Pony Hoofbook

Jul 16th, 2014
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  1. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  3. >Brand new DLC's, available on any of your favorite (or most hated) electronic devices! The currently unlocked expansions are:
  5. -Construct Madness!
  6. "Heh, it used to be if you wanted attention, you'd just shout 'Construct!' and everypony goes straight into combat stance. Now though, we're a little wiser, can't let 'em know that you know they're here. Oh sure, we've got hundreds of shells, weapons, both whole and in parts, little bits and pieces of this or that.. there's even some place that I ordered be filled with all their damned orange 'blood', or whatever it is. Can't tell you where though, that's a secret. If you've ever wondered what an unstoppable, biomechanical tidal wave of logic, backed up by weapons that makes your own tech seem pathetic in comparison looks like, you don't have to wonder any longer. They're back for another round, and after all the wars we've had with 'em, who knows? They might just win this time." -Twisted Wing
  8. -Ethereal Plane!
  9. "As old as the other Planes, the Ethereals are ruled by a caste system that is absolute and totalitarian, with zero mercy given for ignoring the lighest, most useless of orders. They abide by maddening laws that defy comprehension, more alien to us than that of the Dominion's laws, concern themselves with preventing incursions from other Planes and worlds, and, some have rumored, are privately at war with their own supposed allies, the Crystal ponies. I have to question what the 'external threats' that they claim to defend against truly are, and what, precisely, we are now forced to deal with." -Denra
  11. -Imminent Retrieval!
  12. "At times, it becomes prudent to.. dispose of something. A creation too terrible, horrifying, devastating, abominable even. It does not matter if this thing is physically, mentally, or politically harmful to keep about, only that it must be disposed of in the quietest of manners. ..of course, sometimes an enemy does too. At that point, it becomes more prudent to deny that enemy what they have willingly chosen to dispose of, and to acquire it with all due haste. The true problem, however, is what to do once it is in your possession, and what you must do to keep it that way." -Hodch
  14. -Medical Lesbians!
  15. "I'm not quite sure where they've all come from, but this much I know: nurse and doctor pairs, nearly all of them unicorns so far as we have seen, with Crystal ponies as the remainder, have been sent to most every city and town in Equestria, as well as the capitals and major cities of other countries, city-states, and etcetera. They're given a single clinic building, much like how the old one here was, a large number of extraordinarily potent alchemical and medical supplies, and allowed to hoof out flyers stating that they will treat virtually anypony, or anyone for that matter, whom enters, whether injured, ill, or what have you. Of course, I find it a little odd that they all demonstrate such remarkably high aptitudes for medical care, but what is most concerning is that if somepony, or someone, enters and is not wounded or sick, they.. put on a show. By that, I mean with each other.. sexually. Which begs my next question: what, exactly, ARE they doing on Tallus?" -Tipper
  17. -Resurgence of the Dynasty!
  18. 'The head of every earth pony, whether they know it or not, is subtly bowed in shame. The ancient fields of their ancestors, once resplendent and coveted by all, yes, even a few Changelings, have been neglected and now lay fallow, doomed to grow little more than endless fields of grass above blood-soaked soil. Their stone halls, parts of the Vigil formed to repulse Undead that tormented the living, now lie silent, buried deep in the earth with their memories forgotten. Their mares, the bearers of their entire species, have grown desperate for answers as to why when each colt is birthed, there are ten fillies, and more than that in some places. As a species, they bear the collected guilts and crimes of the Empress upon their necks. As I have seen through my life, that weight has crippled them. At times I find their dedication to make up for her reign odd; it is both honorable, yet morbid, though it bears little meaning in this era as modern ponies have accepted history, especially the leaders of history, for what it is, and learned important lessons that we would not have otherwise. As of late, however, each earth pony I have come across is... restless, nervous, liable to snap vocally, or even physically, at the smallest provocations, and they refuse to tell me why. Make no mistake: there is nothing that makes me more cautious, or concerned, than a restless earth pony.' -Roust
  21. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  23. >CUSTOMIZABLE COMPANIONS! Depending on your Companion's skills and combat capabilities, they will be able to equip new clothing, weapons, armor, items, or other devices, by simply asking: "Want to change your outfit or equipment?"
  24. -Depending on the standard outfit of said Companion, not all of them will accept bows in their mane or tail. Side effects may include but are not limited to: disappearing clouds, exploding seagulls, and large amounts of wine.
  25. -Note: socks may be worn by any species, but you may be subject to foalnadoes if applicable.
  28. >Hoofboots, hoofclaws, hoofspikes, biteblades, and short swords may be equipped by all ponies!
  29. >Custom Light Armor may be worn by all ponies!
  30. >Single and wing-covering custom Wingblades, are, of course, still pegasi only!
  31. >New item: Custom Wingclaw Armor! Usable only by batponies, Wingclaw Armor can be made to improve DR or provide additional Melee and other skill bonuses! While a bit constraining to free-mango'd batponies, most of them will eventually come to enjoy their new armored claw additions! Go seek out Krinza in the Workshop if you would like to have a pair made!
  32. >Light Lances, Halberds, Pikes, and other polearms may be equipped by all ponies, but Heavy polearms may only be equipped by Crystal/Earth ponies and Saddle Arabians!
  33. >Custom Medium weaponry may be equipped by all but pegasi!
  34. >Custom Medium Armor may be worn by Crystal/Earth ponies and Saddle Arabians!
  35. >Custom Heavy weaponry may only be equipped by Saddle Arabians, and Crystal & Earth ponies!
  36. >Custom Heavy Armor may only be worn by Crystal & Earth ponies!
  37. >Friendly Eldritch weaponry may be used by any pony capable of their use!
  38. -WARNING: certain Eldritch beings may leave you confused, aroused, and lost in the Fortress Courtyard filled with tennis balls!
  40. *****
  41. P.U.P.S.!
  42. >Not a highly secret project by any means, P.U.P.S., short for Personal/Ponial Utility Platform Structures, were developed by Bren's engineering research into the human ideas of standard structures. Incorporating the idea of modularity into her own designs, she produced a number of small buildings and defensive structure schematics that could be constructed at a moment's notice and delivered via translocation matrices, or through unicorn translocation if such is unavailable. The majority of P.U.P.S. are lightweight enough to be easily carried, moved, or teleported about once in field, and are designed to accommodate extra armoring or additional utilities if requested. The Heavy Barricade, both Outposts (still under construction), and the Adv. Survival Shelter (coming soon!) all come with retractable wheels for movement.
  44. -Light Barricade: 150 Armor, 4DR, Destructible. A single slab of thinly steel plated, moderately enchanted ironwood, 3' tall, 5' long, and 2" thick, stabilized by a pair of steel brackets with 1' long skids mounted on both ends to prevent it from being knocked over. A light barricade constructed solely for the purpose of fast deployment, the frontal facing is slanted at a 40 degree rearward angle, providing modest cover if disguised properly, offers decent protection against lesser threats, and has a moderate chance of deflecting ranged attacks. Humans are quite capable of dragging one around with relative ease, and can shelter two Operators at a time if they squeeze together behind it, though for obvious reasons isn't suited to defense against any other threats. Once the Light Barricade's Armor has been entirely depleted, it will no longer provide any protection.
  46. -Standard Barricade: 300 Armor, 6DR. A single slab of enchanted, externally steel-plated ironwood barrier, 4' tall, 7' long, 4" thick, stabilized by a pair of heavy steel brackets with 2' long skids mounted on both ends to prevent it from being knocked over. Considerably more protective than the light barricade, the standard version is meant for deployment against significant ranged threats, and as a result is quite a bit heavier. The frontal facing is slanted at a 35 degree angle rearwards, providing a high degree of protection against most threats, even unicorns, and if needed can be further armored by additional plating. Requiring two Operators to maneuver due to it's weight, the standard barricade is difficult to disguise due to it's shape, yet is sturdy enough to allow for the placement of directional explosives, particularly mines, on it's facing, making ear plugs a bit more valuable than they used to be.
  48. -Heavy Barricade: 450 Armor, 8DR. An externally steel-plated, heavily enchanted ironwood barrier, 5' tall, 8' long, and 6" thick. When her initial design of the heavy barricade was unable to be moved by an 8-man squad of Operators, Bren was forced to ask Krinza for a mechanical solution to her overbuilt problem. Questioning Clemency's on his knowledge of aircraft and Kraut's vehicle aptitude, Krinza hoof-forged six steel mechanically retractable and swiveling legs, along with an equal number of maple wood wheels, sealed over by several layers of vulcanized rubber, melding them onto stainless brackets, further melding four also retractible landing skids to allow for additional support and some maneuverability in field. Despite the innovative (to ponies) additions, it still requires either a minotaur, a mature earth pony, whether psion or not, or a unicorn to aid in moving this particular barrier, and is next to impossible to disguise due to it's dimensions, though allows three Operators (or four manlets) to take cover behind it.
  50. -Ambush Blind: 75 Armor, 1DR. A simple, easy to conceal ground blind frame, 3' tall, 6' long, and 3' wide. Little more than four thin walls with a opening large enough for a heavy rifle in the front, this skeletal frame is meant to be carried by an Operator, or a pony of unicorn size and smaller, without hindering them much. As it's weight had to be under 25 pounds to allow any human wanting one for their own use, Bren's crew needed more small dimension wood planks than could be readily cut down from the massive stocks of ironwood, and began harvesting smaller trees and larger shrubs around Razorback Fortress, specifically those of light weight and moderate durability, though they placed greater importance on neutral wood colorations that could be hidden in field, ready to be colored, disguised, and concealed at the user's opportunity.
  53. *****
  54. SAVING!
  55. >You may now SAVE at any time before performing really dumb shit, like walking off a cliff, wandering off to stand under falling rocks, or attempting to Steal pie!
  57. -You will also be auto-saved upon using use of the Miniature Translocation item, though there may be side effects such as dire seagulls and explosive penguins!
  59. -Your GM will auto-save you before talking to Mercy and other volatile NPC's! No more errant deaths, Red Rings of Terror, or White Screens of Death! You may still be subject to booty calls, whistling mares, and waking up covered in pineapples or other sticky fruits.
  62. *****
  63. SUPPORT ACTIONS! Certain NPC's and Companions may be called upon to deliver supplies, teleport you out of lava, facestomp your enemies, and perform other combat or noncombat actions such as healing and curing allies, failing to cook cherries properly, and picking locks! However, only TWO Support Actions may be taken per operation, so choose whom you want to aid you wisely!
  65. >Allies & Companions available for Support Actions: Bren, Caliya, Cu'Nir, Mercy, Naliyna, Roust, Twisted Wing
  68. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  70. >DRAGONS! The Dragonspine Mountains are now unlocked! Don't go trying to loot any dragon hoards now, you won't even survive one yawning at you!
  72. >ELITE Operations are now open! An Operator with a minimum of 51XP may join a Team Operation, but will require 71XP to go on a Solo Operation! BE ADVISED~ that while the rewards are FANTASTIC, the dangers are much GREATER than before!
  74. >Hostile Eldritch weaponry can be easily tamed by the Five Sisters, or contested alongside your most stalwart Operators and closest Allies! Just don't expect to have everything function perfectly!
  76. >MEDICAL LESBIANS! Almost every city in Equestria, and the capitals of most countries, now have a Medical Clinic that offers free services designed SPECIFICALLY to cater to your injuries! Please note that injuries may be awarded to an Operator should they so desire.
  78. >XL, XXL, & Monstrous enemies have been unlocked! Don't go wandering around the Everfree hoping to stay unmolested, or you will know true pain!
