The Run where Devlin died

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  1. (8:18:29 PM) padri: Ren walks into the sub bay wearing Don's hat.
  2. (8:18:30 PM) NAC: Cameron's there first, thing is, no one saw him open the door. Its as if he was there the entire time.
  3. (8:18:32 PM) NAC: Or not
  4. (8:18:47 PM) Halvors: Sverre walks into the sub bay.
  5. (8:18:54 PM) padri: No, Ren gets there the after Cameron.
  6. (8:19:04 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry manages to find his way to the sub bay with his gun and his sanity.
  7. (8:19:34 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin slips in, stretching. ~No meeting, no problem.~ She's wearing a fedora.
  8. (8:19:35 PM) Halvors: Sverre checks his mags. He's got three +P FMJ clips, two softpoint clips, and an extended clip of standard ammo.
  9. (8:19:39 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Well, I should probably read the packet they hand to me before doing this stuff, shouldn't I?"
  10. (8:20:04 PM) Halvors: Sverre fishes out a little handbook. "I was bored and I wrote this." He tosses it to Henry. "It might help."
  11. (8:20:25 PM) DevilAngel: "Up to you Henry." Devlin says. "Though they probably gave it to you for a reason, huh?"
  12. (8:20:28 PM) Halvors: (It's a very basic outline of standard operating protocol. handwritten.)
  13. (8:20:33 PM) FlyingIcarus: "I mean, we have /a goddamn/ sub here?"
  14. (8:20:46 PM) DevilAngel: "Yep."
  15. (8:21:30 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Well." Henry flips through the notebook. "Uh."
  16. (8:21:30 PM) padri: Renee looks a little antsy. She bounces nervously on the balls of her feet.
  17. (8:22:03 PM) Dexanote: "Alright. there's some kind of emergence event going on, something's trying to get through on the other side. If you can stop the unknown force it would be great."
  18. (8:22:03 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin looks at Renee. "You okay?"
  19. (8:22:25 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry's face goes pale.
  20. (8:22:29 PM) NAC: "Can you tell us anything about this unknown force?" Cameron asks, raising an eyebrow.
  21. (8:22:39 PM) padri: She smiles at Devlin. "Yeah. I just haven't been here in a while." Then back to the director.
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  23. (8:23:25 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin nods, she hasn't either. She stands next to Renee and listens.
  24. (8:24:26 PM) Dexanote: "Well, it's either unwilling or unable to communicate. There've been some fissures deep under the surface, they usually close up before anything can get through. Probes are crushed if they go too deep, so we can't help you there."
  25. (8:25:32 PM) NAC: "Alright then." Cameron nods, turning over to the sub and walking up to the thing, taking a seat and strapping in.
  26. (8:25:47 PM) Scantron [] entered the room.
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  28. (8:25:59 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry, realizing he has no other choice, gets in.
  29. (8:25:59 PM) Halvors: Sverre hops in the sub. "Time to make contact then. I guess." He shrugs and straps in.
  30. (8:26:24 PM) Scantron: Spencer, who is late, gets in the sub. Unless he doesn't. Does he?
  31. (8:26:35 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Please tell me we have a union or something here..."
  32. (8:26:46 PM) padri: Ren gets in the sub.
  33. (8:26:56 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin follows after.
  34. (8:27:16 PM) padri: ~Hello sub. It's been a while, hasn't it? Send me off to my death once more!~
  35. (8:27:17 PM) NAC: Cameron chuckles at Henry's joke.
  36. (8:27:40 PM) padri: "Okay, so I don't touch anyone and I'll be fine."
  37. (8:27:46 PM) Scantron: "Not that I know of, but there's nothing really stopping us, aside from the fact that we're almost all highly replaceable."
  38. (8:27:51 PM) FlyingIcarus: That wasn't a joke.
  39. (8:28:09 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Oh, uh, well, that sure is convenient."
  40. (8:28:45 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin moves over. "Hello again Spencer."
  41. (8:29:01 PM) Dexanote: Sound off, character names.
  42. (8:29:06 PM) Scantron: "Hello Devlin."
  43. (8:29:06 PM) Scantron: SPENCER
  44. (8:29:08 PM) NAC: CAMERON
  45. (8:29:20 PM) FlyingIcarus: HENRY
  46. (8:29:26 PM) padri: RENEE
  47. (8:29:35 PM) DevilAngel: DEVLIN
  48. (8:30:18 PM) Halvors: SVERRE?
  49. (8:31:05 PM) Dexanote: got it.
  50. (8:31:27 PM) Dexanote: The sub shudders, automatic controls coming to life and the engines revving into activity.
  51. (8:31:36 PM) padri: Ren looks out the window.
  52. (8:31:57 PM) padri: "Um, Cameron? No holding me this time, okay?"
  53. (8:32:03 PM) Halvors: The same odd whoop bubbles out of Sverre's lips. "Jawohl, now ve are talking."
  54. (8:32:17 PM) NAC: "Any reason?" Cameron asks, brow raised.
  55. (8:32:31 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Well, we sure seem competent." Henry mutters.
  56. (8:32:37 PM) padri: She turns back to Cameron. "I don't do touch well."
  57. (8:32:47 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin looks at Renee strangely and then goes and scans her surroundings. Constantly.
  58. (8:32:49 PM) padri: Then back to the window.
  59. (8:33:12 PM) Dexanote: Everyone is in?
  60. (8:33:20 PM) FlyingIcarus: I think.
  61. (8:33:21 PM) Halvors: Sverre is peering out the window. Yes, I think os
  62. (8:33:22 PM) Halvors: *so
  63. (8:33:37 PM) padri: Yeah.
  64. (8:33:40 PM) Dexanote: The sounds of the sub sealing itself, and you descend into the Pool.
  65. (8:33:45 PM) Scantron: Yep. To Henry, "That's the spirit." It's a sort of dismal humor.
  66. (8:34:21 PM) Halvors: "Well, if we all die, we get free food in valhalla." Sverre chuckles a bit.
  67. (8:34:23 PM) FlyingIcarus: "I could use some spirits but that's just alcoholic me speaking."
  68. (8:34:45 PM) padri: "Wouldn't that be lovely." ~Valhalla could be a good place to go, anyway.~
  69. (8:34:55 PM) Halvors: Sverre glares at Henry for a bit. "After the mission. /AFTER/."
  70. (8:35:03 PM) Dexanote is now known as DexaGM
  71. (8:35:06 PM) Scantron: Spencer grumbles. "Last person to get drunk on a mission exploded."
  72. (8:35:25 PM) padri: "What was that?"
  73. (8:35:28 PM) NAC: Cameron looks at Spencer "When was this?"
  74. (8:35:30 PM) DevilAngel: "Who?"
  75. (8:35:39 PM) FlyingIcarus: "I'll pretend I didn't hear that..."
  76. (8:35:41 PM) Halvors: "Was this Randy?"
  77. (8:35:46 PM) Scantron: "Recently." Spencer looks at the wall.
  78. (8:35:56 PM) Scantron is now known as ScanAFK
  79. (8:36:16 PM) padri: "Oh." She shuts up and turns back to the window.
  80. (8:36:50 PM) Halvors: Sverre turns his gaze back out the window.
  81. (8:37:30 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry whistles a mournful song.
  82. (8:37:36 PM) DexaGM: The red water grows darker, into black. There's a creaking around them, and then a LURCH.
  83. (8:38:01 PM) Halvors: Sverre is tapping the stock of his Sturmgewehr idly.
  84. (8:38:57 PM) NAC: Cameron nearly falls forward, thankfully he was strapped in to his chair. His neck still feels sprained though as a result. "Ouch."
  85. (8:39:00 PM) DexaGM: And suddenly, you're falling.
  86. (8:39:02 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Took us long enough."
  87. (8:39:04 PM) DexaGM: The sub is falling.
  88. (8:39:13 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Sweet jebidiah on Rye."
  89. (8:39:40 PM) DevilAngel: "Not a good sensation
  90. (8:39:41 PM) DevilAngel: :
  91. (8:39:41 PM) DevilAngel: "
  92. (8:39:44 PM) padri: Ren buckles her seatbelt before it's too late!
  93. (8:39:49 PM) Halvors: [Ja, and now fun shit happens.] (in Czech) "I hope you all are good with motion sickness.
  94. (8:39:50 PM) Halvors: "
  95. (8:40:24 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin looks a Sverre. (a split second linger when her eyes pass him)
  96. (8:40:29 PM) DexaGM: They hit bottom, with a deep SPLASH.
  97. (8:40:50 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Glad to see the Laws of Physics being obeyed."
  98. (8:40:57 PM) DexaGM: THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE NOT STRAPPED IN are knocked out of your seats; the sub rights itself and drifts to the surface.
  99. (8:40:59 PM) padri: She looks out the window again. "Where are we this time?"
  100. (8:41:06 PM) DexaGM: It looks fucking dark outside
  101. (8:41:10 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Oof."
  102. (8:41:11 PM) DexaGM: Night time, maybe?
  103. (8:41:15 PM) DexaGM: Or subterranea...
  104. (8:41:19 PM) Halvors: The same whoop emerges from Sverre's lips again. "Good thing for seatbelts, nicht wahr?"
  105. (8:41:23 PM) DevilAngel: "Are you kidding? Henry, once this sub came out of the grass."
  106. (8:41:33 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry cautiously unstraps himself from his seat.
  107. (8:42:12 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin doesn't she waits for a moment.
  108. (8:42:13 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Is there no 'unfuck ourselves' button on this ship?"
  109. (8:42:26 PM) padri: "My first run it pushed itself out of the dirt. And unfortunately, no.
  110. (8:42:28 PM) padri: "
  111. (8:42:30 PM) Halvors: "Ja, it is right over there by the unicorn. No, of course not."
  112. (8:42:42 PM) Halvors: "But if we do see a unicorn shoot first ask questions later."
  113. (8:42:44 PM) padri: She unbuckles, too. "Shall we see where we are?"
  114. (8:42:49 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry makes his way towards the sensors.
  115. (8:43:03 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Let's make sure we're not in a vacuum first."
  116. (8:43:06 PM) Halvors: Sverre unbuckles and peers out the window for a second. "I can't see shit."
  117. (8:43:16 PM) padri: *op
  118. (8:43:26 PM) DexaGM: The sensors reveal fairly little, other than a breathable atmosphere.
  119. (8:43:39 PM) NAC: "My first run had it drop from the sky onto a sky scraper." Cameron chuckles, unstrapping from his seat and streching some.
  120. (8:43:43 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin unbuckles. She pulls her bag off her shoulder and grabs a flashlight out of it.
  121. (8:43:43 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Well, that's useful. We can breathe."
  122. (8:43:46 PM) DexaGM: Out the window, there's a soft point of light about... maybe 100 metres out.
  123. (8:43:52 PM) NAC: "Shall we walk?"
  124. (8:44:06 PM) padri: "Then lets have a look around?" She goes to open the hatch.
  125. (8:44:07 PM) DevilAngel: "Who wants to lead?"
  126. (8:44:11 PM) Halvors: "Oh wait wait. I see something. Come and look before we go out."
  127. (8:44:13 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Open the hatch, cap'n."
  128. (8:44:21 PM) Halvors: "One second please?"
  129. (8:44:28 PM) Halvors: perception to see more? or is it too dark?
  130. (8:44:49 PM) padri: "Alright." She waits.
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  132. (8:45:16 PM) DevilAngel left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  133. (8:45:26 PM) DevilAngel [] entered the room.
  134. (8:45:45 PM) Scantron: "I'll go first."
  135. (8:45:54 PM) DexaGM: Alright/
  136. (8:45:57 PM) DexaGM: No perception yet.
  137. (8:46:00 PM) Halvors: k.
  138. (8:46:06 PM) FlyingIcarus: "I'll go second."
  139. (8:46:10 PM) padri: "Alright." She backs up and lets Spenser go first.
  140. (8:46:13 PM) Halvors: "Ach, just go. It is a little light over there. And I go third."
  141. (8:46:27 PM) DevilAngel: "Let me go second." She holds up a flashlight.
  142. (8:46:28 PM) padri: "Does it really make that much difference?"
  143. (8:46:45 PM) FlyingIcarus: "No, but don't stop me from trying to make it matter."
  144. (8:46:47 PM) Scantron: Spencer climbs out first!
  145. (8:46:50 PM) Scantron: Does he die horribly?
  146. (8:46:55 PM) DexaGM: The sub's drifted to a shore; everything looks like it's made of rock. Behind you is a fairly sparse waterfall, falling from the ceiling.
  147. (8:46:58 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin follows shortly behind him.
  148. (8:46:58 PM) DexaGM: No!
  149. (8:47:01 PM) DexaGM: you don't!
  150. (8:47:02 PM) DexaGM: Yet.
  151. (8:47:06 PM) Halvors: Sverre flicks on the flashlight mounted on his sturmgewehr. He then gets ready to exit the sub.
  152. (8:47:33 PM) Scantron: "I'm not dead yet... that's a good sign." He gets down to the rock shore and checks out the waterfall, because it is interesting.
  153. (8:47:34 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry begins to whistle once more.
  154. (8:47:46 PM) DevilAngel: "Yeah." Devlin follows behind.
  155. (8:47:54 PM) Halvors: Sverre hops on out of the sub and looks about. He has the rifle in a semi-ready position.
  156. (8:48:03 PM) NAC: Cameron waits in the back
  157. (8:48:22 PM) padri: Ren too
  158. (8:48:25 PM) Scantron: Spencer starts heading towards the light.
  159. (8:48:29 PM) FlyingIcarus: Can we exit?
  160. (8:48:35 PM) padri: climbs out
  161. (8:48:42 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin follows Spencer, keeping her hand at her belt.
  162. (8:48:43 PM) DexaGM: Yes
  163. (8:48:51 PM) Halvors: Sverre peers down the sights to his left and right. Then he lowers the rifle and follows Spence.
  164. (8:49:19 PM) DexaGM: The chamber you find yourself in seems to be some kind of huge cave; whiel the walls and ceiling are rough stone, the floor is flat.
  165. (8:49:23 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry exits the sub, pistol readied.
  166. (8:49:48 PM) NAC: Cameron leans down and rubs the floor with the palm of his hand, wondering what the texture is like.
  167. (8:49:56 PM) FlyingIcarus: He jumps down onto the floor.
  168. (8:50:02 PM) Scantron: Spencer looks around as he walks. Science to determine how this cave could have formed?
  169. (8:50:27 PM) DexaGM: You can Science if you would like.
  170. (8:50:36 PM) Scantron: 6df+5 Science?
  171. (8:50:36 PM) Glacon: Scantron: Science?: 2 (6df+5=+, -, -, -, -, 0)
  172. (8:50:37 PM) DexaGM: Cameron, the floor feels like a marble countertop.
  173. (8:50:37 PM) padri: "Last time I was in a cave, someone died." she says it matter of factly.
  174. (8:50:39 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin stands next to Spencer, just looking around.
  175. (8:50:44 PM) DexaGM: Spencer has no fucking idea.
  176. (8:50:49 PM) FlyingIcarus: 6df+7 Lolwut sciens
  177. (8:50:49 PM) Glacon: FlyingIcarus: Lolwut sciens: 8 (6df+7=0, 0, 0, -, +, +)
  178. (8:50:53 PM) Halvors: "Last time I was in a cave... oh wait, no caves."
  179. (8:50:59 PM) padri: 6df+5 Let's science these walls.
  180. (8:51:00 PM) Glacon: padri: Let's science these walls.: 5 (6df+5=-, 0, -, 0, +, +)
  181. (8:51:02 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Caving is fun."
  182. (8:51:04 PM) Scantron: This doesn't bother him extensively- he's not a cave expert. He keeps walking.
  183. (8:51:25 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin continues to stay close to Spencer.
  184. (8:51:41 PM) Mr_Wilt left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  185. (8:51:56 PM) NAC: "Light at the end of the tunnel, is it then?" Cameron suggests, walking forward.
  186. (8:52:01 PM) DexaGM: Alright. FlyIca, Padri, it's damn obvious that somebody did something to the floor in this cave; it formed naturally, but the floor was smoothed out. nots ure how.
  187. (8:52:09 PM) padri: Ren keeps walking while she looks at the cave. "I like the sound of that, Cameron."
  188. (8:52:11 PM) FlyingIcarus: "This floor isn't natural."
  189. (8:52:12 PM) DexaGM: The rest of you catch up to Spencer, at the point of light.
  190. (8:52:13 PM) Mr_Wilt [Mibbit@A0889ECE.1023C973.306722CC.IP] entered the room.
  191. (8:52:13 PM) mode (+ao Mr_Wilt Mr_Wilt) by ChanServ
  192. (8:52:23 PM) Halvors: "What, this is some bunker entrance?"
  193. (8:52:24 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry walks alongside spencer.
  194. (8:52:27 PM) DexaGM: The point of light is, in actuality, a fairly wide hallway hewn out from the rock.
  195. (8:52:36 PM) FlyingIcarus: "I dunno, it just isn't natural."
  196. (8:52:51 PM) DexaGM: By "hewn" i mean "Smoothe polished walls with flame lanterns hanging from the ceiling"/
  197. (8:52:55 PM) Scantron: "Obviously." Spencer takes out his crossbow and heads down the hall.
  198. (8:53:01 PM) DexaGM: NOW YOU CAN ALL PERCEPTRON
  199. (8:53:13 PM) FlyingIcarus: 6df+7 lolwut nao
  200. (8:53:13 PM) Glacon: FlyingIcarus: lolwut nao: 8 (6df+7=0, 0, -, 0, +, +)
  201. (8:53:13 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin also walks nest to Spence.
  202. (8:53:14 PM) NAC: 6df+5 Cameron's perception is all seeing
  203. (8:53:15 PM) Glacon: NAC: Cameron's perception is all seeing: 2 (6df+5=-, 0, +, -, -, -)
  204. (8:53:15 PM) Halvors: 6df+8 JAWOHL
  205. (8:53:15 PM) Glacon: Halvors: JAWOHL: 11 (6df+8=+, +, -, +, +, 0)
  206. (8:53:28 PM) padri: 6df+5 LET ME PERCEPTION!
  207. (8:53:28 PM) Glacon: padri: LET ME PERCEPTION!: 6 (6df+5=+, 0, 0, +, 0, -)
  208. (8:53:37 PM) DexaGM: ...
  209. (8:53:38 PM) DexaGM: um
  210. (8:53:40 PM) DexaGM: brb
  211. (8:53:40 PM) Scantron: 6df+4
  212. (8:53:41 PM) Glacon: Scantron: 3 (6df+4=+, -, -, +, -, 0)
  213. (8:53:43 PM) DexaGM: grandparents surprise visited.
  214. (8:53:45 PM) DexaGM: Sorry D:
  215. (8:53:50 PM) FlyingIcarus: D:
  216. (8:53:50 PM) DevilAngel: 6df+7
  217. (8:53:50 PM) Glacon: DevilAngel: 8 (6df+7=+, +, -, +, 0, -)
  218. (8:54:20 PM) Halvors: D: np dex.
  219. (8:55:52 PM) Fifth_away left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
  220. (8:58:45 PM) DexaGM: Back.
  221. (8:59:02 PM) Halvors: yay!
  222. (8:59:09 PM) DexaGM: Halvors and FlyIc, your character can distinctly discern the sounds of a man screaming in pain.
  223. (8:59:24 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Uh."
  224. (8:59:26 PM) Halvors: "Oooh shit. You hear that?"
  225. (8:59:30 PM) padri: "What?"
  226. (8:59:32 PM) DevilAngel: Dexa: Devlin?
  227. (8:59:37 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Some guy is screaming."
