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  1. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  2. Chapter 29
  4. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells ("Baron" among your friends), and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  6. You've had many an adventure; married two women (Adelle and Arenne), raped and mindbroke a tanukigirl into your fucktoy (Kini), defeated, captured, and raped a would-be human assassin (Lorenne), made friends with a conqueror (Erosette)... and more, besides.
  8. You completed your recent mission in the Allimas, collecting a flask for a fertility goddess and bringing it back to her shrine. You were informed by aforementioned fertility goddess that your wife Adelle is now pregnant with your son; by the look she had on her face afterwards, she was also so informed, and almost immediately turned around to tell you you should fuck the two shrine priestesses.
  10. You did so, doing one, then the other, back and forth until they came four times each, blowing two loads. A glance across the room let you see your wife, who is apparently very pleased with your recent work.
  12. No sense in leaving her alone...
  14. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  16. ---
  18. You walk over to Adelle, your manhood reinvigorating itself as you approach her. When you arrive, you just take a hold of your cock and point it directly at her face; it only takes a moment or two for her to understand your silent command open her mouth and greedily start sucking on your dick, her eyes closing as she happily bobs away. You just softly run a hand through her hair as her tongue slides up and down the length of your cock, swishing back and forth as she does, humming softly on occasion, each downthrust accompanied by the tight feeling of her throat wrapping around your cock and the wonderful view of her nose in your pubes before she pulls back up again.
  20. "Play with yourself," you order, and a slight blush appears on her face as she looks up at you. "I know you know how to." She nods around your cock before her hands run across her body, one finding its way into her panties and going wild there, the other groping her breasts through her tunic and undershirt. The little moans and hums of pleasure resonate through you as her face bounces up and down your cock, and you somehow manage to avoid coming early. The flush on her face as she occasionally glances up at you, her eyes full of desire, is one of the sweetest things you've ever seen, and pull her down your whole length, holding her there for a few long seconds, her lips around your base, her tongue reaching out to tap at your balls, until finally you give her another order.
  22. "Come for me," you say, voice harsh, as you tighten your grip on her head, holding her down in your groin. It takes her just a moment to do as you command, her body shaking and shivering in sexual pleasure around your cock, her throat desperately trying to force you out even as she stares up at you in a haze of pleasure, mixture of a squeal and a gag sending vibrations through your cock. When she finishes, you pull her off, and she gasps and pants frantically for a while, tears streaking down her face as she smiles softly. You lean down to lift her up, carrying her over to the lounge seat and laying her out so that her legs hang off the side, leaning over her to kiss her as your hands pull off her boots before moving to pull down her leggings and panties, leaving her nether regions gracefully exposed beneath her tunic. You pull away from the kiss, turning to Calinne and Verdessa, who have quietly cleaned off their faces and are awkwardly considering whether or not to get dressed.
  24. "You two want another round?" You ask. They glance at each other. "One of you on either side of my wife, if you do." You turn your attention back to Adelle, greedily kissing her as you let your fingers slide up her thigh, reaching into her moist cunt and softly fingering her. When Calinne lies down on one side of Adelle, you catch her out of the corner of your eye and place one hand on her groin, cupping it, then slowly start your ministrations, making her start to squirm a little as you do. When Adelle approaches her orgasm, you pull your hand away from her groin, wrapping it around your cock as you look down at Adelle. "Which hole do you want?"
  26. "Either... both..." she pants, her eyes full of desire.
  28. "I can't do both," you say with a smirk.
  30. "Whichever one you want, my lord," she says, voice soft and desperate, squirming in need.
  32. Without any further ceremony, you plunge into her sex, making her squeal as her eyes roll up in orgasm. You keep playing with Calinne, who squirms right next to your wife, her nude, freckled body beautiful to behold. As you fuck your wife through her orgasm, Verdessa finally comes up to your side and, with only a grunt and a gesture, lies down next to Adelle on the other side, spreading her legs open invitingly. Your free hand - the one not currently inside Calinne's moist love hole - goes over to Verdessa, playing with her and mirroring your movements inside Calinne.
  34. You finger and fuck the three girls simultaneously, pounding in and out of Adelle as you tease and toy with Calinne and Verdessa's clits, enjoying the looks of pleasure on the three of their faces. Adelle stares up at you, her mouth hanging slightly open as she pants, her eyes lidded in pleasure. Calinne rolls her tongue around the inside of her mouth, her hands toying with her nipples and breasts, her eyes hazily staring up at the ceiling. Verdessa just closes her eyes, her hands clenching and unclenching at her sides as she enjoys the thorough fingering you're giving her.
  36. You look down at your wife, giving her a look and glancing over at Verdessa. It takes her a second or two, but she understands your silent command, and just as you pull your hand off of Verdessa, she puts her hand on the girl, fingering her and playing with her. Verdessa's eyes clench shut as she enjoys herself, squirming and wriggling under Adelle's ministrations, and Adelle watches, occasionally flicking her eyes up to you, smiling all the while. It frees up one of your hands, and you let it roll slowly across Adelle's body, briefly squeezing one of her breasts tight, making her gasp in pleasure, before moving up to her throat and wrapping around it softly. You lean over her, keeping your fingers going inside Calinne as you pull her up by the neck into a kiss, her hard nipples pressing into your chest as her tongue wars with yours inside your mouth. While the two of you are still desperately kissing one another, Verdessa squeals in orgasmic bliss, her body shaking in orgasm beneath Adelle's skilled fingers. Adelle pulls her hand away, bringing it up to touch your face as the kiss continues.
  38. "Fuck, fuck," you grunt as you pull your mouth away from hers. You let your hand drift down to her firm, ripe breast, and squeeze it tight. "Come for me," you order, and Adelle does, her sex clenching and unclenching around you, sending you into your third orgasm of the day as you fill her up with your seed. You let your hand fall away from Calinne and just support yourself on top of Adelle, thoroughly fucked out. Adelle just gently runs her fingers through your hair, smiling up at you. "Gods, you're wonderful," you say, leaning down to kiss her again, just a light peck.
  40. Eventually, you stand up, pulling out of Adelle unceremoniously, and Adelle quickly drops to her knees in front of you, happily licking your cock clean of your combined juices as she stares up at you, a loving, giddy expression on her face.
  42. >What do you do?
  44. ---
  46. You pat Adelle on the head dotingly as she suckles and licks your cock clean, turning your attention up to the two priestesses, who are still lying on the lounge seat.  "Thanks for the good time. We should do this again if we're ever in the neighborhood." You give the two of them a quick pat on the butt as Adelle pulls away from your cock. "And, uh," you say, looking up at the ceiling, "thanks for the son, Heronia," you say, awkwardly, before getting dressed and heading out with Adelle.
  48. Adelle returns to her normal, mopier state after a while, the giddiness of pregnancy having apparently worn off. The journey home is long enough that Adelle should have her next period... but she predictably misses it. That makes her randy as hell, and the two of you have some nice, rough sex in the aftermath. Kini just quietly watches you from her litter, her eyes just peeking over the side. The zombies help you feed Lorenne and keep her limber and clean, which is nice because it would be really fucking gross if you had to do it yourself. She struggles admirably but in the end it's for naught, and you wrap up her and her litter nice and tight before you get home.
  50. And then you arrive, home at last.
  52. >What do you do?
  54. ---
  56. You head home, directing the zombies to take the litter with Lorenne in it down to the basement. Despina's the only one who comes to greet you, the rest of your household apparently having been "preoccupied" with other things. A quick question to Despina reveals that Arenne's in her study, so - after giving Despina a quick couple of gropes that she quite enjoys - you head there. You don't want her to feel left out or ignored, after all.
  58. It's pretty dark, lit mostly by candles, and Arenne leans over pages, three fingers pressed against her forehead as she studies and scribbles on parchment. You just watch from the doorway for a while, staring at the curve of the side of her face as she writes, winces, and writes some more. There are all these cute little wrinkles of frustration that appear on her face and disappear a few seconds later, each one unique. Eventually, Arenne speaks. "What is it, Despin-" she turns, seeing you there, and gives a little half-smile. "Oh. It's you. Hi."
  60. "Hi, Arenne," you say, walking into the study and wrapping your arms around her from behind, hugging her. Arenne just closes her eyes and relaxes in your arms, and you nuzzle and kiss at her neck as you hold her tight. "How's my beautiful wife been doing while I was gone? Did that medicine check out?"
  62. "Hmm? Oh, yes, it looks like it's working," Arenne says, absently, her eyes still closed as she sits there, your arms wrapped around her.
  64. "I caught that murderess, Lorenne, from earlier," you say. "She won't be hurting anyone ever again, so you don't have to worry about her."
  66. "That's good to hear," she says, with a little nod.
  68. "I hope you didn't miss me too much," you say, kissing her neck again.
  70. "It-" Arenne sighs, "it was okay. That- the coppergirl, she's starting to wake up. Or- whatever you call it. It's worrying."
  72. "Adelle can deal with it," you say, and Arenne just nods a little in acknowledgement.
  74. >What do you do?
  76. ---
  78. "I missed you," you say, kissing at her neck again. "I love you."
  80. "Missed you too," is her brief reply.
  82. "Everything okay? You looked a bit... I don't know, unhappy."
  84. She just sighs. "Work stuff. I made a stupid mistake in my accounts a couple days ago and now I have to go through everything all over again. It's frustrating."
  86. "Sorry to hear that," you say. You have little idea what she's talking about, but apparently it means more work for her, which you can understand being annoyed about. "Are you still friends with... Sera?"
  88. "Friends?" Arenne asks, eyes opening in thought as she stares at the ceiling. "I visit her sometimes, if that's what you mean. We only met a little while ago."
  90. "That's nice," you say. "I'm happy for you to have someone to talk to, outside the household." She just nods a little in your arms. "Have things been okay here? Besides the... previously mentioned mistake?"
  92. "It's okay. Chara and Juniper are still really stupid, though."
  94. "They're kids," you say.
  96. "I wasn't as annoying as a child. I don't remember either of my brothers being that annoying, either." She pauses, thinking. "I don't - if I didn't thank you for it before now, thanks for killing Wesser. Biscan was a good person, he didn't deserve what Wesser did to him, and you saw to his avenging. I hope that I did thank you back then, though."
  98. "I'm sure you did," you say automatically, kissing the top of her head, just taking a moment to smell her, enjoying her scent.
  100. >What do you do?
  102. ---
  104. "Hey," you say, a thought coming to your mind. "Let's do something together later today, alright? Just the two of us. I really have missed you."
  106. Arenne gives a demure little nod, and you squeeze her tight in your arms again, making her give this surprised little squeak. You let her go before moving around to kiss her on the lips again. You hold the kiss for a few seconds, her tongue tentatively reaching into your mouth as you do, before pulling away. "Love you," you note.
  108. Arenne gives a little wave and "bye," as you head out.
  110. You find Despina again, who's happily working in the kitchen, getting ready to make dinner. She looks over her shoulder when you enter the room, giving you a coy smile.
  112. >What do you do?
  114. ---
  116. You walk up to her, wrapping your arms around her as your hard cock tents your pants, slowly rubbing your groin against the curve of her furry little ass. Her doe tail starts to wag happily as you do, and you reach up with one hand, wrapping it around one of her horns and bringing her face to face with you, pulling her into a sloppy awkward kiss as you grind against her butt. Your hands drift down to her breasts, groping them as you continue to kiss her, and she makes sexual grunts and pants of pleasure into your mouth as you toy with her breasts through her shirt. You just keep her there, holding her to you by her enormous tits as you continue to make out with her, enjoying the eager wriggling of her ass and the faint sound of her tail happily wagging away, slapping at your shirt.
  118. Continuing to kiss her, you slowly move one hand down her belly, eventually fingering her already wet sex, making her gasp and moan in sexual pleasure from your activities down there. You slowly pull her nearer and nearer to orgasm before finally pulling your hand away from her sex, making her squirm in desire at your sudden absent, her butt rubbing against your cock through your pants, the stimulation pleasant. You bring your still-wet fingers up to her mouth, breaking off your kiss, and immediately she catches your meaning, opening her mouth and happily bobbing her head up and down them, her tongue running across their length as she stares at you out of the corner of her eye. As she continues her simulated fellatio, you pinch at her nipples, making her squeak around your fingers, her legs starting to shake in pleasure from your rough play.
  120. After a while of enjoying her lewd show, you pull your finger out of her mouth and grab her by one horn, turning her around to face you, her body fully on display. You pull her shirt up and off in a quick motion, letting it fall to the ground, her massive tits falling free, and bend down so that you're at eye level with the two massive orbs, wrapping your lips around one, suckling and biting at the nipple, making her bring her hands up to your head, gently running them through your hair. With one hand, you grab the tit that's not in your mouth, squeezing it tight, moving it this way and that, occasionally just pinching the nipple. With the other, you gently tease her clitoris, keeping her ready and willing but not bringing her close to orgasm. After a while of that, you switch breasts, this time suckling and biting at every spot but her nipple, tensing your teeth against her bare flesh, making her hiss and gasp in pleasure and pain as you brutalize her sensitive region.
  122. Finally, you pull away from her breasts entirely, standing tall and giving one of her tits a quick slap with your hand before grabbing one of her horns and guiding her down to her knees, her horn letting you jerk her roughly this way and that, and her face wears an expression of inflamed desire as she stares up at you from her new position between your legs. You rub her face against the bulge in your pants, making her pant in desire, licking her lips as she sniffs at it. You keep rolling her face around your crotch for a while, enjoying the way she reacts to your domineering bent, her tongue licking at your pants when you let her face your cock head on, occasionally kissing it. "Did you miss this? Did you miss me?" Despina nods, eagerly. "Say it. Tell me what you missed."
  124. "I missed your cock," she says, kissing it as she passes it again. "I missed your cock in my pussy, and my ass, and my throat," she continues, staring up at you with a smile in her eyes. "It feels so fucking good, I've never had it so good or so often before." She continues to tell you how much she wants it, how much she loves it, as you rub your cock against her cheeks through your pants, making her squirm in desire.
  126. Finally, you pull down your pants and let her get to work, her lips quickly wrapping around your cock as your hands reach down for her tits, roughly groping and squeezing them, using them to force her to keep the pace you want, pushing and pulling her whole body by her breasts alone. Her eyes start to roll up in pleasure as you flagrantly abuse her tits, occasionally pulling away from one tit to rear back and slap it, the loud sound filling the air each time as she squeals around your cock, sending vibrations through your dick. When you start to feel yourself getting too close, you push her off, pressing her breasts against her body and making her gasp, her eyes rolling up, before wrapping one hand around one of her horns and pulling her down below your cock, your length obscuring part of her face, her tongue in your balls, her nose sniffing at your cock, her tail happily wagging away, beating back and forth behind her.
  128. You just hold her there for a while, letting yourself calm down, not even playing with her breasts as you do, just gently running one hand through her dirty blonde hair, petting her softly as she licks, suckles, and kisses your balls.
  130. Finally, you pull her off you unceremoniously, stepping back and away, leaving her looking hurt, and confused. "I missed you too, Despina. We'll finish this some other time."
  132. She balks visibly, confused. "Did I- do something wrong?"
  134. "No, no," you say, leaning down to where she's still kneeling on the floor and kissing her on the lips, making her moan hungrily. "I just think you'll appreciate it more this way, when we do finish properly." You slap one of her breasts, as you stand back up tall, making her eyes roll up in pleasure. "You're a good girl, and you deserve an extra good reward. Now get dressed and finish cooking."
  136. She nods, slightly, and crawls over to her discarded shirt, pulling it back on as you fumble with your pants, somehow managing to fit your cock back inside them.
  138. >What do you do?
  140. ---
  142. "How have the rest of the girls been?" You ask Despina. "Chara, Juniper, Elisetta, Melisende, and, of course, Patina."
  144. She pauses, thinking, then turns to look at you, a mildly annoyed look on her face. "Patina. That reminds me. I have a complaint. You told me to clean Patina, then you immediately peed on her. That was very thoughtless of you."
  146. You bite your lip and give her a sheepish grin. "My bad," you say with a shrug. "Needed to really, thoroughly humiliate her. Sorry to have bothered you."
  148. "Just... please don't do it again."
  150. You lick your lips awkwardly, then speak. "The other girls, though? How are they?"
  152. "Chara's been... on her best behavior, for what little that means. She hasn't run off without permission or anything like that. Juniper's been annoying to handle, practically bouncing off the walls and generally causing trouble. There have been a couple complaints from the townsfolk about her stupid "pranks," such as they are. Elisetta's been very helpful. Melisende's kept to herself, mostly, digging her little house in the backyard and sleeping there."
  154. "Has Chara done anything particularly noteworthy? Good or bad?"
  156. "She's helped me out here and there but... she's a bit... impatient and impulsive so I can't trust her with anything too important. Thank you for taking her in, by the way, I really do appreciate that."
  158. >What do you do?
  160. ---
  162. "It's fine, she's... fun," you say. "Even with her idiosyncrasies."
  164. "I'm... glad you think so, sir," Despina says, before turning to the half-prepared food and starting to get back to work. You take the cue and leave, finding Adelle reading in her bedroom.
  166. "Adelle," you say, standing in the doorway. "Have you dealt with Patina, yet?"
  168. Adelle blinks, then her eyes go wide. "No, my lord," she replies, and quickly rises from bed, following you out back where Patina is. She's apparently regained partial control over her arms, and raises them weakly to try to stop you. Given that she's immobile below the waist, and her arms are slow-moving at present, it's not too difficult to deal with her, and you just head back inside, grabbing a hammer before slamming it into Patina's upper arms. That done, Adelle gets close and uses her magic, completely immobilizing her again.
  170. You find Chara and Juniper playing some stupid, very messy, card game together which seems to involve just tossing half a deck of cards on the floor by the way they're playing. You watch for a little bit, quietly standing in the doorway, and by all appearances they're just inventing rules on the spot. After a bit, you interrupt them.
  172. "Chara, Juniper, I'd like to speak to you." You turn your head to Juniper. "Juniper, pick up these cards. Game's over for tonight." Both girls let out an awww at that, and you just raise a finger to silence them. Juniper grumpily uses her forearms to clump all the cards into a relatively small pile. "Juniper, put them in a deck again." Juniper just gives you a glare, and you respond in kind, having a brief staring contest before she sulkily turns to pick up the cards one by one, a cute little frown on her face. When she finishes, you take the deck of cards from her and quickly wrap it up again, putting it in one of your pockets.
  174. "Chara, I'm told you've been on your best behavior since I left, and you're still wearing the collar I gave you," you say, gently reaching out and running your fingers along it, making her lip quiver a little. "Juniper, I'm told that you've been annoying the townsfolk with your constant pranks."
  176. "They're funny!" Juniper yells with a huff, jumping in the air as she does.
  178. "The townsfolk don't think they are. Stop it. And, as punishment for being a problem for Despina, you have to do all of Chara's chores tomorrow, and whatever chores she hasn't done today."
  180. "What?!" Juniper asks. "Those are her chores!"
  182. "Well, they're yours now. Hop to it."
  184. Juniper grumbles as she starts to stalk off. "By the way, Juniper," you say, as she grouses her way to the room's exit. "Chara gets to play with me, because she was good. If you're good about doing her chores, maybe I'll play with you later."
  186. She looks at you, suspiciously, but her sulky expression softens a little, looking more affected than real, at that, as she leaves.
  188. Chara just swallows, the motion making her collar bulge briefly, and looks up at you, eyes suspicious. "What do you mean, 'play with me'?"
  190. >What do you do?
  192. ---
  194. You get up close to her, pressing your palm against her mound. She gasps as your fingers wrap around her cute little clit where it pokes through her fur, and you lean over her, whispering in her ear. "What do you think?" You let your fingers slide down to her lips, spreading them wide before your middle finger enters her, slowly probing her insides. "What do you want?"
  196. Chara just squeezes her eyes shut as you play with her sex, her knees starting to shake as she enjoys herself. "You're a jerk," she says, and you pinch her clit, making her gasp in pleasure, her knees quivering beneath her.
  198. "But you love me fucking you," you say, and it's not a question. She shakes her head, keeping her eyes shut, a little whimper of pleasure escaping her lips. "You love how it feels when I touch you."
  200. "I don't," she lies, poorly, her voice pathetic. You pull your hand away, and she squirms awkwardly in response to the sudden emptiness inside her.
  202. "Later, then," you explain, before turning and walking away. You hear her suck in a breath to say something, but nothing comes out.
  204. You collect Adelle before heading off to where Patina is, finding the coppergirl in much the same state you left her, her muscled, tall form kneeling at waist height, utterly immobile, unable to resist you in the slightest, no matter what abuses you want to heap on her.
  206. >What do you do?
  208. ---
  210. Having anticipated having difficulties with Patina again, you brought a hammer. Just in case. "Adelle," you say, with a quick flick of your head towards your wife, "could you unfreeze Patina's head for me?"
  212. "Yes, my lord," Adelle says, moving towards the coppergirl and placing a hand on her head, which eventually shakes with sudden motion, and she quickly draws back.
  214. Patina glares up at you, mute as ever. You pull down your pants, letting your cock spring forth, rubbing it against her cheeks. She just mutely glares up at you, unresponsive, as you slap your cock against her face.
  216. "Will you be obedient, Patina?" You ask, pulling your cock away for a moment. She shakes her head furiously, and you bring out the hammer, slamming it against the side of her head, hard, making her almost lose balance before teetering back down onto both knees. "Will you be obedient in exchange for my cum?" She shakes her head again, and you slam the hammer into the side of her head again. You slap your cock against her nose, placing the base right where her nostrils would be if she had any, and her brow just furrows in impotent rage up at you. You pull back again. "Will you be obedient in exchange for my cum?" She shakes her head again, and you slam the hammer down on the side.
  218. You repeat the process again and again, humiliating her with the wet slap off your cock against her metallic face, demanding her obedience in exchange for your semen, and then pulling back and smashing her face when she refuses. After a dozen or so blows (you lost count), her response to your demand is to slowly, slightly, nod. You slam the hammer into the side of her head. "Enthusiasm, Patina. Show a little enthusiasm," you explain. "Now, are you going to be obedient so that you can get another dose of my tasty cum, you stupid little coppergirl?" She hesitates, just slightly, and you bring the hammer up in anticipation, but on seeing that, she nods rapidly, obediently.
  220. You take your cock and put it at her lips, slapping them with your head, already a little droplet of precum on it. The moment she opens her lips, you shove your cock in her mouth, grabbing her by the back of the head and wildly fucking her with ruthless abandon, your cock entering and leaving her throat rapidly. "Use your tongue, you piece of trash," you order, and that slippery, dry tongue of hers runs along the underside of your cock. "And swallow around my cock," you add, and in short order she does, her throat massaging your cock each time it enters with a swallowing motion.
  222. "That's it," Adelle notes, leaning over next to Patina's ear. "That's your purpose," she continues. "You're my husband's personal masturbation aid," she notes. "Accept it. Enjoy it. You're a hole for him to fuck, since that's all you're good for, since that's your rightful place." Patina just makes an expression that might be crying on a human face, her brow furrowing as she attempts to shut her eyes. "That's right," Adelle whispers, "block me out. Block everything else. Focus on the cock in your throat, the cock that gives you purpose, that represents your sole value. You're only good for that one thing, for being a hole that cock enters and gets pleasure from. Everything else about you is pathetic and worthless."
  224. You start to approach the edge, and you pull out unceremoniously, leaving Patina to just awkwardly sit there, her mouth still open, her tongue hanging out, obvious annoyance on her face. "You're my fucking property," you say. "Beg, as best you can, and maybe I'll give you my cum." You reach for your hammer when she doesn't immediately comply. Her expression contorts, eyebrows raising hopefully, tongue lashing out at air, as she stares vaguely up at you, her coppery lips opened wide, making motions with her head to try to reach your cock, an obviously pathetic and desperate activity.
  226. Finally satisfied, you move around behind her, kicking her in the back of the head, sending her tumbling to the ground, her ass hanging in the air once more, and you unceromoniously enter her asshole, starting to fuck her, hard. Her tight, slippery asshole is a joy to rabidly fuck, and you just grunt as you abuse her, whispering in her ear all kinds of sick shit you're going to do to her. How you're going to brutalize all three of her holes again and again, how you're going to addict her to your cum so that she'll be too desperate for another load to ever act against you, how you'll be rough and brutal with her, how maybe you'll have your wife fuck with her little coppergirl brain until she's nice and docile and likes the abuse... not all of it's true, but the expressions that flow across her face make them all worth telling.
  228. Finally, you pull your cock out of her ass, and then unceremoniously slam the hammer in there, pushing until the long wooden handle fills her completely, just the head sticking out. "That's what your asshole is for," you whisper in her ear before moving back around, lifting her back up into the sitting position with Adelle's help, then sticking your cock in her mouth, slowly pushing until your balls tap against her chin, and then just staying there. "You're going to have to finish the job," you say, voice cold as ice, and it takes her just a second to start to work, her tongue running along your base inside her mouth, her throat desperately swallowing around your cock, her head slightly moving from side to side to twist your cock this way and that.
  230. You hold back for as long as you can, but she's fairly talented and you really worked yourself up, so eventually you unload, blasting cum straight down her throat. You signal to Adelle, and she quickly comes along, placing a hand on the coppergirl's head as you slowly withdraw, watching and waiting as Adelle eventually renders the coppergirl completely immobile and pulls her hands away.
  232. "Done, my lord," Adelle says.
  234. "I'm going to leave the hammer in your ass, so you don't forget what you are or what you're for," you explain before heading inside with your wife, Adelle's happy giggles as you play grabass with her a pleasant reminder of your shared hobbies.
  236. >What do you do?
  238. ---
  240. You turn to Adelle. "I'm going to go interrogate our prisoner." Adelle gives a perky little smile. "As in actually interrogate." The smile gets a little less perky. "Would you like to come with?"
  242. "Yes, my lord."
  244. The two of you head down into the basement, and you awkwardly lift Lorenne out of the litter; she's still bound tightly, and gagged, but her eyes are open and she's glaring daggers up at you and Adelle. You take out a knife, holding it up to her throat. "Scream and you die," you note, dispassionately, and it takes her a few long seconds to nod. You pull the rope out of her mouth, and she spits.
  246. "You had an accomplice. Who?"
  248. "Your wife," Lorenne says, then spits in your face. You slap her face, hard, then move her hand down to her clit and slap that instead, making her whimper in pain.
  250. "Who was your accomplice?"
  252. "Fuck you." That earns her another painful slap to her clit, but she continues not to volunteer information.
  254. It continues on in that general vein for a little while, and finally Despina yells loudly enough for you to hear, probably announcing dinner. Annoyed at having wasted time, you just gag Lorenne again and stick her back in the litter, closing it tight and telling the zombies to keep her from escaping.
  256. You climb out of the basement with Adelle, and sit down at the head of the table, Arenne and Adelle on either side, the other members of the household sitting further down the table. Kini sits between you and Adelle, on the ground, with a nice bowl of food that she happily eats, her tail wagging without complaint. Chara toys with her collar awkwardly and sits next to Despina, who puts a comforting hand on the younger Satyress's shoulder. Juniper pouts, sitting opposite you at the table. Elisetta just quietly eats, sitting next to Arenne.
  258. >What do you do?
  260. ---
  262. "Thank you for the meal, Despina," you say, and she gives a little nod before turning her attention back to Chara, reassuringly rubbing her shoulder. From time to time, Adelle will absently reach over to where Kini is sitting and scratch her behind the ears, and the tanukigirl happily accepts it every time, wagging her tail and closing her eyes as she does.
  264. "Now, really, Chara," Despina starts, quietly speaking to her younger sister, "he's not that bad."
  266. Chara just mumbles irritably, eating her food with a grumble on her face. "He's a jerk," she mutters under her breath, obviously hoping you don't hear her.
  268. You're interrupted from eavesdropping on Chara by Juniper flicking a piece of food at you, and it hits your shirt annoyingly. You fix her with a powerfully dangerous glare, and she just raises her chin haughtily. You sigh, pushing back your chair to stand up, and she immediately shrinks in on herself, all apparent courage gone, a puppy dog look on her face. You sit back down, and she doesn't repeat the offense.
  270. "How are you doing with numbers, Elisetta?" Arenne asks, turning to the redhead.
  272. "I've got... some of them down," she admits. After a bit of back and forth, you find that apparently Arenne repurposed a deck of cards to help teach Elisetta math, writing down the numerals on the back to help her teach herself while Arenne works. A clever trick, honestly.
  274. "It takes time, but I think you can do it," Arenne reassures Elisetta when the younger girl expresses doubts about her talent. "It's hard, though. I still don't always do it right."
  276. Adelle reaches under the table, gently rubbing your thigh, her hand slowly creeping up as she gives you bedroom eyes, biting her tongue deliciously. You wrap one hand around her wrist and give a tiny shake of the head, and she obediently withdraws, eating instead.
  278. Juniper flicks another piece of food, this time at Chara, and you stand up immediately, everyone turning to look at you as your chair scrapes backward against the floor. "Juniper. Apologize to Chara."
  280. Juniper curls in on herself and, still wearing a pout, manages to mumble out, "Sorry, Chara." You sit back down, somewhat mollified, but still annoyed.
  282. Adelle starts to speak with Arenne across the table from you, bringing up her missed period and how excited she is, delicately avoiding the fact that you went up to the Allimas to get her pregnant. Arenne's eyes flick back and forth from you to Adelle, her expression somewhat suspicious.
  284. "You- you didn't mention that," Arenne says, looking at you, her lower lip quivering.