  82. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  83. "Awright ponies, gather 'round and listen up! Nah, not you Tips, you just stay there and keep your hooves warm. AHEM! Now, as you all know we're the ones entrusted to keep their stupid asses alive, healthy, and aware of what's going on at all times, so that means I'm making a few big changes to how we work. First off, the mercs, Guards, and Broken Hoof might be a part of the Fortress, but they're doing their own shit, so treat them like you would everypony else. If you have a problem with 'em, take care of it before -I- get involved, got that? Good, good, now, second part's a little harder, especially for those of us with a 'past'. What I want us all to do is: keep in mind they ain't ponies. They don't think, act, reason, or feel like we do, so it might be hard to understand what they're doing or why they're acting funny. Bells and Naliyna, for obvious reasons, are the ones you wanna talk to in case you're having difficulties with 'em. If you need advice otherwise, come talk to me, I won't steer you wrong. Third's about me writing a book for us based off theirs, but there's a problem: I need input. Every scrap of information about our weapons, armor, unicorn casting, Crystal runes, psionics, recovery, alchemy, combat techniques, how and why we judge our priorities, basically everyfuckin'thing about us that they don't or won't know otherwise. What? Uhh.. no? Look, just because I was Starborn don't make me a genius, and I damned sure don't have an eidetic memory. LOOKING AT ALL OF YOU, UNICORNS! I know when to listen and when to make a request, how to deal with hostiles.. that's about it. Fourth: you got something you want to add in, bring it to Denra, me, or one of the Spirals, and we'll toss it in the book as soon as we can. So without further ado.. fillies and colts, stallions and mares alike! Allow me to present: the Pony Hoofbook!" -Starborn General Twisted Wing
  85. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  87. #1: "Murdering, raping, or ruining the life or lives of sentient and sapient beings are considered crimes worthy of execution, should the burg, village, city, city-state, or country's Judges deem so. That don't mean you should stick your hoof, tongue, or dick, if you're one of those few that have one, in something that can think and don't want it 'cause that might be seen as disgusting, wrong, illegal.. who knows what else. If you're contracted to kill somepony, especially when you're dealing with Shanis or any others, just make SURE they deserve it first or else it might come back and bite us ALL in the ass!" -Starborn General Twisted Wing
  89. #2: "Some of you are young enough to think you don't necessarily need to be around your friends every day or night, and that's right, sometimes. We originated as a herd-based communal species, which means physical, social, and emotional contact are required often in order to keep us stable mentally. When you start feeling down, for any reason, go find one of your friends and sit with them for a bit, or else you're going to start wandering down into depression or worse. Most ponies, excluding Twisted Wing because she's a deviant with a dominance fetish, and by the way you had best stop injuring Clemency or I'm going to sit you in the clinic to teach you proper physical respect for about thirty hours straight! ..where was I? Oh yes; require at least ten minutes of interaction five times a day to be mentally healthy." -Doctor Tipper
  91. #3: "Contracts are.. an ancient form.. of barter.. ing and.. negotia.. tion. Once some.. pony has accep.. ted a contract.. they are required.. to adhere.. to it's rules.. conditions.. and stipula.. tions until.. the contract.. is completed. ..a contract.. should always.. be changed.. and renegoti.. ate due to.. circumstances.. beyond their.. control, or if.. you have been.. unfairly.. contracted. If you.. take on a.. contract.. that you cannot.. fulfill.. later on, it.. is best to.. contact the.. contract giver.. and explain.. the conditions.. as to why. ..doing so is.. not looked.. down upon.. as honesty is.. more valuable.. than hardship. ..earth ponies.. will never think.. about breaking.. a contract.. a vow.. or an oath.. but will.. hold great.. hatred and.. disgust for those.. that break.. either, so.. be cautious.. in this manner." -Mercy, Spirit Walker
  93. #4: "Trust is a very important part of all relationships, more so in business, and far more so in herds. Mercy has spoken on the matter of contracts, and her knowledge is directly linked to this topic, though I would still like for all of you to pay close attention. I have known only four ponies that have broken trust with others during my time in the Honor Guard, and while three of them were eventually forgiven and re-accepted, the last one.. will likely never be. That one decided to pay no heed to others, and acted in manners too selfish and damaging to ever be trusted again. Those of you whom have a connection to a human, like myself, or two in Mercy's case, pay close attention to their reasonings, thoughts, words, and logic. If any of theirs conflicts with yours, those of your herd's, or others that it may effect, then speak up. Be polite, honorable, and most of all, be curious. Do not allow a misjudgement to be made on account of social passivity, as I have seen what occurs when self-pride comes before logic. It is no place for anypony to be." -Mist Dancer
  95. #5: "I should probably have explained this to you a while ago, so I'll start it here: killing is out of place for ponies. Most, that is. Since the majority of us are herbivores, discounting insect-eating batponies and pegasi, our herd structures and social interactions aren't conducive to violence. Sure, mares and stallions will scuffle a bit to prove who's the most dominant from time to time, but that rarely ends in anything more than bruises, sprains, and maybe a bit of lost pride. It takes a willing mind, a hard heart, and the objective reasoning, with some logic and forethought, to take a life. Killing itself isn't a crime because we do have the right to defend ourselves, but murder without necessity or desperation is." -Nightblade Captain Belltower
  97. #6: "When going outside of Equestria it's pretty much required to make contact with the locals. " -
  99. #7: " " -
  101. #8: " " -
  104. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  106. -All non-Human beings are able to learn a Basic skill for 1XP, upgrade to Expert for 2XP, upgrade to Master for 3XP, and upgrade to Grandmaster for 5XP.
  108. -At any time a skill can be improved by +1 for 1XP, up to Grandmaster+10 for non-physical skills, Grandmaster+12 for Casting & similarly related esoteric abilities, and Grandmaster+15 for close combat abilities. Improving beyond these limits will require significant training to advance.
  110. *1XP can be exchanged for a permanent +1DR for a non-Elite NPC, while 5XP is required for an Elite, typically capping at 2DR for unicorns, 3DR for pegasi & batponies, 4DR for Crystal ponies and Saddle Arabians, and 5DR for earth ponies.
  112. *1XP can be exchanged for a permanent +10 MaxHP (non-Elite), while an Elite must spend 2XP for the same amount, typically capping at 120HP for unicorns, 150HP for pegasi, 180HP for batponies, 220HP for Crystal ponies, 260HP for Saddle Arabians, and 300HP for earth ponies.
  115. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  118. "No, not feathers Mercy, just replace the word 'primary' with the word.. eh fuck, I dunno.. skills we know how to perform? Let's get some explanations on 'em from each of us, eh? Now, you all know you can strike and evade, or try to strike first and take your opponent off guard, but there's a few tricks I've learned over the years. If you have two weapons, one big and one small, like wingblades and hoofboots, AHEM, Mercy's favored pair, you might have a better chance using both instead of just one." -Starborn General Twisted Wing
  120. *****
  121. CASTING: an ability unique to, and can only be performed by, unicorns. The horn is a direct connection between the arcane energies suffusing Tallus and the mental control/bond with said energies, allowing unicorns to effect the world's material and immaterial states with a combination of scientific and magical fact & theory, combining inherent and learned understandings and knowledges of technical matter & non-matter manipulation. Most unicorns cannot pass Master+8 without significant time and resources expended, thus very few ever reach Grandmaster+10.
  123. "Arcane Awareness is one of the least common of unicorn abilities, requiring considerable focus, depth of knowledge, and understandings of esoteric, elemental, and various immaterial states, energies, and beings. When viewed by somepony, the various states I mentioned can be perceived and analyzed for a time before it fades, allowing the caster to see through adverse weather conditions that would otherwise be impossible to see or sense through, and some effects such as being Blinded or Deafened. For obvious reasons it will not function properly if you are suffering from a Concussion, are Charmed, or otherwise incapacitated in similar means." -Mist Dancer
  125. "Barrage is a Master ranked spell, one of the most difficult ones to accomplish due to it's wide area of effect and often antagonistic elemental requirements, though I consider it simple to perform. The caster must create a large number of elemental bolts into a cohesive pattern and release them at a specific area within their line of sight. This is often used to deny an enemy a terrain advantage either due to acidic pools, numerous ice slicks, or causing havoc amongst a lightly armored and flammable force.. with flame, of course." -Mist Dancer
  127. "Blind is a simple, Expert level spell, the use and abuse of concentrated atmospheric pressurization techniques to create a minor, or large depending on your skill, colorful detonation, the result bright enough to temporarily disable the ocular organs. Be careful, as allies may be in the vicinity and suffer the same. ..yes, that means the eyes." -Mist Dancer
  129. "Bolt is a fairly simple Basic level spell: the creation of elemental, anti-elemental, or non-elemental projectiles of a small nature, often blunt or rounded to produce greater kinetic impacts, usually ranging from one to twelve inches in length with variable width, weight, and density depending on the situation. It's not common to see spikes or blades on them, but you can be guaranteed if somepony is forming a bolt with them they should be knocked out first." -Celestia
  131. "Confuse is a difficult to learn and even harder to accomplish spell, ranked at Master. The proper method is to create a barrage of distracting, disorienting, and painful sounds directed at a target, combined with a host of distorted images, typically the target's history, mentality, allies, the terrain, nearby features and landmarks, thus making each instance and attempt individual in nature and impossible to reproduce correctly, making it pointless to Confuse the same target twice." -Mist Dancer
  133. "Deafen is an Expert rank spell, much the same as Blind, creating a small, highly charged atmospheric bubble and impacting it with an unstable air elemental detonation. If powerful enough it may deafen a target, or targets, in immediate range. Again, be careful as allies may be in the vicinity and suffer the same results." -Mist Dancer
  135. "Delineation is the art, and I do stress the word ART, of absorbing the energies trapped within a specific room or drawing them from an object in an attempt to see pieces of it's past. While it does have it's uses, it is extremely dangerous as it causes a great deal of harm on the third and further attempts from what we call 'arcane poisoning', or in short, absorbing a greater than normal level of arcane energy. You'd have to learn it from a Master, but it requires some time." -Celestia.
  136. *The caster utilizing Delineation suffers -50HP upon the third and further uses, this damage cannot be prevented, avoided, or mitigated.
