Oran Mini - The Best Ship Pairing, Hands-Down

Nov 14th, 2011
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  2. [00:17:52] <Sky`> It's the 11th of Summer! ... Technically, considering it just hit midnight. Clarity Farrence ran off to do silly things after losing the swimming competition horrible, leaving her poor best friend to fend for himself. 'Ran off' means 'fell asleep outside the Lazing Slaking,' of course. So, what better place for a Shinx to go than a library, while leaving a baby Omanyte behind?
  3. [00:20:01] <Dos> Dostoyevsky was still rather spent after the swimming contest, himself, having bravely attempted to help his companion win and then being utterly blocked by one of the humans. He lay on a flat rock moist with spring water from a fountain designed by Submission himself and relaxed, watching the glowing windows of the library lazily.
  4. [00:22:06] <Sky`> Around the library Sky goes, though he did peek his head inside. His paws pad lightly on the grass as he sneaks around, careful not to make too much noise because of the late hour. Seeing a slowpoke relaxing means he could be either awake or asleep, but... he might as well be both all the time, anyway. "Oh... 'scuse me. Are you busy?" In Pokémon, no less, it's a whisper.
  5. [00:23:55] <Dos> Dos's eyes don't leave the window, but he responds rather quickly for what is normal for a Slowpoke. "Busy. Engaged in activities which render one unable to listen or pay attention to another." He yawned. "Not particularly. It had merely been a beleaguering day."
  6. [00:24:57] <Dos> "What brings you to this... locale this time of night, Sky?" the Slowpoke asks pointedly.
  7. [00:24:57] <Dos> "What brings you to this... locale this time of night, Sky?" the Slowpoke asks pointedly.
  8. [00:25:01] <Sky`> "Tell me about it." Pad, pad, pad. Finding a good spot, the Shinx sits down and focuses his own eyes... somewhere. He looks first at the window, then just around in general. "Is this where those flowers you told me about the other day are?"
  9. [00:26:05] <Sky`> "It's a long story, Dos... no it's not, she just fell asleep in the middle of something again. Going home to fetch a pillow and bring it all the way to Nephene's place was enough of a pain, but I think I'm starting to learn about the things you told me the other day. About not being stressed. Well, I'm trying."
  10. [00:26:44] <Sky`> "I guess I could've just acted like a stray animal and walked around the village, but I'd rather go somewhere where there's someone to talk to. Hope you don't mind."
  11. [00:27:56] * Dos turns his gaze steadily on the Shinx. It is intense and intent, looking through a glaze of calm but still ascertaining all beyond. "The relaxed will know peace, they say. This is indeed the garden. In fact, they bloom in the moonlight. You need only wait for the clouds to part." Another yawn. "You are a brave one. Did you know that, Sky?"
  12. [00:29:11] * Sky` smiles and closes his eyes for a few seconds, taking in the air. "Brave? How so? I just... well, I'd like to say I 'go where the wind takes me' but that's a bit melodramatic and not really the truth. I just thought that I wanted to see the flowers, and so I came here."
  13. [00:30:31] <Dos> Sky doesn't have to wait long, for the record, the moon's rays pierce the veil of the clouds quickly, casting vibrant patterns through the foliage. Flowers in a bed under the massive oak tree just beyond Dos's fountain rock bloom brilliantly, shades of shimmering green and blue playing across petals. The petals glow brighter and brighter and suddenly the back porch is ablaze with turquoise
  14. [00:30:31] <Dos> hues.
  15. [00:31:50] <Dos> "I mean, friend, that yours is a hearty soul. You endure the tribulations of your companion well, with gusto, and with pride. Such ability is admirable." Dos looks at the tree. "Such beauteous sights. Shame it is only once a year."
  16. [00:33:11] <Sky`> "W... Whoa!" Sky widens his eyes, though that should be expected, staring at the flowers in bloom. And then, as if achieving a high level of relaxation, forms a much bigger smile. "You're right... about both of those things, I mean. The flowers are pretty, but I... well, I try my best. I guess I don't want to sound like a narcissist, but I'm happy for everything I've put up with, you know? When it leads to great things like this, I'm always glad I'm done them, even if I say I regretted it."
  17. [00:36:04] <Sky`> "That's whyyyy..." The Shinx' face, filled with concern, turns to look at Dos instead of the flowers for a second, "I was a little worried about earlier. What did you do?"
  18. [00:37:41] <Dos> "Narcissism. The condition of self-love. That which stares into the river and loves not which is below but what is on the surface is named as such." Blink... Blink... "No, dear Sky, I do not think you narcissistic. You hold pride in your endurance, and that is not something you should discount." Dos stops, listening intently at the silence of the night, the chirps of Kricketot, the croaks
  19. [00:37:42] <Dos> of Politoad beyond the forest edge. "I... was vain, I am afraid. I desired Submission's victory and violated my own self-objectivity."