  228. (8:59:47 PM) Halvors: "Ja."
  229. (8:59:47 PM) DexaGM: And her too.
  230. (8:59:55 PM) DevilAngel: "In pain."
  231. (9:00:06 PM) Halvors: "Ja. I wonder if it is real or some trickery."
  232. (9:00:06 PM) Scantron: "Alright... don't rush, though. It could be a trap." He keeps his pace.
  233. (9:00:32 PM) Halvors: Sverre is slightly more cautious and taps his rifle twice on the stock.
  234. (9:00:35 PM) FlyingIcarus: "I'm sure we will find out what it is soon enough."
  235. (9:00:41 PM) DevilAngel: "Sounds pretty real to me." She sticks next to Spencer, holding two knives.
  236. (9:00:48 PM) DexaGM: The hall splits at a T junction, eventually. The screams are coming from the left; to the right is a longer hallway.
  237. (9:01:00 PM) Halvors: "Eh. Screams are from left. What do ve do?"
  238. (9:01:05 PM) padri: ~I'm really going to have to watch him. . .~ "You don't need to shoot first, Sverre. We can ask questions better when people are alive. Understand?"
  239. (9:01:07 PM) DevilAngel: "Go left."
  240. (9:01:12 PM) DexaGM: Once you arrive at the junction, you can all def. hear it echoing through the stone.
  241. (9:01:15 PM) FlyingIcarus: "No"
  242. (9:01:18 PM) NAC: Cameron looks to the left. "Left." He says, walking down the hall.
  243. (9:01:23 PM) FlyingIcarus: "gUYS."
  244. (9:01:31 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry sighs.
  245. (9:01:31 PM) Halvors: "Eh. I am not so sure. Is likely trap."
  246. (9:01:33 PM) padri: Ren follows Cameron. "Yes, Henry?"
  247. (9:01:44 PM) Halvors: "If not trap then is some dungeon. Bad idea to go there, nicht wahr?"
  248. (9:01:50 PM) DevilAngel: "What Henry?" Devlin sticks to Cameron, staying close to the lead.
  249. (9:01:50 PM) Halvors: Nevertheless, he follows the others.
  250. (9:01:59 PM) FlyingIcarus: "We shouldn't go that way."
  251. (9:02:04 PM) padri: "Why not?"
  252. (9:02:26 PM) Halvors: "It is not good idea to go towards source of dying men. Ja?"
  253. (9:02:28 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry, seeing no other way, follows. "I don't really feel like dying right now."
  254. (9:02:40 PM) DevilAngel: "Henry, don't freak out so much. Crap happens, but its not like we are going to push you out and say good bye."
  255. (9:02:44 PM) NAC: "How would it be a trap? Aren't traps supposed to be baited with something good?" Cameron blinks, continuing down the hall. "Atleast we know something bad is down this way."
  256. (9:02:53 PM) Scantron: "Regardless of whether it's a trap, it's where things are happening, which means it's where we need to be."
  257. (9:02:59 PM) padri: She turns and looks at Sverre and Henry. Glares, even. "That's how we get home. It's what we do. If you don't want to, stay here."
  258. (9:03:15 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry huffs. "Fine."
  259. (9:03:16 PM) Halvors: "Ach, I am making some thinking out loud. I follow."
  260. (9:03:29 PM) DevilAngel: ~Cam has a point.~ Devlin sticks close, walking right behind him.
  261. (9:03:39 PM) padri: She nods. "Thank you." And she follows Cameron again.
  262. (9:03:57 PM) Scantron: Spencer goes left.
  263. (9:04:10 PM) DexaGM: As they move down the hall, the screams echo more and louder. Eventually they come to several wooden doors on each wall, including one on the ceiling. They can see one being open slightly ajar further up.
  264. (9:04:31 PM) DexaGM: (not sure what's up with my grammar and syntax tonight)
  265. (9:04:33 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry approaches the slightly ajar one. "Well, no use wating."
  266. (9:04:37 PM) FlyingIcarus: waiting*
  267. (9:04:51 PM) Halvors: "Ja, well." Sverre readies up on one side of the door. "Who will do the honors?"
  268. (9:04:53 PM) Scantron: "Right. I'll check it out, the rest of you cover me." He heads to the door.
  269. (9:05:07 PM) Scantron: He then peeks around the edge.
  270. (9:05:09 PM) DexaGM: Inside... Well.
  271. (9:05:10 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry has his pistol readied, he stands beside the door.
  272. (9:05:28 PM) padri: Ren goes too. She stands back, though.
  273. (9:05:47 PM) DexaGM: Inside is remarkably well lit with what seems to be a sunroof; a fine wooden table sits against one wall, and torches in each corner.
  274. (9:06:06 PM) padri: ~Doors on the ceiling? That's certainly weird.~
  275. (9:06:06 PM) Scantron: Anything else in there?
  276. (9:06:17 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin sticks right behind the doorway. "What's up?"
  277. (9:06:24 PM) DexaGM: But what you notice first is... what looks like a very large, stainedglass robot, electrocuting a jester.
  278. (9:06:28 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry goes to look up through the sunroof.
  279. (9:06:32 PM) FlyingIcarus: Or nevermind.
  280. (9:06:42 PM) padri: She steps forwards. "What is. . ." She whispers.
  281. (9:06:50 PM) Halvors: "Well then. Ve shoot the torturemachine?"
  282. (9:06:52 PM) Scantron: Spencer jumps and stumbles a few feet back. "What the fuck..."
  283. (9:06:52 PM) FlyingIcarus: "That doesn't look very.. fun."
  284. (9:07:03 PM) padri: "Sverre. What did I say."
  285. (9:07:15 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin looks. "Ouch. That one was misprogrammed." She whispers.
  286. (9:07:20 PM) Halvors: "This is torture. Ve are the good guys, ja?"
  287. (9:07:34 PM) FlyingIcarus: "For all we know this Jester is into bondage or something completely different."
  288. (9:07:38 PM) padri: "Sometimes." ~Not always, sadly.~
  289. (9:07:54 PM) DevilAngel: "Sverre. We never go in guns a 'blazon if we can avoid it."
  290. (9:07:58 PM) padri: "And we don't know what the situation is."
  291. (9:08:10 PM) DevilAngel: ~Okay, thats not right, but he needs to calm down.~
  292. (9:08:11 PM) padri: "You want me to talk? I'm good at talking."
  293. (9:08:13 PM) NAC: Cameron hrmms, thinking to himself as he examines the robot. Are gears noticeable, or are any images displayed on the panes of glass?
  294. (9:08:25 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Like I said, this guy could be just rather kinky."
  295. (9:08:27 PM) DexaGM: The electrocuting stops for a moment, and the Jester shuddergroans. pause
  296. (9:09:41 PM) DexaGM: Cameron, the automaton appears to be completely hollow, with a glowing line running through where its spine should be. Images of sunflowers are emblazoned on the bigger panes on its chest and thighs, but other than that it's almost all white and clear.
  297. (9:10:26 PM) DexaGM: However, you're a bit preoccupied suddenly, as the automaton stops and turns towards you, presumably hearing your talking behind the door.
  298. (9:10:38 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Well isn't this exciting."
  299. (9:11:02 PM) Scantron: Spencer picks up his crossbow and aims at it, assuming that the door's open wide enough for that.
  300. (9:11:02 PM) Scantron: 6df+4 perception to ranged
  301. (9:11:02 PM) Glacon: Scantron: perception to ranged: 4 (6df+4=0, 0, 0, 0, +, -)
  302. (9:11:05 PM) padri: "Hello." She smiles kindly. She has a kind smile.
  303. (9:11:17 PM) NAC: I take it that we're unpaused?
  304. (9:11:21 PM) DexaGM: Unpause.
  305. (9:11:33 PM) NAC: Cameron waves to the machine.
  306. (9:11:41 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry holds his gun at the ready. "Hello, BDSM robot!" Henry bellows.
  307. (9:11:41 PM) DevilAngel: "Cameron?"
  308. (9:11:58 PM) NAC: He looks down at her and blinks some, "Yes?"
  309. (9:11:59 PM) padri: "Henry, hush."
  310. (9:12:14 PM) DexaGM: 1d10
  311. (9:12:14 PM) Glacon: DexaGM: 10 (1d10=10)
  312. (9:12:17 PM) DexaGM: ...
  313. (9:12:19 PM) DexaGM: IT BEHIND.
  314. (9:12:20 PM) padri: ~We actually /did/ meet BDSM ghosts, though. . .~
  315. (9:12:22 PM) DexaGM: BEGINS
  316. (9:12:27 PM) DexaGM: HENRY PDEF.
  317. (9:12:53 PM) FlyingIcarus: 6df+5 Well fine, never was a man to judge a robot based on it's kinks, though.
  318. (9:12:54 PM) Glacon: FlyingIcarus: Well fine, never was a man to judge a robot based on it's kinks, though.: 1 (6df+5=-, -, -, 0, 0, -)
  319. (9:12:55 PM) DevilAngel: "I wouldn't suggest doing that, but that does't really matter any more because of Henry now does it?"
  320. (9:13:09 PM) DexaGM: The robot /moves/
  321. (9:13:25 PM) padri: Ren steps out of the way!
  322. (9:13:44 PM) NAC: 6df+8 athletics to PDEF. Cameron know's he's probably gonna take a punch
  323. (9:13:44 PM) Glacon: NAC: athletics to PDEF. Cameron know's he's probably gonna take a punch: 6 (6df+8=-, -, -, 0, +, 0)
  324. (9:13:45 PM) FlyingIcarus: "That might've been the wrong thing to say..."
  325. (9:13:53 PM) padri: ~You think?~
  326. (9:13:57 PM) DexaGM: It /moves/ fast as an arc flash, pushing the rest of you back into the hallway and grabbing Henry by the throat, hurling him across the room and into a wall. That 1d10 was melee towards Henry.
  327. (9:14:14 PM) Scantron: Our move?
  328. (9:14:19 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Gurk." Is a noise henry produces.
  329. (9:14:35 PM) DexaGM: EVERYONE GO.
  330. (9:14:47 PM) FlyingIcarus: How much body did he lose?
  331. (9:14:55 PM) padri: "No!" She rushes in and tries to turn it's attention away from Henry.
  332. (9:14:59 PM) Scantron: 6df+8 tagging Old Fashioned to shoot the *robot*
  333. (9:14:59 PM) Glacon: Scantron: tagging Old Fashioned to shoot the *robot*: 5 (6df+8=0, -, 0, -, -, 0)
  334. (9:15:07 PM) Scantron: With an arrow, that is.
  335. (9:15:13 PM) padri: 6df+6 I'm a much more interesting target!
  336. (9:15:13 PM) Glacon: padri: I'm a much more interesting target!: 9 (6df+6=0, -, +, +, +, +)
  337. (9:15:29 PM) DevilAngel: 6df+2 Slash Slash!
  338. (9:15:30 PM) Glacon: DevilAngel: Slash Slash!: 1 (6df+2=+, +, -, -, -, 0)
  339. (9:15:59 PM) Halvors: Sverre kneels and aims for the center of mass.
  340. (9:16:01 PM) Halvors: 6df+6 pop
  341. (9:16:02 PM) Glacon: Halvors: pop: 8 (6df+6=0, 0, +, -, +, +)
  342. (9:16:07 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry groans, and clamors back up. "Well this sure is exciting!" He manages.
  343. (9:16:16 PM) padri: That was persuasion.
  344. (9:16:25 PM) NAC: 6df+7 Hello my name is Cameron and this is his fist.
  345. (9:16:25 PM) Glacon: NAC: Hello my name is Cameron and this is his fist.: 4 (6df+7=0, -, -, -, -, +)
  346. (9:16:26 PM) FlyingIcarus: 6df+6 Bangbang with a gun.
  347. (9:16:26 PM) Glacon: FlyingIcarus: Bangbang with a gun.: 6 (6df+6=-, +, -, 0, 0, +)
  348. (9:17:59 PM) DexaGM: The robot looks over at Padri, turning to raise its arm- which is promptly shot off by Scantron's arrow. FlyIc barely pings it, causing some damage to the shoulder but not QUITE enough to make that much of a difference. Devlin's knife somehow catches on a stry piece of metal wedged in its arm and is pulled out of her grasp.
  349. (9:18:08 PM) padri: Renee, you mean.
  350. (9:18:09 PM) DexaGM: Sverre...
  351. (9:18:27 PM) Halvors: uh
  352. (9:18:37 PM) DexaGM: Sverre, your bullet connects with the glowing line in its back; sparks fly from the hole, as the thing keels over.
  353. (9:18:46 PM) DexaGM: (I know none of your PCs names off by heart)
  354. (9:19:17 PM) Halvors: The same whoops emerges yet again, followed by a cheery 'Jawohl!' Sverre keeps the gun aimed and ready to go lest the machine stand back up.
  355. (9:19:38 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry stands there, speechless.
  356. (9:20:02 PM) Scantron: "You deal with... that... I'll check on the jester." He heads into the room and examines the jester. Is it alive?
  357. (9:20:12 PM) padri: "Next time, no shouting about BDSM, okay?"
  358. (9:20:15 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin shrugs and sticks her knife in her backpack. "Poor thing. It was just misprogrammed..."
  359. (9:20:31 PM) padri: She goes with Spenser to the Jester. "Hey. Are you alright?"
  360. (9:20:37 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Hey, I wasn't judging..." He goes to gre-enter the room.
  361. (9:21:02 PM) NAC: Cameron goes to the jester as well, medical expertise might be a plus with a torture victim
  362. (9:21:11 PM) DevilAngel: "Sverre, you going in or dealing with the robot?"
  363. (9:21:18 PM) DexaGM: The jester, shuddering, grins a smile waaaay too big for its thin face. "I am quite fine... And no, that thing isn't misprogrammed, no. Get me down."
  364. (9:21:36 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Told you so."
  365. (9:21:40 PM) Halvors: Sverre shrugs. He checks behind himself before entering the room fully and closes the door behind him.
  366. (9:21:52 PM) Sequence left the room (quit: No route to host).
  367. (9:21:53 PM) padri: That smile puts her off, but she doesn't show it.
  368. (9:22:06 PM) NAC: Can we have a description of the jester's appearance?
  369. (9:22:18 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry goes to reload then.
  370. (9:22:18 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin checks over the robot once more, making sure it's down for good. She doesn't hear the jester's comment.
  371. (9:22:19 PM) padri: And what he wants to get down from, anyway?
  372. (9:22:25 PM) DexaGM: The line in the glass automaton's back fades, going slack; it looks like... just a thin gold chain. Gimme a sec to describe Jester.
  373. (9:22:27 PM) Scantron: Spencer starts undoing the straps holding it down, or whatever's restraining it. If nothing is, he does nothing.
  374. (9:23:33 PM) Mactavish is now known as Mactfooding
  375. (9:23:36 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin looks at it strange and pulls her knife out again. Can she stab and shatter the glass?
  376. (9:23:53 PM) DexaGM: The Courtjester wears a purple and green harlequin suit with a wide red collar and thin boots up to his knees. His face looks strangely long, with a very pointed chin and a wide smile. His eyes look normal but too sparkly for normal eyes. Also he still wears his jester cap with the jangly janglies.
  377. (9:24:13 PM) NAC: Any wounds?
  378. (9:24:45 PM) DexaGM: His chest and arms are burned through electrical wounds, and he is missing a tooth. Both eyes are red, as if without sleep for a good long while.
  379. (9:24:58 PM) padri: "Are you alright?"
  380. (9:25:07 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Well, he looks a bit roughed up."
  381. (9:25:12 PM) Halvors: Sverre goes over and peers at the jester a bit.
  382. (9:25:15 PM) padri: ~More than a bit.~
  383. (9:25:19 PM) Scantron: Spencer looks up through the sunroof. WHAT DOES HE SEEEEEEE.
  384. (9:26:01 PM) DexaGM: "Oh I've been through much worse. Thank you." Spencer, it looks like just blue sky with some clouds. But it doesn't /feel/ right, you know?
  385. (9:26:02 PM) Halvors: perception on jester? or is there not much to see other than the obvious?
  386. (9:26:10 PM) DexaGM: You can perceive, if you would like.
  387. (9:26:15 PM) NAC: Cameron glares at Henry, He did /not/ just make a comment about an injured patient. He helps spencer get him down, and then pats the man on the back. "Do you want medical attention?"
  388. (9:26:18 PM) FlyingIcarus: 6df+7 What
  389. (9:26:18 PM) Glacon: FlyingIcarus: What: 7 (6df+7=0, +, 0, -, 0, 0)
  390. (9:26:19 PM) Halvors: 6df+8 I'm kinda OCD.
  391. (9:26:19 PM) Glacon: Halvors: I'm kinda OCD.: 8 (6df+8=-, -, 0, +, 0, +)
  392. (9:26:24 PM) Scantron: 6df+4 WHAT DOES SPENCER PERCEEEEEIVE
  393. (9:26:24 PM) Glacon: Scantron: WHAT DOES SPENCER PERCEEEEEIVE: 4 (6df+4=+, 0, +, -, 0, -)
  394. (9:26:33 PM) padri: 6df+6 I /would,/ thank you.
  395. (9:26:33 PM) Glacon: padri: I /would,/ thank you.: 7 (6df+6=-, +, +, 0, -, +)
  396. (9:26:41 PM) DevilAngel: Can Devlin get the chain?????
  397. (9:26:45 PM) NAC: Cameron wouldn't, oblivious
  398. (9:26:46 PM) DexaGM: you can, yes.
  399. (9:27:13 PM) padri: "When've you been through worse?"
  400. (9:27:36 PM) DevilAngel: Then she does, unless that is not directed at me, and she looks at it, walking into the room.
  401. (9:28:01 PM) FlyingIcarus: "I'd rather not know..."
  402. (9:28:42 PM) DexaGM: "The wars, nothing too horrible." He straightens up, sighing. Padri, and Flic, you can... smell cake.
  403. (9:28:58 PM) DexaGM: Through the stench of burned flesh you smell that this man reeks of chocolate cake.
  404. (9:29:13 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry sniffs. "Uh, anyone smell that?"
  405. (9:29:21 PM) padri: She sniffs. ~Strange.~ "Why was the robot doing that to you?"
  406. (9:29:32 PM) Scantron: "I'm going to check out those other doors." Spencer leaves the room and heads for one of the other doors... unless that would unduly inconvenience DexaGM.
  407. (9:29:49 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin continues staring at the chain (okay I'm saying that was directed at me), and wanders with Spencer.
  408. (9:29:50 PM) FlyingIcarus: "I swear, I smell... cake."
  409. (9:29:57 PM) DexaGM: Halvors, you notice this, as well as the fact that when you don't listen close enough... the Courtjester sounds like an echo. But when you listen closer, it's a normal voice.
  410. (9:30:35 PM) DexaGM: "No you don't." He dusts himself off. "Call me the Courtjester. And who are you all?"
  411. (9:31:04 PM) DexaGM: "You use such interesting weapons, and you knew naught of the glassworks."
  412. (9:31:05 PM) padri: "My name is Renee. What was that thing doing that to you for?"
  413. (9:31:09 PM) NAC: "I'm Cameron, nice to meet you." Cameron nods, noting he apparently doesn't want medical treatment.
  414. (9:31:11 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Uhm, I do."
  415. (9:31:19 PM) Scantron: Spencer attempts to open one of the doors on the wall.
  416. (9:31:21 PM) Halvors: Sverre glances about. "Hmmm."
  417. (9:31:32 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry sighs.
  418. (9:31:41 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin, seeing that it is just a chain, wraps it around her wrist for safekeeping. She walks with Spencer.
