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In depth analysis of the Blank Save File Glitch (BSFG) for M

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Jan 5th, 2018
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  1. In depth analysis of the Blank Save File Glitch (BSFG) for MGS1 PC Integral version
  3. The glitch (shoutouts to Tromboncino and ThrillUK for the vids):
  9. So as the vids show, the main discussion point and the reason i wanted to make this paste is the discrepancy between 2 things that pose an issue for this glitch to be used in speedrun settings:
  10. a) The number of save files needed to setup the glitch (testing presents results varying from 1 save to 13 saves)
  11. b) The lag present on the menu, this concerns opening the menu with ESC key, opening the Save Game, Load Game and most notably, the Controller Options menu screen. Using different resolutions and full-screen settings, myself can get results from 1 to 5,5 seconds of idle waiting for the Controller Options screen to load so I can back out with ESQ again. Other runners can open and close the Controller Options screen as fast as about 0,5 to 0,7 seconds. This isn't better menuing or buffering inputs, this is straight up lag.
  13. So there is basically 2 solutions to the problem: Allow, or don't. I'm going to go in depth about pros and cons of each solution.
  15. Don't allow the glitch cause of these 2 discrepancies because they create unfair based on hardware. The Alt-Tab glitch was banned from Any% on this argument, and it definitively is a solid, valid argument to not allow something on an Any% speedrun, since an even playing field is desired to allow fair competition and not alienate potential runners due to hardware. This issue is very real already in console play and on the MGS series as a whole to my knowledge, PSTV being the main "offender". Speedrunning should be about finding glitches and strats that make you beat the game as fast as possible, not find which hardware loads the fastest. The main problem with not allowing the glitch, obviously is not being able to use the potential time save, which mostly comes from skipping about 2 minutes of idling.
  17. Pros:
  18. - Keeps rules the same
  19. - Doesn't create hardware related advantages, mantaining an even playing field
  21. Cons:
  22. - Wasted potential mostly
  24. Allow the glitch. This poses a challenge due to hardware differences mostly. More than the pros and cons of allowing the glitch, let's assume we do allow it. How can we reduce the hardware related advantages that some runners have. Some solutions are already discussed on the videos, but let's talk about them.
  26. The main is just switch to RTA timing and remove the time spent on the menus. Since there's a method so that you can get BSFG consistently after you get enough saves this would eliminate lag discrepancies between runners. It would also allow runners to fully setup BSFG on a run, eliminating the segmented discussion.
  27. However, i believe this isn't a perfect solution. While easy, there is still execution on the menu you have to do well. Doing RTA- Menu time allows for sloppyness and slow play while pressing ESC, also allows you to skip cutscenes with ESC with no drawback if you buffer ESC and open the menu on accident after the cutscene, while a runner holding X has to correctly buffer the inputs so he avoids crouching/going prone.
  28. Also, while the time on the speedrun would not change, runners who need to save more times would also be at a disadvantage just because resets would take longer (because you'd have to setup the glitch for longer, and you'd have to delete more saves per reset), allowing fast glitch setup runners to reset more often for, p.e. elevator luck on tank hangar or godrat.
  29. Solution here would be to time the run by RTA- Menu LOADS. Since the time the menus take to load is consistent among a single runner, timing it using any video playback that has frame advance is relatively simple, so then doing the math for RTA- Menu loads (it would just be lag x number of menus you do, since the number of menus would be consistent after the route is worked out) would be easy and you'd still have to play optimally on the menu. It would probably be hard to moderate tho, since most videos submited to src are from twitch, and twitch has a terrible player.
  30. The problem with this is that you now are giving an unfair advantage to people who need less saves to setup the glitch again. The solution, however, is to allow each runner to have x or x-1 saves already, x being the number needed for the glitch. This basically puts everyone on an even playing field. It doesn't come without having to discuss if this becomes a multi-segmented run since the save that becomes the BFS isn't actually the latest save file created. However, this also skips the slight hassle of having to keep a backup of practice saves if you want to practice segments of the run, which is minor for sure, but also something to keep in mind.
  32. Anyway, this about explains everything i have in mind. I believe the best option is RTA-Menu loads and allow to have save files already but it all depends on what the community decides what is best. :)
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