RoR2 June update changelog

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  1. Early Access Scorched Acres Content Update – June 25, 2019
  3. This is the first content update for Risk of Rain 2. With this update there is a bunch of new content as well as other general changes and quality of life improvements.
  5. Changes with the β€˜:cloud_rain:’ icon in front of them are changes or additions suggested by the community.
  7. ==== Major Content and Changes ====
  9. β€’ Added New Survivor: REX
  10. β€’ Added New Stage: Scorched Acres
  11. β€’ Added New Boss: Grovetender
  12. β€’ Added New Elite: Malachite
  13.   β—‹ Malachites are new high-tier elites that only spawns late. Possesses a number of unique abilities - including disabling your healing…
  14.   β—‹ New unique visuals and SFX that signifies a Malachite elite has entered the stage
  15. β€’ Added New Monster: Clay Templar
  16. β€’ Added New Drone: Equipment Drone
  17. β€’ Added New Drone: Incinerator Drone
  18. β€’ Added New Chests: Category Chests
  19.   β—‹ Category: Damage
  20.   β—‹ Category: Healing
  21.   β—‹ Category: Utility
  22. β€’ Added 9 new items/equipment to the game
  23.   β—‹ New Item: Topaz Brooch
  24.   β—‹ New Item: Old Guillotine
  25.   β—‹ New Item: Warhorn
  26.   β—‹ New Item: Aegis
  27.   β—‹ New Equipment: Eccentric Vase
  28.   β—‹ New Equipment: Fuel Array
  29.   β—‹ New Lunar Equipment: Spinel Tonic
  30.   β—‹ New Boss Item: Little Disciple
  31.   β—‹ New Boss Item: Halcyon Seed
  32. β€’ Added 5 new challenges to the game
  33.   β—‹ New Challenge: Cut Down
  34.   β—‹ New Challenge: Warmonger
  35.   β—‹ New Challenge: Cosmic Explorer
  36.   β—‹ New Challenge: Blackout
  37.   β—‹ New Challenge: Power Plant
  38. β€’ Added 2 new environment logs to the game
  39.   β—‹ New Environment Log: Scorched Acres
  40.   β—‹ New Environment Log: Gilded Coast
  41. β€’ Added 6 new lore entries to the game
  42.   β—‹ New Lore Entry: Brittle Crown
  43.   β—‹ New Lore Entry: Soldier’s Syringe
  44.   β—‹ New Lore Entry: Firework
  45.   β—‹ New Lore Entry: Rejuvenation Rack
  46.   β—‹ New Lore Entry: War Horn
  47.   β—‹ New Lore Entry: Abyssal Depths
  48. ==== Gameplay Changes ====
  50. Survivors
  51. β€’ Artificer
  52.   β—‹ New Passive: ENV-Suit
  53.       β—‹ :cloud_rain: The Artificer now hovers while holding Jump.
  54.   β—‹ Add new crosshair
  55.   β—‹ Add new bloom effects for Firebolt
  56. β€’ Mercenary
  57.   β—‹ :cloud_rain: Add true invincibility during Eviscerate and Blinding Assault.
  58.   β—‹ :cloud_rain: Add lingering invincibility for 0.6s after Eviscerate ends.
  59.   β—‹ :cloud_rain: Blinding Assault deducts 1 from stock when timed out rather than resetting it all to 0.
  60.   β—‹ :cloud_rain: Add β€œSafe Movement” during Eviscerate and Assaulter to reduce the chance of clipping through geometry
  61. β€’ Engineer
  62.   β—‹ Turret Base Damage: 19 β‡’ 16
  63. β€’ MUL-T
  64.   β—‹ Now comes down in a unique pod!
  65. β€’ Huntress
  66.   β—‹ :cloud_rain: Raise vertical height of Arrow Rain to be more cylindrical
  67.   β—‹ Fix Huntress Arrow Rain jump not scaling its animation speed with attack speed
  68.   β—‹ :cloud_rain: Add β€œSafe Movement”  during Blink to reduce the chance of clipping through geometry
  69.   β—‹ Clean up logic in Strafe to possibly prevent double firing
  70. ==== Gameplay Changes cont'd ====
  72. Items
  73. β€’ :cloud_rain: Critical Strikes no longer double/triple/quadruple/etc β€œdip” through the proc chain
  74.     β—‹ On-hit items have accidentally been benefiting multiple times from critical strikes, resulting in each proc doubling in damage for huge multipliers. While neat, this was ultimately unintentional and not sustainable for the game going forward - so we’re ripping the bandaid now and fixing it. On-hit items have been compensated for the removal of power from this fix.