  286. "I thought Adelle would prefer to tell you herself," you say, quickly. Arenne considers for a second, then nods in acceptance.
  288. "That's- that's good for you, then, Adelle," Arenne says with a little smile, her eyes still moving back and forth from you to Adelle. "I'm- I'm happy for you."
  290. Adelle cuts to the chase, placing a hand on your thigh as she leans forward. "Arenne, this is just... inheritance, at most. If it even is a boy! If it's even real, and I'm not just late! The three of us can all be happy together, and I'm sure our lord husband loves you very dearly." She turns to you, expression prompting.
  292. "Y-yes!" You say, turning to Arenne. "I love you very much."
  294. Chara makes a fake gagging noise, taking her fingers and placing them so that they're partially obscured by her face. You just roll your eyes and sigh, then look at Arenne with a smile. She smiles back softly, and you place one hand on her knee, reassuringly, before pulling it back. Arenne's attention turns to her food and stays there for the rest of the meal. You occasionally scratch Kini behind the ears, and eventually she starts to rub her head against your thigh herself, nonverbally asking for more attention, which you give her, enjoying the cute little pseudo-purrs she gives, her tail wagging happily away each time.
  296. At some point, Elisetta tries to talk to Juniper, but the faerie girl's babblings quickly make her rethink that plan of action, rapidly reducing the length of her responses while simultaneously ramping up the politeness until Juniper finally gives up in annoyance, huffing loudly and crossing her arms as she slinks down in her seat.
  298. Kini kisses at your crotch through your pants, making you inadvertantly twitch in surprise. You look down at her, and she stares up at you, eyes big and hopeful.
  300. You're mostly finished with your meal, and so is pretty much everyone else.
  302. >What do you do?
  304. ---
  306. You rise from the table, politely thanking Despina one last time. You let people filter away, and you tell Juniper to help Despina clean up. Then you pull Kini aside, and she follows you like an obedient puppy, stopping when you do, having found a private spot. You look down at her, a small smile on your face. "Kini, you shouldn't do something like that while Arenne is there. She could've seen you, and it would've made her sad."
  308. Kini has a sad expression on her face as she stares down at your feet. You just pat her head dotingly.
  310. "It's okay, pet. I know you're a very good girl, so I'm not angry." She gives a very small nod. "I have a few things to do, right now, so I'm going to have to put you off. But that's just because I want to be able to spend all the time on you that you deserve, okay?" Kini gives another tiny little nod. "Okay. Give your master a kiss." To your surprise, Kini leans forward to your groin, pressing her lips to the bulge in your pants, before standing up straight again. "On the lips, pet." She looks embarrassed, cringing slightly, and you have to lean down as she stands on her toes to reach your mouth, giving you a quick peck before pulling away.
  312. Kini handled, you head back to the dining room, where Despina is trying very hard to wrangle Juniper into doing her work properly. It's obviously an uphill struggle, but when Juniper realizes you're there, she gets a bit more obedient, even as she becomes more sullen.
  314. "Despina," you say, your voice a whisper, as you press a few fingers to her face, "bring Chara to my room, tonight. Both of you have been..." you let your fingers slowly make their way down the curve of her neck, "very good girls. And you both deserve a very big reward."
  316. Despina smiles happily, but then turns to her work, slight consternation playing across her face as she looks at Juniper and the plates.
  318. "You don't have to do it immediately," you explain, and Despina relaxes a little, giving a little laugh of relief.
  322. ---
  324. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  325. Chapter 30
  327. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells ("Baron" among your friends), and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  329. You've had many an adventure; married two women (Adelle and Arenne), raped and mindbroke a tanukigirl into your fucktoy (Kini), defeated, captured, and raped a would-be human assassin (Lorenne), made friends with a conqueror (Erosette)... and more, besides.
  331. Your first wife is pregnant with your son after your recent adventures in the Allimas. You arrived home with her, Kini, and Lorenne in tow, and had a nice family dinner. You've told Kini you'll attend to her later, told Despina to grab her sister Chara and bring her to you so that you can fuck both the satyresses together, and you need to get around to showing Arenne that you love her very much...
  333. Relationships are so much work, sometimes.
  335. Plus, there's the lingering possibility that your younger brother, Levy, was conspiring with your new rape toy, Lorenne, to kill your older brother and you. That needs to be dealt with sooner or later, one way or another.
  337. >What do you do?
  339. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  341. ---
  343. You find Adelle in her room, quietly reading one of her books as she lounges on the bed. She turns to look at you after a few seconds. "Am I bothering you?" You ask.
  345. "Never, my lord," Adelle says, a small smile on her lips as she takes note of her position in the book and closes it. She sits up on the side of the bed, looking at you expectantly. "What is it, my lord?"
  347. "Just wanted to talk to you. About Levy." Adelle nods. "Do you have any ideas about what we can do to confirm his involvement?"
  349. "Direct confrontation... is unlikely to work," Adelle says. "Though he might give the game away inadvertantly, more likely we would just be alerting him. If his goals are aligned with Lorenne's, then letting information about her..." Adelle licks her lips, "current situation, reach his ears, might motivate him to act, to reveal his allegiance. There could be additional parties to his conspiracy, who might also be roused to speak their part... and of course, there's Kini. Her skills are very useful for investigation, after all."
  351. "What about having Kini pretend to be Lorenne, see what she can coax out of Levy?"
  353. Adelle hums, uncertain. "I'm not sure that would work... Elisetta is one thing, but Kini hardly knows anything about Lorenne, and Levy doubtless knows quite a bit. There's many different ways for him to realize that he's being deceived, and... he is a Nell, in the end." The reference to your family's martial skills doesn't go over your head
  355. "He's a twat," you say. Adelle smiles lovingly. "But, yeah, he knows how to fight." You sigh. "Not as well as me, of course," you quickly add.
  357. "Of course, my lord," Adelle agrees.
  359. "But definitely better than Kini." You pause, thinking further. "If we did find out - what would be our next move?"
  361. "Court? His conviction would be for the best, really. A quiet removal..." she sighs. "It would not look good for you, my lord. To have two brothers slain without a killer coming forward."
  363. >What do you do?
  365. ---
  367. "How do you think we should portray the situation? How much should we let him find out?"
  369. She pauses, tilting her head as she considers your question. "The more he's aware of, the more likely he is to try something... and if we want him to be clearly guilty for trying something, he'll have to be told that she was caught in the act of murder. Wanting to protect your freewoman lover is not a crime, after all. Lorenne's status as a murderer can't be left in doubt, if his more protective instincts are to work against him. But at the same time..." she pauses, biting her lip. "I'm sorry, my lord. I have no easy answers; it all depends on what sort of man Levy is."
  371. "He's a ponce, he's in love with Lorenne..."
  373. "Is he cowardly? Would he be more likely to lash out or to hide? Would he abandon Lorenne to our mercies?"
  375. You consider the question carefully. "Kini said he seemed to really care for Lorenne... I don't think he'd let it slide. He's murdered one of his brothers already, after all, if he is in on this. But I don't know how he'd react."
  377. "Well, what are the possibilities? He might challenge you to a duel - they are custom here, yes?" You give a quick nod. "He might try to rescue Lorenne personally. He might try to frame you for some other crime. He might try to have you killed by someone else. I couldn't say for sure, we'd be best served preparing for everything, were we to let this information slip. Although..." she pauses, running one finger absently along her thigh. "Perhaps we could convince him to try some other action? Create a situation where you seem very weak, tricking him into trying to hurt you... that could do just as well." She sighs. "I'm sorry, my lord. There's so many different factors at play, it's difficult to plan around them..."
  379. "It's fine, darling," you say, sitting down next to her, running your hand through her hair. The two of you spend a while discussing various possibilities and plans, before you have to get up to leave. "Love you," you say to Adelle as you stand in the door.
  381. "I love you too, my lord," Adelle responds.
  383. As you approach your room, you hear the muttered sounds of Chara and Despina arguing.
  385. "Just be nice for once in your life, Chara," Despina growls.
  387. "He's a jerk!" Chara whines.
  389. >What do you do?
  391. ---
  393. "He has put a roof over our heads and ensured that we get to eat three times a day with little work. And do not pretend that you don't enjoy the dickings he gives you, because if you didn't, then there wouldn't have been those problems with the boy a while back."
  395. Chara just moans under her breath, audibly pouting. "He made me eat my own poo," she grumbles.
  397. "That was months ago," Despina hisses. "Grow up. I have been waiting for him to finish me off all day and I swear to all the gods if your whining fucks this up for me I will strangle you."
  399. You open the door. Despina quickly flicks her attention towards it, her hand on Chara's back.
  401. Chara looks up at you, head bowed contritely, a little frown on her girlish lips.
  403. "Chara, do you have something you'd like to say to me?"
  405. Chara's lips screw up, and at last she lets out a "No."
  407. >What do you do?
  409. ---
  411. >No problem, we'll just change her mind about us.
  412. >1
  414. "Chara, is that really true?" You give Despina a look, and the older Satyress pulls her hand away from Chara's back.
  416. Chara glances over at Despina, then back at you. "You really want to know?"
  418. "Yes, I really want to know," you say.
  420. "I think you're a big jerk!" Chara yells, jumping off the bed.
  422. "Volume, Chara," Despina says, voice harsh.
  424. Chara lowers the volume of her speech, but she keeps going. "You raped me and my sister, and you weren't nice about it, either! You made us lick each other, you fucked me in the butt then forced me to lick the poop off it! You're an asshole! That's what I think!" Chara crosses her arms defiantly, staring you down.
  426. You consider just shoving her down on the bed and having your way with her (there's something uniquely sweet about a girl who doesn't want it...), but... "Fine. You can go, Chara."
  428. "Huh?" Chara says, obviously taken aback.
  430. "I said you can go," you repeat, looking at her. "Get lost. I'll just fuck Despina instead."
  432. "Y-yeah!" Chara says, as she walks towards the door. "You do that! Hrrmph!" She leaves the room haughtily and slams the door shut behind her.
  434. "S-sorry about that," Despina says, wriggling in place uncomfortably. "We're - you're still going to finish what you started earlier today, right?"
  436. >What do you do?
  438. ---
  440. "Don't worry. I'm not going to leave you hanging like that," you sit down next to Despina, then pat your lap. She hurriedl hops over onto it, her furry butt planted squarely on top of you, her ass grinding against your groin absently, smoothly tempting it as she squirms. You reach up for one of her horns, using it to pull her head back and to the side, unveiling her long, slender neck, which you immediately start to kiss and suckle. Your other hand comes up for one of her breasts, squeezing it in your grip and making her hiss in pleasure as you do.
  442. "Mmmm," she moans, softly, on top of you, enjoying your attentions, squirming on top of you, the faintest hints of her arousal leaking through your pants to your cock, the sensation pleasant.
  444. "You like what I do to you, don't you?" You whisper in her ear, pulling your mouth away from her neck, letting go of her horn and instead reaching down to toy with her pussy as you continue to grope her massive tits with your other hand. Despina just nods eagerly on top of you, panting softly, her eyes rolling up as she concentrates on the pleasure you're inflicting on her. "You like the way I touch you, don't you?" She nods again, and this time, you pull your hand off her breast, making her squirm briefly before you reach down for the base of her shirt and start to pull it up and off, exposing her copious amounts of titflesh to the cool air. "You want me to keep enjoying your body, don't you?"
  446. "Y-yeah," Despina pants, squirming on top of you, rubbing her ass against your cock with an unbridled intensity, her breath heavy in the air, her little doe tail beating happily. "I love what you do to me," she whimpers as you yank and squeeze her nipple, the other hand toying and pinching her clitoris, making her hiss and gasp in pleasure as you surprise her again and again with random movements. Finally, you move your hand back from her sex up to her horn again, using it to roughly maneuver her onto her knees in front of you. Without being told what to do, she rubs her cheeks against your cock through your pants, and you just let each of your hands wrap around one of her far-too-big tits, brutally groping and squeezing them as she uses her face on your bulge.
  448. When her hands finally come up to your waistband, you help her pull your pants down to your knees, enjoying the way she licks her lips in desire before starting to bob up and down on your cock, her eyes showing a hazy pleasure from the way you're abusing her breasts. "That's a good girl," you note, as she continues to suck you off, until the intensity starts to become too high. When it does, your hands come off her breasts to grab her horns, holding her away from your cock as you calm down a little. For the first few seconds, she squirms against your resistance, but then she relents, letting you calm down.
  450. When you're sufficiently cooled, you direct her to lie on the bed and place yourself firmly on her stomach, your cock hanging between her breasts. As she presses her tits together around your manhood, you slowly start to work up to a good pace, spitting down on the area to add lubricant, at the same time grabbing and tweaking her nipples, making her let out little squeaks of pleasure. You play with her breasts at the same time as fucking them, and soon enough her eyes start to roll up as she pants in near-orgasmic bliss.
  452. When her mammary-induced orgasm starts to roll through her, you reach for one of her horns and force your cock into her mouth, gagging her as she moans in pleasure, incoherent and unable to resist you in any way. After she comes down from her high, you pull off her, moving down to her sex, and enter the wet organ without further ado, at the same time pinching her clit. That sends a second orgasm through her body, her eyes rolling up as she babbles incoherently through your frantic fucking. Rather than balancing yourself on the bed, you instead grab one of her tits and put your weight on top of that, smushing it against her chest and making her tongue loll out every time your weight shifts suddenly. Enjoying the way she reacts to it, you pull your other hand away from her clit, putting it on the opposite breast and continuing to brutally fuck her warm, wet sex.
  454. She's so out of it by this point that you can't tell what's orgasm and what's ordinary sexual pleasure, her eyes roll up and her tongue just hangs out as she pants, moans, and squeals softly beneath you, reacting both to your hard fucking and your abuse of her tits. Her insides grasp at you sporadically, her sex desperately attempting to milk you dry as you continue to fuck her. You flip her over onto her front, using her tits as handles to force her over, and keeping your dick inside her as you do. You lean over her as you fuck her prone body, letting your finger slip inside her asshole and start to fuck and tease her as your other hand uses her horns to force her into a kiss with you.
  456. You decide to move her around, keeping your cock buried deep in her as you do, making her squirm in pleasure as you rotate her so that her head hangs off the edge of the bed. When you pull out of her sex with a wet "schlick," you immediately scramble over to her head, flipping her onto her back and shoving your cock down her throat, muffling her latest moans and groans of pleasure with your dick. You furiously hump her face for a few minutes, your balls tapping against her nose as she takes it, still out of it, clearly enjoying the way you use her breasts to hold her in position, before pulling out and coating her face with your cum.
  458. When you finish, you sit down on the bedside, breathing heavily. Despina just lies there, gasping for breath and clearly out of her senses.
  460. >What do you do?
  462. ---
  464. You're already sitting next to Despina, so you just adjust your position a little, gently rubbing her belly. Her head's still hanging off the side of the bed, covered in your semen, and she's not really "with it," for the moment, so you let your hands wander along her body.
  466. When she finally does recover, you start to talk. "Enjoy yourself?" She just nods. "Which part did you like the best?"
  468. It takes her a bit to answer the question, and as she thinks, she idly scoops the semen off her face with one finger, licking it off each time. She only comes to a conclusion when her face is almost completely clean. "I think..." she pauses, "I think when you were crushing my breasts."
  470. "You mean when I was using them to balance my weight? You liked that?"
  472. She nods, eagerly. "A lot."
  474. "Huh. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself too," you say, patting her on the head. "You were very good." She just cleans off her face, distractedly. "Anyway," you say, standing up and putting on your pants. "I have to go. Clean off your face before leaving."
  476. You open the door to your bedroom, just a crack, slipping through and closing it behind you, when you notice Arenne walking down the hallway nearby. "Arenne," you say, waving to her, "you want to take a bath with me?" She looks at you, up and down, her hands awkwardly toying with one another, before giving a nod. "Just the two of us," you say, before giving her a peck on the forehead.
  478. With the water from the well, it's not too difficult to pour a bath for the both of you, though it takes a little bit for it to warm up. While you wait, you massage Arenne, gently pressing your thumbs into her back as she relaxes on your lap, and she just hums sleepily from the actions.
  480. A while later, you test the water, finding it suitably warm, and put out the fire as you sit down inside it. Arenne climbs in after you, her small form completely nude before you, her hair falling loose around her as she sits down in your lap.
  482. You're already erect again, and you're certain that Arenne's felt your cock pressing into her butt, given the way the two of you are positioned...
  484. >What do you do?
  486. ---
  488. You just let your cock rest there, occasionally switching its position from rubbing against the crack of her ass to between her thighs as the two of you move and reposition irregularly throughout the bath. Your hands wrap around her waist, and you kiss at the nape of her neck, occasionally just letting your forehead rest on one of her shoulders as you hold her close. Arenne's awkward responses, uncertain what to do, are very sweet; she reaches for your head and runs her fingers through your hair, giving you a shy, uncertain smile as you keep your head pressed against her shoulder.
  490. You let your wayward fingers make their way to her belly, tickling her until she's giggling and kicking spastically, throwing water everywhere and giving a high pitched (good natured) screams for you to stop. When you finally do, she hiccups in your lap, her hand running along one of your thighs as the two of you just enjoy the closeness and warmth of one another's bodies.
  492. By the time the two of you finish in the bath, it's very late, so you get in night clothes and Arenne heads to her room; you follow her in, cuddling close with her, and she offers no objection before slipping into sleep.
  496. When you wake up, Arenne's hair is splayed all around the bed - it wasn't braided - and you have to spit some of it out of your mouth. Arenne is staring into your eyes from just a few inches away.
  498. She nervously bites her lips, her eyes carefully looking into yours. Her hand runs southward along your body, and she asks a single question: "Do you want me?"
  500. >What do you do?
  502. ---
  504. "Yes, I want you," you say. "I love you." You lean in closer to her, letting your hands roll along her body, reaching the base of her nightwear, gripping it between your fingers. You kiss her on the lips. "I just... don't want you to think that this is all I care about."
  506. She gives this sweet, nervous little smile at that, her hand having reached your groin and slowly running up and down your bulge through your pants. You kiss her again, maintaining that position for a while, running your tongue all along the inside of her mouth as she continues to stroke your cock through your trousers. After what feels like a small eternity, the two of you pull away from each other, both breathing heavily, in silent agreement of your next step.
  508. You slowly pull up her night dress as she repositions herself on top of you, her groin pressing into your stomach as you disrobe her, her small breasts flopping free of their confinement as you pull her it up and over her head, leaving her nude, save the small, dainty pair of panties she wears. Your hands wander along her body, exploring her physically as she rests on top of you. You cup her soft breasts gently, enjoying the feel of them in your hands, your thumbs running along her nipples, and then adjust your position, pulling down your pants and guiding her over your groin. Your cock teases at her through her panties for a while, twitching with arousal on occasion, a small amount of precum leaking out, and she seems happy to see it.
  510. At last, she reaches down for her groin, slipping her panties to one side and letting your cockhead enter her. She descends your cock agonizingly slowly, each inch a drawn out affair, and she seems to enjoy your visible desire and weakness. You let one of your hands stray from her breasts, placing it upside down so that you can tease her lips and clit, enjoying the way she squirms on top of you as you do so. When your groins merge completely, she starts to hump up and down, most of your length staying inside of her as her breasts flounce about from the force of her movements. You keep your fingers toying with her clit, enjoying the way her breath hitches and her eyes start to roll up, the way her increasing pleasure makes her movements all the more intense and desirous.
  512. Her hands reach down for you, wrapping around your sides and digging in tight, and in response you wrap an arm around her back, pulling her down into you. Her hair twitches with her body, falling around the two of you like a waterfall. While you have to lean forward a bit to do it, you let your lips meet hers, and start to explore the inside of her mouth as she tentatively reciprocates, her hands running up your body before caressing your cheeks and wrapping around your head. The whole time she's steadily bouncing on your cock, your finger running laps around her clit, and it doesn't take long for her to orgasm, her moan sending vibrations right into your mouth.
  514. When she comes down from her orgasmic high, she starts to bounce on top of you again, restarting your earlier activities, her hands guiding one of yours up to her breast before running along your body and face again. Her eyes are squeezed shut, enjoying the kiss and the feel of your hands against her, and she fucks you harder and harder in these sweet, small strokes, little whines and hums vanishing into your mouth as the two of you kiss. When she comes again, her insides frantically clutching at you, you use her loss of strength to switch positions, making her squeak in surprise as you put yourself on top of her and start to genuinely fuck her in earnest, long, slow strokes that make her give muffled moans into your mouth.
  516. You pull your mouth away from hers, kissing down her neck and suckling on one of her nipples, enjoying the sound of her breath hitching in sudden surprise as you lick and suck on the nipple caught between your lips. You keep going like that, an act of superhuman willpower letting you keep slowly fucking her and playing with her beautiful little body as you kiss and toy with your second wife, making her orgasm again and again, her fingernails digging into your backside as she screams your name. When she comes off her sixth orgasm, you pull out, teasing the length of your manhood across her slit and staring down into her eyes. She wriggles and squirms, obviously desiring you to put your cock back inside her.
  518. You consider putting it in her ass... but you're worried it'd be too obvious, make her too suspicious, so instead you just put your cock back inside her, letting her squeak and squeal as you fuck her, hard, all the while telling her how beautiful she is, how sweet she is, how much you love her, how excited she makes you, how hard it was not to fuck her the moment you got back, the moment your cock pressed against her ass in the bath, the moment the two of you went to bed together. She gives her own mumbled replies, and although you don't understand every word, you can tell enough to tell that she's enjoying herself and wants you to know.
  520. You lean over her, pressing your forehead to hers in anticipation of your own orgasm, and you manage to pull out before you come, and it goes spraying across her naked belly, some globs stretching all the way up to her petite, beautiful breasts as you round out your sex with some good old bukkake. You collapse next to her, your breathing heavy, as you try to pull yourself together. One of Arenne's small hands seeks out your own, interlacing her fingers with yours as she stares over at you, a weak, nervous smile on her lips.
  522. >What do you do?
  524. ---
  526. As you recover, you move over a little closer to Arenne, squeezing her hand in yours. "Are you okay? You seem nervous, angel."
  528. Arenne gives this demure, uncertain little nod, and you lean over to kiss her.
  530. "You can tell me what's bothering you," you say, caressing the side of her face in one hand. "I care about you."
  532. "Y-you-" she sighs, the tension rolling out of her shoulders. Her eyes flick downwards, then back up at you. "I'm just..." she sighs again. "You really love me?"
  534. "I really love you," you say back to her, squeezing her hand and pulling her in for another kiss. The two of you cuddle for a little bit together before you get up. Arenne has to clean your cum off her belly, so it takes her a bit longer to get dressed.
  538. ---
  540. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  541. Chapter 31
  543. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells ("Baron" among your friends), and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  545. You've had many an adventure; married two women (Adelle and Arenne), raped and mindbroke a tanukigirl into your fucktoy (Kini), defeated, captured, and raped a would-be human assassin (Lorenne), made friends with a conqueror (Erosette)... and more, besides.
  547. Your first wife is pregnant with your son after your recent adventures in the Allimas. You arrived home with her, Kini, and Lorenne in tow, and had a nice family dinner. You've told Kini you'll attend to her later, fucked Despina after Chara's complaining made her leave, spent the night with Arenne and made sweet love to her in the morning...
  549. Maintaining so many relationships is so much work, sometimes.
  551. Plus, there's the lingering possibility that your younger brother, Levy, was conspiring with your new rape toy, Lorenne, to kill your older brother and you. That needs to be dealt with sooner or later, one way or another.
  553. You and Arenne have just gotten dressed after your sex session, and the rumbling in your stomach tells you you can probably afford to go downstairs and get some food.
  555. >What do you do?
  557. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  559. ---
  561. You put one arm around Arenne, your hand hanging down over her shoulder as you do, and pull her into you slightly as you head downstairs together. Despina's already up, so you direct her to make the two of you some food, and you happily sit down to chat with Arenne while you wait. (Sadly, you can't have Despina make her favorite dish, since it's some weird fish cooked with some weird spices; you have neither.)
  563. "Angel," you say, gently caressing her face, "what do you want to do today? Just the two of us, nobody else. I was thinking we could go out, find a nice, quiet spot, and have lunch before coming back."
  565. "That sounds nice," Arenne replies, her eyes carefully studying your features. "Is there an occasion?"
  567. "I was away for, what, a week? That's the occasion. I missed you."
  569. Arenne blushes a little, her cheeks coloring pink. "You're just saying that."
  571. "I'm not," you reply, leaning over her and kissing her on the forehead. She smiles, and her hand reaches out for yours under the table, your fingers twining together.
  573. "You don't - um, no, nevermind."
  575. "What?"
  577. "It- it's stupid," she says, waving her hand. "Forget it."
  579. Despina brings out your food, setting down plates for each of you, and you eat together, mostly in a comfortable silence. It's not awkward, even though you're still wondering to yourself what Arenne was thinking. It's just that the two of you share so little in common that it makes things difficult...
  581. >What do you do?
  583. ---
  585. You gently play with Arenne throughout the meal, nudging her with your knee, occasionally stealing her food (an act which she replies in kind to), and generally trying to have a good time without conversation. By the end of the meal, she's smiling brightly as she furiously downs the last of your food, then smugly crosses her arms, a dainty little smirk on her lips, both your plates clean. You feign being distraught, and she crows her final victory.
  587. When you finish the meal - leaving it for Despina to clean - you gather Arenne in your arms and nuzzle her neck, kissing at it sweetly before lying down on the couch, her on top of you, gently cuddling for a while. She rolls around on top of you, giggling uproarously when you start to tickle her, and generally the two of you just enjoy the feel of one another, your bodies close.
  589. >What do you do?
  591. ---
  593. You rub at Arenne's belly absently, before bringing your hands up to her shoulders, rubbing at them instead. You enjoy the feel of her weight pressing down on you as she lounges on top of you, and you absently sift through her hair, running your fingers through it.
  595. After a long while of lounging around, though, you do get a bit uncomfortable, and Arenne starts to get board. "Arenne, sweetie," you say, kissing at the top of your wife's head, "could you help me put some things together for our outing?"
  597. Arenne nods, rolling off to you to her feet, and your body aches for a second as blood flows freely again in places you didn't realize it was entirely restricted, a jab of pain like a leg waking up. You stumble off the couch after her, and she gets to work herself, quickly gathering up a nice blanket, some water in canteens, and whatnot.
  599. With that done, the two of you head out for your little picnic together, food stored in a basket. You find a nice, hilly spot, overlooking the village and letting you see the surrounding fields for a long way around. You let Arenne sit on your lap as the two of you just enjoy the view together.
  601. >What do you do?
  603. ---
  605. You let Arenne rest on your lap, a sudden anxiety running through your mind. Does Arenne know that you're avoiding impregnating her? You strum your fingers on her thigh, making her squirm slightly on top of you, her movements stimulating your manhood inadvertantly. You wrap your hands around her, pulling her tight to you in a big hug, making her squeak in surprise before just leaning back into you, her head turning up, her lips pursed, ready for a kiss. You contort yourself a bit so that your lips meet hers, giving her a quick peck.
  607. "How is Sera? You're friends, right?"
  609. Arenne pauses before replying. "I- I guess?" She seems hesitant to reply. "She's alright. She's got- she's got kids, and it's such a big deal, so it's kind of- this gulf." You lean over her, kissing her on the top of her head again. "Wh-what about you? Any, um, friends outside the house?"
  611. "I met Erosette again," you say, and Arenne nods in recognition. "It seems like she's basically conquered the Allimas."
  613. "Um... how was she?"
  615. "Nice. To me, anyways. Did you distribute that medicine while I was away?"
  617. "Yeah," Arenne says. "People said they could tell it was working, felt better already. Just with the little bit they had. Some of them were pretty thankful," she notes with a blush. "I had to turn down offers."
  619. "What kind of offers?"
  621. "Um, things like- well, things that were too precious to take. I just said that, you know, they should remember that they owe me - you, us, whatever - owe us one if something happens."
  623. >What do you do?
  625. ---
  627. "Arenne... I'm sorry if this is a bit too serious, but..." you pause, searching for the words, "I want to know how you're feeling. About us, about our... family. You, me, Adelle, the little one Adelle may have on the way... and, I suppose, the servants as well. If there's anything that's making you uncomfortable, I'd like to know."
  629. Arenne pauses, wringing her hands, considering your question as she stares down at the ground. "I don't know. It's stupid to complain about it, but- you make love with Adelle so much more than me. A-and I'm not, I'm not complaining... I get the impression that Adelle wants it much more often than I do."
  631. "Yeah, that's my impression too," you say, a small smirk on your face. "She's a bit... tiring. If I don't give it to her every day or so, she starts to get really antsy about it. I can tell, you know? She doesn't necessarily bother me about it, but she certainly does make her desires known."
  633. "Y-yeah, I mean, I get that she- well, I don't know. I'm complaining for nothing, probably, but it kind of... bothers me that you make love to her more often than you do me. I know it's because I don't want it as much, but..." she plays with her fingers some more, trailing off.
  635. >What do you do?
  637. ---
  639. You lean over her, kissing her head. "Is that a request?" She just gives a little "meep" in response as you pull her close to you, absently rubbing her butt against your cock, positioning it just right so that you tease her slit with your bulge. "What do you like, Arenne? I know I'm your first, but have you ever had any fantasies? Anything you're curious about? I'll do my best to satisfice it..."
  641. Arenne squirms on top of you, a little uncomfortable, before finally speaking up. "I, um- you're not going to be mean about this, right?"
  643. "Of course not," you say, voice smooth as velvet. "I'm sure Adelle's tastes are far more... idiosyncratic than your own, and I still love her, don't I?"
