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  1. Key: Hunts Alone
  2. Discord: Hunts Alone#something
  3. Character: ???
  4. Skill/Rank(or transformation): Super Tuffle
  5. How well do you know the source material?(obviously not relevant if it's a transformation): Yeah. I know tuffle's lore pretty well.
  6. Reasoning: The saiyan hunter is my name, hunting saiyans is my game. Most of my rp will be focused on a revengeful story against saiyans though as rp develops then other goals will manifest.
  8. RP (If asked for the rank/race) (May come from anywhere as long as it is YOUR RP)
  10. 11/02/19(21:38:16) *Remus(Hunts Alone) // Violence. That was all they cared about. Bringing harm to harmless human beings who had backed out of this fight. It was horrid for a child as young as him to experience. He'd never forget this moment in his life where the savagery of human nature was put on full display. The battle went two completely different ways in each skirmish. The one on one between Damon and Solmund was drawn out as they were on an even playing field. They collided with a barrage of fists and attacked with raw anger and fury. It was truly a clash between titans as the human and Demi-God's battle scaled this entire town. They traveled from one end to the other in a quest to put each other on the ground. To go to such lengths was something Remus couldn't even fathom.
  12.  Then there was the battle, no, not even that. That was a massacre. Einar's body was ravaged by attacks that he clearly couldn't take. He wasn't as strong as either of his opponents and them attacking together spelled an even quicker end. Even worse one of his opponents used a blade and wounds spouting blood were popping up all over his body. As the nymph said this was no battle between sides with different views. They didn't want to settle this and move on. This was war. They were out for each other's throats and much more. They wanted to see the blood of their opponent's families running through the pond that sat in the middle of this plaza. Pitiful.
  14. Remus simply couldn't believe it. He dropped to his knees as a few tears streamed down his face. His psyche was being destroyed as this scenario went on. He couldn't see it anymore. He wouldn't see it anymore. He broke. His crystal blue eyes changed to resemble a slit, present within certain animals. They looked violent as they shifted into a crimson red. Something was wrong with this poor child. He was growing slighter bigger as he remained on the ground. Muscles built up within his body and increased the fortitude of his body. The hair on his head shifted into a lighter shade and as did the rest of his body. However there was something off, he was growing more hair as well. From his arms to his legs more and more hair ran rampant across his body. The clothes that hid his bare body ripped entirely. He was no longer Remus. He was barely even human. What was left in his place was a beast.
  16. A massive, hairy, hungry beast. These monsters that could feel such violence would meet a being containing all of that and much more. "Grrr..." A simple growl echoed throughout the area as those ravenous eyes glanced over everyone in the area. An ear-splitting howl followed suit as the monster broke out into combat. Everyone was a victim, there were no allies in his eyes. Only enemies. *
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