MGE Side III Mira History

Apr 25th, 2021
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  1. ... Welcome, this is Mira. Everyone, passes the time, peacefully, it’s a very nice island...
  2. I’m, Fulafel, this island’s... Diva, and this is where, I sing a song of welcome, to everyone visiting this island...
  3. ... Mira is truly, a wonderful place. The shining blue, clear, water grows Mira’s, delicious, fruit.
  4. You can, soak forever, in the nice warm hot spring water, surrounded by stone arrangements, and soft earth.
  5. The pleasant breeze, flowing through the back alleys, against my flushed body... This island, I love everything about it, and I spend a lot of time relaxing, losing track of time.
  7. Every day, I spend in Mira... is always glistening.
  8. You too, when the wind blows, let it blow you, and together, with the spirit of the wind, try and go even further beyond.
  9. When it rains, listen to the sound, and surely, the spirit of the water will be singing.
  10. When the sun sets, gaze at the moon... close your eyes, and fall asleep.
  12. I hope every casual day, every casual discovery, and every repetitive day becomes a treasure for you.
  13. You, who came here, are an important, person, to me, and to this island.
  14. People who come to Mira, find themselves stopping, and taking a look around. Surely, you will find something, precious to you.
  15. Until you find, it, stay forever.
  16. Even if you find it, stay forever.
  17. That’s because, Mira, is a place for everyone.
  18. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  19. This quiet island, Mira, I love it.
  20. Mira is an ancient city of eternity. An island, of nature, left as is, full of tranquility, as if time has stopped.
  21. If you take, a few steps, you will soon find that Mira’s nature, and Mira’s spirits, will embrace you.
  22. You know, Mira is, the oldest land, in Court Alf.
  23. Mira, is the largest island, in the Asuramis Sea... It has the deepest history, and, has always, always, been, a country that has lived, together with nature.
  24. It has been around, since the previous, Demon Lords.
  25. Since the time when, we monsters, couldn’t live with, people, Mira has been praising nature, and worshipping spirits... And so, it was a wonderful country of, bountiful harvests, that shared its blessings of the land, with monsters... Mira is, the largest island, and the most wonderful island...
  26. That’s why, many people, from other islands, and far away countries, came.
  27. They all said that, the fruit grown on Mira, was delicious, and that, all of Mira’s people, were happy.
  28. The outsiders wanted, to trade money, for the fruits.
  29. There ended up being, a lot of trade, with other islands, and far away countries.
  30. Eventually, the number of people, moving to Mira, grew, and little by little, Mira got bigger.
  31. The people that moved, to Mira, said they really liked, Mira’s nature... and everyone in Mira was happy.
  32. Everyone’s smiling faces, so peaceful...
  33. But... that’s not quite, correct, even though Mira, was getting bigger. Mira wasn’t, getting any bigger.
  34. Eh? Ah, yes... Ummm, I don’t really, get it, sorry...
  35. Hmm... Maybe, even though there were more people, the blessings, Mira gave... Maybe, they didn’t change, I think.
  36. And so, um, umm...! Why can’t, I get myself, to say it... jeez! You’re a Diva, me. Well, I’m trying, to say it now...!
  37. Sorry. A spirit, wanted to talk, just now...
  38. But, I want to do my best too, you know.
  40. ...Um, are you, bored with, my story?
  41. Do you want to, drink this? It’s a drink, from my store... It’s made with, melting fruit, and it’s really, delicious... you know?
  42. Yeah, if you think it’s, good, then I think I’ll... add it to, a new menu...♪
  44. Ah, well, I’ll continue, then, umm...
  45. So, basically, there were people, in Mira, but... Mira’s blessings, were still, limited.
  46. ... No, on the contrary... more, and more people, kept coming, and everyone... changed.
  47. ... More people, came to the island, and a lot more, money, could be exchanged.
  48. For that reason, they needed a bigger, place to trade, a market, you know.
  49. The islanders, asked the spirits, to share nature, with them.
  50. The spirits were... happy, to cooperate.
  51. The spirit of the earth, spread out, the land, for everyone.
  52. The people of the island, were all, very happy, and grateful.
  53. ... Now that, a market was on the island, even more, people, came to Mira.
  54. With even more people, living here, houses, were needed. And so, more lumber was needed, than before.
  55. The islanders, asked the spirits, to share nature, with them again.
  56. The spirits... cooperated.
  57. The spirit of the wind, cut down trees, and opened up, the forest, for everyone.
  58. The people of the island, were all, very happy, and grateful.
  59. ... There were now, many more, houses, on the island... but now everyone, wanted a greater, fruit harvest.
