Jun 25th, 2018
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  1. 1. Install the program, do not start (remove the checkbox with a proposal to start at the end of the installation)
  2. 2. At the end of the installation, the activation process will start, "set" the activation to the same folder
  3. 3. After the activation process, agree to the terms and click Install
  4. 4. To install the Russifier, copy the replacement files from the folder Rus to C: \ Program Files \ MAGIX \ Video Pro X \ 10 \ Language
  5. CONTENTS copy - My Documents \ MAGIX downloads
  8. Run the installer.
  9. Click "Next", one installation will be installed for the initial installation of the program, one for activation.
  10. Do not start before activation.
  11. After the initial installation of the main program, the activation installation will be performed automatically.
  12. The activation is set to the default position if you have installed it on another drive other than drive C: adjust it manually.
  13. Confirm the replacement and continue.
  14. Then click the "Install" button to complete the installation. Click "Done" and you're done.
  15. LAUNCH!
  16. Do not update, you can block !!!
  18. .
  19. ORIGINAL / English /:
  20. - Unpack and start installer. Click Next, one installation for the activation program. Untick "Start MAGIX Video Pro X now" at the end of the installation.
  21. - After the initial main prgram, the installation is done, activation setup will be executed automatically. Activation is set to default location, if you installed in another drive. C: drive, adjust it manually. Confirm replace question and proceed. Then click the green Install button to finish the installer completely. Click Finish and you're done. No content packs installation will be possible.
  22. - Do not update, you can have a firewall.
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