Wardrobe Malfunction [Fluttershy x Femanon]

Jan 28th, 2015
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  1. [OP's introduction]
  2. >H-hey anon....
  4. You turn around to see Fluttershy crouching behind a trash can
  6. >May I, uh, borrow some....spare pants?
  7. >Why? Because.... Well....
  8. >You know how Principal Celestia got the school a new elevator?
  9. >Well, I was standing too close to the doors, and when they closed, they caught my skirt...
  10. >I tried to get the door open again, but it was no use
  11. >The elevator went up, tearing my skirt to pieces.
  12. >I can't be seen showing off my p-panties!
  14. You see the shy girl is wearing white panties, with hearts in them
  16. >Please Anon, the gym's being used for volleyball practice, so I can't get my gym shorts
  17. >and you...
  18. >*gulp*
  19. >you're the nicest guy I know
  20. >please Anon! Everyone will laugh at me if they see me like this!
  21. >All I want are some pants! I promise I'll give them back! I'll even wash them for you!
  23. She's practically begging at this point
  24. What do?
  26. [Begin writefagging]
  27. You were already late to class as it was. You had a good thirty seconds to get to your classroom down the hall before the bell rang. You’d be able to make it in time if you simply ignored the pink-haired damsel in distress, but the secondhand embarrassment got to you. Besides, Fluttershy was a good friend of yours. How could you leave her hanging?
  29. “Okay, my gym shorts are in my locker. Just stay here and I’ll be right back.”
  31. Shit. You forgot that you had gym later that day. You’d get points deducted from your grade for the day if you didn’t show up in your uniform, but that wasn’t as important at the task at hand.
  33. “Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!” the half-naked teen said in an excited whisper to deter any attention. You could see the gratefulness glimmering in her teal eyes as a hopeful smile spread across her pale pink lips. Just that look alone was worth the trouble.
  35. The bell echoed through the hallway. You were both officially late. Whatever, you could think up an excuse later.
  37. “Oh, no,” Fluttershy frowned, her smile disappearing from her face. “I’ve made you late! Oh, it’s all my fault. I’m so sorry, Femanon! I-It’s all because I wasn’t careful with the elevator. I’m so stu-“
  39. “It’s fine,” you cut her off. Neither of you had time for her misplaced guilt. “You’re in your undies. It’s a good reason to be late. Just relax and I’ll be right back.”
  41. With that, you jogged down the hallway and pushed the doors open to the gymnasium. The volleyball team was indeed practicing, and both the coach and gym teacher were supervising. Shit, you already look like you don’t belong. You were the only student in the gym without a volleyball uniform. Just act natural, Femanon. If you just walk with confidence, you’ll look like you belong.
  43. “Hey!”
  45. Fuck.
  47. Class was already in session and you didn’t even have a pass. This wouldn’t end well. The gym teacher made his way over to you and you froze, your mind coming up blank for an excuse. The students playing volleyball were looking over at you, but their interest quickly ran dry as their coach reminded them to concentrate on the game.
  49. “What are you doing, Femanon? Gym is next period. You’d better get to class.”
  51. Your eyes were wide, trying to think of something that wouldn’t result in him kicking you out of the gymnasium. The locker room was only accessible through the gym itself, so there was no way to sneak in otherwise. You refused to explain the situation. There was no way you could embarrass Fluttershy like this. Think, think, think!
  53. Wait. What did he say?
  54. Gym is next period? Next period… Period, that’s it!
  56. “I left my tampons in my locker yesterday,” you blurted out. “Can I please go to the locker room real quick? Please, I need them right now.”
  58. The gym teacher nodded once. His reaction told you that he’d dealt with this kind of situation many times before. Hey, there was no stopping mother nature. “Just hurry up,” he said as he made his way back to the bleachers.
  60. Fucking score. You hurried to the locker room, pushing open the door as you dropped your backpack to the floor. Entering the combination, you quickly yanked open your locker and shoved your hand inside.
  62. You pulled out your crumpled up shorts, bringing them to your nose. Ew. It was the end of the week, so of course they smelled funky. You always did sweat easily. You couldn’t give these to Fluttershy. You didn’t want her to think you smelled like sweaty twat.
  64. You threw the shorts back into the locker, digging out your gray sweatpants. It was still winter, so you wore them under your shorts when the teacher decided to make everyone run laps outside. Perfect.