  75. β€’ Frost Relic
  76.   β—‹ Has been reworked in functionality
  77.       β—‹ Now grows in size for every kill, up to a limit that increases with stacking
  78.       β—‹ Damage: 25% (+25% per stack) per kill β‡’ 150% (+150% per stack)
  79.       β—‹ Proc Coefficient: 0.05 β‡’ 0.2
  80.       β—‹ Update graphics to be ~cooler~
  81. β€’ Ceremonial Dagger
  82.   β—‹ :cloud_rain: Update AI to be more accurate and performant
  83.   β—‹ Dagger Damage: 150% β‡’ 150% (+150% per stack)
  84.   β—‹ Dagger Number: 3 daggers (+3 per stack) β‡’ 3 daggers
  85. β€’ Monster Tooth
  86.   β—‹ Healing Orb: 4 (+4 per stack) β‡’ 6 (+6 per stack)
  87. β€’ AP Rounds
  88.   β—‹ Bonus Damage: 20% (+10% per stack) β‡’ 20% (+20% per stack)
  89. β€’ Chronobauble
  90.   β—‹ Slow Duration: 1 (+1 per stack) β‡’ 2 (+2 per stack)
  91.   β—‹ Update tier color outline to match other items
  92. β€’ AtG Missile
  93.   β—‹ Damage: 300% (+300% per stack) additive damage β‡’ 300% (+300% per stack) total damage
  94.   To compensate for the Crit fix, we’ve moved over on-hit effects to deal a percentage of TOTAL damage. That is, if you have a proc that deals 300% damage from an attack that hits for 100, it will hit for 300. Previously it was a complicated additive formula - this change is either neutral or a buff for every character, and GREATLY benefits slow, high-damage attacks like the Artificer’s.
  95. β€’ Ukulele
  96.   β—‹ Damage: 80% additive damage β‡’ 80% total damage
  97. ==== Gameplay Changes cont'd ====
  98. Items cont'd
  99. β€’ Meat Hook
  100.   β—‹ Damage: 100% additive damage β‡’ 100% total damage
  101. β€’ Sticky Bomb
  102.   β—‹ Damage: 250% (+125% per stack) additive damage β‡’ 180% total damage
  103. β€’ Runald’s Band
  104.   β—‹ Damage: 250% (+125% per stack) additive damage β‡’ 250% (+125% per stack) total damage
  105. β€’ Kjaro’s Band
  106.   β—‹ Damage: 500% (+250% per stack) additive damage β‡’ 500% (+250% per stack) total damage
  107. β€’ Brilliant Behemoth
  108.   β—‹ Damage: 60% additive damage β‡’ 60% total damage
  109. β€’ Gesture Of the Drowned
  110.   β—‹ Cooldown Reduction: 50%(+50% per stack) β‡’ 50% (+15% per stack)
  111.       β—‹ GoTD, unlike most other Lunar items, doesn’t have stacking drawbacks, and should therefore stack more like a Tier 2 in power.
  112. β€’ Brittle Crown
  113.   β—‹ Update Brittle Crown’s item log description to now show stacking behavior
  114. β€’ N’Kuhana’s Opinion
  115.   β—‹ Fix item pickup not having both horns highlighted
  116. ==== Gameplay Changes cont'd ====
  117. Stage
  118. β€’ All Stages
  119.   β—‹ :cloud_rain: Can now spawn Legendary Chests post-loop
  120.   β—‹ Can now spawn Category Chests
  121.   β—‹ Enable more batched meshes to help performance
  122.   β—‹ Update pillars, rocks, boulders, and logs causing β€œstuck spots” on certain maps
  123. β€’ Distant Roost
  124.   β—‹ Update grass texture
  125.   β—‹ Add environmental particles
  126.   β—‹ Titans on Distant Roost now properly have their ferns displayed
  127. β€’ Abandoned Aqueduct
  128.   β—‹ Fix a map hole that allowed the player to get out of bounds.
