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  2. <body><style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  3. @import url(|Allura|Montez|Parisienne|Kavivanar|Nanum+Brush+Script|Satisfy|Calligraffitti|Charm|Philosopher);
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  7.  body
  8. { background:#ff7788; }
  9. </style>
  10. <div style="width:96.8%;height:43%;margin:20% 0% 0% 1%;border:5px solid #aa0024;overflow:auto;border-radius:20px;">
  11. <div style="font-size:120px;text-align:center;color:#3e000e;font-family:montez, arial;padding-top:30px;"> Dr. EverGood </div>
  13. <div style="font-family:charm, montez;font-size:60px;color:#0a003e;padding:5px 45px 0px 35px;line-height:70px;margin:4% 1.7% 0% 1.6%;text-align:justify;">
  15. The only active tab in this alt is Dr. EverGood's.
  16. <p>This genealogy shows the descendents of Dr. Uncle, who like his brother Dr. Father, had 3 children in this generation. Dr. Father is lost in a time frame due to inaccuracies which compound the farther one travels in time. He is in an approximate present much different than ours, entirely without civilization or humans. A complex mission to time frame to him, reunite him with his family, and to build a new world, Earth, with a very much different, but well designed and managed complex ecosystem set is in final planning. The mission will also entail meeting with the 24 Lucunditas succubus survivors on Alpha Centauri C. The complexity of this is why it has been postponed.
  17. <p>Dr. Uncle's and Dr. Father's families are the two approximate halves of the WayStone family, which in many time frames are endowed with having children whose souls are on a probationary parole from hell, the conditions of which are summed up simply, and without detail; this being, they must be good. Most of you dear readers of the points of view stories of our lives and ventures live in Author Kathy WayStone's infinite number of time frames, (one of an infinite number of sets of time frames), which has no such beings as succubus on parole from hell living in them. By means of communication with our Kathy WayStone, your Kathy WayStone can tell you our stories. This is why this story is in the form of the POV of every person, including those who are persons not human. So you know, it is a greatly conceited anthropomorphism in your time frame set not to realize that the human form of Australopithecus, your Genus name, like or dislike; agree or disagree, will be the only sapient being. In an infinite number of time frames, you are simply the first speaking sapient being, and in many, the last also. This. Because of your own evil doing.
  19. </div> </div>
  21.  <div id="01" class="genealogy"> </style>
  22. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  23. #box1 { width:87px; height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#8e002e;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez;
  24. font-size:18px;text-align:center;line-height:28px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:white; left:46.5%; top:0%; }
  25. </style> <div id="box1"> 1 Verlaine</div>
  27. <div id="02" class="genealogy"> </style>
  28. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  29. #box2 { width:87px; height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#8e002e;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, philosopher, montez;
  30. font-size:16px;text-align:center;line-height:28px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:white; left:46.5%; top:6%; }
  31. </style> <div id="box2"> 2 Dr Uncle</div>
  33.   <div id="03" class="genealogy"> </style>
  34. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  35. #box3 { width:87px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#3e005e;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  36. font-size:17px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:26px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:white; left:24%;top:12%; }
  37. </style> <div id="box3">      3 Sonia</div>
  39.  <div id="04" class="genealogy"> </style>
  40. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  41. #box4 { width:52px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#3e005e;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  42. font-size:11px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:white; left:4.5%;top:18%; }
  43. </style> <div id="box4"> 4 Delphina</div>
  45.  <div id="05" class="genealogy"> </style>
  46. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  47. #box5 { width:52px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#3e005e;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  48. font-size:9px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:white; left:18.1%;top:18%; }
  49. </style> <div id="box5"> 5 Belladonna</div>
  51.  <div id="06" class="genealogy"> </style>
  52. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  53. #box6 { width:52px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#3e005e;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  54. font-size:13px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:34px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:white; left:31.5%;top:18%; }
