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  1. The Lionheart Legacy
  3. 2016: Lionheart Rises
  5. Lionheart was officially formed in Lakeside on 15/12/16 by Anders L. Johnson, an infamous 14 year old Danish Military Police Officer from Denmark, migrating to Lakeside to start his now infamous gang Lionheart. He enlisted the help of a few Danish comrades of his; Mikkel Fraabster, Nicolaj Zacho, Lundski Lundsken, and Seb Dahl. The logo was made by Nikolaj Zacho and their journey began.
  7. Two days after forming the gang, Benjamin Lee - a man with a mysterious background - joined as Private. One day later, Benjamin Lee was promoted to General and began forming the base of what modern Lionheart is today. The gang started multiple operations that spanned from the drug trade to illegal arms trade and the handing out of small arms to civilians to protect themselves and resist authority to destabilize the region and gain popularity with the civilian public. Nikolaj Zacho was an expert pilot, and helped transport the gang for fast roping into a compound and flew Cocaine out of Lakeside to America. On one of the cocoa harvesting missions Lundski gained fame for shooting a SWAT pilot out of his helicopter saving the gang from likely arrest. Meanwhile Mikkel Fraabster was respected for his wise mind and calmness.
  9. The gang the was going well and had began to grow in size, often rolling 10 members at a time! During this time period of growth was when Jim Bean and Sam Bean, heads of Americas notorious Bean Family were recruited. Coming in as Sergeant and Staff Sergeant for their expertise they began moving up the ranks quickly. Zacho West moved back to Denmark at this point to live with his supermodel wife.
  11. As the gang grew in size and experience so did the crimes and brutality. Even with their dangerous reputation the gang maintained its friendly image towards the civilians and lowly criminals in lakeside, preferring to hinder bigger gangs and the police. It was also at this time in the gangs history that top Lionheart executioner Joey Meme was recruited. Known for his good memes and better gunplay, he quickly brought Lionheart to a new level of ruthlessness. Joey also brought his joker friend and fellow gunman, Ayman Guanja.
  16. 2016 Part 2: The Troubles
  18. On December 26th, 2017 Lionheart Merged with The Faceless Ones. Still today this decision is surrounded by regret from OG Lionheart members. The decision was made at the time however to obtain a sizeable compound as a gang base from The Faceless Ones, and a new arms supplier able to get them the top rifles. However OG and respected gang members such as Jim Bean, Sam Bean and Joey Meme hated the change, and wanted to bring back Lionheart and continue its growing legacy. Thankfully for them, they were often on patrol with second in command of Lionheart General Benjamin Lee and he also was unhappy with Anders L. Johnson’s depleting leadership skills and merge with The Faceless Ones. They all thought of performing a revolt, and returning to the original Lionheart, but although Benjamin Lee (who had now changed his name to Benjamin L. Bean after growing closer to the Bean Family Leaders) didn’t like the direction Anders was taking the gang - unlike the other plotting revolters he was friends with Anders.
  20.  So instead, to solve the problem, the whole gang reverted to Lionheart and to help with Anders lackluster leadership Sam Bean and Jim Bean were promoted to senior leadership positions, and with Benjamin formed the Lionheart Special Operations Unit (SOU). Joey Meme was recruited into Lionheart SOU. Normal gang activity continued for awhile and Jim Bean became known for introducing a more strict and organised gang scheme while Sam Bean became more notorious for gunning down 3 enemy gang members with a Glock-17 in front of the Lakeside hospital in prime time day light. Joey Meme and Benjamin L. Bean continued to be top shooters. Thanks to Jim’s new implementations, the gang had many politicians their pocket - including the mayor. Eventually however - all of SOU again became disenfranchised and unhappy with Anders Leadership and even Benjamin was bothered by it. SOU planned a revolt, even intending to execute Anders in front of the whole gang. On the day the revolt was supposed to happen, Benjamin didn’t want to kill his friend, but didn’t want him to lead so he tipped him off of the revolt and just told him to leave back to Denmark. Anders did so, and Jim Bean, Benjamin Bean, Sam Bean and Joey Meme disbanded Lionheart for awhile so they could plan their next steps - they would be back.
  27. 2017: Lionheart Return
  29. Jim Bean, Benjamin Bean, Sam Bean and Joey Meme at this point were internationally wanted crime bosses and worth billions of dollars. They were living off the coast of a remote part of Lakeside which was relatively unexplored in a yacht. They had so much money, they were burying it along places in the coast and throwing it off the yacht. Eventually however on December 9th, 2017 while they were all sleeping they were awoke the sound of Lakeside Marshalls fast roping onto the yacht and Lakeside Trooper sirens. Caught sleeping they were unable to resist arrest and were escorted to Lakeside Courthouse in a Bearcat, and awaited sentencing immediately the day after but they paid a bail of $1,000,000,000 to be free for the day, and this is when using their corrupt relationship with the mayor, went to his private airstrip and flew away in his private jet as Joey had some piloting experience, leaving all their stashed money behind except for $10,000,000 in a suitcase.
  31. Joey however was a rusty pilot and they ended up crashing in Malden. At this point in time Malden was unexploited in crime, and using the money they brought with them they redesigned their combat uniform, and met infamous arms dealer Tate Gucci and used the money they brought with them to purchase from him the latest scopes and rifles. Tate Gucci ended up joining the gang. Along the way with their new exploits in Malden, they recruited two current members Rob Jackson and Max Prodigy. Notably in Malden, if you saw the Lionheart Ifrit, which carried the top shooters like Max Prodigy and command, you knew your fate. Lionheart during their time on Malden also did many raids on the DOC. Long story short however, the gangs time on Malden was one ripe with success and money making and eventually the gang decide to hide out again for awhile.
  33. 2018: Lionheart Third Coming
  35. Present Day
  37. We have returned. Some people from before, and some new people. We’ll see the events unfold.
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