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Video Playback Setup Guide

PortablePotatoes Oct 19th, 2012 363 Never
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  1. Trying to watch my vids and they have no video and audio? Chances are, you don't have the proper tools to do so. Trust me, remeding this problem is a whole lot easier than it looks.
  3. In order to run .mkvs, you will need to make sure you download the latest of the following:
  4. -Media Player Classic-Homecinema or SMPlayer2 (32-bit)
  5. -LAV Filters
  6. -Haali’s Media Splitter
  9. ***NOTE: If you have any codec packs already installed (ie CCCP), uninstall them immediately before using this setup.***
  12. 1.Install or unzip MPC-HC somewhere where you can easily find it. Make desktop shortcuts if you have to.
  14. 2.Install LAV filters. Use 32 (x86) versions of the video and audio filters only (this is crucial if you want to go back and install something like MadVR). Uncheck both boxes for LAV splitter.
  16. 3. Install Haali's Media Splitter. You really don't have to do anything special with this, but it might have an option for Windows Media Player to be associated with some files. If you want nothing to do with that gastly thing, be sure to uncheck that.
  18. 4.Open MPC-HC. Go to "View"->"Options".
  19.         a. Click on "Internal Filters". Uncheck all Transform Filters. As for Source Filters, Uncheck the following:
  20.         -AVI
  21.         -Matroska
  22.         -MP4/MOV
  23.         -MPEG PS/TS/PVA
  24.         -Ogg
  25.         b.Under the "Plackback"->"Output tab", and although this is usually chosen on default, make sure "EVR Custom Pres." is chosen. Set the resizer to "Bicubic A=-0.75 (PS 2.0)"
  26. NOTE: If you're having choppy playback, switch to "Haali Renderer" or “VMR-9 (renderless)”. Whichever's best.
  27.         c.Under "Internal Filters"->"External Filters", make sure the LAV audio and video decoders are listed. If not, click "add filter" and add them both manually. Set both to "Prefer".
  29. 5. Restart MPC-HC. Enjoy!
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