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  1. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  2. Hey guys, @Bumblewasp this is the potential investor @Nine and Nine this is the other Co-Owner of Pickaxed: Bumblewasp
  3. Here is the link to our Discord if you'd like to join:
  4. Bumble will probably be on in a couple hours so we can resume talking then
  6. Nine01/07/2020
  7. Well let’s start on some details
  9. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  10. Okay
  12. Nine01/07/2020
  13. What’s the network about? What’s the goal here?
  14. What is the expected player base?
  16. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  17. The network is as of now just a custom Aerial Prison gamemode. We're going to be discussing a release date when he gets back on the server but I would say due to the size of the Discord, I would assume our starting playerbase (people that will continue to play after release) will be 10-20 players, of course we can grow that but as of now I'm not sure how much it'll be growing to
  19. Nine01/07/2020
  20. Aerial Prison
  21. Explain please
  23. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  24. Correct, so it's our own custom gamemode that we're creating. Basically it's like prison but we're going to be having tools with custom enchants, some small changes here and there, and the biggest feature (as of now, we plan on adding more appealing features like this in a couple of weeks) is that you don't have a plot to put your supplies in, we just don't think that's how a typical prison would function. Instead, you have a cell that's on a floating island (kind of like a skyblock, except you're encaged). And in your cell you'll be given a chest with very few farming materials, a crafting table, a furnace, and a Warden NPC. With this warden you can trade farming materials (like wheat) to get other farming materials you didn't start out with (like pumpkins and melons) thus this will allow you to have food for yourself and eventually if you rank up enough the warden will let you leave your cell and build onwards of your island. Your goal is to not only rankup in the prison but have the largest cell level on the server and be the best prisoner there is
  26. Nine01/07/2020
  27. So economy skyblock
  29. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  30. What do you mean sorry?
  31. Like the economy would be based around skyblock?
  33. Nine01/07/2020
  34. No
  35. There’s a specific competitive style in skyblock
  36. It’s essentially what you’ve described
  38. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  39. What is it exactly? Like a prison gamemode with a cell island?
  40. Or is it like you're stuck on your island and you have to rank up to get out
  42. Nine01/07/2020
  43. Are there mines on your server
  45. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  46. Yes
  47. Prison mines
  48. That would be their main source of income is the mines, not the farming materials
  50. Nine01/07/2020
  51. ah
  52. Dismiss the economy skyblock comment
  54. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  55. Okay, no worries
  57. Nine01/07/2020
  58. Are you offering any cell top reward type thing?
  60. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  61. Yes, Bumble and I haven't discuss specifics on the reward but we'll be offering store credit and paypal money
  63. Nine01/07/2020
  64. Great
  65. Sounds like a semi unique concept
  67. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  68. Thanks!
  70. Nine01/07/2020
  71. Where’s the budget at currently
  73. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  74. Right now we've purchased most of the development process, we'd just be using your investment to be paying a developer to customize some of our plugins, fix a couple of bugs, and we may use the rest of your investment towards advertising depending on how much you'd be willing to invest
  75. We already have the host, the concept setup, the builds, the domain, the xenforo, the plugins that we needed
  77. Nine01/07/2020
  78. Alright
  79. Let me go down the checklist with you guys
  81. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  82. Okay
  84. Nine01/07/2020
  85. After I get on my pc
  87. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  88. No worries
  90. Nine01/07/2020
  91. Alrighty
  93. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  94. Welcome back
  96. Nine01/07/2020
  97. What host are you using?
  99. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  100. Titan Nodes
  102. Nine01/07/2020
  103. How much is it
  105. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  106. $11.40/Month (6GB)
  108. Nine01/07/2020
  109. Diamond plan huh
  111. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  112. Yup
  114. Nine01/07/2020
  115. It's an ovh reseller panel
  116. Free DDoS protection?
  118. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  119. Probably, most host like this are
  120. Yup
  122. Nine01/07/2020
  123. oh wait actually
  124. it might be a sys reseller
  125. if its only 1.7
  127. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  128. It's i7 cpu if that's what you mean
  130. Nine01/07/2020
  131. Do the staff get paid?
  132. and no, I mean its only 1.7 tbps
  134. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  135. Oh okay
  136. And the current staff on board are not
  138. Nine01/07/2020
  139. Could you name them all?
  140. Can you send some photos of the builds?
  141. Can you estimate the cost of the redo on some plugins from the developers?
  143. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  144. Building doesn't start till the 12th
  145. And the owners are in the chat, BDM32703 is the administrator and Rohan is our moderator, and the developer we want to hire charges $20/week
  147. Nine01/07/2020
  148. I see
  149. Any links to this dev?
  150. Seems like a bit of a scam
  152. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  154. MC-Market
  155. Hobbing
  156. Hobbing is a Professional Manager at MC-Market
  158. Do you know developers?
  160. Nine01/07/2020
  161. I have a team of 11 devs under me
  163. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  164. Oh awesome!