  138. "Hold is one of the few truly defensive Expert ranked spells, creating a half-corporeal metallic chain to bind an enemy's movements, but can be broken if the target is of sufficient strength. It sees a great amount of use in the Honor Guard, Lunar Guard, Starborn, city militias, and among the Dragon Vigilants, yet most city-born unicorns have neither heard of it nor find use for it." -Mist Dancer
  140. "Identify is rather simple: the expansion of a unicorn's inherent senses to perceive an object's arcane status, or to find hidden ones that cannot be seen normally. For example, a weak enchantment will appear to flicker in one's vision or create a tinny sound, whereas a powerful one may produce white or colored spots in vision, and may even deafen the searcher if it is of sufficient strength. The College ranks it as Basic, however, it can be used by even untrained unicorns." -Marquis du Spiral
  142. "Imbue is an Expert level elemental or non-elemental arcane infusion for structuring or restructuring of weapons or armor. Imbuing a shield with runes, glyphs, or wards of resilience, along with a properly dense or durable material, strengthens it to absorb greater force, while doing the same to armor with a rune or glyph of frost can increase both durability and resistance to harm from ice. Imbuing a weapon with strike runes or glyphs increases the potential of harm, while performing the same with a rune or glyph of frost strengthens an already existing offensive enchantment." -Krinza
  144. "Invigorate is a difficult to cast Grandmaster spell, requiring Grandmastery in three other skills: Recovery, Enchanting, and Casting. When subsumed into a living being, they will take less harm from physical and non-physical weaponry, regenerate enough to counter heavy bleeding, as well as resist offensive elements and reactive defenses, including those that somepony would normally be unable to resist. Besides Cadence I do not know of anypony capable of casting it, but I have heard rumors that there is, or was, a Druid capable of doing so, though my knowledge on that may be two years out of date." -Mist Dancer
  146. "Lineation is one of the newest mental capabilities available to unicorns, as.. I believe Cadence came up with the idea. It's purpose is to remove, negate, and soothe mental wounds, exhaustion, and memories. It can also be used to lessen the effects of trauma and shock to living beings, but was mostly designed for ponies. It is difficult to perform on an unwilling being, but can be used without risk on those that aren't aware of their circumstances. It does not have a rank, contrary to most, and must be personally taught by Cadence to somepony that has Mastery in casting, though from what I understand, Wards are capable of learning this quite early on." -Celestia
  148. "Pacify is an inherent Master skill of all druids, combining the essences of soothing sounds, images or scenes, scents, and sensations that one has experienced to lull a target into a state of difficult to refuse comfort. This state is temporary and can only be broken by harming the target. No. ..no. I am not explaining how I know of this, Marquis. And you can keep your ghoulish hooves away from me, too." -Mist Dancer
  150. "Psychokinesis is a skill Expert casters can learn, but is rather complex to use and control. While it has the same functions that a psion can control inherently, for us unicorns it is a bit more crude, we can't exactly hold something perfectly still like they can. It can serve as an effective deterrent for would-be attackers since it doesn't cause our horns to overheat, like elemental spells do, so it makes an acceptable addition to our repertoire of skills." -Doctor Tipper
  152. "Reinforce is a Master rank skill, the use of inherent structural engineering concepts to shape, meld, and alloy materials, most commonly on metal, but works on nearly all materials in existence. By placing a mental diagram of the desired shape and end result with subtle manipulations of molecular bonding, movement, and cohesion, the caster can then form it to their desires, increasing durability and ductility without the normal side-effects of heat or cold resulting from forging and quenching processes." -Krinza
  154. "Shield is an Expert casting skill, the creation, reinforcing, and use of physical, elemental, or non-elemental materials and energies to protect oneself or another from harm. It's not common to see most unicorns use it considering it takes a focused mind, moderate willpower, and mental clarity to maintain one." -Mist Dancer
  156. "Shockwave is a mid-difficulty Expert level spell for most unicorns, combining an area wide elemental burst with an air-elemental detonation to increase range, potency, and after-effects. It is most often used as an elementally based stun, but it isn't uncommon to see Commanders and such using Shockwave to damage fortifications." -Celestia
  158. "Snare, another Basic rank casting skill, is one of the most common utility spells available. What it is, most of the time, is a simple elemental lash, vine, or tendril that is used to grasp and slow down or hold an enemy.. or ally, depending on their state of mind. Because of it's propensity to sometimes run amok in a melee, it is often looked down upon for it's less than substantial nature and lack of stellar performance, but against a single opponent it excels in versatility. The more potent the caster, the greater the strength of the snare itself." -Celestia
  160. "Void Sight is a highly uncommon Master ranked spell, taught exclusively by unicorn Nightblades of the Starborn, particularly me, though I'm not positive how Spiral knows it. There's a few others that may teach it if they feel like doing so, but they're usually in active service and won't deal with you unless you're a Lunar faction member. The principle is to sink oneself into the Underdark just enough to be considered one of them, that is, indistinguishable, then finding a friendly Void creature to mentally link to, such as Void Divers or a Knife-eye if you happen to be so lucky. This will allow the ability to see through their eyes and senses, but has two problems, namely how long that creature wants to stick around, and how much it dislikes seeing this side of Tallus, so don't expect one to sit and stare in one place for long." -Nightblade Hodch, Master Lunar Lorekeeper
  162. "Wave is a Master ranked spell combining the collection, concentration, and forceful expulsion of one or two elements in tandem. The nature of the wave depends on the element used, and I will by no means state these for cruel uses. Air is used for knocking enemies back or clearing out fragile snares and the like, earth is often used for surrounding oneself and creating a barrier, or barriers, and destroying fortifications, water, of course, for extinguishing flame, slowing down or surprising enemies with excessive cold, lightning for stunning or for defeating Rift constructs, force for doing the same to physical non-construct beings with better results, and.. I would rather not detail the others." -Celestia
  164. *****
  166. "Creativity.. many uses, simple name. Psionic of course. Speak to others far away, create, change, shift, warp, distort memories, change perceptions temporarily, fool or trick senses, enhance one's pleas- ..excuse me, but may be wrong on some of those." -Tower Guard Master-Captain Broken Hoof
  167. "Wait a moment, did I hear you right on that one? 'Enhance one's pleasure'? Now that's strange.. how come I've never heard or thought of doing that? ..wait a minute, this sounds like it came from that brothel o-" Dancing Eyes
  168. "NO MORE QUESTIONS! THAT IS ALL!" -Tower Guard Master-Captain Broken Hoof
  170. *****
  171. CRYSTAL RUNES: a unique skill only capable of being utilized by Crystal ponies. Producing by singing, humming, tapping rythmically, or even waiting for a particular sound to naturally occur, a Crystal pony utilizes the atmospheric or individually produced harmonic tones, sounds, and vibrations to create near-instant effects on material objects, as well as on or even inside living beings. This skill produces a cascade effect by a Crystal pony essentially 'pushing' their sincere intentions into the world, bypassing unicorn knowledge on energetic and matter manipulation. Unskilled Crystal ponies are capable of using basic effects such as pushing a crate in an imprecise direction, forming a rough barrier shield that may or may not be exactly the correct size or even in the right location, and closing simple wounds, whereas skilled singers can create extremely precise and minute effects such as silencing, deafening, or stunning an opponent without causing any harm, shielding a targeted individual's eyes from projectiles, or restoring functionality to damaged internal organs.
  173. "There's another one called Break, it's when... uh, well, we basically slap reality back to into being normal. Mostly used to drag ghosts, Spectrals, and non-physical things into Tallus spectrums so they turn physical, doesn't last long though, maybe half a minute if you're lucky. If you're good then it's possible to cancel unicorn magic, sorcery, and even psionic stuff.. that is if you can catch it in time. Ghosts do exist, I've seen, talked, and fought them before!" -Naliyna
  175. "Cover is sometimes called shield, but it's just a layer of harmonized sound waves or compressed air to protect somepony from just about anything.. except for spectrals and some psionic stuff. Low tones make a larger, more absorbent shield that's dark in color, and high tones make a smaller, more deflective shield that's much brighter." -Naliyna
  177. "Hey Twisted! I just remembered another one! Gimme a sec to show you.. okay, there! It's called Fade, been a while since I've used it. It lets us twist, shape, merge, or blend the visible spectrums with.. um, oh, refraction and diffraction mechanisms. It's similar to Stealth in a lot of ways, but I think it's limited to just being unseen and not moving." -Naliyna
  179. "Power is.. ..REALLY hard to describe since it's a lot of things I can do, like carve designs in stuff just by thinking of how exact I want the details to be, kinda like Pull, but the etchings and such are permanent, also a lot easier to make. If I want something specific, a bit like casting, I can shout to stun, whistle to make somepony's eyes stop working for a bit, or make a keening sound to deafen. It's also used to manipulate weapons, shields, and armor too. There's probably a lot more to it, but I don't remember it all, so I'll think on the rest later." -Naliyna
  181. "Pull is pretty much the same thing that psions can do, move or push objects with thought and direction based on sound, and do really delicate things, like removing splinters, engraving with a tool, and lots more. Because Pull is based on sound, small sharp notes make precise movements, where low sounds, bass and such, make 'wider' effects. It takes a lot of experience to learn the right ways to control movement this way though, which pretty much requires somepony to be a runesinger for the careful stuff." -Naliyna
  183. "Refresh is a lot like recovery, only without the funny side effects.. sorry Tipper, but feeling ticklish for two hours isn't much fun if I can't get to sleep and spend the entire time giggling! Hum.. well, I'm not sure what causes it to work, but all living beings are affected by soothing sounds, whether it's humming, singing, or instruments, but the pony's body, or any body really, you want to heal does so on it's own much faster than normal." -Naliyna
  185. *****
  186. ELEMENTAL LANCE: an ability that shares some similarities with casting, allowing a unicorn to form elemental weaponry from either the surrounding energies or those stored within the individual, almost always a lance due to it's simple creation and standardization, expulsing it from it's creator's control at difficult to avoid speeds. All unicorns have an elemental alignment, and most have great difficulties when attempting to use any other element than their preferred one, typically capping at Expert+8.
  188. "One of the first known uses of a unicorn's horn was an apparent attempt at recreating lightning, which, if Empress Silver's note taking is correct, was amusingly startling to that particular pony. The reason for using a lance is in it's simplicity, streamlined nature, and tendency to pierce armor. Unlike casting however, elemental lances become very difficult to improve after a certain point, requiring the necessity of learning from an elementalist, that is, a unicorn whom has mastered one or two elements, and often for a high price." -Denra, Veteran Mercenary
  190. *****
  191. ENRAGE: an inherent ability of all ponies that cannot enter the 'flee' or 'flight' mentality stages, whether due to increased danger levels or mental suggestion, that forces a small release of adrenaline, temporarily canceling the digestive process to provide greater blood flow to the body, and negates or nullifies the effects of instinctive fear-based responses. Depending on level of aggravation, rank of combat abilities, and physical strength, ponies will gain a variable +1 to +5 modifier to all Assault/Parry/Riposte and Block/Evasion/Flight/Reaction Speed/Sprint rolls, but will also suffer a -1 to -5 penalty to all non-combat rolls.
  193. "An angry pony, of any species, whether backed into a corner or simply aggravated enough to warrant an aggression response, can do quite a bit of harm, even to species such as minotaurs. The sudden release of adrenaline makes it much faster for one to calculate and appraise an opponent's weaknesses, or the best approach to simply knock said opponent out, but it also makes trying to articulate thoughts much harder due to the lessened response timing of the brain's secondary interactions fouling the translation to the body. I have noticed that the greater the inherent strength, the less the benefit from the adrenaline spike, so somepony such as Twisted Wing could be matched by, say, Belltower or Caliya, at least for a little while." -Doctor Tipper
  195. *****
  197. "Illusionary.. ..makes illusions. With enough control can make them look real, sound real with telepathy. What else to say?" -Tower Guard Master-Captain Broken Hoof
  199. *****
  200. LUNGE: used by earth ponies and Crystal ponies, counts as both Movement for distance and an offensive attack. Unarmored ponies may use Lunge every turn, lightly armored ponies every 2nd turn, and heavily armored ponies every 3rd or 4th turn, depending on the weight of their equipment.
  202. "Lunging is the bodily preparation and use of a distance covering leap of variable heights, mostly used by earth ponies, from ten to a hundred meters on average, but in a few extreme cases I've seen Triunes clear nearly a hundred fifty. It requires fine muscle control, timing, and is almost exclusively used with a lance. If you see a mare crouching down, especially if she's angry, you should vacate that immediate vicinity.. the alternative is to try and bend your head over your back and kiss your sweet flanks goodbye." -Tower Guard Master-Captain Dancing Eyes
  204. *****
  205. MELEE: pony-only melee weapons have a modifier and can be enchanted as per normal, but do not have any hidden bonuses. Few ponies will take or use a sentient weapon, and will actively avoid them, if not dangerous, or destroy such if found to be dangerous, whenever possible upon being encountered. Ponies will typically have a weapon strengthened to the point where it's difficult to destroy, seeing further refinement or reforging to grandmastery as unnecessary, too expensive to manage, and often time consuming. Ponies rarely see the need for an offensive enchantment, deriding the idea as either costly or time-consuming due to requiring specific items to improve their abilities, find it unnecessary in most cases, or consider the idea too violent for their tastes. That is, depending on ponial tastes.
  207. "Hoofboots, hoofclaws, hoofblades, biteblades, under-feather wingblades, wing-spanning wingblades, swords, lances.. you name it, anything you use to cause harm to somethin' else. Sure, you can use your own hooves, if you're a Crystal or earth pony, but trying to use your wings as a pegasus is gonna lead to shattering a few bones. Lann over there can demonstrate crushing granite into powder with a careless stomp, but it's better to have some kinda weapon and know how to use it rather than try to get by with as little as possible. Don't know how to use something? Ask around for somepony that does, we're always willing to train an interested mind." -Starborn General Twisted Wing
  209. "Biteblades are the simplest of weapons out there, capable of being created by almost anypony with the materials and a bit of skill. Take a knife or dagger blade, attach it to a mouth guard that won't shatter your teeth when you bite down or for if it gets struck, and that's all there is to it. Earth and Crystal ponies use them because of their greater strength, but some pegasi and unicorns liked them as a backup weapon, or for eliminating a high value target. Most of the time you're going to find a specialized version, such as a triangular trip that pierces armor, a curved blade for destroying the heart, or a spike for destroying the brain, but the basic idea is a sound practice." -Nightblade Captain Belltower
  211. "Hoofboots, hoofclaws, hoofblades.. a normal hoofboot.. is a formidable.. piece of armor and.. doubles as a.. weapon. By protecting.. the entire hoof and.. adding a shock.. absorbing material.. it is possible to.. strike even the hardest.. of materials and remain.. unscathed. By attaching.. from one to five blades.. to pierce armor or hide.. or spikes to mimic claws.. and for non-pegasi.. infusing a float and.. slowfall enchantment.. their potential uses.. are greatly increased.. compared to a basic.. hoofboot." -Mercy, Spirit Walker
  213. "Lances are fairly simple weapons. They're often one and a half to two times longer than the mare using it, normally with a single beam, and attached to either a saddle or armor with snaps, loops, hooks, anything somepony can think of to keep it stable. While the tips are usually rounded or blunt, sometimes they have a design like Broken Hoof's does. Hm? No, mine was a charging minotaur, entirely unrelated. By the way, pointed tips are generally used by assassins and the sort, so if you do see one in that configuration, knock out or kill them quickly. Pegasi ambushers favored lances in the past, though theirs were twin beamed, separated halfway to allow lessened shock and greater penetration with a more substantial chance of killing quickly, and with much less pain, in the first blow." -Tower Guard Master-Captain Dancing Eyes
  215. "Swords, for ponies, are simply a one or two edged blade attached to a larger mouth guard, almost always created with both an anti-shock and a sticky enchantment. Earth ponies are the primary users, though I have seen a few unicorns using one, or two, controlling them an extension of their casting abilities. Minotaurs and several biped species have their own version with a handle and one or two guards for additional protection." -Mist Dancer
  217. "True wingblades cover the entire spread of a pegasi's wings, protecting from where the wing's joint is attached to the body above the shoulder and all the way to the tips of the primaries, the front edge rolled over for attachment and comfort with either a series of blades or one single cutting surface across the face. Most of 'em are thick enough you can use as a shield, but might make you fly a little slower. Makes up for the tradeoff, I say." -Starborn General Twisted Wing
  219. "Wingblades are an upgrade of a biteblade. Fashion a blade that matches the size and shape of a pegasi's feathers, have a sticky enchantment on 'em, or the pony, and you got an easy to conceal weapon. You use 'em by flicking them around using each feather, a little trick that doesn't take long to learn, and swiping at an enemy. Large ones like mine, or huge ones like Twisted's can be folded together, making a resistant large scale blade, sorta, or an absorbent semi-shield if layered enough." -Lucky, Rogue's Circle Owner
  221. "Wing darts are small little.. well.. darts that are folded into a pegasi's secondary covert feathers. All it takes is a quick flick of the wing and you can send one hurling at whoever or whatever! Mine are really sharp with a barb on them that can cause more harm if you don't pull them out the right way, but some others prefer a type of poison applied. I tend to lose a lot, because nopony likes to pull them out and just run away. That's okay, because they're relatively easy to make, so I've got plenty of spares!" -Nightclaw Steel Blitz
  223. *****
  224. MIND'S EYE: a projected psionic construct with multiple uses, and can function as an Arcane Perception ability. The roll result/rank = the modifier used to project small directed bolts of force that functions as a [1d6+X], while the roll result*5 = amount of HP the Mind's Eye is created with. A Mind's Eye cannot have any DR as it is a temporary, immaterial creation.
