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  1. hi
  2. hey
  3. how you doing
  4. nice win
  5. nice game
  6. this game is fun
  7. do you like this game
  8. i enjoy this game
  9. i farted
  10. your nasty
  11. your insane
  12. im insane
  13. im bad at the game
  14. what is this game
  15. how many kills you have
  16. how many wins do you have
  17. what other games do you play
  18. im bored
  19. can i play with you
  20. do you play for a team
  21. do you play as a pro
  22. whats your epic
  23. do you have alot of friends
  24. do you have instagram
  25. do you have a youtube
  26. do you like streaming
  27. im streaming too
  28. i like cats
  29. i like dogs
  30. what phone do you have
  31. how many wins do you have
  32. what pc parts do you have
  33. what mouse do you use
  34. what keyboard do you use
  35. is pc better then console
  36. how long have you been streaming
  37. i like your content
  38. i want a good account
  39. i wanna become famous
  40. do you like cars
  41. what car do you have
  42. what grade are you in
  43. when do ou start school
  44. do you like school
  45. this game is kinda hard
  46. im a og
  47. are we aloud to self promote
  48. no
  49. yes
  50. bye
  51. like me
  52. i love you lol
  53. i like your creative name
  54. where do you live
  55. how old are you
  56. how long do you stream a day
  57. who likes this season
  58. i want a ghoul tropper account
  59. are you a OG
  60. what do you drink when you play
  61. what mic do you use
  62. how many monitors do you use
  63. do you have a girlfriend
  64. buy me a pc
  65. giveaway
  66. do you have a creator code
  67. logitech
  68. chevy
  69. dodge
  70. ford
  71. ryzen
  72. intel
  73. asus
  74. corsair
  75. razor
  76. sceptre
  77. evga
  78. LED
  79. Fortnite
  80. Black Ops
  81. ME
  82. clan
  83. team
  84. can i donate
  85. how much can i donate
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