small a safe tucked into the corner of the room.
  57. [15:03:16] <VioletReverie> Violet tilts her head and blinks. "Sure, I guess I could do that for ya. But just so ya know, I belong to Pretty." She turns on her hindhoof and flounces out in search of her greaser.
  58. [15:03:23] Mayhem ignores the 2 way radio, since she can clearly hear StellarAscent talking from the next room.
  59. [15:04:36] <StellarAscent> "Huh... perhabs the connection is defunct?" He askes Ace, and gives him his radio back
  60. [15:04:54] Mistress_D sighs closing her book unable to move foward without a cypher of some kind and she scans her surrounds no really looking for anything but just seems to be in deep thought.
  61. [15:05:19] <@sophos> The robot turns an eye towards Mayhem and says, "Not anything helpful, if that's what you are asking. Otherwise, I'm to keep to my usual cleaning schedule sans the cleaning. A lot of hovering around for no reason."
  62. [15:05:37] Ace_Moonlight takes the radio and sets it down beside the speaker. He shrugs. "Should be fine... I dunno."
  63. [15:06:27] PrettyWreck whistles in a pleased tune and soon hears VioletReverie's hooves hit the floor in a rapid succession and turns his head towards her: "...I don't know if I should be impressed or afraid that you seem to appear when I need you. Anyway, care to open this safe for me?"
  64. [15:07:20] Mayhem shrugs. "Alright then." She turns back to move back to the dining room.
  65. [15:07:41] <VioletReverie> Violet grins, all thoughts of the cig lost. "Ooh, I knew you cared! Let's go onward, to victory! And sweet sweet loot." Grinning like a madmare, Violet bounces around PrettyWreck.
  66. [15:10:17] PrettyWreck gives VioletReverie half a smile, even if he is rather sure that it will only drive the filly further into annoying him. Taking a step back, he lets Violet take the stage.
  67. [15:12:24] Mistress_D shakes her head "Nope!, I won't let this get to me. Just need a clear head." she stands doing a quick stretch before laying back down with a book open and takes a quick 15 min catnap
  68. [15:12:43] Mayhem makes her way back to the dining room.
  69. [15:14:05] <VioletReverie> Violet's grin drifts into a half smile and her movements calm. She drifts over to the safe, gently settling herself and her dress down before it. With a loving caress, she inspects the safe, looking to glean all she can.
  70. [15:23:59] <@sophos> The glass vial is lodged into the back of the speaker, much like a battery, and is a quarter full dark grains. The spark batteries are a model Ace_Moonlight can't identify, but the markings on their sides look like Zebra glyphs.
  71. [15:24:23] Mayhem arrives back in the dining room.
  72. [15:25:44] Mistress_D Breaks her impromptu feeling refreshed, flying all this way and not getting dinner takes their toll if not dealt with. fixing her mask, mane, and looking once more she spots the minotaur and has a thought. and waves Mayhem over to her
  73. [15:26:25] <@sophos> The safe is a simple model often seem in the backs of small shops. It's roughly Pony sized and has a standard lock for such safes.
  74. [15:26:43] Mayhem raises an eyebrow at what the flying horse could want, but moves over to Mistress_D
  75. [15:27:36] <StellarAscent> Ascent wonders if the mistress wishes to talk with him about the valve puzzle.
  76. [15:28:12] <Mistress_D> "Excuse me, ms Mayhem, but something been at tugging at the back of my mind, and in light of current event I was wondering if you could help me put my fears to rest, if you don't mind getting wet that is."
  77. [15:28:15] <VioletReverie> Violet gently caresses the front of the safe with a hoof, murmuring soothing things to the metal box. Her muzzle scrunches up in concentration, and her horn sparks to life, attempting to rewrite the space surrounding the lock.
  78. [15:29:47] <Mayhem> "What do you mean, getting wet?"
  79. [15:30:36] <StellarAscent> Ascents chuckles
  80. [15:31:01] Ace_Moonlight grumbles as he gets up from the table. "Guess she forgot my smoke..." he mumbles as he wanders to find VioletReverie and PrettyWreck.
  81. [15:32:24] <PrettyWreck> "So, what'cha got?" Pretty peers behind Violet's shoulder as he hears the satisfying click of an opening lock.