  55. </style> <div id="box6"> 6 EverTo </div>
  57. <div id="07" class="genealogy"> </style>
  58. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  59. #box7 { width:52px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#3e005e;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  60. font-size:15px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:white; left:45%;top:18%; }
  61. </style> <div id="box7"> 7 Naomi </div>
  63. <div id="08" class="genealogy"> </style>
  64. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  65. #box8 { width:52px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#3e005e;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, arial;
  66. font-size:10px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:white; left:54%;top:18%; }
  67. </style> <div id="box8"> 8 Moreega-</div>
  69.  <div id="09" class="genealogy"> </style>
  70. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  71. #box9 { width:52px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#3e005e;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  72. font-size:14px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:white; left:0%;top:24%; }
  73. </style> <div id="box9"> 9 Natura </div>
  75.  <div id="10" class="genealogy"> </style>
  76. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  77. #box10 { width:52px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#3e005e;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  78. font-size:12px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:white; left:4.5%;top:24%; }
  79. </style> <div id="box10"> 10 Elphine</div>
  81.  <div id="10a" class="genealogy"> </style>
  82. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  83. #box10a { width:52px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#3e005e;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  84. font-size:12px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:white; left:8.9%;top:24%; }
  85. </style> <div id="box10a"> 10a Reimi's typist ANDREA's and Delphina's baby</div>
  87. <div id="10b" class="genealogy"> </style>
  88. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  89. #box10b { width:52px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#3e005e;transition:3s ease;font-family:philosopher, charm, montez, times;
  90. font-size:11px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:white; left:4.5%;top:30%; }
  91. </style> <div id="box10b"> 10b Reimi's typist ANDREA's and Elphine's baby</div>
  93.  <div id="11" class="genealogy"> </style>
  94. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  95. #box11 { width:52px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#3e005e;transition:3s ease;font-family:philosopher, charm, montez, times;
  96. font-size:12px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:white; left:15.8%;top:24%; }
  97. </style> <div id="box11"> 11 Dessert</div>
  99. <div id="12" class="genealogy"> </style>
  100. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  101. #box12 { width:52px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#3e005e;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  102. font-size:14px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:white; left:20.2%;top:24%; }
  103. </style> <div id="box12"> 12 Rayne</div>
  105. <div id="13" class="genealogy"> </style>
  106. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  107. #box13 { width:52px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#3e005e;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  108. font-size:13px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:white; left:27%;top:24%; }
  109. </style> <div id="box13"> 13 Candy</div>
  111.  <div id="13a" class="genealogy"> </style>
  112. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  113. #box13a { width:52px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#3e005e;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  114. font-size:17px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:white; left:27%;top:30%; }
  115. </style> <div id="box13a"> Flora 13a new Kannachan's baby from Candy</div>
  117. <div id="14" class="genealogy"> </style>
  118. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  119. #box14 { width:52px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#3e005e;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  120. font-size:16px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:white; left:31.5%;top:24%; }
  121. </style> <div id="box14"> 14 Love</div>
  123. <div id="14a" class="genealogy"> </style>
  124. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  125. #box14a { width:52px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#3e005e;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  126. font-size:10px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:white; left:35.9%;top:24%; }
  127. </style> <div id="box14a">  KannaDitus 14a Kannachan's baby from EverTo</div>