  419. (9:31:44 PM) DexaGM: "Oh that isn't important." Spencer, it's unlocked; through the door is an inactive glasswork automaton, identical to the one you killed.
  420. (9:31:56 PM) DexaGM: Yes, Devlin, Looks like an ordinary chain.
  421. (9:32:13 PM) Halvors: "You spoke of glassworks. Please, tell us more." Sverre is pacing around the room, checking the walls for... projectors? something.
  422. (9:32:15 PM) padri: "Then could you tell me about the glassworks?"
  423. (9:32:30 PM) Scantron: Spencer sighs and looks it over more thoroughly. Engineering to learn about it?
  424. (9:32:45 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry paces around the room mindlessly.
  425. (9:32:46 PM) DexaGM: "Yes. But tell your friends to get back in here." He points. You can, Spencer.
  426. (9:32:56 PM) DexaGM: Won't learn anything, but you can.
  427. (9:32:58 PM) padri: She's trying to make and maintain eye contact while she questions Courtjester.
  428. (9:33:04 PM) Scantron: 6df+5 WELL WHY THE FUCK NOT
  429. (9:33:04 PM) Glacon: Scantron: WELL WHY THE FUCK NOT: 4 (6df+5=0, +, -, -, +, -)
  430. (9:33:06 PM) DevilAngel: 6df+8 "Oh fun"
  431. (9:33:07 PM) Glacon: DevilAngel: "Oh fun": 8 (6df+8=-, 0, 0, +, +, -)
  432. (9:33:15 PM) DevilAngel: (With Spencer)
  433. (9:33:17 PM) DexaGM: "... now. you are all from... away, correct? Another world?"
  434. (9:33:18 PM) padri: "Sverre, get Spenser back here, please."
  435. (9:33:34 PM) padri: "Yes, we are."
  436. (9:33:40 PM) NAC: "Mmmhm, we call it Earth. It's big and green and blue."
  437. (9:33:59 PM) Sequence [] entered the room.
  438. (9:34:00 PM) mode (+h Sequence) by ChanServ
  439. (9:34:49 PM) DexaGM: "Hrm." He paces back and forth. "... Alright, it is time for a story."
  440. (9:35:11 PM) Halvors: Sverre takes his radio and tries to hail Spencer. <Spence. Haul ass back here.>
  441. (9:35:16 PM) DevilAngel: "Aw, I guess it can't be..." Devlin's words trail off.
  442. (9:35:33 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry stops and turns around, eyebrow raised. "Well, let's hear it."
  443. (9:35:35 PM) DevilAngel: She starts hyper focusing on the robot.
  444. (9:35:42 PM) padri: She nods and listens.
  445. (9:35:43 PM) Scantron: He twitches a bit. <<On it. And don't call me Spence.>> Spencer leaves and goes back to the Courtjester's room.
  446. (9:36:13 PM) FlyingIcarus: <<Spency.>>
  447. (9:36:21 PM) Halvors: <Sorry kamerat.> Sverre rolls his eyes a bit. He continues pacing about, seeing if there's anything odd about the walls- trapdoors mayhaps?
  448. (9:36:22 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin doesn't move, instead she remains, looking at the robot and super focusing on it.
  449. (9:36:23 PM) Scantron: Spencer turns off his radio.
  450. (9:36:47 PM) Halvors: "Do not antagonize Spencer. He might do something stupid."
  451. (9:36:50 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry breathes slowly.
  452. (9:36:53 PM) padri: "Henry." A glare.
  453. (9:36:55 PM) Halvors: ~Like turn his radio off.~
  454. (9:36:59 PM) DexaGM: "This world that you walk on now is called Centrestar." He nods at Henry. "From how you are dressed and your technology, you seem to hail from a non magical world. This is fine, you should be alright."
  455. (9:37:31 PM) FlyingIcarus: ~How wonderful~
  456. (9:37:32 PM) Scantron: Spencer nods and listens.
  457. (9:37:54 PM) padri: Ren too.
  458. (9:38:02 PM) DexaGM: "Several months ago, there was a brief but intense... struggle, I do not like the word 'war', between the reigning federation of Kingdoms and an ursurper who called himself the Sunflower Tyrant. Not the most intimidating name, no, but he found success."
  459. (9:38:08 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin continues mumbling. She says "this is, it's just innovative" clearly.
  460. (9:38:19 PM) Scantron: "I imagine this tyrant used these glass automatons?"
  461. (9:38:31 PM) Halvors: "Success? To what extent? are there rebellions?"
  462. (9:38:33 PM) FlyingIcarus: ~Well, this guy is high.~
  463. (9:38:41 PM) NAC: "Guys story time. Be quiet." Cameron sushes the group.
  464. (9:39:14 PM) padri: Ren nods, agreeing with Cameron. ~Couldnta said it better m'self.~
  465. (9:39:28 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin goes back to mumbling in the other room.
  466. (9:39:40 PM) DexaGM: "Among other pieces, yes. He learned of this particular brand of sorcery while... imprisoned abroad, one could say. The use of a chain to bind an essence to a body. He learned how to mass produce these things, among others, and overthrew the greater Kingdoms.""
  467. (9:40:06 PM) padri: "Bind an essence?"
  468. (9:40:08 PM) Halvors: "Glass blitzkrieg? Wunderbar. And he rules still?"
  469. (9:40:28 PM) DexaGM: "Now, he is trying to return to the place he learned the skills from, and spread his influence across other planes." He nods to Halvors. "Yes."
  470. (9:40:36 PM) DexaGM: "He has grown greedy."
  471. (9:40:44 PM) Halvors: Sverre finds nothing of interest on in or with the walls. He paces over to the door. "And he masses his forces. Do his foes know of this?"
  472. (9:40:48 PM) FlyingIcarus: ~I mean, either he's clearly medicated, or it's me. Probably both.~
  473. (9:40:50 PM) Scantron: "Impressive... why did he choose glass, though?"
  474. (9:40:59 PM) padri: "Are they alive or possessed?"
  475. (9:41:08 PM) NAC: "Magic." Cameron shrugs, looking at spencer.
  476. (9:42:26 PM) DexaGM: He looks to Padri. "Something between, think of them as like ants. mindless, but obedient." He looks to Spencer. "I do not know, presumably because he thinks himself an artist."
  477. (9:42:46 PM) PetraCore [] entered the room.
  478. (9:42:47 PM) Halvors: "Ah, a painter! I know of a man who liked to paint. Instead he did genocide."
  479. (9:43:01 PM) Halvors: ~Glasswork Magical Hitler. VUUUNDERBARRRRRRRR.~
  480. (9:43:02 PM) padri: "Do they have feelings, though? Any sort of mind I could appeal to?"
  481. (9:43:04 PM) DevilAngel: "Hello?"
  482. (9:43:08 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Uh, guys?"
  483. (9:43:14 PM) Scantron: ~Hmph. Real artists are practical.~
  484. (9:43:22 PM) DevilAngel: (to the robot in her room)
  485. (9:43:46 PM) FlyingIcarus: "I know I should've asked earlier, but I could probably use some medical attention."
  486. (9:44:04 PM) DexaGM: "No. Though at the same time, they don't have much of a mind to begin with, they are about as perceptive as a box of hammers."
  487. (9:44:07 PM) Halvors: Sverre goes over to the robot. "Ja, I think it cannot understand- wait." He looks at the jester. "How is it you are conveniently speaking english, my friend?"
  488. (9:44:17 PM) Scantron: "That's normal, Sverre."
  489. (9:44:18 PM) padri: The robot isn't in this room.
  490. (9:44:35 PM) DexaGM: "Why are you convieniently speaking Highland tongue?"
  491. (9:44:56 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Anyone?"
  492. (9:44:57 PM) Halvors: [Do you speak anything else?] Sverre repeats this in all his known languages (german, norwegian, czech and russian, if it matters.)
  493. (9:45:00 PM) NAC: Cameron moves over to Henry and looks over his wounds. "Ask and you shall receive." he says to his patient, before yelling out over to Sverre "Magic!"
  494. (9:45:01 PM) padri: "You must be hurt with those wounds, Courtjester."
  495. (9:45:21 PM) Scantron: "Uh, Renee, I think Harry's need is slightly more important."
  496. (9:45:21 PM) PetraCore left the room.
  497. (9:45:23 PM) FlyingIcarus: Roll for healing?
  498. (9:45:24 PM) NAC: 6df+8 MEDICINE ALL UP IN THIS BITCH
  499. (9:45:24 PM) Glacon: NAC: MEDICINE ALL UP IN THIS BITCH: 7 (6df+8=+, -, 0, -, -, +)
  500. (9:45:34 PM) FlyingIcarus: 6df+2 lolno
  501. (9:45:34 PM) Glacon: FlyingIcarus: lolno: -1 (6df+2=-, -, -, -, +, 0)
  502. (9:45:54 PM) padri: "His name is Henry, Spencer. And I know. I just can't do it myself."
  503. (9:45:54 PM) NAC: Cameron patches him up easily.
  504. (9:46:08 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry nods thankfully to Cameron.
  505. (9:46:14 PM) DexaGM: "Oh, this body is strong, I will be fine."
  506. (9:46:17 PM) FlyingIcarus: +1 or +2 body?
  507. (9:46:23 PM) NAC: 1 body
  508. (9:46:28 PM) padri: "This body? Have you had others?"
  509. (9:46:30 PM) FlyingIcarus: Ok.
  510. (9:46:33 PM) Scantron: "Close enough."
  511. (9:46:34 PM) DexaGM: He waves it off. "Any ways. While you are here, I want to ask you if you can help me.:
  512. (9:46:36 PM) DexaGM: "
  513. (9:46:43 PM) Halvors: "It depends. Ask away."
  514. (9:47:01 PM) NAC: "So, Mr.Jester, you said he made other things? I assume we're here to kill this tyrant, and I'd like to know more about the tougher thing's we're likely to face here."
  515. (9:47:16 PM) padri: "Is there a person's mind still alive in that body that you're using?" She won't just wave it off.
  516. (9:47:31 PM) DexaGM: "I do not think you can kill him with your tools, actually." he looks at Padri. "Pardon me?"
  517. (9:48:00 PM) padri: "You said "this body." What do you mean?"
  518. (9:48:05 PM) Halvors: "You speak of magic. You have magicians, ja? How rare are they?"
  519. (9:48:30 PM) Halvors: "We should now whether or not to expect men and women throwing about fireballs and other shit at us."
  520. (9:48:33 PM) Halvors: *know
  521. (9:48:45 PM) DexaGM: "Well those who are not peacefully living under Tyrant's rule are dead, and the rest fled at the beginning of the war."
  522. (9:49:08 PM) Halvors: "Ach. Very much like a magical Hitler. This makes hating him easier."
  523. (9:49:38 PM) padri: She stares at him, waiting for an answer.
  524. (9:49:58 PM) NAC: "Mr. Jester, I can assure you, whether or not we can kill this man with our weapons, our lot is the type that will try regardless, but please, tell us what you need assistance with."
  525. (9:50:30 PM) padri: "Please. Tell me what you meant when you said 'this body.'"
  526. (9:50:32 PM) DexaGM: "Yes yes. And if you have found yourselves here..." He looks at Padri., then at NAC. "Fine. This world's magic is fed by an Engine."
  527. (9:50:43 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Like, a combustion engine?"
  528. (9:51:13 PM) padri: She shivers.
  529. (9:51:34 PM) padri: "Please. Is that Jester still alive?" She sounds meek.
  530. (9:52:25 PM) DexaGM: "... something like it." He looks at Padri. "I made this body from clay, flour and cocoa. I did not harm a soul to live among these people."
  531. (9:52:54 PM) FlyingIcarus: ~Well that explains that smell...~
  532. (9:53:05 PM) Halvors: "Ah. So if I eat you, is it cannibalism?" Sverre smiles a bit. "That is joke. Bad one perhaps."
  533. (9:53:13 PM) Scantron: "Interesting. And regardless, don't eat him."
  534. (9:53:14 PM) padri: She smiles. She feels a lot of respect for this . . . Jester. "Thank you. I will be glad to help you in any way you need."
  535. (9:54:06 PM) padri: And with that she shuts up and listens to what he has to say.
  536. (9:54:54 PM) DexaGM: "There is a giant, under this mountain. the Tyrant will be trying to return the engine to the giant, in hopes that he will earn its favor."
  537. (9:55:28 PM) Halvors: "A giant. Is he made of rock? Glass?"
  538. (9:55:59 PM) DexaGM: "Flesh, from my memory. You must destroy the engine before they install it."
  539. (9:56:04 PM) FlyingIcarus: "And what could a Giant use an engine for?"
  540. (9:56:54 PM) Halvors: "TO RULE ZE WORLD!" Sverre says this with an overdramatic flair.
  541. (9:57:02 PM) DexaGM: "Well, we call it an engine, the giant would calls it a heart. It gifted its heart in exchange for some forgotten glory, and its heart feeds this world.""
  542. (9:57:20 PM) Halvors: "That is so very... romantic? I suppose?" Sverre shrugs.
  543. (9:57:52 PM) DexaGM: "Yes, yes, very romantic."
  544. (9:57:53 PM) NAC: "Fantastic. Where do we start?" Cameron asks, raising a brow at the jester.
  545. (9:57:59 PM) Scantron: "Interesting... I could write a story on this."
  546. (9:58:31 PM) DexaGM: "Down this hall." He points at the hall. "You will smell decay."
  547. (9:58:33 PM) DexaGM: brb
  548. (9:59:07 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Well, looks like it's time to stop /something/ from happening."
  549. (9:59:18 PM) Scantron: "Indeed." Spencer starts off down the hall.
  550. (9:59:37 PM) padri: "Will you be coming with us?"
  551. (9:59:54 PM) Halvors: Sverre follows Spencer. "Do not take too long Ren."
  552. (10:00:37 PM) padri: She nods. ~I've been at this longer than you. I don't need your commands.~ She's not fond of Sverre.
  553. (10:04:18 PM) DexaGM: "I will come with you, yes, but I will liekly flee if you find yourselves in danger."
  554. (10:04:40 PM) FlyingIcarus: "Dandy."
  555. (10:04:46 PM) DexaGM: "I am honest."
  556. (10:04:50 PM) NAC: "Fantastic. I give you five minutes." Cameron nods, walking out into the hallway.
  557. (10:05:27 PM) padri: "I would if I were you, too." She nods and walks after the group.
  558. (10:05:40 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry walks out to the hall.
  559. (10:05:47 PM) Scantron: "If I had a choice in the matter, I would as well." Spencer's still in front because... for some reason.
  560. (10:06:00 PM) DexaGM: Courtjester strolls past the group and ahead, glancing at each door as they pass.
  561. (10:06:29 PM) padri: Renee simply follows. Who cares who's in front?
  562. (10:06:31 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin is still in some room.
  563. (10:06:57 PM) FlyingIcarus: Henry cares.
  564. (10:07:19 PM) padri: Henry's allowed to care. Ren just doesn't.
  565. (10:07:22 PM) DexaGM: Courtjester stops.
  566. (10:07:31 PM) DexaGM: "... Where is the sixth member of your group?"
  567. (10:07:47 PM) padri: "I. . . I'm not sure." <<Devlin? Where are you?>>
  568. (10:07:50 PM) Scantron: Spencer stops. "I... good question."
  569. (10:08:20 PM) Halvors: Sverre halts. "... ve did not have this issue in the Tigers. Now we must go and find devlin?"
  570. (10:08:21 PM) DexaGM left the room (quit: Connection reset by peer).
  571. (10:08:22 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin doesn't respond.
  572. (10:09:12 PM) FlyingIcarus: "I... uh. Shouldn't we be keeping track of our people?"
  573. (10:09:20 PM) Scantron: Probably.
  574. (10:09:24 PM) Halvors: "Ja.... ve should. Apparently ve are not."
  575. (10:09:27 PM) Scantron: <<Devlin, answer.>>
  576. (10:09:46 PM) padri: <<Devlin. Are you alive?>> Ren's worried.
  577. (10:10:01 PM) DevilAngel: 6df+4
  578. (10:10:02 PM) Glacon: DevilAngel: 6 (6df+4=+, -, +, +, -, +)
  579. (10:10:04 PM) DexaGM [] entered the room.
  580. (10:10:06 PM) Halvors: "Ach. Do you expect a corpse to answer 'no' for you?"
  581. (10:10:59 PM) padri: "Actually, I wouldn't be surprised." All seriousness. ~Don't mess with me, Sverre.~
  582. (10:11:24 PM) Halvors: "And would you rather a possessed corpse respond than to have some peace of mind?"
  583. (10:11:26 PM) FlyingIcarus: And it turns out henry wasn't there at all!
  584. (10:11:30 PM) FlyingIcarus: Poof!
  585. (10:11:37 PM) FlyingIcarus: Take your meds, kids!
  586. (10:11:41 PM) DexaGM: Courtjester pushes Henry
  587. (10:11:42 PM) FlyingIcarus left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  588. (10:11:52 PM) DexaGM: He vanishes through a wall and reappears in FR somewhere.
  589. (10:11:55 PM) Mactfooding is now known as Mactavish
  590. (10:12:57 PM) DexaGM: "... You all. Go and find your fri-" At that moment, the torches flare and turn red.
  591. (10:13:41 PM) padri: Ren looks around. "What was that?"
  592. (10:13:54 PM) Scantron: Spencer looks to the courtjester for answers!
  593. (10:14:14 PM) Halvors: "Ach. And now the possessed corpse kills us all. Vunderbar!"
  594. (10:14:41 PM) DexaGM: "... It seems that one of the automatons has called an alarm. They cannot pinpoint where you are, but know there is a problem." He looks down towards where Devlin is.
  595. (10:15:00 PM) Scantron: <<Devlin, WHERE ARE YOU.>>
  596. (10:15:13 PM) padri: "Devlin, WHERE ARE YOU?"
  597. (10:15:15 PM) DevilAngel: She doesn't respond. Her hands ar busy.
  598. (10:15:29 PM) DexaGM: SUDDENLY
  599. (10:15:30 PM) padri: She just says it. Clearly she's not answering her radio, so Renee just yells.
  600. (10:15:37 PM) Halvors: Sverre sighs and facepalms.
  602. (10:15:43 PM) DexaGM: And runs back in the room.
  603. (10:16:13 PM) Halvors: Sverre peeks through his fingers. "Uh. I suppose this works."
  604. (10:16:28 PM) Halvors: "Are you hurt? What happened?"
  605. (10:16:30 PM) padri: Ren runs towards that door where she saw devlin.
  606. (10:16:39 PM) padri: What does she see?
  607. (10:16:44 PM) padri: "Devlin!"
  608. (10:16:48 PM) Halvors: Sverre sighs. "Ant then Devlin ran off."
  609. (10:16:49 PM) Halvors: *and
  610. (10:17:08 PM) Halvors: He shoulders the rifle and steps towards the room slowly. "Renee, what is it?"
  611. (10:17:26 PM) padri: "It's. . ."
  612. (10:17:38 PM) DexaGM: There's the sound of shattering glass, as Devlin's launched back into the hallway.
  613. (10:17:55 PM) padri: What does Renee see in the room?
  614. (10:17:57 PM) Halvors: Sverre sighs. ~I fucking hate not knowin-~ He stops as Devlin's thrown back.
  615. (10:18:20 PM) Halvors: Sverre hurries up to the doorway and swings out to look inside, rifle at the ready. "ACHTUNG!"
  616. (10:18:30 PM) DexaGM: The room is another room, like that that you found Courtjester in. Inside is a stainedglass automaton, like the one that you killed earlier, blazing red instead of electric blue.