  129.   β—‹ Can now spawn new monsters post-loop
  130. β€’ Wetland Aspect
  131.   β—‹ :cloud_rain: Now contains a few alternate routes for low-mobility characters.
  132.   β—‹ Add new boss track
  133. β€’ Abyssal Depths
  134.   β—‹ Add new ambient sounds
  135.   β—‹ Improve performance
  136.   β—‹ Update Navigation Nodegraph to make it easier for flying monsters and drones to navigate
  137.   β—‹ Fix basic Chests being heavily weighted to spawn
  138.   β—‹ Chains now disable/enable as random map permutations
  139.   β—‹ Cave section now properly spawns monsters and interactables
  140.       β—‹ Brighten internals of cave section
  141.       β—‹ Add boost to map interactable spawns if the cave is open
  142.   β—‹ Can now spawn new Drones
  143.   β—‹ Added collision to the Crystal Braziers
  144.   β—‹ Add another out of bounds zone above the cave to prevent falling into the cave β—‹ while the gates are closed
  145. β€’ Gilded Coast
  146.   β—‹ Update environment graphics and layout
  147.   β—‹ Increase Halcyon Beacon size
  148.   β—‹ Prevent Beacons from spawning in the giant gold rocks
  149.   β—‹ Add unique boss drop to the guardian of Gilded Coast
  150.   β—‹ Add an Environment Log drop
  151.   β—‹ Reduce cost of Halcyon Beacons from 50 to 25
  152.   β—‹ Chests now properly scale in cost with difficulty
  153. β€’ Rallypoint Delta
  154.   β—‹ Expanded the size between scaffolding pillars to prevent certain characters getting stuck inside
  155. ==== Gameplay Changes cont'd ====
  156. Monsters
  157. β€’ Jellyfish
  158.   β—‹ Nova Proc Coefficient: 1 β‡’ 2
  159. β€’ Wandering Vagrant
  160.   β—‹ Nova Proc Coefficient: 1 β‡’ 3
  161. β€’ Lemurian
  162.   β—‹ Now slows down when close range to prevent them from missing and circle strafing while biting
  163. β€’ Clay Dunestrider
  164.   β—‹ Add standable platform on Clay Dunestrider’s pot body
  165.   β—‹ Increase inner β€œmulch” radius from 5 to 10 to compensate for new collision
  167. Misc
  168. β€’ :cloud_rain: HUD now displays current stage count
  169. β€’ Add support for new health-type: Barrier
  170.     β—‹ Barrier is a health value that can exceed your maximum health, but degrades over time.
  171. β€’ Add new stat: Curse
  172.     β—‹ Curse is the old Shaped Glass functionality, which locks away a portion of your healthbar - it has been moved over to a generic stat so we can use it for other items in the future.
  173. β€’ Disable Base Health Regeneration if on fire
  175. ====  Music & SFX ====
  177. β€’ :cloud_rain: Fixed a major issue with sounds β€œwarbling”
  178. β€’ :cloud_rain: Remix HDR sounds for clarity
  179. β€’ In-stage music no longer runs through the music system and just plays front-to-back
  180. β€’ Add new boss track
  181. β€’ Update some existing stage tracks
  182. β€’ Assign Wandering Vagrant’s proper M2 sound
  183. β€’ Assign Engineer Turret’s proper attack sound
  184. β€’ :cloud_rain: Add new SFX for Commando’s M1
  185. β€’ :cloud_rain: Add new SFX for MUL-T’s Rebar Puncher
  186. β€’ Add fall damage sounds to all characters
  187. β€’ Add Engineer sounds to Bubble Shield
  188. β€’ A ton of other tweaks to SFX!
  189. ==== QOL ====
  191. β€’ :cloud_rain: Update User Profile save procedure to perform the actual write-to-disk on the main thread instead of a worker thread to prevent profile corruption. This should reduce the chance of corrupted save-files - please let us know if we screwed this up somehow!