  226. "The Mind's Eye is a psionic creation used to scout unknown paths, buildings, or other areas. It always has a central eye but may have more, and the size depends entirely on the psion's abilities. They can see in complete darkness or when a psion is blind, and they can attack with small bolts of force. They're pretty weak though, as I've learned.. oh, yeah, they are kind of a copy of the Eyes of Saddle Arabia, but I'm not sure why we're taught to create extra eyes on them. Probably redundancy, but who knows." -Tower Guard Master-Captain Dancing Eyes
  228. *****
  229. MIND'S VORTEX: functions as an anchor that vastly increases the range a psion may utilize their abilities without having to be in line of sight. The roll result indicates the number of close by living beings that are detected upon spawning, and will continue to detect that number of living beings each turn. This also allows a specific individual to be focused on and scanned for much more complete information than if the user was at extreme range.
  231. "The Mind's Vortex is another psionic creation, usually learned at the same time as the Eye. It establishes a grounding tether for psions to link their mind to, letting them operate at extreme range, or in dangerous areas that they can't visit. It collects neutral energies for the psion to use, lessening the overall strain and direct focus. While the colors are usually metals: copper, bronze, iron, steel, silver, gold, platinum, or anything else, they don't have a meaning. ..no, I'm sure, no meaning to it at all. ..are you even listening to me?" -Tower Guard Master-Captain Dancing Eyes
  233. *****
  234. RECOVERY:
  236. "Oh come on, this is an old topic I've already explained, but I suppose it's for a good cause. Recovery is an alternate form of Casting really, drawing omnipresent beneficial arcane energies from most Planes of existence, like Fire, Water, Earth, even Lightning, and I suppose from the others as well, into a unicorn's body. After a certain amount has been stored, the energetic mass is directed through the horn and infused into a living being. While this almost can't fail, there can be some odd side effects such as: heightened sensitivity to the skin, which happens an awful lot of the time to Crystal ponies and Changelings, a watery effect in the eyes, temporal lapse confusion, basically losing track of one's internal clock, losing how to sense one's own spatial inertia or movement, and so on. Unicorns that have no proficiency with Recovery can use it as a function of Casting, but it's both inefficient and has a chance to cause other short term side-effects, nothing permanent though. Are you happy now Twisted?" -Doctor Tipper
  238. 'Psionic healing is much the same, but weaker, takes more time, and does not confer the same benefits of restoration that a unicorn is capable of. It is also remarkably painful to be healed by a Changeling, and from what I understand trace essences of our inherent acidic psychokinetic properties are transferred through the recovery process. Painkillers seem to help, but it is still not a good idea.' -Vanguard Roust
  240. "I greatly appreciate your request for extra information General, some of what Tipper and Roust know I did not. Much of this very new to me, especially working with an entirely new species that seems to have a distaff incoherency with magic, but I am getting off track. In addition to our natural skills of healing, Wards such as myself, if you have not yet noticed by my eyes and bright coloration, expand the healing process in a subconsciously directed manner. We are granted a gradual understanding of the body's memory, using that knowledge to over time remove permanent damage, like I am doing with the injury to Mercy's throat vocal cords, and the scars carried by Caliya. For several reasons that I am unsure how to explain, a lost limb is impossible to restore, unfortunately, but I do know there are alternatives. Golem shapers can create a stone or gem replacement for example, though they are quite heavy, and there are rumors of a unicorn that lived in Las Pegasus whom could fashion flawlessly functioning mechanical limbs. I do not know that one's name, however, but she was quite a legend some years ago." -Nova Flicker, Contract Ward
  242. *****
  243. THIEVERY:
  244. "You... steal stuff. That's it. Nothing more to explain. And you can stop yourself right there, I'm gonna get some tea and mosey on back to my place before these questions get weirder." -Lucky, Rogue's Circle Owner
  245. "Really? Look, you just.. nick somepony's pouch when they're not looking, or stare at them really hard until you find something that looks shiny enough to take.. aaand I'm gone for a mango, kekekeya later~!" -Nightblade Captain Belltower
  246. "....why did I think drinking vodka before midnight was a good idea again?" -Starborn General Twisted Wing
  248. *****
  249. VENOM:
  250. "Ehhhh... fine. Some batponies, doesn't matter what subspecies, have hollow fangs with a set of poison glands located in the back of the mouth, much like snakes do, but it's considerably rare from what I know. Ours is a fast acting painkiller with a debilitating euphoric element, sometimes causing vertigo or hallucinations depending on the size of the target. Even if I wanted to experience it, we're supposedly immune to our own venom." -Nightblade Captain Belltower
  252. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  255. *****
  256. AMBUSH: the act of physically and mentally preparing and conserving enough energy and confidence to perform an additional strike, or series of strikes, before combat, combined with a trained mental command to release a small spike of adrenaline to temporarily improve physical performance. Same function as Operator Ambush.
  258. "Ambushing a target takes hard thought. Have to know what you want to strike, why, where, how, when. Once you know what you want to do, prepare mind and body, relax mind, focus thoughts, calm breathing. Once prey in range, strike hard and fast, don't be afraid of expending energy for better chance at taking target down quickly." -Caliya
  260. *****
  261. COVER:
  263. "You all probably noticed me and Twisted's wingblades by now, how you can make 'em look like a fan if curled up, yeah? Well, if you're a pegasus and you can do it just right they can act like a shield, at least until the opponent figures out how to nullify it one way or the other. Of course, while it doesn't stack up to a real shield, anything that keeps your wings safer and your blood IN your body where it belongs is a good thing." -Lucky, Rogue's Circle Owner
  265. *****
  266. CRYSTAL ENGINEERING: a special type of forging known as crystal-forging, performed by aligning, harmonizing, and engraving crystalline materials, which creates effects similar to those produced by casting, enchanting, glyphs, or runes, but is much easier to perform and reproduce, requiring little more than an expert singer's voice and the knowledge of Crystal rune shapes.
  268. "I'm pretty sure I explained a little bit of this, but Crystal ponies have excellent skills when it comes to working with gems, of any kind really, just not pearl or coral, those are much too different. We can use Power to shape crystalline structures pretty much how we want, but making stuff like the hololith requires a lot of time, patience, and carving in a few thousand precise runes for storing pictures and voice. I remember how to do some of it, so it wouldn't take me more than an hour to make, say.. a small clock about yay high would be easy, but it'd take me a week to do anything intricate, like a grandfather clock or that size." -Naliyna
  270. *****
  271. COUNTER: a unique ability inherent to all fruit-eating batponies, the ability to fold the three claws on their main wingjoint, otherwise called the carpal joint, into an armored 'fist' in order to punch weapons or shields aside with little or no harm done to them. Required skill for fruit-eaters, scales with Melee.
  273. "Counter is a skill most batponies can learn, except it's much more difficult for insect eaters and almost impossible for those with a blood drinker aspect. See my wingclaws, how sharp and thin they are? Watch me fold them into a fist.. like this, see? They're not large enough to fold together tightly, so I chose not to learn it. Since most batponies are fruit eaters-"
  274. "Like me." -Malyne
  275. "Yep, that's my little mango! Now, see how much more rounded her claws are compared to mine? Watch how she does it.. just like that. When she gets a little older her claws are going to be larger than mine, so her 'fist' will be too, which'll let her parry weapons or shields much easier than trying to stop with a hoof or her head." -Nightblade Captain Belltower
  276. "But what if I want to headbutt a shield?" -Malyne
  277. "....have you ever tried doing that?" -Nightblade Captain Belltower
  278. "Hum... no, but I would like to try." -Malyne
  280. *****
  282. " " -Krinza, Grandmaster Smith
  284. *****
  285. FEARLESS:
  286. " " -Caliya
  287. " " -Naliyna
  289. *****
  290. INTIMIDATION: the art of intimidating living and certain non-living beings via speech, sounds, gestures, and body language, intended to force a hostile opponent to back down, or for a target to provide information with threats of violence or foul conditions. Same function as Operator Intimidate.
  291. " " -Allys
  292. " " -Princess Luna, the Nightmare
  293. " " -Starborn General Twisted Wing
  295. *****
  296. LEADERSHIP: the application of well timed psychological 'pushing' combined with the knowledge and direction giving of one's allies to heighten the effects of their capabilities and actions with inspiration and proper encouragement. Same function as Operator Leadership.
  298. "Well.. leading a team is required for all Nightblades, so we're pretty much forced to learn how everypony thinks, how to apply mental stimulation through voice and command, and figuring out what can goad them into performing better. I try not to most of the time unless it's something I specialize in, like blending with a crowd, speaking or bartering... or sneaking up to the Tower and sticking mango slices on Twisted's heatsto-" -Nightblade Captain Belltower
  301. *****
  302. MOVEMENT: same functions as Operator Movement.
  304. EVASION: the art and knowledge of evading attacks via rapid movement. Same function as Operator evasion, but more effective due to pegasi and batpony agility.
  306. "Evading a hoof or wing is the first thing pegasi and batponies alike learn before understanding combat principles. Ducking under, dodging over, throwing yourself left, right, backwards or forwards, using our greater speed and agility to keep from getting hit is what us fliers are known for.. not that I have much a need for it mind you, but it's always better to be safe than sorry!" -Pella
  308. SPEED: the art of rapid physical movements and intuitive muscle conditioning in order to act faster than an opponent, causing stated opponent to immediately defend if successful.
  310. "Combat doesn't just revolve around blocking, evading, or riposting an attack, and sometimes your best, or only, option is to act first. Relax, take a deep breath, then throw yourself into a charge, or put on a burst of speed in the air, y'know, flap those wings harder than you've ever flapped before! If that fails, go for low blows through their defenses, try to throw them off by shouting you're going to stick your hoof in their ass.. or call me and tell me there's a fight going on!" -Starborn General Twisted Wing
  311. "That is a.. very poor.. alternative.. if you cannot.. be reached.. but very.. good if it.. works." -Mercy, Spirit Walker
  312. "Now THAT'S the spirit! See, if you can't beat 'em, BEAT 'EM HARDER WITH ME! Now, I'm gonna grab a few bottles of whiskey, get drunk, and try to fly straight for a while, see ya all!" -Starborn General Twisted Wing
  313. "...sometimes.. she worries.. me. ..sometimes." -Mercy, Spirit Walker
  315. *****
  316. PERCEPTION, SCOUTING, & WILDERNESS SURVIVAL: Same function as Operator Perception/Scouting/Wilderness Survival.
  318. "Perception is what you make of it. Using your eyes, ears, nose, hooves, and your tongue if you have to, to find more information about food, an area, an enemy or enemies, pretty much anything really." -Nightblade Captain Belltower
  320. "Scouting is all about numbers! Basically what you're looking for is anything that you can estimate: formations, weapons, armor, boxes, you name it. Once you have an idea of the first thing, look at the area and try to determine how large it is, then multiply the first number, the uh, what you need to know about, to fill in the vacant spots. It's also good for spotting and using landmarks, like big piles of rocks, mountains, trees, and by figuring out how far away you are and what direction you're facing, you can usually tell where you're at. There's also cartography which is a lot more involved, and it's only used by mapmakers and scouts like me!" -Vanil, Scout
  322. "Wilderness Survival " -Caliya
  324. *****
  326. " " -Tower Guard Master-Captain Dancing Eyes
  327. ' ' -Vanguard Roust
  329. *****
  331. " " -Meridian Veil
  333. *****
  334. RESIST: a psychological conditioning of the body to resist harm originating from elemental, spiritual, Otherworldly, or Spectral beings, though due to it's spiritual nature it is difficult to rely upon for long. Caps out at Basic+4.
