Xenos Hunters Session 22

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  1. #XenosHunters
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  4.         antoine Omniel stands in a stark white corridor, the red prime helix on the wall almost mocking Bellerophon. The sound of pain echoing along the corridor from other parts of the facility.
  5.         Bellerophon     :'(s
  6.         Omniel  carries Belle along down the corridor, bolter at the ready as he starts to explore the place, hoping to find a good spot to leave the unconscious Marine for now.
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  8.         antoine Either side of you as you advance down the corridor are doors, each numbered and with parchment stuck on reading out names, dates and times.
  9.         Omniel  leans in to examine a piece of parchment, curious, and tests the door to see if it's locked.
  10.         antoine Turning the knob in your gauntlet sheathed hand, the door unlocks.
  11.         Omniel  raises his bolter and pushes the door inwards, preparing for the worst...
  12.         antoine Inside is a normal hospital room, four beds (one obscured by a curtain) sit in the four corners of the room. As you enter you hear and smell someone behind the curtain.
  13.         Omniel  "Put your hands up and come out from behind the curtain. Make no sudden movements. Do not attempt to cry out. I will not harm you unless it is necessary. Do you understand?"
  14.         antoine You hear a stifled cry, "Don't take me, please don't take me!" a man on a bed pulls back a curtain, revealing his leg in a cast.
  15.         antoine He is young, in his mid twenties at most.
  16.         Omniel  steps into the room and closes the door behind him, assessing the situation. "Who are you, and what can you tell me about this place?"
  17.         antoine "Jogran" he stammers out, "This is Carth Hospital."
  18.         Navarre There is footsteps from the corridor that Omniel was just in. Something that was there... that he could not see. Or perhaps had arrived after he had left... had made their way from origin point through the cooridor and the rooms, coming across the Kill-Team and their unconscious battle-brother. "So, is this what has become of the Deathwatch? Leaving a trail of carnage that a youngling can trail?"
  19.         Omniel  "Jogran, tell no one of this. I trust you are a loyal citizen of the Imperium. You saw nothing."
  20.         antoine "Can, can you bring my friend back? He was taken!"
  21.         Omniel  pauses as he turns to the door. "Taken by what, exactly?"
  22.         antoine "The staff, they say he was going home but Jess hasn't seen him! I think the blue ones have him now."
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  24.         =-=     Anonymous is now known as Balmung
  25.         Omniel  ponders for a moment. "Do you know where the blue ones took him?"
  26.         antoine "I am not sure but another patient who made sure his family took him home said one of the old patients was running down the corridor one day screaming about daemons in the morgue" He makes the sign of the aquila when he mentions the dark powers spawn
  27.         Omniel  "Your assistance will be noted accordingly, Jogran."
  28.         Omniel  turns to Balmung, who was there all along... ++Perhaps the morgue will prove to be of interest to us?++
  29.         Balmung grunts
  30.         Bellerophon     gurgles
  31.         Omniel  turns to leave the room, peering out into the hallway first.
  32.         Balmung turns and starts for the morgue ++Well lets see what this daemon really is++
  33.         Omniel  ++...Forgive me if I have made an error, but I do believe our Kill-team's numbers have... fluctuated.++
  34.         Navarre Balmung and Omniel would find a Apothecary... Deathwatch with Imperial Fist denotations standing next to Bellerophon. If they cared to look.
  35.         Omniel  ++Identify yourself, Brother. If you are, indeed...++
  36.         Balmung ++It appears that we have a meeting of founding legions++
  37.         Balmung chuckles dryly
  38.         Navarre "Brother Apothecary Navarre. I've been following you and your... distasteful trail of human bodies. It is one thing to kill traitors, but I've seen your mission specs. Are you not supposed to be winning hearts and minds?" He'd look to the Ultramarine. "And why has no one seen to this man?"