  20. [00:38:45] <Dos> "My ability is psionic in nature, you see. One ability is to disable the functions of others, if need be. I intended to impede Nephene in order to stop the toughest of competition."
  21. [00:40:10] <Dos> "Alas, I strained myself doing so, and dear Claudius thought it wise to detain me. It was for the best, but I cost him greatly at that time. Were I able to speak their language, I would apologize promptly."
  22. [00:40:14] <Sky`> "So that's what it was." He gives an understanding nod, lying down on his stomach for utmost comfort. "I guess you don't want to hear me ranting at you about doing reckless things again, huh? I like that you value him so highly, because... well, I don't think I need to tell you anything about what I was thinking at the competition. I really hoped someone else would win otherwise I'd have to listen to an earful of gloating." A small cough. "I guess she trains herself well when it comes to... talking walks and stuff, and I doubt even I could knock that girl down if I tried. But that's not a reason to be so... oh,
  23. 00:43:41] * Dos flicks a bit of water from his tail. "It is not healthy to dwell on such matters, though. I will not tell you that you should take pride in your companion, but bear in mind that her enthusiasm is not without intention. Bear in mind what she desires from life. I am certain she acts for her own reasons and not for the whims you say she subscribes to. Her whims, in any case, are a
  24. [00:43:41] * Dos product of her subconscious will, anyway."
  25. [00:43:54] * Sky` shakes his head once, twice, three times. "Well, I don't think it was right of you to do that, if you'll let me off with saying that much, but I think Dai should be glad to have you, anyway. Because you're a real friend in his time of need, you know?"
  26. [00:45:38] <Sky`> But then, one nod. "I told you before, or at least I think I did, I envy her because of how she's able to be so cheerful. And she just... met somebody who's new to the village, you know? That Balthazar person? He does strange things and his Pokémon seem to be negative toward him a lot of the time, but she's apparently head-over-heels for the guy. Or at least, goes around telling people she is, even poor Nephene when we went by for some of the usual. I could tell she was sick of listening to her droning on."
  27. [00:46:58] <Dos> The Slowpoke gives a throaty chuckle, an odd sound to hear from a Slowpoke. "Indeed. I shant attempt that again. Someday, I will be more than I am, I believe. That is why I bear this crown. Amusingly, Claudius himself provided me with it in exchange for Submission's handiwork. On that day, I will address him myself and apologize as is proper." Again, he listens to the sounds of nature before
  28. [00:46:58] <Dos> speaking further. "Do you worry of their relationship, Sky?"
  29. [00:48:19] <Sky`> Sky takes his time looking at the flowers, taking in the view and occasionally taking a whiff of the air. "I hope they're able to be happy, but they're both crazy. They're probably going to get themselves hurt or.... worse. I guess I gotta be some sort of protector to them then, huh? Well, that's a bit too high-and-mighty for someone like me."
  30. [00:49:26] <Sky`> The Shinx lets off a soft sigh. "I mean... I hope to become 'more than myself' soon too, you know? It's just... it isn't that I'm not doing it because I can't, but more like because... I'm not ready. I don't want to change because I'm afraid of what I'd become, but it's also because... power doesn't suit me, I guess?"
  31. [00:49:56] * Sky` chuckles. "If that goofoff knew I could evolve I'm sure she'd force me into it first-thing. Guess I lucked out there."
  32. [00:54:01] <Dos> "So you fear evolution because of the supposed change it may bring?" Dos answers, "Yet you desire some sort of change in yourself eventually." The Slowpoke pauses, thinking. "You cannot protect them both, in any form, and more than that, your form does not dictate your being. The evolution of Pokemon is a mysterious phenomenon many go through. It is one I desire to experience, but not for
  33. [00:54:02] <Dos> power. I wish to speak, friend, to humans, particularly Mirror Move and Submission. What is it about evolution that entices you?"
  34. [00:54:02] <Dos> power. I wish to speak, friend, to humans, particularly Mirror Move and Submission. What is it about evolution that entices you?"
  35. [00:56:00] <Sky`> "..." Staring at the flowers, Sky hangs his head down, deep in thought. "Maybe the reason I'm scared is because I have no idea. I guess I want to be helpful, but I know all I'm here to do is watch. No matter what I do I'll probably just be somebody who observes instead of acting... that kinda stuff. I'm happy that I can have friends and that I can keep you-know-who out of danger... I'm happy that I can hop on the Lazing Slaking's counter and eat pancakes without making a mess, I'm happy that... well, I may not be that happy that I get used as a pillow sometimes, but I guess if I changed, all that would change, too, you know?"
