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  2. by iwantwoo x wthisjungwoo
  5. ↳ ❝ LATATA
  6. WATTPAD USERNAME :: chocolatemeimei
  7. PASSWORD :: ten chittaphon leechaiyapornkul is a cutie
  9. FULL NAME ::
  10. english: liu xintong charlene
  11. kanji (simplified): 刘芯彤
  12. kanji (traditional): 劉芯彤
  13. OTHER NAME ::
  14. english: charlene liu
  15. hangul: 유신통
  16. STAGE NAME :: charlene 샤린
  17. NICKNAMES ::
  18. >> char ; derived from her name
  19. >> lene ; ^^
  20. >> yuyu ; her last name in korean x2
  22. D.O.B :: nov 2nd, 1998
  23. AGE :: 20(int) + 22(kor)
  24. BIRTHPLACE :: hong kong, china
  25. HOMETOWN :: hong kong, china + new york city, usa
  26. NATIONALITY + ETHNICITY :: hongkongese-american + chinese
  28. HEIGHT :: 163 cm
  29. WEIGHT :: 45 kg (note: this is elkie’s real height + weight)
  30. BLOOD TYPE :: she doesn’t know
  32. ↳ ❝ HANN
  33. FACECLAIM :: elkie chong, clc
  34. BACKUP :: ^^ reserved, but yeh shuhua, (g)i-dle
  35. COMPANY :: starship
  36. BACKUP :: ^^ reserved(?), but woollim
  37. SKILL :: vocal-dance
  38. BACKUP :: vocal
  39. TRAINING PERIOD :: 1 year
  42. > VOCAL 90/100
  43. > DANCE 89/100
  44. > RAP 10/100
  45. > VISUAL 90/100
  46. > CHARM 80/100
  47. > STABILITY 80/100
  48. AUDITION ::
  51. ↳ ❝ SENORITA
  52. TRIVIA ::
  53. >> in her spare time, she really enjoys reading and writing short stories. used to have a wattpad account that has since been deactivated.
  54. >> she posts vocal and dance covers + choreography videos on her youtube channel. inactive currently due to the show, she promised her subscribers that she’ll continue afterwards no matter what.
  55. >> she can speak mandarin, cantonese and english fluently due to living in such a multilingual city as hong kong. learned korean and japanese since she loved the cultures of the two countries.
  56. >> a big fan of dreamcatcher and day6, she takes pride in being an underrated group stan.
  57. >> having moved to the usa for high school, she considers new york city her second home.
  59. >> cheerful ; optimistic with a sunny disposition, charlene never fails to greet you with a big smile on her face.
  60. >> caring ; she always puts others before herself. as a former nursing cadet in middle school, she knows first aid and will definitely not hesitate to help someone in need of urgent treatment.
  61. >> shy ; she can actually be very bubbly when you become close to her, but she’s usually too shy to introduce herself first. she’ll be up and about pretty easily though.
  62. >> strong-willed ; a determined bub, she always makes sure to finish something she starts. sure, scrapping something and trying again isn’t a problem, but she’ll make sure everything will be done asap. she’s a little bit stubborn but she’ll be faithful to her goal until the end.
  63. TALENTS :: playing piano, violin, erhu (chinese traditional instrument)
  65. ↳ ❝ UH-OH
  66. INTRODUCTION :: i’ll be your shining starlight, hello! im liu xintong, but call me charlene!
  67. SPEECHES ::
  68. > ELIMINATION :: “the end is only the beginning”. though my journey on the road of project horizon has come to an end, i’ll never forget my experience here. thank you so much to everybody who supported me; friends and family, fans and most importantly, the mentors and and all my other friends here on project horizon. don’t worry, for i will come back as a better me, a better liu xintong.
  69. > DEBUTING :: w-what? i think i’m dreaming. snap out of it, charlene. (slaps head) there are no words to describe my happiness right now. a great big thank you to my friends and family and of course, the fans and most importantly the other contestants on the show. i could never have been where i am now without you all. i love you all so much. with the rest of (insert group name), i will work hard to show you an enhanced version of me in the future. i- i love you all... (starts crying) t-thank you!
  70. MESSAGE TO MENTORS :: i believe that i’m definitely not the best, but i will work hard to show you what i’ve got and reach the top spots in the show! looking forward to meeting you all!
  71. MESSAGE TO OTHER TRAINEES :: i’m excited to meet you guys. please don’t hesitate to befriend me, i believe we’ll get along well. let’s do this!
  72. MESSAGE TO AUTHOR :: hihi hope you like my two babies!! so so sorry for being so late, i really tried to get this done as soon as i could
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