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  1. SrE. Karen Heckal: I'd heard about that, too. I've also got to wonder... if they were plannin' to break the peace, why wouldn't they have done it when we were in th' proverbial vipers nest?
  2. (Alexandru Picant) [EVENT] ** Some vehicles leave the mines, appearing to be filled with passengers, along with a motorcycle escort. Before long, the vehicles take separate paths out of the compound. **
  3. SrE. Aileanna Kerr: They wanted to get inside, and didn't know the inside layout yet. We had one of 'em inside, right?
  4. ** SrE. Karen Heckal offers Pjotrs a little wave as he enters, before folding her arms up again.
  5. SrE. Karen Heckal: Miroslav, yeah. Th' metal delivery. It's--
  6. SrE. Aileanna Kerr: They only sent a small detatchment so that if it went wrong, they could play this exact angle, Karen.
  7. SrE. Karen Heckal: -- well.
  8. SrE. Karen Heckal: They already knew the layout, hold on.
  9. SrE. Karen Heckal: Costi's with 'em, now.
  10. SrE. Karen Heckal: They've known the layout for over a week.
  11. SrE. Karen Heckal: And I meant-- when we, us, me, Lydia an' a few others, went to the mine.
  12. SrE. Karen Heckal: Not vice versa. Would've been a snip to just, snatch us.
  13. SrE. Aileanna Kerr: Why kill you guys and lose the element of surprise?
  14. SrE. Karen Heckal: If they had that much confidence in th' element of surprise, why not roll out the big guns? It's... hrmmm.
  15. SrE. Karen Heckal: -- tell me if I'm clutching at straws here, of course.
  16. SrE. Aileanna Kerr: This is pretty standard Intel wetwork, Karen.
  17. (Alexandru Picant) [EVENT] ** One of the evacuation vans takes an alternate route, moving a long a road that runs parallel to the edge of the neutral territory. **
  18. SrE. Aileanna Kerr: They sow doubt in our ranks and then get people to work it up until we, as a fighting force, are ineffective. Then they take us out.
  19. SrE. Karen Heckal: And so what's their end game, then? If this is all just some sorta, some sorta smoke screen.
  20. SrE. Karen Heckal: ... I suppose they din' account for three tanks, then. I-- hmmm.
  21. SrE. Aileanna Kerr: How could they? They only saw the interior.
  22. SrE. Aileanna Kerr: I doubt anyone told Miroslav we had tanks.
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