  66. You opened your backpack and shoved the sweatpants inside, slamming your locker as you hurried out of the locker room.
  68. Fluttershy’s attention snapped to your direction as her eyes widened, hoping and begging that you succeeded.
  70. “Are sweatpants okay?” You yanked off your backpack and opened it up, quickly handing them to her.
  72. “Femanon, thank you so much!” she beamed, her entire face lighting up with relief. Not wasting even a second of time, she stood up and stepped into your sweatpants one leg at a time.
  74. You quickly looked away to give her some privacy. You didn’t want her to think you were some kind of pervert. Even though you were.
  76. Man, those thighs were impossibly delicious. How could thighs like that even exist? A normal person could slip into madness just by looking at them. How in the world was the universe strong enough to support such soft-looking skin?
  78. “Femanon, I promise I’ll repay you any way I can,” she piped up once she had the sweatpants on, your gaze landing on her once more. “Really, I appreciate this so much. You didn’t even have to help me, but you did. Oh, and I made you late for class. I feel so terrible! Please tell me how to make it up to you.”
  80. “Hey, friends help each other,” you smiled, more than satisfied with her exuberant gratefulness. Although, you were a bit bummed out. You were both more than five minutes late to class and that meant an automatic detention. You didn’t want to stay after school, so you had to make up a good excuse. Something believable.
  82. Your thoughts were interrupted by a teacher making her way down the hall.
  84. “Get to class, girls,” she said in a stern voice, giving you both a sharp, intimidating look. She continued down the hallway, so she must have been busy with something. She didn’t yell at either of you, so you were let off pretty easy. You and Fluttershy took that as a hint to hurry off to your respective classrooms.
  86. The pink-haired teen followed you to your class, simultaneously thanking you and apologizing the whole way there.
  88. Your teacher didn’t let you off easy, despite it being Friday. You just wanted to go home and enjoy the weekend as soon as possible, but the odds weren't in your favor.
  90. To make matters worse, your gym teacher had everyone run laps outside in the nearly freezing weather. All you had to wear was your regular uniform and a hideous Christmas sweater you had crammed in the bottom of your locker. Your legs were nearly frozen solid by the time everyone went back inside.
  92. At the end of the day, you reported to the classroom where detention was being held. The look on Fluttershy’s face when she saw you walk in was almost hilarious. She just looked so horribly guilty that you were disciplined because of her, like she’d willingly give up three decades of her lifespan just to get you out of detention.
  94. You were the only students there, so it wasn’t so bad. A particularly laid back teacher was in charge of detention today, so he let us sit next to each other while he drank coffee and looked at questionable material on his laptop.
  96. “I promise I’ll wash your sweatpants as soon as I get home, Femanon. But… they’re soooo comfy, though,” she added with a serene smile on her face.
  98. “You can keep them on all weekend if you want,” you replied with a small laugh. “Wear them in the shower for all I care. They’re just sweatpants.”
  100. “Femanon, you’re so sweet,” she smiled, timidly looking down at her lap. She played with the strings on the waistband to keep her hands busy, curling them around her delicate fingers.
  102. “I… I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done if you hadn’t shown up. N-Not just anyone would have gone out of their way to help me. I…” She shook her head. “I’m sorry, I’m just trying to find a way to say how thankful I am. I just can’t find the right words.” Her cheeks flared up as she averted eye contact, flustered.
  104. This girl was the epitome of cute. You wanted to shove her into your backpack and take her home with you.
  106. “Well, I’m the person to come to in case you have another wardrobe malfunction,” you smiled lightheartedly.
  108. She pursed her lips as the red on her cheeks deepened, obviously very sensitive about the event. Maybe she’d be able to look back on this and laugh one day.
  110. “Thanks, Femanon,” she smiled sheepishly, her gaze locking with yours once again. “Hey… I really want to make it up to you for causing you so much trouble. Oh! Maybe… Maybe you could come over to my house after detention. I could make some dinner for you!” Her gaze wavered as she glanced away, her shoulders sinking a bit. “I-I mean… if you want to.”
  112. A meal prepared by Fluttershy’s beautifully delicate hands was sure to be scrumptious. You were already excited.
  114. “What’s on the menu?” you asked, a grinning and more upbeat Fluttershy looking back up at you.
  116. “Well, let’s see… I was planning on making lasagna tonight. But if you’d rather have something else, it would be no trouble at all to make something else.”