  617. (10:18:38 PM) padri: Ren pulls out her own gun, ready to shoot.
  618. (10:18:41 PM) DexaGM: It seems to have just punched Devlin so hard that its arm shattered.
  619. (10:18:41 PM) DevilAngel: She returns to the battle, screaming "NO LEAVE IT"
  620. (10:18:51 PM) padri: 6df+5 Perc to ranged
  621. (10:18:52 PM) Glacon: padri: Perc to ranged: 5 (6df+5=-, -, +, +, +, -)
  622. (10:19:02 PM) Halvors: Sverre drops to a knee. as Devlin screams. "What?"
  623. (10:19:06 PM) Halvors: -.
  624. (10:19:06 PM) DevilAngel: She goes back to pulling the chain.
  625. (10:19:12 PM) DevilAngel: 6df+$
  626. (10:19:17 PM) DevilAngel: 6df+4
  627. (10:19:17 PM) Glacon: DevilAngel: 9 (6df+4=0, +, +, +, +, +)
  628. (10:19:32 PM) DevilAngel: "DON'T SHOOT OR I WILL HURT YOU!"
  629. (10:19:48 PM) DexaGM: ...
  630. (10:19:52 PM) Halvors: "Ja! Do you need me to help pull that?"
  631. (10:19:55 PM) Scantron: Spencer takes out his sword.
  632. (10:19:57 PM) padri: How hurt does Devlin look?
  633. (10:20:12 PM) Halvors: Sverre slings the rifle. ~I do not know what the fuck is happening, but Devlin does. I follow.~
  634. (10:20:33 PM) DevilAngel: "LET ME DO THIS!"
  635. (10:20:46 PM) DexaGM: Devlin yanks the chain back and out of the thing's back, shattering glass as she does so. Using her weight as leverage, she finds herself SLIDING BETWEEN THE THING'S LEGS and wrenching the chain out, still glowing blue, and sliding into a cool pose.
  636. (10:21:09 PM) DevilAngel: So the chain is still glowing?
  637. (10:21:10 PM) DexaGM: Behind her, the remains of the glass automaton stops moving entirely.
  638. (10:21:12 PM) DexaGM: Yes.
  639. (10:21:14 PM) padri: Ren raises her eyebrows. ~That was cool.~
  640. (10:21:16 PM) Halvors: Sverre is just watching in vague bewilderment. [what the flying fuck?]
  641. (10:21:17 PM) DexaGM: The chain is still glowing, still red.
  642. (10:21:19 PM) DevilAngel: "Thank you."
  643. (10:21:33 PM) Halvors: "Uhhh. Vat the fuck was that?"
  644. (10:21:36 PM) Uncandescent [] entered the room.
  645. (10:21:41 PM) padri: She puts her gun away.
  646. (10:21:52 PM) DevilAngel: She tells the others. She pulls off one glove an puts the chain into that glove.
  647. (10:21:55 PM) DexaGM: ((Glowing red, not blue, derps.))
  648. (10:22:17 PM) DevilAngel: She picks up the knife from the ground as well as the gun and her bag.
  649. (10:22:23 PM) Scantron: "We should... uh... not touch that more than necessary." Spencer puts his gun away and gets a sample container big enough for the chain, if that's possible. "Here, put it in here."
  650. (10:22:33 PM) DexaGM: Courtjester stares.
  651. (10:22:38 PM) DexaGM: "..."
  652. (10:22:43 PM) DexaGM: "... RIGHT THEN."
  653. (10:22:49 PM) Halvors: "Eh.... vat?" Sverre's still confused. (tells the others?)
  654. (10:22:54 PM) DevilAngel: "That's very interesting." Devlin looks at Spencer. "I want to know why it turned red."
  655. (10:23:10 PM) DevilAngel: She doesn't offer the chain yet.
  656. (10:23:11 PM) padri: "What was that, Devlin? Oh, and meet Courtjester. He . . . 's earned my respect, at least."
  657. (10:23:11 PM) Halvors: "I would assume that would be it in kill mode, ja jester?"
  658. (10:23:29 PM) DexaGM: "Oh, that's simple. It alerted its friends that there are foreign vistors." He nods to Sverre.
  659. (10:23:29 PM) Halvors: "Is red for making men dead."
  660. (10:23:38 PM) DexaGM: "Yes! Red means dead."
  661. (10:23:40 PM) DevilAngel: "Oopps."
  662. (10:23:59 PM) Halvors: "Ah. Is universal! Also communism. You don't have communists here, do you jester?"
  663. (10:24:32 PM) Halvors: Sverre stands and dusts off his knees.
  664. (10:24:32 PM) DexaGM: He turns on his heel and points behind them, triumphantly setting off with vigour and enthusiasm. "No!"
  665. (10:24:46 PM) Halvors: "Do you know what a communist is?" Sverre follows Jester.
  666. (10:24:49 PM) padri: Ren follows after Courtjester.
  667. (10:25:02 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin pulls a container- metal and rubber lined- out of her back pack, puts the glove in it, and seals it. She replaces everything in her back pack.
  668. (10:25:04 PM) Scantron: "We can figure that out later. For the time being, put it in this." He hands Devlin the container and follows the Courtjester.
  669. (10:25:11 PM) Scantron: Redact everything but following.
  670. (10:26:37 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin follows the entire team, but at the very end of their line, at least two yards are between her and the last person- she doesn't run to catch up yet, but she walks backwards with her gun out.
  671. (10:30:33 PM) DexaGM: Courtjester stops, very suddenly, at a fork in the path.
  672. (10:30:56 PM) Halvors: Sverre stops right behind Jester. "Well."
  673. (10:31:05 PM) padri: Ren stops before she can run into anyone.
  674. (10:31:06 PM) Scantron: Spencer stops as well. "Which way/"
  675. (10:31:08 PM) Scantron: *?
  676. (10:31:08 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin backs up into somebody.
  677. (10:31:12 PM) DevilAngel: "Sorry."
  678. (10:31:59 PM) DevilAngel: Who is last in line?
  679. (10:32:07 PM) padri: Renee, probably.
  680. (10:32:10 PM) padri: I think.
  681. (10:33:34 PM) DevilAngel: "Oh sorry Renee."
  682. (10:33:42 PM) padri: No disputes? Renee jumps when Devlin runs into her. She squeaks, too, but she gets it together cause she's functional.
  683. (10:33:44 PM) DevilAngel: She doesn't turn back to face Renee
  684. (10:34:01 PM) NAC: Cameron looks at the fork in the hallways, perception to tell anything different about them?
  685. (10:34:01 PM) DexaGM: "There are two paths." he points right. "This will lead to the food stores, and the kitchens. Quieter, but more unarmed automatons." He points left. "This way will lead you to the main hall. I cannot guess what might await you there."
  686. (10:34:25 PM) NAC: redact
  687. (10:34:30 PM) DexaGM: "Wichever way you go, you must find the grand staircase and ascend it, to the place where the Giant is kept."
  688. (10:34:43 PM) Halvors: "Well. So. Who wants to go which way?"
  689. (10:34:48 PM) Scantron: "The main hall would most likely have the grand staircase..."
  690. (10:34:49 PM) NAC: "Unarmed means non-combatant, correct?"
  691. (10:34:49 PM) Halvors: "I am undecided."
  692. (10:35:06 PM) Halvors: "Ech.... I do not think so. Just... less effective at the killing."
  693. (10:35:09 PM) DevilAngel: "Avoid those. They'll be angry because of my oopsy."
  694. (10:35:10 PM) padri: "The main hall will probably get us there." She sounds reluctant to walk into the glassworks, though.
  695. (10:35:12 PM) Halvors: "Is that not so jester?"
  696. (10:36:21 PM) DexaGM: "Yes, unarmed means non combatant. But the stairwell has dozens of hallways to it, all from different parts of the complex. You will have a difficult time whichever road you take."
  697. (10:36:53 PM) Halvors: "I say food stores. We can go about carefully. Not lose members of the team in the chaos."
  698. (10:37:14 PM) DevilAngel: "Remember. Everything is mad at me...."
  699. (10:37:44 PM) Halvors: "Ach. They would be mad at someone for some reason or another anyhow."
  700. (10:37:46 PM) NAC: "I'm not mad at you" Cameron says to Devlin. "Either one is fine with me."
  701. (10:37:50 PM) DevilAngel: The 'e' flutters at the end, and she says this in an 'oh-crap' singsong voice.
  702. (10:38:23 PM) Scantron: "Let's go through the food stores, then."
  703. (10:38:35 PM) DevilAngel: ~So if the chain's glow doesn't break~
  704. (10:38:42 PM) padri: "Alright."
  705. (10:38:42 PM) DevilAngel: ~...~
  706. (10:39:54 PM) DexaGM: He nods, pointing right. "Go then."
  707. (10:40:05 PM) padri: "And you?"
  708. (10:40:20 PM) Scantron: Spencer goes right.
  709. (10:40:47 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin thinks electronic thoughts. When they start moving she'll let a two meter gap create and start following, walking backwards to watch their tails.
  710. (10:40:48 PM) padri: *That was to Courtjester.
  711. (10:41:08 PM) NAC: Cameron heads behind Spencer then.
  712. (10:41:10 PM) DexaGM: "I will go in the other direction, to be a distraction."
  713. (10:41:32 PM) Halvors: Sverre looks sadly at Jester. "You are brave my friend. Godspeed."
  714. (10:42:17 PM) padri: She nods. "Thank you. Godspeed. I hope to see you again, in this body or another."
  715. (10:42:28 PM) NAC: Cameron pauses. "Didn't you say you'd run at the first sign of trouble?"
  716. (10:43:17 PM) NAC: He stops and looks at the jester, trying to get a measure of this man... he doesn't quite trust him.
  717. (10:43:34 PM) Halvors: "A good diversion is oft caused by running." Sverre chuckles. "With that, we had best go now, before we lose even more the advantage of surprise."
  718. (10:43:37 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin doesn't trust him at all.
  719. (10:43:38 PM) DexaGM: "I... lied?"
  720. (10:43:47 PM) DexaGM: He shrugs a big comical shrug.
  721. (10:43:58 PM) Scantron: Spencer smiles.
  722. (10:43:59 PM) NAC: "We're going left." Cameron commands. "The jester is coming with us."
  723. (10:44:20 PM) padri: "Cameron. Did you feel it? When he looked at you."
  724. (10:44:35 PM) Halvors: "I like him. But ja, it is probably best." Sverre steps back a bit. His hand floats towards the pistol. He smiles at Jester "Well, orders are orders."
  725. (10:45:14 PM) NAC: "Feel what?" Cameron blinks, looking down at Padri before walking over closer to the Jester. "I'm not sure I can trust a liar."
  726. (10:45:17 PM) padri: She ignores Sverre. She's focusing on Cameron.
  727. (10:45:21 PM) DexaGM: "... Let me make sure you understand, Mr Cameron." He points at him with two fingers.
  728. (10:45:47 PM) Halvors: Sverre's hand rests on his pistol. "What are you doing?"
  729. (10:45:54 PM) padri: "Cameron. He's not a liar. He's not a Courtjester. He's. . . Bigger. Like cosmically so."
  730. (10:46:15 PM) padri: "Like some kind of . . . " ~God-sized something.~
  731. (10:46:16 PM) DexaGM: He sighs.
  732. (10:46:36 PM) padri: "I trust him."
  733. (10:46:51 PM) Halvors: "Ach, well. This is based off of... what?"
  734. (10:47:21 PM) padri: She looks at Sverre, almost glares at him. "You can trust me, Sverre. I've been on this team long enough."
  735. (10:47:32 PM) DevilAngel: "Just listen to Cameron."
  736. (10:47:46 PM) DexaGM: "Are we moving or are we going to stand here and wait for them to find you?"
  737. (10:48:16 PM) padri: She starts walking towards the food stores. She doesn't look like she's about to turn around and follow Cameron, either.
  738. (10:48:17 PM) NAC: Cameron stops and blinks for a moment. He stares down at the jester. He clenches his fist and nods. "Hrmm."
  739. (10:48:42 PM) Halvors: Sverre stands there for a moment. "I do not like people who instill trust with a glance. They tend to abuse it." His hand doesn't leave the pistol.
  740. (10:48:59 PM) DexaGM: "I don't like people who have funny names."
  741. (10:49:07 PM) DexaGM: He :| s at Sverre.
  742. (10:49:41 PM) Halvors: "Cameron, if you feel like he is screwing with your mind, then I drop him. It is no offense to you Jester, but I do not like taking undue chances."
  743. (10:49:49 PM) Scantron: Spencer's ehading towards the food stores.
  744. (10:50:06 PM) Halvors: Sverre feels tense. ~Friend or foe... shit, not this.~
  745. (10:50:10 PM) DevilAngel: "Sverre, stop trying to murder everything."
  746. (10:50:27 PM) Halvors: "I am trying to protect the team. There is a difference... Cameron?"
  747. (10:50:35 PM) NAC: "You're not going to be able to drop him." Cameron states. He gives the jester another stare and huffs. "We'll do it your way. I expect to see you again, though."
  748. (10:50:37 PM) DexaGM: "I could earnestly... 'screw' with your mind, if you truly wanted me to. But it was the same reason i wanted to provide a proper distraction /elsewhere/ from you, and not directly in front of you."
  749. (10:50:43 PM) padri: Ren turns back from down the hallway. "Cameron. Do you trust me?" She calls out.
  750. (10:51:03 PM) DexaGM: He turns on his heel and strolls down the left hallway.
  751. (10:51:11 PM) Halvors: Sverre shakes his head. "We go from our playbook then." ~And Renee fucking does hate me. Yippee.~
  752. (10:51:27 PM) padri: Sorry Sverre. But it's true.
  753. (10:51:46 PM) NAC: Cameron goes down the right hallway, following behind Ren. "Yes. But I'm not sure about him."
  754. (10:51:57 PM) Halvors: Sverre exhales deeply. "Well then. If I die, I will spend my dying breath telling you all that I told you so." He follows Cameron.
  755. (10:52:20 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin looks at Sverre. He the last?
  756. (10:52:24 PM) padri: "Then blame me if he turns on us. But I trust him. I don't think I've been wrong yet."
  757. (10:52:26 PM) Halvors: Yes.
  758. (10:52:42 PM) Halvors: "Because the first mistake will likely kill us all? But very well."
  759. (10:52:58 PM) DevilAngel: "Help me watch our tail ferocious hunter."
  760. (10:53:17 PM) DexaGM: As they move down the hallways, they come to a thin spiral stone staircase.
  761. (10:53:37 PM) DevilAngel: She pulls Sverre to walk backwards next to her.
  762. (10:54:07 PM) Halvors: "Ach. Fine." Sverre is a little nervous. ~Well then. See what develops.~
  763. (10:54:25 PM) Scantron: Spencer starts up, unless anyone objects.
  764. (10:54:26 PM) padri: Does it go up? Down? Both?
  765. (10:54:28 PM) Halvors: He unslings the rifle and gets it half-ready.
  766. (10:54:46 PM) NAC: Cameron walks behind Spencer then.
  767. (10:55:07 PM) padri: Ren too.
  768. (10:55:13 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin and Sverre watch the team's back!
  769. (10:55:17 PM) DexaGM: It goes Up!
  770. (10:56:21 PM) Halvors: Sverre is humming softly.
  771. (10:56:25 PM) DevilAngel: "Be Careful walking backwards on stairs. Or just don't walk backwards."
  772. (10:56:40 PM) DexaGM: They ascend, coming to a wooden trapdoor.
  773. (10:56:43 PM) Lurker is now known as Lurk_BRB
  774. (10:56:43 PM) DexaGM: Elsewhere...
  775. (10:56:52 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin continuously scans her surroundings.
  776. (10:57:08 PM) Halvors: Sverre shrugs. "Then we go up quickly. We can cover the rear again when we reach the top."
  777. (10:57:37 PM) DexaGM: There's a sound like a deep, crumbling noise of an avalanche, far away.there's the sound of footsteps rushing away from the trapdoor.
  778. (10:58:05 PM) Halvors: Sverre sighs. "Aaaand giant."
  779. (10:58:28 PM) Scantron: Spencer opens the trapdoor and peeks up and out? Does he die horribly /now/?
  780. (10:58:31 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin walks backwards up the stairs, she has done this before.
  781. (10:58:34 PM) NAC: "Or jester." Cameron shrugs.
  782. (10:58:41 PM) padri: ~That couldn't be Courtjester running away again already. . .~
  783. (10:58:53 PM) Halvors: "Or jester working with the giant."
  784. (10:59:11 PM) Halvors: Sverre is ready to follow right behind Spencer when he goes through the trapdoor.
  785. (10:59:20 PM) DexaGM: Spencer, you notice a fairly standard pantry, of bags of... grain, probably, with jars and jars of preserved fruit and pickled stuff.
  786. (10:59:25 PM) padri: "So soon? He went the other way. . ."
  787. (10:59:35 PM) Scantron: Spencer opens it up further and climbs up and out.
  788. (10:59:40 PM) DevilAngel: "Sverre. Stay back."
  789. (10:59:41 PM) NAC: Cameron's behind Spencer, he lifts himself up through the trap door
  790. (10:59:42 PM) padri: Sverre was in the back.
  791. (10:59:55 PM) padri: Ren follows Cameron, cause she's behind him.
  792. (11:00:04 PM) Halvors: Sverre shrugs. He pokes around and watches down the stairway. "Let me know when I move."
  793. (11:00:06 PM) padri: And Sverre's after her with Devlin.
  794. (11:00:23 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin waits for Ren to be fully clear.
  795. (11:00:34 PM) DevilAngel: "Now go, but stay to the back. Your with me."
  796. (11:00:49 PM) DexaGM: There's no movement around you.
  797. (11:01:03 PM) Scantron: Spencer looks around for any doors out of the room.
  798. (11:01:05 PM) DevilAngel: ~No blazing guns blazing under my watch.~
  799. (11:01:08 PM) padri: Ren, too.
  800. (11:01:09 PM) Halvors: Sverre sighs again and then goes up. He closes the hatch once everyone's clear.
  801. (11:01:10 PM) DevilAngel: She waits for every one to go through the hatch to lower her gun.
  802. (11:01:24 PM) DevilAngel: She goes up, and closes the door.
  803. (11:02:08 PM) Halvors: Sverre sticks in the back. He's still humming.
  804. (11:02:59 PM) padri: Anything other than the food in here?
  805. (11:03:06 PM) padri: What's the room look like?
  806. (11:03:06 PM) DexaGM: The pantry is long, with a winding path through it stocked with SHELVES. of FOOD.
  807. (11:03:10 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin makes sure of this (^^^) and sighs. "You stay with me, help me watch our backs, got it?"
  808. (11:03:20 PM) DexaGM: It's a great dusty room, approximately 4 m by 50 m.
  809. (11:03:32 PM) DexaGM: Food lining every wall.
  810. (11:03:43 PM) Scantron: Spencer goes along the perimeter of the room, looking for any sort of way out. What're the walls made of? Still stone?
  811. (11:03:45 PM) DexaGM: including shelves that somehow defy gravity on the ceiling.
  812. (11:03:47 PM) BiggerJ [] entered the room.
  813. (11:03:48 PM) Halvors: "Ja, ja, ja." Sverre continues covering the back.
  814. (11:03:53 PM) DexaGM: Stone, with wooden shelves.
  815. (11:04:09 PM) DexaGM: There's a hallway at one end, maybe.
  816. (11:04:13 PM) Mactavish left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
  817. (11:04:16 PM) padri: She looks up at the ceiling.
  818. (11:04:20 PM) padri: "Wow."
  819. (11:04:46 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin still scans the room. How dark is it?