  82. [15:32:52] <@sophos> The safe's lock phases out of physical space. And a mostly skeletal hoof reaches through it, inches away from VioletReverie's face.
  83. [15:33:14] Mistress_D nods and points behind the minotaur towards the kitchen. "The kitchen is flooded and what I need your assistant for is a sprout that is jammed on a very large keg. Stellar and myself tried to turn is to no avvail." fluffs her wings with mild irritation that it was infact so difficult if it is infact nothing. "So I was wondering if you could help just to see if it is infact just "jammed"
  84. [15:33:54] VioletReverie shrieks at the top of her lungs and scrambles away from the safe, dragging herself over to PrettyWreck and clambering to get behind him.
  85. [15:34:09] Ace_Moonlight clears his throat as he aproaches from behind the odd mare. "Forgot I wanted that smoke, didn't ya?" he asks the filly.
  86. [15:35:05] Mayhem nods. "I can have a look. Where exactly is it in the kitchen? It's not exactly bright in there."
  87. [15:36:24] Mistress_D smiles and gives a thankful bow "Once you enter the kitchen its too you left, trust me you can't miss them and if you need light I can help with that for a short time at least."
  88. [15:36:48] PrettyWreck takes a step back with a shocked, speechless stare, not even getting enough time to properly shout as something clambers over him in an instant, latching onto his left back hoof. Spending what feels to him like a forever staring at the skeletal hoof, he turns his gaze at the green stallion almost mechanically, eyes still wide in shock.
  89. [15:37:39] Ace_Moonlight backs away slowly. "That's not right..." he says.
  90. [15:37:41] Mayhem nods and moves to the kitchen.
  91. [15:38:14] <StellarAscent> "Do not worry, Mayhem." He calls after him, following him. When they enter the kitchen again, he turns on the light of his helmet. "There you go."
  92. [15:39:04] Ace_Moonlight begins digging through his bags. He produces a lighter and multiple cherry bombs. "Nope, nope, nope, nope...." he continues to chant as he lights one of the explosives.
  93. [15:39:28] Mistress_D leads the way taking to hover as to not get wet herself and does a short sprint to the back of the kitchen unleashing her contrail with illuminates the dark kitchen is a dazzling yellow light
  94. [15:40:36] Mayhem follows the floating pegasus
  95. [15:43:10] Mistress_D Uses the light which will disapear in 20 seconds she quickly points to the two kegs and tapes the left most one" Could you turn this sprout please.'
  96. [15:43:39] Mayhem "Mmmhhh" She tries to turn it open.
  97. [15:45:18] <PrettyWreck> Seeing Ace_Moonlight about to set fire to one of the bombs he yelps: "Oh fuck what the fuck are you doing!" PrettyWreck quickly pushes Violet as far away from the explosion about to happen as he can: "Are you trying to kill us??"
  98. [15:45:21] <@sophos> The skeletal hoof makes no other motions, simply sticking through the crack of the open safe door.
  99. [15:48:33] <Ace_Moonlight> "Nope, nope, nope, nope," is Ace_Moonlight's only response. Eyes wide, he lights the cherry bomb and tosses it at the skeletal hoof.
  100. [15:54:53] <@sophos> The cherry bomb bounces off the safe door, onto a slanted book and into the crack of the safe door. After a second, there is a muffled pop, and the safe door swings open. A mostly skeletal corpse tumbles partially out of the safe, followed by smoke and the scent of gunpowder. Behind the skeleton are a few books and vinyl record, which is somehow unscathed.
  101. [15:55:50] <VioletReverie> Violet shakes her head and whimpers. "Pretty, what was that?"
  102. [15:56:49] Ace_Moonlight half-heartedly smiles at the pair. "Can I have that smoke now?" he asks sheepishly.
  103. [15:59:19] <PrettyWreck> "I have no idea!" The stallion's voice betrays him, being louder and more panicked than he'd like. As he gathers his wits, he turns to Ace_Moonlight with a slightly pale face: "Never again, Scoobs. You just took about 5 years off my life." He absentmindedly hands Ace_Moonlight his open packet of cigarettes, that is two short of a full.