  192. β€’ :cloud_rain: Add option in Settings to remove sprint sensitivity reduction
  193. β€’ Remove unnecessary character logic from running on clients - this should lead to a large performance boost for clients in an online game!
  194. β€’ :cloud_rain: Updated the Imp Overlords Hurtboxes to properly match the size of the model
  195. β€’ :cloud_rain: Change post process of Overloading Worm to brighten instead of darken
  196. β€’ :cloud_rain: Increased the Monster logs despawn timer from 1 minute to 5 minutes
  197. β€’ :cloud_rain: Updated the packs from Bandolier and Monster Tooth to flash before despawning
  198. β€’ :cloud_rain: Update the Cost Labels on Interactables to stand out more from the rest of the stage
  199. β€’ :cloud_rain: Add 0.5s cooldown to repeatedly using The Backup equipment
  200. β€’ :cloud_rain: Add Spectator Label to the HUD saying who you’re spectating online
  201. β€’ :cloud_rain: Player healthbars now flash when at low health
  202. β€’ Update shrine symbols to be non-additive to help clarity in certain maps
  203. β€’ Add some damping to Wisp and Jellyfish bodies so they aren’t flung as far
  204. β€’ Revisit Director AI to prevent stall cases when spawning monsters and bosses
  205. β€’ :cloud_rain: Update cost strings to use language entries so they can be localized
  206. β€’ Reduce shake amplitude of Beetle Guard sunder by 66%
  207. β€’ Set soft player team character limit to 20 to prevent severe performance issues late in the game
  208. β€’ Grant kill credit to last attacker for enemies that fall out the map
  209. ==== QOL cont'd ====
  211. β€’ Increase size of Item Bar on the HUD to properly envelope 2 rows
  212. β€’ Change pinging to use a raycast instead of old targetfinder to make it easier to ping enemies
  213. β€’ Set up Wandering Vagrant, Clay Dunestrider, and Stone Titan corpses to properly disappear over time
  214. β€’ Update graphics of Celestial Portal to be more noticeable
  215. β€’ Add names to Portals
  216. β€’ Change damage with no team assigned to be Grey
  217. β€’ Increase matchmaking wait duration from 20s to 30s
  220. ==== Bug Fixes  ====
  221. β€’ :cloud_rain: Refactor all projectiles with seeking behavior so they don’t target dead enemies
  222. β€’ :cloud_rain: Update the rotation of Soulbound Catalyst on MUL-T to no longer be upside down
  223. β€’ Fix Chest emissions using the wrong texture
  224. β€’ :cloud_rain: Fix Monster Logs not dropping on Drizzle difficulty
  225. β€’ :cloud_rain: Fix misnamed language token in profile creation screen
  226. β€’ :cloud_rain: Fix holes in the ceiling of the Bazaar
  227. β€’ Fix the Ice Crown on Brass Contraptions hanging in the air after death
  228. β€’ Improved interpolation of characters online
  229. β€’ :cloud_rain: Fix Engineer sprint sounds not playing first time sprinting on a stage
  230. β€’ :cloud_rain: Fix an issue with the Gnarled Woodsprite healing the player every time it was picked up
  231. β€’ :cloud_rain: Fix β€˜Enable Damage Numbers’ not saving between playthroughs
  232. β€’ Fix equipment targets not being updated at the moment of firing (i.e Woodsprite not being able to select targets with Gesture)
  233. β€’ Fix Bison charge effect being on the wrong layer and showing through walls
  234. β€’ Clear idle animation for Hermit Crabs after they die
  235. β€’ Advancing through intermissions no longer counts as an addition to stages passed or maximum stages cleared
  236. β€’ Alternate equipment slot for MUL-T now counts towards β€˜Moon Worshipper’ achievement
  237. ==== Bug Fixes cont'd  ====
  238. β€’ Prevent attacks with proc coefficient 0 applying Crowd Control effects like the Behemoth + Snapfreeze
  239. β€’ Set interrupt priority of frozen state to be higher than stun state to fix issues with the Artificer Snapfreeze being interrupted by Stun Grenades
  240. β€’ Fix a variety of typos
  242. Thanks for your patience while we worked on this new content and we hope you all enjoy the new build!
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