  39.         Balmung ++Ironleg? He might need a few stitches.++
  40.         Omniel  ++Those two things go hand in hand, unsurprisingly. Perhaps you would care to see to Brother Bellerephon properly? I am Brother Omniel.++
  41.         Omniel  carefully places Bellerephon onto the floor.
  42.         Navarre "You do know he is missing a foot, yes?" He'd give a sigh. His helmet is white and he has the prime helix on one kneepad, a closed fist on the other. He turns to the tech-marine. "Yes. I would like to. Perhaps you could assist, Brother Omniel? I have to survey the damage before we get onto replacement."
  43.         Balmung ++And I am Balmung++
  44.         Omniel  ++I was aware of that fact. He has also sustained some severe head trauma, hence his current predicament. The foot has been seen to, but not the head injury.++
  45.         antoine Navarre conducts a thorough inspecting of the damage to bellerophon's wounds before applying a concoction of serums and drugs to heal the Ultramarine.
  46.         Navarre still needs to conduct some heavy and hearty surgery on that leg, however.
  47.         Omniel  also produces the salvaged battlesuit foot from within his robes. ++I believe this may be pressed into service, as a temporary measure, if we had suitable facilities.++
  48.         Bellerophon     jolts awake and bangs his head against a wall. There could be a dent. Thank the Emprah for helmets.
  49.         Navarre "I believe that may work." He'd take the foot and examine if it would just be a clear attachment to the ankle or if he'd need to lop off some of the leg to keep the Ultramarine's stance even.
  50.         Bellerophon     blinks awake
  51.         Omniel  moves quickly to restrain the injured Bellerephon, for his own good of course.
  52.         Bellerophon     ++Brothers, what is that doing near my leg?++
  53.         Balmung ++It is your new leg Ironhoof!++
  54.         Omniel  ++Emperor willing, it will soon be a good deal nearer. Considering the situation, it will have to do.++
  55.         Bellerophon     ++I preferred Ironleg more.++
  56.         Navarre "Mmm. I need to apply some anathestic, it seems." He'd reach back to apply some Apothecary Local to Bellerophon's head... but sees that the others have it under control.
  57.         Omniel  ++Technically speaking, the leg is not a ferrous material of any type. I have not had the chance to fully analyze it, but I am almost certain that it is either an advanced, heat-resistant ceramic or some form of specialized Xenos alloy.++
  58.         Balmung ++Nonsense! I shall tell the tell tale of Ironhoof slayer of xenos when I return to the Fang to remind the pups that the Ultramarines are not all glory hungry assholes!++
  59.         Omniel  ++I suppose Iron does seem more fitting for a Space Wolf saga. Dramatic, if not entirely accurate.++
  60.         Navarre After examining the foot and the wound. "I don't suppose you could par this down a bit more, Brother? At this rate, I'd have to lop his leg off at the knee to get it to fit."
  61.         Omniel  ++It may be easier to pare the leg. We understand fully the functions of our Brother's leg. The Xenos tech is not so well-documented...++
  62.         Navarre "Alright, then. Fear not brother. The pain suppressant in your armor should kick in before I get half-way through the bone..." He's double checking his measurements, even as he pats the Ultramarine on the pauldron, attempting some form of bedside manner.
  63.         Bellerophon     ++Is this nessecary?++
  64.         Navarre "I suppose I could take a suspensor from your heavy weapon and attach it to your stump. It would take some getting used to and would need to be replaced when we get to a proper facility, but all I would need to do is clean your ankle."
  65.         Bellerophon     ++Not an option.++
  66.         Omniel  ++I assure you, Brother, this is only temporary. I myself am augmented, and can vouch for the excellent craftsmanship of the Deathwatch's cybernetics.++
  67.         Navarre "Then it's the leg. I will try and see if I can not make it below the knee."
  68.         Omniel  ++If Brother Bellerephon would prefer, I will attempt to prepare the Xeno tech in such a way as to preserve as much of his remaining leg as possible.++
  69.         Bellerophon     begins reciting a prayer to Robutt Gillyman
  70.         Bellerophon     looks away from his leg and the impromptou hallway surgery that's about to take place
  71.         Navarre The saw attachement on Navarre's reductor would whirr to life as he would go to paring down the Ultramarine's leg, making sure it is a below knee amputation.