  118. Oh, man. Homemade Italian food? You wanted to put a ring on this girl’s finger immediately.
  120. “That sounds great. Can I help you make it?”
  122. “Oh, you really don’t have to,” she said, shaking her head with a small smile. “You can just relax, I can take care of it myself. After all, it’s the least I could do.”
  124. “I like cooking, though. I wouldn’t mind. Would your parents be okay with me coming over? I don’t want to barge in uninvited.”
  126. The smile that graced her lips had wilted, her teal eyes losing some of its brightness. “Oh… um…” she started, looking at the floor with a downcast expression. “I don’t live with my parents.”
  128. Shit.
  130. You felt like an ass, now. But how were you supposed to know it was a sensitive topic? “So… you live alone?” you asked carefully, hoping you wouldn’t step on any landmines.
  132. “Oh, no,” she smiled, looking back up at you. “It’s not just me. I live with Angel Bunny and all the rest of my pets. They always keep me company, and they’re oh-so adorable. Oh, they would love you!” There was a passionate glimmer in her eye, the kind someone gets when they talk about something they really care about. It was so charming that it was almost scary.
  134. “Really? What other pets do you have?”
  136. “Oh, let’s see. I’ve got a guinea pig, two hamsters, a turtle…” She began counting on her fingers, making sure she didn’t forget anyone. “Two ferrets, two cats, a parakeet, three mice, a rat… I think that’s about it! There’s also a lot of wildlife outside my house that I take care of. Like the little birdies, squirrels, chipmunks, deer… Oh, they’re all so wonderful and friendly. You’d absolutely adore them.”
  138. Wow. You didn’t know anyone who loved animals as much as she did. You hoped her house didn’t smell like wet dog and cat piss.
  140. “That’s a lot of animals. You take care of them all by yourself?”
  142. “I do,” she replied, a proud grin on her soft face. It was the type of smile you’d see on a prideful mother.
  144. Speaking of mothers, the curiosity was killing you. You wanted to know why she didn’t live with her parents, but this wasn’t the appropriate time or place to ask. Who knows, maybe her parents were dead. It was none of your business.
  146. The hour spent in that classroom felt like a quarter of that. You were so focused on each other that you lost track of time. You could have easily stayed in there for several hours if it wasn’t for the teacher informing you that it was time to leave. It was almost as if you and Fluttershy were enclosed in a tiny world together, your focus locked on each other without any disturbances from the outside.
  148. For most, it was troublesome to talk to people as quiet as Fluttershy. But for you, it was nothing of the sort. There weren’t even any awkward silences, or any other type of silence for that matter. Words just flowed out of your mouths without a thought. Is this what a connection was? To make someone laugh and smile without even trying? To have endless subjects to discuss without the need to scramble about for something more to say?
  150. You’d never felt more comfortable and at ease with someone before. You weren’t even this relaxed with anyone in your own family.
  152. Now that you had the okay to leave, you gathered your backpacks and left the school together. You sent your parents a text letting them know where you were going so they wouldn’t worry. They had no problem with this since they were just happy that you were actually spending time with a friend. Instead of keeping yourself locked in your room with your computer all weekend, as you usually did.
  154. You’d been friends with Fluttershy for about a year now, but this was the first time spending time with her outside of school. You picked up some groceries for dinner on the way to her house, the sun slowly starting to set along the horizon.
  156. Fluttershy’s cottage was stunning. It looked like something out of a fairy tale. There were hand carved birdfeeders, quaint little bird baths, and even a little pond complete with fish and plant life. The air was filled with the sound of chirping crickets and cicadas hiding in the glossy grass. You just wanted to spend hours exploring this beautiful place. There were a few areas with loose soil instead of grass, so Fluttershy was probably going to plant flowers or something once spring came.
  158. She invited you inside, setting the groceries on the counter with you. To your relief, the house smelled fine. In fact, it didn’t smell like there was a trace of any animal at all. Fluttershy must have been an extremely good housekeeper.
  160. “Would you like to watch some TV, Femanon? I need to feed everyone dinner.”
  162. “No way, I want to meet everyone.” You’d never been inside a house with so many animals, so you wanted to make the most out of this opportunity.
  164. “Okay,” she beamed, ecstatic that you were eager to meet her adorable little family members. “They’ll love you, I know they will!”