  60. The islanders, asked the spirits, to share nature, with them again.
  61. The sprits, were worried, but they cooperated.
  62. The spirit of water, drew up water, and enriched it, for everyone.
  63. All of the people, on the island, were happy.
  64. ... One day, in the market, a fight broke out. At the same time, there were many, arguments, breaking out over, the harvest, in neighboring fields.
  65. As a result of, the bountiful business, Mira was divided, into two kinds of people, those that had high positions, and those that didn’t.
  66. Eventually, those in power, took charge of, Mira’s fields.
  67. The powerful people, kept Mira’s fields, all to themselves...
  68. Rather than have, the big wigs, take their fields... the islanders, would rather destroy, the fields...
  69. The islanders, asked the spirits, to destroy, nature.
  70. Silent, the spirits, cooperated.
  71. The spirit of fire, burned down, the fields, for everyone.
  73. Before they knew it, the people, of Mira, stopped smiling, and everyone, started fighting.
  74. Mira was, growing larger, and everyone wanted, her blessings, and wanted more, happiness. And yet, Mira was no longer, as sparkling, and beautiful, as it used to be.
  75. The islanders, couldn’t ask, the spirits, for more help.
  76. The spirits, couldn’t help them, anymore.
  77. The spirits, were so tired, they couldn’t help, anymore.
  78. They could no longer, receive, nature’s blessings, like they used to... Everyone was, in big trouble.
  79. That’s why, everyone on the island, decided to, work together, to take good care of, what nature they had left.
  80. They had to, protect, Mira, not change it... That’s the path... that everyone, decided on.
  81. They wouldn’t concern themselves, with the outside, anymore. They decided, to keep nature, only for themselves... to continue protecting it, so they wouldn’t have, to share any of its blessings, with the outside.
  83. Mira’s, fruits, and vegetables, were gone... The people of, Saida, had nothing, to eat.
  84. They covered, their ears... They pretended, not to hear, the sad voices, of Saida’s people, crying for help.
  85. And then, the voices of the spirits... couldn’t be heard, at all.
  87. The people of Mira, drove out, new people, coming to Mira.
  88. Those people, were captured, by a strong country, known as Diana... and sent to, an island called, Dé Ryúa...
  89. They turned their eyes away... They pretended, not to see, how the people of Dé Ryúa, were being treated cruelly, as slaves.
  90. That’s why, at some point, even the spirits’, appearance... could no longer, be seen.
  92. What, was right, what, was wrong...
  93. Were both paths, wrong...
  94. Mira’s people... didn’t understand it, either...
  95. Surely, no matter, which path they chose...
  96. There are hard times, and painful times...
  97. But, when Mira, began to change...
  98. Mira’s people, weakened, and pretended, not to see, the spirits...
  99. They pretended, not to hear, the voices crying for help... The people of Mira, didn’t want to see, they didn’t want to hear... They settled on a path, where they didn’t have to see, or hear, the painful, and bitter, things... And that’s why, the island of Mira, stopped giving, its blessings...
  101. Don’t pretend, you can’t see...
  102. Don’t pretend, you can’t hear...
  103. Look, straight ahead, and listen, to everything...
  104. They had to think, very, very, carefully. They had to think, and overcome. Stop moving, and, stop doing, reckless things... If they only tried to protect, what’s right in front of them, they would... loose sight, of what’s, really important.
  105. The people, of Mira, had been secluded, for a very, long time, but the Great Songstress’s song, finally made them realize... no, they remembered. How it was, at first.
  106. What did, the people of Mira, want to do in, the beginning? What did, they think, of the people, that came to, this island?
  107. The people of, Mira, have changed again, since then. Um... um, um! Yes, they came back! That’s what, I was trying to say!... Geez!
  108. Sorry. The spirits...
  109. Told me to, explain it properly, and I got, mad...
  111. The wounds, of the great war, were healed, in Mira. There were wounded people, who had nowhere, to go.
  112. Providing, a place, to stay... Opening up, the hot springs... Offering, delicious, food... to all that came, to Mira... They wanted to, make them love, the beautiful nature, of Mira, and the sparkling, island, they all loved, so much. Everyone, thought differently, than they had, before... And then, the spirits, came back...
  113. The spirits, used the blessings, of Mira, for everyone’s sake, so they wouldn’t be, in pain, or suffer...
  115. And then... Before they knew it, they could see, the spirits, again.
  116. Now that, we can talk to, the spirits again, Mira is just like, the old days... It’s become, an even nicer island, than it was before.
  117. ... I’m also, not very good... at talking, with people, so I’m, shy, and scared... But, I think, I’m changing, a little.
  118. No matter how difficult things are, no matter how painful they are, I want, everyone on this island, to be able to, eliminate all the hard, and painful, things.
  119. That’s why, I... I love, this story, about Mira... What, do you think?
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