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  1. Changelog of WhatsApp for iOS 2.16.3 (AppStore Version):
  3. 01) Bugs fix.
  4. 02) Updated all localizations.
  5. 03) New localization found! It is the "hindi" localization!
  6. 04) All E2E operations will be deallocate when they are not used, saving important resources (it improves the stability).
  7. 05) You will able to send your personal QR code of your WhatsApp profile, like Snapchat and WeChat Code feature, so others can add you in WhatsApp. (Hidden feature) [*].
  8. 06) It is possible to Jump to most recent messages in the chat when you are reading old messages.
  9. 07) Added more checks about the text formatter.
  10. 08) If you set a chat as spam from your iPhone, the application will send the notification about your setting to WhatsApp Web.
  11. 09) Added more checks about unsupported media files. I remember you that WhatsApp for iOS supports the sending of every files type, but they are still keeping this disabled.
  12. 10) WhatsApp can manage status changes of your contacts in backgroud.
  13. 11) Improvements about VoiceOver tapping a date, a document, a vCard, a yellow bubble event or a quoted message.
  14. 12) Many improvements about backup.
  15. 13) WhatsApp can check the iCloud status before the download or the upload of a backup.
  16. 14) WhatsApp can verify the server status again (like OLD versions). If servers will be down, WhatsApp will show you the type of error (NEW).
  17. 15) Improvements about the managing of end-to-end encryption.
  18. 16) WhatsApp will automatically clear internal directories about old chats.
  19. 15) WhatsApp can manage (better) merged contacts.
  20. 16) Important improvements about the quoting of image messages.
  21. 17) WhatsApp supports now ZLIB compression library.
  22. 18) "Recent" tab is now "Calls" one.
  23. 19) WhatsApp will show you, using an interactive notification, the "Launch" key, when a new start is necessary for some reasons.
  24. 20) Improvements about the removing of link preview and quoted messages in the chat bar.
  25. 21) New hidden feature found: added the possibility to delete all sent and received media files.
  26. 22) Added video calls support (DISABLED).
  27. 23) Added gestures support in video calls (No more info at the moment about what types of gestures are allowed).
  28. 24) Improvements about the encryption.
  29. 25) Improvements about the Parallax effect.
  30. 26) Improvements about the video call preview.
  31. 27) Improvements about the Quick Reply.
  32. 28) If you have a missed voice or video call, you will be able to quickly recall the contact that called you.
  33. 29) Added checks about the proximity sensor during a voice or video call.
  34. 30) Improvements for the WhatsApp registration section.
  35. 31) Improvements about the autoscrolling to quoted messages.
  36. 32) Improvements about the elimination of directories of old deleted media files or chats.
  37. 33) Improvements about the video preview [**].
  38. 34) You will be able to move the video preview window.
  39. 35) Improvements about the internal browser and the viewing of websites (This still is a hidden feature).
  40. 36) You can lock the video window screen to avoid involuntary gestures.
  41. 37) It will be possible to set a voice mail, when you cannot reply to voice and video calls or when you aren't available. (hidden feature).
  42. 38) New option added: WhatsApp Settings > About & Help > Licenses (HIDDEN CELL).
  43. 39) Improvements about the rejecting/accepting of calls.
  44. 40) Improvements about quoted messages (This still is a hidden feature, but they should enabled them soon).
  45. 41) Improvements about the end-to-end encryption.
  46. 42) Improvements about Animations.
  47. 43) Improvements about the verification at the registration section.
  48. 44) Improvements for the backup feature.
  49. 45) Improvements about the auto-scrolling for quoted messages.
  50. 46) Improvements about alerts for Cloud status errors.
  51. 47) Improvements about calls notifications.
  52. 48) Improvements about the backup of your chat history.
  53. 49) Improvements about the encryption of files.
  54. 50) Improvements about restoring your chat history.
  55. 51) Added checks about restoring your chat history using cellular data.
  56. 52) Improvements about the video call preview and animations.
  57. 53) Improvements for voice messages.
  58. 54) Improvements for the backup: WhatsApp will calculate how much space is necessary to perform a backup.
  59. 55) More prefixes numbers identification support added.
  60. 56) Fixed bug that didn't show how much was long a voice message sent by an Android user.
  62. ---------------------------------
  63. [*] = New Profile section!
  64. Opening this section, you will see a QR code: this is your personal QR code that identifies your WhatsApp Account! (iOS).
  65. If your friend will scan your QR code in WhatsApp > Settings > Profile > Scan Code, his WhatsApp will recognize your number and the app will add it in your friend's address book.
  66. Remember: keep private your QR Code and you should not publish it if you don't want that your number will be public.
  67. You can see screenshots about this feature here:
  70. [**] = You will able to make video calls and reply to other contacts' messages at the same time.
  71. This will be possible reducing the size of the video preview window.
  72. Did you never use the YouTube app? The behavior will be very similar:
  74. - In YouTube you open the video (In WhatsApp you make a video call);
  75. - Search another video without close the video that you are seeing, so you will reduce the video window (In WhatsApp will be the same).
  77. ---------------------------------
  79. 01) ALL WhatsApp for iOS (and some news for Android and WP) hidden features here:
  80. 02) WhatsApp video calls screeshots:
  81. 03) Deleting feature:
  82. 04) Quoted messages screen thanks to @iMokhles:
  83. 05) You can see future WhatsApp stickers here:
  84. 06) New Profile section for easily adding other phone numbers:
  85. ---------------------------------
  86. Follow this WhatsApp for iOS bot on Twitter: @WhatsAppBetaBot
  87. Follow me on Twitter: @WABetaInfo.
  88. Not affiliated with WhatsApp INC.
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