  166. She took you to the kitchen, opening the cupboard as she pulled out a bag of dry cat food. The two felines came bounding down the staircase at the sound of food hitting their bowls, completely ignoring you as they dashed past your feet.
  168. “Aw, you poor things must be so hungry,” Fluttershy cooed, running her hand down the back of a blue-eyed cat with long white fur. There was a light blue bow around its neck instead of a collar. “This is Snowdrop, isn’t she the cutest? And this one here is Daisy,” she added, referring to the other feline. She was a calico, a red collar around her neck with a tiny bell hanging from it.
  170. “Man, they’re cute.” You decided not to pet them so their dinner wouldn’t be disturbed. Maybe you’d smother your face into their fur later. Fuzz therapy.
  172. Fluttershy led you upstairs after grabbing a box of ferret food from the same cabinet, pushing through a door that was halfway open. It was a regular-sized bedroom, but there were litter boxes in the corner as well as pet beds and different toys scattered on the carpet.
  174. She shook the contents of the box, which must have alerted the two ferrets in the room. Their tiny heads peeked out from the open closet, their little legs excitedly waddling over to their pink-haired owner.
  176. Man, ferrets looked weird. Like cat snakes. Fur slinkies. Long bears.
  178. “Hey, little guys,” she greeted with a gentle voice, filling up their bowls which were located inside the closet. Along the wall, there were tube towers that looked a lot like cat hotels. With all the toys they had, they must have been spoiled. None of the pets were paying any attention to you so far, but it was understandable. Fluttershy had to come home an hour late, so it was probably past dinner for them. They must have been famished.
  180. As the ferrets were crunching their food, Fluttershy opened up the dresser drawer and pulled out a variety of boxes of dry food for the rodents. They were all inside rather large cages with toys to keep them entertained, including little tubes and wheels to run on. The fish and lone turtle looked perfectly content in their glass tanks, which were furnished with colorful plant life, pebbles, and rock structures. You almost wished you were one of Fluttershy’s pets so she could spoil the hell out of you.
  182. “Hey, where’s Angel Bunny?” you asked, recalling that she mentioned the rabbit earlier that day.
  184. “Oh, he’s around here somewhere,” she answered as the returned all the pet food to the dresser drawer. “He’s usually in my room, though. Let’s go check.” You’d never heard of anyone letting their pet rabbit roam free around the house, but maybe it was really well-behaved.
  186. She invited you into her room, the bed instantly catching your eye. There was a white rabbit lying on the blankets in a relaxed pose, his tiny pink nose twitching as you entered the room.
  188. “There you are, sweetheart,” Fluttershy baby talked, taking a seat on the bed as she scooped the rabbit up into her arms. “Did you miss mama, Angel? Mama missed you.” As she set the bunny on her lap, the animal responded by kicking its feet and forcing itself out of his owner’s motherly hold. He jumped of her arms, hopping back onto the bed.
  190. “Oh, my,” she gasped with surprise, taken aback by Angel’s behavior. “That’s odd…” She looked up at you, glancing back at the bunny. It was staring at you with its beady black eyes, staring into the deepest depths of your very soul.
  192. … You got the feeling he didn’t like you.
  194. “Maybe he’s just hungry,” she assumed, getting back on her feet to fill the rabbit’s food bowl. “He can get so cranky when he hasn’t had his din-din.” You knew it was probably because he smelled you on the sweatpants Fluttershy was still wearing, but you weren’t sure why he already loathed you as much as he did. Maybe he just wasn’t good with strangers?
  196. When Fluttershy filled Angel’s food bowl and put him back in his cage, you both returned to the main floor to start dinner. You were already really hungry, so you hoped the lasagna wouldn’t take too long to make.
  198. You mostly took care of the tedious stuff, such as shredding the cheese and measuring the ingredients while your companion took care of the actual cooking. It was actually pretty fun to cook when you were doing it with someone you cared about. Cooking alone was pretty depressing for you somehow.
  200. After sliding the fully prepped lasagna into the oven, you both migrated to the living room to wait for it to cook. Snowdrop took advantage of Fluttershy’s lap, settling down for a nap as her owner stroked her silky fur. Meanwhile, Daisy was rubbing the side of her body against your legs. But whenever you leaned over to pet her, she would slink away out of reach. Why did cats always do that? What, you’re allowed to touch me but I can’t touch you? You’re the one with the luxuriously soft fur, asshole.