  645. Arenne nods, more to herself than to you, and you hear her swallow before speaking. "I, um, I really like it when you, you know... um, go down on me. A-and I- I kind of like the idea of, um, just doing that?"
  647. "Could you clarify? What do you mean by 'just doing that'?"
  649. Arenne blushes, but explains. "Like, um, the- the idea that you only satisfy me, not the other way around? So- so it's selfish, and that's what makes it so a-arousing... I mean, I know it's my duty as your wife-" she quickly starts, but you shush her.
  651. "It's fine. We're just talking, Arenne, about what you want. So non-reciprocal oral. Okay. Anything else?"
  653. "Stuff like that... being doted on... being, you know, bossy and selfish and even a little mean and teasing... um... being so at-attractive that you'll do whatever I say... that sort of thing."
  655. "You are very attractive," you note, nuzzling her neck.
  657. >What do you do?
  659. ---
  661. "You're my angel, my sweet, beautiful angel," you say. "I'm eager to sate your every desire."
  663. Arenne's expression gets a kind of nervous excitement to it, at that, as your hands slowly wander along her body, curiously. "N-now?"
  665. "Do you want to wait?" You ask, your breath hot in her ear. She blushes a bright red, then shakes her head. "Is there any particular position you want?"
  667. "U-um, one where I can-" she swallows, audibly, "where I can control your movement. L-like, me sitting down, and your face in my lap."
  669. In silent reply, you lift her up, placing her down on a nearby rock, before kneeling in front of her. "You'll probably want to raise your dress a little, angel," you note, and Arenne has an embarrassed blush as she does so, pulling her long dress up past her waist, her finger hooking into her panties without any prompting, leaving her sex bare and visible a moment later, already wet with anticipation.
  671. "Y-you know what to do," Arenne stammers out, closing her eyes.
  673. >What do you do?
  675. ---
  677. You crawl towards Arenne, staying on all fours as you approach, gazing up at her steadily. When you finally close the distance completely, you place your face between her thighs, letting your hot breath be the only stimulation she gets. She squirms in anticipation, her cheeks turning a rosy pink, and she waits for a while before finally peaking open, one eye glaring down at you. "G-get started, come on," she says, a tenor of annoyance creeping into her voice, and you lean forward, letting your lips meet hers as you kiss at her sex. She squirms softly, delightedly, at your stimulation, and you lick and lap at her sex, making long, slow strokes up and down, your tongue teasing left and right.
  679. Her fingers reach down for your head, wrapping around and into your hair, pushing your face deeper into her waiting pussy, the bridge of your nose pressing against her clit as she furiously grinds against your face. You let your tongue stretch out into her, lapping at her insides, making her hiss and wriggle in response, trying to earn a repetition of the treatment, and you give her it, your tongue working within her. When her fingers finally slacken, letting you pull your face away from her crotch, you run your tongue slowly up her slit in a long, slow stroke, making it oscillate from side to side. She gasps and pants when you finally reach her clit and run your tongue in circles around it teasing her.
  681. Her fingers run through your hair as she slowly approaches her orgasm, and as she nears it, you ramp up the pace, wrapping your lips around her little love nub and lashing out with your tongue. A glance upwards lets you see Arenne's face, her eyes rolled up, her tongue slightly lolling out, her breath heavy. When you pull her over the edge, she lets out a long, jittery sigh, her breath hitching as it goes, her back arcing wonderfully as she gives into the pleasure.
  683. You don't let up, instead keeping her little love button in your mouth and under your constant ministrations, bringing your hands up to part her thighs, then slowly running your fingers along her slit. By the time she comes down from her orgasmic high, you've already started to work one finger inside her, and you keep it slowly going in and out as you stare up at her, studying her expression. With your other hand, you let one finger slowly, tentatively circle her ass, careful that she doesn't mind before slowly inserting her, making her twitch slightly, her eyelid wriggling fantastically in response to the intrusion. As you slip another finger into her sex, she starts to speak. "Th-that's, r-really... g-good, g-gods... d-don't, don't stoooooooooooo-" her last word turning into a long, high pitched squeal that signals her second orgasm of this session.
  685. You respond to her weakness by pulling your fingers out of her sex and hiking her dress up further, pulling it off altogether with her sluggish help, leaving her breasts bare to the air. You pop your finger out of her asshole, quickly wiping it off on a napkin, before reaching up to grab both her breasts, one in each hand, softly curling your fingers around them as you stare up at her. You use your fingers to tweak and pinch at her nipples ever so gently, enjoying the little hitching of breath that she gives in response. You pull your lips away from her clit at long last, instead kissing and lapping at her slit once more, making her squirm on top of you before finally squirting her latest orgasm all over your face. You just take it in stride, rubbing your nose against her clit, enjoying the delightful way she moans out her pleasure.
  687. You're painfully erect by this point, and when she comes down, you pull your mouth away from her sex before speaking. "Could I kiss you, angel?" She nods her assent, and you use the agreement to rise up, letting your lips meet hers and your tongue press into her mouth. Keeping one hand on one of her breasts, still softly toying with it, you let the other make its way down, circling her clit teasingly, occasionally pressing or pinching at it gently, making her moan into your mouth as she enjoys the attentions. After a while of that, your finger drifts further down, running along the outside of her lips slowly before finally plunging in, making Arenne gasp in surprise at your sudden intrusion, even as she continues to kiss you.
  689. You finger-fuck her while you kiss her, slowly ramping up the pace and the number of fingers inside her until you're practically pounding away at her with three fingers, at which point she finally breaks off the kiss, her expression one of lewd rapture as she approaches another orgasm. You enjoy watching her approach it and finally pass it, her whole body shivering in delight when it does, her head sagging down onto your shoulder, her breath heavy, her body covered in a thin sheen of sweat. You continue softly stroking in and out of her for a while, but the way she never responds makes you stop eventually, just wrapping your arms around her in a gentle hug, giving her ear the tiniest of nibbles.
  691. "Good?" You ask, and Arenne just nods, mute. You wait for a while, and after several long minutes of panting on your shoulder, Arenne calms down, pulling herself off you and sitting up straight, albeit nearly nude. You kiss and nuzzle at her neck in response, making her sigh contentedly.
  693. "D-do you want me to..." Arenne trails off, uncertainly.
  695. "No," you murmur from your position in the crook of her neck. "This was your fantasy, right? Not having anything happen after I get done pleasuring you?" She nods after a moment, the red of her blush reaching all the way down to her neck.
  697. "Th-thanks," Arenne stammers out.
  699. >What do you do?
  701. ---
  703. You keep kissing her, waiting for her to calm down, before finally disentangling yourself from her body and helping her get dressed again. You sit down to eat with her, occasionally feeding her yourself, which she seems to enjoy quite a bit, greedily gulping down the bits of your food you hand off to her.
  705. "What do you want out of life, Arenne?"
  707. The question surprises Arenne, who becomes silent to consider it. "I- I don't know. To be happy and safe, I guess."
  709. "What makes you happy, then?"
  711. "Um... when I work on a problem, then solve it? I enjoy math. I... liked what we did earlier, too."
  713. "I like what we did earlier too," you say with a sly smile, and Arenne blushes in response, nervously chewing away at her food. You chat a bit more about other subjects - her family, what it was like in Arcine - and eventually you mention that you didn't exactly grow up in this kind of area either. "I was raised in Neanderhold. I mean, it's no Arcine, but it's more populated than this place."
  715. Arenne seems surprised at that, processing the information slowly. "So this is weird for you, too?"
  717. "A little, yeah. Small towns like this aren't the kind of place I grew up in."
  719. Otherwise, though, lunch passes without much of note, and you hoist Arenne up, carrying her princess style back home.
  721. >What do you do?
  723. ---
  725. "Arenne, where would you like me to put you down?"
  727. "U-um, in my study?" She tries.
  729. "Okay." You carefully negotiate the halls until finally depositing her in the room. "Take care of yourself," you add as you leave and close the door behind you.
  731. You decide to go find the younger Satyress sister. Since you've assigned Juniper to do all her chores for today, she's happily lounging in her room, legs kicking in the air, playing some kind of single-player card game you don't recognize. She's currently stuffing her face with some far too salty snack food you picked up at the local, in between slurping hard at her water. When you close and lock the door behind you, she looks up, her expression dark and suspicious.
  733. "What do you want?"
  735. "You've been a very good girl, Chara," you explain. "I wanted to reward you properly."
  737. "Then give me a bunch of money and a bow," she replies, turning back to her cards haughtily.
  739. >What do you do?
  741. ---
  743. >Diplomacy
  744. >4
  746. You get on the bed behind and above Chara, reaching down with your hands to give her a full-fledged backrub. She practically purrs, her eyes lidding as she enjoys your attentions, letting you thoroughly grind away at her shoulders. She stops playing cards, instead just lying down and starting to drift off as you rub your thumbs and hands at her shoulders. "Toys won't keep you happy, Chara," you explain.
  748. "Mmmgh they'll help," she mumbles in reply, enjoying your backrub too much to offer any real dissent.
  750. "You need something better," you whisper. "You've been such a good girl, you deserve even more rewards than you've already gotten."
  752. "So you are giving me a bow?"
  754. "Better than that," you say, your voice sweet in her ear.
  756. "Two bows?"
  758. You almost growl in irritation, but you stop yourself, instead focusing on your backrub, palms pressing into her spine. She burbles, faintly, at your activities, and you finally respond to her question. "I want to give you something really special." She mumbles a question. "Something brand new for you. It's really good, and I know you'll enjoy it a lot."
  760. "Mmmhmm?"
  762. "I'm going to finally take your virginity," you say, letting one of your fingers lazily make its way down her body.
  764. "Booooo!" She yells, almost instantly waking up from her slumber and squirming underneath you, wriggling off the bed. "Go take your wife's virginity or something!"
  766. "I already did that," you reply, a little annoyed.
  768. "Then do it again!" She replies.
  770. "I can't do it again." You scowl down at her.
  772. "Have you tried?"
  774. You rub at your forehead, annoyed.
  776. >What do you do?
  778. ---
  780. "Fine, fine," you say, getting off the bed. "I was just trying to be nice." You pat off your pants as you stand. "I'll just go see if Despina's more interested..."
  782. "Despina? What're you going to do with Despina?"
  784. "I'm going to fuck her," you reply, your brow furrowed. "What do you think?"
  786. "Oh, so Despina just gets my sloppy seconds?"
  788. "More like you get hers," you say, before sticking out your tongue. "Anyway, since obviously nothing is going to happen between us, I have no reason not to go rail the shit out of your older sister. Which I will do now, unless you have further objections."
  790. Chara looks very pointedly at the ceiling, her head slowly jerking as she considers different parts. "W-well, if it's down to me to protect Despina... I suppose it's my duty as a little sister, especially considering that, if you think about it, I got the two of us into this mess."
  792. "You have no such duty. Despina's going to love what I do to her."
  794. Chara's mouth opens and closes several times. "Be that as it do," she settles on, "it's still my duty to protect my sister." She leans over the bed, her ass hanging up in the air. "Take my last virginity," she says, "if you must..."
  796. "Chara, do you actually want me to fuck you?"
  798. It takes her a while to answer that. "I would enjoy it if you fucked me," she goes with. "I'm not saying I want you to, since that would imply that I like you."
  800. "But you like me fucking you?"
  802. "...maybe?"
  806. ---
  808. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  809. Chapter 32
  811. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells ("Baron" among your friends), and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  813. You've had many an adventure; married two women (Adelle and Arenne), raped and mindbroke a tanukigirl into your fucktoy (Kini), defeated, captured, and raped a would-be human assassin (Lorenne), made friends with a conqueror (Erosette)... and more, besides.
  815. Your first wife is pregnant with your son after your recent adventures in the Allimas. You arrived home with her, Kini, and Lorenne in tow, and had a nice family dinner. You've told Kini you'll attend to her later, fucked Despina after Chara's complaining made her leave, spent the night with Arenne and made sweet love to her in the morning, took Arenne out on a date...
  817. Maintaining so many relationships is so much work, sometimes.
  819. Plus, there's the lingering possibility that your younger brother, Levy, was conspiring with your new rape toy, Lorenne, to kill your older brother and you. That needs to be dealt with sooner or later, one way or another.
  821. Chara has just presented her ass to you, ripe for the taking, after you suggested you'd go off and fuck her older sister. Seems like jealousy is an even larger motivator for the younger Satyress than you would've thought...
  823. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  825. ---
  827. You loom over Chara, her little ass presented to the air, her small breasts pressing into the bed, her hands already wrapped around the sheets in preparation. She gave you permission to fuck her, to take her virginity, but you're not doing that unless she asks. And she's not asking. She's close, you can see it in her expression, she wants it but... she's not asking. Not just yet.
  829. You just stand there, thoughts forming and unforming. Chara nervously glances up at you out of the corner of her eye, her face pressed flat into the bed. "W-well? Are you going to do it or what?"
  831. "Or what," you decide, kneeling down behind Chara, pressing your lips to her sex, tonguing her insides. Her doe tail wags just above your head, her little butt squirming from side to side in response to your oral ministrations. She doesn't taste good, but she doesn't taste awful, either. Her taste is odd, though at least she's enjoying herself, little hiccups and gasps as your tongue runs up and down her lower lips, swishing from side to side, making her shiver in pleasure.
  833. "A-ah..." she mumbles as you lap at her clit, squirming on the bed, and you hear her fingers dig into the sheets, making them scrunch up around her as you tongue her, preparing her, feeding her pleasure. You suckle, you kiss, you lap, you run your tongue up and down and around every part of her sex. Every time she approaches orgasm, you ease off, leaving her squirming, juices leaking into her fur as she calms down again. She just makes little whines and whimpers at each orgasm you deny her, still too proud to beg. You do it again and again, watching and enjoying as the cracks in her defenses widen, growing larger at each missed orgasm, her mewls and whines and whimpers growing louder, more pathetic, with each failure to come.
  835. When you pull away from her the fifth time, her eyes are rolled up, her ass bouncing around in frantic, manic circles, her brow creased in a mixture of pleasure and desperation, desire for you to finish her off overwhelming her faculties, her fingers still tightly gripping the sheets. "Next time," you say as you lean over her, whispering in her ear, "ask for it."
  837. She's still incoherent, and before she can form words, you pull down your pants. She sighs in relief, mumbling out a whiny "finally," obviously expecting that the raging inferno in her pussy will finally be put out. It won't. Instead of shoving it inside her soaking wet sex, you press the tip of your cock at her puckered little asshole. "Y-you said," she argues, stammering, desperate.
  839. "You said," you reply, taking one hand and gripping her shoulder, "not to." She tenses up as you push in, and it just makes the motion all the more sweet, her ass as tight as it was the first time you took it, the ambivalence on her face exciting you further. You watch as her desire for release wars against other, countervailing emotions - hatred, jealousy, anger, pride - and eventually wins out, her expression losing all its defiance, submission and acceptance obvious on her features. By the time you're buried fully inside her, she's working with you, her little legs pushing her butt backwards into you, her asshole relaxed and easier to press into. Her tail wags happily in response to your presence in her asshole, and she pants as you start to pull out, like she's just had a very bad itch scratched.
  841. You gradually find your rhythm, your pace level, controlled. Neither frantic or languid, but mutually enjoyable, her body bouncing back and forth on the bed as you fuck her. One hand runs along her side, slow, teasing, before finally wrapping around to toy with her little breast through her shirt, and she gasps in pleasure at the new stimulation. The other takes the opposite journey, slowly running down from her armpit to her groin, finding her clit among the fur and circling it, teasing, making her let out another whine of anguished desire. This time you don't slow down or stop as she nears her orgasm, pulling her gently over the edge, and she responds beautifully when you finally finish her off, her whole body twitching as she gasps for breath, her eyes rolled up, her tongue lolling out.
  843. "If you ask," you say, leaning over her, whispering in her ear, "you'll get that from the start." Chara just nods, head on the bed, unable to talk, and you keep up your action in her groin, one finger teasing her clit as you fuck her ass long and hard, your hand groping and toying with her breast, rough. Her fingers relax around the sheets as the action continues, her eyes lidding, her actions sleepy, submissive, dead to the world.
  845. Her responses to you are small, but nonetheless intoxicating for the undisguised desire they represent. The little pushes forward and back, mirroring your movements as you saw in and out of her. The way she gasps and pants when you move your groin just so, your cock twisting her insides. The long, gentle mewls of weakness and desire, each time your attentions bring her over the line, pushing her into orgasm.
  847. You remove your hand from her breast, instead grabbing one of her horns, pulling her head up and twisting it to face you, pressing your lips to hers. She lets out a muffled protest, her hands coming up, but when you fix her with a level glare and stop your fucking instantly, her arms fall back down, and she lets your tongue explore her mouth without resistance. A kiss in exchange for an ass-fuck.
  849. You're approaching your own orgasm, of course - that's half the reason why you kissed her - and you let your finger on her clit work faster, diddling her frantically. Her tongue wriggles in her mouth, not out of any desire to please you or kiss you, but in automatic response to the pleasure washing through her body, the motions random, unpredictable. When she orgasms for what you think is the fourth time this session, her ass clenching tight around your cock, desperately milking at it, you give up the goods, coming inside her sweet little butthole, filling it with your seed before finally collapsing, the two of your bodies falling onto the bed.
  851. Chara huffs and puffs, as much from her orgasm as from your weight pressing down on her, and she just lies there, a little bit of drool staining the sheets where her mouth hangs open, gasping desperately.
  853. >What do you do?
  855. ---
  857. You roll over, wrapping your arms around Chara and pulling her with you, making her give a little squeak as she's forced to flip onto her backside, your cock twisting around in her insides. You grab one of her horns, forcing her head around so that it faces you, and kiss her. Her protests are muffled, useless, and your tongue invades her mouth. In her position she can't struggle effectively, and you just enjoy your stolen kiss, running your hands along her body, teasingly, tantalizingly. When you finally pull your mouth away from hers, she gasps for breath, breathing heavily once more.
  859. "If you ask for it, I'll give it to you," you say, staring straight into her eyes, your voice level.
  861. "A-ask for what?" Chara says, rolling her eyes, defenses already rising back up. "What do you have that I want so badly?" She sucks in a sudden breath as you let your finger run along her lower lips, her eyes flicking upward automatically.
  863. "You know it. I know it. All you have to do is ask."
  865. "Pffuh, I have no idea what you're talking about," she lies, poorly, and you finally pull her off of you, your cock making a soft "pop" as it exits her ass completely, some of your cum leaking out. Embarrassed, Chara's hand quickly covers her dainty little ass, hiding the white sticky substance that's still escaping, and you just gently toss her onto the bed before rising yourself and getting dressed.
  867. "Something to think about," you tell her, before leaving.
  869. >What do you do?
  871. ---
  873. You find Despina elsewhere, hard at work trying to get Juniper to be hard at work, the little faerie pouting, complaining, and grousing at every turn, doing her job as poorly as humanly possible. After taking a brief glance around for any sign of Arenne, you come up behind Despina, grabbing one of her big tits in either hand, kneading the flesh, making her gasp in surprise then practically collapse back into you, eyes lidding in pleasure.
  875. "Chara's being stubborn," you say, voice a whisper in Despina's ear. "If you can think of anything to say to her, please do."
  877. "Stubborn about?" Despina asks, quiet as well, slightly rotating her hips so that her breasts move in your grip.
  879. "Admitting what she wants," you explain. "Giving in to me."
  881. "Oh..." Despina says, half a moan, half a realization. "I don't think I could say anything to change her mind. She's a willful girl."
  883. You give her a quick suckle at the neck, making her giggle awkwardly before pushing you away. "Thanks. If you see an opportunity, though..." you trail off, and Despina nods.
  885. Kini takes longer to find. You fetch a nice brush first, but she's not in her room, or the halls, and for a moment you worry she's run away. Finally, genuine worry starting to creep into your thoughts, you head to Adelle's room, hoping that the sensory aspect of her magic will assist. But Kini's there, curled up in a ball, head resting on Adelle's lap, her tail wagging softly back and forth as Adelle scratches her behind the ears, reading a book with the other hand.
  887. When Adelle sees you, she perks up, setting down her book, prompting Kini to open her eyes as well. The expression Adelle's giving you makes you feel a bit guilty, and you wonder how long it's been since you last fucked her.
  889. "Sorry, darling," you say to Adelle, turning your attention down to Kini, "I came here looking for Kini."
  891. The way Adelle's shoulders slump is pitious, but she just shakes her head and picks up her book, giving Kini a little push in the back. "As you wish, my lord. Kini, go with your master now, he wants you."
  893. "Yes, Lady Nell," Kini says, hopping off the bed and following you. You scratch her behind the ears as you guide her to your bedroom, closing the door behind the two of you. Her tail wags very softly, lightly, as the door closes and locks.
  895. >What do you do?
  897. ---
  899. You sit down on the side of the bed, then pat your thighs. "Come here, pet," you say, and Kini dutifully obeys, hopping up on your lap like a little girl, her head coming up just below your chin. You take the brush and start sweeping it through her short brown hair, and she shivers, eyes lidding, in reaction. "You're a very good girl," you say, voice sweet as you pet her, and she just nods slightly in response. "Is Adelle being mean to you at all? I can speak to her if she is."
  901. "N-no, master," Kini says, shaking her head. "She gives me head scratches and sometimes gives me treats. She's being nice and treating me like I'm your pet, which I a-am."
  903. "That's good to hear," you say, still running your brush through her hair, enjoying the way she shivers under your attentions, obviously happy to be brushed. "Is there anything you'd like us to do, pet? You've been a very good girl, and I want you to be happy."
  905. "I want whatever you want, master," Kini says, head bowed. "I'm your pet, so I want to make sure to make you happy... do you want me to lick you like a good pet?" She rotates her head around, her tongue coming out to run along her lips. "Or do you want one of my other holes?" She rotates her butt on your groin, making your cock harden in response. "I'm a good girl, so I'll do whatever you want, master."
  907. >What do you do?
  909. ---
  911. "That's very sweet of you to say, pet," you note, putting down the brush and kissing the top of her head. "Why don't you get things started with a blowjob? We'll see where it goes from there."
  913. "Yes, master," Kini says, nodding demurely as she hops off your lap. She struggles with your pants for a moment, and you help her, letting her pull them down to your ankles and then off, your shoes and socks soon following them. Kini hesitates, then kisses your feet, one then the other, her tail still as she does it. Only then does she get up, eyes level with your diamond hard cock, and she looks up at you, a vulnerable, submissive expression on her face as she does.
  915. You widen your thighs, and Kini waddles forward, sniffing at your cock as she runs one hand slowly up and down its length, testing it, readying it. She leans forward, lapping at your base, right where your balls meet your cock, and she stares up at you, her expression obedient and docile. You let her little tongue makes its way up and down your cock, occasionally just craning your head back in pleasure, and reach down, scratching her behind the ears, making her whimper softly in pleasure, her eyes lidding as she continues to lap at your cock. The two of you go on like that for a while, Kini's tongue exploring every inch of your manhood, her hands running up and down your length, her eyes staring up at you, studying your expression, adjusting her behavior at the slightest sign of discontent from you. She sniffs and licks and kisses up and down your manhood, the motions tantalizing as she continues to stroke your length.
  917. At last, Kini moves up to the top of your cock plants a kiss on the head, her tongue lapping at it for a moment, taking up your precum. You let her set the pace, and she continues to tease, gently, her tongue running circles around your cockhead, her gaze still set on your face, and she occasionally takes a deep breath through her nose, her eyes lidding each time as your scent fills her nostrils. When you can't take her slow, teasing, tantalizing acts any longer, you gently pull on the back of her head, your finger still scratching behind her ears, and she obediently presses forward, lips stretching wide to wrap around your cock as she slowly pushes herself down it.
  919. That odd pseudo-purr starts up in her throat again, but this time, your cock is already deep inside her mouth, and the vibrations carry into your manhood, making your fingers tense around her head, your scratching stopping momentarily as the pleasure brings you tantalizingly close to the edge. Kini just stops, tail swishing back and forth, eyes staring up at you, expectantly, until you calm down and your fingers loosen around her head again.
  921. Your calm regained, she starts to work up and down your length again, gradually quickening her pace, her eyes closing, tear droplets coming out as she starts to fuck her face on your cock, lips pounding up and down, throat wrapping around your manhood again and again as she furiously works her way up and down your cock. Her tail wags back and forth, sweeping along the ground, and your continued scratching makes her throat do wonderful things around your cock each time you enter it.
  923. When you start to grow close to the edge again, Kini keeps fucking, her focus turning from your face to your groin as she furiously works her lips up and down your length. You stop her, however, pushing her back and off, and she sits there, a tiny pout on her cute little lips. "Master, please, give me your yummy cum. I'm a good girl, aren't I?"
  925. >What do you do?
  927. ---
  929. "You are a good girl, pet," you say, relenting, pulling your hand away from her forehead. "Go ahead and make me cum, then drink all you like."
  931. "Thank you, master," Kini says, before thrusting her face down your cock, burying her lips in your pubes and then wriggling, her throat doing incredible things to your cock as she does, her eyes closed in concentration. After a few excruciatingly pleasurable seconds, she pulls up, her lips wrapping around the head of your cock, her little hands jerking you off frantically, her eyes begging and pleading for your cum as her tongue dances inside her mouth. It doesn't take long for you to go off, coating the inside of her mouth with your white sticky gunk, and she takes on this hazy, dreamlike look as your cum fills her mouth.
  933. She continues to sleepily lap and suckle your cock after you finish, gradually pulling her face closer and closer to your abdomen as your cock deflates, your cum still filling her mouth. When you're finally completely flaccid, she pulls away, craning her head up, opening wide to show you your cum on her tongue, the little thing practically coated white, before she closes it and gulps. "Thank you for your present, master," she says when she opens her mouth again, this time devoid of semen. "I'm glad you think I'm a good girl."
  935. When she stands up to leave, you stop her, wrapping your hand around her wrist. "You're not done, pet," you say. "Take off all your clothes," you order. Kini turns back to you, then nervously grabs the bottom of her dress, pulling it up and over her head, her cute little flat chest revealed to your sight. She doesn't hesitate to continue disrobing, pulling her panties down before kicking them off, then stands in front of you, gloriously nude, her tail slightly curling forward in anxiety and fear. "Come sit on your master's lap, pet," you say, pulling your thighs together, and she hops up quickly, sitting just above your limp cock, her tail uncurling slightly to roll around her ass. You reach down, one hand on her clit, the other on one of her breasts. "I want you to make your clit bigger the more I play with it. Can you do that, pet?" Kini gives a tiny nod, her expression slightly scared. "Do the same with your breasts. The more I play with them, the bigger they should get." Kini nods again, this time more comfortable, more understanding.
  937. With one hand, you reach down to her groin, gently running your index finger around her clit, feeling as it escapes its hood and starts to grow. The process is slow, and in the meanwhile you wrap your other hand around one of her practically nonexistent little breasts, playing with it, feeling as it expands, soft flesh greeting your hand as you keep playing with it. You lean down, nibbling on one of her ears, making her squirm and gasp, the combined attentions to her clit and breast making her start to leak love juices out, the wet reaching down onto your thighs as you continue to finger her. Within a few minutes, her clit is the size of your thumb, and you order her to stop growing it, instead simply stroking it softly with your thumb and index finger, making her flinch involuntarily, little gasps escaping, her tail beating back and forth. You tighten your grip on her clit, and that pushes her over the edge, and she mewls quietly, head pressing back into you, as she cums, squirting love juices out all over your thighs and onto the floor.
  939. Her breasts, are still growing slowly, now big enough to cup one in either hand, soft and easily molded in your grip. You pull your hand away from her clit, instead bringing it up to her mouth, the scent of her juices still heavy on it. She automatically opens her mouth to suckle on your fingers, which quickly find their way into her mouth. You start to get a bit rougher with her increasingly large breasts, pinching her nipples gently, kneading the mass of flesh, and Kini starts to moan around your hand, her tongue still working to coat your fingers in her slobber. Her eyes roll up as you lean down to nibble on her ear once more, your little love bites making her pant in pleasure. "Talk to your master, pet. Tell him how you feel," you whisper into her furry dog ears, moving your hand out of her mouth, gently gliding it down her backside.
  941. "Your hands f-feel so good, master," Kini says, and she takes a sharp intake of breath as one of your fingers starts to press past her butthole. By now, her breasts are unduly large, so big around that they'd be hard to fit in one hand each. "I-I love the taste of your c-cum, master, but th-this is almost as good," she says, voice shaking as you start to finger her asshole, still toying with her increasingly large boobs, spreading your fingers wide to squeeze as much of the titflesh as possible. "I-I love m-my master's cock, I love m-my master's hands," she says, her eyes rolling up in pleasure as you finger her asshole and play with her breast some more, tweaking the nipples this way and that. "I l-love my m-master," she hisses out before orgasming again, the noise she makes in response a mixture of gasp and squeal, quiet enough Arenne shouldn't hear but obviously full of pleasure.
  943. By now, your cock is fully erect once more, sliding up and down across her slick slit as she grinds her butt in your groin. Her eyes are rolled up in pleasure, and she's mewling like the obedient little fuck pet she is, her head twisted around to kiss and lick at your neck, your hands still playing with her tits and ass.
  945. >What do you do?
  947. ---
  949. "Your breasts are big enough already, pet," you say. "Stop letting them grow." You can't feel the change, but you're certain her breasts won't continue to grow. You pull your finger out of her butt, and grab her under the armpits, lifting her up and putting her down on the bed. You'd guess her tits are around the same size as Despina's, but on her much smaller frame, they seem even larger still, nearly as large as her head. "Entice your master, pet," you say, your voice dominating. "Make him want to fuck you. Tell me how much you want my cock in you."