  104. [15:59:40] <@sophos> Mayhem gets a poor grip on the keg's nozzle, and poorer footing on the wet tiles. She slips into the shallow water but manages to turn the nozzle on her way down.
  105. [16:00:14] <StellarAscent> "Congratulations!" He wished Mayhem, without a tone of sarcasm.
  106. [16:00:46] Mistress_D is able to hold her laughter in seeing as she still turned the nozzle
  107. [16:00:59] <VioletReverie> Violet tugs on the edge of Pretty's jacket and looks up at him with wide, scared eyes. She shivers slightly, "Can we go home now please?"
  108. [16:01:05] Ace_Moonlight lowers his head. "Sorry..." he says as he pulls out a single cigarette. He offers the pack back to PrettyWreck. "I panicked..." he mumbles.
  109. [16:01:11] <Mistress_D> "A--*contained laughting* Are you alright my dear?"
  110. [16:02:13] <@sophos> Some kind of sour wine continues to pour out of the nozzle.
  111. [16:03:35] PrettyWreck gives a sigh and an encouraging smile: "Happens to the best of us. I don't know which one will lead me to an early grave, you and your bombs or the speed I'm smoking these..." There is a slightly humored tone in his voice, as he takes one cigarette for himself -his third one today in a span of few hours-. "Did you need something other than a smoke?"
  112. [16:04:20] Ace_Moonlight nods. "You know about fixing things, right?" he asks.
  113. [16:05:19] Ace_Moonlight lights the cigarette and takes a drag, breaking into a coughing fit. "Smooth..." he groans.
  114. [16:06:31] Mistress_D scruches her muzzle at the new smell spewing from the keg and looks down to Mayhem "Didn't break anything did you?"
  115. [16:06:53] PrettyWreck chuckles, blowing the smoke out of his lungs with more finesse, coming mostly from experience: "Sure. The speaker not cooperating with you?"
  116. [16:06:56] <StellarAscent> "Has anything changed?!" He exclaimed to them.
  117. [16:09:22] Mayhem falls into the water and manages to get back up again quickly. "Ah fuck me! My clothes!"
  118. [16:09:36] <Ace_Moonlight> "Well, I got it open, but I can't figure out what is up with the spark batteries and what not..." Ace_Moonlight replies.
  119. [16:10:50] <PrettyWreck> "I see. I'll take a look at it. VioletReverie? Can you handle yourself while I check the speaker?"
  120. [16:11:29] <VioletReverie> Violet stands and dusts herself off. "Yeah, I think I'll be okay. S' no stupid safe gonna get the best of me."
  121. [16:12:28] <Mistress_D> "Sorry about that Mayhem, I'll dry them for you." she says with an apologetic tone. be for calling out for StellarAscent "No dear just wine......old....smelly wine.....which is strange in it's self but no secret doors!"
  122. [16:13:21] Mayhem nods. "Thanks. I really appreciate it. But first lets move out of the water."
  123. [16:13:23] <PrettyWreck> "Atta girl. Well, in that case, I'll take look." Pretty smiles and walks past Ace_Moonlight: "You staying here or...?"
  124. [16:13:26] <StellarAscent> Stellar acknowledges that and keeps on shining the torch. "wasn't there a guide clued to a barrel or something?"
  125. [16:13:36] <StellarAscent> He calls out back to her and Mayhem.
  126. [16:14:16] Ace_Moonlight motions for PrettyWreck to follow. "It's sitting on the table in the dining room," he says, heading that way.
  127. [16:15:41] Mistress_D follows the minotaur to shore
  128. [16:16:19] PrettyWreck walks to the dining hall, and sits down where Ace was sitting down previously. Taking a look at the speaker carefully from every angle, especially the zebra glyphs and spark battery. "Huh... interesting."
  129. [16:17:06] <VioletReverie> Violet steels herself and stands tall. With a huff, she trots back to the safe and investigates the interior, refusing to be beaten by a creeper in a box. Or by the box itself.
  130. [16:17:19] Mistress_D does recall that piece of infomation now that stellar said it. "Ah yes but it has to do with the water pressure which I would like more info before I mess with that."
  131. [16:17:49] <Mistress_D> "If nothing else, I'll save it for when I no longer care about being blown up."
  132. [16:17:55] <StellarAscent> "Oh okay... well then I guess that was that for now."
