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Jan 19th, 2014
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  1. Vo'izhai icha iskos. = No group will *unknown word*
  2. Ozh vo'ashm. = I no more (transforming??)
  3. Ozh hrothov. = I *unkown word*
  4. Omoz groth. = Darkness Spreads
  5. Ozh sek lofath. = I come *unknown word*
  6. Vroshk ahm'ucha gluth. = *unkown word* very had been / was eat (possibly i haven't eaten for a long time?)
  7. Sovoz sek tho izh. = *unkown word* come at you
  8. Izh hedoq safras?Izh icha safras. = You(r) delicious pain? You will pain. (???) (Like qop lines referring to pain just starting?)
  9. Ozh sovoz groth. = I / my *unkown word* spreads
  10. Ensh izh miskath. = Know / learn your failure
  11. Izhai irush ahm'ucha. = (very weird one) Group was very ill.
  12. Ahm'sol miskath Ozh. = Very hope failure I (I hope for failure?)
  13. Eyik Ozh pos!Ahm'izhai icha lofath. = Look at my *unkown word*! Very group has been *unkown word* (no way to translate that one)
  14. Izh ahm'fol. = You very weakling.
  15. Vo'izhai acha. = (something negative about a group at the moment)
  16. Sof izh. = 'Curses beyond mortal knowledge' you. (Curses beyond mortal knowledge on you?)
  18. I don't know what should the word group means in these cases, so i just left them as groups.
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