Accidental Grooming

JaceWindu May 22nd, 2019 65 Never
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  1. The following is a work of fiction. I am an adult looking for conversation with other adults about things of an adult nature.  If you're not an adult, go finish your homework and take out the recycling.
  3. -----------------------------------------
  4. In my defense, it really was innocent at the start.
  6. You were my daughter's best friend.  I had met your mom - your dad had left some years ago - and, as she was often working and juggling the responsibilities that come from being a single mother, you were always hanging out at our house.  You were a sweet kid, polite, energetic, respectful and cute.  You'd be over at our place for dinner more often than you were at your own.  Our house was the base of operations for homework projects, for backyard games, for movie nights and sleepovers.  
  8. And I was just trying to be a good surrogate dad - asking about homework and schoolwork and hobbies, remembering birthdays and favorite foods.  I would notice when you got a new haircut and when you started to wear makeup.  I noticed as your body started to develop, as your hips began to widen, as your breasts began to develop, as the body of a little girl slowly began its transformation into the body of a young woman.  I would pay honest compliments.  It wasn't a lie when I said I loved the way your eyes sparkled.  It wasn't flattery when I told you that you looked really cute in that oversized sweatshirt.  I wasn't just making conversation when I told you that you really _were_ pretty, and any guy would be lucky to have you for a girlfriend.  I was trying to encourage a girl who didn't have a strong male figure in her life, to let her know she was seen and noticed and that she mattered.  I'd always be ready with a ride somewhere when you wanted it, a word of advice when you needed it, or a hug - my arms wrapping around you, making you feel so safe and special and cared for - just because.
  10. I didn't count on the impact of that.  I didn't count on the way kindness might be interpreted in the mind of an <age to be discussed in PMs> year old girl.  I didn't count on the way I was accidentally becoming the most important man in your life.  I didn't count on how far you were willing to go to show me just how important I was to you.  
  12. And so it was that, on Memorial Day Weekend, when you and my daughter Jenn were planning a weekend-long sleepover, that you decided you were going to show me that you weren't a little girl anymore, that you were willing to be whatever I wanted you to be, that you could treat me better than my wife ever could.  
  14. -------------------------------------------------------
  15. This was something that was kicking around in my head today.  Not quite as kinky as incest, but because of that, it's a little less taboo and a little easier to slip into.  
  17. The dad here isn't necessarily a bad guy.  He wasn't out to get into this girl's pants.  But, he's human and she's willing.  Once the offer is on the table, it won't take him long to take her up on it.
  19. This is more of a sketch of an idea than I usually put up, but we'll see where it goes.  Maybe she starts with a hand-job during a movie while the lights are low and her best friend is laying on the floor in front of the tv.  Maybe she starts by slipping into his bedroom when everyone else is asleep.  Maybe she meets him in the kitchen where they have a sweet and romantic first kiss.  Maybe she's been watching porn and training her holes and she begs him to pound her ass... This could go in lots of directions.
  21. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, send me an orange envelope with the character's first and middle name and the age range you'd like to play.  Reference pictures are always appreciated but are by no means required.
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