  129.  <div id="14b" class="genealogy"> </style>
  130. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  131. #box14b { width:52px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#3e005e;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  132. font-size:17px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:white; left:31.5%;top:30%; }
  133. </style> <div id="box14b"> Sophie 14b new Kannachan's baby from Love</div>
  135. <div id="15" class="genealogy"> </style>
  136. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  137. #box15 { width:52px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#3e005e;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  138. font-size:13px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:#e1bdff; left:42.6%;top:24%; }
  139. </style> <div id="box15"> 15. Grace</div>
  141. <div id="16" class="genealogy"> </style>
  142. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  143. #box16 { width:52px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#3e005e;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  144. font-size:11px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:white; left:47%;top:24%; }
  145. </style> <div id="box16"> 16. Unborn</div>
  147. <div id="17" class="genealogy"> </style>
  148. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  149. #box17 { width:87px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#3a3;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  150. font-size:17px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:26px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:black; left:64%;top:12%; }
  151. </style> <div id="box17"> 17 EverAngel</div>
  153. <div id="18" class="genealogy"> </style>
  154. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  155. #box18 { width:60px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#3a3;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  156. font-size:10px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:26px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:black; left:60%;top:18%; }
  157. </style> <div id="box18"> 18. Annabelle</div>
  159. <div id="19" class="genealogy"> </style>
  160. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  161. #box19 { width:60px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#000;transition:3s ease;font-family:philosopher, charm, montez, times;
  162. font-size:11px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 17px 6px #8e002e;color:white; left:69.7%;top:18%; }
  163. #box19:hover {width:99.4%;height:98.5%;line-height:20px;font-weight:none; background:#f1dfa2;
  164. transition:4s ease;left:0%;top:0%;z-index:1;color:transparent; padding:1px; font-size:20px; border-radius:20%;
  165. border:dashed 3px tomato; box-shadow:0px 0px 200px 300px #ab88ab; overflow:hidden; }
  166. </style> <div id="box19"> 19 EverGood
  167. <div style="width:96%;height:94%;margin:-1% 0% 0% 1%;overflow:auto;border-radius:50%;border: dotted 1px yellow;box-shadow:0px 0px 20px 4px #aa2244;
  168. background:#ffa9dd;font-family:montez, arial;font-size:20px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;color:#4e004e;padding:10px;">Page 11
  169. <div style="font-size:84px;text-align:center;text-shadow:4px 4px 4px lavender;margin-top:25px;">Dr. EverGood</div>
  170. <div style="font-size:55px;color:#4e004e;font-family:montez, times;margin-top:50px;padding:50px;line-height:70px;"> This is Dr. EverGood on graduation day when she received her full Md in Paleoveterinary medicine.</div>
  171. <center><img src="" style="width:40%;margin:0px 0px 0px 0px;"></center>
  172. <table style="width:100%;color:#2e004e;float:left;font-size:48px;font-weight:none;padding:60px;line-height:62px;"><tr>
  173. <td style="width:120px;color:#770100;font-size:38px;" valign="top">Name:</td><td>EverGood Rune-WayStoneLucunditas</td></tr><tr>
  174. <td style="color:#770100;font-size:38px;" valign="top">Parents: </td><td>EverAngel Lucunditas-Uncle is her mother. Rune Mei is her father.</td></tr><tr>
  175. <td style="color:#770100;font-size:38px;" valign="top">Children: </td><td>None yet... Update! Dr. EverGood has had triplets. We nearly lost her as she was giving birth to them. They have grown to be doctors.</td></tr><tr>
  176. <td style="color:#770100;font-size:38px;" valign="top">Birth: </td><td>March 26, 18 in April</td></tr><tr>
  177. <td style="color:#770100;font-size:38px;" valign="top">Gender: </td><td>Hermaphrodite</td></tr><tr>
  178. <td style="color:#770100;font-size:34px;" valign="top">Orientation: </td><td>Unknown</td></tr><tr>
  179. <td style="color:#770100;font-size:38px;" valign="top">Further: </td><td>EverGood's Gallan is the ability to move body fluids and chemistry internally, and naturally in order to speed the healing processes of the sick or wounded. For this to work right, she has to know Comparitive internal medicine very well. </td></tr><tr>
  180. <td style="color:#770100;font-size:34px;" valign="top">Occupation: </td><td> Paleoveterinarian. EverGood is the young bright medical student of the family, and is to intern with Dr. Uncle, and OniSan.</td></tr><tr>