  336. "Resist refers to.. an ability to.. resist the harm.. of elemental.. spiritual.. otherworldly.. or spectral.. forces that one.. would normally.. be unable to deal.. with, by preparing.. the mind and.. body to.. accept that they.. will be harmed. ..it is.. not a simple.. task to do.. and cannot provide.. as much protec.. tion as good.. armor will.. but it is.. better than no.. thing for those.. like myself.. whom do not.. like being.. weighed down." -Mercy, Spirit Walker
  338. *****
  340. " " -Tower Guard Master-Captain Dancing Eyes
  341. ' ' -Vanguard Roust
  343. *****
  344. RUNE-FORGING: a counter to typical pony or minotaur forging, yet considerably more specialized. Functions the same as Smithing, and has numerous similarities to unicorn enchanting.
  346. "You vish to know of Rune Forging, General Tvisted? My vings?....[purring intensifies] Very vell, since you asked. Rune Forging is the main method for Gryphons to imbue magical properties into objects or beings, there are two camps for this, the Forgers and Runers. Forgers' mainstay is metalsvorks, from pouring liquid metal to set into casts and scribing runes onto the burning yellow surface as it cooled to vell... vhat I asked them to do to my vings. The Runers however are a different story, they claw runes into or onto something and let the runes do the vork for them. Vant that bolder reduced to neat stone cubes? Vant the ground beneath your paws and claws to turn into a set of stairs going into the earth? Don't vant to lift a claw and be a lazy Catbird that vould make Varlord Ri'Vahz greener vith envy- VHAT?! ...oh, I apologize. As I vas saying, there are two vays to do Rune Forging. The right vay, and the lazy vay." -Huntsmaster Cu'Nir
  348. *****
  349. SCREECH:
  350. " " -Malyne
  352. *****
  354. 'Changelings only use illusions to defeat visual inspections which can be easily disrupted if one knows what to look for as there are many methods to do so. To make up for that we have evolved with Queen Chrysalis' aid to shapeshift, that is, reshaping our entire bodies and exterior armor into not only appearing like another pony, but also to smell, sound, and feel like an entirely different species. For obvious reasons we cannot change our weight, and reducing or increasing our physical size more than fifty percent of our body's original is impossible. It is easiest to shapeshift into the forms of unicorns or pegasi while batponies, Saddle Arabians, and Japoneighse are only moderately difficult, though mimicking their movements and accent will require you to spend several months of exhaustive learning. More complex species like Crystal ponies, minotaurs, or Gryphons require both dedicated training and extensive experience in order to properly master the specifics of their physical quirks. Shapeshifting into exotic forms such as those of basilisks or drakes requires mastery of the process, though in attempting to copy a truly complex species will only render a Changeling as a poor imitation.' -Vanguard Roust
  356. *****
  357. STEALTH: same function as Operator Stealth.
  359. *****
  360. TAUNT: the proper use, and abuse, of the psychological triggers for anger, rage, and/or disgust in order to force a target or enemy to either shift part of their attention or their complete attention to the user.
  362. " " -Nova Flicker, Ward
  364. *****
  367. " " -Marquis du Spiral
  368. " " -Nova Flicker, Ward
  370. *****
  373. " " -Marquis du Spiral
  375. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  378. *****
  379. ALCHEMY: Same function as Operator Alchemy.
  381. " " -Dancing Eyes
  383. *****
  386. " " -Naliyna
  388. *****
  389. Bartering:
  391. " " -Naliyna
  393. *****
  394. Crafting:
  396. " " -Lann
  398. *****
  399. Cooking: Same function as Operator Cooking.
  401. " " -Mist Dancer
  403. *****
  404. Negotiation: Same function as Operator Negotiation.
  406. " " -Denra, Veteran Mercenary
  408. *****
  409. Research:
  411. " " -Doctor Tipper
  413. " " -Marquis du Spiral
  415. *****
  416. Smithing:
  418. " " -Krinza, Grandmaster Smith
  421. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  424. *****
  425. Earth Smash:
  427. " " -Lann
  429. ' ' -Vanguard Roust
  431. *****
  432. Fearless: functions similarly to Operator Iron Will, but is much more specific to ponies, used to lessen and possibly prevent long term effects resulting from Intimidation, Fear, and Horror.
  434. "Being Fearless means having an unshakeable, dedicated core of your mind that can prevent you from cracking under stress.. uh, or in Sweet's case, can never be bothered long enough to be concerned about somethin' you may not understand. Y'can still be Intimidated, frightened, or scared for a little while, but once you start focusing it's not gonna work as well. From my experience there's only two ways to achieve permanency: long, cruel years of improving mental discipline.. or living through the worst that Tallus has to offer. I'd say take your pick 'cause neither one's pleasant, and I ain't a fan of seeing somepony crack just because one of sixty eye-dicks just stared in your direction at the worst angle." -Starborn General Twisted Wing
  436. *****
  437. Feel No Pain:
  439. " " -Naliyna
  441. *****
  442. Golem Mastery:
  444. " " -Denra, Veteran Mercenary
  446. *****
  447. Golem Shaping:
  449. " " -Denra, Veteran Mercenary
  451. *****
  452. Shattered Earth:
  454. " " -Lann
  456. " " -Tower Guard Master-Captain Dancing Eyes
  458. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  459. QUIRKS:
  461. Addicted: a pony or other being with an addiction is typically characterized by a physical, mental, or physiological 'need', or an actual need, for a certain substance, either natural or chemical in nature. This may also apply to performing certain actions as a 'reward' addiction, ie: adrenaline junkies.
  463. Affectionate: ponies or other beings that find a certain fondness for a particular being will be more open with them, as well as more caring and devoted. Expect them to rub, hug, cuddle, and kiss you lovingly. You cannot escape from the love.
  465. Aggressive: an aggressive pony or other being that will tend to be abrasive in conversation, or even 'pushy' in small physical altercations. In combat, they will use brunt force out of anger or rage, and will often throw away any defensive tactics to focus solely on their enemy. They may also be somewhat violent in order to get what they want. ANYTHING... especially when assaulting phalluses.
  467. Ambusher: a pony or other being specifically classed, or having great natural prowess. Ambushers will normally scope out a situation, or track a target, before attacking from the shadows when one would least expect it. Usually have high Ambush and Stealth skills, and will use them generously or as often as possible.
  469. Amiable: an amiable pony or other being will usually have or display a friendly and overall pleasant manner. They have no issues in walking up to somepony they don't know and attempt to befriend them, or will act very likeable when striking up a conversation with others.
  471. Anti-Authority: ponies or other beings that are anti-authority may not agree with certain leaders or organizations, based on their individual core viewpoints. May openly scold and berate one they do not like, and even be more prone to physically attack them or an associate. Not to be confused with anarchism.
  473. Armored: a pony or other being that is naturally or artificially armored, or physically thick skinned. Their defenses are difficult to penetrate with physical attacks, requiring either extreme physical measures to overcome or devising tactics to bring down. Also weigh more, and will be resistant to being knocked down.
  475. Aware: ponies or other sentient beings that are concerned and well-informed about a particular situation or development. Combining this with other quirks can: narrow or widen the particular's range of knowledge, and can even be morphed into a Compulsion.
  477. Blunt: ponies or other beings that are blunt get right to the point in a conversation, and have no issue saying exactly what they're thinking, usually disregarding manners or whomever is around them. They may also be slow in understanding and may have poor timing, if any at all.
  479. Brawler: ponies or other beings that have no problem charging headlong into a fight, their wits steeled and hooves ready to kick some flank! Do not take their eagerness for an open scuffle as poor tactics, as they are usually well versed in close-quarter play; Melee is complimented by impressive Movement or Counter abilities, typically along with options to quickly incapacitate enemies.
  481. Brash: ponies or other beings that may come off as self-assertive in a rude, noisy, or arrogant way. When they are interested, they are usually energetic to the point of overbearing. Can also be overly self-confident, and may toss personal safety aside to prove it.
  483. Brazen: a brazen pony or other being is particularly shameless in its quests, or conquests, and in times of dire or embarrassing situations would rather endure than admit defeat. This can be costly, as some would rather die than give up or surrender, even when facing unbeatable odds.
  485. Bold: ponies or other beings with boldness will show themselves with solid confidence and courageousness. They will gladly take a risk when asked or required, but do understand when a situation gets out of hoof or hand. Their presence is normally vivid and striking, impacting those around them in one way or another. Will most likely have the Leadership skill.
  487. Calm: a pony or other being that (most) always has a tranquil and untroubled personality. They will go out of their way to sooth and pacify others, either avoiding violence or subtly manipulating troubling issues out of existence.
  489. Careful: a careful pony or being attempts to avoid potential danger, mishap, or harm, showing meticulous thought, foresight, and attention to their actions, though this does not mean this will hinder them from doing such. May also be part of a Compulsion.
  491. Cautious: unlike carefulness, a cautious pony or other being not only attempts to avoid possible hazards, but is also characterized by the desire to avoid potential problems altogether. May also be part of a Compulsion.
  493. Challenger: a pony or other being with an unmatched competitive nature. They will accept any challenge brought to them, whether it be a job or competition. Combined with other quirks they can be extremely dedicated to a challenge, researching and improving to the point where they are confident that will they come out on top.
  495. Changeling: the being is a Changeling. They can be easily recognized as having very pony-like bodies with black, chitinous carapaces, green translucent wings, a cavitated black horn & legs, and solid blue or green eyes. There are several varieties, but these are the most prevalent.
  497. Chatty: chatty ponies or other beings will probably not stop talking, especially when it's on a subject they know well, or one they want to know more about. Or just tell you about something that happened to them that day, or someone they know... or something they heard about. Are most likely not stealthy, due to obvious reasons, and can probably be convinced into giving up information easier than other ponies. Combined with a Compulsion, and they just might NEVER shut up.
  499. Cheerful: noticeably happy and optimistic, cheerful ponies or other beings are always lighthearted and agreeable with a skip in their step and a smile on their face. Their sunny disposition can sometimes even be contagious.
  501. Clueless: almost painfully oblivious, a clueless pony or other being will even have the simplest ideas and concepts sail right over their heads. Either from ignorance, inability to mentally grasp a situation or concept, you'd have an easier time teaching a bat pony NOT to eat a mango given to them.
  503. Compulsion: a pony or other being with a compulsion has an irresistible urge to behave in a certain way, especially against their conscious wishes. This can refer to a specific type of knowledge, or an action they are usually always either talking about or perform. Certain compulsions can lead to OCD.
  505. Cold-Blooded: ponies or other beings that are cold blooded do not think in terms of loss, whether they disregard physical possessions, monetary losses, or living beings, though it's rare that one would disregard all three. Generally a pony or other being's cold blooded nature renders them difficult to deal with in terms of negotiation, and is often encountered by those that are Scarred or Vindictive.
  507. Cool-Natured: tolerant and easy going, cool-natured ponies or other beings allow little to normally get to them. They take what they're given in strides, and rarely make any drastic changes from their personality and normal routine. May have one or more other relatable quirks to accentuate this mentality.
  509. Curious: eager to know or learn something, ponies or other beings will sometimes latch onto a particular subject or whatever seems interesting to them at the time. This eagerness can sometimes blind them from care, and innocently put themselves or others in harms way; but they usually mean well. Can possibly lead to a Compulsion.
  511. Defuser: a pony or other being who's first priority is to always keep fights from breaking out between friends and allies, wherever possible. Usually has a high Speech and Negotiation skill, and knows how to pick their words carefully in order to appease both side of an altercation.
  513. Determined: a determined pony or other being whom will make firm decisions and, being resolute, will be very difficult about not changing it. When they put their mind to their goal, almost nothing will stop them until it has been completed. Only the best use of speechcraft can even attempt to sway their mind once it has been set. Determined ponies or other beings may also be Competitive, and could possible morph into a Compulsion if their task is prolonged and daunting.
  515. Diplomat: ponies or other beings that know how to deal with others in a sensitive and effective way. They will attempt friendly relations between two contending parties, first, before any other options. Alternatively a diplomat could literally be a 'diplomat': an emissary from another nation, very knowledgeable on foreign policy and affairs.
