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  1. Adding to what the previous annon said, I never really thought the princesses slapstick reactions in a Mario Party game were that out of place. The Mario Party series always had really zany and comical situations, and to have equally comical reactions to those happenings makes sense to me.
  3. But I do think its weird seeing Rosalina suddenly having a complete personality change like you said. I don't think it would feel out of place to still have her as a dignified queen in the Mario Party universe, but still keep the slapstick elements intact.
  5. I mean, even if you are a godly deity like Rosalina, if your butt catches fire, your first thought isn't necessarily going to pull a highly dignified reaction?
  7. I don't think they've gone too extreme either, its not like after Daisy's burned she turns around with a hole burned in her dress to reveal her butt or anything. I think something as far as that would ruin the mystique of any of the characters, but currently their "damage" animations I think are just enough of a comical gag and that's all.
  9. I think if anything we get nice prominent female characters in slapstick, something which isn't common enough (girls can be as funny as guys) and a funny reaction to something that would be a losing situation for the player playing the game.
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