  181. <td style="color:#770100;font-size:34px;" valign="top">Residence: </td><td> She is on the move very much. One recent patient is a badly wounded Male Lion Medi-vaced to the menagerie at the 3rd mansion. He is recovering well, but treatment is to include understanding his disoriented manner. He suffered more than physical trauma. Seems to be at peace, as if he accepted his own death, yet here he is, alive and recovering.</td></tr><tr>
  182.  <td style="color:#770100;font-size:38px;" valign="top">Height: </td><td>   5 foot 8 Has small but powerful wings, Lucunditas type. Very foldable.</td></tr><tr>
  183.  <td style="color:#770100;font-size:38px;" valign="top">Weight: </td><td> 140 pounds</td></tr><tr>
  184.  <td style="color:#770100;font-size:38px;" valign="top">Status: </td><td> Now listen here. I don't have time for nonsense.</td></tr><tr>
  185. <td style="color:#770100;font-size:38px;" valign="top">Further: </td><td>This lion seems to have adopted us as his pride! And he is accepting all the species in the menagerie. He has a name, and we need to learn it. </td></tr><tr>
  186. <td style="color:#770100;font-size:38px;" valign="top">Eyes: </td><td>Blue</td></tr><tr>
  187. <td style="color:#770100;font-size:38px;" valign="top">Hair: </td><td> Lucunditas white</td></tr><tr>
  188. <td style="color:#770100;font-size:38px;" valign="top">Lips: </td><td> Pink</td></tr><tr>
  189. <td style="color:#770100;font-size:38px;" valign="top">Tattoos: </td><td> Lucunditas or Ono totem marks in chalk only</td></tr><tr>
  190. <td style="color:#770100;font-size:38px;" valign="top">Scars: </td><td> None. She uses the appropriate Alchem protectant creme.</td></tr><tr>
  191. <td style="color:#770100;font-size:38px;" valign="top">Teeth: </td><td> Normal human teeth extra wide molars.</td></tr><tr>
  192. <td style="color:#770100;font-size:38px;" valign="top">Nails: </td><td> Normal, extra strong</td></tr><tr>
  193. <td style="color:#770100;font-size:38px;" valign="top">Clothing: </td><td> Usually in antiseptically washed medical garb. Uses Alchem additive in laundry.</td></tr><tr>
  194. <td style="color:#770100;font-size:38px;" valign="top">Pets: </td><td> The Scleromuchus had babies in its pouch, and now we have little fuzzy lizard mammals running around the third mansion.</td></tr><tr>
  195. <td style="color:#770100;font-size:38px;" valign="top">Breast: </td><td> 36c</td></tr><tr>
  196. <td style="color:#770100;font-size:38px;" valign="top">Aureola: </td><td> Bright Pink</td></tr><tr>
  197. <td style="color:#770100;font-size:38px;" valign="top">Guilties:</td><td> Hmmm...</td></tr><tr>
  198. <td style="color:#f9008b;font-size:38px;" valign="top">Images: </td><td>
  199. <img src="  " style="width:30%;margin-left:0px;">Surgery for Senzou<br>
  200. <img src="  " style="width:50%;"><br>Caption<br>
  201. <img src="  " style="width:50%;"><br>Caption<br>
  202. <img src="  " style="width:50%;"><br>Caption<p><br></td></tr><tr>
  203. <td style="color:#f9008b;font-size:38px;" valign="top">Essay:</td><td>words<p>
  204. <div style="height:46px;border-bottom:10px solid #15000e;color:#f9008b;font-size:40px;letter-spacing:3px;">Some Events</div>
  205. <ul style="list-style-type:square;"><li> 2017 - words<li> 2018 - words<li> 2019 - words
  206. </ul> </td></tr><tr></tr> </table>
  207. <div style="font-family:charm, philosopher;font-size:50px;color:#4e004e;line-height:64px;padding:15px 40px 45px 45px;text-align:left;letter-spacing:2px;"><center><p>POV<p></center>
  208. I hope everyone understands. Right now I'm working on my first major patient, a male Lion of the present time, Panthera leo, who has a major laceration extending from his right Lumbar, down diagonally across his right side, lacerated his spleen moderately. (Spleen has been micro sutured and cleansed using mild alchem cleanser). The outer skin tear continues across and through 2 right side ribs. Ribs are stabilised with titanium liquid and hardener. There are two punctures on the right lung peritonal, non invasive to the lung. Infection had begun moderately, and is stopped by minor tissue removal and cleansing. Outer skin tear continues to proximal right scapula two inches. This wound untreated would have been fatal, even if fed and watered. 114 cross sutures on outer skin. 3 abdominal muscles were torn oblique, and ragged. Each were trimmed and sutured. Four major vessels, non arterial, I rerouted using trans-tissue resolving alchem, which Dr. Uncle developed and invented immediately as needed. Will observe for reaction. DNA testing confirms Hyena nuclear and mitochondrial present in quantity, and in his fur everywhere. Hymenopera DNA also present orally, and in feces. His will to survive is very strong, but he suffers from major distress disorder. This male lion presented his own self voluntarily to us, and is showing great restraint and peace. He submited to a 4 year old pure human, and has shown no desire to kill anything, not even the "Lizard Mammal" Scleromuchlus, when they scampered up to him.