  820. (11:04:54 PM) NAC: Cameron goes up and looks at some of the food, how tasty does it look?
  821. (11:05:06 PM) DexaGM: It's dim.
  822. (11:05:07 PM) padri: "I wonder if I climbed up there if I could defy gravity, too." She says this as if she's just wondering. Cause she is.
  823. (11:05:16 PM) DexaGM: You could, actually.
  824. (11:05:25 PM) padri: To Renee?
  825. (11:05:46 PM) DexaGM: Cameron, it looks like someone has a raging hunger for pickled cucumbers and rice.
  826. (11:06:03 PM) DexaGM: Because various kinds of pickled cucumbers are in every jar, and every bag is a bag of rice.
  827. (11:06:05 PM) Scantron: Pickled cucumbers would be pickles.
  828. (11:06:10 PM) DexaGM: Yes.
  829. (11:06:12 PM) DexaGM: Yes, they would.
  830. (11:06:22 PM) NAC: Cameron loses his appetite regardless.
  831. (11:07:26 PM) Halvors: Sverre is still covering the back. He picks up a jar of pickles and looks at it for a second before putting it back and moving on.
  832. (11:07:50 PM) Scantron is now known as scanafk
  833. (11:07:52 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin picks it up again. Any labels?
  834. (11:07:53 PM) scanafk: family stuff
  835. (11:07:58 PM) DexaGM: np
  836. (11:08:15 PM) padri: She takes her hat off and throws it at the ceiling to see if it would get gravity defied, too.
  837. (11:08:52 PM) DexaGM: Renee's hat is drawn up to the ceiling, sitting there comfortably.
  838. (11:09:05 PM) padri: "Guys?"
  839. (11:09:18 PM) padri: "Now I have to get my hat."
  840. (11:09:24 PM) DevilAngel: "Wait"
  841. (11:09:30 PM) padri: ~That was dumb.~
  842. (11:09:37 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin looks at her. "I'llget it."
  843. (11:09:39 PM) padri: *She calls it Don's hat, not "my hat"
  844. (11:09:43 PM) padri: "Please?"
  845. (11:09:59 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin heads to the shelves, glancing a Sverre.
  846. (11:10:02 PM) padri: ~But that's /awfully/ cool.~
  847. (11:10:17 PM) Halvors: Sverre sighs. "Then I cover the empty hallway. Jawohl."
  848. (11:10:22 PM) DevilAngel: She looks at them and then starts climbs them, like a ladder.
  849. (11:10:36 PM) DevilAngel: Does she stick to the ceiling?
  850. (11:11:43 PM) DexaGM: She will find that she can crawl on the ceiling, but she is drawn to ordinary gravity if she tries to stamd
  851. (11:12:03 PM) DevilAngel: She crawls to the hat and throws it down.
  852. (11:12:19 PM) padri: Ren picks it up. "Thank you."
  853. (11:12:23 PM) DevilAngel: She doesn't climb back down.
  854. (11:12:39 PM) padri: ~What would I do if I lost this hat?~ She puts Don's hat back on.
  855. (11:12:46 PM) DevilAngel: Still pickles and rice?
  856. (11:13:05 PM) DevilAngel: And are there any labels on the food? Like brand labels?
  857. (11:13:07 PM) scanafk is now known as Scantron
  858. (11:13:21 PM) DevilAngel: (Or writing of any kind)
  859. (11:13:28 PM) DexaGM: None.
  860. (11:13:39 PM) DexaGM: There's another rumble.
  861. (11:13:41 PM) DevilAngel: ANd the food on the ceiling?
  862. (11:13:57 PM) Scantron: Spencer tries to locate where the rumbling's coming from.
  863. (11:13:58 PM) DexaGM: The food on the ceiling is still just pickles and rice, with the odd jar of preserved peaches.
  864. (11:14:13 PM) DevilAngel: "Cameron, you like peaches?"
  865. (11:14:14 PM) DexaGM: Spencer, the rumbling's coming from somewhere far to the left.
  866. (11:14:31 PM) padri: Ren looks that way, too.
  867. (11:14:32 PM) NAC: "Only fresh!"
  868. (11:14:49 PM) DevilAngel: "M'kay, no food for you then."
  869. (11:14:52 PM) Scantron: Spencer goes all the way to the left. Perception to look for hidden passageways or any such tomfoolery?
  870. (11:15:16 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin remains on the ceiling.
  871. (11:15:41 PM) DexaGM: Well, you could try. The way out is probably the darkened hallway opposite from the trapdoor which you entered from.
  872. (11:15:41 PM) Halvors: Sverre looks up. "See anything interesting up there?"
  873. (11:15:59 PM) DevilAngel: "Sverre, take the ground. Watch their backs. I'm going to be above you, okay?"
  874. (11:16:00 PM) padri: Ren walks towards that darkened hallway.
  875. (11:16:05 PM) Scantron: 6df+4 WELL WHY THE FUCK NOT
  876. (11:16:05 PM) Glacon: Scantron: WELL WHY THE FUCK NOT: 5 (6df+4=-, +, 0, 0, +, 0)
  877. (11:16:29 PM) Halvors: "Ja. I will." He goes back to covering the rear.
  878. (11:16:48 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin remains above him.
  879. (11:16:56 PM) Lurk_BRB is now known as Lurker
  880. (11:16:56 PM) DexaGM: 1d2
  881. (11:16:57 PM) Glacon: DexaGM: 2 (1d2=2)
  882. (11:17:22 PM) DexaGM: Scantron, you find nothing that is anything like a secret passageway
  883. (11:17:39 PM) Scantron: Spencer shrugs. "Let's go back into the hallway."
  884. (11:17:56 PM) padri: Does Ren see anything down the hall?
  885. (11:18:06 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin continues to scan from the ceiling, attempting to crawl on the ceiling.
  886. (11:18:23 PM) DevilAngel: *on two legs and a hand.
  887. (11:18:54 PM) NAC: Are there any other doors in this pantry?
  888. (11:19:01 PM) NAC: Other than the one they came in?
  889. (11:19:07 PM) Scantron: Spencer climbs back down the trapdoor.
  890. (11:19:17 PM) padri: There was a hallway.
  891. (11:19:26 PM) padri: The one than Renee walked towards.
  892. (11:19:28 PM) DexaGM: There is a hallway.
  893. (11:19:35 PM) DexaGM: The one that Renee walked towards.
  894. (11:19:41 PM) padri: It seems it's still there, too.
  895. (11:21:03 PM) padri: Does she see anything down that hall?
  896. (11:21:51 PM) DexaGM: The hallway is dark.
  897. (11:21:57 PM) DexaGM: You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
  898. (11:22:10 PM) Scantron: Spencer goes down the hallway. he doesn't know what a grue is.
  899. (11:22:28 PM) DexaGM: it's the opposite of a bleen
  900. (11:22:48 PM) DexaGM: Spencer goes down the hallway, eventually reaching... a kitchen?
  901. (11:22:52 PM) padri: Renee doesn't, either, unfortunately. She walks down the hall after him.
  902. (11:22:53 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin pulls a flashlight out of her bag.
  903. (11:23:08 PM) DevilAngel: She crawls up to Spence and drops the flashlight on him.
  904. (11:23:11 PM) NAC: Cameron follows the group into the hallway, penlight in his hand.
  905. (11:23:15 PM) Scantron: Spencer enters the kitchen and looks around. Does he die horribly?
  906. (11:23:25 PM) Halvors: Sverre flicks his barrel-mounted flashlight on. He's still covering the rear.
  907. (11:24:54 PM) DexaGM: The kitchen is fairly large, with a stove boiling over with water in a pot, and some half-chopped vegetables sitting on a counter.
  908. (11:25:00 PM) DexaGM: Pots and pans hang from the ceiling.
  909. (11:25:08 PM) padri: Ren goes in, too.
  910. (11:25:40 PM) Ragazzo [] entered the room.
  911. (11:25:46 PM) Ragazzo left the room.
  912. (11:25:57 PM) DevilAngel: Well some body is making dinner.... Devlin heads in. Does she fall down?
  913. (11:26:12 PM) DevilAngel: *she doesnt
  914. (11:26:23 PM) NAC: Cameron checks what's in the pot, turning off the stove if it's that kind of a stove.
  915. (11:26:25 PM) Halvors: Sverre pauses for a few seconds before following the others.
  916. (11:26:40 PM) DexaGM: As Devlin reaches across the threshold, she falls down on the hard stone floor.
  917. (11:26:47 PM) DevilAngel: *she does
  918. (11:27:05 PM) padri: Ren looks back. "Devlin? Are you alright?"
  919. (11:27:05 PM) Scantron: Spencer looks for any doors leading out of the kitchen.
  920. (11:27:11 PM) DevilAngel: "Ow. That makes my bruises and hurts hurt worse..."
  921. (11:27:33 PM) DevilAngel: ~Now I wish I didn't do that...~
  922. (11:27:46 PM) padri: "We should move on. . ." ~Before we find more human flesh, like the last kitchen~
  923. (11:28:05 PM) DexaGM: Spencer there is an archway that leads to a dining hall.
  924. (11:28:18 PM) DevilAngel: She stands, slowly, stretching carefully. Sh pulls out a second gun from her pack.
  925. (11:28:36 PM) Halvors: Sverre looks a little worried. "You fine?"
  926. (11:28:58 PM) Scantron: Spencer loads up his crossbow and pokes his head around the archway. Is the dining hall occupied? Does he die horribly?
  927. (11:28:59 PM) DexaGM: There's a sound behind them.
  928. (11:29:02 PM) DexaGM: A criiiick.
  929. (11:29:07 PM) DevilAngel: "I'll live. Now I wish I hadn't played with-"
  930. (11:29:17 PM) padri: Ren looks towards the criiiiik.
  931. (11:29:20 PM) DexaGM: Spencer, you didn't notice before, but there... might be people in these seats.
  932. (11:29:21 PM) padri: What's there?
  933. (11:29:21 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin is facing behind them what is she about to shoot?
  934. (11:29:28 PM) DexaGM: They're not looking at you, or moving.
  935. (11:29:31 PM) DexaGM: Now for the Criiiiil
  936. (11:29:39 PM) Scantron: Spencer turns around at the criiiiiiii
  937. (11:29:39 PM) DexaGM: Behind you, the sound of scraping metal.
  938. (11:29:43 PM) DexaGM: The oven stands up.
  939. (11:29:50 PM) Scantron: "Oh fuck."
  940. (11:29:58 PM) padri: Ren looks at it. The oven itself?
  941. (11:29:59 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin looks. Is there red or blue glowing stuff.
  942. (11:30:01 PM) NAC: Cameron 's infront of the oven. "I suppose saying hello won't help?"
  943. (11:30:06 PM) padri: ~What is going on?~
  944. (11:30:08 PM) Halvors: Sverre turns slowly. "I am going to be killed by an Oven? Ha. Hitler references galore."
  945. (11:30:18 PM) DexaGM: It stretches out like an accordion, flattening into a shape kind of like the playing card knights from the new Alice in Wonderland.
  946. (11:30:25 PM) DevilAngel: "Guys wait for my word unless it attacks."
  947. (11:30:28 PM) DexaGM: A moment passes, and it bursts into flames.
  948. (11:30:34 PM) padri: ~!!!~
  949. (11:30:47 PM) DevilAngel: "Back up!!!!" She /shouts/.
  950. (11:30:57 PM) Scantron: "Shit!" Spencer looks around for a large amount of water. While backing up.
  951. (11:31:09 PM) NAC: Cameron doesn't need to be told twice, moving away from the flaming death oven.
  952. (11:31:11 PM) Halvors: Sverre jumps back and hits the floor back-first. He brings the rifle up ready to fire.
  953. (11:31:11 PM) padri: Ren gets /back./
  954. (11:31:19 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin takes the position in front of the team, closest to the oven, but still away.
  955. (11:31:19 PM) DexaGM: At her shout, the figures around the table turn to look. They are all very pale, featureless glass... things.
  956. (11:31:32 PM) DevilAngel: "Shit."
  957. (11:31:45 PM) DexaGM: its goofy time.
  958. (11:31:47 PM) padri: Ren looks at the people at the table.
  959. (11:32:00 PM) padri: Are they like the glassworks?
  960. (11:32:09 PM) padri: The robots that attacked?
  961. (11:32:11 PM) DevilAngel: "Cameron, Spencer, Ren," she says, "Would you handle them?
  962. (11:32:12 PM) DevilAngel: "
  963. (11:32:21 PM) DexaGM: They seem to be completely solid, nude humans made of glass.
  964. (11:32:21 PM) padri: She nods.
  965. (11:32:31 PM) DexaGM: Each of them has a thin metal line through their spine.
  966. (11:32:41 PM) padri: "Go for the spine, right?"
  967. (11:32:47 PM) Scantron: "Sure?"
  968. (11:32:48 PM) Halvors: "Jawohl. I shoot?"
  969. (11:32:55 PM) DevilAngel: "Go for the cords, got it? Separate them or shoot them. Better yet just shoot, got it?"
  970. (11:33:09 PM) padri: "Can't shoot for beans."
  971. (11:33:13 PM) Scantron: "Right. Anyone have explosives?"
  972. (11:33:16 PM) DevilAngel: "Sverre, your with me. Wait for my word,"
  973. (11:33:20 PM) DexaGM: The oven-construct has an electric blue glow behind it, presumably from another spine chain.
  974. (11:33:22 PM) Halvors: "Ja."
  975. (11:33:23 PM) DexaGM: But now...
  976. (11:33:28 PM) DexaGM: Everyone. PDef.
  977. (11:33:33 PM) padri: 6df+6 !!!
  978. (11:33:34 PM) Glacon: padri: !!!: 5 (6df+6=0, 0, -, 0, +, -)
  979. (11:33:42 PM) DevilAngel: 6df+4
  980. (11:33:42 PM) Glacon: DevilAngel: 3 (6df+4=+, 0, 0, -, 0, -)
  981. (11:33:49 PM) NAC: 6df+12 taggging maneuver.
  982. (11:33:49 PM) Glacon: NAC: taggging maneuver.: 14 (6df+12=0, +, +, -, +, 0)
  983. (11:34:00 PM) Halvors: 6df+6 oh shit
  984. (11:34:01 PM) Glacon: Halvors: oh shit: 3 (6df+6=0, -, +, -, -, -)
  985. (11:34:13 PM) Scantron: 6df+6 muh dick
  986. (11:34:13 PM) Glacon: Scantron: muh dick: 6 (6df+6=+, -, -, +, 0, 0)
  987. (11:34:56 PM) DexaGM: 6df+8
  988. (11:34:56 PM) Glacon: DexaGM: 10 (6df+8=0, +, 0, +, +, -)
  989. (11:35:06 PM) DexaGM: NAC, describe what you did.
  990. (11:36:05 PM) NAC: Cameron has a pdef of 8, and his earlier maneuver did athletics to pdef to use his strength to block out the pain.
  991. (11:36:30 PM) NAC: It was a maneuver rolled way back, I can drop the four points if you want.
  992. (11:36:55 PM) DexaGM: Athletics maneuver? I was going to let you backflip out fo the way. But ok.
  993. (11:37:24 PM) DexaGM: The oven stretches out, releasing a white hot arc of flame across the group.
  994. (11:37:46 PM) DexaGM: Everyone but Cameron takes 2 points of Body damage, because OW FUCK.
  995. (11:38:07 PM) Halvors: Sverre screams. Yes, he screams.
  996. (11:38:21 PM) Scantron: "AUGH DAMMIT SHIT FUCK" If he's still on fire, Spencer stops, drops, and rolls.
  997. (11:38:30 PM) padri: Ren doesn't. But /holy cow/ did that hurt.
  998. (11:38:35 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin is at one. Nobody knows it IC, as Devlin hides her wounds from earlier.
  999. (11:38:48 PM) DexaGM: The flames sputter harmlessly off the walls; at the same time, the glass people rise in unison and turn towards the group. Those of you who notice this will also notice that they are moving so fucking jerky and careful that they might just tip right over if you pushed them hard enough.
  1000. (11:39:00 PM) Halvors: [AAAAH FUCKCUNTBITCHFUCKERFUCKERFUCKERFUCKER] (in... all four languages at once?)
  1001. (11:39:08 PM) Halvors: He starts firing at the glass people.
  1002. (11:39:17 PM) Halvors: 6df+6 CUNTWHOREBULLETSANDSHIT
  1003. (11:39:17 PM) Glacon: Halvors: CUNTWHOREBULLETSANDSHIT: 5 (6df+6=0, +, 0, -, -, 0)
  1004. (11:39:26 PM) DevilAngel: "Just it them. ANYBODY SEE A FIRE EXTINGUISHER?"
  1005. (11:39:38 PM) padri: "Sverre! Get the oven!"
  1006. (11:39:59 PM) DevilAngel: "I've got it. Sverre help them>"
  1007. (11:40:05 PM) NAC: Cameron lets out a roar and grabs the nearest cast iron pot, the one that was boiling over with water, the large man swinging his makeshift extinguisher bludgeoning weapon at the oven man.
  1008. (11:40:08 PM) padri: Once he stops shooting, she runs for the glass to push them over.
  1009. (11:40:10 PM) DexaGM: Fire extinguisher? lol. this is a world that doesn't even have gunpowder.
  1010. (11:40:16 PM) Halvors: He switches the rifle to full auto. "JA! FLAMMENWERFER SCHWEINHUND MOTHERFUCKER!"
  1011. (11:40:18 PM) padri: 6df+4 Ath Tip over!
  1012. (11:40:18 PM) Glacon: padri: Ath Tip over!: 7 (6df+4=+, +, +, 0, -, +)
  1013. (11:40:21 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin doesn't know that.
  1014. (11:40:25 PM) Scantron: Spencer runs out of the room with the aggressive, fire-spewing stove and, holding one arm out, just runs out into the dining hall like a running back.
  1015. (11:40:26 PM) NAC: 6df+11 tagging Hulk nurse.
  1016. (11:40:26 PM) Glacon: NAC: tagging Hulk nurse.: 13 (6df+11=+, 0, 0, +, +, -)
  1017. (11:40:27 PM) Halvors: He fires an eight-round burst at the oven.
  1018. (11:40:30 PM) Halvors: 6df+6
  1019. (11:40:30 PM) Glacon: Halvors: 3 (6df+6=-, -, 0, +, -, -)
  1020. (11:40:32 PM) DevilAngel: "Not a good Idea Cameron."
  1021. (11:40:49 PM) DexaGM: Everyone, when you roll, describe what you do so I can react appropriately and awesomely.
  1022. (11:41:03 PM) Halvors: okay. First roll, shooting at glass men, second at oven.
  1023. (11:41:13 PM) Scantron: 6df+5 pop pop pop, watching glass motherfuckers drop. Spencer just runs through the glass people, arm outstretched, knocking them over as he goes along.
  1024. (11:41:13 PM) Glacon: Scantron: pop pop pop, watching glass motherfuckers drop. Spencer just runs through the glass people, arm outstretched, knocking them over as he goes along.: 7 (6df+5=0, +, +, 0, +, -)
  1025. (11:41:27 PM) padri: Ren is /running/ to shove the glass people. She pushes them at full run, one hand on each of two people.
  1026. (11:41:29 PM) Scantron: If that's melee, not ath, subtract three from that result.