  72.         antoine The Tau battle suits leg is striped down to a single toe and some base attachments that now protrudes from his leg below the knee.
  73.         Omniel  gives the leg a few solid raps. ++Excellent work, Brother Navarre.++
  74.         Bellerophon     looks back at his new "leg"
  75.         Bellerophon     realizes it could be worse
  76.         Bellerophon     ++I don't believe the Codex has an entry regarding xenos cyberbiotics. I have a feeling it is non-standard.++
  77.         antoine The desert colours of the Tau battle-suit do clash with the black but it isn't all that bad.
  78.         Navarre "It is all in a days work. When we get to proper facilities, we'll have to either modify the hoof or attach an actual cybernetic." He pondered for a moment. "I find myself agreeing with our feral brother. You should keep the hoof. Damn the codex, you are Deathwatch now and should look to make a name for yourself."
  79.         Omniel  ++If you are unsatisfied, the leg will come off as easily as it went on. Perhaps more easily.++
  80.         Bellerophon     tries to get to his feet, gingerly, as he is unsure of how a one-toed appendage will balance
  81.         Bellerophon     ++I believe I will be requistioning a more Codex approved bionic.++
  82.         Bellerophon     ++However this is neither here nor there. My thanks, Apothecary.++
  83.         Bellerophon     ++Where are we now?++
  84.         Omniel  ++Carth Hospital.++
  85.         Bellerophon     ++I see.++
  86.         Bellerophon     ++We need a new plan.++
  87.         Bellerophon     ++Another one. Have we any way out of this spire?++
  88.         Omniel  ++I have reason to believe the Tau are up to something here. A patient has reported daemon sightings, in the morgue.++
  89.         Navarre "Speaking of Tau. I have seen your mission specs. Are we not supposed to be recruiting the humans to work for us and to serve the Imperium?"
  90.         Bellerophon     ++There is a Throne Agent cell on planet working to that end.++
  91.         Bellerophon     ++We will investigate the morgue, while I reestablish contact with my Agents. Perhaps they have better news.++
  92.         Omniel  ++Our mission unfortunately has not gone according to plan. A large degree of attention has already been brought to our presence, hence the current predicament.++
  93.         Navarre "I see. Perhaps it is good tidings that I came across you. You will need my help in the near future."
  94.         Bellerophon     ++Verily. Where is their mortuary located?++
  95.         Omniel  ++This hospital appears to be constructed according to traditional designs. There may be a floor map posted nearby.++
  96.         Omniel  ++Failing that, the lines on the floor indicate the location of various places. Everything should be clearly marked.++
  97.         Navarre "Then let us hope."
  98.         Bellerophon     tries walking for the first time
  99.         Bellerophon     ++It feels like I will not be able to run, Brothers.++
  100.         Navarre "With that? Of course not."\
  101.         Bellerophon     ++Let us continue, then. But slowly.++
  102.         Omniel  ++You can still fight, I hope.++
  103.         Bellerophon     ++Easily.++
  104.         antoine Following a black line to follow you find a stairwell that should lead you down the morgue.
  105.         Omniel  ++Excellent!++
  106.         Omniel  ++I feel this stairwell should lead us down to the morgue. Brother Balmung, would you care to lead the way?++
  107.         Balmung ++My pleasure++
  108.         Omniel  ++While I still remain doubtful about the presence of Daemons, I am certain the Tau are are involved in un-wholesome acts.++
  109.         antoine The squad heads down, step by step into the bowls of the hospital, the sounds of the sick, wounded or dying left behind. It gets colder and colder the further you go. The smell of formaldehyde reaching your senses.
  110.         Balmung ++One man's daemon is another man's beast++
  111.         antoine You reach the bottom of the stairwell a pair of doors in swinging hinges stand before you, the word 'Morgue' in low gothic imprinted on both of them at head height.
