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  1. ▐ FORM▐
  3. ✗OH NANA
  5. ►WATTPAD USER : @astonixing
  6. ►SLOT + BACKUP : sub-vocal + main rapper
  7. ►ADDITIONAL POSITIONS : main dancer
  9. ►NAME : do myeong ji
  10. ►STAGE NAME : lizzie
  11. ►NICKNAME/S :
  12. ~ halmeoni [friends/because she is the most outdated and least active out of them. this is mostly because she was either busy studying or dancing]
  13. ~ foul-mouthed angel [ex/because she swears and insults people a lot but she has a pretty face and actually cares for those close to her deeply and never hurt anyone]
  14. ~ dance genius [fellow trainees at fnc/because she only learnt dancing for 3 years before joining starship, she was already very good. she soon became one of the top talented female dancers known in fnc ent]
  15. ►AGE : [international] 19 + [korean] 20
  16. ►BIRTHDAY : february 12th, 1998
  17. ►WEIGHT + HEIGHT : 41kg + 158cm
  18. ►BLOOD TYPE : o
  19. ►FACECLAIM + BACKUP : jimin of aoa + yeri of red velvet
  21. ►NATIONALITY : south korean
  22. ►ETHNICITY : asian, south korean
  23. ►HOMETOWN : incheon, south korea
  24. ►BIRTHPLACE : jeju island, south korea
  25. ►LANGUAGES : native, korean/fluent + second language, chinese/fluent (her mother originally wanted her to study in taiwan or china for university so she forced her to learn it at the age of 7)
  29. ►PERSONALITY : she is a very cynical and jaded person who doesn't have many friends and keeps to herself most of the time. because of this, she is known to be a very anti-social person who's always in a bad mood despite having a pretty and cute face. according to her friends, she tend to be meaner and insults more to those she's closest with; apparently it is her way of showing affection. due to this, people find her very sadistic but other than throwing insults, she never actually laid a hand on anybody and wouldn't hurt a fly, despite having a resting bitch face 24/7 and the coldest glares you'll ever see. but when she started dancing, she became very passionate about it (kind of like how suga with music)
  31. ►BACKGROUND : born in jeju island and raised in incheon, lizzie grew up with parents who were very strict with her education. this was because they were not a rich family and felt guilty for not being able to provide better for her. thus they wanted their child to be successful so she can be happier in the future with a good job. because of this, lizzie's life mostly consisted of her studying hard and she was always ranked first during examinations and academics, making her a bitter and competitive person; despite this, she felt as if she was missing something. one day in her first year of middle school, she came across a dance-off comeptition on the streets and immediately fell in love with the moves. she then started to secretly take dance lessons and auditioned for fnc entertainment at 16. when she first told her parents about her being a trainee, they immediately disagreed and kicked her out of the house and did not contact her for more than 3 months. but then, with the help of her favourite aunt, they eventually decided to support her, letting her do what made her happy.
  33. ►TRIVIA :
  34. ~ she has always ranked first all her life and never even went down to 2nd place
  35. ~ she hates puns and instead has a very dry and sarcastic sense of humour
  36. ~ she swears a lot but people don't think she does because she mutters them under her breathe very subtly
  37. ~ she likes dogs more than cats
  38. ~ her favourite kdrama is reply 1997
  39. ~ her favourite movies are "sympathy for lady vengeance" and "the man from nowhere"
  40. ~ she likes watching anime
  41. ~ she prefers converse over vans
  42. ~ she initially has a high-pitch voice but for some reason, it came to sound more rough, thus making her sound like she has a sore throat.