  1027. (11:41:32 PM) DevilAngel: 6df+4 Devlin tries to get to the back of the oven without getting burned. Ath roll
  1028. (11:41:32 PM) Glacon: DevilAngel: Devlin tries to get to the back of the oven without getting burned. Ath roll: 6 (6df+4=+, -, 0, 0, +, +)
  1029. (11:42:20 PM) DexaGM: 6df+5
  1030. (11:42:20 PM) Glacon: DexaGM: 7 (6df+5=+, 0, +, -, +, 0)
  1031. (11:43:11 PM) DevilAngel: (Devlin is also still hiding her pain. She doesn't seem to be as hurt as everyone else was because she is hiding her pain)
  1032. (11:43:12 PM) DexaGM: Alright. Spencer and Renee each knock the glass diners over, cracking and shattering them upon the stone floor. The chains within snap and sputter, glow going out.
  1033. (11:43:42 PM) padri: She just yells as she runs. "Yaaaaaaah!"
  1034. (11:43:55 PM) DexaGM: Devlin, my roll was defense against you. The walking oven slaps you down with a burning hand, sending you skidding back across the floor. No Body damage.
  1035. (11:44:24 PM) Scantron: Spencer dosen't even know what the fuck he's doing. He just got hit by /fire/ and he does not want to be in that room.
  1036. (11:45:00 PM) PresidentEvil [] entered the room.
  1037. (11:45:01 PM) DexaGM: NAC, you smash the oven man back as he's focused on Devlin, knocking him into pots and a table. Sverre, your shots ping off its "head", blowing out its eyes.
  1038. (11:45:03 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin is gonna get up and go back to it asap tell me when to roll.
  1039. (11:45:22 PM) NAC: Does the water have an effect on it?
  1040. (11:47:07 PM) DexaGM: The water splashes out some key flaming areas, on the chest and groin, but Sverre's shots basically unlock a fizzing, blazing cone of flame from its eye holes. It's obviously blinded and dazed, but that's a bad thing for an inferno beast to be.
  1041. (11:47:50 PM) Halvors: Sverre stands and kneels. "Okay, now putting you down and out."
  1042. (11:47:56 PM) Halvors: 6df+6 please work.
  1043. (11:47:56 PM) Glacon: Halvors: please work.: 8 (6df+6=0, 0, 0, +, +, 0)
  1044. (11:48:29 PM) DevilAngel: Halvors wait.
  1045. (11:48:40 PM) DexaGM: No, i'll take it. Halvors, what were you doing/
  1046. (11:48:42 PM) Halvors: sorry.
  1047. (11:48:50 PM) Halvors: oh, shooting up the oven.
  1048. (11:49:22 PM) DexaGM: Where, specifically?
  1049. (11:49:46 PM) Halvors: the center of mass, going for the spine... thing.
  1050. (11:50:02 PM) DevilAngel: thats in the back, devlin is running to it
  1051. (11:50:16 PM) DexaGM: 6df+5
  1052. (11:50:16 PM) Glacon: DexaGM: 4 (6df+5=-, -, +, 0, -, +)
  1053. (11:50:23 PM) DexaGM: Halvors... your shot...
  1054. (11:50:48 PM) DexaGM: It pings off the spine, ricocheting up and through the body, bursting out the back of its head.
  1055. (11:51:05 PM) DexaGM: The oven lurches forward.
  1056. (11:51:20 PM) DevilAngel: May I go?
  1057. (11:51:26 PM) DexaGM: now its my turn to attack.
  1058. (11:51:48 PM) DexaGM: Everybody, including those fleeing through the dining hall, PDef.
  1059. (11:52:17 PM) padri: 6df+6 I'll push you if you touch me, glass people!
  1060. (11:52:17 PM) Glacon: padri: I'll push you if you touch me, glass people!: 6 (6df+6=0, 0, +, -, +, -)
  1061. (11:52:26 PM) Halvors: 6df+6 oh god I shoulda let Devlin do the thing
  1062. (11:52:27 PM) Glacon: Halvors: oh god I shoulda let Devlin do the thing: 8 (6df+6=0, 0, +, 0, +, 0)
  1063. (11:52:41 PM) DevilAngel: 6df+4
  1064. (11:52:41 PM) Glacon: DevilAngel: 3 (6df+4=0, +, +, -, -, -)
  1065. (11:52:54 PM) Scantron: 6df+6 At least they're not on fire
  1066. (11:52:54 PM) Glacon: Scantron: At least they're not on fire: 6 (6df+6=-, -, +, +, +, -)
  1067. (11:53:28 PM) DexaGM: nac
  1068. (11:53:28 PM) NAC: 6df+8 This is going to be hotter than syphilis.
  1069. (11:53:28 PM) Glacon: NAC: This is going to be hotter than syphilis.: 8 (6df+8=-, +, -, -, +, +)
  1070. (11:54:04 PM) DexaGM: 6df+8
  1071. (11:54:04 PM) Glacon: DexaGM: 6 (6df+8=0, -, 0, 0, 0, -)
  1072. (11:54:17 PM) DexaGM: ... Well ok.
  1073. (11:55:03 PM) DexaGM: There's the sound of rushing wind, towards the oven; a moment later, it simply BURSTS, exploding in blue electricity and red flames across the hall and kitchen. Devlin's pelted with redhot oven shrapnel, taking two body
  1074. (11:55:19 PM) DexaGM: Everyone loses eyebrows and gains +1 head of singed hair.
  1075. (11:55:36 PM) DevilAngel: Devlin crumples, dead.
  1076. (11:55:38 PM) padri: +1 head of singed hair?
  1077. (11:56:39 PM) DexaGM: Devlin, you're Incapacitated. GM Fiat.
  1078. (11:57:27 PM) Scantron: Is Spencer currently in danger of being attacked by glass people?
  1079. (11:57:45 PM) padri: Or Renee?
  1080. (11:58:14 PM) Scantron is now known as ScanAFK
  1081. (11:58:28 PM) Halvors: Sverre rushes over to Devlin. [Shit no, nono, this is my fault...]
  1082. (11:58:37 PM) DexaGM: No, the glass peopel are busted.
  1083. (11:58:48 PM) padri: All of em? : )
  1084. (11:58:54 PM) DexaGM: Yes.
  1085. (11:59:00 PM) NAC: Cameron runs over to Devlin, providing emergency medical attention to the wounded girl.
  1086. (11:59:08 PM) NAC: 6df+8 I SAID EMERGANCY
  1087. (11:59:08 PM) Glacon: NAC: I SAID EMERGANCY: 8 (6df+8=-, +, -, +, 0, 0)
  1088. (11:59:18 PM) Halvors: Sverre hits the ground next to Devlin. He wants to help but he knows he can't. He lets cameron do his job.
  1089. (11:59:19 PM) DevilAngel: Last words of Devlin, "Watch their backs boy, and and tell Taggart I love him."
  1090. (12:01:23 AM) DevilAngel: Redact that.
  1091. (12:02:21 AM) DexaGM: Cameron.
  1092. (12:02:36 AM) NAC: Cameron is there.
  1093. (12:02:41 AM) ScanAFK is now known as Scantron
  1094. (12:03:11 AM) Scantron: Spencer lets the medical-type people deal with Devlin. He looks around for a sort of staircase.
  1095. (12:03:21 AM) DevilAngel: She's dieing...
  1096. (12:03:54 AM) DevilAngel: 6df+5
  1097. (12:03:54 AM) Glacon: DevilAngel: 2 (6df+5=-, -, -, 0, 0, 0)
  1098. (12:04:17 AM) NAC: Shall devlin spend the ap or should Cameron?
  1099. (12:04:44 AM) DevilAngel: Devlin will
  1100. (12:05:21 AM) DexaGM left the room (quit: Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 12.0/20120420145725]).
  1101. (12:05:35 AM) NAC: 6df+8 Cameron goes again, applying more gauze to the girls wounds and fretting over her open cuts, disinfecting and applying compresses. "Come on, you're not gonna go down on us tonight, not if I can help it."
  1102. (12:05:35 AM) Glacon: NAC: Cameron goes again, applying more gauze to the girls wounds and fretting over her open cuts, disinfecting and applying compresses. "Come on, you're not gonna go down on us tonight, not if I can help it.": 10 (6df+8=+, 0, +, 0, +, -)
  1103. (12:05:57 AM) Halvors: Sverre's kneeling there, numb. "Please tell me she'll make it."
  1104. (12:06:16 AM) padri: Renee looks in the door. "Cameron. She has to be okay."
  1105. (12:06:26 AM) DexaGM [] entered the room.
  1106. (12:06:32 AM) padri: ~Not another one. I don't want to watch another one die.~
  1107. (12:07:06 AM) DexaGM: The flames behind them putter out.
  1108. (12:07:34 AM) Scantron: Spencer's letting people do their jobs, rather than being all worried and shit. He looks around the dining hall for a staircase.
  1109. (12:07:45 AM) Halvors: Sverre realizes he's useless right now. He goes over to the dead, broken machine and starts to beat the shit out of it with the stock of his rifle.
  1110. (12:08:06 AM) DexaGM: Across the hall is another doorway. Said doorway is shut, with huge double doors.
  1111. (12:08:07 AM) padri: Ren is /always/ all worried and shit.
  1112. (12:08:12 AM) padri: *Always.*
  1113. (12:08:26 AM) Scantron: Spencer goes across the hall to the doors and, when he gets there, tests to see if the doors are open.
  1114. (12:08:31 AM) padri: She's too busy worrying about Devlin to mind the door.
  1115. (12:08:31 AM) Scantron: Er, unlocked.
  1116. (12:08:43 AM) DevilAngel: 6df+5
  1117. (12:08:44 AM) Glacon: DevilAngel: 3 (6df+5=-, -, 0, 0, -, +)
  1118. (12:08:54 AM) DrSavage [] entered the room.
  1119. (12:09:00 AM) NAC: Cameron will spend the AP this time.
  1120. (12:09:03 AM) Halvors: Smash. Smash smash. Sverre eventually stops. He stands and moves to the door. "I trust cameron to get her back up on her feet. We should get ready to move, just in case."
  1121. (12:09:44 AM) padri: She nods and follows Spencer to the door.
  1122. (12:11:43 AM) NAC: Cameron shines his penlight in Devlins face, smiling down at her, "Come one now, follow the light, do I have to give you some more medicine?" he coaxes, pulling out some painkillers and sliding them into Devlin's mouth, followed by some water from his kit.
  1123. (12:11:51 AM) NAC: 6df+8 MEDICINE CAMERON
  1124. (12:11:51 AM) Glacon: NAC: MEDICINE CAMERON: 9 (6df+8=0, -, +, +, +, -)
  1125. (12:13:06 AM) DexaGM: Devlin... you feel somewhat better, with the water.
  1126. (12:14:38 AM) DevilAngel: Devlin opens her eyes.
  1127. (12:14:51 AM) DevilAngel: "Yea."
  1128. (12:15:02 AM) DevilAngel: "Uh, I mean no."
  1129. (12:15:44 AM) DexaGM: Spencer. As you push the door open, the sounds of battle and terror ring through the chamber.
  1130. (12:15:53 AM) Scantron: He closes the door quickly!
  1131. (12:16:30 AM) padri: Renee is glad of that.
  1132. (12:16:35 AM) Halvors: Sverre gets his rifle ready. "Viva la revolution, death to tyrants, yadda yadda. When Devlin feels well enough, we must move."
  1133. (12:16:55 AM) padri: "I'm going to be no good in battle and terror."
  1134. (12:16:59 AM) DevilAngel: Devlin tries to get up and likely falls on her but.
  1135. (12:17:04 AM) DevilAngel: *butt
  1136. (12:17:17 AM) Halvors: "Well then. I go?"
  1137. (12:17:46 AM) NAC: Cameron gets behind Devlin and scoops her up into his arms, carrying her with him. "Shhh, every thing's going to be ok."
  1138. (12:18:10 AM) DevilAngel: "Yea. I'm fine" Typical Devlin, trying to down play /everything/
  1139. (12:18:21 AM) Halvors: Sverre sighs. ~I almost got her killed.~ "I go." Sverre opens the door and peers out with his rifle shouldered.
  1140. (12:19:05 AM) padri: Ren stands away from the door. She's not eager to go through it.
  1141. (12:19:29 AM) DevilAngel: "Sverre. What did I say about watching our backs?"
  1142. (12:20:07 AM) Halvors: Sverre looks back for a moment. "There is battle out there. We had best move whilst the two forces are busy fighting each other and so cannot focus on us, nicht wahr?"
  1143. (12:20:26 AM) Scantron: "I've been in a situation like this before. Do *not* draw their attention."
  1144. (12:20:32 AM) DexaGM: You might realize that this might be the 'distraction' that Courtjester mentioned.
  1145. (12:21:02 AM) NAC: "Or they both try to kill us. There's that possibility." Cameron shrugs, clinging to his patient securely.
  1146. (12:21:09 AM) DevilAngel: "So you stay and watch our backs!" Devlin says sharply
  1147. (12:21:20 AM) DevilAngel: "So that we don't get hit from /behind/"
  1148. (12:21:43 AM) Scantron: "Let's find out. With any luck, this is the courtjester's distraction." Spencer slips through the door quietly, surveying the scene before him.
  1149. (12:21:46 AM) Halvors: "Ja. This is what I plan. You all go, now, quickly. I will follow soon enough."
  1150. (12:21:56 AM) DevilAngel: "Let me down, Cameron." (Down playing everything again.)
  1151. (12:22:52 AM) padri: Should Renee roll sneak to get through the chaos?
  1152. (12:23:24 AM) NAC: "Are you able to walk?" Cameron asks, looking down at her?
  1153. (12:23:46 AM) DexaGM: Through the door is what can best be described as a burning warpath. Remember in Lord of the Rings 1, when the Fellowship was fleeing through Moria, with the titanic cavern held up by pillars? Like that.
  1154. (12:23:58 AM) DevilAngel: "Yes."
  1155. (12:24:17 AM) DexaGM: Constructs of all kinds are running past them; several are thrown through the air, before them.
  1156. (12:24:25 AM) DevilAngel: She struggles until he lets her walk.
  1157. (12:24:45 AM) DexaGM: And behind you... well. you just /know/ that you shouldn't look back there.
  1158. (12:25:02 AM) NAC: Cameron sighs and lets the girl down, blatently looking behind him.
  1159. (12:25:02 AM) DexaGM: Sorry, lemme reposition.
  1160. (12:25:12 AM) padri: Back into the room they were in?
  1161. (12:25:15 AM) DexaGM: To the LEFT, theough the flickering darkness, you know you shouldn't look back there.
  1162. (12:25:40 AM) DexaGM: It seems unnaturally dark in that direction, and probably for good reason.
  1163. (12:26:05 AM) DexaGM: To the right is a staircase above a pit; the pit is easily a half mile across, and the spiral moves in a cone upwards.
  1164. (12:26:05 AM) DevilAngel: Devlin stays in the front, guns out. ~This will at least comfort Cameron~
  1165. (12:26:07 AM) Scantron: Spencer avoids looking in that direction, then. He heads to the right, then, careful to avoid combat if at all possible.
  1166. (12:26:11 AM) padri: Oh, but shouldn't is so tempting. It's like Pandora's Box. Renee looks and strains to see, but she doesn't /go/ that way.
  1167. (12:26:23 AM) Scantron: Towards the staircase, that is.
  1168. (12:26:37 AM) DevilAngel: Devlin cuts in front of him.
  1169. (12:26:57 AM) Mere_Observer [] entered the room.
  1170. (12:27:10 AM) Scantron: Trying to make himself heard above the cacophony, "You sure you're okay to walk?!"
  1171. (12:27:25 AM) Halvors: Sverre follows behind the others, swiveling this way and that with his rifle shouldered and covering the rear.
  1172. (12:27:42 AM) padri: She follows after Spencer after she looks. Did she see anything?
  1173. (12:28:09 AM) DevilAngel: "This way if I fall down you will know about it. Other wise I'd be at twelve."
  1174. (12:28:17 AM) DevilAngel: As in 12 oclock
  1175. (12:28:26 AM) DevilAngel: *6
  1176. (12:28:27 AM) DevilAngel: *6
  1177. (12:28:27 AM) Uncandescent left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1178. (12:28:31 AM) DrSavage left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
  1179. (12:28:41 AM) Scantron: "Alright then."
  1180. (12:28:48 AM) Scantron: *!"
  1181. (12:29:36 AM) DexaGM: A formation of these pass right by you, barely glancing to look.
  1182. (12:29:38 AM) padri: She smiles as she walks up the stairs, despite herself. She's not sure she wants to. "I don't think we'll be seeing the Courtjester again."
  1183. (12:30:14 AM) NAC: Cameron blinks some and hurries up some, bringing up the rear of the group as he moves to the stairs
  1184. (12:30:16 AM) DevilAngel: "You won't. I am pretty sure he's gone."
  1185. (12:30:40 AM) Scantron: Spencer jumps a bit, then continues.
  1186. (12:30:41 AM) NAC: "Unlikely."
  1187. (12:30:51 AM) DexaGM: Suddenly one of soars through the air, slamming into the stairs before you.
  1188. (12:30:52 AM) Halvors: "He seems to have started a small revolution." Sverre watches the formation pass idly.
  1189. (12:30:55 AM) padri: She says it like she knows something.
  1190. (12:31:13 AM) DexaGM: It looks up, raising its sword to strike! SOMEONE DO SOMETHING.
  1191. (12:31:18 AM) Halvors: Sverre swivels and faces the thing blocking the path. "ACHTUNG!"
  1192. (12:31:20 AM) DevilAngel: Devlin starts shooting.
  1193. (12:31:21 AM) Halvors: He starts shooting.
  1194. (12:31:25 AM) Halvors: 6df+6
  1195. (12:31:25 AM) Glacon: Halvors: 5 (6df+6=+, -, -, 0, +, -)
  1196. (12:31:27 AM) DexaGM: Everyone roll forever.
  1197. (12:31:29 AM) padri: Devlin's in front! Oh no!
  1198. (12:31:29 AM) DevilAngel: 6df+4
  1199. (12:31:29 AM) Glacon: DevilAngel: 8 (6df+4=+, +, +, 0, 0, +)
  1200. (12:32:25 AM) padri: She pulls her gun and aims.
  1201. (12:32:26 AM) Scantron: 6df+8 academics maneuver to pdef: Spencer readies his sword, remembering swordfighting techniques to prepare to deflect blows from the sword guy.
  1202. (12:32:26 AM) Glacon: Scantron: academics maneuver to pdef: Spencer readies his sword, remembering swordfighting techniques to prepare to deflect blows from the sword guy.: 11 (6df+8=0, 0, +, +, +, 0)
  1203. (12:32:27 AM) NAC: 6df+8 Athletics, Cameron runs to the front of the group, trying to get between the monster and anyone more vulnerable, like Devlin.
  1204. (12:32:28 AM) Glacon: NAC: Athletics, Cameron runs to the front of the group, trying to get between the monster and anyone more vulnerable, like Devlin.: 6 (6df+8=0, 0, +, -, -, -)
  1205. (12:32:40 AM) padri: 6df+5 perc to ranged
  1206. (12:32:40 AM) Glacon: padri: perc to ranged: 5 (6df+5=-, -, 0, 0, +, +)
  1207. (12:32:51 AM) padri: Too many people in the way!
  1208. (12:33:07 AM) Halvors: Can Sverre try to eyeball the thing up and try to find a weakspot?
  1209. (12:33:50 AM) DexaGM: Spencer expertly deflects the thing's sword, its force lodging itself in the stairway. Sverre and Devlin's shots blast away hunks of red metal, revealing a twisting chain core.
  1210. (12:34:09 AM) DevilAngel: Devlin prepares to jump for it.
  1211. (12:34:12 AM) DexaGM: As the FWANG between Spencer's Sword and the red knight rings out, others turn to look at you.
  1212. (12:34:32 AM) padri: ~Tarnation.~
  1213. (12:34:53 AM) Scantron: Spencer doesn't notice, focusing on the red knight.