  36. [00:59:35] <Sky`> "... Miss Nephene's pancakes are really good, by the way. My memory's slipping me lately, did I ever ask you to try them? If I didn't, you should. She knows how to make them juuuuuuuuuust right."
  37. [01:00:06] <Dos> "You are what you make of yourself, Sky." Dos shifts on his rock, making some room. "Come, sit." Then he smiles broadly, that same Slowpoke grin that everyone knows. "Steadiness is comforting. I, too, know the fear of the alterations I may experience. I look forward and imagine the image that others see in me to be radically altered. For now, most think I am simple, content, lazy, so I am
  38. [01:00:07] <Dos> unhindered when I wander, but as a Slowking, perhaps they would address me differently. Then again, perhaps I desire that. I do not know yet."
  39. [01:00:43] <Dos> "You must come to decide for yourself what you are comfortable doing."
  40. [01:02:14] <Sky`> "Thanks." With some adorable noises, Sky hops onto the rock and curls up. "I know. You know... would you be mad if I said I was jealous? I mean, you'll get to talk to people and learn all sorts of new things. From what I've seen... I'll just turn into a stronger wild animal. Even my kids have already grown up, and I probably couldn't beat them if I had to fight." He lets out a deep sigh, "Then again, I guess that wasn't what I was raised for. Fighting, I mean. So that's just not who I am or who I'm supposed to be... right?"
  41. [01:06:14] <Dos> "We are cast into our lot in life without conscent. I will never be able to react with the speed that you do or endure the constant changes your companion presents you, so in a sense, you are stronger than I. You learn different things than I will. I may be able to utilize human tongue someday, but that presents new challenges. Who will treat me as an equal? Who would speak to me on the
  42. [01:06:14] <Dos> level of the intellect I would possess? Would I still seem that same vacant animal to them?" Dos stares into the library window. "How will Submission think of me then?"
  43. [01:08:03] <Sky`> "I think..." Looking up from his curling spot, Sky stares into the Slowpoke's eyes for a minute to get a better grasp of his feelings before going back to the flowers. "I think he'd accept you. I'd think everybody else would think of you as something amazing too, you know. Being fast and strong isn't everything... I mean, if anyone ever asked me, I'd want to be wise. But I can't learn to read or how to communicate with humans. I'm just gonna be like this my whole life. And... well, I'm learning to accept that too."
  44. [01:12:24] <Dos> For perhaps the first time in a long while, Dos looks aghast. How a Slowpoke appears aghast, I don't know, but he does it! "Can't learn to read? Au contraire, Sky. Learning to read and furthermore communication trancends species boundaries. The reading at the very least relies only on your commitment to broadening your mind. I will teach you if you so choose, and the communication is
  45. [01:12:24] <Dos> something innately developed over time. Submission and Mirror Move understand me without words. Dear Clarity understands you more than you know."
  46. [01:13:45] <Sky`> "Wellll... if you'd include doing the exact opposite of what I think is best for her in 'understanding' I guess, sure. But at the same time at least she enjoys herself, and I'm glad. If she were bored all the time I'd freak out, huh?"
  47. [01:14:38] <Sky`> A yawn from the Shinx. "I'm... not sure if I'd have the time to learn, anyway, is what I mean. I have to make sure she doesn't get herself into trouble, and I have to help the little one grow... it's a shame he couldn't come see this, too. I'll feel awful about it for a long time."
  48. [01:19:08] <Dos> "You do what comes naturally, and that is important to continue. That said, if Clarity does indeed sleep half as much as she seems to, you have plenty of time to learn. And perhaps someday your mind will change regarding evolution. Perhaps you will desire different things. Perhaps not, as well." The big grin sits heavily on Dos's face as he looks directly at Sky. "The only thing you can
  49. [01:19:08] <Dos> regard at this point is what is in front of you. The immediacy of the present makes it paramount to our moment by moment assessments."
  50. [01:22:36] <Sky`> "I..." Trying to keep a straight face, it fails as his head tilts to the side. "Okay, Dos, you lost me. I... guess if I can sneak out of her sight I wouldn't mind having you as a teacher, but the rest just goes totally over my head. I guess that's just one of the things I'm gonna have to learn to come to understand in the future, huh?"
  51. [01:26:33] <Dos> "Ah, I address in a manner too... verbose. I apologize," Dos replies, chuckling again. "I meant that you must deal with the current situation and not anything else, since your situation will change without notice. You know, sometimes I speak and then must self-analyze what I said for several moments before comprehending what came out."