  133. [16:18:08] <StellarAscent> He confirmed, then turned around.
  134. [16:18:17] <StellarAscent> "Well... we should head back to the guys in the library, right?"
  135. [16:20:10] <Mistress_D> "Indeed but first Mayhem stand front and don't move ." once they have reached the dinner table she would circle around mayhem at blurring speeds starting from her hooves to her mane spikeing it up as she speed dries the large bovine
  136. [16:21:26] <PrettyWreck> Pretty smiles a little, giving a chuckle: "By the way Ace_Moonlight... congrats." With a smile he points at the green pony's flank.
  137. [16:21:34] Mayhem gets a bit dizzy
  138. [16:23:03] <StellarAscent> He simply observes it
  139. [16:26:40] <Ace_Moonlight> "Huh?" Ace asks, confused. He turns to look and sees the new addition to his flank, a bright red cherry bomb with a lit fuse. He smiles and spins in place, trying to get a better look. "Goddesses! That's awesome! Do you see it! That's so cool! You like it?!"
  140. [16:27:26] <@sophos> Mistress_D's sends rouge gusts of wind in various directions, blowing several journal pages off the table and generally making a mess of everything. Mayhem is left dry, but some of the lost moisture finds itself on Mistress_D.
  141. [16:30:08] <StellarAscent> Ascents attempts to pick up all the tossed pages and journals.
  142. [16:30:10] <Ace_Moonlight> [CM description = three kiwi slices with fuses]
  143. [16:30:22] Mistress_D lands and blinks spreading her wings looking over her new found moist ness. "O dear." she sighs and goes to be up the missing pages
  144. [16:32:01] PrettyWreck turns his gaze off of the speaker that he -much to his own chagrin- can't understand, he whispers to himself: "Shit... I wish Chau was here. She'd know what these glyphs mean." clearing his throat, he smiles to the overjoyed kid: "Sure do. Seems to suit you well. And hopefully it means you're not gonna fumble around with explosives too much."
  145. [16:32:03] <StellarAscent> "Mayhem, will you go first and announce that we come soon as well?"
  146. [16:32:42] <@sophos> Besides the skeleton, VioletReverie finds a three books and vinyl record. The books are titled: Classic Motorwagons, Super Science for the Moderately Informed, and How to: Spells for the modifcation of written works.
  147. [16:32:54] <StellarAscent> Stellar also turns out his headlight again
  148. [16:35:04] <VioletReverie> Violet lets out a squeal and dances in place. "Ooh, jackpot!" She rudely tosses the skeleton aside with her magic and scoops up the rest. With prizes in tow, she dances her way across the library and into the dining hall, her dress glittering as it swirls around her.
  149. [16:37:19] Mistress_D noticing violet she remarks to stellar "Looks like there is no need."
  150. [16:39:15] <VioletReverie> Violet continues to dance with surprising grace and agility, giggling to herself at the flashy displays her gown produces with every step
  151. [16:40:57] Mistress_D raises an eyebrow looking at VioletReverie with an amused smirk noting the dress to see how well made it was. "Find something?~"
  152. [16:45:49] Ace_Moonlight taps PrettyWreck on the shoulder. "So, what is it?" he asks.
  153. [16:46:07] <Ace_Moonlight> "In the speaker, I mean," he adds, clarifying.
  154. [16:46:08] PrettyWreck pulls away from the speaker, muttering a few selected curses and with a furrowed brow he takes a drag out of his cigarette: "Okay so I think... and don't quote me on this but I think the battery is just a larger version. And the glass vial might be a timer of some sort. And I might need to remove it. Maybe." The look on his face is less than certain. "Zebra runes really aren't my forte." Pretty contemplates asking Mayhem
  155. [16:46:09] PrettyWreck for a second opinion, since he knows from experience that prodding electrics without knowing what you're doing can be fatal."
  156. [16:48:02] <Ace_Moonlight> "Well, I'll leave it to you," Ace says, picking up his two-way radio and screwdriver. "I wanna poke around in the library some more."
  157. [16:48:43] <Mayhem> "If you want to do anything, try to take out the battery first."