  1214. (12:34:56 AM) Halvors: Sverre clicks his tongue. He tries to line up a shot. He holds his breath and....
  1215. (12:34:58 AM) DexaGM: Other constructs slowly turn; several continue running towards the darkness, but many begin walking towards you.
  1216. (12:35:01 AM) DexaGM: Everyone roll.
  1217. (12:35:05 AM) Halvors: roll...
  1218. (12:35:06 AM) Halvors: what?
  1219. (12:35:22 AM) DexaGM: Anything, but describe what you are rolling. I will make it work.
  1220. (12:35:34 AM) DevilAngel: 6df+4 Jump and pull the cord
  1221. (12:35:34 AM) Glacon: DevilAngel: Jump and pull the cord: 3 (6df+4=-, 0, 0, 0, +, -)
  1222. (12:35:42 AM) Halvors: 6df+8 percep to try and find some way to save our asses.
  1223. (12:35:43 AM) Glacon: Halvors: percep to try and find some way to save our asses.: 5 (6df+8=+, 0, -, -, -, -)
  1224. (12:35:43 AM) padri: ~Courtjester, come on. We need you.~
  1225. (12:36:13 AM) Scantron: 6df+5 Athletics: Spencer uses the clashing swords as leverage to try and shove the red knight off the staircase. If the layout of the stairs doesn't support that, this is just to push it further up the stairs.
  1226. (12:36:13 AM) Glacon: Scantron: Athletics: Spencer uses the clashing swords as leverage to try and shove the red knight off the staircase. If the layout of the stairs doesn't support that, this is just to push it further up the stairs.: 3 (6df+5=0, -, +, 0, -, -)
  1227. (12:36:38 AM) padri: She stares into the blackness, trying to come up with a way to get help. Can she roll pers?
  1228. (12:36:46 AM) padri: Or should she roll percep?
  1229. (12:37:07 AM) Mr_Wilt is now known as Sleeping_Wilt
  1230. (12:37:24 AM) PresidentEvil is now known as PresidentEvil|ZZZ
  1231. (12:37:46 AM) NAC: 6df+8 Cameron dives at the leg of the construct, giving out a yell and hoping to knock it down off the stairs as well, his massive arms gripping about the leg to try and literally throw it away.
  1232. (12:37:47 AM) Glacon: NAC: Cameron dives at the leg of the construct, giving out a yell and hoping to knock it down off the stairs as well, his massive arms gripping about the leg to try and literally throw it away.: 11 (6df+8=+, 0, -, +, +, +)
  1233. (12:38:25 AM) NAC: Athletics btw
  1234. (12:39:55 AM) padri: 6df+5 Can she see anything helpful in there?
  1235. (12:39:56 AM) Glacon: padri: Can she see anything helpful in there?: 8 (6df+5=+, +, +, -, 0, +)
  1236. (12:41:14 AM) DexaGM: Devlin, you try to jump for the cord, but the thing smacks you back, knocking you into Sverre. Sverre, you're knocked back, but are able to hold your balance. Spencer, you kinda fumble and fall forward, barely keeping yourself on the staircase; Cameron, on the other hand, succeeds, suddenly gripping the surprisingly light knight and just throwing it off the stairs.
  1237. (12:41:36 AM) DexaGM: Renee... Well... you don't see the Jester.
  1238. (12:41:37 AM) Lurker is now known as Lurk_Sleeps
  1239. (12:41:40 AM) DexaGM: But you see something else.
  1240. (12:41:47 AM) DrSavage [] entered the room.
  1241. (12:41:52 AM) DevilAngel: Devlin stays down for the time being.
  1242. (12:41:55 AM) Halvors: Sverre falls and watches as Cameron is a major badass. ~Better remember not to fuck with him- ooh, I wonder- nope, not now.~
  1243. (12:42:29 AM) padri: What does she see?!
  1244. (12:42:38 AM) DexaGM: Renee sees something descend from the ceiling, something very vert tall and thin.
  1245. (12:43:19 AM) DevilAngel: Devlin rolls over and stands next to Renee. "What are you looking at?
  1246. (12:43:20 AM) DevilAngel: "
  1247. (12:43:33 AM) DexaGM: It gleams white like ivory, with designs like arms wrapping across its shape. It looks like a floating, ivory guillotine.
  1248. (12:43:52 AM) Halvors: Sverre is lying on the ground and sees the... thing. ~It's... pretty.~
  1249. (12:43:52 AM) Scantron: Spencer doesn't see it- he's focusing on sword combat.
  1250. (12:44:30 AM) NAC: Cameron turns and quickly grabs onto Deviln, lifting her back up into his arms. "Walking privileges revoked" He mutters as he begins climbing up the stairs. "Moving up now, ok?" he calls back to the rest of the group.
  1251. (12:44:40 AM) padri: She puts a finger to her lips. She /watches./ Intently. ~It's. . . No. . .~
  1252. (12:44:49 AM) Scantron: Isn't there still a red knight blocking their path?
  1253. (12:44:51 AM) DexaGM: It descends to about 20 feet above the battleground, turning; an effigy of a woman with a blindfold sits atop the blade. It turns and begins floating towards your group.
  1254. (12:44:59 AM) DevilAngel: "STOP" She yells at Cameron.
  1255. (12:45:04 AM) DexaGM: Scantron, Cameron threw him off the stairs.
  1256. (12:45:16 AM) padri: "Everyone! Look!" She shouts and points to it.
  1257. (12:45:18 AM) Scantron: Oh, okay. Spencer turns around and sees the guillotine.
  1258. (12:45:25 AM) Scantron: "What the shit?"
  1259. (12:45:35 AM) Halvors: Sverre scrambles to his feet and suddenly freezes- He looks up. "Fascinating. Is that the engine?"
  1260. (12:45:38 AM) Scantron: He heads up the stairs, keeping his eyes on it.
  1261. (12:45:50 AM) DevilAngel: She struggles. She sees the guitine and while Cameron is distracted she weasels out of the grasp.
  1262. (12:45:58 AM) padri: Eyes /wide./ "Could it be the engine?"
  1263. (12:46:45 AM) padri: She looks at the blackness. Is the same sensation she got still there?
  1264. (12:46:49 AM) DexaGM: So we're clear, the Guillotine is coming from the battleground, behind you.
  1265. (12:46:57 AM) NAC: Cameron grumbles some as the patient escapes. "Don't fall down again or you're not getting out." He says, nearly oblivious to the other result untill the group exclaims. "Oh That's not a good thing. We should move."
  1266. (12:47:23 AM) DexaGM: It is most definitely not the engine. Everyone, PERCEPTION.
  1267. (12:47:24 AM) DevilAngel: Devlin walks a few steps to the guitine.
  1268. (12:47:30 AM) DevilAngel: 6df+7
  1269. (12:47:30 AM) Glacon: DevilAngel: 5 (6df+7=-, 0, 0, +, -, -)
  1270. (12:47:32 AM) Halvors: 6df+6
  1271. (12:47:32 AM) Glacon: Halvors: 4 (6df+6=+, -, -, 0, 0, -)
  1272. (12:47:37 AM) Scantron: 6df+4 can I perceive yo momma?
  1273. (12:47:37 AM) Glacon: Scantron: can I perceive yo momma?: -1 (6df+4=-, -, 0, -, -, -)
  1274. (12:47:38 AM) Halvors: wait no, sorry
  1275. (12:47:42 AM) Halvors: 6df+8
  1276. (12:47:43 AM) Glacon: Halvors: 11 (6df+8=+, +, -, +, 0, +)
  1277. (12:47:47 AM) DexaGM: no scantron, you cannot
  1278. (12:47:47 AM) padri: 6df+5 See it?
  1279. (12:47:47 AM) Glacon: padri: See it?: 9 (6df+5=+, 0, 0, +, +, +)
  1280. (12:47:47 AM) NAC: 6df+5 TIME FOR OBLIVIOUSNESS
  1281. (12:47:47 AM) Glacon: NAC: TIME FOR OBLIVIOUSNESS: 2 (6df+5=-, -, 0, +, -, -)
  1282. (12:48:00 AM) DevilAngel: "It's obvious that it needs to be gone."
  1283. (12:50:28 AM) DexaGM: Sverre, Renee, Devlin, you all notice... past the staircase, something through the dark. Something huge, immobile. Sverre and Renee can see it's a huge... person, bound by stone in the wall. Sverre will also notice a dull "THUD" directly above them, on a platform high above.
  1284. (12:50:43 AM) ***DexaGM somehow COMPLETELY forgot to show this.
  1285. (12:51:13 AM) Scantron: Spencer continues up the steps, not seeing anything.
  1286. (12:51:27 AM) Halvors: "Hooly fuck." Sverre tries to find the source of the thud. Can he?
  1287. (12:51:28 AM) DevilAngel: "That's the giant. Lets go."
  1288. (12:51:35 AM) padri: "There's the giant."
  1289. (12:51:52 AM) DexaGM: Well it's probably a heart.
  1290. (12:51:54 AM) Halvors: "Did anyone else hear that?" ~I got a bad feeling...~
  1291. (12:51:55 AM) DexaGM: So to recap
  1292. (12:52:05 AM) padri: "What?"
  1293. (12:52:34 AM) Halvors: "I think I heard its' heart beating...." ~I kinda dig it.~
  1294. (12:52:37 AM) DexaGM: There's a wall of darkness across a cavern, which is probably something Courtjester is doing. There is a flying guillotine coming to kill you all, and you're on a wide spiral staircase. your mission is to somehow destroy a giant heart without dying.
  1295. (12:52:47 AM) DexaGM: Go.
  1296. (12:53:15 AM) Scantron: Spencer runs up the stairs! He'll figure out how to stop the guillotine or destroy when he gets to that.
  1297. (12:53:17 AM) padri: "Then let's go." She glances back at the darkness before heading up the stairs again.
  1298. (12:53:19 AM) Halvors: Sverre gulps. "SCHNELLER! AUS AUS AUS! [QUICKLY GOGOGO]" He starts running up the stairs
  1299. (12:53:20 AM) DexaGM is now known as Dexanoe
  1300. (12:53:21 AM) Dexanoe is now known as Dexanote
  1301. (12:53:24 AM) Halvors: as quickly as he can
  1302. (12:53:34 AM) NAC: Yup up the stairs Cameron goes.
  1303. (12:53:41 AM) DevilAngel: "Run. I got your backs." ~I can't run~
  1304. (12:53:55 AM) NAC: He has a rational fear of guillotines coming to kill him.
  1305. (12:54:19 AM) Halvors: Sverre pauses. "Fuck it." He picks Devlin up and starts running again. "I'm the reason why you can't run, I'm the one hauling you out. Aight?"
  1306. (12:54:49 AM) DevilAngel: "NO."
  1307. (12:55:02 AM) padri: "Devlin! Come /along!/"
  1308. (12:55:08 AM) DevilAngel: "I'm coming."
  1309. (12:55:16 AM) DevilAngel: "Let me down."
  1310. (12:55:28 AM) Halvors: Sverre sighs in exasperation. He lets her down. "Start running."
  1311. (12:55:50 AM) Halvors: "And if you can't, I'm carrying you for your own damned safety, whether you like it or not."
  1312. (12:55:59 AM) Dexanote: The Guillotine's arms unwind from its sides, spreading out, stretching. There's the sound of grinding stone.
  1313. (12:56:07 AM) DevilAngel: Devlin starts running. "Now run!"
  1314. (12:56:23 AM) padri: "Grab her!" She runs.
  1315. (12:56:50 AM) DevilAngel: Devlin turns her gun behind her and shoots. The shot runs wild, but she's still keeping up, or doing good enough.
  1316. (12:57:08 AM) Scantron: "Oh fuck!" Spencer continues hurrying up.
  1317. (12:57:23 AM) Halvors: Sverre's running along, shouting in german. "Schneller, schneller! Ich will nicht hier sterben!"
  1318. (12:57:41 AM) Halvors: (the words don't really matter, but it's [Faster, faster! I don't wanna die here!])
  1319. (12:57:46 AM) Dexanote: The Guillotine looks down at Devlin, slowly turning its blindfolded head.
  1320. (12:58:10 AM) DevilAngel: Devlin falls slightly behind, but noone will likely notice. She's running as fast as she can.
  1321. (12:58:16 AM) padri: Renee turns to look at their persuer. "Sverre! /Grab/ her!"
  1322. (12:58:34 AM) DevilAngel: "I'm keeping up!" Devlin is oblivious to the guitine.
  1323. (12:58:58 AM) padri: Ren stops. "Hurry, Devlin!"
  1324. (12:59:04 AM) Halvors: Sverre pauses. "Fuck, you're gonna hate me for this." He picks Devlin up and continues running. [Sorry sweetheart] (german)
  1325. (12:59:17 AM) DevilAngel: "Let ME GO!"
  1326. (12:59:29 AM) DevilAngel: ~He's right. I am going to hate him for this.~
  1327. (12:59:37 AM) Dexanote: The group DOES move up the stairwell; maybe one or two flights left.
  1328. (1:00:05 AM) DevilAngel: "Now before you tire yourself out will you let me run on my own?"
  1329. (1:00:15 AM) NAC: Cameron doesn't ever wait for Sverre, he glaces down and makes quick work of the situation, he waits for the group to get up to his position, opting to stay behind the group as sverre runs past. "If he tires out I'll carry you both. Keep moving."
  1330. (1:00:15 AM) Halvors: [Sweetie, sorry, but shut the fuck up.] Still in german. He says it in the same tone of voice as one might coddle a baby having a tantrum. He does however let her down. "As soon as you slow down again..."
  1331. (1:00:28 AM) DevilAngel: She runs.
  1332. (1:00:55 AM) padri: Renee doesn't run as fast, glancing behind her every few stairs to check on Devlin.
  1333. (1:01:10 AM) padri: She effectively falls towards the back. Not the back, but closer to the back.
  1334. (1:01:12 AM) Dexanote: The Guillotine increases in speed, now rising to follow...
  1335. (1:01:28 AM) DevilAngel: She's keeping up, and sweating. She's in shape, but wounded cuts some of her strength
  1336. (1:01:29 AM) Dexanote: The rest of you... arrive, finally, coming up to a platform. Pause.
  1337. (1:05:24 AM) Dexanote: Before you is a, simply put, titanic heart. Pipes replace the superior vena cava, and large mechanical pumps are attached to the central pieces. Past that, a simply terrible... titanic man. If the heart is the size of the average house, the giant is as proportionally large; his eyes are shut, and he has a crown of antlers. His arms are chained to the walls before them, and a great gaping...
  1338. (1:05:25 AM) Dexanote: ...hole in his chest implies where his heart should be.
  1339. (1:06:19 AM) Mere_Observer left the room (quit: Quit: CGI:IRC).
  1340. (1:06:23 AM) Halvors: [Whoa. I would hate to be that poor bastard.] (Norwegian).
  1341. (1:06:34 AM) padri: Renee sees and worried, but she looks back at Devlin. Priorities.
  1342. (1:06:36 AM) Scantron: "Uh... alright..." Science to know where a heart would be most vulnerable? Engineering to look at this thing and figure out where /it's/ most vulnerable?
  1343. (1:06:50 AM) DevilAngel: "Start on the heart. Lets get it gone."
  1344. (1:06:56 AM) DevilAngel: *that
  1345. (1:06:58 AM) Dexanote: The Guillotine rises above you, the woman atop looking down, the machine's arms slack.
  1346. (1:07:10 AM) Dexanote: Scantron, pick one or the other.
  1347. (1:07:13 AM) padri: Devlin made it up too, right?
  1348. (1:07:21 AM) Dexanote: All of you, roll Medical OR Engineering OR Science.
  1349. (1:07:26 AM) Scantron: 6df+9 Engineering, tagging Modern Major General
  1350. (1:07:26 AM) Glacon: Scantron: Engineering, tagging Modern Major General: 11 (6df+9=+, 0, +, 0, 0, 0)
  1351. (1:07:29 AM) Dexanote: Devlin made it up too
  1352. (1:07:35 AM) NAC: 6df+8 HAHA DOCTOR
  1353. (1:07:35 AM) Glacon: NAC: HAHA DOCTOR: 6 (6df+8=0, +, -, 0, -, -)
  1354. (1:07:41 AM) padri: Then Ren looks at the heart.
  1355. (1:07:42 AM) DevilAngel: 6df+8 Electronics
  1356. (1:07:43 AM) Glacon: DevilAngel: Electronics: 7 (6df+8=-, 0, 0, +, 0, -)
  1357. (1:08:03 AM) Halvors: 6df+0 I have none of those skills oh shit... call it engineering?
  1358. (1:08:03 AM) Glacon: Halvors: I have none of those skills oh shit... call it engineering?: 2 (6df+0=+, +, 0, -, +, 0)
  1359. (1:08:07 AM) padri: 6df+5 MEDICAL TO EUTHANIZE THE HEART
  1360. (1:08:07 AM) Glacon: padri: MEDICAL TO EUTHANIZE THE HEART: 5 (6df+5=+, 0, -, +, -, 0)
  1361. (1:09:11 AM) Dexanote: Spencer, Devlin, the machines look like electrical generator units. Maybe something like a magitech pacemaker.
  1362. (1:09:34 AM) Dexanote: NAC, you can see obvious stitching from where the electronic parts were attached.
  1363. (1:09:42 AM) Dexanote: Reneee, you can see this too.
  1364. (1:09:54 AM) DevilAngel: Devlin looks at Spencer. "Are you seeing what I'm seeing?"
  1365. (1:09:58 AM) Scantron: That being noted, Spencer turns his attention to the FUCKHUGE KILLING GUILOTINE.
  1366. (1:10:04 AM) Dexanote: Sverre you don't know what the fuck. You recall one of your grandmothers made heart stew once.
  1367. (1:10:05 AM) padri: "There." She points to it. "What if we just take it off?"
  1368. (1:10:06 AM) Scantron: "Yeah, yeah, deal with guilotine first.
  1369. (1:11:02 AM) DevilAngel: "Heart is just as important You work on it, I'll deal with the guitine with Sverre."
  1370. (1:11:17 AM) Scantron: "The heart isn't trying to kill us, Devlin!"
  1371. (1:11:30 AM) DevilAngel: "Me and Sverre will deal with the threat!"
  1372. (1:11:41 AM) NAC: "We kill the heart, we go back. Time for some impromptu surgery."
  1373. (1:11:43 AM) padri: "I'm with Spencer." She turns to the guilotine.
  1374. (1:11:44 AM) Halvors: Sverre realizes he can't do shit with the heart. He keeps a close eye on the guillotuine.
  1375. (1:11:47 AM) Dexanote: Alright. People killing the heart, roll and describe what you do.
  1376. (1:11:58 AM) padri: Redact
  1377. (1:12:07 AM) padri: She goes over to help NAC
  1378. (1:12:15 AM) DevilAngel: "Spencer. Work on the heart. Do you understand?" Devlin stares Spencer down.
  1379. (1:12:16 AM) padri: Not NAC. Cameron.
  1380. (1:12:17 AM) padri: Derp.
  1381. (1:12:30 AM) Dexanote: NAMED AS CAMEROON
  1382. (1:12:49 AM) padri: "Alright. You're the doctor, I'll be your nurse. Let's do this."
  1383. (1:13:22 AM) Scantron: ".../fine/." Spencer goes to work on the heart.
  1384. (1:13:22 AM) Scantron: 6df+5 Engineering: Spencer gets to work on the pacemakers, trying to remove vital components. If it's all electronics shit, consider this Ath to rip stuff out at random.