  209. <div style="font-family:philosopher, quintessential, sans-serif;letter-spacing:1px;"><p>Alright, my most distant memory was on a planet with a "day" sun similar to Sol, and a "summer night" sun almost yellow leaning to orange slightly. It was comfortably cool most of the year. A rain season, a snow season, another rain season, then a short warmer season when it hardly ever rained. Particle and I calculate this to be a planet orbiting Alpha Centauri, with a mean orbit around 84 million miles radius, and in a plane not too far off of the plane of Beta Centauri's orbit. I recall in that life I was a Kleptomaniac. I will not place any blame on anyone else, and I take full blame! The others were living very communally. Everyone did their work, nobody counted hours or any accounting. And there was no cost to anything. I took, took, and took! I made it my work to take. One place after another told me to leave, and I died lonely. With lots of stuff. Probably nobody buried me. I was in hot liquid, all squished and tight. Then I was born. In hell, and it was very much burning. There was so much gravity I was flat on my belly the whole time. With these wings. Constantly I was in the same pain that having 3rd degree burns on 100% of the body, and no ability to pass out, felt. Not as a simile either! It was actual! In hell it is not a disorder! One does not get to have the relief of PTSD!!! I am speaking medically here. From a position of first hand knowlege. In hell you feel pain, and you do not get to be even so much as a "YOU", or an "I". There is no narcissism. Because you actually exist as NOTHING. There is no "hey you", because you do not get to posess so much as the existence of "you". Get it yet? I understand that others here have glossed over this fact. I'm making certain you understand. You do not want to go to hell. After a very long time; oh yes. Time exists in hell on a similar clock as here: Maybe a thousand years, I, the thing that existed there which became the I here, heard a kind voice say, "Enough", and I died again! I woke up, oh, crying. The searing pain was not there. I was in a warm gooey liquid for maybe 12 hours. I could hear voices talking, and I could learn the language very fast. So many words compared to the beautiful simple language I knew and loved. Suddenly I squished out easily, and gasped for air, then cried. I tried to say thank you while I was washed, and I had a breast. a loving mother. My father is very distant, but is kind. My mother and family, it is all very special, and I will be EverGood, true to my name. This I promise to everyone, the whole universe, and to me. Myself. I am allowed to have a me. This time this me will not be selfish. I will give. I will heal! I will reduce pain and suffering. That is who I am.
  210. </table></div></div></div></div>    </div>
  212. <div id="20" class="genealogy"> </style>
  213. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  214. #box20 { width:63px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#3a3;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  215. font-size:12px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:black; left:64.7%;top:24%; }
  216. </style> <div id="box20"> 20 Aisuruhito </div>
  218. <div id="21" class="genealogy"> </style>
  219. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  220. #box21 { width:63px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#3a3;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  221. font-size:15px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:black; left:69.7%;top:24%; }
  222. </style> <div id="box21"> 21 Kazoku </div>
  224. <div id="22" class="genealogy"> </style>
  225. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  226. #box22 { width:63px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#3a3;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  227. font-size:14px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:black; left:74.7%;top:24%; }
  228. </style> <div id="box22"> 22 Yorokobi </div>
  230.  <div id="23" class="genealogy"> </style>
  231. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  232. #box23 { width:87px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#119895;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  233. font-size:18px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:black; left:87%;top:12%; }
  234. </style> <div id="box23"> 23 Thelielle</div>
  236. <div id="24" class="genealogy"> </style>
  237. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  238. #box24 { width:58px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#119895;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  239. font-size:13px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:black; left:88.25%;top:18%; }
  240. </style> <div id="box24"> 24 Matilda</div>
  242. <div id="25" class="genealogy"> </style>
  243. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  244. #box25 { width:58px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#119895;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  245. font-size:17px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:black; left:81%;top:24%; }
  246. </style> <div id="box25"> 25 Lexi</div>
  248. <div id="26" class="genealogy"> </style>
  249. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  250. #box26 { width:58px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#119895;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  251. font-size:13px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:black; left:88.25%;top:24%; }
  252. </style> <div id="box26"> 26 Brianna</div>
  254. <div id="27" class="genealogy"> </style>
  255. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  256. #box27 { width:58px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#119895;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  257. font-size:13px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:black; left:95.5%;top:24%; }
  258. </style> <div id="box27"> 27 Miranda</div>
  260. <div id="28" class="genealogy"> </style>
  261. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  262. #box28 { width:58px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#119895;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  263. font-size:14px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:black; left:85.75%;top:30%; }
  264. </style> <div id="box28"> 28 Joshua</div>
  266. <div id="29" class="genealogy"> </style>
  267. <style type="text/css" onload="try { document.title = 'Slice of Heaven'; } catch (error) { }">
  268. #box29 { width:58px;height:24px;position:absolute;overflow:hidden;border-radius:5px;background:#119895;transition:3s ease;font-family:charm, montez, times;
  269. font-size:13px;text-align:center;font-weight:none;line-height:33px;padding:1px;box-shadow:0px 0px 7px 2px #550077;color:black; left:90.75%;top:30%; }
  270. </style> <div id="box29"> 29 Veronica</div>
  272.  </div>  </body></html><div style="color:#9e001e;text-align:center;margin-top:20px; font-family:kavivanar, arial;font-size:40px;"> Left Side Dr. EverGood 3/25/19 </div>
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