  158. [16:49:19] <VioletReverie> Violet laughs and nods at Mistress_D mid twirl. "You could say that!" With a slight flush on her face, Vi comes to a standstill, looking slightly out of breath. She smooths out her dress and slinks over to Pretty and Ace, sidling up to the former. "I've got a present for you~", she says as she floats the motor book up to Pretty's face.
  159. [16:50:02] <Ace_Moonlight> The freshly cutie-marked colt stands up and meanders into the library, heading upstairs.
  160. [16:50:49] <StellarAscent> "So... besides her hyperactivity... have you guys found anything?"
  161. [16:53:12] <PrettyWreck> "Hm. Well, what's a little risk?" Pretty mutters and starts to remove the battery, while silently hoping that the damn thing doesn't blow up on his face. He has to admit that the earlier scare hasn't helped his nerves.
  162. [16:53:14] Mistress_D smirks at the mare and looks to Mayhem "I'm gonna do a quick sweep of the floor, if I go missing don't become paranoid."
  163. [16:54:16] <Mayhem> "Do you want anyone to come with you?"
  164. [16:55:08] <Mistress_D> "No, I can move faster on my own, plus i'm just going in a circle, If I see anything i'll scream."
  165. [16:55:29] <StellarAscent> "Mr. Pretty, you need help there?" He ask, hoping he could help for once.
  166. [16:55:39] VioletReverie tilts her head and places the book carefully next to Pretty's project. With a satisfied smile, Violet finds the nearest chair and relaxes in it, cracking open "How to: Spells for the modifcation of written works."
  167. [16:55:58] <@sophos> PrettyWreck finds the battery is really stubborn, but yanks it out along with some frayed wiring.
  168. [16:56:12] Mistress_D flicks her cloak and trots out the door and does a quick once over of the floor
  169. [16:57:39] Ace_Moonlight sits in front of the terminal turns it on. "Wonder what you've got to show me?" he says to the empty room.
  170. [16:57:45] <PrettyWreck> "...well, that did jack shit. As I hm...expected." Pretty gives the offending speaker a glare but motions to StellarAscent: "If you can make any heads or tails about this, be my guest."
  171. [16:58:15] <StellarAscent> "Sure, I will give it a try."
  172. [16:58:40] <Mayhem> "Well what did you expect it to do? This was just for safety so you don't get zapped once you tinker with it."
  173. [16:58:44] <StellarAscent> "What are you trying to accomplish with this?"
  174. [16:59:53] <@sophos> Ace_Moonlight finds the terminal is locked.
  175. [17:02:35] PrettyWreck moves away from the table and frowns in annoyance: "I know, Mayhem. The glyphs are what make me nervous." Pretty answers StellarAscent with a shrug: "Trying to find out how that freezing thing happened. I mean I'd think it's the glyphs there but..."
  176. [17:03:01] <StellarAscent> "Freezing thing?" He asked what exactly he meant.
  177. [17:03:44] Mayhem has a look and simply pulls on the tube with the glyphs on.
  178. [17:04:49] Mistress_D arrives back into the dinner room with a few new ideas and heads into the library
  179. [17:05:46] <PrettyWreck> "The way that so called 'ghost' managed to freeze some of us." Pretty takes the last smoke from his cigarette before putting it out against an empty plate. "I admit, this clearly isn't my best day." He grabs the book Violet put next to the speaker and sits down further away, to read it.
  180. [17:08:11] <StellarAscent> "Oh okay... well then.." He says before trying to figure out how the device works."
  181. [17:09:40] <@sophos> Mayhem easily gets her hand around the glass vial, which is cold to the touch, and wrenches it out. As she does so, the black grains dissapear.
  182. [17:10:06] Mistress_D looks through the room once more making not of the safe they was revealed and the port that once held the holo tech and she finally returns to the dinning room, finally feeling comfortable enough to adapt to her strange situation under a long dead mares rules and takes a seat at the table
  183. [17:11:41] Ace_Moonlight frowns and crushes his cigarette on the desk. He grumbles a few profanities and stares at the screen for a while.
  184. [17:13:22] <@sophos> The air in the dining room grows cold and thin. A pressure-- like a heavy weight-- fills everyones lungs, ears, and sinuses. Everyone in the dining room blacks out.
  185. [17:13:49] <@sophos> The time is 19:40.
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