  951. Kini gulps and nods, getting on her knees, her ass raised high in the air, her hands reaching around to pull at either of her little buttcheeks, her massive breasts pressing into the bed. "Please, master," she murmurs, the side of her face on the bedspread, "fuck your pet. She's so horny, master, she promises to be good, she wants your cock in her so bad. I love your cock inside me, I want to feel it stretching my pussy out to the size it should have been in the first place, master. I'm your pet, you own me, my body exists to please you, I exist to please you, please, master, use me, let me fulfill my purpose."
  953. You grip your cock and press into her, making her tail straighten briefly before it starts to wag back and forth, Kini's eyes rolling up as you press into her tight, girlish, sex, slowly, her mouth going wide. You reach down for her tits, pulling her up by them as you fuck her butt, the pillowy soft flesh easily adjusting to your grip, forming depressions along the lines of your fingers. You lean over her, nibbling at her ears, as you pound in and out of her, fucking her fast and hard. She orgasms long before you do, her eyes rolling up as she pants out her pleasure, expression simultaneously ecstatic and out of it. You carry on fucking her for a while, and she starts to speak again, her language enticing, full of desire.
  955. "I love my master," she says, "I love his cock and his cum and his big strong body, I love when he fucks me and orders me to please him, because that means I'm a good girl for him and that's what I'm supposed to be. I love when he fucks me in all three of my holes, I love it no matter how hard it is, I don't want him to ever get tired of fucking me and feeding me his juicy tasty cum, I want to be his loyal, obedient, fuck pet," she says, orgasming again as she finishes her thought, "foreveeeeeeeeer..." she says, her eyes lidding as she goes limp in your grasp, her insides clutching at you, pleasure obvious on her face.
  957. You let her fall down onto the bed and pull out of her sex with a wet noise, and physically move her around so her head leans off the side of the bed while she recovers from her latest, most intense orgasm. When her eyes start to refocus, you lean over her, moving your head down towards her groin and wrapping your lips around her clit and starting to suck, your cock near her face.
  959. Kini's not stupid, so her hands reach out to your cock, stroking it, guiding it closer to her lips so she can lick and suckle and worship it, running her tongue up and down its length, kissing gently and happily. Occasionally the tonguing you give her clit makes her shiver, soft moans reaching your ears as she temporarily goes insensate from pleasure. With one hand you reach down to her now massive breasts, enjoying the pillowy soft sensation as it yields to your hands. After a while of enjoying the soft, gentle cock worship with her hands and mouth that Kini can manage in this position, you lean up, gripping the base of your cock with one hand, the other one taking control of Kini's chin.
  961. In reply to your unspoken command, Kini's mouth drops open, her eyes twinkling with desire, her expression soft, obedient, and you press your cock slowly past her lips, easily entering her throat, before leaning over her to suckle at her clit again. With your two hands, you play with her sex and asshole as you give her a long, slow facefucking, enjoying the moans and mewls around your cock as they emanate from her throat and send vibrations through your manhood.
  963. You start to ask her whether she likes it here or there, poking and prodding at her clit, sex, and asshole, and with your cock clogging her mouth, all she can do is mumble and moan in the affirmative or negative to each sensation. Soon enough she's squirming underneath you as you find each and every one of her weakpoints, her obedience allowing you to quickly overwhelm all her defenses and drive her deep into the depths of pleasure. When you ever-so-lightly nibble on her clit, she orgasms again, a spray of her juices going across your bed, and you shove your cock deep down her throat, enjoying the vibrations around your length as you cut off her moan with your manhood.
  965. When she finishes riding out her orgasm, you pull back, letting her breathe, and she takes in deep gasps around your cock, the warmth of her breath tickling you, but offers no complaint regarding her previous inability to breath; in fact, her hands come up, gently running across your chest as you continue to play with her lower body. You carry on like that for a while, letting Kini savor the taste and smell of your cock, your balls tapping against her nose again and again as you keep teasing and playing with her lower regions.
  967. Eventually she orgasms again, and again you shove your length down her throat, letting her moan directly into your cock. This time, however, you lean back up, grabbing her two abnormally large breasts, one in either hand, and using the soft and pliant flesh as grips, fucking her face hard and fast. The only sound she gives is a soft glug glug, and her hands reach over for you, running across your body, exploratory, worshipful, obedient. You just continue to pound away at her face, brutally abusing her and her throat, but like the good pet she is, she gives no complaint or even sign that she's not enjoying herself, other than the tears running upside down on her face. In fact, the little pants, sighs, gasps and moans of pleasure around your cock suggest it's just the opposite, that Kini is enjoying the way you're using her throat.
  969. After a remarkably short time of this, you come, and you pull back so that your cockhead is just past her lips, filling her mouth with your creamy juice and watching as she hums softly in bliss at your taste.
  971. >What do you do?
  973. ---
  975. You slowly move around, Kini's mouth following your flagging cock as you sit down on the side of the bed, sighing in exhaustion. Her cute little features scrunch up, her lips still wrapped around you, as she licks and suckles the last of your cum away, halfway curled up into your lap. You reach down, gently petting her and scratching her ears, her little hums of pleasure vibrating your softening cock before she finally comes off with a pop.
  977. "You're a very good girl, pet," you say, voice soothing, watching her features as she dreamily sucks at your cock, enjoying the taste of your cum still in her mouth. "You made your master very happy. I really enjoyed this session, and I know you did too, and that makes me happy as well, you understand?" Kini nods from her position in your groin, before finally pulling off, wiping at her mouth with the back of her hand. You grab your sheet and, seeing that it's already coated with a decent amount of Kini's juices, use it to wipe at her face, getting the spit and tears where they've accrued. "Now put your breasts back to normal and get dressed. Then... I don't know, go do whatever you were doing earlier with Adelle."
  979. "Yes, master," Kini says, hopping off the bed, her breasts quickly disappearing into nothingness, picking up the panties and dress she abandoned earlier. You can't help but notice that her panties are slightly damp in the front area, even though she took them off long before you did anything besides letting her suck your cock.
  981. When Kini leaves the room, you flop back on the bed, a little exhausted from the sex. Your eyes close, and before you realize it, you're asleep, a quick nap before dinner.
  985. A soft rapping noise comes from the door, and Adelle slowly opens it, peaking her head inside. She smiles when she sees you, her eyes running across your body, enjoying the sight of your cock, still exposed to the air. She runs her tongue absently along her upper lip before her eyes flick up to yours, a slight flush to her cheeks. "My lord," she says, bowing her head for a moment, "the servants have prepared dinner. Please get dressed and come?"
  987. >What do you do?
  989. ---
  991. "Ah, yeah, just a second, darling," you say. Adelle nods, still peaking through the doorway, and you give her a knowing smirk as you grab your pants and pull them on, then put on socks and shoes before heading out. As Adelle and you walk to dinner, you wrap one hand around her, reaching down and toying with her ass; she reciprocates in kind, her own hand playfully kneading your butt cheek, giving you a desirous look. You lean towards her, whispering in her ear. "I may need your help with Lorenne later."
  993. Adelle breaks into a positively sadistic smile, and she leans towards you, kissing you on the lips. "I would be honored, my lord," she says.
  995. At dinner, things are a bit more comfortable in some ways than others. Kini sits on the floor next to you again, and Adelle and Arenne are on either side. This time, Arenne seems to have finally realized how odd Kini's positioning is, though she avoids comment. You feed her, occasionally, putting your hand on her knee a couple times during dinner, just enough to remind her that you're there, and that you care about her.
  997. Adelle practically squirms in her sit, her fingers playing with her food, nervous, and she absently reaches over to Kini, offering your pet her fingers to lick food off of, before reaching around and scratching the tanukigirl's ears, hard. The noise is loud, representative of much more energy than normal, and while Kini seems to enjoy it, Adelle's expression is tight, worrisome. You move over towards her, running our hand up her thigh, and it calms her almost instantly, as she reaches down for your hand, gently guiding it towards her sex. You pull away before you get very far, though, and her shoulders slacken, annoyed, but at least somewhat less tense.
  999. Chara and Despina are sitting side by side again, the younger monstergirl less... pouty, than she was when you last had dinner. She adjusts from time to time in her seat, as if from soreness on her butt, and Despina awkwardly glances back and forth from the younger Satyress to you, to Arenne, indeterminate. Chara avoids your gaze altogether, staring at her food, or occasionally at Despina, or even more occasionally glaring smugly over at Juniper, who's still got all Chara's chores.
  1001. Juniper is glaring at you, and not doing much else, occasionally spooning some little bit of food into her mouth as she fixes you with a death glare. You just widen your eyes and make a little head shaking motion, as if to say, "oooh, I'm so scared," without saying it, before you let your eyes wander further.
  1003. Elisetta's prim, polite, speaking in soft tones with Arenne, who occasionally makes some positive or negative comment on whatever Elisetta's speaking about. From what you catch, it sounds as though they're discussing business, or economics, or management, Elisetta repeating things back to Arenne and Arenne confirming or denying Elisetta's grasp of the situation or principle at work.
  1005. >What do you do?
  1007. ---
  1009. You turn your attention towards Arenne and Elisetta's conversation, which turns out to be about the economics of the local farmland. From what Elisetta says and Arenne confirms, you get the impression that there is a relatively small variety of local crops, which carries certain risks with it - plague or blight could take much of them out. Diversification seems like a good path forward, but it requires new crops to replace the old ones, ones that farmers are willing to take a risk on.
  1011. Arenne has previously suggested opium poppy, which sounds vaguely familiar, as well as the herbs that make up that lung medicine that you purchased, as possibilities for crops to add. Much more valuable and not requiring large swaths of land to be productive; opium poppy is recreational, the herbs are medicinal, rather than the local grains and tubers, which are staples. Either one might greatly improve the local economy, but while Arenne's identified some of the herbs from the medicine, she doesn't recognize all of them, and it's entirely possible that they don't all grow in the same place.
  1013. As you listen to Arenne and Elisetta's business conversation, Adelle's hand starts to snake along your thigh, and you just let her softly play with you under the table, running her hands up and down your cock. It seems to calm her, somewhat, that you accept it without complaint, even reaching down and gently urging her on, and she keeps teasing you for the remainder of the meal. When it finally finishes, she pulls her hand away, standing up with you as you bring her along to Patina.
  1015. You yank the hammer out of Patina's ass unceremoniously, earning a lascivious smile from Adelle. "Get Patina ready to play with Bitch," you say, and Adelle nods, obedient as ever, and presses her hands on the coppergirl's head, closing her eyes, undoing whatever damage she dealt. Patina  stands, sluggish, her arms limp and useless. She fixes you with a look that would be pitious on a human face, but here just represents the control you have over the coppergirl. "Come with me, Patina," you say, and Patina follows, obedient, docile, as you descend down into the basement where the zombies are still keeping an eye on Lorenne.
  1017. Lorenne reacts to your presence silently, tensing up rather than squirming, her eyes wandering over Patina, who despite the fact that she's a head taller than you, has followed you without complaint, knowing that she has no real choice, and possibly already somewhat addicted to your cum. After looking over the coppergirl, Lorenne turns to you, expression defiant, raising her chin up slightly, her eyes a steady glare.
  1019. >What do you do?
  1021. ---
  1023. "Hello, Bitch," you say, as you walk steadily towards her. You give Adelle a quick gesture, pointing at Patina, and Adelle reaches out, freezing the coppergirl in place for the moment, giving you the ability to lean over Lorenne without worry, getting so close your breath is in her face. She squirms, uselessly, in her bindings, the rope digging into skin and leaving reddish marks all along her body. You admire her body for a moment, drinking in the tanned, muscular, scarred beauty while it lasts. The zombies can feed her and keep her clean, but they can't exercise her, so she probably won't be in shape for that much longer, not unless you come up with a way to turn her brain to mush like you did with Kini, or you're doing with Patina. Since she's not a monstergirl, though, that's unlikely.
  1025. You place your knife at her throat. "Same as last time. You scream, you die. Understand?" Lorenne nods, slightly, and you pull the gag away from her mouth, watching as she sputters and licks her lips, trying to get the taste and feel of rope out of her mouth. "Why did you kill my brother, Bitch?"
  1027. "Why do you fucking think, ass-" but she's cut off when you slap her, hard, across the face, your palm open, a red shape appearing on her cheek from the force.
  1029. "Deference, Bitch," you say, voice harsh. "I'm a noble, you're just a criminal. Show some fucking respect."
  1031. "Fuck-" another slap, "you-" another slap. You keep slapping her again and again, over and over, while she continues in vain, insulting you pointlessly, until she's started to cry from the pain, blinking away tears and pretending nothing's wrong. But at that point she stops cursing you.
  1033. "Good, Bitch," you say, voice sadistically smooth. "You've already made the first step towards becoming acclimated to your new position in life."
  1035. "Fuck you," she spits, earning her another slap, this one particularly harsh. She glares at you, tears in her eyes, and spits on the ground, blood from where, you guess, she accidentally bit her cheek, mixing with saliva in a disgusting combination. But, you note, she didn't spit at you.
  1037. "So, why did you kill my brother, Bitch?"
  1039. "Who says I did?" You slap her, hard, and she grits her teeth, angry. "What did I fucking-" another slap, "what did I do," she grits out, giving you a death glare. You can work on that later. Step one is getting her to mind her language.
  1041. "Don't use 'I,'" you explain. "You're Bitch from now on. Call yourself that."
  1043. "Oh, fuck you," she says, and you slap her again, before sticking the gag back in her mouth, cutting off any continued protestations.
  1045. "I'll let you think about whether or not you'd prefer to be able to speak at all," you say, turning to Patina and Adelle. Adelle's cheeks are flushed, her expression practically ecstatic, and you notice out of the corner of your eye that Lorenne has fixed her with the death glare, now. "Get Patina ready," you tell your wife, "make it so she can move her hands and arms, but too slowly to be a threat. Can you do that for me?"
  1047. Adelle nods, putting her hand on the back of Patina's head, and you watch as the coppergirl slowly comes to life again. Her arms move slowly, languidly, and you jerk your head over at Lorenne. "If you do what I say with Bitch, you'll get a tasty cum treat," you say. Patina hesitates, but moves towards Lorenne, her head twisting back towards you when she gets close. "Lie down and put Bitch on top of you," you order, and Patina obeys, slowly but inevitably lifting the much lighter Lorenne on top of her. "Now, put one of your fingers into Bitch's asshole." Again, Patina obeys, reaching down and shoving a finger up Lorenne's butt, making the murderess squirm at the sudden intrusion, the cold of the metal on the inside of her ass. "Now, take your other hand, and grab her tongue." That takes more doing, working past the gag before catching Lorenne's squirming tongue between Patina's thumb and forefinger. Lorenne tries to bite down, but it accomplishes nothing, the metal too tough to penetrate.
  1049. "Play with her ass, like you are," you order, as you pull down your pants. Lorenne grunts as Patina's finger starts to worm inside her butthole, wriggling up and down as she does, tears breaking free anew from the strength and roughness of the anal abuse. "Use as many fingers as you can," you continue, before shoving your rock hard cock inside of Lorenne. "Ah, fuck yeah, Bitch," you say, as you start to thrust, giving less than no regard to her comfort. You slap her tits, the motion random, harsh. Her insides are warm and wet, and you'd almost think she was willing if you didn't know better. Her face tells a different story, eyes rolling up, not in pleasure, but in an attempt to go someplace else, and you slap her face, hard. The motion is jarring, but she can't really move, not with Patina's grip on her tongue. "Stay here, Bitch. This is the real world. This is your life now. Don't run off."
  1051. She just cries, tears light but real, and gives some muffled response, a mixture of angry and desperate. "Oh, you like this?" She shakes her head, grunting, but you pretend that you misunderstand. "That's what I thought, Bitch. Your hole's so fucking wet, I know you love this," you continue, fucking her, hard. "How about if I fill you up with my seed? Make you carry my bastards? You'd make a pretty sexy broodmare, Bitch." The burst of tears that break forth now are no longer from pain alone, but emotional, as she shakes her head desperately, practically begging you not to do it. You don't have any plans to - at the very least not before Arenne's got a kid or two in her - but that doesn't mean you can't taunt her with it.
  1053. "Patina," you say, at last, "take your fingers out of Bitch's ass and put 'em in her mouth. Hold it wide open for me, yeah?" Patina's fingers slowly come out of Lorenne ass - by this point, there were three of the thick, cold, metal things shoved up her asshole, and they come free slowly, with a minor sigh of relief from Lorenne. That sigh disappears, though, turning into squirming, trying to escape, when the hand comes up, sliding between teeth and fitting in the side of her mouth, holding it open. She gags and sputters, the taste of shit filling her mouth, and Patina's other hand mirrors the motion, and soon enough Lorenne's held in a position that's dead certain to keep her jaw sore and her mouth open.
  1055. You pull out of her cunt and slam into her asshole without any foreplay, the motion almost painful to you, and definitely painful to Lorenne, who makes a muffled wail that quickly turns into mewling as you fuck her tight, perfect ass. You reach up for her face, caressing her cheeks softly, gently. "Just give in, Bitch. Give in. Give in. Don't resist, don't fight, it'll be so much easier, then." Lorenne cries, but shakes her head as much as she's able, giving an angry noise from the back of her throat. You slap her clit in response, making her half-shriek in pain, and then you move both hands up to her breasts, slapping them hard, right on her nipples alternating and shifting the pattern so that she can't predict which one will be hit next, or whether it'll be both. Your ass pounding continues as tears stream down her cheeks, her eyes staring up at the ceiling, empty, desperate, and you slap her face again, pulling her out of it, making the tears flow anew. "This is it, Bitch. This is your life, now. Nothing you can do will change that."
  1057. Again she shakes her head, and this time, you pull out of her ass, moving towards her mouth. She squirms and struggles, expecting you to shove your cock in past her forced-open teeth, but you don't. No sense taking unnecessary risks. Instead, you aim your cock at her mouth at let forth a high-density stream of piss, filling her mouth with your urine. She sputters, swallows, chokes, spits, and tries everything, but in short order her mouth is full of piss and it's starting to leak out the sides even as she squirms to try to force some of it out that way. She gurgles, bubbles popping up through the yellow liquid, and at last, closing her eyes to blink away the tears, starts to swallow, glugging down your piss.
  1059. Then you take your still hard cock and move it over to Patina, who's been obediently keeping Lorenne in line all this time, and offer her your cock. She doesn't hesitate, leaning forward automatically, lips searching, and you rub her head as she sucks you off, tongue lapping as you softly fuck her face and throat. "That's your purpose, Patina," you say, as she sucks away. "This is all you exist for. You're my property. A masturbation aid. You're not a person, you're a thing." Patina just sucks away, ignoring you. "It's not like you're good for anything else. Too stupid to be independent, too cum-addicted to be useful for much at all," you say, continuing to heap on abuse as her mouth gradually pulls you over the edge, and at last you release inside Patina's mouth, spewing ejaculate down her throat, leaning back and sighing as you come.
  1061. Adelle quickly rushes up next to you, placing her hands on Patina, closing her eyes and concentrating, eventually freezing the coppergirl in place altogether, Lorenne's mouth still forced open. She steps away for a moment, then looks at you. "Sorry for any inconvenience, my lord, but I couldn't risk her hurting you." You pull your now-flaccid cock out of Patina's mouth, which hangs open, utterly still. Lorenne's tongue wriggles inside her mouth as her head shakes slightly, trying to free itself from Patina's grasp while she's frozen.
  1063. >What do you do?
  1065. ---
  1067. "Could you unfreeze Patina a bit, Adelle? Just her arms and hands, please. But keep them slow-moving."
  1069. "Yes, my lord," Adelle says, putting her hands on top of Patina's head and closing her eyes, then opening them again. "Done."
  1071. "Patina, take the hand that has only been in Bitch's mouth, and put as many fingers as you can fit in her ass. Then take the other hand and grab her tongue with it." Patina slowly moves, and Lorenne squirms, desperate, trying to clamp down her mouth, but it accomplishes nothing; in the end, four of Patina's fingers are shoved up Lorenne's asshole, and Lorenne's gagging and choking in response to the shit-covered fingers wrapped around her tongue. "Adelle? Keep the hand in Bitch's mouth in position, would you? And the arm that reaches down to her ass. Keep that from moving as well."
  1073. "Yes, my lord," Adelle says, obedient as ever. She performs her task once more.
  1075. "Patina, keep playing with her ass all night long. If Bitch isn't squirming from time to time, you're not doing enough. Bitch..." you say, turning your gaze back to Lorenne. "I'll come back in the morning. Don't shit yourself in the meanwhile."
  1077. Lorenne just sputters around Patina's fingers, unable to form any words or concepts.
  1079. Adelle wraps her fingers around yours as the two of you leave, leaning into you, resting her head on yours. You speak first. "Did you enjoy the show, darling?"
  1081. "Very much, my lord."
  1083. You kiss her on the top of her head. "Good," you say, heading up out of the basement and leaving Bitch behind to be tortured by Patina for the next several hours.
  1087. ---
  1089. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  1090. Chapter 33
  1092. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells ("Baron" among your friends), and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  1094. You've had many an adventure; married two women (Adelle and Arenne), raped and mindbroke a tanukigirl into your fucktoy (Kini), defeated, captured, and raped a would-be human assassin (Lorenne), made friends with a conqueror (Erosette)... and more, besides.
  1096. Your first wife is pregnant with your son after your recent adventures in the Allimas. You arrived home with her, Kini, and Lorenne in tow, and had a nice family dinner. You've told Kini you'll attend to her later, fucked Despina after Chara's complaining made her leave, spent the night with Arenne and made sweet love to her in the morning, took Arenne out on a date, buttfucked Chara, railed the shit out of Kini, and just now finished torturing Lorenne, leaving her with your coppergirl...
  1098. Maintaining so many relationships is so much work, sometimes.
  1100. Plus, there's the lingering possibility that your younger brother, Levy, was conspiring with your new rape toy, Lorenne, to kill your older brother and you. That needs to be dealt with sooner or later, one way or another.
  1102. You've left the cellar and headed up into the building itself, your first wife Adelle in tow, who has been giggling and pawing your the whole way, her eyes filled with desire.
  1104. >What do you do?
  1106. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  1108. ---
  1110. "Meet me in my room," you whisper in her ear, and she smiles, giddily, as she pulls away, heading off to your quarters. For your part, you find the bath and clean off your dick, testing it several times to make sure it's quite clean of all the smell of Lorenne's asshole. That done, you wipe it dry and stuff it back into your pants, heading to your room.
  1112. As you push open the door, you see Adelle, smiling, a slight flush to her cheeks as she sits completely nude on your bed, her clothing in a small, neatly folded pile nearby. Your eyes look up and down her body greedily, hungrily, as you close and lock the door behind you, and her cheeks turning a sharper and sharper shade of red as you slowly approach her before pressing your lips to hers. Her hands come up, wrapping around your back, gripping at your shirt, as you lift her off the bed and push her into the wall, her naked back pressed against it, your tongue exploring her mouth.
  1114. Your own hands, now freed from the task of moving her body, instead explore your wife's nude form, running up and down, cupping her breasts as you continue to kiss. You enjoy a sweet little moan into your mouth from your attention to her bosom, before one of your fingers finds its way down and into her sex, slowly fingering her. The activity inside of her makes her squirm beneath your attentions, her tongue going wild inside your mouth, and you finally pull your lips away from hers she looks up at you, eyes full of desire.
  1116. "I didn't tell you to take off your clothes," you say, voice a little harsh, more teasing than anything, your fingers still working her insides.
  1118. Her cheeks turn red again, and she starts to speak. "Sorry, my-"
  1120. "Come for me," you order, interrupting her, and she obeys, thrashing against the wall in the throes of her orgasm, her eyes rolling up. "Don't worry, darling, I like it," you say, before moving her back towards the bed, this time directing her to lie so that her head hangs over the side. You pull down your pants, your cock springing out, and start rubbing it against her cheeks. She eagerly tries to help you along, her hands coming up to massage your length and fondle your balls, giving your manhood little upside down kisses and licks when she can. You just gaze down at her beautiful, gorgeous body, fully on display, slightly glistening with sweat, the scent of her arousal already starting to fill your room.
  1122. When you grip the base of your cock, Adelle takes no time whatsoever to understand your intent, her hands falling away and her mouth opening wide, letting you easily push your way past her lips. You reach for her lovely round tits, taking a firm grip on them before you start to fuck her face in long, gentle strokes, enjoying the soft sounds of her throat yielding to you, the little hum that sends vibrations through your cock and keeps getting cut off every time you press into her throat again, the sight of her throat bulging as you slowly push yourself in completely.
  1124. Keeping up your pace in her throat, you reach away from her breasts for her legs, pulling them apart, and Adelle obediently complies with your commands, keeping them spread even when your hands pull away. You reach for her sex, toying idly with her clit, briefly fingering her, before pulling your hand away and bringing it back down with a sharp slap, making her gurgle in surprise on your cock, her whole body twitching in response to the sudden stimulus. She doesn't bring her legs back together, however, so you repeat the process several times. On the fifth, it coincides with an order. "Come for-" slap "-me," you say, and she obeys instantly, her body twitching, her throat going wild around your cock, making you groan with pleasure as you leave yourself buried inside her. She squirms a little underneath you, and you just watch as she takes your cock without complaint, her eyes closed, a look of forced calm on her face.
  1126. When you pull out, she gasps, and breathes heavily, turning her head to one side for a moment before thinking better of it and moving her head back. You're already clambering up over her onto the bed, however, placing your cock at her entrance, gently running your length over her slit, and she just sighs contentedly, eyes rolling up in a mixture of relief and preparation. After a couple seconds of teasing, you slip into her, leaning over her to kiss her, enjoying the feel as her hands come up to wrap tightly around your body, pulling you close, her own tongue working twice as hard as yours, her insides beginning to wrap tightly around you again and again even in the absence of orgasm. You pull your lips away from hers to speak. "When I come inside you, I want you to come with me. Can you do that, darling?"
  1128. Adelle nods, greedily, her lips curving up into a smile, as she repeats those words you love to hear. "Yes, my lord." Her hands leave your back, and even as you lean back down to kiss her once more, you know that she's playing with her clit and breasts, desperately trying to work herself up for you, to make the orgasm that'll match yours even stronger. You slowly ramp up your pace, feigning getting closer, enjoying the sound and feel as she brings herself closer and closer, before you finally thrust deep inside her for a few long seconds, as if about to come... but don't. She lets out this little whimper in your mouth, her eyes opening to plead with you, but you just keep kissing her, leaving her on the edge.
  1130. You repeat the process once, twice, three times, each time enjoying as her desire and desperation to orgasm become palpable, her hands still obediently playing with her body, her cheeks flush with heat, her eyes a little wild with denied orgasms. She starts to slide - such as she can - on the bed, forward and back, matching your more powerful thrusts with little ones of her own. Finally, you decide to release her, slamming inside of her, hard, and starting to spout off, filling her with your seed, and she orgasms, moaning into your mouth as her body goes limp, twitching around and beneath you. Even when you finish your own orgasm and pull yourself together, she's still lying there, mouth open, eyes rolled up and lidded, pleasure pulsing through her.
  1132. >What do you do?
  1134. ---
  1136. You stroke the side of her face gently, running your fingers along her cheek, making her give a little happy hum, tilting her head slightly into your caress, still blissed out. "That was very good, darling," you say, leaning down and kissing her. You pull out of her, then sit down next to her, legs hanging over the side of the bed, pulling her over and onto your lap. By this time, she's pulled herself together, and immediately, obediently, starts sucking and licking, her tongue running up and down your cock, giving it little kisses.
  1138. As she does her work, you reach down with one hand for her sex, scooping at the semen that's already spilled out before feeding it to her. She greedily accepts it, happily sucking on your fingers, her eyes meeting yours, as you alternate between fingering her and feeding her your cum.
  1140. When you finish, she just sighs contentedly, snuggling her head on your lap, looking up at you lovingly as you caress her face again. "I love you, my lord," she says, voice soft.
  1142. "I love you too, darling," you reply.
  1144. >What do you do?
  1146. ---
  1148. You sit there for a while, letting her relax, softly stroking her hair, before finally moving her off you, leaning down to pick up her clothes and helping her get dressed before pulling on your own pants.
  1150. "I'm going to go check on Arenne and Elisetta," you tell Adelle. "I trust you can find something to occupy your attention in the meanwhile?"
  1152. "Yes, my lord," Adelle says with a little nod, and the two of you leave your room together before heading off in your own directions.
  1154. You find Elisetta in the kitchen, idly speaking with Despina about cooking, food, and whatnot. Despina seems to have taken a bit of a liking to Elisetta, by the tone of their conversation. When Elisetta notices you, she turns her attention towards you, giving a bow. "Lord Baron," she says. "I am honored by your presence. May I ask what brings you here? I will leave Despina alone if you require a more private audience."
  1156. You glance from Elisetta to Despina. Despina's interest does appear to have been piqued, but to be honest, you're rather fucked out. Five times in one day is plenty enough. "No, no," you say, turning your attention back to Elisetta. "Just wanted to check on you. See how you're settling in."
  1158. "I am doing very well, sir," Elisetta says, bowing again. "Thank you for your concern. Everyone has been quite welcoming and I have had no difficulties that require your attention. Do you have any need of my services at the moment? I would be happy to provide."
  1160. "Nah," you say with a dismissive gesture. "I've got to go check in on Arenne and probably tuck in for the night after that."