  112.         antoine on swinging*
  113.         Omniel  quietly engages his scanners once more.
  114.         Balmung raises his head
  115.         Navarre "I doubt there would be daemons here, personally. Perhaps a member race of the Tau collective...?"
  116.         Omniel  ++I agree. The Tau are known to employ an unusual assortment of fellow Xenos.++
  117.         Balmung ++Makes sense++
  118.         Balmung ++It could be some of their eaters of the dead..++
  119.         Bellerophon     ++Perhaps. Some of their species would appear demonic at a distance. Especially in the darkness.++
  120.         Omniel  ++I am detecting a single bio signature. Approximately 38 meters, dead ahead.++
  121.         Omniel  30 meters*
  122.         Bellerophon     ++Does it live?++
  123.         Omniel  ++It would seem so.++
  124.         Bellerophon     racks his heavy bolter
  125.         Balmung readies his axe
  126.         Balmung ++How big is that bio signature?++
  127.         Omniel  ++Human-sized.++
  128.         Omniel  ++Brothers, shall we hence?++
  129.         Navarre would ready his bolter. "Let us."
  130.         Bellerophon     keys the doorpad
  131.         Bellerophon     after walking 30 meters
  132.         Omniel  prepares his drill and bolter, ready for the worst.
  133.         antoine The doors swing open to reveal a woman in a white coat standing over a corpse, several more corpses are laying down on metal that reflects the light coming from her head mounted lamp pack.
  134.         antoine She cuts the body with a scalpel, muttering to herself as she does so.
  135.         antoine She doesn't seem to notice you.
  136.         Navarre is rather impassive to the whole thing.
  137.         Bellerophon     bangs on a wall with a fist
  138.         Balmung grunts loudly
  139.         Omniel  "Greetings, citizen."
  140.         antoine The woman looks up, she appears to be tired and old. She waves the scalpel around in the air "I am not finished, whoever you are you will need to come back next week"
  141.         Balmung laughs loudly through his external vox
  142.         Bellerophon     ++It was not a request, citizen.++
  143.         Bellerophon     ++What is your position here?++
  144.         antoine "I am the coroner, who are you." she squints and tries to play the light from the lamp pack over you. "Are you a patient, you sound like you have just had throat surgery. Go back you your room at once or I will call a nurse."
  145.         Navarre "She obviously is suffering from some form of mental trauma."
  146.         Balmung ++Or she doesn't care++
  147.         Navarre "Either way, she isn't our enemy."
  148.         Omniel  ++Brother Navarre, perhaps you could convince her to allow us in? With your credentials.++
  149.         Bellerophon     ++Perhaps she cannot see us properly.++
  150.         Bellerophon     ++It is of some concern that the lights are out.++
  151.         Navarre "I will certainly try." He would approach the woman. "Hello, madame. The hospital has been evacuated. Why have you stayed?"
  152.         antoine "I have work to do" She looks up again as you approach, your size becoming apparent to her, even if she can't tell that you are a space marine. "By the Throne you are big."
  153.         antoine The frail little woman takes a step back
  154.         Navarre "Yes. Astartes genuinely are."
  155.         antoine "Astartes?" She yelps and takes another step backwards.
  156.         Bellerophon     ++That was, perhaps, too blunt, Brother.++
  157.         Navarre "I blame the lighting, but do not worry! I am Brother-Apothecary Navarre, I too carry the Prime Helix, doctor."
  158.         antoine "You are a medical officer?" She narrows her eyes in suspicion.
  159.         Navarre "Of course."
  160.         Bellerophon     ++There have been reports of...daemons here, Doctor. Perhaps you should evacuate, less we find there is some substance to the claim.++
  161.         antoine "There are no daemons here, foolish childhood tales. Just the dead and I."