  202. You kept the TV on as Fluttershy disappeared to the kitchen to remove the lasagna from the oven to cool for a while. It smelled so delicious that you wanted to burn your entire mouth with the magma-hot cheese instead of waiting for it to cool down. You switched the channel to a cartoon you figured you’d both like. Would Fluttershy like Bob’s Burgers? Maybe she’d like the girl with the pink bunny ears. Well, only one way to find out. You didn’t want to miss another episode.
  204. Hours passed and you were fast asleep on Fluttershy’s couch. Her cooking was so delicious that you ended up eating yourself into a coma. You weren’t planning to spend the night, but your pink-haired companion didn’t seem to mind in the slightest. She slid a pillow under your head, draped a warm blanket over your body, and turned everything off so you could sleep in peace.
  206. It was strange how comfortable you were. The atmosphere of the entire house gave off a feeling of inviting serenity, even moreso than your own home. You slept soundly the entire night, cozy and warm all the way until morning.
  208. You awakened to Snowdrop sleeping on the arm of the couch at your feet, her blue eyes flickering open as soon as you stirred from your sleep. The clock on the wall read 11:27, surprising you that you had slept for so long in someone else’s house.
  210. You wondered what Fluttershy was up to, if she was even awake. You groggily pushed the blankets off, plopping your feet on the floor as you stretched out your sleepy limbs.
  212. You stopped for a moment and listened. The entire house was dead quiet. Was Fluttershy even home? She had a guest over, so it would be weird if she just stepped out.
  214. After a short trip to the bathroom, you peeked into the different rooms in hopes of finding the teal-eyed teen. Without any luck in your search, you ascended the staircase and quietly looked inside her bedroom.
  216. You had completed the objective of your search. Fluttershy was standing near to the window next to her bed, the little door of the metallic birdcage hanging open. She was holding the green and yellow parakeet in her gentle hands, the beams from the late morning sunlight adorning her bubblegum pink hair. Her white skin seemed to glow in the illumination, her eyes reflecting the rays like diamonds.
  218. She held a small sunflower seed between her fingers, tenderly handing it over to the small bird. The parakeet held the seed with its small talons, cracking it open and removing the shell with its beak. A small giggle escaped the girl’s mouth, the sound vibrating in your ears like a beautifully tuned mandolin.
  220. “Hey,” you spoke up, using a quite tone so you wouldn’t startle her.
  222. “Oh! Good morning, Femanon,” she greeted with a smile, turning toward you as she returned the bird back into its cage. “Did I wake you up? I was trying to be quiet so you could sleep in.”
  224. “Nah, I woke up on my own.” You felt like you were imposing, sleeping over without even asking her permission. “Sorry I fell asleep on your couch. I’ll be going if you want.”
  226. “No, no, it’s completely fine,” she assured you, flipping the lock on the cage door into place. “I didn’t mind at all, really! It was a nice change to have someone spend the night. If you don’t need to go home, you can stay for as long as you like. And, um… Well, I…” She looked down at the floor, her feet shuffling a bit underneath her. “I… really like spending time with you, so… Please, stay if you want. I mean, if you want to leave, I’d totally understand. So…”
  228. If Fluttershy was offering you stay over, you weren’t about to reject her offer. “I’d love to stay if you really don’t mind.”
  230. A smile graced her lips as she glanced up at you with flickering eyes. “If you really want to stay, you’re more than welcome. You can use the shower if you’d like. Oh, umm…” Her face lit up a bit, like she was struck with something she was supposed to remember. “Femanon, would you mind if I asked you a teensy-tiny favor?”
  232. You always took a shower in the morning, so you were relieved you wouldn’t look like a bum all day. “Huh? What is it? I’d love to help out.”
  234. “Well… You see, I haven’t had the time to do my laundry in two weeks, so I was planning on taking my clothes to the Laundromat today. I’m… not really strong enough to carry both duffle bags, so… if it’s not too much trouble, I’d really appreciate it if you helped.”
  236. “Sure, that doesn’t seem like much work.” Hell, you’d carry both bags if you could. Make her think you were a big, strong manly woman.
  238. “Thank you, Femanon! I appreciate it so much, really. You’re such a big help. Let me get you some clean clothes so you can shower, okay?”
  240. After Fluttershy handed you a set of fresh clothes, she went off to gather up her laundry. She was still in her pajamas, so she probably bathed at night. You borrowed a fresh towel from the linen closet and disappeared into the bathroom to take your shower.
