The The Hooker With A Heart Of Gold Full Movie Download In Hindi

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  4. The The Hooker With A Heart Of Gold Full Movie Download In Hindi
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  41. An out of work surgeon creates a powerful prosthetic heart (made of solid gold) which he transplants into the body of a beautiful prostitute he accidentally runs over with his car. The two then find themselves on the run from her former pimp, and a team of gangsters the doctor owes money to.
  42. The Hooker with a Heart of Gold is a fine example of why independent film making is still alive and well, even if said &#39;genre&#39; is suffocated sometimes by big studio pretentiousness and over hyped advertisement. Hooker is a gem on the internet, in that it will remain a piece of modern cinematic genius for 20 years until someone picks up on it and tries to buy it off to Troma Entertainment or Asylum films.<br/><br/>Sarah Lewis plays the title role of the Hooker, a hard as diamonds girl with a need to be cared for, she brings about a performance that is truly reminiscent of actress Marisa Berenson as Lady Lyndon from Kubrick&#39;s Barry Lyndon. Lewis&#39; husband Brian Lewis plays Dr Rogen, a failing medical inventor who&#39;s one goal to create a super artificial heart is met with great turmoil and eventual joy as he gets in deep with mobsters and crime lords, and Lewis bring in a performance that I couldn&#39;t help but compare to Rick Morranis as Louis Tully in Ghostbusters. Writer, Director, and Actor Brad Jones plays dual roles as pimp Zalman and crime boss Steele, one is a spaced out babbling character that the late Dennis Hopper would be proud of; the other is a sinister mad man, who only cares about money, power, and the feeling of being loved, done with acting that only could&#39;ve been matched by Joeseph Pilato. And finally, Jillian Zurwaski plays Janet, best friend of The Hooker and love interest of Steele, and all I could think of during her performance was Jodie Foster as Iris Steensma of Taxi Driver.<br/><br/>The over all feel of the film is very much nostalgic, with the story feeling like something brought out of the 80&#39;s and into today. The use of classic music like Neil Young, Procol Harum, and Fleetwood Mac catches the music lovers mind and keeps them hooked into both the story and character development found within. Effects are fun to look at as you can tell that a lot of thought and effort were put into them, particularly the heart of gold prop, it gives off a sense of someone having had a good time finding the pieces for it and putting them together to the way that it was made.<br/><br/>Hooker with a Heart of Gold is a fantastic gem on the internet. I&#39;m happy that I&#39;ve seen it, and I can&#39;t wait to watch it again.
  43. When I read the user comments and saw the rating this movie got I immediately got suspicious. Raving reviews bordering on fellatio, and 40% giving it ten stars. Unsurprisingly, the actual movie wasn&#39;t up to par with what the IMDb page let on. The director and his friends has put a lot of effort in promoting this movie/series here.<br/><br/>First of all, this is an amateur movie, and virtually anyone could have done this. All you need is a camera and some friends. I would be surprised if the cost of it surpassed $500.<br/><br/>All actors are amateurs, and the acting is as you would suspect not very good. Most likely they&#39;re friends of the director, and the casting process was without a doubt non-existent; everyone available got a part. The movie was shot with a cheap video camera, and all dialogue is on- set, so it&#39;s sometimes hard to catch what the actors are saying. <br/><br/>The directing and editing is at best amateurish, with awkward angles and weird cuts, many of them interrupting the pacing of the movie and/or making it coming to a screeching halt. Some shots are far too long, and some are too short or should have been omitted entirely. There is a story in there somewhere, but all of the above makes it hard to follow.<br/><br/>Since the video camera used is a cheap one, it&#39;s not HD, the colors are bad and most of the lighting is from whatever lights sources there were in that particular room. I say room, because obviously there are no actual sets, all of the movie is filmed in someone&#39;s house. There are no props or visual effects, apart for some blood and a wig.<br/><br/>The music seems out of place and seldom fits the scenes. All music are classic pop/rock songs, all of them well-known and I would be surprised if any of them are licensed, considering the overall production values. <br/><br/>The good thing is that it&#39;s free to watch on Anything else than that would be a rip off. Some of the written dialogue is OK, with a lot of references to other movies, which I like, because it makes me feel smart. It&#39;s also somewhat funny that one of the main characters is called Dr Rogen, since he actually looks and sounds a lot like Seth Rogen.
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