  1162. "Then I wish you all the best fortunes, sir," Elisetta says. She doesn't resume her conversation with Despina until you're out of the room, presumably out of politeness.
  1164. Arenne is inside her work room again, still writing away slowly, consulting and reconsulting various pages again and again. She doesn't even notice your entrance, or your presence, until your lips meet the nape of her neck, at which point she just sighs and leans back in her chair. Her hair is already in a long braid.
  1166. "You look tense, angel," you whisper in her ear, rubbing your thumbs on her shoulders, massaging her lightly. "Would you like a bit of my personal attention?"
  1168. Arenne appears to consider, her fingers toying with her quill, before finally putting it away. "I'm mostly done for the night anyway," she says with a sigh. "Might as well."
  1170. You start to move around her (to take up a position between her thighs), but the confused look she gives you when you start tells you all you need to know. Instead, you return to your position behind her, giving her a long, slow massage, enjoying the way she closes her eyes and practically drifts off to slumberland as she sits there, enjoying your attentions to her backside as she rests in her chair.
  1172. After several long minutes, she actually drifts off to sleep all on her own, a soft snore escaping her lips, and you lift her up, carrying her with you to your room and laying her out on your bed. She groggily complies, still half-asleep, as you switch her work clothes for a sleeping gown, and then you fetch Adelle before tucking into bed with both your wives, one arm wrapped around each, and falling asleep.
  1176. In the morning, Arenne practically shoots up, pulling suddenly at your arm and waking you, confused for a moment by her location, before her gaze settles on you and Adelle, who is still asleep, her head pressed in on your chest. Arenne furrows her brow in thought and confusion, glancing at her clothes, you, and Adelle, then back at you.
  1178. "You fell asleep when I was massaging you," you say, your voice quiet. Adelle murmurs a little in her sleep, her lips coming together to kiss at your chest as she snuggles deeper into you. "I hope you don't mind."
  1180. Arenne just closes her eyes and shakes the sleep out of her head. "Okay," she whispers back, lying down. "Sorry. Just surprised me. I guess I was more tired than I thought."
  1182. >What do you do?
  1184. ---
  1186. "You should relax more," you whisper to her, kissing the side of her head, limited in your range of motion by the way Adelle clings tightly to your other side. You pull her a little closer, and she acquiesces, snuggling up against you, quietly. "You could even sleep in for the day."
  1188. "I'm not done," she mumbles, a mixture of stubborn and sleepy, a little pout appearing on her lips. "Work is important, you know."
  1190. "Having time to yourself is important too," you reply, and she gives you this odd look, as though considering whether or not to argue further before finally deciding not to.
  1192. "I guess," she mumbles, before falling back to sleep for a little cat nap.
  1194. You stay awake, a girl on either arm, occasionally playing a little bit with Adelle's body, enjoying the way she squirms in her sleep, her occasional mumbled protests cute and sexy. When she finally wakes up, she starts to neck you before realizing that Arenne is there, asleep, and stops, looking over at her co-wife. "She's such a sweet girl," she whispers to you, her hand gently stroking your chest. "I hope you can make her happy, my lord."
  1196. "I'm trying," you say back with a sigh. Before the conversation can continue much further, Arenne yawns her way awake, and you disentangle yourself from both women, heading out to get breakfast and leaving them alone. You have a bit of business to attend to in the cellar.
  1198. >8
  1200. When you come down to the cellars, Patina is still frozen in position... but Lorenne isn't in her arms any longer. A quick glance across the room shows one of the zombies crumpled on the floor, the side of its head caved in, and Lorenne still struggling against another five who are collectively holding her in place, her eyes wild and vicious as she snarls at you. "Fuck you, you fucking piece of shit," she hisses. "I hope you fucking choke to death." The other two zombies stand impassively nearby, watching Lorenne carefully.
  1202. >What do you do?
  1204. ---
  1206. You walk over to where Lorenne is held down on the ground, her eyes staring up at you, and you slam your foot down on her gut, making her let out a gasp of pain. You lean over her, then, your face inches from hers, your eyes meeting. She spits in your face, and you pull back slightly before grabbing her hair and pressing her face into the ground. "You're so full of yourself, Bitch," you say, spitting on the side of her face, leaving the saliva to slowly drool its way down her cheek. "You think you can kill me, but I can't hurt you back? I can't do this?" You lift her head a few inches and slam it down on the stone floor, repeating the process until her eyes are dazed and her vision hazy. "Those zombies aren't replaceable, Bitch."
  1208. "F-fuck you," Lorenne manages, struggling weakly against your grasp. You press her head into the ground again, grinding her cheek against the tile. "You w-want to con, convince me I shouldn't try to kill you, you shouldn't've fucking- fucking raped me. Twice."
  1210. "Would you like me to make it three times, Bitch?" You emphasize the statement by shoving three fingers up her asshole, her face still grinding against the ground, her teeth gritting. "Because I will. I'll make it more than fucking that. When you break, it'll be so fucking sweet," you spit on her face again, saliva joining saliva on her cheek, and she's forced to close the closer eye as some of it drools down towards into it.
  1212. You take one foot and place it on the side of her head, threateningly, none of your weight on it but ready to switch in a moment's notice. You turn to one of the zombies. "You. Get Bitch here some new bindings. I think I remember seeing some back and to the right." The zombie nods and moves elsewhere in the cellar, leaving the group for a little bit. When it returns, ropes in hand, you have the zombies help you, this time doing the job twice as thoroughly, wrapping her tightly so that all of her holes are exposed, gagging her anew.
  1214. "How long has Bitch been free of her bonds?" You ask, turning to one of the zombies. It just looks at you, blankly. "Uh... tap your foot on the ground for every hour." There's a pause. One tap. Two taps. Three taps. A shrug. Three hours-ish, you guess.
  1216. >What do you do?
  1218. ---
  1220. You tell the zombies to hold Patina in place, and go fetch Adelle to help you deal with Patina (and, by extension, Lorenne).
  1222. With Adelle down here, hands on Patina's head to keep her under control and let her move her face around. "Did Bitch here," you say, kicking at Lorenne's bound form, "say anything to you?" Patina nods. "Anything important?" Patina tilts her head to the side. "She try to convince you to let her free?" Patina hesitates, then nods, then opens her mouth, tongue lolling out, lapping at air, stretching her neck towards your pants. You snort and drop your trousers to the ground, gently petting the coppergirl as you let her suck you towards completion. "Did you help her?" Patina's... eyes, for lack of a better word, go wide, and she shakes her head wildly, her tongue and lips working your cock vigorously.
  1224. You groan and sigh, enjoying the feel of the slippery, cool metal gently massaging your length, drawing you towards orgasm. Your eyes meet Adelle's and she gives you this wonderful smile just as Patina "swallows" around your cock. It sets you off, and you furiously pound Patina's face for a few moments before shooting off down her throat, grunting as you pull out and pull up your pants. Patina gives an odd expression as Adelle focuses her attention on freezing the coppergirl in place.
  1226. You turn your attention back to Lorenne. You pull away her gag, looking her dead in the eyes before speaking. "Did you try to kill me?"
  1228. Her brow furrows, considering, and you grab one of her nipples and twist, making her give a little shriek of pain.
  1230. "Did you try to kill me?" You repeat.
  1232. "Y-yes," she says, desperate to avoid more pain.
  1234. "Who am I?"
  1236. "U-uh," she stammers for a moment, and your hands come up, reaching towards both her breasts, "S-Sir Baron, of the Nells, can't remember the rest," she manages. You give her a cruel smile.
  1238. The process continues on like that for a while, obvious questions with obvious answers, before you change it up. "What's your relationship to my younger brother Levy?"
  1240. "I-I, I don't know what you're talking about," she says, and you start twisting both her breasts, making her cry and whimper in pain, her eyes rolling up.
  1242. "What's your relationship to my younger brother Levy?"
  1244. "I want to kill him too," she mumbles, but you know that isn't true, so you punch her in the gut.
  1246. "Don't lie to me, Bitch. And don't forget your fucking place."
  1248. You keep torturing her for a while, asking her the question over and over, but she refuses to budge, lying, claiming that she has no relationship to Levy whatsoever. Desperately defending her lover, you suppose. She actually passes out from the pain, and you just sigh and shake your head when she does, fetching her bowl of gruel.
  1250. She opens her eyes, sleepily, as you return. "Alright, Bitch, here's your meal," you say, slowly spooning the gruel into her mouth. She eyes you angrily, but just eats, hungrily, until the gruel's completely gone. When it is, you stand up, and with a little help from Adelle, have Patina hold Lorenne's mouth open. "And here's the drink to wash it down," you say, before pissing in your captive's mouth, making her cough and sputter as she's forced to drink your piss, tears streaking fresh down her cheeks anew. When she finally swallows all that's in her mouth, you gag her anew, and have Patina place one arm, wrapping it tight around Lorenne's belly, the other plumbing her asshole anew.
  1252. Lorenne's eyes contain a mixture of hopelessness, desperation, incoherent rage, and hatred.
  1254. >What do you do?
  1256. ---
  1258. You get the pitcher of water, placing it in front of Lorenne. "Bitch, if you're more truthful when I get back, I'll let you drink a bit," you say. "If not... well, I'll just dump it on you, I guess. Or the floor. Whichever one I think you'll like less." You turn your attention to the zombies. "If she gets free of her bonds again, break her arms."
  1260. Adelle rests her head on your shoulder as the two of you leave, her hands wrapped around your arm, possessive, clingy. You lean over her and kiss the top of her head. "I want to discuss what to do about Levy. Do you think it'd be a good idea to ask Arenne to help?"
  1262. Adelle pauses, thoughtful, before replying. "I suppose, my lord. Just don't mention Lorenne's... exact condition."
  1264. "I know that," you say with a snort. "I'm not stupid."
  1266. "I meant no offense, my lord," Adelle says.
  1268. "I know, darling," you say, rubbing her shoulder reassuringly.
  1270. You have Kini go see about purchasing some suitable, more long-term, bindings for Lorenne, ordering her to disguise herself as best she can. Kini nods, giving a quick, "yes master," her head bowed, before she heads off.
  1272. That done, you find Arenne and sit down with her and Adelle to discuss your thoughts on the investigation into Levy. Theoretically, he could even be innocent, though you don't find that particularly likely. "I have three major ideas: have Kini disguise herself as Lorenne, getting what information she can. Inform Levy indirectly that I have Lorenne in captivity, forcing him to act if he's a co-conspirator. And obtain third party investigation, perhaps from the Bayamards, or the Lestranges, or their contacts."
  1274. "The Lestranges have a number of alliances," Adelle says, "but I don't think any of them would be particularly useful for such an investigation. As to the other two ideas, both are coin tosses; Kini's disguise might fail, and there's no telling what Levy might do to her in such a case, and Levy might choose to take some action we can't easily track to him. Say, hiring someone else, or simply waiting. Arenne?"
  1276. "O-oh," Arenne says, chewing her lip. "Um. Well, my family, we have spies, and things, we might have one in Neanderhold, even, though I don't think so... but I don't think we really have much in the way of things that would help c-catch Levy. I-If he's guilty, I mean."
  1278. >What do you do?
  1280. ---
  1282. You sigh, giving Arenne a reassuring pat on the shoulder. "It's too risky anyway. They could get caught, make us, make me, look guilty... all kinds of possibilities. And Kini... she's smart, she's talented, but I'm not sure if she's smart enough to pretend to be Lorenne, given how little we actually know about her. I guess we'll have to push him... unless one of you has a better idea?"
  1284. Adelle and Arenne hesitate for a few seconds, both thinking, but then just shake their heads. "No, my lord," Adelle says.
  1286. "Sorry," Arenne adds.
  1288. "It's fine." You slap your thighs. "We'll probably be heading to Neanderhold soon, then. Do you want to come with, Arenne?"
  1290. Arenne hesitates, her lips pursing, then just shakes her head. "I'd probably just mess things up, and I'm almost on my period anyway, at which point I'd be useless... I don't think it'd be a very good idea."
  1292. "Okay, angel," you say, leaning over and kissing her right on the lips, making her give a little squeak of surprise. You take her hand in yours and squeeze. "I love you." Arenne just nods, the tiniest hints of a smile appearing on her face.
  1294. >What do you do?
  1296. --
  1298. The rest of the day's a bit of a blur. Kini returns, having ordered the cuffs, but the blacksmith will take a day to make them. You take the tanukigirl into her room, petting her, scratching her ears, and explaining to her your plans. She nods, her little "yes masters" music to your ears, and when you finish your explanation, she slides to her knees and sucks you off, her eyes staring up at you cutely, obediently, as she does, her tongue and lips working your cock all over until you paint the inside of her mouth white. Her eyes lid as she just swills the cum in her mouth, her tail wagging happily, and you leave her like that, letting her enjoy it rather than forcing her to swallow and thank you.
  1300. When the cuffs are finished and in your possession the next day, Kini leaves to Neanderhold, to investigate Levy. You spend the next several days maintaining your household, making sweet love to your wives, eating out Arenne a couple times before the poor girl's PMS sets in and she has too many cramps to enjoy anything sexual. And, of course, torturing Lorenne. By the time Kini returns, your would-be murderer is covered in bruises, red welts, and even a few cuts and scrapes where you were a bit rougher with her than you'd intended. You've heard about ways to hurt people that don't leave a mark, but you're not familiar enough with them to use them. Adelle enjoys watching and helping you, and you mix things up, adding sensory deprivation to the other wounds, blindfolding Lorenne so she doesn't even know whether it's you or Adelle abusing her if you don't tell her.
  1302. The second to last day before Kini's scheduled return, Lorenne slips, just a little, during a particularly excruciating session, and calls herself "Bitch" in the third person, whimpering out a request for you to "please stop hurting Bitch." For that, she gets soothing: cool water and towels put on her wounds, real food, no more questions, no more torture. The next day, she reverts to form, acid and fire in her blood and a steady refusal to answer questions, even when you repeat the processes that got that delicious request yesterday.
  1304. >5
  1306. When Kini gets back, it seems she's found little out. Levy is worried about his lover's whereabouts, though he's not yet quite certain that something bad has happened to her, and hasn't made moves to find her, worrying that his panic would only make the situation worse.
  1308. Then comes your main plan. Deception. Kini will pretend to be Levy, pretend to try to rescue Lorenne, and fail. Your opening to break Lorenne down further, her hope of rescue vanishing.
  1310. >5
  1312. "Lorenne?" Levy's voice reaches you, and, no doubt, Lorenne as well. The girl's currently blindfolded, which will help a bit keeping things under control, helping Kini deceive her effectively. "Oh, gods," the voice continues, as though realization has set in. "I don't suppose there's some secret to these zombies, some trick to beating them?" There's a pause. "Damn. Didn't think so." Sounds like Lorenne's convinced, for the moment, at least.
  1314. You descend down the staircase, sword in hand. "Levy. This woman attempted to murder me. Fuck off back to Neanderhold."
  1316. As agreed, your swords meet, though you're really just hitting metal with metal a few times, not genuinely attempting to hurt one another. Kini does an admirably convincing screech of terror and pain in Levy's voice and drops her sword, and it clatters to the ground noisily.
  1318. A swish of wind, your sword cutting meaninglessly through the air between Kini and the sword, and you speak. "It's over, Levy. Give up. Maybe you can convince our parents that blind love was at fault for your attempt at saving my would-be killer and our older brother's assassin, but you won't convince me."
  1320. A bit more theatrics, and "Levy" has kicked the sword over to you and let you tie him up.
  1322. "It'll be fine," Kini says in Levy's voice, but she makes her voice crack just so, that little bit of fear entering it and giving lie to all the words. You frog march "Levy" out of the cellars.
  1324. >What do you do?
  1326. ---
  1328. You leave Lorenne alone in the cellar for the next several days, delegating that task to Adelle, having your wife take up the job of breaking down Lorenne, using the explanation that you've gone to Neanderhold to see to Levy's prosecution.
  1330. >20
  1332. When you finally come down again, days later, you squat in front of Lorenne, pulling up her blindfold so she can see you. She blinks, her eyes watering from the light, and focuses on you blearily.
  1334. "Hello, Bitch," you say, a sinister smile on your lips. Lorenne just gives you a weak look. "I suppose you want to know what happened to your boyfriend?" You pause, more for effect than expecting a response. "Well, we went to meet our parents, and I managed to convince him to confess." She clearly doesn't buy it. "Oh, you're wondering how, Bitch? I told him that I'd let you free. Let you just walk away." You caress the side of her cheek. "As long as he confessed. He said the whole thing was his idea, sang like a bird. He'll be sentenced soon. Probably to death."
  1336. You let your smile broaden, revealing teeth. "I'm not going to let you go, though. You're going to stay down here, Bitch. You're mine, now," you say, wiping away the tears that have started to form in the corner of her eye. "Forever. No one will come rescue you. Any regrets?"
  1338. She whimpers, the gag in her mouth keeping her from speaking.
  1340. You continue as though she hadn't made any response at all. "My wife and I will just get to enjoy raping and abusing you for the rest of your life." You let your finger run down her body, occasionally prodding at the bruises and welts, making her hiss in pain. "I bet we could fill that belly of yours up with my bastards," you say, poking her stomach. "Would you like to try, Bitch?"
  1342. From the expression on her face, the way she shakes her head back and forth in desperate fear, the faint choking sound from the back of her throat, she wouldn't. There doesn't seem to be a ghost of disbelief in her eyes, just pure, stark, terror. You lean forward and kiss her forehead.
  1344. "Good, Bitch. That's what I like to see."
  1348. ---
  1350. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  1351. Chapter 34
  1353. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells ("Baron" among your friends), and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  1355. You've had many an adventure; married two women (Adelle and Arenne), raped and mindbroke a tanukigirl into your fucktoy (Kini), defeated, captured, and raped a would-be human assassin (Lorenne), made friends with a conqueror (Erosette)... and more, besides.
  1357. Your first wife is pregnant with your son after your recent adventures in the Allimas. You arrived home with her, Kini, and Lorenne in tow, and had a nice family dinner. You've told Kini you'll attend to her later, fucked Despina after Chara's complaining made her leave, spent the night with Arenne and made sweet love to her in the morning, took Arenne out on a date, buttfucked Chara, railed the shit out of Kini, and just now finished torturing Lorenne, leaving her with your coppergirl...
  1359. Maintaining so many relationships is so much work, sometimes.
  1361. You've just successfully tricked poor little Lorenne into thinking that her lover - your brother - is going to die for her sake, and that she'll be kept a captive down here for the rest of her life. By the expression on her face, she believes you, completely, and you're enjoying taunting her.
  1363. >What do you do?
  1365. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  1367. ---
  1369. You pull Lorenne's blindfold back on, kissing her on the forehead. "I'll let you have a little while to think. I have other things to do, anyway."
  1371. Her muffled reply is meaningless to you, and you head up and out, undaunted.
  1373. You find the bow you'd purchased with Chara in mind and gather it up, planning to hand it off to the young Satyress. You knock on her door, finding her lounging on her bed, legs kicking at the air, a bored expression on her face. She glances over at you, expression disinterested for a moment... but then she sees the bow, and her eyes get big. She practically leaps off the bed, rushing up to you for a half-second before thinking better of it and walking the remainder of the way.
  1375. "So," she says, feigning nonchalance. "Is that a bow on your back, or are you just happy to see me?" She looks up at you, a few longer strands of her red-brown hair reaching into her eyes, making her flick them away with a motion.
  1377. "It's a bow," you say with a nod. "We're going hunting."
  1379. "That's cool, that's cool," she says, nodding, her eyes not meeting yours as she stares at the bow. "Now?"
  1381. "I can't think of a better time," you say.
  1383. She grins manically, finally meeting your eyes. "You took the words right out of my mouth! Let's go!"
  1385. Chara's rushed, frantic gait is a little amusing to watch, and you follow her, her "come on"s urging you forward. You grab a flask of wine before heading out.
  1387. As it turns out, it's farmlands for quite a while, so you have to trek some ways before reaching uncleared land where the forest still grows. Chara's got her new bow in hand, and you're keeping close to her, just in case she has any clever ideas. The Satyress is uncharacteristically quiet, not even sparing you a second glance as she slowly stalks through the forest, hooves making almost no sound against the dirt.
  1389. >What do you do?
  1391. ---
  1393. >20
  1395. You lurk next to Chara with the utmost stealth, almost surprising yourself with how quiet you are as the two of you stalk through the forest. Chara's brow furrows as she looks around, her tail quivering a little in concentration, arrows at the ready.
  1397. You spot prey before she does; a nice, big stag, off in the distance, quietly chewing at the grass. You rap her on the butt with a light slap, and she turns, annoyed, before you point in the direction of the stag. She follows your fingers and gives a cruel smile, readying an arrow as she slowly stalks towards the deer. Partway there, you stop her, preventing her from accidentally stepping on a snake, and she gives you a look of grudging gratitude before the two of you move on.
  1399. When she gets what she feels is close enough, she strings the arrow, pulling the bow back, and lets it fly. The arrow sails neatly through the air before slamming into the stag's eye, sending it toppling to the ground, dead before it could even realize what happened.
  1401. You pick up the big animal, hefting it over your shoulders and starting to walk home, Chara chattering excitedly and proudly about the kill she made as she walks besides you. She even thanks you. Off-handedly and arrogantly, sure, but she still does it. It even sounds genuine.
  1403. When you get home, you hand Chara's kill over to Despina, telling her to get it cooked so that everyone can enjoy a nice, big meal.
  1405. >What do you do?
  1407. ---
  1409. "You did a really good job with the hunt," you say to Chara after leaving the stag with Despina. "I think you deserve a bit of a reward."
  1411. "I've already got a bow," Chara says, looking a little confused and suspicious.
  1413. "Come on," you say, waving your hand. "That was for being good. You did a very good job with hunting. Let's go to your room, I'll give you a big reward."
  1415. Chara looks at you, like she knows exactly what you're planning but won't admit it. "Fine," she says, raising her head. "But it had better be a good reward."
  1417. The reward isn't what Chara expected, but she's too proud to explain. Instead of just laying her out and fucking her or feeding her your cum, you just massage her, giving her a thorough backrub, while letting her drink some more wine. She does, greedily, little rivulets spilling out onto her chin and shirt as she upends the flask, apparently wanting to calm her nerves or muster her courage. You don't let on even for a second that you have the slightest sexual thought, instead intending to get her all worked up with quieter seduction techniques.
  1419. >10
  1420. >Juuuust enough.
  1422. It takes a while, Chara nervously fidgeting under your massage, awkwardly taking a position to let you comb those red-brown curly locks of hers, and generally participating without much relish in the whole affair. There's a slight flush to her cheeks - the effect of the alcohol, you'd guess - when she at last turns around, facing you head on, the motion a little exaggerated. She presses one finger into your chest. "You're... you're going to fuck me, aren't you?" The way she says it isn't accusatory, but more desperate. Like she's worried that you won't, that you don't think she's attractive enough or something.
  1424. "I wasn't particularly planning on it," you admit, and Chara looks a little taken aback.
  1426. "W-well, look," she says, puffing up, indignant. "I didn't let you in here so you could give me a stupid massage. You know what I want."
  1428. "What's that?" You ask, a dumb smile on your face.
  1430. Chara replies by grabbing the wine again, uncorking it and shoving it in her face, sucking on it hard before setting it down again, wiping her lips and sighing. "I want you t-to fuck me," she mumbles out, voice tiny.
  1432. >What do you do?
  1434. ---
  1436. You wrap one hand around her in her position on your lap, reaching into her sex and starting to toy with it, getting her ready, your finger going in and out of her sex in soft, slow motions. "Good to hear," you say, leaning over her, nibbling on one of her ears. "I want the same thing," you say, slipping your hand into her panties.
  1438. "I want to try it in my... you know... there..." she says, voice soft, hitching a little oddly in places from your work in her groin.
  1440. "I'd hate to do the wrong thing, Chara, so you have to tell me what you want..." your fingers circle her clit, and she bites her lip from the pleasure. "Do you want me in your pussy?" Chara nods, vigorously, and you pull down your pants around her, your hard cock slapping at her slit when it's let out, making her wince in pleasure. You keep up that position for a while, gently moving your hips so that your cock makes long, gentle sweeps up and down her sex, your fingers teasing her until she can't take it any more.
  1442. "Please," she whimpers, "come on... I want it..."
  1444. You lift her out of your lap and lay her out on the bed, pulling her shirt up and off once she's there, her budding, girlish breasts laid bare for you to see. You lean over her, your lips wrapping around her neck, and you make a long, slow trail down her body, kissing and suckling at her breasts. You keep your eyes on her face, watching as she fidgets and moans, one of her hands almost reaching for her groin before she stops herself.
  1446. When you get down to her sex, you use every technique in your arsenal, bringing her up to the edge and letting her fall, and she practically collapses into a puddle from the oral assault. Every denied orgasm earns you a louder moan and whine, her hands wrapping around your head and weakly trying to force you to finish the job, but you're far stronger than the little monstergirl, so she can't manage to force you to do anything you don't want to do. Her legs start to kick and her hooves tug against the blanket beneath her, desperate for the orgasms you've denied her. She even brings a hand to her sopping wet sex for a second to try to finish the job on her own at one point, but you just slap it away.
  1448. For the longest time, she avoids making the slightest verbal complaint, her occasional requests to lick or suck just the ordinary sounds that accompany cunnilingus, not desperately begging for you to put out the fire you've set in her pussy. Then it comes, finally. "Please," she whimpers, her hips bucking wildly in the air when you stop just short of her orgasm for the sixth time. "Just finish me off, I need it so bad," she pleads with you, and you move up, your cock teasing her slit. There's a sigh of relief, a sagging of her shoulders as you prepare to fuck the desperate little Satyress, her eyes looking up at you with a certain amount of hope.
  1450. You tease her for a little while, rubbing your cock up and down her slit, occasionally slapping her clit with it. She whimpers again, and then come the magic words. "Come on, fuck me," she begs, and you grab your cock and slowly press it into her, watching as her eyes roll up in response to the feeling of you filling her insides. You lean into her, kissing her neck, suckling gently at her bare flesh, and she doesn't make the slightest move to stop you, too busy enjoying the sensation of your cock slowly working its way deeper and deeper into her pussy.
  1452. You still haven't quite brought her to the edge, but you know it'll be easy, earth-shattering, when you do, so you take it gentle, one hand resting on her breast, lightly groping it and toying with the small thing. She hisses, a sharp intake of breath, and wriggles beneath you, clearly eager to come. "Make me come, please," she begs, and your hand drifts down to her clit, diddling it for a while as you start to thrust in and out, your pace quickening, her little body bouncing beneath you.
  1454. As you feel her approach, you grab one of her horns, pulling her into a greedy kiss, and she responds without a thought, her tongue entering your mouth, her hands wrapping around your back. It doesn't take long for her to come, and she moans into your mouth, loud and desperate. You don't let up your fucking as she falls back onto the bed, eyes rolled up in pleasure, her orgasm pulsing through her for a surprisingly long time. Partway through that orgasm, her shaking renews, her body arching once more beneath you, as she comes again, blubbering out some meaningless words as she comes a second time.
  1456. When she finally comes down, you're fucking her energetically, and she looks up at you, eyes lidded. "Thass really good," she slurs out, not even realizing how she sounds, the alcohol and pleasure combining to make even speaking hard for her. "Thish is really good," she continues, a little drool slipping out of her mouth from the force of her bouncing, from the force of your fucking. With one hand, you reach down to her clit, toying with it again, and she lets out a little "meep" of surprise and pleasure. "Yeah, thass good," she says, her eyes rolling up. You don't stop fucking her or playing with her body, relying on your endurance alone to keep you going.
  1458. She comes, again and again, from your frantic pace inside her, from the way you start to kiss and suckle at her breasts, from your finger on her clit. Her insides become hotter and hotter, wetter and wetter, as you just carry on your fucking, not stopping or letting yourself get anywhere close to coming yourself. In due time, she's insensate to the world, eyes rolled up, tongue lolling out, her whole body lax with pleasure as she stares at nothing. You, of course, take advantage of that, pulling her lips to yours again, shoving your tongue into her mouth, past her gums, toying with her limp tongue, her occasional incoherent moans of pleasure the only response to your kiss. The young Satyress doesn't speak or react in any way, other than to orgasm again, her insides clutching at your cock, trying to milk it of all its cum.
  1460. You take advantage of her weakness, her inability to think straight (or perhaps at all), fucking her still harder, your balls slapping against her ass as you spread her legs to give yourself room to move. She just takes it, her legs limply falling on either side, the furry little things flopping around awkwardly as you keep pounding her tight little sex. She's given in totally to the pleasure, her body betraying her over to you, whatever hatred she had for you long since drained away and replaced with pure, blind, ecstasy, a stupid expression of rapture still on her face as you easily take advantage of her young, pliable body. Occasionally, irregularly, her body reacts anew, a fresh orgasm sending juices flooding down around your cock and making her insides clench around you again and again, some odd little guttural noise escaping her throat.
  1462. After taking advantage of her senseless state for a very, very long time, you grab her by the back of the head and press your lips to her half-open mouth, forcing the currently empty-headed monstergirl into a deep kiss. When she comes again, her moans disappearing into your mouth, you let yourself orgasm inside her, grunting as you fill up her greedy womb with your seed. After the last squirt of your juices coats her insides, you pull back, admiring your handiwork.
  1464. The Satyress's skin is covered with a layer of sweat, droplets gathering on every part of her body, a light staining to the bed from all of it. Her eyes stare at nothing, not a single thought in her mind other than basking in the pleasure, and her mouth just hangs open dumbly. She gasps and pants on the bed, her breath heavy, her chest heaving up and down, seemingly unable to do anything but breathe.