  162.         Bellerophon     changes his vox to no longer broadcast vocally, just to the other Astartes
  163.         Navarre "There must be something."
  164.         Bellerophon     ++Perhaps we should just move on.++
  165.         Balmung ++That would be wise++
  166.         Omniel  ++I am detecting a second signature, to the east. Currently there is a wall seperating is.++
  167.         Omniel  us*++
  168.         Balmung ++Do you think she would mind if we made a door?++
  169.         Omniel  ++Yes. Very much.++
  170.         Omniel  ++I cannot say as to its origin. It may prove wiser to keep a low profile for now.++
  171.         Bellerophon     ++Perhaps we shall just use the standard exits.++
  172.         Balmung shrugs
  173.         Bellerophon     turns around with a wobble and walks back into the hallway
  174.         Omniel  ++...Are we to leave the morgue entirely?++
  175.         Bellerophon     ++To identify your new biosignature.++
  176.         Omniel  ++Perhaps Brother Navarre could deal with the coroner while we do?++
  177.         Bellerophon     ++To what end, though, Brother?++
  178.         Omniel  ++So that we may enter the morgue, and continue our investigation?++
  179.         Navarre "I believe I could deal with her."
  180.         Omniel  readies his bolter, and heads after Bellerephon.
  181.         Bellerophon     ++Then do so, Brother.++
  182.         Bellerophon     proceeds to identify and/or exterminate the new biosign
  183.         Bellerophon     clomp clomps his way to a new door
  184.         Bellerophon     ++Perhaps, Balmung, you will need to create an entrance after all.++
  185.         Bellerophon     ++Or Omniel and his ...drill.++
  186.         Omniel  ++Ah. A hidden compartment?++
  187.         Bellerophon     ++Perhaps. Once it is down, we will see.++
  188.         Balmung swings his axe at the wall
  189.         antoine Balmung swings his power axe in a downward strike, it cleaves through the wall and the sudden loss of resistance and the momentum of the strike nearly carries his body forwards into it, he gouges a great whole in the wall with his arm, the plaster fall away in pieces as the senile coroner remarks "Hmmm, I thought that was solid."
  190.         Omniel  ++The plot thickens! I sense Xenos treachery afoot. Watch your step, Brothers.++
  191.         Balmung looks inside the new doorway
  192.         antoine A pale white glow comes through the hole in the wall
  193.         Omniel  ++Can you see anything, Brother?++
  194.         Navarre would try to calm the coroner, while the other three trudge ahead.
  195.         Balmung ++Yup let me grab it!++
  196.         Omniel  ++Caution, Brother!++
  197.         Balmung grunts ++Don't worry++
  198.         antoine Balmung starts lashing out at the wall with ceramite covered limbs, tearing down the fake wall in his desire to grab his prize.
  199.         Omniel  readies his meltagun after assessing the situation for a moment.
  200.         Balmung drags out a Tau in his arms with it struggling to get free
  201.         Balmung ++Look what I found++
  202.         Omniel  ++A Xenos! Most interesting. But why was it hiding in the wall?++
  203.         Balmung ++Why don't you ask him?++
  204.         Omniel  ++Put him on the slab. I will attempt to make him talk.++
  205.         Balmung slams the tau down on a table and pins him down
  206.         Bellerophon     looks into the ...area where he was hiding
  207.         Bellerophon     tries to figure out how the fuck a tau got in there
  208.         antoine Inside the hole is a tunnel heading downwards.
  209.         Omniel  brandishes his combi-tool threateningly. "Can you understand us, Xeno?"
  210.         antoine flickering lights coming from the end of it.
  211.         antoine "Yes" says the wild eyed Tau.
  212.         Bellerophon     ++There is a light at the end of the tunnel. The blue xenos will know something.++
  213.         Balmung "Do you know who we are?"
  214.         Navarre (Is Navarre able to see this?)
  215.         antoine (Yes)
  216.         Navarre "-Try to keep the xenos alive, brothers. I want something to vivisect later.-" The chances of the tau knowing high gothic... are slim.
  217.         antoine "Yes"
  218.         Omniel  "What exactly were you doing in there?"
  219.         antoine "Teaching"
  220.         Balmung cocks his head
  221.         Omniel  "...Teaching? Explain yourself."
  222.         Balmung :"Teaching what?"
  223.         antoine "Tau'va, Gue'la"
  224.         Omniel  sighs and moves on. "Where does that tunnel connect to?"
  225.         Bellerophon     splits his gaze between the tau and the tunnel. Just in case.
  226.         antoine "Rooms, with Gue'la."
  227.         Omniel  "Define 'gue'la.'"
  228.         antoine "Human."