  517. Direct: direct ponies or other beings are very straight forward and candid with themselves and others. Their actions are immediate and personal, rather dealing with a problem themselves than having somepony else do it for them. They tend to ignore intervening opinions, influences, and factors that are not their own.
  519. Distrust: ponies or other beings with a Distrust have the opinion that someone or something cannot be relied on, and regard it with scrutiny and suspicion. They will refuse to deal with anything associated to the Distrusted and, if no other choice is available, WILL begrudgingly help... but will not enjoy it one bit, and typically such an action will almost always require a significant Speech attempt (or bribery) to sway them.
  521. Droll Wit: having a peculiarly whimsical, or odd sense of humor. A rather blanket term, ponies or other beings can be either hilarious to ridiculous. Their wit may not exactly makes sense you, but it does to them! Not the same as Dry Wit.
  523. Dry Wit: ponies or other beings with a dry wit will come off as uncharacteristically unchanging when expressing humor or cleverness. Where the intent is there, sarcastic, blunt, etc, it is almost always lost in their deadpan presentation. Dry-witted ponies have the issue of coming off as funny when they didn't want to be, and visa-versa.
  525. Dutiful: ponies or other beings that will conscientiously or obediently carry out a task. They are motivated by devotion, responsibility, or personal views rather than desire or enthusiasm. At most times, the pony does not even enjoy that task they are given. Although they will appear to be rather adamant, they can be persuaded into dropping their current task altogether, if given the correct counter-motivation.
  527. Efficient: efficient ponies or other beings strive to achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. They arrange their routine in a well-organized and competent way and, if a physical object, prevent the wasteful use of a particular resource. They are always methodical and systematic in their practices. Can possibly morph into OCD.
  529. Eidetic Memory: an ability to recall images, sounds or objects in memory with high precision at any time, usually for a small period of time to complete an extremely specialized task, allowing them to store vast amounts of information, but this doesn't necessarily mean they are all-knowing or correct. Appears to be mostly found in unicorns, whether their natural magic ability is a factor or not. Comes in three flavors: photographic, capable of remembering all they have seen; crystal: capable of remembering everything, but takes time in order to recall; eidetic: can remember everything near instantly.
  531. ELITE: a pony or other being with the ELITE quirk has at least one skill that has been upgraded to Elite status, characterizing them as a true Master or Grandmaster in their abilities. Immense devotion to their craft is required, as they must expend a vast amount of resources and time to achieve this status. Ponies or other beings, after achieving ELITE status require considerably more XP to upgrade, as well as the cost to increase HP/DR. Ponies or other beings with an ELITE skill can teach it to another for a permanent +1 modifier to said skill. ELITE ponies or other beings may only gain a +1 to that particular skill through the use of Leadership, as they are penultimate beings in their chosen field of study, craft, or physical capabilities.
  533. Fearless: ponies or other beings with the Fearless quirk are unnerving in the face of danger. They can easily resist most normal Intimidation and Demoralization attempts, and are only affected by those unnaturally gifted in either one. If it's 2pooky4you, it certainly isn't for them.
  535. Focused: focused ponies or other beings are able to hone in and pay particular attention to particular objects and details. This can also mean that they are heavily absorbed in a certain area, and are usually well-skilled or knowledgeable in it. Should not be confused with a Compulsion, as they are willingly Focused.
  537. Forgetful: ponies that are absent-minded and are not likely remember what they have been told, or were doing in the past minute. They tend to be very disorganized, offer vague explanations of what they think they were doing, and tend to be both air-headed and easily distracted.
  539. Gentle: ponies that are mild in temperament or behavior, and are or tender and understanding to other's needs. They are moderate in action, effect, or degree and are never harsh or severe, typically working as healers or mediators.
  541. Guardian: a pony or other being who legally or voluntarily guards, protects, and preserves another's life. Legally: is entrusted by law with the care of the pony or property, or both, of another, as a minor or someone legally incapable of managing their own affairs. Voluntarily: can be out of obligation, duty, affection, etc. Those whom they guard are protected fiercely; any hostile attempts will result in a Guardian becoming an unrelenting foe, incapable of hesitating to unleash everything miserable in their arsenal upon the offender.
  543. Hard-Working: hard-working ponies generally put a very considerable amount of time, effort, and resources into their line of work. They can, and will, work themselves to the point of exhaustion, if not stopped by someone else.
  545. Healer: healers generally aid any and all injured back up to one-hundred percent. Depending on their speciality, healers can be proficient in physical or/and psychological wounds, with plenty of knowledge to treat correctly. their jobs range from hospital and clinic workers, to combat medics and travelling physicians; they are always in demand as somepony always gets hurt in some way.
  547. Heavy: relatively self-explanatory. Heavy ponies are either naturally or artificially heavier than the standard, either from armor, or eating too many sticks of butter. May have the Slow quirk, as well, having a deplorable Movement skill. Seriously... just lay off the butter.
  549. Honorable: a pony or other being that is upright in accordance with, or characterized by, principles of honor. Often guided by a code of conduct or action, they will go out of their way to uphold their code, and in some cases allow an opponent an advantage if they believe that doing so will level the playing field and thus satisfy the requirements of their codes. While normally not a Compulsion, those that are Guardians and/or Steadfast may become Vengeful and/or Vindictive if they are dishonored enough times.
  551. Hostess: a mare, or other female, that knows how serve and entertain guests, whether in a restaurant, bar, nightclub, or dance hall. Hostesses can usually cook well, are quite organized, highly efficient in their tasks.
  553. Humorous: entertaining and light-hearted ponies or other beings, usually either causing laughter and amusement wherever they go. They know how to tell a good joke or do something comical to brighten up a room or situation.
  555. Hunter: hunters stalk their prey or target, waiting for the precise moment to strike. Normally, they have the characteristics of an Ambusher, as well as abilities to survive in the wilderness and track whatever may lurk in it. Usually have impressive skills in Perception and Stealth.
  557. Hyper-Efficient: much like Efficient, but at an even heightened state. All possibly energy is stored, and every little action is done with the utmost precision and meticulousness.
  559. Inquisitive: a form of curiosity. Usually a pony or other being that will go out of their way to be intrusive, snoop, and eavesdrop to learn what they're looking for. May be casual trouble-makers, as a simple 'no' will not ward them from continuous prying.
  561. Intellectual: a pony or other being that engages in critical study, thought, and reflection. The normal day-to-day routine may not concern them, as their thought process is normally on much higher problems.
  563. Intuitive: a pony or other being with a sense of intuition can sometimes feel out a situation without even using conscious reasoning. If asked, they'll claim it to be a 'gut-feeling' or a 'instinct.' They will simply claim it has saved their hides, certainly more than once. Once per or between Operations, allows a [1d6] <Intuition roll when in an unknown area, or upon encountering a difficult situation, sometimes giving the ability to 'see' a temporary flash of the future or knowing how somepony is going to act.
  565. Kind: a pony or other being of a good or benevolent nature or disposition. They are usually considerate and helpful when the time is needed or asked.
  567. Knowledgeable: ponies or other beings that know a wide range of information. Instead of focusing on a small discipline of knowledge, they appreciate all areas and study and research everything and anything they don't already understand. They can sometimes be known as that one being that knows a vast amount of odd rudimentary information.
  569. LEGENDARY: a pony or other being that is known all throughout and across Tallus. Either a currently-living being, or a millennia old ancient, you know about them, your buddy knows them, even his mother knows about them.. unless you're living in some Everfree cave and have never visited civilization. Typically, almost every piece of information on a Legendary being is based on myths and stories, and due to this they can either be a saving-grace, evil-incarnate, or both. CHIM, in short.
  571. Level-Headed: those that are level-headed are inherently composed and sensible in times of stress or opposition, taking far more than the norm to break up their cool composure. May not act until they know exactly what they're dealing with.
  573. Listener: a pony or other being who takes the time out, even enjoys listening, especially someone who does so in an attentive manner. Whether as therapeutic or just someone that will listen to, they will do so without prejudice.
  575. Logical: capable of clear, sound reasoning, logical ponies or other beings rely on facts and already proving concept to deduct their reasoning and decision-making. Usually, they avoid emotional an irrational thinking, which can lead their right-brained counterparts to judge them as cold and calculating.
  577. Lucky: whether you believe in it or not, these ponies or other beings certainly have it on their side. It can help them out of tough situations, but don't expect it to work every time, and one never knows when it just might run out.
  579. Lustful: rather intent of sexual desire and feelings, these ponies or other beings would love nothing more than to get down and dirty any time of the day. Or night.. or in the evening, with two-NO, THREE partners! And that one mare down the street that owns the whips, and those two stallions with the huge- ALL OF THEM IN ONE BIG ORGY!
  581. Merciful: benevolent, forgiving, and kind, they cannot will not allow someone suffer an injustice with them on the watch. Even those that have clearly done evil, they will spare, and for those that can not escape suffering, a merciful being will end another's misery as gently as possible.
  583. Mischievous: rather playful in their acts, mischievous ponies or other beings love to cause trouble whenever the opportunity rises. Ill-behaved and disobedient, most never truly wish for harm, they just can't help themselves. Expect any denizen of the Moors to have this quirk, especially the bat foals!
  585. Motherly: caring, protective, and kind, motherly ponies or other being's maternal nurturing disposition can make them very easy to talk to and get along with. Seriously, they're like that one grandma that would always bake you cookies on a Sunday afternoon. Mmmm... chocolate chip.
  587. Natural Caster: a unicorn that was born with superior inherent knowledge and/or capabilities to shift, force, shape, and bend arcane energies to their will with greater ease, giving them that slight edge over all others. Grants +1 to all Casting rolls.
  589. Natural Charmer: a pony or other being that has just that certain enticing appeal, whether vocal, emotional, or physical in nature. Grants +1 to all Charm rolls.
  591. Natural Leader: a pony or other being that can be considered a born leader, one that knows precisely how to make others WANT to move faster, fight harder, or simply excel in their chosen role. Grants +1 to all Leadership rolls.
  593. Natural Speaker: a pony or other being with a knack for knowing how to make their thoughts translate to words better than others, giving them a better chance at getting what they want out of life, or for simply making somepony feel better after a bad day. Grants +1 to all Speech rolls.
  595. Noble: having or showing fine personal qualities, high moral principles and ideals, and combined with an excessive amount of knowledge, both in disciplines and esoteric knowledge, noble ponies or other beings live for their code and even more for the lavish lifestyle that can't help but love, whether due to birthrights or buying their title honorably. The title of a Noble grants +1 to all rolls, but if their title is sold, given, or traded to another, this bonus is lost to the former owner and given to the recipient.
  597. OCD: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Those that have it, know it, and it's obvious they have it. It can manifest as anything from organizing, mysophobia, and even specific ways of doing every-day actions. They literally cannot help their situation or circumstance that they have a problem, and can be very protective of this often erratic mentality as it sometimes provides a measure of comfort.
  599. Paranoid: ponies or other beings that have or show an unreasonable feeling that others are trying to get them. Rather suspicious, with persecutory trends and are extremely fearful. Do not look at them the wrong way, because it might lead them to believe that you are a member of the Neighluminati.
  601. Passive-Aggressive: ponies or other beings that display behavior characterized by expressing negative feelings, resentment, and aggression. usually, this will be in some unassertive stubborn way, such as procrastination or outright refusal to do something when requested.
  603. Polite: polite ponies and other beings are just that: considerate, respectful, and refined. They apply good manners an etiquette to make life more comfortable for everyone, and may even manipulate it to inflict shame on a designated party.
  605. Powerful: can either refer to physical or statistical power. Their physical and/or mental strengths are typically unmatched, and their wealth can buy them armies or enough political sway to make any outcome surely swing to their favor.
  607. Precise: efficient ponies or other beings that focus on their skills, and one them to a razor edge. This usually puts them on a level or two above their counterparts. Adds +1 to Casting, Crystal Runes, Melee, or their Ranged abilities, whatever their major discipline is.
  609. Psychosis: an abnormal condition of the mind, usually a thought disorder that warps the afflicted into a loose contact with reality. Can be mild or hazardously severe, and are a normal side effect of Enchains.
  611. Purposeful: ponies or other beings that have a significant purpose that drives their actions or thoughts, characterized by a nearly unshakeable understanding or belief. Usually paired with a related quirk to make them unnaturally unmoving. Adds +1 to all Fearless rolls.
  613. Quiet: they talk, don't worry, you just have to listen real intently. May be quiet from a number of different factors, or maybe they're just shy.
  615. Rational: ponies or other beings that normally think and act similar to those that are logical, but rely more on common sense than hard facts.