  1466. >What do you do?
  1468. ---
  1470. You keep your cock buried inside her as it slowly deflates, staring down at the cute little monstergirl, running your hands along her body idly, her thoughts obviously too preoccupied with her recent orgasms to let her stop you. You play with her breasts a little bit before leaning down over her, and she doesn't - can't? - stop you from kissing her tenderly right on the lips, before letting your tongue snake into her mouth. The kiss lasts a very long time, and despite Chara's nonresponsiveness, you make it as loving and sweet as possible.
  1472. When you pull back again, you reach down to her ass, groping the furry thing, letting one of your fingers circle her puckered little butthole as she sits there, still recovering. With your other hand, you rub at her belly, wondering idly if she's old enough that she could become pregnant. You're not quite sure how it works with a Satyress.
  1474. You brush her curly, reddish-brown hair away from where it's plastered to her forehead with sweat, letting you get a clean, clear look at Chara's dazed expression. Slowly, ever so slowly, she starts to come out of it, eyes blinking and glancing around first, then her head twisting from side to side, and finally her lips and jaw start to work. "That wass... really good," she says, slurring her words again, looking at you a little cross-eyed. Her head flops back on the bed. "So thash what getting fugged feels like." She blows air through her mouth, making her lower lip vibrate with a "brrrb" sound. "You totally got me pregnant," she says with a girlish giggle, still drunk on alcohol and high on fucking. "Thash funny."
  1476. "I only came once," you note, rubbing her belly. "You might not be pregnant."
  1478. "Maybe," she mumbles. "Be funny if I wass, though."
  1480. >What do you do?
  1482. ---
  1484. You lean over her again, pressing your lips to hers. Her hands awkwardly fumble at your chest, weakly pushing at you, but she can't manage much more, and you just grab one of her horns to hold her in place. After a little bit she gives up, just taking your kiss, her arms flopping back onto the bed as you continue to violate her mouth with your tongue.
  1486. When you pull back from your kiss, she awkwardly wipes at her lips with the back of her hand, as if try to rub away your spit. "You were very good for your first time," you say, rubbing her cheek. She pouts a little, cheeks turning red. "Would you like to clean me off?" You swivel your groin a little to let her know what you mean.
  1488. She hesitates, her face screwing up, but she bites her tongue and then nods. You pull out of her sex, her juices and yours mixing together and coating your cock in a sticky, semi-transluscent layer of white, and move your cock up to her mouth. Her lips and tongue stretch out to your manhood, lovingly running across it, savoring every bit of your cum, her expression getting a little less lucid as she cleans you off, her eyes lidding sleepily. You rub at her head as she drinks your cum and her juices right off your cock, encouraging her nonverbally.
  1490. "What do you think of me, then, Chara?" You ask, looking down at the Satyress, when she finishes cleaning you off.
  1492. Chara crosses her arms, pouting and looking away. "Hmmf," she says. "That was fun but you still made me eat your poo so... whatever. You're a jerk. Maybe you're good for something after all, though."
  1494. >What do you do?
  1496. ---
  1498. You pull back up your pants and dress the stupefied Satyress, pulling back on her shirt and staining it through with sweat. You usher her up and out of bed, and she staggers around, flopping from side to side, any sense of balance long gone to either alcohol or the fucking. With a bubbly, bright expression, she turns around, facing you. "That wash fun!" She says, before teetering over into a wall, barely stopping herself from slamming into it by using both hands. "Whoa." She giggles. "You fucked me silly!" She laughs as she wanders out of the room, hands groping the walls for balance.
  1500. You suddenly worry that Chara will embarrass you at dinner, but she did shoot the critter, so it's not as though you can really just tell her she's not welcome...
  1502. >19
  1504. Fortunately, Chara seems to have recovered a little from your earlier exertions by the time of dinner, and takes her seat by Despina's side, acting as though nothing at all happened earlier today. Well, she does seem haughtier than usual, but she doesn't bring up the fact that you fucked her silly and filled her with your cum, either out of renewed shame or just regular common sense. Which is good, since you'd hate to ruin a perfectly good dinner by indirectly humiliating Arenne.
  1506. The position is what's by now standard. Going around the table, it's you at the head, Kini on her knees at your side, then Adelle, then Chara, then Despina, then Juniper (at the foot of the table), then Elisetta, then Arenne, and back to you. Adelle occasionally takes the time to scratch Kini behind the ears or sneak her a little bit of her food - the act's more symbolic than anything else, but the symbolism clearly isn't lost on either of them.
  1508. Elisetta and Arenne chatter away, this time not about business, but some gossip about one of the local boys having slept with two girls and gotten them both pregnant. There's some big drama about it. Polygamy is legal, of course - you're living proof of that - but it's somewhat frowned upon; pretty much any of the locals would have difficulty providing for two farmgirls and all their children, and even if he could, it seems that neither of them wants that. His family might wind up having to marry off one of his brothers to one of the girls, to make things right.
  1510. You find yourself absently wondering if Arenne knows about you railing the shit out of Elisetta. Probably not, you guess, otherwise their conversation wouldn't be going so pleasantly.
  1512. You turn your attention over to your pet, who is currently getting scratched very thoroughly by Adelle, her neck craned back, her tail wagging, her eyes closed in pleasure. You take over for Adelle with only a moment's signalling, and Kini happily accepts your attention, even letting out that pseudo-purr of hers.
  1514. "Pet," you say, looking down at Kini, and the tanukigirl opens one eye, then both, gazing up at you, obedient but nervous. "Would you like to share a story from when you were still a thief? Some thrilling adventure, perhaps?"
  1516. "U-um, yes, master," Kini stutters, standing up so that she's not hidden from the view of most of the diners. She clears her throat. "I'm actually not from Rivaine at all; I'm from the other side of Kejhe." Kejhe is a great island, quite a ways away from Rivaine by boat; further still is the next landmass over. "It's called Honba, and it's a scattering of islands in the Crescent Strait."
  1518. She carries on, talking about her home country, how she ran away at a young age, first to Kejhe, then to Arcine, running to keep ahead of the authorities of both places. She was always a bit of a kleptomaniac, it seems. Well, always until she met you - she makes it very clear that she doesn't steal any more, not without orders, and she looks at you, a little afraid, when she does. The tanukigirl's tale involves run-ins with the knights of Honba, the paladins of Kejhe, and a number of sea people: sharkgirls and mermaids and dolphingirls alike, on the long voyage from Kejhe to Arcine. She got to Arcine by stowing away on one of its merchant navy's ships, pretending to be a press-ganged sailor who had, in fact, run away. From there, she took and earned and took and made, gradually rising in the social ranks of that country until...
  1520. "Well... until this," Kini says, head suddenly cowed a little, and she doesn't seem to want to speak any further, at the moment.
  1522. Most everyone seemed interested in her story, and Juniper even clapped in delight at several parts, but now she clearly feels absolutely no desire to finish, and she glances at you, as if quietly begging for permission to stop speaking.
  1524. >What do you do?
  1526. ---
  1528. "And we're happy to have you here with us, pet. Thank you for the story," you say, patting Kini on the head. "You can sit back down, now."
  1530. Kini happily takes you up on the offer, sitting back down to kneel at your side, happily eating her food from her bowl. Adelle starts to scratch the little tanukigirl, cooing a little to reassure her and helping to remove the tanukigirl's nervousness.
  1532. "Despina, Chara? Any old stories you have, worth sharing? Where you come from, perhaps?"
  1534. "Not much to tell," Despina says, before Chara can embarrass herself with some inane babble. "We lived in the forest between the Lestranges and Arcine. Our mom died when Chara was really young and I raised her myself. Hunted and robbed for food and supplies. Then... well. This," she gestures to the building at large.
  1536. You smile gently. "It's fine," you say, turning your attention to Juniper, who positively wilts under your gaze, like a naughty girl about to be punished. "Juniper? Any interesting origin story?"
  1538. "I just trick people into falling into holes and bodies of water," Juniper says, smiling dumbly. "That's all I can ever remember doing. It never gets old," she says, giggling. "Though a little variety helps too!" That's a bit ominous, but you don't comment. Juniper's stupid pranks go on nearly nonstop in this house, so it wouldn't be much of a surprise to see it happen again.
  1540. The rest of the meal is more subdued, small talk between all the girls, occasional hand-holding with one of your wives, until it's done and finished... at which point you head down into the cellars.
  1542. Lorenne's been left to sweat, since you told her that Levy was headed to the execution block. It shouldn't be too difficult to get the information out of her.
  1544. >What do you do?
  1546. ---
  1548. There are some newer streaks of dried tears down Lorenne's cheeks, and she whimpers a little at Patina's presence in her asshole, fingers shifting subtly inside her. You pull off her blindfold again, letting her look at you, her eyes blinking as she gazes up at you.
  1550. There's a little less fire in them than last time you saw her. A little more desperation. Apparently knowing - or thinking, at least - that Levy has been taken captive has helped to break through all her mental defenses. She tries to work her jaw, to say something, but she just gurgles incoherently around the gag.
  1552. "Bitch," you say, calm, voice smooth. "Let me give it to you straight. Levy's being blamed for this whole situation. Your attempted murder of me, the actual murder of my older brother, all of it. He's taken that all on, all the responsibility being put on him, so that you can walk free." You pause. "As you may know, fratricide is a very serious crime among my people. The penalty is death by having your guts hacked open. Very painful." You raise one finger. "However, I feel a little sorry for him. He's admitted to everything, but I'm sure you were the real mastermind, isn't that right, Bitch?" Lorenne nods, her head jittering up and down. "I have no intention of setting you free... I know how that ends for me. My parents wouldn't believe a confession from you, under the circumstances... but perhaps you have some evidence? Some proof of your involvement?"
  1554. >14
  1556. You reach down, pulling the gag away. Lorenne spits and struggles, breathing heavily, body sagging as her jaw works pointlessly for a little while, trying to recover. She swallows.
  1558. "There's a... a letter of intent," she says, breathing. "Intent to marry. It says... basically... it says Levy will wed me. It's written in my hand and signed in his."
  1560. "The fact that you were going to marry Levy isn't particularly in doubt, Bitch. I'm not sure why anyone would care."
  1562. "It's," she hisses in pain, gasping, Patina's finger plowing up her ass. "It, it's written as though, as though it was, as though Levy was an only child, all his brothers dead. Levy's guarantee to me that he wasn't," she swallows, "that he wasn't going to get rid of me when I got done. It says, not in so many words, that I conspired to have Levy marry me after killing his brothers." She looks up at you, gaze razor sharp. "That'd be you and the older tosser."
  1564. You lean back, considering.
  1566. >What do you do?
  1568. ---
  1570. "And where is this letter of yours?"
  1572. She swallows. "Promise me that you'll..." she licks her lips, "make sure that Levy can, can live. I mean... the letter, it basically says I planned it, if not in so many words, if it's discovered now." She gives you a look, weak, her eyes pleading. "Haven't you gotten enough vengeance out on me?"
  1574. "It's to me to decide how much is 'enough,' not you," you say, voice icy cold. "You killed my brother and tried to kill me. I'm not sure anything could be enough."
  1576. "I wouldn't..." she sighs, hanging her head. "Just don't hurt Levy... banish him, or something. Promise me. In writing, witnessed by somebody important; I know how little your word's worth."
  1578. >What do you do?
  1580. ---
  1582. "I'm not the one presiding over the trial, Bitch," you say, and she snaps you a cold look. "I have little say in the matter."
  1584. "You're the fucking would be victim and the heir to the Nells," she says, gritting her teeth. "Fucking find a way. Write down that you will strive your very hardest to ensure that Levy lives, then, if it's not in your power to fucking assure it, you rapist sack of shit. Fuck you!" A spray of spittle collides directly with your face. You're taken aback. "Fuck your fucking evasive bullshit, you dishonest scumbucket. Fuck! I'd've done the gods' work if I'd actually killed you," she adds, and you gag her to shut her up.
  1586. Then you slap her a few times for good measure.
  1588. "That's not an appropriate way to speak to me, Bitch," you say, and she just growls through the gag, clearly trying to say some more things. You slap her again, with the back of your hand, and she glowers at you.
  1590. >What do you do?
  1592. ---
  1594. "Well, Bitch, if you don't produce the letter, he dies anyway," you say, shaking your head as you stand up. "Despite everything, I don't want my brother dead," you lie, smoothly. "I want you to understand one thing: if he dies, it will be your fault. Your plot, your incompetence, and your refusal to cooperate, that is what's going to get Levy killed, if you don't cooperate." You glance at Patina. "Don't let her sleep all night. She needs the time to think." You look down at Lorenne. "I'll be back tomorrow. If you don't cooperate, well," you spread your hands wide in the air. "I guess it's a sign."
  1596. You head upstairs, frustrated with Lorenne, with all this bullshit. You grab Adelle, practically hauling her to your bedroom, throwing her on the bed, and railing the shit out of her, your expression dark as you do so. She enjoys it, squealing and leaking all over you as you force her into a variety of positions, using your strength to move her this way and that as you fuck her in all three holes. When you finally come, you pull out and jerk off right on her beautiful face, ordering her to wear it through the night. She complies without complaint.
  1598. Although it's not as though it makes you 100% calm, it does help you work out some of the frustration. And Adelle doesn't much seem to mind the rough loving you gave her.
  1600. In the morning, Adelle goes to wash the dried cum off her face, and you go downstairs to complete your interrogation.
  1602. >5
  1604. You come down to the cellars, squatting down next to Lorenne. "Are you ready to talk?"
  1606. She nods, a faint glimmer in her eyes as she looks up at you. You reach down for her gag, slipping it out of her mouth, and she moves her jaw again in preparation to speak.
  1608. "You know what I think?" Lorenne says.
  1610. "I don't really care," you interrupt, but she keeps talking anyway. Very disrespectful. You slap her. She glowers, fumes, and starts to speak again.
  1612. "You're lying. Levy didn't confess. You don't have enough evidence to get him on the big stuff." You gag her again, sighing as if to a child.
  1616. ---
  1618. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  1619. Chapter 35
  1621. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells ("Baron" among your friends), and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  1623. You've had many an adventure; married two women (Adelle and Arenne), raped and mindbroke a tanukigirl into your fucktoy (Kini), defeated, captured, and raped a would-be human assassin (Lorenne), made friends with a conqueror (Erosette)... and more, besides.
  1625. You've been interrogating your captive, your would-be assassin. You managed to convince her that her lover and co-conspirator - your younger brother - was captured and taken to trial for fartricide.
  1627. She's informed you that her lover - your younger brother - signed a letter of intent, stating that he intended to marry her, with the wording such that it said you and your older brother were dead. That would be very good evidence to convict him with. In return for its location, she wanted you to sign something - witnessed by someone important - that you would do everything in your power to ensure that Levy was not killed for fratricide.
  1629. You decided that was a bridge too far, and left her to stew. Now that you've come back, she's apparently decided that you were lying all along, that Levy isn't in as much trouble as you've suggested. You've gagged her to say your piece.
  1631. >What do you do?
  1633. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  1635. ---
  1637. "Bitch, Bitch, Bitch," you say, shaking your head. "You just don't get it, do you? You don't hold any of the cards, not any more. You can convince yourself of this or that, but the game's over, now. You're stuck down here and Levy... Levy's on his way to an early grave." You lean forward, checking her bonds, testing them, tightening them, adding new ones. "I suppose I'll go attend to things," you say, giving a mock bow after standing. "Goodbye, Bitch," you call over your shoulder as you head out.
  1639. You collect what equipment of Lorenne's you kept and didn't destroy - her cutlass, her bow, her arrows. Her clothes are torn up on some dirty mountainside in the Allimas.
  1641. You're so very, very close to the end of this task. You know what you need, and you just need to get your hands on it. With Lorenne's letter of intent - a de facto signed confession of Levy's murderous intent - you'll have everything in hand.
  1643. You bring Adelle with you, for her talents at geomancy as well as to satisfy her unending desire to be near and dear to you. Kini comes as well, in case you have need of her talents. And the three of you head to Neanderhold, to the seer, Lorenne's belongings packed up.
  1645. "I need to find a letter. I know who wrote it, I know who signed it, I know its general contents, but I haven't seen it personally. Can your magic manage that?"
  1647. The seer nods, crinkled old face rather unpleasant to look upon, and glances at you. "Finding lost items is a specialty of mine. I'll need to know the contents, though."
  1649. You inform him of its generalities, avoiding mentioning the fact that it's written assuming that you're dead. No need to risk tipping him off regarding Lorenne or Levy - Adelle and Kini both agree.
  1651. You have to wait until nightfall, of course, since his magic only works at night. Adelle paws at you, the movements half seeking to tempt you into doing something, half just laying a sort of claim to her man. Kini is obedient and quiet by your side, just watching, not doing much at all, really. You eat, twice, before finally heading down to meet the seer.
  1653. >5
  1655. The ritual is short and sweet, the location unveiled. A cave a little bit to the north, apparently, less than an hour's walk. There's an image that appears in the sky, of a crack in the rock, a small box wedged in it. According to the seer, the letter's inside the box. During the vision, though, there's one thing that causes some concern - a form passes between you and the box, black as the night sky, blotting much of the image out for a moment before moving on. Like somebody right between you and the box.
  1657. A guardian, perhaps? The seer shrugs when you ask him. Probably somebody - or something - is in the cave. They might be protecting the letter, or they might just happen to be there.
  1659. >What do you do?
  1661. ---
  1663. You take Adelle and Kini with you when you head back home, but leave Kini elsewhere when you return to the cellars. You don't want her seeing Lorenne's present condition, there's no telling what it might do to the tanukigirl's rather fragile mental state. You've only just gotten her to accept her place as your pet, you don't want to force her to face someone else's sorrows, especially when they're so close to her own, and come so soon after her rise from being your fuck toy.
  1665. "Sorry, Bitch," you say, giving her a smug grin. "I need Patina, but don't worry, I won't leave your asshole unattended for long." You brandish a thick cylinder of metal, about the size of the hole made by your fingers when you make an "O" shape. Lorenne gives you an icy glare as Adelle places her hands on Patina's head, waiting for your signal. "Patina," you say, turning to the coppergirl. "You're coming with me. If you're good, you'll get a nice dose of my cum. If not..." you flick a glance at your wife, who smiles maliciously down at Patina. "Well. Pray you don't find out."
  1667. The coppergirl looks at you, those eye sockets staring up at you, a little quiver of discontent or rebellion in her expression, but then it's squelched, and she relaxes, nods. Gives up. Adelle presses her hands down on Patina's head, and the coppergirl slowly disentangles herself from Lorenne, standing up, eyes glaring for a moment at you before staring at your feet. Docile. Tamed. Addicted.
  1669. You find Melisende and Despina, set them to work preparing to defend your home, in case Levy or someone else comes knocking. And then you head out, for the cave, your party consisting of yourself, Kini, Adelle, and Patina.
  1671. It is a little longer than it might have otherwise been, Patina being so sluggish. Actually, a lot longer. It takes probably twice as long, really. But eventually, you arrive, Adelle glaring daggers at Patina's back as though she was fantasizing about turning the coppergirl into a collection of fine jewelry for slowing you all down. She doesn't say or do anything out of the ordinary.
  1673. The cave's dark, but you brought torches for just this occasion.
  1675. >What do you do?
  1677. ---
  1679. You turn to your wife. "Adelle? Can you use your geomancy? See if you can locate any potential enemies before they locate us?
  1681. Adelle nods. "Yes, my lord," she says, squatting down, touching the ground with both hands, her head craned up, her eyes closed. You absently wonder what she'd do if you slapped her face with your dick right now. Suck it, probably. She rises, shaking her head slightly. "I can't detect any people inside, my lord. I'm sorry."
  1683. "It's not your fault," you say, caressing her cheek gently. "Kini? Anything to contribute?"
  1685. The little tanukigirl's eyes go wide, terrified, and she glances around frantically. "Um, uh," she swallows. "N-no, master, sorry, master."
  1687. "Calm down, calm down, Kini," your wife coos softly, scratching Kini behind the ears on the top of her head. "My lord husband was just asking a question. Do you have any experience with caves?" The tanukigirl shakes her head, still shivering slightly, biting her lip. "Can you see in the dark?"
  1689. "S-sort of," she stammers. "Better than a human, at least. No offense, Lady Nell."
  1691. "None taken," Adelle coos, scratching her ears. She gives you a brief look, smiling. "Just be calm. No one is going to hurt you, least of all your master. He just wants to know as much as possible before setting out."
  1693. Kini swallows and nods. "Yes, Lady Nell."
  1695. "That's right, pet," you say, coming over and scratching Kini as well. "No one is going to hurt you. Your master wants you to be safe and happy, so you don't have to be afraid." You turn your head towards the coppergirl. "Patina, you're leading the way." You light and hand her a torch, then direct her into the caves, heading inside.
  1697. Adelle loosely guides your way to where she (believes) the letter to be. You're maybe halfway there, by your reckoning, when a black shape appears in the distance, vaguely humanoid, moving quickly from side to side, stalking towards you. Patina stops, uncertain.
  1699. >What do you do?
  1701. ---
  1703. You draw your sword, keeping your own torch high, and quietly usher Kini and Adelle to get behind you. The shadowy figure comes closer, but it doesn't become any brighter, only a faint sheen appearing on it, a reflection of the light on your and Patina's torches.
  1705. "Stop!" You order, voice commanding. "Stop right there!"
  1707. The shadow seems to gaze right at you, invisible eyes staring you down, as it strides closer still. A feminine voice, lilting as she speaks. "It's been so long since I had any male visitors. The rest of you can go, if you turn around now. This one, I want a little time alone with. I'll send him back up when I'm done, not much worse for wear." The shadow's shape is clear, now: slender, tall and leggy, almost boyish but for the height, little bust or waist. Definitely female, though.
  1709. The black form moves within Patina's range, her features becoming loosely visible, long, flowing hair seeming almost to bubble so close to the light, a pretty set of lips and the curves of cheeks softly illuminated by the faint reflection of a flickering torch. Then Patina lashes out, her arm seeming to collide with the shadow, but slips through, slowing, before getting stuck halfway inside, arm jutting out of the other end, the inky black creeping along Patina's red arm like an advancing army.
  1711. Patina yanks the arm away, making the shadowy figure shift slightly, reforming almost instantly, some of the gunk still sticking to Patina's arm, almost seeming to grow.
  1713. >What do you do?
  1715. ---
  1717. "Who are you?" You ask, taking a step back. You glance over your shoulder at Adelle and Kini. "Go, retreat," you say to them, quickly, and they start off.
  1719. When you turn around, the shadow is running its fingers over Patina's face, and the coppergirl swipes at its arm to stop her. The hand seems to flop off, but then turns into an inky black and wriggles along the ground back to the shadow itself, even as the hand reforms on the end of its slim arm.
  1721. Patina, unfortunately, was not quick enough to break contact, and there's a smear of inky black across her eyes, apparently stopping her from seeing, given the way she claws frantically at it with one hand, fingers scraping at her eyes, digging away gunk only to see it regrow over her eyes.
  1723. "I'm Umbra," the shadow says, a curve to her lips visible for a fraction of a second as Patina's torch flails around. The shadow has moved out of range of the coppergirl, now, stalking towards you once more.
  1725. "What are you doing here?"
  1727. "This is my home," she says. "Do you normally come into people's homes, unannounced, and demand to know who they are?" She's just a few strides away, now. You've had to take a few steps back to keep her out of arm's reach.
  1729. >What do you do?
  1731. ---
  1733. "No. Normally I fuck them senseless, first." You pause, glancing at the coppergirl, still flailing. "Could you clean up Patina's eyes so that she can go?"
  1735. "Patina...?" Umbra follows your gaze, a note of mirth entering her voice. "If she stops flailing around, sure."
  1737. "Patina. Stay still," you order. Patina grimaces for a moment, but goes still. Umbra sweeps her fingers back along the coppergirl's face and arm, gathering up the black gunk that has gathered and spread there, instantly absorbing it back into herself. "Now go find Adelle."
  1739. The coppergirl leaves, and it's just you and Umbra, torchlight still flickering.
  1741. "I have a couple questions-" you start, but Umbra just gets closer and closer.
  1743. "You can ask them later," she purrs, now almost close enough to reach you, your body just a finger's length out of arm's reach. "I'm fucking you now."
  1745. >What do you do?
  1747. ---
  1749. You stop backing up, and Umbra closes the distance in a second, her hands wrapping around your biceps, the feeling odd, like she was grabbing you with a pillow. She slowly pushes you up against the wall, and you drop your torch inadvertantly as she lifts you up off the ground, your feet dangling in the air inches above the ground. She moves her head close to you, and you feel a pair of cool, slightly wet things against your skin - her lips - as she kisses at your neck and you dangle there, helpless for the moment.
  1751. One of her hands slides down, and your weight shifts as her grip on the other adjusts to hold you in the air, making you dangle, slightly diagonal. Stronger than she looks, it seems. Her hand runs across your chest, then grabs the base of your shirt, pulling it up, revealing your abdomen to her view. She pulls back, and you catch what looks like her tongue flicking out and running along her upper lip - it's difficult to tell in the poor lighting - and she bends at the waist, slightly, rubbing your back against the wall as her hand adjusts in your armpit, holding you up. Her lips press to your chest, then, and your cock throbs as she kisses at your abdomen, running around in odd ways, your body still suspended, largely helpless, in the air.
  1753. After a while of running those cool, taffy-like lips and tongue across your body, she lets you down, at the same time letting your shirt fall, then sweeps you around with one arm, your weight seeming to be nothing to her as she pushes you to the ground, clambering on top of you. She presses her lips to yours, and her tongue snakes into your mouth, more agile and thorough than anything you've ever seen, giving slightly when you press against it. Her hands fiddle with your trousers, pulling them down, her butt pressed flat against your belly button. You drop your sword, and it hits the ground with a faint clatter, your hands coming up to rub against her slight breasts. If her tongue's any indication, she likes it, a vibration carrying into your mouth, her tongue swiveling around along your gums and palate.
  1755. Then your pants are down, and she's on top of you a breath later, your cock seeming to simply penetrate into her, as though there wasn't a hole down there at all, her body just yielding to you. Her inside is cool and smooth, with that same gentle consistency, the surface impenetrable but everything beneath them shifting this way and that. It makes it feel like she's a perfect, exact fit for your cock, as she starts to bounce up and down on top of you, and then you catch the glimmer of a smirk and her insides do something new. Now they press around your cock, seeming to wrap and tease at it like a dozen lapping tongues or gently brushing fingers, unpredictable and rabid, as she fucks up and down, her invisible eyes staring down at you from above. You imagine your expression must be quite amusing, and you just barely manage to keep your hands on her breasts as she fucks you silly like this, gently rubbing at the small mounds on her chest.
  1757. Each time you start to near the edge, there's a feeling around the base of your cock, a tightening like a ring or a noose, and you thrust up uselessly, trying to counteract the sensation, only succeeding in eliciting a girlish giggle from Umbra as you try desperately to orgasm. Each time, eventually, you draw back from orgasm, sighing and panting as though you just came, your cock still rock hard as she fucks herself on top of it. After the second time, she wraps one hand around your wrist, slowly pulling it down to her waist, and you get the silent command, your fingers flicking at the area, rubbing at where her mound ought to be. She hums, softly.
  1759. "Good boy," she says, her hand running along your hair, sweeping some back. Then her fingers run along your eyes, and there's nothing but blackness, your other senses seeming to heighten, the feeling of her insides massaging your cock redoubling. "Does that feel good? Does it feel better like this?"
  1761. "Fuck," you say, voice hoarse, your finger still rubbing her. "Yes. This is incredible." Her hands run along your body, feeling your chest, and then wrap around your arms, finally pulling them together and back behind your head, leaving you completely at her mercy. It feels like she has none as she moves on top of you, never letting you come, just enjoying herself. When she lets out a wail of pleasure, you can't even tell if she's coming or not, her insides still working you over like the hands of a dozen well-trained courtesans. After the screaming stops, you feel her pull up your shirt again, kissing at your chest, each one unpredictable and seemingly random.
  1763. You reach a high point again, nearly orgasming outright, but her insides constrict tight around your base again, and you just grunt in frustration. "Beg for it," she whispers from just above your chest, stopping her kissing to speak, "beg for me to let you come."
  1765. "Please," you say, your hips thrusting involuntarily. "Please let me come, please Umbra."
  1767. "Good boy," she whispers. "But no. I don't think so. Not just yet."
  1769. She keeps on like that, you beneath her, for what feels like a very long time. Sometimes she kisses your chest, other times she kisses you, her tongue warping inside your mouth, stretching and groping at every part of it, and still other time she just speaks, ordering you around, telling you if you do this or that, maybe she'll let you come, but never actually following through. She orgasms again and again on top of you, never letting you enjoy the same pleasure, the pain in your balls starting to build up. Finally, after the fourth time she orgasms, she stops bouncing at all, instead rising from your cock, exposing it to the cool air of the cavern for what feels like the first time in weeks. Her fingers reach up, absorbing the muck that's kept you blind and bound this whole time.
  1771. "That was fun," she says, a vicious smirk on her lips. "If you want to finish yourself off, go ahead. I'll watch."
  1773. >What do you do?
  1775. ---
  1777. Oh, no way are you taking that lying down, not after what she just put you through. You get up from under her, scrambling to your feet. She remains, kneeling, just looking at you, curious, as though your rising was no different than a fly taking off.