  166. Nine01/07/2020
  167. Though, all of them quite expensive in comparison to that.
  169. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  170. If they're good and have better rates I'll love to contact one of them
  171. What kind of rates?
  173. Nine01/07/2020
  174. $12/h or around there
  175. Those are for the lowest tier dev
  177. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  178. Okay, well we can discuss all of that later
  180. Nine01/07/2020
  181. However, I'm sure they can complete whatever you need completed in a few hours
  183. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  184. Okay
  186. Nine01/07/2020
  187. Are the builds paid for?
  189. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  190. Yes, they're already paid
  192. Nine01/07/2020
  193. Great
  194. How much is the total?
  196. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  197. Of how much we spent?
  199. Nine01/07/2020
  200. Of the builds
  202. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  203. Oh, they'll be free, I know the guy in real life so he's doing this as a favor
  204. And he's a top tier builder, he's not one of those guys who builds like crap lol
  206. Nine01/07/2020
  207. Any portfolio>?
  209. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  210. Not really, but trust me I've seen his builds, he's just not as professional as most builders
  211. But we don't need to worry on the builds atm, if you were to invest money it wouldn't be going towards builds
  213. Nine01/07/2020
  214. Alright
  215. It's not about that
  216. It's about assessing the state of the server
  218. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  219. Ah, okay
  220. Well I can update you about the building process in about a week
  221. Any other questions?
  223. Nine01/07/2020
  224. Yea
  225. Give me a few
  227. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  228. Okay, no worries
  230. Nine01/07/2020
  231. No logo or website done I assume
  233. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  234. We do have a logo, just not a banner
  236. Nine01/07/2020
  237. Can I see the logo
  239. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  240. It's just our discord logo
  241. That pickaxe
  243. Nine01/07/2020
  244. That's not a logo lmfao
  246. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  247. It's a good icon, we'll need to get better graphics though for other things
  249. Nine01/07/2020
  250. Theres no spark about it
  251. it's just a default texture pack icon type deal
  252. You'll probably want a rework on that
  253. Anyways
  254. I'll offer you my team of resources while I'm an investor; Condition is that I ask for 145% ROI; I'll be investing around $300
  255. Quick maths, the return is $435
  257. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  258. So your team would be an additional cost? Or they cost with the investment?
  260. Nine01/07/2020
  261. Additional
  262. Oh
  263. I mean with the investment
  264. they will be open to you
  266. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  267. Oh okay
  268. I'll discuss this with Bumble
  270. Nine01/07/2020
  271. Any update
  273. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  274. Hey, we're in a call right now discussing the deal
  276. Nine01/07/2020
  277. Great
  279. Bumblewasp01/07/2020
  280. Hey Nine, nice to meet you. MCX and I believe you offer is fair and we like the fact that you are offering your connections. Is there any more questions you have for us?
  282. Nine01/07/2020
  283. Yea
  284. Where are you from?
  286. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  287. I'm from the United States
  289. Bumblewasp01/07/2020
  290. I'm from the UK.
  291. We believe this will make it easy to manage the server as we are available over more timezones.
  293. Nine01/07/2020
  294. Ages?
  296. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  297. 18
  299. Bumblewasp01/07/2020
  300. 18 aswell.
  302. Nine01/07/2020
  303. Have you guys known each other for a while?
  305. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  306. We've known each other for a few months now I'd say
  308. Nine01/07/2020
  309. Is this before or after the creation of the server
  311. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  312. Before
  314. Nine01/07/2020
  315. I see
  316. How did you find each other
  318. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  319. MC-Market, just from third party connections.
  320. I have another staff member on the team that I know in real life, he was the builder I was telling you about as well
  322. Nine01/07/2020
  323. Right
  324. Whats the mutual level of trust here
  326. Bumblewasp01/07/2020
  327. Obviously with the online industry there are risks even if you have known people for years. Nevertheless, we got along well before this project and either of us ruining this project would be financially and morally inefficient.
  329. Nine01/07/2020
  330. How do the shares work
  331. is it 50/50 or
  333. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  334. Yup
  336. Nine01/07/2020
  337. Nice
  339. Bumblewasp01/07/2020
  340. Do you have a rough estimate when you would like to start this investment?
  342. Nine01/07/2020
  343. I can do today
  344. But I want to see your protection
  346. Bumblewasp01/07/2020
  347. What do you mean by protection?
  349. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  350. Are you asking us to show you how you'll be getting your money back?