  617. Reserved: ponies or other beings that are self-restrained, and can be rather distant an communicative. Slow to reveal their emotions or opinions, they will only until they are confident and comfortable enough to do so.
  619. Resourceful: ponies or other beings that have the natural ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties. This can be through inspection of everyday items to be used for a higher function, or shortcuts around an obstacle. Adds +1 to any scavenging or Thievery rolls.
  621. Respectful: courteous and deferential, respectful ponies or other beings will... respect the wishes, opinions, and actions of others, even those whom they may not agree with.
  623. Rogue: a pony or other being that may be mischievous, dishonest, or plain sneaky. Naturally, that same 'roguish charm' makes them quite likeable, though they don't mind getting in over their heads (or hooves) for their friends just so long as they get a cut of the action (and the booty!). Adds +1 to all Charm and Thievery rolls, as well as anything to do with Scavenging.
  625. Rough-Edged: ponies or other beings that are unrefined, ill-behaved, and impolite, irregardless of whom they're speaking with. Don't expect them to act expectedly at dinner parties.
  627. Savant: masters of study and speechcraft, Savants are unmatched when on the goal for the express gain of knowledge. Probably already know what you're going to say, before you even say it. Adds +1 to all Speech and Research rolls.
  629. Scarred: ponies or other beings that have been deeply affected or marked by mental or physical pain or injury. Depending on their personality, they my either refuse to talk about them, or not care one bit.
  631. Simple Minded: unable to grasp anything more difficult than basic concepts, either out of lack of intelligence or a mental disorder. Will most likely require pop-up books with colors and sounds to get them to learn anything.
  633. Single Minded: a more primal form of a Focus, single-minded ponies or other beings only concentrate on one aim or purpose. Normally, and hopefully, it's something they excel at.
  635. Single-Tracked: not to be confused with single-minded, single-tracked merely means that a pony or other being can not focus on more than one task at a time. Usually paired with a quirk that focuses them even more onto that single task at hoof.. or hand.
  637. Slow: ponies and other beings that are physically slow, either by weight, injuries, or just plain laziness. Although they aren't adept at evading, they make up for it for being heavily defended and dealing plenty of damage to compensate. Usually have a low Movement skill, if they even have one at all, incurring a -1 or higher penalty to all Movement rolls.
  639. Smooth Negotiator: a pony or other being that knows exactly what to say in a tight spot or make a convincing argument, even more so than those skilled in the craft, capable of making THE perfect trade deal in even the worst of circumstances.
  641. Smooth Talker: ponies or other beings that are good at picking their words, often with a flirtatious flare that makes them almost impossible to resist.
  643. Spiritual: ponies or other beings that have a personal, deeply rooted connection to a paradigm or deity that encompasses their chosen way of living, how they choose to act with others, or both. Those that are spiritual tend to brush off emotions and those whom are not in tune with themselves, relying on the facts of their paradigm and their connections to the world, other worlds, or planes, to ensure their path in life.
  645. Soft-Spoken: a pony or other being with a soft, gentle voice. Very calming, and almost never seen or heard raising their voice. Adds +1 to all Speech rolls.
  647. Steadfast: firm and unwavering in the line or sense of duty, they will hold their own in overwhelming odds. Usually have the Dutiful or Determined quirks as well, and will have a very high Fearless skill.
  649. Stealthy: quiet and sneaky, Stealthy ponies or other beings are in tune with the ability to blend into their surroundings, whether it be the thicket of the jungle, or the shadows in an urban environment. They can slip past trained guards, and leave with just as much grace as going in. Adds +1 to all Stealth rolls.
  651. Stern: a very serious pony or other being, usually in an unfriendly manner. They can express severe displeasure much more easily than others, and can be visually forbidding or gloomy. Adds +1 to all Intimidation rolls.
  653. Studious: these ponies or other beings spend a lot of their time either studying or reading. A LOT of time studying. To the point where they should move and go make some friends in another town. Adds +1 to all Research rolls.
  655. Talkative: not as much as Chatty, Talkative ponies or other beings like to talk about anything that interests them.
  657. Teacher: one with an inherent amount of knowledge and the willingness to help others learn with it. Teachers range from professors to hands-on specialists, and cover any and every discipline that can be taught.
  659. Tender-Hearted: tender-hearted ponies have a kind, gentle nature, and can be rather sentimental on certain subjects if brought up. Combined with Talkative or Chatty, they might just tell you a heart-warming story about it.
  661. Temperamental: temperamental ponies or other beings are prone to unreasonable and erratic changes in their mood. This shift can be triggered by the simplest of events, or even nothing at all. Should not be confused with the menstrual cycle, albeit it is a symptom.
  663. Thoughtful: absorbed in thought, ponies or other beings are generally pensive and contemplative. They may show consideration for the needs of others, and are sympathetic. May be able to Meditate.
  665. Quick: ponies or other beings that are fast, normally from extreme physical conditioning, and likely wearing light armor, if any. They are quick to evade attacks, and may even attempt to flee an engagement, if given the opportunity, and always have a high Movement skill.
  667. Vengeful: ponies or other beings that seek to harm another in return for perceived or actual injuries caused to them. Those that are vengeful rarely, if ever, forget even the most minor of slights.
  669. VETERAN: a pony or other being with the VETERAN quirk has at least one skill that has been upgraded to Veteran status, one that is used constantly, or one is apparent to their species or class. VETERAN also denotes a pony or other being that has seen some shit. Those with a VETERAN skill can teach it to another for a permanent +1 modifier to said skill, but this will take some time to do, usually half a night or so. The use of Leadership for VETERAN skills is required to gain additional modifiers, up to +2, during an Operation.
  671. Vindictive: unforgiving and resentful, ponies and other beings are those that are strongly and/or unreasonably desired for revenge. Rather personal with anything done against them, and if another quirk such as Vengeful is included, they will be highly persistent in their quest for vengeance.
  673. Ward: half-Crystal pony and half-unicorn, Wards (not to be confused with the Rogue Circle's rank of 'Ward', second in command to the Owner) are especially talented magical healers, more so than any other ponies, capable of slowly removing the effects of permanent damage caused by injuries, though are still unable to restore lost limbs or bodily parts. Their strange coat colorations, eye shapes, or eye colors make them very unique and easy to pick out of a crowd.
  675. Warm-Hearted: a Warm-Hearted pony or other being is one that has a deep, impossible to shake emotional attachment, usually to another being, but can also be or include a wide circle of friends. Those that are Warm-Hearted will spare no expense, material or otherwise, to ensure the safety and contentment of those they know.. and may have an exceptionally unforgiving and ruthless side if their loved ones are harmed in the slightest.
  677. Watchful: a pony or other being that watches and observes their surrounding very closely. They remain agelessly alert and vigilant when others would perform their tasks with decreasing perceptive qualities. Tend to be very accomplished guards and bouncers.
  679. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  681. "Blacksteel is actually an otherworldly metal produced by a Void leeching mushroom, can only find them near the Scars of the Moors, they won't grow anywhere else. When fully grown and properly refined it creates a high tensile steel-like metal, and causes a powerful Void elemental if used as a weapon." -Nightblade Captain Belltower
  683. "Bluesteel is a funky metal created by an ice leeching mushroom, grows some places in the Gryphon Kingdoms and the Empire, pretty rare though. If it's mature and heavily refined y'can make a highly durable steel with a nasty Ice elemental if y'make it into a blade or something." -Starborn General Twisted Wing
  685. "Diamondine is a composite crystalline-flux material, roughly twice as heavy as tungsten, created by alchemically infusing a sixty-percent base of fine crushed diamond with a forty-percent mixture of purified kanpri, giving it unmatched resilience, durability, and protection per square inch. Because of the kanpri, diamondine often has a dark blue or purple hue that can be seen glowing at night, and is the most difficult composite to create at current." -Marquis du Spiral
  687. "Emeraldine is, same as diamondine, a composite crystalline material, made from sixty-percent finely crushed emerald, and forty-percent purified mythril powder. It's a bit more durable and resilient than stainless steel, but it's lighter and a bit more brittle in comparison. There hasn't been any new production of emeraldine since Stalliongrad was founded, what with the recipe being lost at some point and Silver not bothering to share it, which leaves what remains in the Tower Guard Armory.. excuse me? Why should I tell you how much is left? Go ask Broken Hoof, the last time I was there was when I resigned. Anyways, only three items are made from emeraldine: eyeslits for helmets with visors, impact seals and similar, or shattering spheres." -Tower Guard Master-Captain Dancing Eyes
  689. "Greensteel is a metal made from a funny looking mushroom where the southern plains meet the northern Moors, but it's really rare. If you know somepony that can refine it the right way it'll make a ductile steel that's really easy to reforge, and it has this weird non-elemental enchantment. Doesn't act like Void or anything, just does some really weird... nature-y things." -Naliyna
  691. "Kanpri is a semi-glowing black, blue, purple, and sometimes red tinged metal. It has virtually the same characteristics as mythril: easy to work, keeps it's shape under extreme stress, can be repaired to flawlessness, and creates highly durable weapons or armor. It can only be found in volcanoes, or areas of previous volcanic activity, and unrefined nodes of a pound can sell for a hundred thousand Bits on the black market, making it hard to acquire." -Nightblade Hodch, Master Lunar Lorekeeper
  693. "Mythril is a lustrous, bright white metal often found with slight discolorations, such as blue, green, and red. It is found solely in areas of the Deep Everfree, and is brought to the surface by the most ancient of trees through their bark carrying small amounts to the surface, though harvesting shed bark doesn't offer much more than six to ten pounds per ten years or so. It's a very easy to work metal with no negative qualities, and makes long lasting weaponry or armor. This rarity and cost keeps widespread use quite low, and also makes buying off the open market quite costly, much the same as kanpri." -Marquis du Spiral
  695. "Pinksteel is a very hard.. to forge steel, created.. by an extremely rare.. mushroom that only grows.. near Gozka or Cloudsdale.. it is very brittle and.. requires a grandmaster.. smith to work. It requires.. a spiritual bond with.. the owner to utilize.. an ability to expulse.. or create otherworldly.. energies to harm.. unnatural beings. If the.. owner is in tune.. with themselves and.. the world itself.. pinksteel allows one.. to harm incorporeal.. beings as if they.. were living." -Mercy, Spirit Walker
  697. "Redsteel is refined from a difficult to acquire bright red mushroom that only grows in the Dragonspine Mountains, and can be found around semi-active or active lava pools. It's also just as difficult to work with as it's metallurgical structure is tetrahedral and requires close attention to forging, otherwise you will end up with a useless metallic powder. It makes a very well rounded steel sufficient for most weapons and armor, though if forged into a weapon it will have an effective fire elemental." -Marquis du Spiral
  699. "Rubynine is a composite sixty-percent mixture of fine crushed ruby and forty-percent mythril, which appeared sometime after emeraldine made it's appearance in the Middle Dynasty era. Sadly, I don't know much about it's uses in armor or weaponry, but I can tell you that it was favored by pegasi skirmishers and raiders during the Lunar-Solar War. Surviving examples of twin-beamed lances are usually in excellent or pristine condition, while others are little more than shards and pieces. This leads me to think that rubynine has a peculiar molecular structure when forged since it's known for piercing armor, yet seems to be fragile when struck at averse angles." -Marquis du Spiral
  701. "Sapphirine, like emeraldine and rubynine, is the fifth known composite material, created from sixty-percent fine crushed sapphire and forty-percent kanpri. It also seems to be the last composite from the Dynasty Era, though I suspect there may have been others that probably did not function as well as the first five. Unlike rubynine or emeraldine, sapphirine was specifically developed for use by unicorns, hence why it was used extensively by the Lunar Guardians during the Lunar-Solar War. It is, however, very difficult to forge, and is slightly heavier than high carbon steel with slightly more density and structural integrity that the same, yet seems to have an interestingly dense threshold for holding enchantments or imbued properties. You'll have to ask Hodch if you want to know more though." -Marquis du Spiral
  703. "Silverine, equal amounts of diamond and copper alchemically transfused in ninety-percent silver base. Seems like Simple recipe, yes? Wrong. Silverine requires services of both Grandmaster Alchemist and Tower Guard Smith-General. Materials cheap, makes hard, flexible metal, but services cost much. If not mind holding image, can even replace one's skin with like Empress Silver did, but.. ..is very painful, worse than replacing flesh with living runic-steel of gryphon lands." -Tower Guard Master-Captain Broken Hoof
  705. "Whitesteel is a bright white steel-like metal that's common to find the Dragonspine Mountains, pieces of it show up all over, but nowhere else on Tallus. It's easy to forge or reforge weapons and armor with, which cuts down the amount of time a smith or crafter needs to do so, and has no negative qualities, except for being kinda rare. Most of the time it's used by the Dragon Vigilants, anypony or being aligned with the Elder Council, but I've heard from the Lorekeepers that some of the Solar Guardians, and later the Honor Guard, used it quite a bit. While nopony knows where whitesteel comes from, or what, it's rumored that the shards are fragments of dragon oaths returning to protect Tallus from the planes and Otherworldly beings. Don't ask me if that's true, all I know is what I've heard." -Nightblade Captain Belltower
  707. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  710. *****
  711. COUNCILIERGE: not a traditional military by any means, the Councilierge is reminiscent of mafia and outer reach corporation activities that are a staple on most human worlds. While the Councilierge does control some of the Watch Guard and keeps Stalliongrad mostly under their hoof, they have prominent ties to portions of the Royal Guard in Canterlot, with the royalty being 'legitimate' backers of both.