  1385. (1:13:22 AM) Glacon: Scantron: Engineering: Spencer gets to work on the pacemakers, trying to remove vital components. If it's all electronics shit, consider this Ath to rip stuff out at random.: 0 (6df+5=0, -, -, -, -, -)
  1386. (1:13:37 AM) DevilAngel: Devlin takes out her guns and looks to Sverre. "You ready for this?"
  1387. (1:13:49 AM) Dexanote: Spencer, you're suddenly electrocuted.
  1388. (1:14:01 AM) Dexanote: Enough to OW but not enough for Body damage.
  1389. (1:14:18 AM) NAC: 6df+12 (Medical- tagging slow and steady) Cameron walks up to the massive heart and pulls out his sedatives. "I doubt this will be enough, but lets start sedating and dissecting this massive organ. Just like medical school." He nods, strapping on medical gloves and beginning the process of injecting and ripping.
  1390. (1:14:18 AM) Glacon: NAC: (Medical- tagging slow and steady) Cameron walks up to the massive heart and pulls out his sedatives. "I doubt this will be enough, but lets start sedating and dissecting this massive organ. Just like medical school." He nods, strapping on medical gloves and beginning the process of injecting and ripping.: 10 (6df+12=+, -, -, 0, 0, -)
  1391. (1:14:23 AM) padri: ~I know nothing about open heart surgery. . .~
  1392. (1:14:42 AM) Scantron: "Ow!" He jerks back and shakes his hand.
  1393. (1:14:44 AM) padri: "Can we just get the electronics off?"
  1394. (1:15:33 AM) padri: 6df+5 Renee helps him try to remove the engine from the giant's heart. If they can kill the engine without killing the giant. . . It's more than a long shot, but still. . .~
  1395. (1:15:33 AM) Glacon: padri: Renee helps him try to remove the engine from the giant's heart. If they can kill the engine without killing the giant. . . It's more than a long shot, but still. . .~: 3 (6df+5=+, -, +, -, -, -)
  1396. (1:16:04 AM) Dexanote: Renee, something sparks up, driving you back.
  1397. (1:16:19 AM) padri: "What?!"
  1398. (1:16:22 AM) Dexanote: Its like the machine itself is fighting you back.
  1399. (1:16:34 AM) Dexanote: ... No, wait, you just fail at fixing or breaking pacemakers.
  1400. (1:16:39 AM) padri: ~No. I'm not going to stand for this.~ She fights back.
  1401. (1:16:48 AM) Halvors: "Jawohl." He looks at Devlin. "It is good to fight with you."
  1402. (1:17:15 AM) Dexanote: Meanwhile, the Guillotine spreads its arms. You two, roll, then it's My Turn.
  1403. (1:17:30 AM) DevilAngel: "Oh, and Sverre?"
  1404. (1:17:34 AM) Halvors: "Ja?"
  1405. (1:17:55 AM) Halvors: Sverre is aiming as he says this. He flicks the selector on the rifle to semi-auto fire.
  1406. (1:18:29 AM) DevilAngel: 6df+4 "If I don't make it out of this you better make sure my hat and necklace end up with Taggart when you get back." She starts pulling the trigger on her gun.
  1407. (1:18:29 AM) Glacon: DevilAngel: "If I don't make it out of this you better make sure my hat and necklace end up with Taggart when you get back." She starts pulling the trigger on her gun.: 1 (6df+4=-, 0, -, +, -, -)
  1408. (1:18:34 AM) DevilAngel: *s
  1409. (1:18:47 AM) Halvors: "Done."
  1410. (1:18:51 AM) Halvors: 6df+6 pewpew now
  1411. (1:18:52 AM) Glacon: Halvors: pewpew now: 9 (6df+6=-, +, +, +, +, 0)
  1412. (1:20:11 AM) Dexanote: Devlin, you have awful shooting skills.
  1413. (1:20:45 AM) Dexanote: Halvors... your bullet catches on the shoulder of the effigy atop, breaking a part away.
  1414. (1:21:04 AM) Halvors: [Not good enough. Fuck. Fuck this.] (Russian)
  1415. (1:21:26 AM) Halvors: Sverre keeps the rifle ready and braces himself for some form of retaliation.
  1416. (1:21:33 AM) DevilAngel: "Ready?"
  1417. (1:21:49 AM) Halvors: "Aub Naturlich- of course."
  1418. (1:22:01 AM) DevilAngel: "Wait for my mark."
  1419. (1:22:10 AM) Dexanote: 1d2
  1420. (1:22:11 AM) Glacon: Dexanote: 1 (1d2=1)
  1421. (1:22:17 AM) Halvors: "Ja...." Sverre sights in carefully. Then0
  1422. (1:22:19 AM) Halvors: *-
  1423. (1:22:59 AM) Dexanote: 6df+10 The Guillotine rushes forward and backhands Sverre as hard as it can, sending him crashing against the Engine.
  1424. (1:23:00 AM) Glacon: Dexanote: The Guillotine rushes forward and backhands Sverre as hard as it can, sending him crashing against the Engine.: 9 (6df+10=-, +, -, 0, +, -)
  1425. (1:23:12 AM) DevilAngel: She holds her left gun closer to her body. With any closer look, she's still hurt.
  1426. (1:23:24 AM) Halvors: should I roll pdef, ath, or...?
  1427. (1:23:33 AM) Dexanote: Sure.
  1428. (1:23:53 AM) Halvors: 6df+6 ath to roll the fuck away in time
  1429. (1:23:53 AM) Glacon: Halvors: ath to roll the fuck away in time: 1 (6df+6=-, -, -, -, -, 0)
  1430. (1:23:56 AM) Halvors: oh shit
  1431. (1:25:28 AM) DevilAngel: "When I said on my mark, I didn't mean for you to go and leave."
  1432. (1:25:32 AM) Dexanote: Sverre is smashed into one section of the engine, causing it to short out spectacularly! He rolls off, sputtering, as it winds up and prrts into inactivity.
  1433. (1:25:50 AM) padri: "There we go!"
  1434. (1:26:01 AM) padri: But oh no! Sverre was protecting Devlin!
  1435. (1:26:09 AM) padri: She whirls around to see Devlin.
  1436. (1:26:13 AM) Halvors: Sverre groans as he props himself up on his elbows and knees. A trickle of blood drips from his lower lip. [Ach.... ah...]
  1437. (1:26:37 AM) DevilAngel: Devlin is doing fine. She's too far to see under her fa├žade
  1438. (1:27:08 AM) Dexanote: 1d2
  1439. (1:27:08 AM) Glacon: Dexanote: 1 (1d2=1)
  1440. (1:27:23 AM) DevilAngel left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  1441. (1:27:29 AM) Dexanote: IN THE MEAN TIME
  1442. (1:27:32 AM) Halvors: He reaches up. He managed to cut his lip when he impacted the thing- but no broken bones, apparently. He gets back to his feet, leaning on his rifle for support.
  1443. (1:27:37 AM) Dexanote: Medical people, attack the ehart.
  1444. (1:27:46 AM) DevilAngel [] entered the room.
  1445. (1:28:47 AM) padri: Ren's busy worrying about Devlin. Can I roll ath to protect Devlin? To try and push her out of the way if the guillotine attacks her?
  1446. (1:28:58 AM) Dexanote: You could TRY, but that doesn't help the Heart
  1447. (1:29:17 AM) padri: Ren's not worried about the heart. She's worried about Devlin.
  1448. (1:29:25 AM) DevilAngel: Devlin seems to be doing fine.
  1449. (1:29:28 AM) Scantron: 6df+6 tagging Old Fashioned to whack the electrical components with his sword. Spencer's sword's handle isn't conductive, btw.
  1450. (1:29:28 AM) Glacon: Scantron: tagging Old Fashioned to whack the electrical components with his sword. Spencer's sword's handle isn't conductive, btw.: 8 (6df+6=0, +, 0, -, +, +)
  1451. (1:29:41 AM) Scantron is now known as Scansleeps
  1452. (1:29:50 AM) padri: 6df+4 Renee worries.
  1453. (1:29:51 AM) Glacon: padri: Renee worries.: 6 (6df+4=0, +, +, -, +, 0)
  1454. (1:29:53 AM) NAC: 6df+8 Cameron moves onto the next heart chamber, injecting it with more sedative and going about destroying key muscle groups along it's surface. Thing's massive, but not much different than a human heart... minus the impromptu pace maker.
  1455. (1:29:53 AM) Glacon: NAC: Cameron moves onto the next heart chamber, injecting it with more sedative and going about destroying key muscle groups along it's surface. Thing's massive, but not much different than a human heart... minus the impromptu pace maker.: 4 (6df+8=-, +, -, -, -, -)
  1456. (1:30:16 AM) Dexanote: Cameron, you fumble and drop a couple syringes on the floor.
  1457. (1:30:35 AM) Dexanote: SPENCER YOU ROCK OUT LOUD, your sword stabbing to the.... heart of the problem.
  1458. (1:30:42 AM) Dexanote: Renee i dunno what that was.
  1459. (1:30:55 AM) NAC is now known as MR_NAC
  1460. (1:31:08 AM) padri: You said I could roll Ath to protect Devlin if she gets attacked. . .
  1461. (1:31:29 AM) Dexanote: Ok!
  1462. (1:31:35 AM) MR_NAC is now known as NAC
  1463. (1:31:40 AM) padri: If she gets attacked, Ren's gunna tackle Devlin, despite her phobia, cause some things are /important,/ you know.
  1464. (1:32:01 AM) padri: Like, to get Devlin out of the way.
  1465. (1:32:14 AM) Dexanote: Compelling your phobia. You can return with spending an AP, to resist my Compel.
  1466. (1:32:21 AM) Halvors: Sverre gets to his feet and turns about. He raises his rifle. [stupid fucking flyin... eh, fuck it.]
  1467. (1:32:40 AM) Halvors: can I go ahead and have Sverre shoot up the guillotuine (or try to)?
  1468. (1:32:49 AM) Dexanote: You can.
  1469. (1:32:54 AM) DevilAngel: May I?
  1470. (1:33:11 AM) Halvors: 6df+6 Sverre shouts out as he shoots. It's a wordless cry of frustration and some anger.
  1471. (1:33:11 AM) Glacon: Halvors: Sverre shouts out as he shoots. It's a wordless cry of frustration and some anger.: 3 (6df+6=-, -, -, -, +, 0)
  1472. (1:33:20 AM) Dexanote: 4df+6
  1473. (1:33:20 AM) Glacon: Dexanote: 8 (4df+6=0, 0, +, +)
  1474. (1:33:34 AM) padri: Accepting compulsion.
  1475. (1:33:39 AM) DevilAngel: 6df+4 She walks side ways as she shoots with both guns... (ranged roll)
  1476. (1:33:39 AM) Glacon: DevilAngel: She walks side ways as she shoots with both guns... (ranged roll): 1 (6df+4=-, 0, -, +, -, -)
  1477. (1:33:39 AM) Dexanote: One of the Guillotine's arms moves faster than can be seen, and catches the bullet out of the air.
  1478. (1:33:47 AM) Dexanote: 6df+5
  1479. (1:33:47 AM) Glacon: Dexanote: 4 (6df+5=-, +, 0, -, +, -)
  1480. (1:33:53 AM) padri: I'll do something about it if she gets attacked.
  1481. (1:33:58 AM) Dexanote: And the other catches Devlin's.
  1482. (1:34:06 AM) Halvors: Sverre blinks once or twice. [Son of a fucking...]
  1483. (1:34:10 AM) padri: Devlin's gun?
  1484. (1:34:28 AM) Dexanote: Bullet.
  1485. (1:34:29 AM) Halvors: He licks his dry lips as he tries to line up another shot. ~This thing won't fucking die...~
  1486. (1:34:40 AM) DevilAngel: Devlin has a gun in each hand
  1487. (1:34:46 AM) Dexanote: Bullets*
  1488. (1:34:53 AM) Dexanote: But now... It's mu turn.
  1489. (1:34:54 AM) Dexanote: my*
  1490. (1:35:16 AM) Halvors: Sverre's breathing heavily as he holds the rifle in shakey hands. He knows the things about to fuck someone up bad...
  1491. (1:35:19 AM) Halvors: *thing's
  1492. (1:35:24 AM) ***Dexanote spends an AP to tag the Aspect "Judgement"
  1493. (1:35:24 AM) Scansleeps left the room (quit: Connection reset by peer).
  1494. (1:35:33 AM) Dexanote: 6df+12
  1495. (1:35:39 AM) Dexanote: 6df+12 .
  1496. (1:35:39 AM) Glacon: Dexanote: .: 14 (6df+12=+, +, +, -, +, -)
  1497. (1:36:15 AM) Dexanote: Devlin, roll Defense.
  1498. (1:36:29 AM) Dexanote: you may add the bonus from Renee's Maneuver
  1499. (1:36:29 AM) NAC: Cameron turns and looks at the guilotine, noting how those two are completely failing to take it apart << Shoot the heart. I'll keep the guillotine off your backs.>> He radios out, using the heart as a launching pad to shoot himself out into the grasping arms.
  1500. (1:36:29 AM) DevilAngel: 6df+4
  1501. (1:36:30 AM) Glacon: DevilAngel: 5 (6df+4=+, 0, +, 0, 0, -)
  1502. (1:36:36 AM) Dexanote: Plus 4 is 9.
  1503. (1:36:57 AM) padri: ~I can't do it. I can't do it.~ Ren, having been compelled, can't help. She's shivering a little.
  1504. (1:37:14 AM) NAC: 6df+8 Athletics, Swan dive into a guillotine. /best idea ever/
  1505. (1:37:14 AM) Glacon: NAC: Athletics, Swan dive into a guillotine. /best idea ever/: 9 (6df+8=+, 0, -, -, +, +)
  1506. (1:37:19 AM) Halvors: Sverre lowers the rifle as he watches Cameron... ~oh god, you magnificent glorious dumbass.~
  1507. (1:37:21 AM) Dexanote: The Guillotine methodically drops the ammunition- uh
  1508. (1:38:07 AM) Halvors: His eyes are really freakin wide as he watches the hulk of a man jump at a flying guillotine. [Whoa?]
  1509. (1:39:21 AM) NAC: Well apparently it's redacted, my bad
  1510. (1:40:11 AM) Dexanote: The Guillotine slams its fist down, smashing Cameron into the ground.
  1511. (1:43:18 AM) padri: She watches.
  1512. (1:44:15 AM) Dexanote: It reaches forward; Devlin meets its grasp, grappling it for several moments. It forces her down to one knee, the woman atop its rail nodding slowly.
  1513. (1:44:32 AM) Halvors: Sverre watches in horror. "Nein..."
  1514. (1:45:13 AM) padri: ~I can't, I can't. . .~ Renee grimaces. How can she not? But she can't. . .
  1515. (1:45:33 AM) DevilAngel: "Guys. Get to the heart now!" Devlin screams. She takes off her necklace and her hat, putting them on the ground. She pulls out another weapon.
  1516. (1:45:53 AM) Halvors: Sverre wants to try and shoot the damned monstrosity all to hell, but he might hit Devlin.... "NEIN! I am NOT LEAVING YOU TO THAT FUCKING THING!"
  1517. (1:45:57 AM) Dexanote: It pulls Devlin in, almost as if in an embrace, and the blade drops.
  1518. (1:46:00 AM) Dexanote: There is no blood.
  1519. (1:46:37 AM) Halvors: Sverre unloads an entire mag. [FOR DEVLIN, YOU BITCH]
  1520. (1:46:39 AM) Halvors: 6df+6
  1521. (1:46:39 AM) Glacon: Halvors: 9 (6df+6=0, +, -, +, +, +)
  1522. (1:47:33 AM) NAC: Cameron grips the dirt and bites down his lower lip, he looks up. He failed. He failed his patient. Cameron shakes untill he tastes the coppery bloody fluid flood his mouth. Muttering, he begins giving Devlin her last rights, in latin, making the sign of the cross hastily as he runs back to the heart, slamming his fists into it in an attempt to disable the thing.
  1523. (1:47:38 AM) Dexanote: You may all immediately take a free AP and assault the Guillotine however you want.
  1524. (1:47:48 AM) padri: Ren just stands there. Does the head fall? Roll down the steps?
  1525. (1:48:20 AM) NAC: 6df+11 Tagging Hulk of Nurse, Punching and tearing apart the heart for an impromptu dissection.
  1526. (1:48:21 AM) Glacon: NAC: Tagging Hulk of Nurse, Punching and tearing apart the heart for an impromptu dissection.: 11 (6df+11=0, -, +, 0, +, -)
  1527. (1:48:25 AM) Dexanote: The head does not fall. The guillotine lurches back at Sverre's blasts, leaving a headless body; the head is gone.
  1528. (1:49:09 AM) padri: "Her head. . ." She just stands there and watches for a turn.
  1529. (1:50:01 AM) Halvors: Sverre is screaming and screaming. It doesn't seem to be actual words, just a throaty, torn cry of... of pain, of boiling hatred for this /thing/ that killed devlin...
  1530. (1:50:02 AM) Dexanote: Cameron, you rip a hole in the heart; it stops beating, but the Engines are still barely functional!
  1531. (1:51:37 AM) Halvors: Sverre turns to the heart with burning rage in his eyes. He loads a fresh clip and shoves the rifle in the hole that Cameron tore out.
  1532. (1:56:05 AM) Dexanote: Alright. Back to normal turn order.
  1533. (1:57:55 AM) NAC: Cameron climbs up the dying heart, getting fist fulls of tissue as he ascends, till he gets up to the engines and angles himself in the proper dismantling position.
  1534. (1:58:01 AM) padri: Renee turns to the heart and tries to slice off the machine.
  1535. (1:58:05 AM) NAC: 6df+7 Ergo, he starts kicking them off
  1536. (1:58:06 AM) Glacon: NAC: Ergo, he starts kicking them off: 3 (6df+7=0, -, -, -, 0, -)
  1537. (1:58:17 AM) padri: What do I roll?
  1538. (1:58:21 AM) Dexanote: Cameron stubs his toe.
  1539. (1:58:26 AM) padri: Can I roll medical to take out stitches?
  1540. (1:58:37 AM) Dexanote: Renee, anything as long as you flavour it to hurt.
  1541. (1:59:12 AM) padri: 6df+5 She methodically takes out the stitches with her knife. ~You are /coming off./~
  1542. (1:59:13 AM) Glacon: padri: She methodically takes out the stitches with her knife. ~You are /coming off./~: 5 (6df+5=0, -, +, +, 0, -)
  1543. (1:59:44 AM) Dexanote: She pops one or two... then the rest just split, causing the engine parts to simply fall out.
  1544. (1:59:58 AM) Dexanote: The remainder of the organ shudders, falling down. . .
  1545. (2:00:00 AM) padri: "There." She sounds too calm.
  1546. (2:00:25 AM) NAC: Cameron just keeps kicking, angrily, he's swearing in latin the entire time.
  1547. (2:01:21 AM) Dexanote: There's a rushing noise behind you; you can't hear it, but you can feel a genuine, mirthful laughter.
  1548. (2:01:34 AM) padri: "Courtjester?"
  1549. (2:01:43 AM) NAC: "Of course."
  1550. (2:01:46 AM) Dexanote: The last thing you feel before disappearing into a flash of white is a wholehearted "thank you"
  1551. (2:01:55 AM) padri: She sounds almost hopeful that he'll ans-- he did.
  1552. (2:02:02 AM) padri: She smiles.
  1553. (2:02:23 AM) Dexanote: I'm not sure where you usually reappear.
  1554. (2:02:35 AM) padri: #farrecon
  1555. (2:02:45 AM) NAC: Cameron spits as he makes his way to, or tries to, collect Dev's body before he leaves.
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