  352. Nine01/07/2020
  353. The server protection
  354. Stopping invalid clients from doing anything
  356. Bumblewasp01/07/2020
  357. DDoS Protection?
  359. Nine01/07/2020
  360. DDoS prot is provided by the host.
  361. That has nothing to do with this
  363. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  364. Like, anti-hacking plugins?
  366. Nine01/07/2020
  367. Like
  368. Anti Jigsaw plugins
  370. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  371. I mean we had planned on just getting a configuration of NCP as this is only a custom prison server. Besides fighting in the Kit-PvP zone there's not much hacking you can do.
  372. All the ores are displayed in spawn, you aren't really interacting with other users, and there's no need to dupe (which even if there is a need to dupe we'll have that covered with our plugin)
  374. Nine01/07/2020
  375. I don't believe you know the extent of what these guys can do.
  376. Theres invalid proxy clients that will allow them to log on and imitate you, perms and all. They can completely destroy your server.
  377. You're not quite experienced enough in server creation if you don't know this.
  378. Although, it should be fine once resolved.
  379. I know I've asked this indirectly, but I want to see if there's anything else.
  380. What is the monthly server cost currently?
  382. Bumblewasp01/07/2020
  383. I have been involved with a number of Minecraft servers, both large and small. I understand that there is a risk of exploitation and I always use diligence through every step of the creation process. Using this, I was able to release Blocksville with over 150 players with no issues. Nevertheless, I really appreciate your concern. I will look into the latest research in this area and would be happy to look into areas which concern you particularly.
  385. Nine01/07/2020
  386. I'm sure with the money earned from that 150 playerbase you could at least fund this project. What happened exactly?
  388. Bumblewasp01/07/2020
  389. As we are currently in the development process, we are keeping costs to a minimum. It is currently just a low-scale hosting package that we are paying for monthly (as well as some minor costs, such as the domain and webhosting). Upon release, we do expect an increase in monthly costs but your investment will probably be used towards custom development and advertisement.
  391. Nine01/07/2020
  392. Way to answer the question
  394. Bumblewasp01/07/2020
  395. I was answering your first question regarding our monthly costs. I will answer your second regarding my finances now.
  397. Nine01/07/2020
  398. I know that; you didn't give me an answer.
  400. Bumblewasp01/07/2020
  401. The monthly costs are current near zero (approximately $20), so we can invest as much as possible on initial investment.
  403. Nine01/07/2020
  404. Got it
  406. Bumblewasp01/07/2020
  407. Overall, I did make net profits on Blocksville. Nevertheless, it did not peak when I expected due to restrictions on my partners financial contributions. For this reason, I did have to sell my share in the server and I did make less than I hoped with my large initial investment. Blocksville was 2 years ago and I do not reserve all my capital for Minecraft. Presently, my financial situation is healthy and I have saved up money to invest in this project. Nevertheless, further investment is always welcomed as more custom development and advertisement can only lead to more success under our good management.
  409. Nine01/07/2020
  410. That would be a great response for a large scale project. This is an small project, so I am a bit confused as to why you need investors if your financial situation is healthy.
  411. You're just losing money.
  413. Bumblewasp01/07/2020
  414. Although my financial situation is healthy, I use the vast majority for living and personal development for my primary current and future sources of income. For this reason, I have a restricted amount available for my Minecraft projects. Despite this, I have spent recent months saving up for the project. I appreciate you think that taking your money would lead to a loss in funds for me, but I personally think that your $300 could generate more than $435 if invested in the correct places.
  415. Even though I could theoretically invest $300 more in Minecraft right now, that would also restrict the available cash flow I have right now for non-Minecraft related spending - which at the moment (hopefully) have a net reward of more than $135.
  417. Nine01/07/2020
  418. alrighty
  420. Bumblewasp01/07/2020
  421. I hope I was able to answer your question. Are you ready to proceed with the investment?
  423. Nine01/07/2020
  424. Do you have an hour
  425. I've got about 5 pages of paperwork I've got to fill out
  426. Afterwards, I can invest.
  428. Bumblewasp01/07/2020
  429. That is perfectly fine. I will have to go to sleep shortly as I am based in the UK, I'm sure @MCXBPE can deal with final arrangements later.
  431. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  432. Yup, just message me when you're ready :slight_smile:
  434. Nine01/07/2020
  435. Great
  437. Nine01/07/2020
  438. I'm ready
  440. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  441. Okay great!
  442. So would you like my PayPal email?
  443. Or do you want me to confirm on MC-Market first
  445. Nine01/07/2020
  446. Yea
  447. Email
  449. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  452. Nine01/07/2020
  453. sent
  455. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  456. Awesome! We'll send you updates on the builds in a week! Anything else you'd like to know?