  1779. >20
  1781. You think for a moment: she's strong, but is she heavy? You reach down, grabbing her neck, lifting her up by it in a single moment. She's light, incredibly so, feeling almost weightless for her size. She squirms, hands coming up, running along your arm, streaks of black gunk spreading up and down as she does. You have longer arms than her, though, so she can't quite reach your face, try as she might, and you fix her with a level gaze as you use both hands to spin her around and toss her to the ground, leaving her on hands and knees.
  1783. "Oh, think you're real tough?" She asks, halfway rising, but you pounce on top of her, shoving at her shoulders, sending her sprawling back into the ground, shoving your cock inside where her cunt might be, were she a woman. "Just surprise," she says, trying to rise, but you swipe at her, digging into her upper arms with your fingers, tearing at the soft, gooey flesh, and the strength goes out of them, her cheeks hitting the ground as you relentlessly fuck her, clumps of whatever she's made up balled up in your fists as they stay squeezed around (inside?) her arms.
  1785. You pound in and out, your teeth gritted, your fury unmatched and untold as you take your revenge on her relentless teasing. Her insides are passive, at first, just yielding to your cock rather than caressing it, but you lean down, wrapping your teeth around her slim neck, biting gently, the taste of her filling your mouth. Strong, almost sickly sweet, enough to almost make you want to eat the bitch out, but she hasn't got anything down there really, so you just keep nibbling at it, your tongue rubbing along her neck. By the way her frustrated growls start to soften into another kind of growl and the way her insides start to caress you anew, gently coaxing you, you'd guess her neck is her weak point - either that, or she's been trying to work you up to do this the whole time.
  1787. You don't particularly care. All you care about at the moment is taking out your frustrations on this teasing bitch's ass, so you carry on, fucking her hard, enjoying the sensation of her tight and soft around you, pliable and easy. After a while, she screams, and it's not in pain. Her mouth opens wide, some of her blackness spilling out of her mouth before being sucked back in, her tongue lolling out, and she sits there, insensate to the world for a long while as you just keep on fucking her. Your pace intensifies, and you draw close, painfully close, your orgasm approaching anew, but when you bottom out, anticipating orgasm, there's that fucking ring sensation around the  base of your cock and you can't quite get free. Your eye twitches in incoherent rage as your orgasm is denied once more, your fingers digging at her soft ass, her butt cheeks easily yielding as you try desperately to pull yourself out.
  1789. "You enjoying yourself?" You growl down at her, still working to get out of her little trap so that you can finish off, her butt moving with your hips whenever you try. She nods on the floor, a smirk appearing on the side of her face as she enjoys your look of desperation. Oh, you'll fucking dominate the shit out of this monstergirl.
  1791. She finally lets you go only after your orgasm subsides, and you in your state of mind, you determine to fuck her some more, slamming in and out of her, pulling her now weak arms up behind her and pulling them together, distorting the shape of them so that you can hold both her upper arms in one hand, keeping her weak and defenseless beneath you. With your other hand, you caress and squeeze and pinch at her neck, finding her weak points there and stimulating them further, watching her face carefully for signs of an impending orgasm. When you see her expression shift in preparation, her lips parting ever so slightly, you pull out and stop altogether, leaving her to wriggle desperately on the floor, trying to get your cock back inside her so that she can finish off.
  1793. You just wait, letting her struggle and writhe in unfulfilled desires, as you struggled and writhed not so long ago, taking sadistic glee in the poetic justice of it all. "Please," she whines on the floor at last. "Please let me commmme," she says, her little butt bouncing desperately, like she was a child bouncing on the ground in the middle of a tantrum.
  1795. "Good girl," you say, recalling her earlier words with a smirk. "But I don't think so. Not just yet."
  1797. You repeat the process several times, and she starts to try to grip and hold your cock in place, but when she does you just freeze altogether, leaving her to try to wriggle desperately under you to simulate the earlier stimulation until giving up with gasping sighs, unsatisfied. Each time, Umbra moans and whines and begs and pleads and apologizes, but you don't give in, instead enjoying taking vengeance on her, putting her through what she put you through.
  1799. "Tell me thank you," you say, pulling her up as you restart your fucking for the sixth or seventh time - you lost count. "Say 'thank you for raping me,' and I'll let you come." She wriggles, shaking her head, and you lean forward to lick her neck, which sends shivers through her body. "Say it. You know you're loving it, you know I won't let you come, otherwise, so say it."
  1801. There's a hesitance - you see her bite her tongue in the darkness, for just a moment - then she says it. "Thank you for raping me. Now please let me come." You do, licking at her neck, enjoying the saccharine taste of her surface as you keep pounding in and out of her, slowly, inexorably drawing her over the edge. When she orgasms, she goes limp, and you pull out, quickly moving around and pressing your cock into her wet mouth, adjusting her positioning to let you properly fuck her throat. She's still coming when you press in completely, her cool nose rubbing against your groin, and she doesn't resist at all as you fuck her throat, still insensate from her orgasm.
  1803. When she does recover some degree of consciousness, she struggles for a moment, but you reach down and grab her upper arms once more, and she goes limp, taking your manhood, like it was an inevitability. She gurgles, softly, around your cock, her tongue and lips rubbing their cool, flexible wetness against you as she tries and fails to speak, and you studiously ignore it, not really caring what she thinks or says. Instead, you just focus on the sensations, craning your head back and closing your eyes as you brutally ream her neck with your cock, your slowly reducing lack of coordination making her neck bulge irregularly on the sides or top as your cock presses against her insides. There's no thought in your mind now but your desire to come straight down her throat, and you work your ways towards it with a dogged insistence.
  1805. "Fucking suck me off," you say, no longer as composed as you were just a bit ago, "use your tongue," you order. She obeys, her tongue wrapping around your cock, massaging it, running along its sides, distorting so that it's long or wide or able to out to even fondle your balls, long and thick and juicy as it does. When she runs her tongue up and down your length with her tongue like she was giving you a handjob inside her mouth, that does it, and you pull her down into your groin with a yank, her nose smushing into your groin and flattening out as you growl out your orgasm, ten times as powerful as normal, shooting long jets of cum right down her throat as you spasm again and again.
  1807. After a minute or two, you pull back, sighing, flopping down onto the ground and leaning against the wall, completely and utterly spent, as if for a lifetime. If she wants revenge, now is the time.
  1809. Instead, she licks her lips, bringing her hands up to her mouth and covering a belch, then licking her lips again. "That was..." she pauses, as if searching for the word, "certainly enjoyable."
  1811. >What do you do?
  1813. ---
  1815. "Thanks," you say, still gasping, waiting for your strength to recover. "I'm Baron," you say.
  1817. "Umbra," she repeats, politely.
  1819. "Tell me about yourself, Umbra," you say, leaning back further still. "What's your story?"
  1821. She looks - in the dim torchlight - as though she's a bit taken aback by the question, but she answers soon enough. "I live here," she says, looking around. "Occasionally people visit. Friends. Men who have heard about the 'dark shadow of the cave of Elmint' and are looking to have fun. There's one man in particular, a rather regular visitor for a while, until he stopped a while back. He looked a bit like you. Said his name was Levy? Know him?"
  1823. "My brother," you cough. "That's it, then? Just... sitting here, fucking?"
  1825. "You seemed to enjoy it," she says, and you imagine she's quirking an eyebrow, though you can't see it in the limited lighting
  1827. "Nothing else, though?" You force yourself to stand, slowly, and head towards where Adelle said the box was. "Come on, we can walk and talk."
  1829. You chat a bit about yourselves, but it seems that Umbra is quite pleased with her current abode and questions the safety of leaving. You decide not to press your luck, still being not quite certain whether she's a slimegirl or a shadowgirl. All in all, Umbra lives a very simple, animalistic life, and hardly sees any reason to change, in spite of your recent (very) mutually enjoyable experience which - to quote her - was "the first time a man did anything like that to me. Normally they just jerk off after and I gobble it up later."
  1831. When you finally find the nook and start reaching for the box, Umbra grabs your bicep, stopping you. "Um, I'm sorry, Baron. If that was mine, I'd let you have it, since we had so much fun, but it actually belongs to a friend of mine and she was very clear that no one was supposed to take it but her."
  1833. >What do you do?
  1835. ---
  1837. >1
  1839. "Yeah, I know the friend. B- Lorenne, right? She's actually a friend of mine, too. We're real friendly."
  1841. Umbra's brow furrows, she considers you carefully. "Really?"
  1843. "Yeah," you repeat. "She asked me to come get this. I could tell you what's inside that I'm looking for, if you want."
  1845. Umbra's grip on your bicep tightens. Your arm starts to feel numb. "Lorenne said she would definitely come for it personally, if she wanted it."
  1847. "She's a bit indisposed at the moment, I'm afraid," you say, pretending that your arm isn't currently in a vice grip, attempting to remain calm. "She can't come."
  1849. "Why not?"
  1851. "Because I-" you pause, trying to take back the words- "Aiconnatay, a bad guy, slashed up her leg and she can't walk?" You try, desperately, smiling lightly.
  1853. Umbra lifts you easily and tosses you like a ball down the cave, and you skid painfully across the ground, skin on your back scraping against the stone floor. "What did you fucking do to my friend?" She growls, staring you down, and you scamper back, casting desperately around for your sword. You hear the scrape of metal against stone for a fraction of a second and look back, seeing Umbra with your sword in hand, swinging it easily, the sound of it cutting through air sharp in your ears.
  1855. Fuck. That's not good at all.
  1859. ---
  1861. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  1862. Chapter 36
  1864. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells ("Baron" among your friends), and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  1866. You've had many an adventure; married two women (Adelle and Arenne), raped and mindbroke a tanukigirl into your fuck pet (Kini), defeated, captured, and raped a would-be human assassin (Lorenne), made friends with a conqueror (Erosette)... and more, besides.
  1868. Your would-be assassin, Lorenne, conspired with your younger brother, Levy, to kill you. You managed to wheedle out of her the existence of evidence of their conspiracy - a letter of intent, written by Levy, stating that he planned to marry Lorenne, written as though you were already dead.
  1870. You managed to track down the letter to a cave, currently occupied by Umbra, some kind of slime or shadowgirl. You fucked her once or twice, got on largely good terms, and chatted for a bit. Then you screwed it all up by making it fairly clear that you had done something to Lorenne (fortunately, not exactly what, or you'd probably be dead by now), and as it turns out, Lorenne and Umbra are friends!
  1872. She tossed you to the ground, stole your sword, and is currently waving it menacingly in your direction and demanding to know what you did to Lorenne.
  1874. Since what you did to Lorenne is "tie her up, keep her in your cellar as your rape toy, and take to calling her Bitch while physically and sexually abusing her," you get the feeling that you shouldn't tell Umbra the truth.
  1876. >What do you do?
  1878. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  1880. ---
  1882. >Lie.
  1883. >17
  1885. You bite your lip, thinking, trying to sort through to a believable lie. And the best lies are based on truth. "Alright. The truth is she tried to kill me. I'm currently the eldest son of the Nells, which means she's not in a good place, legally speaking. But, inside of the box is evidence that my younger brother, Levy, is the conspirator and manipulated her into it. It'll let her get off easier, maybe entirely."
  1887. Umbra considers you, sword still in the air. You back away, to the side, moving towards where the cave is tighter, less room to swing. Your sword isn't very good for jabbing, so if you can maneuver her into such a position, you'll be in a better place.
  1889. "What's the evidence?" Umbra asks, approaching.
  1891. "A letter. It says they'll get married and lists me as dead. Proof that Levy manipulated her into trying to kill me."
  1893. Umbra pauses, starting to back away, towards the nook where the box still is. She turns away from you, and your respective positionings mean you can't just take her by surprise, though she probably couldn't get you even if she wanted to, at this point. She pulls the box out, one-handed. She opens the box and starts to flick through it. Distracted.
  1895. You don't take advantage of the opportunity. An attack, here, now, under these circumstances, would undermine all your lies and deception. And you think they have worked. She removes a piece of paper, flips it over, looking at it. Reading. An impressive talent, given her circumstances. She puts the box back in its place, the letter still in hand and turns her full attention back to you, her sword still at the ready.
  1897. "Why are you on Lorenne's side, if you're someone she tried to kill?"
  1899. "I'm not really on her side. I don't have anything against her, either - bygones be bygones, or whatever - but my brother's the mastermind, and she wouldn't try to kill me, without him there to push her into it." That might have been true in the past, but it's less likely to be true now that you've spent days raping and torturing and abusing her. "I'd be perfectly willing for her to just be, I don't know, banished or something, and those were the terms for the information on where the letter was."
  1901. Umbra takes a long moment, seeming to look you up and down, then flips the sword around and tosses it, underhanded, at your feet. You pick it up and return it to its scabbard. "Guess she won't be visiting again, any time soon? Or Levy, but he cut off contact a while back."
  1903. "Probably not," you admit.
  1905. "Here's the letter, then," she says, tossing it at you. It flutters in the air, awkwardly, but you manage to catch it. "Have fun." Her voice is rather sullen.
  1907. >What do you do?
  1909. ---
  1911. "Thank you," you say, honestly. "If you're interested, I could come back some time, we could repeat some of the... earlier things? Before this whole business. Fucking, I mean."
  1913. She grins a little at that, shrugs, and nods. "Sure. Ta, then."
  1915. You take that as your cue, heading out. When you're well and truly safe - reunited with Adelle, Kini, and Patina - you read the letter.
  1917. I, the undersigned, do hereby state my intent to marry Lorenne Statelle, freewoman, of red hair and beauty fair. Although her station in life may be of lower rank, my love is sincere and thorough. So that I may make no false claims that my situation has changed and that my previous offer must be considered null and void, I state, for the record, that I am at present an only child; both my elder brothers have lamentably died recently. As such, although I know it may displease my family, on my word of honor I state that I shall wed Lorenne Statelle, and may the gods take no pity on me should my oath not be fulfilled.
  1919. Levy Arthur Teringeld Santing Von Printsly
  1921. It's more or less a slam dunk, as culpability goes. The signature is even accompanied by Levy's mark. You carefully fold it back up, breathing a sigh of relief. All this rubbish is almost at an end.
  1923. >What do you do?
  1925. ---
  1927. "It should be enough," you say, glancing at the party gathered there. Adelle cuddles up into your side, one arm wrapping around you, head coming to rest against your body, and your own hand slides down to her ass, cupping it and squeezing it greedily, as the four of you head home.
  1929. Once there, you're very careful in sealing and protecting the letter, putting it in a safe place for the moment, before heading down to speak to Lorenne and torture her a little more. When you arrive, she's apparently sleeping, eyes closed, her chest softly rising and falling. Her nude, wrapped up form, is lovely to look at, though you can see where the tone and muscle have already started to get a little laxer, a little less firm. Still. Even if she never returns to her previous build, she's a beautiful girl.
  1931. You don't start with outright violence, instead gently running your fingers across her face, making her flinch away before she can stop herself. Good. You are getting to her, then. "Bitch," you say, your voice sickly sweet, a malicious smile on your face. "I managed to get that pesky little letter of intent without your help." You can tell she doesn't believe you, which just makes you smile even more broadly. "Umbra says hello." Lorenne swallows, her eyes going wide when you drop the name. "Or goodbye, I suppose. She also said she was very grateful for me raping her, so I suppose that's two things the two of you have in common."
  1933. Lorenne is practically shaking by this point, clearly scared to death. You just enjoy her expression, the way fear mixes with panic mixes with powerlessness. This woman tried to kill you, and now all she can think about is her own ruined life, left in tatters by your work.
  1935. "Mmm..." you say, letting your hands run down her body. Again, she flinches before she can stop herself, her body going rigid in response to your fingers testing her cunt and asshole. "Looks like you haven't been exercising much, hmm, Bitch? I guess you don't get a lot of time to practice with the sword or bow, down here. All your best opportunities for escape grow more distant... and Levy's death draws near. Such a pity you refused to work with me. I suppose you could call his death all your fault?"
  1937. That earns a surpressed grow from Lorennel, and you slap her clit, making her wince in pain, a tear drop or two dripping from her eyes.
  1939. >What do you do?
  1941. ---
  1943. >Mindbreak.
  1945. The sooner you destroy everything she ever was and replace it with something new, the better. You head back upstairs, collecting some rags and a bucket of water, getting ready to fuck with Lorenne's mind. You're gentle with her, which just makes her more afraid, slowly washing her body, like you would a disabled elder. Well, except for the part where you let the towel enter her cunt and asshole.
  1947. "There's just one thing I don't understand, Bitch," you say, as you go about your work. "Why kill me? Why kill my older brother? It would have been easier for both of you to just get married. Yeah, he wouldn't have gotten as much in the inheritance, but so what? Both of you would probably have had an easier time, all things considered."
  1949. There's a swallow, the tiniest shred of weakness, and you practically pounce on it. "I mean, this whole story would've had a pretty happy ending for you both, if Levy just married you straight out. Rather than leaving you here, with all of this, and Levy soon to be killed for fratricide." You cluck your tongue in your mouth. "It's almost as though he never cared about your well-being at all. That all he was interested in was the inheritance, and you were just a useful tool."
  1951. There's a little shake of her head, but you can tell she's questioning it, wondering. The job of cleaning her mostly done, you let your fingers slip into her cunt, slow and gentle, working her over like she was the girl of your dreams. She bites her lips, her eyes squeezing shut, but you can see that her body is betraying her, pleasure seeping into her.
  1953. "What if he thought about killing you?" You ask, idly, your thumb running over her clit. She swallows again, shaking her head once more. "What if that was his plan all along? Marry you, sure, but then find someone to make sure you had an unpleasant accident. With this many scars, surely you've been betrayed by those you trusted before? It seems to be like Levy planned that all along."
  1955. There's a sudden intake of breath, consideration, as though she just came up with some good reason. "A question, Bitch?" You ask, pulling her gag down.
  1957. "He came to save me. He came to-" she hisses in unexpected pleasure, your work downstairs clearly going well, "save me. He wouldn't do that if he didn't care about me."
  1959. You just give her a cheshire cat grin. "Oh, Bitch. That wasn't Levy. Levy doesn't even know you're missing yet."
  1961. "I heard," she says, "it was him."
  1963. "No, no, no. That was my loyal little tanukigirl, Kini, putting all her skills to their proper use. I could introduce you, if you like." You glance down at her. "Though you might make her feel a little skittish and unhappy. Bring up bad memories of how I made her so loyal." You lean forward, whispering in her ear. "If you beg, I'll let you come, Bitch."
  1965. The process is long and hard. You have to tease her, to properly control her, but she's not fighting with the same vigor she did just yesterday, some large part of her hope having left her, with Levy soon to be executed and her alone and in your cellar. It takes a long time, but finally, she whimpers out, "please, please just let me come," she says, tears starting to streak down her cheeks. "I just want to be alone." You lean forward, licking her tears off, making her shudder in disgust - but not try to bite you, though you were ready for her to try.
  1967. "Beg properly, Bitch. Use your new name."
  1969. There's a choked sob, and she speaks again. "P-please l-let B-Bitch come," she forces out, her voice jittery, slow, terrified. But she's done what you've asked, and you take her over the edge, her whole body shaking as she whimpers out her orgasm, sobs still coming, a squirt of her juices spilling onto the floor.
  1971. "Good Bitch," you say, kissing her on the forehead, putting the gag back in place and cleaning up her girlcum before heading back out. She just hangs her head, sobbing quietly.
  1973. >What do you do?
  1975. ---
  1977. You clean up your hands and go inside, finding Arenne in her room, softly snoring on her bed. Her eyes flutter open and she looks at you, groggy, smiling a little. "You're back," she mumbles out, rubbing her eye with one hand, and you come in, sitting on the bed next to her, smiling back at her and taking her hand.
  1979. "Sorry to wake you," you say, gently running your fingers across her face, pulling her long blond hair away. You lean down, kissing her forehead. "I got back a little bit ago and wanted to say hello."
  1981. She nods, still clearly tired, but adjusting a little to look at you. "It was a thing with the- the murderess, right?"
  1983. "Yeah. Some leads I followed up on. Don't worry, angel," you say, brushing her cheek again. "That whole business will soon be over, thank the gods."
  1985. Arenne nods, and you spend another minute or two talking, cuddling a little bit, making it as clear as possible that you care about her, before she lets out a loud yawn, her eyelids fluttering again.
  1987. "I'll let you get back to sleep," you say, leaning down to kiss her forehead. "I love you." You get up, heading out.
  1989. "Mmm..." she hums, snuggling into bed. "Love you too," she says, muffled, half asleep.
  1991. You'll take it. You leave her room, quiet as a mouse, closing the door behind you.
  1993. You head over to Adelle's room, talk to her about the letter of intent, how best to portray it, what to do, exactly. She outlines it fairly straightforwardly: go hard, soon, and with the evidence in hand. Head to Neanderhold, speak to your parents directly, show them the letter, explain the context - leaving out the part where you're a rapist torturer, some things aren't for polite company - and the rest ought to take care of itself, unless she misunderstands Nell legal codes in some way. As far as you know, she doesn't.
  1995. Then it's a matter of finding Chara - and Despina, it turns out - sleeping together in Despina's room, the youngerer Satyress the little spoon in their sibling cuddle pile. You carefully creep into bed behind Despina, letting your hands slowly roam across her body, caressing her - naked - breasts, your fingers sliding into her sex. She moans softly, still sleeping, her little mumbled urgings encouraging you onward. When she finally wakes up, glancing down, she offers you a wry smile over her shoulder, and just lets herself enjoy your hands on her body.
  1997. "Did Chara tell you about...?" You ask in a whisper.
  1999. Despina shakes her head. "What?"
  2001. "Nothing. Doesn't matter now. Just enjoy yourself." Your hands knead at the flesh of Despina's breasts, and it's fun to watch the older Satyress try to remain quiet and still while she's so obviously in pleasure from your hands and lips on her body as you kiss at the nape of her neck. Eventually, Despina's leg kicks involuntarily, making Chara wake up.
  2003. "Despina, don't kick me," she mumbles, sleepily. She turns around, groggily, and practically jolts awake.
  2005. "Oh, hello, Chara," you say, still playing with Despina's breasts and sex, the Satyress's moans now audible since she no longer has to contain herself, her hips bucking against your fingers. "I was just having some fun with Despina. You can leave," you add, watching Chara's face, taking note of the faint flicker of annoyance mixed with disappointment, "unless you would rather stick around? No reason the three of us can't have fun together."
  2007. Chara grumbles, pouts, crosses her arms, not even bothering to cover her nubile breasts, but finally speaks. "Fine, well, since you woke me up anyway, might as well."
  2009. "Come on, Baron," Despina says, whiny, her hips bucking desperately, her tit practically shoving itself into your hand as you grope the flesh, "let me cooooome." The last word turns into a long, quiet moan as you finally bring her over the edge, making her whole body twitch in pleasure, her eyes rolling up. She falls back, gasping a little, as she recovers from your hands on her body. Chara looks on, clearly a little jealous.
  2011. >What do you do?
  2013. ---
  2015. You let your hands reach over to Chara's body, one hand on her breast, the other finding its way to her sex, slowly moving towards her, getting closer and closer until you're looming over her, your hands making her start to squeak a little with half-suppressed pleasure.
  2017. "You want me inside you, don't you?" You lean forward, almost whispering in Chara's ear, Despina left to watch, your finger in Chara's wet and ready sex. "You want me to fuck you, hard and well, until you can't think because of the pleasure."
  2019. "M-maybe," Chara mumbles, non-committal, still holding on to some false pride.
  2021. "Definitely," you correct, your thumb brushing against her nipple, making her bite her lip in pleasure. "You definitely want it. You remember last time, don't you? You were so out of it," your voice is a little excited, pressuring, "you couldn't even move, you were so insensate with pleasure. Let me fuck you, let me kiss you, let me do whatever I liked, you loved it that much."
  2023. Despina, slightly to the side, cocks an eyebrow, licking her lips. "Is that true, Chara?"
  2025. "M-maybe," Chara says, shoulders coming up, defensive. "Yes..." she lets out, when you run your finger across the inside of her wet sex in a lovely little circle.
  2027. "Finally," Despina says, rolling her eyes.
  2029. "I-it's not like that, he had alcohol. He got me drunk!"
  2031. "You're sober now," you note, your hands still on her, and lean forward, kissing her free breast, suckling at her nipple, making her give little whimpers of pleasure.
  2033. "I'm sleepy!" She argues, poorly, the way her body shifts to make it easier on you proving more than her words do.
  2035. "Yes, you look very tired, Chara," Despina says, a little smug.
  2037. "Oh, whatev-" you bite on Chara's nipple, the motion gentle, accompanied by a little twist of your teeth, and she just lets out a sharp sigh of pleasure, other thoughts forgotten. Her hands come up before she even thinks, gripping the back of your head, practically pressing you into her chest, greedy for more of your oral ministrations, and you let her.
  2039. "He's clearly forcing himself on you," Despina says, barely suppressing a giggle. "Taking advantage of your drowsy state."
  2041. "Shut up."
  2043. "It's just funny that you spent all that time whining about him, and now you're letting him slobber all over you."
  2045. "He's a jerk, but he's good at th-this," she stutters a little as you stop your ministrations, your hands, lips, and tongue freezing in place on her body. "Come on," Chara whines at Despina, and you. "Just- just, come on."
  2047. You pull away, Chara's little hands not strong enough to stop you, and look down at the Satyress. "Despina," you say, turning to the elder Satyress. "Would you mind lying on the side of the bed, your head hanging off?"
  2049. Despina smiles and quickly does as you say, her head falling off to the side, her mouth flopping open, tongue stretching upwards to the sky, clearly eagerly waiting for you to start fucking her throat. You stand up, moving to the right position and fiddle with your belt for a moment before Chara starts to whine. "Come on! You didn't even let me come!"
  2051. "Maybe if you asked politely..." you say, as you remove your cock from your pants, lining it up with Despina's mouth.
  2053. "Please let me come?"
  2055. "Beg me to fuck you," you say, letting your cock rest just inside Despina's mouth, her nose right next to your length as she breathes in your scent, eyes lidding slightly as she does. "Put that sweet little nubile butt right here," you say, patting both of Despina's breasts with your hands, "and beg me to fuck you." Despina's lips and tongue have already started to work on your cock, her expertise and enthusiasm substituting excellently for her limited range of motion.
  2057. Chara takes a bit, clearly not to pleased about the situation, but when you start to saw back and forth slightly in Despina's mouth, little blubbering noises coming when you pop in and out, she finally takes her position, her legs on either side of her older sister's body, her butt raised up in the air above Despina's big tits, her little tail wagging eagerly. "Please, fuck me," she says, not with an incredible amount of enthusiasm, but she says it.
  2059. You slap her furry little ass, making her jerk in surprise, her head twisting around to look at you. "Come on. Say it like you mean it, or the only one getting fucked will be Despina."
  2061. Chara's lower lip quivers cutely, trepidation and embarrassment obvious on her face, a sharp blush to her cheeks. You're glad Despina's got her mouth full, or you imagine she'd say something to set the little Satyress off. The wonderful little tongue bath the elder Satyress is giving you doesn't hurt either. "Please, fuck me, Baron, come on, I want your cock in my pussy again, I want you to fuck me until I come and then keep fucking me, I want to feel like I did last ti-" her last word's interrupted by you shoving your cock into her moist, ready little hole, sucking in a gasp of breath instead.
  2063. You lean over her, grabbing one of her horns and moving her head to get a better perspective on her face. Her eyes practically rolled up when you first entered, but now she's got this nervous, contrite, embarrassed little expression on her face, biting her lower lip and looking away. "Despina," you say, as you wrap one of your hands around Chara's waist, holding her in place so that you can control the pace of the two of you's fucking completely, "Chara doesn't seem to be enjoying herself that much. Why don't you help her?"
  2065. Despina's eyebrow quirks a little, but she does as you say, her hands coming up to play with Chara's breasts, her fingers occasionally brushing the younger Satyress's clit as you fuck her. You thump in and out of Chara's warm and willing pussy, grunting occasionally, or playing with one of her breasts, or reaching down below to grope and knead and abuse one of Despina's big tits, earning hisses of pleasure from the more mature Satyress. Soon enough, Chara's losing herself in the pleasure, her eyes rolling up as she pants and gasps in pleasure. You use your grip on her horn to pull her face around, leaning forward, kissing her viciously, and she doesn't fight you, letting your tongue enter her mouth without so much as a grumble, she's enjoying herself that much. You feel Despina's tongue stretch up, lapping at your balls, as you continue to rail the shit out of Chara.
  2067. You go on like that for a while, holding yourself back, bringing Chara to an orgasm again and again, each time her tight little not-quite-virginal-pussy wriggling and wrapping around your cock, long moans in your mouth letting you know she's feeling it. All her earlier protestations and attempts at maintaining dignity are long forgotten, now, as she just loses herself in the pleasure.
  2069. But, as she comes for the third time, you think that poor Despina deserves attention as well. You disengage your mouth from Chara's, leaning back up and letting your hands grab either of Despina's massive tits from around Chara's small, girlish body. Chara just lets out little pants of pleasure, Despina's work on her clit and yours in her cunt clearly doing their job excellently. Despina leans up, lapping at the space where your cock meets Chara's lower lips, her tongue running across both your bodies in a single long lick, and you pull out with a gasp. Chara's hips keep going for a second, bouncing in time to your now-absent thrusts, but Despina knows what's happening, and she just flops back down, mouth hanging open.
  2071. You slam into the elder Satyress's mouth, fucking her throat with ruthless abandon, groping and kneading the flesh of her breasts in either hand, grunting as you take advantage of her all-too-willing body. Chara takes a little bit to realize what's happening, finally snapping out of it, head coming up, turning to look back at you. Her bottom lip quivers, jealous, but she doesn't say anything, instead turning around, steeling herself, obviously determined not to beg.
