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Scootaloo's Love for Pain

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  1. Scootaloo’s Love for Pain -- by MisterNonymous
  3. -Inspired by 0r0ch1’s picture of Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash-
  6. Scootaloo woke up that morning with an gleeful expression on her face -- It was her day off from school and she had planned for this the whole week.
  8. She quickly ate breakfast, and trotted out to the beach. When she got there she proceeded to collect a few crabs with a bugnet she had borrowed from Fluttershy, shook them around for a while and then put the crabs down. She sat on them.
  10. “Yieeeek!” She squealed in delight as the crabs pinched her rump fiercely, refusing to let go of her plump but tiny ass as her wings started to unfurl themselves.
  12. -
  14. Rainbow Dash was doing her daily patrol of the areas surrounding Ponyville to make sure that nopony harmed themselves without being able to get help. She heard a faint yelp from far away and hurried to where she had heard the sound originate.
  16. -
  18. “Mmnhaah~!” Scootaloo was starting to pant heavilly from the pinches as she rubbed herself between her hind legs frantically.
  20. “Scootaloo! Are you okay?” Scootaloo stood up clumsilly too quickly and stumbled forward from being startled, her bottom raised upwards with a few crabs still pinching at it.  “What are you doing?” Rainbow Dash landed besides Scootaloo as she looked over the situation. She had seen Scootaloo sit down from behind, but she had made unnatural squeals and whimpering, so she must have been in pain.
  22. Scootaloo, still panting, tried to shift herself so that Rainbow Dash would not see her rear, but it was too late. “Why are there crabs pinching you... and why are you wet--” Rainbow Dash started, but realized quickly what was going on. “Oh! Uh, Sorry Scoots, I just thought you were in danger and I thought I-” She was interrupted by Scootaloo.
  24. “Rainbow Dash? Can you promise not to tell anyone about this?”
  26. “Sure,” Dash answered “But why would you do this in the first place anyways?”
  28. “I... well, I... Yeep!” Scootaloo was again pinched by one of the crabs, but this time it had gone for her netherlips, and she came right then.
  30. -
  32. Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash was making their way to Dash’s cloud home, after having had a short discussion why Scootaloo liked pain so much.
  34. “I still can’t believe you just didn’t laugh at me like I was crazy, Rainbow Dash.” Dash chuckled.
  36. “Kid, I know a bunch of more weird stuff than just enjoying a bit of pain. Take Pinkie Pie as example, she enjoys her sweets so much she bakes herself private cakes by mixing the ingredients into her Enema.”
  38. “Enema?” Scootaloo asked.
  40. “I think it’s better if you get a bit older before you hear about stuff like that. Oh, we’re already here.” Dash opened the big blue door and walked inside, prompting Scootaloo to sit down on her sofa as she went upstairs.
  42. -Meanwhile, elsewhere-
  44. “Ooh, it tickles!” The enema was starting to fill up Pinkie Pie’s ass. “This is going to be the BEST cake batter EVER once it comes out again!~ I SO can’t wait to taste it!”
  46. -
  48. Scootaloo slumped down on the couch, and found it to be alot more comfortable than regular sofas. She heard Rainbow Dash rummaging through something upstairs. She had never been inside Dash’s home before, and was quite amazed at the vast amount of trophies and awards Dash had around, but she didn’t have time to look closer at them as Rainbow Dash was trotting down the stairway with a sly grin on her face.
  50. “You like my trophies?”
  52. “Yeah, you have alot of them.” Scootaloo looked over on Dash’s trophies again. “you are really the best, Da-Eep!” Rainbow Dash nibbled on Scootaloo’s neck, biting down occasionally to leave red marks on her neck. “Ahhn! Rainbow Dash, what are you doing-- nngh~!” Dash licked upwards until she reached Scootaloo’s ear, bit on it and whispered into her ear.
  54. “You look so cute when you squeal.” She picked up Scootaloo and started to fly towards her bedroom upstairs, still biting and nibbling all over Scootaloo’s neck, occasionally pecking her on the cheek.
  56. Scootaloo was put down infront of a quite large piece of machinery she had never seen before: It had straps made to hold ponies in place, and a device with a ‘+’ and a ‘-’ button on it.
  58. “What’s that?” She asked.
  60. “This? It’s my most prized toy. Would you like to try it out?” Dash answered.
  62. “What does it do?” Scootaloo walked around it, looking all over the big ‘toy’.
  64. “Trust me, you’ll like it. now come on, I’ll have to strap you onto it.” Scootaloo was strapped on tightly, and Rainbow Dash had picked out a large battery that she connected to the device. “This might hurt a little, okay?” Dash said, mostly to tease the little filly. She put on a pair of Clamps on Scootaloo’s teats, making her yelp loudly. “Do you like that?” Scootaloo only nodded in response. “Then you’ll like this more.” Rainbow Dash pressed the ‘+’ button once, and light electricity coursed through Scootaloo’s teats.
  66. “Aaaaaaaah!” Scootaloo cramped up, jerking her hoofs around.
  68. “How about that, then?” Rainbow Dash had a large smile on her face as she saw Scootaloo grinning. “I guess you want some more then” She pressed the ‘+’ button again.
  70. -
  72. After a while of periodically amping up the electricity, Scootaloo was now completely lost in pleasure as her mane was frazzled and she was drooling.
  74. “Hey Scoots, heads up.” Rainbow Dash had put on a glove.
  76. “Mnnh... Wh- What are you- Ghnn!~” Dash put on a third clamp, this time on Scootaloo’s clit. Scootaloo could no longer control herself as she came several times, screaming in bliss.
  78. “This is the finale, Okay?” She pressed the ‘+’ button one last time, setting it to max. Scootaloo cramped again, her hips jerking as she lost control of her bowels and started peeing and shitting all over Dash’s floor. After a few minutes Dash turned the machine off and unstrapped Scootaloo from the machine.
  80. “Did you have fun?” She had set Scootaloo down on the newly-soiled floor.
  82. “Y-yeah, I did...” She was starting to grind against the floor, rubbing her feces against her butt.
  84. “Oh, you still have some fight in you, huh?” Dash turned around and rubbed her ass against Scootaloo’s face as she started lapping away, prodding at Rainbow Dash’s pucker. “You’re apparently hungry for more... So have all that you want!” Dash started to squeeze out a turd into Scootaloo’s eager mouth, swallowing all that she could, the occasional bits falling down between her hind legs.
  86. “Mmmnhh... ‘Slurp’ Ahhn...” When Dash had finished pooping, she turned around again and started making out with Scootaloo, savoring the moment for a long time. After a while of playing around and making out, they headed towards Rainbow Dash’s bathroom to clean up.
  89. --
  91. “Rainbow Dash?”
  93. “Yeah, Kiddo?”
  95. “I love you.”
  97. “Hah, I love me, too.”
  99. “Heey, don’t joke around like that.”
  101. “Sorry, Scoots.” She kissed her. “I love you too.”
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