  229.         Navarre "He is reaching for something." Navarre would call out.
  230.         antoine The Tau is indeed subtly grabbing for something in his robes
  231.         Omniel  restrains the Tau's arm with his own servo-arm, pulling it away.
  232.         Omniel  "How many of your kind are down here, besides yourself?"
  233.         antoine He struggles now, not saying anythin.
  234.         antoine anything*
  235.         Omniel  begins to apply pressure to the arm. "How many of your kind are down here, besides yourself..." He repeats.
  236.         antoine "5 he blurts out"
  237.         antoine "5"*
  238.         Balmung "Are they armed?"
  239.         antoine "You smashed a wall they must have heard it Or'es Gue'la"
  240.         Balmung "We can smash many MANY other things"
  241.         Balmung rests his hand on his axe
  242.         Navarre "Or'es? That does not sound like something I wish to be called."
  243.         Omniel  ++Do we have any further questions?++
  244.         Bellerophon     ++Why is it here?++
  245.         Omniel  ++Teaching humans, he said. I believe he means re-educating.++
  246.         Omniel  "Are there currently humans imprisoned down here?"
  247.         antoine "Not imprisoned, freed."
  248.         Navarre "Is that what you call it?"
  249.         Balmung ++I believe we will only find heretics there...."
  250.         Omniel  ++We should at least investigate.++\
  251.         Navarre "Depends on what coerced them to join. A hungry man has different thoughts then one that is fat."
  252.         Bellerophon     ++We will investigate further.++
  253.         Bellerophon     ++Do what you will to that tau. We have others to attend to.++
  254.         Navarre "Of course." Once more the saw on his reductor revs as Navarre towers over the tau.
  255.         Omniel  holds the Tau down obligingly, to prevent it from doing something foolish.
  256.         Bellerophon     waits for the Apothecary to finish grinding the tau's brain out
  257.         Bellerophon     ++Let us move, Brothers. There are more waiting at the end.++
  258.         Balmung nods
  259.         Omniel  ++With haste, then.++
  260.         Bellerophon     begins clomping his way through the tunnel
  261.         Omniel  follows behind, meltagun at the ready.
  262.         Navarre would be satisfied with his findings for no.
  263.         Navarre *now.
  264.         antoine Navarre takes the drill and inserts it into the Tau's eye, blue blood, aqueous fluid and brain matter spraying his armour as the Tau screams momentarily and then goes limp, twitching slightly when he removes the reductor.
  265.         |<--    Brand has left (Ping timeout)
  266.         Omniel  fires up his scanners once more as they advance down the tunnel.
  267.         antoine As you continue down the tunnel the flickering lights continue, at the end of the tunnel splits off into two new directions at 3 points down each corridor leading off you see rooms with doors, the windows in them giving off flickering light that dances from one colour to the next.
  268.         Omniel  ++I am detecting many lifesigns. They seem to be evenly distributed through the rooms.++
  269.         Balmung ++Must be where they're holding the prisoners
  270.         Omniel  ++I suggest we look for a central room, or a command area.++
  271.         Bellerophon     ++I agree.++
  272.         Navarre ++Do you think they would turn on the hostages or take them as shields? Command wants as little civilian casualties as possible.++
  273.         Bellerophon     ++Not a concern.++
  274.         Bellerophon     ++I do not miss.++
  275.         Balmung ++Kill the Tau first then we rescue the mortals++
  276.         Omniel  ++If we can locate the command area, we may be able to shut down the entire complex from there.++
  277.         Bellerophon     ++Can your auspex differentiate between that which is human and that which is not?++
  278.         Omniel  ++It should be able to.++
  279.         Navarre ++Then let us locate them it?++
  280.         Omniel  finetunes his sensors, scanning once more.
  281.         Omniel  nods and indicates. ++There are 3 of the Tau in this room. The other two I can detect in seperate cells, with humans.++
  282.         Balmung Bellerophon take out the ones that are alone and the rest of use will handle with ones with the mortals++
  283.         Bellerophon     ++Acceptable. Move into position and wait for my mark. On cue, exterminate the tau.++
  284.         Bellerophon     ++I will take this group of three.++
  285.         |<--    Balmung has left (Quit: Balmung)