  242. After you were clean and dressed, you carried your dirty clothes to Fluttershy’s room to add to her laundry. You placed them on the bed next to her worn bras and undies, which were mostly lacy with very soft colors. Angel was on one of the pillows, glaring at you with those deep black eyes. It made you uncomfortable, so you turned away to look at the books on her bookshelf.
  244. Fluttershy was in the process of changing in the bathroom, getting herself ready to go out. When she realized she had forgotten something, she called out to you in the middle of changing.
  246. “Femanon,” she called, opening the door just a crack so she could wave at you to get your attention. Her arm was bare, so she was probably topless. “Would you mind handing me one of my bras? I forgot to bring one in with me. They’re on my bed if you don’t mind.”
  248. “Yeah, sur--“ you began to reply, when your mouth hung agape in horror at the disastrous sight on the bed in front of you. Oh, god. Angel. What have you done.
  250. Angel was sitting proudly on Fluttershy’s pile of undies, your dirty clothes and her bras completely soaked… in rabbit piss.
  252. From the moment you saw this bunny, you knew he’d be trouble. He was so excited to ruin your clothes that he couldn’t control his bladder from releasing its putrid contents all over his owner’s bras and panties as well. The little shit.
  254. “Uh… Fluttershy…” you started, not completely sure how to break it to her that she’d have to go out into the cold without a brassiere. Angel hated you, so you felt like it was your own fault. “Angel… um… ‘marked his territory’ all over your bras.” Wait, did rabbits mark their territory like dogs did? Whatever.
  256. You heard her gasp from the bathroom, opening the door a bit more so she could peak her head out. “Angel,” she scolded with disbelief, her arm wrapped around her chest to cover up anything you’d be able to see. “That is a no-no! You go potty in your cage, you know that! Look, you got it all over Femanon’s clothes! Ah… Oh, dear…” She looked over at you, looking as guilty as Angel should have been. “Femanon, I’m so sorry…”
  258. “It’s okay,” you said, forcing a smile. You didn’t want her to feel bad for something her pet did. It sucked that there was rabbit piss on your clothes, but it could come right out. “I was going to clean them at the Laundromat, anyway. No big deal.”
  260. “Still… I feel horrible about it.” She looked a bit relieved, though her expression was still downcast.
  262. “Don’t worry about it,” you laughed, hoping to make her feel better. If you didn’t make a big deal out of it, maybe she wouldn’t either. “My clothes need to be washed, anyway. I’ll be downstairs, alright? Just come down whenever you’re ready.”
  264. “Okay,” she said quietly, smiling just slightly as she shut the bathroom door.
  266. You waited in the living room while Fluttershy changed and cleaned up Angel’s mess. Thankfully it didn’t take long, for you were hungry and would be getting breakfast somewhere on the way back from the Laundromat.
  268. You watched her descend the staircase, your eyes scanning her attire. She was wearing a lovely yellow skirt that reached past her knees, with a design of white butterflies stitched into the bottom hem. It was very flowy and breezy, something that perfectly matched her personality. As for her shirt… Oh, dear.
  270. It was a long-sleeved lime green shirt, and it was almost impossibly tight. It was enough on the thin side that her skin tone just slightly affected the shade of green. And without the bra, her breasts jiggled and shook as she made her way down the steps. Her face was red with embarrassment, so you tore your eyes away from her curvaceous body. The last thing you wanted to do was make her feel even more self-conscious.
  272. “Ready to go?” you asked with a smile, getting up from the couch and meeting her at the stairs so you could help with the duffle bags.
  274. She nodded, her pink lips slightly pursing as she kept her gaze to the side. You could tell how embarrassed she was, but she didn’t have any more clothes to wear on top of her tight shirt. You felt sorry for her, but at the same time you were envious. She had such a gorgeous body, so many curves and arches in just the right places. Hell, you’d start to drool if you watched her for too long.
  276. “You’re really beautiful, you know,” you blurted out. Wait, did you just say that? It came out so unexpectedly that it sounded like a bunch of garbled gibberish to you.
  278. Fluttershy looked back up at you with a surprised expression, her cheeks turning an even deeper shade of scarlet. “Th-… Thank you,” she squeaked, quickly turning her head away to hide her red face behind her waves of pink hair.
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