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  1. <div id="ndzn-footer-2">
  2.     <div class="container p-body-inner">
  3.         <div class="footer-logo"></div>
  4.         <div class="box-footer box-left">
  5.             <div class="big">2013 - 2019 &copy; <a href="#"> ManaLabs Inc.</a> All Rights Reserved.</div>
  6.             <div class="small">We are not affiliated with Mojang AB.</div>
  7.             <div class="icons">
  8.                 <a href="javascript:;" target="_blank" class="mdi mdi-discord"></a>
  9.                 <a href="javascript:;" target="_blank" class="mdi mdi-twitter"></a>
  10.                 <div class="dot"></div>
  11.                 <a href="" target="_blank" class="logo-ndzn"></a>
  12.             </div>
  13.         </div>
  14.         <div class="box-footer box-right">
  15.             <a href="#" class="footer-link forums">Forums</a>
  16.             <a href="#" class="footer-link store">Store</a>
  17.             <a href="#" class="footer-link rules">Rules</a>
  18.             <a href="#" class="footer-link staff">Staff</a>
  19.             <a href="#" class="footer-link updates">Updates</a>
  20.             <a href="#" class="footer-link support">Support</a>
  21.         </div>
  22.     </div>
  23. </div>
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