  286.         Navarre ++Just be ready to give it.++ Navarre would take position.
  287.         Omniel  ++Understood.++
  288.         Omniel  takes up a position as well, meltagun ready to go.
  289.         -->|    Anonymous (Anonymous@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  290.         =-=     Anonymous is now known as Balmung
  291.         Bellerophon     ++In position?++
  292.         Navarre ++Aye.+
  293.         Omniel  ++In position.++
  294.         Balmung ++Ready++
  295.         Bellerophon     calls it out. ++Mark!++
  296.         Bellerophon     either opens or breaks through the door, identifies the tau, and then murders the tau
  297.         Balmung bursts in the room
  298.         Omniel  assists with the door smashing/opening, of course
  299.         Navarre would do likewise. But murdering the tau he was assigned to.
  300.         antoine Inside the room Bellerophon are three Tau, they monitor Tau technology, thin cogitators projecting light onto their faces as they stand by the machines.
  301.         antoine Balmung you batter open a door to find a Tau and a human hugging each other.
  302.         antoine Navarre you boot down a door to find a Tau attaching something to a human strapped down into a chair.
  303.         Bellerophon     levels his heavy bolter at the tau and attempts to cut them down with a barrage of heavy bolter fire
  304.         Navarre brings his bolt pistol off and fires two shots at the bastard xenos.
  305.         Omniel  fires off a blast of head-exploding microwaves.
  306.         Balmung charges the tau and swings his axe
  307.         antoine Omniel vaporizes one and half of a tau cogitator while bellerophon cuts down the other two with his heavy bolter.
  308.         antoine Navarre sends two rounds into the tau, one takes off an arm, the other detonates in it's chest. The Xenos falls to the ground, a blue pool forming around his body.
  309.         Omniel  ++As expected... Xenos tech. Interesting.++
  310.         Navarre After dispatching the xenos, Navarre would check the human strapped to the chair.
  311.         antoine Balmung swings his axe, splitting the Tau down the middle. The front and back half falling away in chunks within the humans arms.
  312.         Balmung ++Clear++
  313.         Bellerophon     calls all clear
  314.         Omniel  quickly moves into the room and begins appraising the equipment.
  315.         Navarre ++Clear here... they have a mortal strapped to a chair. It seems... nefarious.++
  316.         Omniel  ++Part of their setup was unfortunately damaged. No telling yet how severe the damage is.++
  317.         Balmung ++Is he injured?++
  318.         Balmung checks the civillian in the room with him
  319.         Navarre ++Physically? No. But they seem to be forcing him to digest their propaganda.++ Navarre would disconnet the man from the chair and turn the images off.
  320.         Omniel  ++I assumed as much.++
  321.         -->|    Brand ( has joined #XenosHunters
  322.         Balmung ++Navarre I may need your help++
  323.         Bellerophon     ++What are these instruments for?+++
  324.         Omniel  sets to the control panels. ++I am attempting to figure that out.++
  325.         Navarre ++What is your issue, Balmung? Actually... gather the humans in one room. I would like to see what they have done to them.++ He would pick up the human out of the chair and take it with him to Balmung.
  326.         Balmung ++Never mind I'm handling it++
  327.         Balmung *a loud smack echos from the room Balmung cleared*
  328.         Omniel  is tempted to perform some percussive maintenance of his own on the Xenos cogitators.
  329.         Balmung ++Seems like one of them strayed from the path of the Allfather++
  330.         Navarre ++You did not kill them, did you?++
  331.         Balmung ++He attacked me++
  332.         Bellerophon     casually examines the tau bodies. Were they fire warriors? Other caste? Armored and bearing weapons?
  333.         antoine All were in robes
  334.         Navarre ++When the one that I found in conscious or can speak, we can talk with him.++
  335.         Omniel  ++I believe the instruments have been damaged too heavily. Their Xenos tech is... unimpressive. Our own cogitators possess far more durable machine spirits.++
  336.         Bellerophon     ++I see.++
  337.         Bellerophon     ++These tau are unarmed. How droll.++
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