  43. ►FAMILY : [ name, age, relation, closeness ]
  44. ~ do myeongdwi | 46 | father | not very close
  45. ~ do chaeji | 45 | mother | super close
  46. ~ min seonghyun | 3 | adopted younger brother | very close
  48. likes - udon, anime, freestyle dancing, horror/gory movies, cute animals, nice smiles, reading, flannels
  49. dislikes - hair dye, puns, english dubbed anime, very short shorts, masks, sunglasses
  51. hobbies - watching anime, dancing, reading chinese novels, browsing the internet
  52. specialties/skills - modern type of dancing (street, urban, break, etc.), playing the samulnori (one of the skills her mother nagged her to learn at a young age), a quick learner
  53. ►HABITS : messing up her own hair/scratching her head, biting her lip when nervous
  55. ✗FOR LIFE
  57. ►HER REASON FOR AUDITION : she wants to show that she is more than a pretty face who's always studying, that she can be whatever she wants as long as she works hard for it and is passionate enough to achieve the goal.
  58. ►HER INSPIRATION/S : bts, the ark, vixx
  59. ►HER TALENT TWIN : halla of the ark
  60. ►HER INDIVIDUAL INTRODUCTION : "hello, i'm fnc entertainment's 'dance genius' - do lizzie. though i look like i bite, actually bite. but i hope you will put that aside and support me. thank you." (sorry i'm not very good with these kinds of things, feel free to help me improve it or give me pointers on where i should edit :D)
  61. ►HER OFF STAGE PERSONA : quiet, distant, cool and aloof
  62. ►HER ON STAGE PERSONA : serious, passionate, hard-working and very on point in the smaller details of the dance
  64. ►LOVE INTEREST + BACKUP : xiumin of exo + lay of exo
  65. ►HOW THEY MET : lizzie was visiting the sm building to tell her friend who was a trainee there that she got into fnc but when she was looking for the studio that he was in, she went into the wrong one and found xiumin/lay practicing in there. she decided to leave, not wanting to bother him but accidentally dropped her phone which caught his attention. she apologized and was about to leave when xiumin said he couldn't recognize her and assumed that she was either a sasaeng or a new trainee. when she explained herself, he offered to show her the way and their friendship just naturally began.
  66. ►INTERACTIONS : maybe there would be one scene where he visited her at her dorm to cheer her on/brought her lunch because he found out she wasn't eating well due to the stress and tight schedules of the show/he got jealous when she got into a romance scandal with her good friend taeyang of sf9 or any other male idols
  67. ►HIS PERSONALITY : gentle, caring and openly expresses his affection but can be quite stubborn sometimes
  68. ►STATUS : very close sunbae-hoobae relationship
  70. ►TRAINEE YEARS : 3 year
  71. ►PREVIOUS TRAINEE AGENCY : fnc entertainment
  72. ►TRAINEE LIFE : her life as a trainee was relatively normal, using most of her time couped up in the fnc building training and improving her skills while maintaining a small part-time job on the side as a cashier at circle k on weekend mornings. she continued to attend high school normally but would sometimes skip school just to practice more (not adviced). after she graduated, sh decided to take a gap year and focus more on her training before taking entrance exams for university. her social life didn't have much of a difference, only the fact that she did gain a few friends from the fellow trainees she would share the dance studios with but she definitely hung out less with her usual circle of friends from school.
  73. ►IDOL RELATIONS : jeongyeon of twice, taeyang of sf9, mark of nct
  75. ►DEBUT ALBUM NAME SUGGESTION : lady luck/four-leaf clover
  76. ►EXPECTED CONCEPTS : badass;cool
  77. ►SUGGESTED SCENES : having a clash/fight with some of them because they were making fun of her resting bitch face and how she didn't have the skills to be on the show. (idk lol) / being gossiped about her relationship with xiumin of exo and insulting her saying she wasn't taking the show seriously because of her relationship xiumin acting as a "distraction"
  78. ►POSSIBLE SHOW SCANDALS : picking fights with the other trainees/romantic scandal with taeyang of sf9
  79. ►GROUP NAME SUGGESTION : misfortune
  81. ►MESSAGE TO AUTHOR : this af looks very interesting and i feel like it's gonna be great! i hope i can be part of it and maybe we can even be friends :) good luck on this!
  82. ►PASSWORD : ship ishyun
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