  52. [01:29:13] <Sky`> Sky manages a chuckle. "I guess because you're talking to somebody like me you don't have the time to do that, do you? Hehe... sorry about that." Then, the Shinx stands up and gives a big stretch on the rock while clamping his eyes shut, flinging them wide open to stare at the flowers some more. "But... thanks. I think I said this a couple days ago so it might be a little redundant by now, but I'm glad to have a friend who... knows so much."
  53. [01:33:24] <Sky`> "O-Oh, sorry, I don't mean to sound like a... oh, what's that called? An ass-kisser? I guess I just look up to anybody that's... not me these days. I'm trying to stop it, though."
  54. [01:34:19] <Dos> "I cannot help my nature. Acquisition of knowledge in any form is what compels me day by day. As for your mental speed, it is one of the reasons for me to envy you, Sky. You will always be quicker on your feet than most, in body as well as mind. You can handle someone like Clarity. I am content with the ease and simplicity of Submission's household." Dos does not stretch, but rather dips
  55. [01:34:19] <Dos> his tail in the water behind him. It soothes him. "Be happy with your abilities. You can survive on your own. You can care for another. That is more than I can say, at my pace."
  56. [01:37:02] <Sky`> The giggle comes again. Well, it was a chuckle last time, but now it's a giggle. Or maybe it's both? "Heheh... it's really weird, isn't it? That we ended up being friends even though we're so... different. I guess the two of them were a little far apart from each other two, but they had their own reasons for learning to get used to each other. Oh, and Mir too! I really wish some of the others from inside were awake so they could come see this... it's more beautiful the more I look at it."
  57. [01:42:47] <Dos> "Submission ensures they bloom yearly. He has done so as long as I can remember. If he keeps his livelihood yet, which I feel he will, there will be more opportunities." Dos yawns openly. "So, I have a hypothetical question for you. What if one of these humans could speak our tongues?"
  58. [01:45:35] <Sky`> "Only one?" The Shinx tilts his head to the side, now sitting up purely out of interest instead of stretching out. "Do you mean to ask me, which one would be the most fun to talk to? Or are you asking if one of them, any of them, could talk to us no matter who it is, what I'd do? I mean... I can hear them just fine, and I know you can too. So we'd know what to expect. It would just be a matter of... who would trust us the most, I guess? Mir can already do it, but it strains her and I wouldn't make it happen if it didn't need to. At least, that seems to be how it works."
  59. [01:48:23] <Dos> "I have read of people who can naturally speak with us, though, who develop the ability to communicate with Pokemon as if it were their native tongue. It is... interesting." Dos stares into the bright flowers. "I was merely querying how you might feel about such a person, but you are right. It would depend on the person greatly." He stops, thinking and staring. "Do you worry about our
  60. [01:48:23] <Dos> friendship should one of us evolve, Sky?"
  61. [01:50:12] <Sky`> A long pause is given. An extremely long one. But, when the time's up, he only shakes his head and smiles. "You bet I don't! I hope we both do someday! And, I'm sure we will. At least, no matter what cool things you can do, I won't think any less of you. If anything I'll probably admire you more."
  62. [01:52:36] <Sky`> "If there are more people like that, and they can do it easier than Mir does, then I hope I meet them! Well, I guess it'd be kinda embarrassing how I'd prattle on and talk about stress and go on and on about how all the things that happen piss me off and how I wish it could be better and what I want to do and how I'm hungry for pancakes and..."
  63. [01:53:33] <Dos> "I will admit, I do not share your confidence. It weighs on my mind as well. The burden of being as I am is to be concerned with the infinite possibilities of the future. I said focus on the present, but alas, I am a hypocrite. Again, I apologize, Sky."
  64. [01:58:24] <Sky`> "... Don't." A warm smile graces the Shinx' face. "I think you should be proud of being able to speak your mind at all. I am too, y'know." His sitting becomes a stand, with yet another yawn. "And that's something I'm always gonna cherish. It's... getting a bit late though, and considering what time she crashed she may even be getting up now. I better go check up before something dangerous happens." He gives a snarky grin while he hope off the rock, giving the flowers one final look. "You keep practicing for that tournament, hear? It wouldn't be the same if you didn't make it."
  65. [01:59:57] <Dos> "
  66. [02:01:34] <Dos> *"Indeed, Sky. I look forward to it. If you have some time to get away from your companion and need to rest, you are welcome here. I will maintain a space somewhere warm for you." Dos smiles and waves his friend off with his tail before lazily staring at the flowers and tuning the world out.
  67. [02:02:43] <Sky`> "Thanks. I'll do my best if you keep on doing yours, 'kay?" Happily, he trots off at Shinx-speed, gone before the Slowpoke's eyes can even follow him. Horrors unspeakable await him, though. NEXT TIME.
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