  458. Nine01/07/2020
  459. No
  461. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  462. Okay
  465. Here is proof I've received the investment!
  467. Nine01/07/2020
  468. Oh
  469. When would you return said investment
  470. I believe you said two weeks or smth
  472. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  473. Um, no?
  474. We will do our best to get it out as quickly as possible but I can't guarantee 2 weeks as we won't even be open by then
  476. Nine01/07/2020
  477. It was on mcm; when is the estimate?
  479. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  480. On MCM I said we may try to release by the end of January but I haven't talked to Bumble about a specific date, anything I was saying though was towards a $100 investment. Although I never said 2 weeks or even a specific date we would have this return, all I can say is you'll be slowly getting your money back.
  481. My estimate would be a couple months at least as $145 dollars is hard to payback then just $20.
  483. Nine01/07/2020
  484. I asked for timeframe, and you said estimated 2 weeks ish for payback.
  486. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  487. For a $20 return on a $100 investment. Not a $435 return on a $300 investment.
  488. That's a much larger scale
  489. Nine, this is a Minecraft server, you're getting your money back through profits of the server. How do you expect us to get $435 from release? That's nearly impossible
  491. Nine01/07/2020
  492. No I understand
  493. I was just stating
  495. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  496. I'm not trying to come off as a scam, I'm just trying to be realistic, I'll always be giving you updates and I'm not gonna disconnect from you out of no where
  497. And I'm truly sorry for the miscommunication
  499. Nine01/07/2020
  500. So are we thinking like
  502. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  503. All I'm saying is since this is a larger investment we will need a lot more time
  505. Nine01/07/2020
  506. 6 weeks?
  508. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  509. We would estimate 2 months (8 weeks) from release. Please bare in mind though we can't calculate server profits, only estimate. Also, bare in mind that we won't be pocketing any of the money until your investment is paid off so if we're taking longer than expected don't think we're doing this to scam you.
  510. Although I would truly love for this to be a huge success and give it to you asap, but time can only tell, which is why we're all invested into this
  512. Nine01/07/2020
  513. So when is release
  515. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  516. Bumble and I haven't discussed a specific date and it's very late for him at the moment, but my personal goal is by the end of January assuming that everything is on track.
  518. Nine01/07/2020
  519. So around 3 months for the ROI
  521. Bumblewasp01/07/2020
  522. That would be our estimate, correct.
  524. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  525. That is our estimate. We'll keep you updated along the way
  527. Nine01/07/2020
  528. I mean
  529. That's ridiculously long for $135
  531. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  532. Nine, if anyone on MC-Market said they could return that much money solely from the profits of a Minecraft server any sooner, they would be attempting to scam you.
  534. Nine01/07/2020
  535. You said you'd be returning it from the jobs that you work at.
  536. Not the profits of your server.
  538. MCXBPE01/07/2020
  539. 1. That was again said about the $100 investment
  540. 2. That was said if the server had failed
  542. Nine01/07/2020
  543. The second point was never mentioned
  544. I'll accept a payback at 9 weeks latest; Otherwise, we'll be cutting this investment short.
  545. March 10th
  547. Bumblewasp01/07/2020
  548. We have spent a good amount of time discussing this with you and you are eligible for a very high ROI if Pickaxed is successful - we also have invested large amount and the server succeeding is in our best interests.
  550. Nine01/07/2020
  551. Phenomenal
  552. Are you going to agree to my conditions, or am I going to have to withdraw early?
  554. Bumblewasp01/07/2020
  555. Yes, the projected goal for this investment is March 10th.
  557. Nine01/07/2020
  558. Great
  560. NineLast Tuesday at 8:16 AM
  561. week one
  562. Updates?
  564. NineLast Wednesday at 3:42 PM
  565. ^
  567. MCXBPELast Wednesday at 3:42 PM
  568. Oh crap my bad
  569. I meant to reply to this
  570. We have a banner being made for advertisement, and all the configuration is done for basic plugins, we're just now making the plugins that will make it more unique
  571. Feel free to let us know anything you think we should add to the server to make it more unique
  573. NineLast Wednesday at 3:45 PM
  574. Are you going to post it
  576. MCXBPELast Wednesday at 3:45 PM
  577. Post what?
  579. NineLast Wednesday at 3:46 PM
  580. oh nvm
  581. i read wrong
  582. i thought you said you already had the banner made
  584. MCXBPELast Wednesday at 3:46 PM
  585. Nope my apologies, it'll be done in a few days
  587. NineYesterday at 4:59 PM
  588. Updates
  590. MCXBPEYesterday at 5:00 PM
  591. Brady is building the spawn atm and Bumble is resigning from the team, I've just done a bunch of config and I hired a manager named Mason
  593. NineYesterday at 5:07 PM
  594. Alright
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