  713. "..huh, about time you asked. Listen carefully: I've been all over Equestria and Tallus retrieving cultural artifacts or relics, returning them to their rightful owners wherever they live. You name the city, I've been there, stolen from there, and returned again and again. What? You might think that at my age I'd have slowed down or stopped, right? Wroooong~! I've seen enough to know that the Councilierge are a much bigger and wealthier bunch than the Assassin's Circle of Saddle Arabia, the Dragon Vigilants of the Dragonspines, the Rogue Circle's elite, that is, the ones that Lucky doesn't even mess with, the Honor Guard, the Starborn, and the Imperial Wardens combined. Their influence in Stalliongrad is just enough that they control at least half the food production.. and, yeah, almost everything chemical related comes from them as well. The Stalliongrad Medical-Industrial-Chemical Company is supposed to be part of the overherd's ownership, but most of their majority members are Ruling Counil members themselves.. I'll get into them later. I can tell you about the Outer Councilierge ranks: Pawn is the lowest rank, it's for somepony that isn't trustworthy, and entirely expendable too, Thug is for competent muscle but not very smart, a Brute has to have some intelligence and is one of those hard-case ponies, an Enforcer needs to be smart, intimidating, AND strong. Stronghoof is where my information gets dicey, so I don't know much about it. Superior is a member rank for one that's not quuiiiite trusted, but one that's too useful to just get rid of. Associates are for those like that BITCHMARE LINARA! ...yeah, yeah, I'm fine now. Associates are highly trusted as they either make plenty of Bits, or have the initiative to expand their operations. Now, it's rare that a non-earth pony would even be CONSIDERED to rise above Associate, mind you, but the Inner Councilierge is a weird bag of stormwurms on it's own. Tactician is the next rank, it refers to an Associate that's unicorn smart, good at intelligence and information gathering, and is given a command of Outer Councilierge members, some Watch Guard, and a psion or two for protection. Ironhoof is somepony that's physically capable of dealing with several enemies at a time, but they're not given as much support as they're supposed to aid the Councilierge's day to day operations. Ringleaders are highly ranked Associates, and believe me, they are heavily protected; they're ones that've been either uncontested in certain cities, produced a few million Bits, and/or have some prominent skills or knowledge that make them virtually impossible to get rid of. There's that, or they could be children of the top fifteen, but even they aren't allowed to run their own organizations without being watched very, very carefully. Captain is just what it sounds: they have wide latitude, command quite a few forces, but are expected to make tons of money each month without fail or be 'removed'. ..no, I don't know how, and quite frankly I'd rather not know. Now then, where was I.. oh yeah! Master is an earth pony only rank, supposed to directly command Captains, they're usually a psion, but they are NOT expendable. In case a Master comes under suspicion or attack, the Councilierge will spare no expense keeping them safe.. which works for and against them for obvious reasons. Above that, I've no solid information to give.. though Broken Hoof has told me the Ruling Council is composed of fifteen members, yet only two of them are earth ponies. Make of that what you will, 'cause I dunno." -Nightblade Captain Belltower
  715. *****
  716. DAY, ROYAL, AND HONOR GUARD: hosted in Canterlot's Military District, close to where the Palace was. The Solar Armory and Lunar Armory are a single building, both taking up half of the building. As can be expected, the Honor Guard and Lunar Guard share duties evenly, sometimes cross-training their members, though there is some resentment by the Lunar Guard towards the speciesism frequently encountered by the Day, Royal, and Honor Guards.
  718. "The Day, Royal, and Honor Guard have a small number of ranks for their members. One would start as a Day Guard at the rank of Trooper, then move on to either Defender, Sword, or Lancer, and finally Warrior once those three are completed. At the rank of Warrior, it is possible to join the Royal Guard, then advance to Guardian, Shield or Heavy Lancer, and Warrior Master. One may become a Commander, essentially a Lieutenant, after finishing a year as a Warrior Master. Upon acceptance of application to the Honor Guard, one goes from Warrior Master to either Solar Guardian, Solar Blade, or Solar Lancer, and ends with Solar Master-at-Arms. The Honor Guard only has two leadership ranks: Captain and General. There are a few ranks that don't apply past Trooper, those such as Medic, Doctor, and either Close or Heavy Support for unicorns. Sadly, there is still some prevalent speciesism, regardless of what the nobles would have preferred, thus it is nearly impossible for batponies, gryphons, minotaurs, psions.. anything not a typical pegasus, earth pony, or unicorn, to join these three. If I recall correctly, the rank of Captain is required to access the Solar Armory in Canterlot Military District, though it must be unanimously authorized by Captain Keldon, General.. Valden.. and the Solar Council. However, I'm not sure how many ponies are left in the Solar Council as most of the current ones are former Honor Guard." -Marquis du Spiral
  720. *****
  721. IMPERIAL WARDENS: the second oldest military in Equestria, with family lines easily traced back to the first few Knights. Has vastly fewer numbers with far better training and equipment when compared to the Day or Watch Guards, the Imperial Wardens (not to be confused with the Ethereal Wardens, the Ethereal plane's military) act more like a centrally based Starborn within the Imperial City-State, though their rules are considerably stricter.
  723. "Humm.. well, from what I remember the Wardens are a single military force with a few ranks. There's two ways somepony can start as, defensive or offensive based. Um.. no, I dunno why they're split, never joined them and don't want to. Defensive is: Shield, Defender, Guardian, Knight, and Rune Knight. Offensive is Blade, Halberdier, Lancer, Crusader, and Crystal Knight. All healers go through the first two ranks and are just called Acolyte, but those with special skills have their own ranks, like Rune-Keepers. Rune or Crystal Knights can become an Imperial Knight after a few years, I guess, then join the Keepers, the day to day leaders, and have a chance at becoming General, then Imperial General. ..oh, right. Access to the Imperial Armory is awarded at the rank of Keeper, but it takes a while and -Cadence- has to give her say so on it. I've heard there's some beautiful stuff you can get your hooves on in there though!" -Naliyna
  725. *****
  726. NIGHT AND LUNAR GUARDS: formerly hosted in Canterlot's Military District, now split between the Moors as recruiting, training, and staging grounds, and Luna's Citadel on the Moon. All species are welcomed to join so long as they abide by the rules set forth by Princess Luna. Currently reforming and expanding in the Moors, using the old pegasi and batpony Arenas as smaller, permanent bases.
  728. "The Night and Lunar Guard have a bunch of ranks. You start out as Hoof in the Lunar Guard, then from there you go to: Fang, Scout, Hunter, Ambusher or Brawler depending on how you start a fight. After that is Spear, Sword, Claw, or Sorcerer depending on how you'd prefer to finish said fight, then Striker, Destroyer, Punisher, and Mage. Once you're one of the previous four you end up at Nightclaw. If you want to take a command position, you can become a Lieutenant after reaching Ambusher or Brawler, then Nightfang after the second set of specializations. Oh yeah! If you have any skill in healing, then you'd take courses from there and start as an Initiate Medic, then move on to Field Medic, and lastly Combat Medic. There's also Nurses, which help out the rest in clinics and hospitals. If you're a really specialized healer, once you spend a few years as a Nurse, you can become a Doctor, Field Doctor, or Combat Doctor, depending on where you'd like to live most. Almost every species is welcome in the Night and Lunar Guards, some of our most prominent members have been minotaurs, gryphons, even Eyes.. and there was a Ram that made it to the Lunar Council too! If you've proven your worth, Luna can allow you to enter the Lunar Armory in the Moors, which is now part of the Pegasi Arena half a mile from the Basin village since everything's been transferred there." -Nightblade Captain Belltower
  730. *****
  731. STARBORN: scattered across the Moors, Everfree, and Equestria's coast, various secure locations called Enclaves provide all necessities for Luna's elite warriors and agents. Their central base is Luna's Citadel on the Moon, considered to be a small, partially self-sufficient city-state. Currently stable with several possible recruits coming in monthly.
  733. "Starborn don't have many standard ranks in comparison to the other militaries, we're much more specialized in one role or profession. You'd transfer as a Nightfang directly from the Lunar Guard, and if you're skilled and lucky enough to catch somepony's notice you'll have to spend a year in to become a Nightfang Lieutenant, commanding a team of two to five. If you don't wanna command, can just bypass Lieutenant on a Nightblade Captain's recommendation and go straight to Nightblade, but from there you either command, if you were a Nightfang Lieutenant, to become a Nightblade Captain, or spend a while in a team of three to eight other Nightblades to reach the last four ranks. Right after that's Specialist if y'have some skill to offer, like being a smith, forger, doctor, you name it. Anyhow, Lunar Defencer is a rank for.. major defensive specialists, Lunar Claw for offensive, Lunar Wing for exceptional scouts, and Citadel Mage for casters, which also includes Crystal ponies and Saddle Arabians, but that's the end of traditional ranks there. There's a few unique ones that don't fit with anything else too, like.. Citadel Tracker is for an exceptional scout, tracker, and wilderness specialist, but we haven't had that rank filled in a long while though. Citadel Behemoth's an old rank, it's for a melee combatant that can either match or outmuscle Luna, and had to have a damned good grasp of strategy to go along with it, but the last one that could do both was General Skullcracker back when we were the Lunar Guardians. Citadel Commander's directly below General, can command anypony that isn't a Specialist or Nightblade Captain since those would have their own orders, I think the last one to have that was... huh, don't remember. Lunar Executioner is reserved for one pony specialized for assassinations just under General rank, but there wasn't any that wanted it so I took it. Then there's Lunar Guardian, Luna's sole guardian and protector at all times.. which I also took and should probably hoof off to somepony that sticks around the Citadel. Finally, the Starborn General is second-in-command to the Nightmare. We answer to Luna only, making anypony in the Night and Lunar Guard directly under our authority. Oh yeah, use of anything inside the Citadel Armory on the Moon can be granted at Nightblade Captain, but Luna, Nightblade Hodch, and me all gotta authorize it." -Starborn General Twisted wing
  735. *****
  736. WATCH AND TOWER GUARD: the oldest of the Guards across Equestria, hosted in Stalliongrad's Military District south of Residential. The Watch Guard is currently embroiled in internal fighting, both political and party sided, while the Tower Guard have begun taking territory in Stalliongrad.
  738. "Watch Guard start as Novice, then advance rank in this order: Apprentice, Journeyer, Scout, Expert, Moderatis, then Master. For leaders: Lieutenants teach and train members from Novice to Apprentice, Master-Lieutenant does same for Journeyer to Moderatis, Captains command special ranks after Expert: Support Strikers, Shieldmares, Light Lancers, Heavy Lancers, to name the most common four. Not all overherd untrustworthy, some simply cannot think beyond social normalicy. Only veteran psions can join Tower Guard, they advance in this order: Centurion, Tribune, Titan, Primus. If one was a Master-Lieutenant, can become Master-Captain, then General, Master-General, last is High General, only three High Generals allowed at one time. Entrance to Tower Guard Armory is available at Master-Captain, with the blessing of at least half the Generals and all three High-Generals." -Tower Guard Master-Captain Broken Hoof
  741. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  744. " " -Doctor Tipper
  745. " " -Mercy, Spirit Walker
  747. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  750. " " -Mercy, Spirit Walker
  752. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  755. " " -Mercy, Spirit Walker
  756. " " -Starborn General Twisted Wing
  758. "Encyclopedia: Planes: Vortex: incorrectly known as the Lawless Sphere, the Vortex plane is inhabited by outcasts, renegades, and defectors from numerous dimensions of existence, the majority of which left due to personal reasons. While there are very few accepted laws, the majority of inhabitants band together in constantly shifting groups, ranging from tribe-like bands to dedicated militaries. The Vortex plane is constantly at war with intruders from other planes, notably from the Ethereal and Void spectrums, though will take any opportunity to raze Rift constructs if sighted."
  760. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  763. " " -Mercy, Spirit Walker
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