  2073. You don't really care, instead just focusing on the feeling of Despina's throat, the way her tongue lashes back and forth across the top of your cock, the way she swallows around your length each time you bottom out, the way she looks up at you, eyes lidded with sleepy pleasure from the way you've chosen to use and abuse her generosity. You're surprised, then, when Despina lets out a startled little squirm/moan, wriggling and vibrating around your cock wonderfully, when your attentions to her breasts were the same as always.
  2075. A glance up reveals the cause: Chara has leaned forward, her tongue lapping inexpertly at her older sister's needy cunt, making Despina wriggle and writhe in pleasure beneath you. The sight of Chara trying to get Despina off, combined with the way her butt wiggles, make it clear that she's trying to convince you to fuck her some more without saying as much. You're not one to stop a facefuck for a little cunnilingus, though, and certainly not under these circumstances, so you just keep going, leaving Despina to melt in pleasure as she gets her mouth, breasts, and sex pleasured by her employer and her little sister.
  2077. You manage to time your orgasm just right, and when Despina starts to quake and cum, Chara pulling back a little, proud at her work, you halfway pull out, leaving your cock just past Despina's wonderful, sensuous lips as she moans her pleasure. A few scant seconds later and you go off, cum coating the inside of her mouth white, sighing in pleasure. Chara looks back at you, obviously a little put out that you didn't start fucking her again before you came, but you just soak in the moist, pleasurable feeling of Despina's mouth.
  2079. >What do you do?
  2081. ---
  2083. When you come down from your orgasmic high - Despina doing so at about the same time - you immediately turn your attention to Chara, shoving your still rock-hard cock into her moist, not-so-virginal pussy. The slick feeling of her insides is almost painful, it's so intense in the immediate aftermath of your fucking, and you lean forward over Chara, humping her, Despina occasionally leaning up to lick at your balls or cock. After a while of getting Chara properly fucked again, you lean forward, wrapping your hands around her breasts and kissing her neck before pulling her up, her whole body rising with you as you stand again, her back to your chest, her nude body on display.
  2085. "Despina, turn around," you say, as you continue to fuck in and out of Chara's tight little sex, her body bouncing on your cock. "Wanna fuck you too." Despina eagerly flips around on the bed, her legs hanging off the side, now, her moist and ready pussy visible, a faint darkening of the fur around the area that Chara was licking earlier. You let Chara - by this point halfway insensate from your fucking and firm grip on her budding breasts - slowly find her position back on top of her older sister. "Put your hands on your big sister's breasts," you whisper in Chara's ear, leaning down with her, slowing slightly when she doesn't immediately obey. Chara's hands come to rest on the massive tits, and she has no real choice but to put a good part of her weight on them, crushing Despina's sensitive titmeat with her weight. Despina practically writhes in pleasure in response, and it encourages you to keep fucking Chara, hard. "Whoever does the better job, pleasuring their sister," you manage to grunt out, "is the one who gets fucked."
  2087. That sets Despina off, one of her hands coming up to play with Chara's small breasts, the other reaching around to finger her tight little ass, one finger circling it before plunging in, making Chara sigh and pant in pleasure. Chara responds in kind, pressing her weight down harder on Despina, then moving one hand down further south so that one of her tits is free, her lips leaning forward and suckling at the big breast, lips working, tongue lapping, teeth biting. Their pleasure builds and feeds on one another, and to be honest, you have no real idea which one is doing a better job, but that just means you have an excellent excuse to fuck them both.
  2089. You start thrusting in and out, swapping fucking Chara for fucking Despina, each time making the "losing" girl work extra hard, her hands gripping and toying with more force, more vigor. Before long, they're practically insensate just from what they're doing to one another, Despina's eyes rolling up and her tongue lolling out, Chara drooling all over her big sister's tit as she practically passes out from pleasure. Your hands do their part, too, one on each girl, playing with them best you know how, fingering their sex when you're not in it and toying with their clits when they are. The two of them come over and over, and each time they do, you switch girls, both to help keep yourself far from orgasm, and because it's only fair.
  2091. As Despina lies there, her mouth wide open, her eyes rolled up from her latest orgasm, and you fuck Chara long and hard, you lean over the elder Satyress. "Ask for my taste," you say.
  2093. "C-can I taste you?" Despina manages, half-delirious from the pleasure. You open your mouth, letting a long line of spit slowly slink down to hers, and she happily leans her neck around to catch it, mouth wide open. "T-tastes good," she says, flopping back, when you finish, and little Chara orgasms herself, biting down on the titpillow she's using to rest her head, making Despina wince in pleasure and pain.
  2095. You pull out of Chara, but this time don't push into Despina, instead moving over to lie down on the bed, your back against the headboard, your cock still high in the air. Despina eyes your cock hungrily, her tongue sweeping across her upper lip, and you pat your thighs, encouraging her to come. Chara, still half out of it from her latest orgasm, just flops to the side as Despina crawls over to you, her tongue hungrily exploring your cock, clearing her younger sister's juices from it before she starts to kiss and suckle at its length, looking up at you with a mix of teasing and unmasked desire.
  2097. When Chara's finished her journey to sexual bliss, you look over to her. "Come on, Chara, help your big sister," you command, and Chara's still somewhat out of it, so she crawls obediently over without a second thought, her lips immediately reaching down to suckle your balls, taking one into her mouth, then the other. Your cock throbs at the sight of the two sisters obediently sucking your dick, and you reach down, one hand wrapping around either of their horns, guiding them slowly up and down your cock, encouraging them to lick and kiss it on either side, to suckle your balls, and to otherwise pleasure you.
  2099. When you position Despina at your cock's head, her mouth drops open, her tongue early stretching out, readying for you to fuck her face. You take the time to reposition little Chara, pressing her face into the base of your cock so that she can't do anything but smell your musk, before finally pulling Despina down and properly fucking her throat again. The force of it makes her massive breasts flop around, the flesh and skin twisting and turning as she bounces up and down your cock, eyes already lidding with pleasure and the expectation of cum. At the same time, all Chara can do is smell, her tongue occasionally swishing out to tap your thigh, revealing her inability to otherwise participate.
  2101. After a while of enjoying facefucking Despina, you pull her off, repositioning her next to your cock, mirroring Chara's position even as you move Chara around. The younger Satyress isn't quite so adroit with her throat yet, so you let her give your whole cock a tonguebath, carefully maneuvering her up and down either side before moving her to lick the top and bottom as well, forcing her to crawl around in response to your demands. Each time your cock throbs with pleasure, she strains against you, trying to get up to the head before you blow your load, but you're not close just yet.
  2103. You adjust their positions again, this time putting Despina at work on the base of your cock and your balls, grabbing Chara's head and pressing her lips to your tip. She swallows, hesitant, then opens her mouth wide, ready for what you'll give her.
  2105. You're gentle, considerate, slowly pulling her down, waiting until she reaches the point wher her gag reflex stops her from going further, then going no further, bobbing her up and down as you direct Despina to work your balls and base. As it continues, you notice a slight overeagerness to Chara's movements, her mouth trying to slip further down your cock than she can really manage at her present skill level, gagging each time even though you don't force her into it. That little show of desire makes your cock throb, hard, and you can barely stop yourself from just gripping both Chara's horns and furiously facefucking the little monstergirl until you push past her gag reflex again.
  2107. Instead, you offer light instruction, which earns you a brow furrow and a look of, "Oh, please, do tell me all about how to suck your dick properly," but you can see as Chara takes it into account. She relaxes, her posture changing; she hums when your cock nears her throat, sending vibrations of pleasure into it; she takes in deep breaths before trying to press down. After a few long, incredibly pleasurable minutes, she manages to get her throat to yield to your cock an inch, and you can't keep up your earlier consideration. You wrap both hands around Chara's horns, making her eyes widen in sudden surprise, and you start to yank her up and down your cock, hard, your hips bucking wildly in her throat. She gags, sputters, coughs, around your cock, but you don't let up, the pleasure overtaking you. You just furiously keep fucking her face until your balls are slapping against her chin, and she squirms to try to get more comfortable, or get out of your grip.
  2109. Despina, for her part, crawls around to stand behind Chara, whispering softly and reassuringly at the monstergirl, playing with her little sister's sex and tit at the same time as trying to convince the younger Satyress that getting facefucked is very nice, once you get used to it. Chara moans around your cock, her throat vibrating in ways that are just right, even as she gags and struggles. Despina's work on her little sister brings Chara towards the edge with an increasing intensity, and that pleasure becomes your pleasure as she hums and moans and wriggles and writhes. When Chara finally does orgasm, you hold her up, your cock halfway in her mouth, and explode right at the entrance to her throat, making her cough and sputter as your cum fills her mouth, some splatters of your ejaculate dripping out and hitting the bed as she tries to control herself, to swallow all of it.
  2111. When you finally finish it, she leans up, gasping and panting, swallowing intermittently, as you just lie there, breathing yourself. Chara wipes at her face, collecting the cum there and licking it off, before leaning down and licking the covers - and your cock - where the white sticky juices she clearly loves are. The sensation of her tongue on your cock is painful when she tries to clean it off - having just orgasmed, you're incredibly sensitive - but you figure she deserves it for a job well done.
  2113. After she finishes, she sits up, licking her lips, eying the covers before deciding there's nothing left. Then she leans forward towards your cock, her tongue flashes flashing out, but you pull up, automatically, still sensitive. "What? C'mon..." she whines. "I wanna do it again. Gimme some more cum, you jerk."
  2115. "I, ah, can't," you say, with a swallow. "It hurts after you do it. Once per girl, then a guy's out."
  2117. "That's stupid. C'mon," she moves to suck you again, but it hurts when her lips or tongue reaches you.
  2119. "No, sorry," you say, getting off the bed and grabbing your pants before hurriedly putting them on. "Can't. Ow," you say, wincing a little as your cock presses against your trousers. "Later, though, sure." You escape the room, leaning against the wall and slinking down, already halfway to sleep from the exhaustion of your recent sexual activities.
  2121. Inside the room, you can hear Chara and Despina chattering, Despina explaining that that really is how humans work, Chara complaining and saying it's stupid and saying "he should just try harder" and otherwise obviously desperate for a round three and a second load in her mouth.
  2123. Well. At least your last-minute roughness didn't put her off.
  2125. >What do you do?
  2127. ---
  2129. After taking a moment to collect yourself, you get up and head outside, the moon already high in the sky. You've heard good things about introspection and thought, so you decide to take a moment to try to look at the way things will go from here, once everything with Levy is done with.
  2131. It's funny, but Erosette's the name that comes to mind, thinking about the future. Not Adelle, the soon-to-be mother of your son. Erosette. Her little state in the Allimas probably won't be the end of her. Growth. Conquest. War. The comparison that comes to mind is your grandfather, Neander. He conquered a big chunk of Rivaine, then wound up dying and leaving it to your father, who consolidated and got fat instead of continuing the conquest.
  2133. Erosette, on the other hand, has no heirs. Probably never will, given her condition. And she may not die for a very long time. Conquest without end, perhaps. She might finish the job Neander didn't, conquering all Rivaine.
  2135. At least she agreed not to attack you and yours, though you worry that won't be worth much, in the end. You won't be around forever, and you don't know what she'd do to your sons, or grandsons. The disorder she causes may be the end of her, leaving someone else to pick up the pieces. Someone else who might hold a grudge against the "neutral" Nells. Or something else like that. You're not the best politician, but it hardly seems friendly to sit around on one's ass while hordes of undead conquers one's neighbors.
  2137. Your marriages... Adelle loves you dearly, any idiot could see that, but things with Arenne aren't so secure. You're trying, but... you have little in common, and you know you've made some idiot mistakes that you wish you could take back. Nothing to do but work to be a good husband in the future.
  2139. At least letting her deal with the local economy is good for your marriage and your statecraft. Well. Whatever you call it, when you let your wife run things rather than doing so yourself. You know you'd be shit at whatever it is she does, exactly, so having her around helps.
  2141. Maybe things with Arenne will change, for the worse. Adelle seems to have a good friendship with her, now, but in the future? These early days haven't been the most honest, between the three of you, and Arenne's been the loser for it; intentionally avoiding getting her pregnant, going to the Allimas on (partially) false premises, it's possible she'll never hear of it and she certainly won't from you. When Arenne does get pregnant, months or years down the line, well... half-brothers are rarely friends, and your own full brother tried to kill you. Maybe Adelle's maneuvering will be enough to convince Arenne that everything is fine, even when they've got several children each and only so much Nell land.
  2143. Yeah. You've got no fucking clue. Probably everything's going to be all fucked up in a decade and you've got no idea how it'll work out.
  2145. You sigh and head back inside, passing out in your own bed, rather than those of either of your wives.
  2149. ---
  2151. Text Adventure Quest:* Swordsage
  2152. Chapter 37
  2154. You are Sir Baron Richard Estlbert-Herrington Von Printsly II­I of the Nells ("Baron" among your friends), and a practiced Sage of the Sublime Way (that means you're good with a sword).
  2156. You've had many an adventure; married two women (Adelle and Arenne), raped and mindbroke a tanukigirl into your fuck pet (Kini), defeated, captured, and raped a would-be human assassin (Lorenne), made friends with a conqueror (Erosette)... and more, besides.
  2158. Your would-be assassin, Lorenne, conspired with your younger brother, Levy, to kill you. You managed to wheedle out of her the existence of evidence of their conspiracy - a letter of intent, written by Levy, stating that he planned to marry Lorenne, written as though you were already dead.
  2160. After some labor, you retrieved the letter, bringing it home and secreting it where it wouldn't be found. Your older brother is doomed with that letter. It is the evidence you need to convict him.
  2162. >What do you do?
  2164. * not actually run by MrBones (RIP).
  2166. ---
  2168. You wake up in the early morning, quietly getting dressed and leaving your room, heading for Adelle's. You find your first wife comfortably curled up in her bed, her bosom rising and falling in time with her breath. She's hugging a pillow tightly, her body arrayed as if it were you. You move close to her, gently stroking her cheek, and after a little bit she wakes up, eyes hazy. She looks up at you and smiles.
  2170. "My lord?"
  2172. "Darling," you say, wrapping your hand around her chin, pulling her face to yours for a kiss. Her hands wrap around your back and she shoves her tongue down your throat. When you pull away, you speak again. "I'd like to have both my wives at once," you add, and Adelle smiles as she stretches and starts to rise from bed, wrapping her arm around yours and following your lead as you take her to Arenne's room.
  2174. When you arrive, you see Arenne sleeping on the bed, her golden locks splaying out around her naked body, her tossing and turning having pushed the blankets off her during the night. You direct Adelle to wait for a moment and move in, crawling onto the bed and pressing your lips to Arenne's sweet little love-nub, earning a little gasp of pleasure from your sleeping second wife. She hums and moans in her sleep as you continue your ministrations, your tongue lapping out and toying with her clit, making her gasp and twitch in pleasure.
  2176. "Mm..." she mumbles in her sleep. "Baron... you're so good..." Her eyes are still closed, her head still hanging back, and as far as you can tell, she's still dreaming. You permit yourself a smirk before returning to your work, licking, kissing, and suckling at her sex, making her squirm and pant in her sleep, her juices running warm on your tongue. She moans out your name and a number of sleepy compliments, varying in coherence but all clearly heartfelt, before you finally manage to bring her to orgasm. Her back arches as she squeals out in pleasure, a little of her juices squirting into your mouth, her eyes finally flipping open as she wakes up.
  2178. When her orgasm finishes, she collapses, gasping and panting, onto the bed, looking at you in a haze of lethargy and bliss. You kiss your way up her body slowly, pressing your lips to her slender stomach, then to her small, sweet breasts, then to her neck, and finally you press your lips to hers as you loom over her, letting your tongue explore her mouth, and hers returns the favor. She looks up at you, a certain light shining in her eyes, and you let your mouth trail back down her body once more.
  2180. "You're so beautiful, Arenne," you say, in between suckling her breasts, your hand reaching up to brush her hair out from where it's covering her face. She smiles down at you. "You remember how you spoke about... wanting to be a bit selfish, in bed?" Arenne nods, though she looks a bit confused at the question. "Adelle has sort of the opposite tendency. She's very giving. It's a nice kind of symmetry, you know?" Arenne nods. "Do you mind if Adelle joins us?" There's a moment's hesitation before Arenne shakes her head, and you turn to the door. "Adelle!"
  2182. Your first wife enters, clearly happy as a clam to be invited, looking down at Arenne sweetly, not the faintest hint of jealousy on her face. "My lord?" She asks, turning her attention to you. "How would you like us?" Arenne is similarly attentive, for the moment.
  2184. You direct the two into position, Arenne on her back with her legs hanging off the bed, Adelle on top of her on all fours, her naked ass raised high in the air. You take out your hard cock and lean over Adelle, letting your hands make their way around her body, one finger entering Arenne's wet slit, the other hand grasping and playing with her breast. When you push into Adelle, earning a squeak of pleasure, you lean over her shoulder, pushing her down, and then press your lips to Arenne's while you pound in and out of Adelle's warm, welcoming sex.
  2186. Adelle squeaks and squirms as you fuck her, clearly enjoying your use of her body, even as the side of her face presses into the mattress next to Arenne's face. Arenne moans contentedly into your mouth as your thumb slides across her clit, gently massaging her towards her second orgasm. With Adelle's weight oddly positioned, half balanced on one forearm, she has a free hand, which she lets slip down to Arenne's sex, running along her lips and then fingering her insides, slender fingers exploring the smaller girl's depths. You take that as a cue to move your hand away from Arenne's sex, trailing slowly up her body. She gives some confused noise into your mouth, but any meaning's lost to the war your tongues are fighting there, and you wrap one hand around either of Arenne's sweet little tits, gently massaging the flesh and making her moan in pleasure as you and Adelle team up to bring your second wife to orgasm again with just your hands.
  2188. Adelle's not particularly sensitive, and she's not really trying to come, either, so she just keeps taking your hard fucking of her without complaint, her tight, warm sex hugging you as you slam into her over and over again. "Take me, my lord," Adelle mumbles under her breath, her words just loud enough for you and Arenne to hear. "Use my body, take your pleasure from me however you wish." In response, you quicken your pace inside of her, playing with Arenne's breasts as you do, enjoying the slick sounds both your wives' pussies make as Adelle fingers and you fuck.
  2190. The fact that you can come wherever you like on Adelle without worry is a nice little bonus for your work getting her pregnant. Her face, tits, ass, anywhere's good to spill your seed all over now that you don't have to worry about taking too long siring an heir. You consider for a moment as you approach orgasm, and slip out of Adelle's cunt, rubbing your dick along the curve of her butt, each of her supple ass cheeks caressing your cock from either side. You pull your mouth and hands away from Arenne, giving Adelle more freedom to move and you the ability to speak. "Turn around, darling," you order Adelle, and she quickly obeys, her hand leaving Arenne's sex and her whole body reorienting so that your cock's in her face, her ass held above Arenne's face.
  2192. You let your hands run along Arenne's body beneath Adelle, even as Adelle wraps her lips around your cock and starts bobbing up and down, her expression intensely focused as she sucks your cock. Adelle rebalances for a second, and her fingers slip back inside Arenne's sex, making Arenne start to moan as you and Adelle resume your pleasuring of the smaller girl. "O-oh," Arenne moans as the ecstasy starts to overtake her again. "Oh gods, B-Baron, A-Adelle, oh, oh, you're, this is," she lets out a long groan of ecstasy, orgasming once more, and the sight of Arenne coming a second time to you and Adelle's work is about all you can take.
  2194. You lean back up, wrapping both hands around the back of Adelle's head and taking a firm grip on her hair, pulling her up and down your cock with reckless abandon as you thrust your hips back and forth into her face. Adelle gags and sputters a little, but she just takes it, still fingering Arenne as you furiously fuck her throat. When your orgasm approaches, you pull out, wrapping one hand around your base, jerking off. "Beg me for it," you order Adelle, who immediately complies.
  2196. "Please, my lord, please, come on my face, I want to feel your seed all over me, I want to know I've pleased you, I want to feel your pleasure as a warm, sticky sensation all over my beautiful face, marking it as yours, showing anyone who looks that I'm taken, that I have a man," she says, occasionally pausing to lick her lips, her fingers still going wild in Arenne's slit, and you erupt. Adelle's mouth drops open, her tongue lolling out and her eyes closing as she eagerly accepts your orgasm, long sticky streams of cum coating her face and some splattering inside her mouth as you come for the first time today.
  2198. With Arenne right there, her sex so obviously available - and Adelle's fingers still expertly plumbing her insides while her thumb plays with Arenne's clit, soft, wet noises reaching your ears from the process - you don't feel exhausted at all, despite having just come.
  2200. >What do you do?
  2202. ---
  2204. "Move off Arenne, darling," you order Adelle, and she complies, quickly shuffling to the side and sitting on her knees on the mattress. Arenne gazes up at you, blinking, a little bleary from her most recent orgasm, and you wrap one hand around the base of your cock before slowly slipping inside, your cock stretching out her hot, tight little pussy as you make your way in. "Fuck," you hiss, "you feel so good, angel."
  2206. Arenne offers a little smile up at you, as your hand comes down to brush at her hair. Adelle gets up, her face still stained white with your cum, and moves around to your back, pressing her naked tits against your chest, her nipples firm with arousal, hands slowly running up and down your chest, feeling your body out as you gently fuck Arenne. One of her hands reaches down, running along Arenne's thigh, then up to her clit, dancing around it, making Arenne wriggle a little. The other hand disappears from your body, and you hear faint slurping noises occasionally coming from Adelle behind you as she cleans off her face with her fingers and tongue.
  2208. You reach down for Arenne, grabbing one of her breasts in either hand, and lean forward as she leans up, your lips meeting halfway, kissing each other softly and gently. You bite her lower lip and tug it a little, teasing, tantalizing, and she seems to enjoy it, trying to mimic the motion with you a few seconds later. Adelle's apparently done cleaning her face, as her fingers run along your body once more. Her lips press against your neck, suckling slightly, occasionally adding the teasing hint of teeth, or just licking at your skin as though you were the most delicious thing in the world. Adelle practically mewls as she makes sweet oral love to your neck, and Arenne's enjoying the attentions of you and Adelle, having fallen back on the bed, panting, her eyes starting to roll up from the pleasure.
  2210. You focus in on Arenne, trying to bring her close to orgasm and then fall away. Adelle doesn't cooperate, at first, but when she realizes what you're doing, she gives a little pleased hum and mimics your action. As each of her orgasms is denied by lack of proper stimulation, Arenne starts to squirm and wriggle, letting out little pained whines at each denied orgasm. You just continue your slow gentle pace inside her, enjoying the lascivious way that Adelle's mouth runs along your neck and the wet, warm feeling of Arenne's eager sex, as Arenne's denied one orgasm, then two, then three, building up the tension in Arenne's body as she becomes increasingly desperate to come.
  2212. "C-come on, Baron," she whimpers, "what are you doing?"
  2214. "Building up," you explain, your hands working her body slightly as she comes down from her latest denied orgasm. "The more I tease, the better it feels when it finally happens."
  2216. "I-is that really true?" Arenne asks, glancing over your shoulder.
  2218. Adelle stops suckling your neck for a moment to speak. "It has been in my experience, Arenne." She immediately goes back to runnig her lips along your neck, and Arenne relents in her complaints for the time being. Her eyes scrunch up at her fourth denied orgasm, her butt wriggles desperately in need at her fifth, and her fingers tense around the bed, her teeth gritting, at her sixth. When her seventh denied orgasm comes along, you simply pull out, leaving her gasping, looking up at you, obviously desperate.
  2220. You extract yourself from Adelle in the same motion, grabbing Arenne's body in both hands and physically lifting her up and spinning her around before clambering onto the bed and lying down, putting Arenne's sex above your cock, ready to plunge down. Adelle climbs between your legs, on all fours, face to face with Arenne's belly and clit, before leaning down to suck on your balls. You wrap two hands around Arenne's waist.
  2222. "Just enjoy this, angel," you say, as you slowly pull her down, aiming your cock just right to enter her. Once you're completely inside of Arenne, your full length buried, Adelle stops suckling on your balls and lets her tongue run slowly up, from your balls, to your base, to Arenne's lower lips, to Arenne's clit. Arenne sucks in a breath of pleasure, and you use your grip to start to bounce her up and down, faster and faster, making her let out a reverberating moan as she bounces up and down on your cock, Adelle's tongue flicking along her clit again and again, making her head cock back as she half-screams her orgasm, juices flooding. You and Adelle keep up your assault, and you enjoy watching Arenne's head flop around loosely as you bounce her up and down on your cock, her eyes rolled out, meaningless pleasure sounds coming from her mouth as she orgasms again and again, left with barely any time to recover between each.
  2224. "O-oh gods," she manages to say, "oh gods," she repeats, her little body putty in your grip as you pull her up and down your cock, Adelle's expert tongue following her, pleasuring you and Arenne both. "Th-this is s-so good," she says, her hair still flopping around, "f-fuck me, Baron," she whimpers, her eyes closing as her body goes even more limp, letting you easily maneuver her up and down your cock, forcing her this way and that. Over time, as Arenne's seemingly endless train of orgasms continues, your hands slowly make their way up from her waist, making the pace of your fucking slow, then stop, as her butt comes to rest on your lap. Your genitals fit together like they were made for one another, Adelle's tongue exploring the connection between your manhood and Arenne's womanhood, making Arenne twitch in pleasure. Your hands play with Arenne's breasts and nipples, your second wife insensate from pleasure, just burbling out meaningless half-words and ill-formed sentences.
  2226. Once you've gotten a chance to calm down a little - while denying Arenne any similar opportunity due to Adelle's dextrous tongue and your skilled hands - you put your hands around Arenne's waist once more, making her gasp in expectation before you start bouncing her up and down your cock, her head flopping about anew, her hands coming down to rest on Adelle's shoulders, her fingers gripping tight, nails digging into her skin, leaving little pink marks where they do. Adelle doesn't seem to mind, particularly, and just continues her work, her tongue working to bath your length and Arenne's sex alike in saliva.
  2228. You continue on like that for a time, enjoying Arenne's delirium half-aware state of pleasure, the way her head flops about meaninglessly from the force of her bouncing, the look of insensate pleasure on her face that you occasionally catch, when the angle's right. Each orgasm is like an overeager handjob, her sex wrapping around your cock in convulsions of pleasure, the vibration making her sounds of pleasure all the more erotic. Eventually, all things come to an end, and you slam upward as you orgasm, filling her ready and waiting sex with your seed for several long seconds before falling back, spent. Adelle stops licking, but doesn't move away, as you and Arenne gasp and pant in pleasure and the post-orgasmic haze you're both experiencing.
  2230. When Arenne's fingers finally pry themselves loose from Adelle's shoulders, Adelle quickly laps at your still sensitive cock, her tongue and lips sucking and lapping away the slight drool of your cum back down your length. Some small portion of the load you just left in Arenne now in her mouth, Adelle sits up, face to face with your smaller wife, and suddenly - and firmly - kisses her, surprising you both. She pulls away, smiling a cheshire cat grin, and wraps one hand around Arenne's head, forcing her to pivot in place to face you.
  2232. "Show our husband what you have," Adelle says, still smiling brilliantly.
  2234. Arenne nods, and opens her mouth, revealing the white creamy substance currently resting on her tongue, largely losing consistency but still identifiable as your cum.
  2236. "That load," she notes, rubbing Arenne's belly, "might have gotten you pregnant. It's important to show your appreciation, isn't it? Swallow it. Show our husband that you appreciate the loving he just gave you."
  2238. Arenne nods again, swallowing audibly and offering you a shy smile. "Th-that was good," she says, her lips quirking awkwardly, uncertainly. "I-it was good for you, too, right?"
  2240. "It was fantastic," you confirm, letting your hand reach up to brush away some of Arenne's hair again before running the back of your fingers against her cheek.
  2242. >What do you do?
  2244. ---
  2246. You let Arenne pull herself off you, then direct her to come close, wrapping your arm around her to cuddle. Adelle repeats the process on your other side, more than happy to let you wrap one arm possessively around her, running her fingers softly across your chest, tantalizing, worshipful, occasionally offering a quick little suckle for your neck. Arenne just lies there, using your bicep as a pillow, staring up at the ceiling, occasionally glancing over at you and giving a soft smile. Adelle grabs the blanket, flinging it across the three of you, and puts her head on your chest, listening to your heartbeat.
  2248. When Adelle falls back to sleep - apparently she wasn't quite as awake as you thought - Arenne glances at her sleeping form, peaceful for all the world to see. "She's really sweet on you," Arenne whispers.
  2250. "She is," you whisper back, simultaneously pulling a little closer so you can peck her on the top of the head.
  2252. "...what we have isn't like that."
  2254. "I love both of you. What I have with you isn't the same as what I have with Adelle, because you're not the same woman. If I treated you like I treat Adelle..." you glance down at your sleeping wife's head. "You'd probably run screaming. If I treated Adelle like I treat you, she'd be overcome with unfulfilled lust."
  2256. "...I have more self control than that," Adelle mumbles. She kisses your chest, and seems to go back to sleep.
  2258. "I guess," Arenne whispers, in response to your statement, not Adelle's.
  2260. "It's true. Adelle is... it's hard to put in to words. She wants something very intensely, and it's not what most women want. I give it to her. Take it from her, might almost be a better way to put it. You..." you let your finger trace her cheek, thoughtful. "You want something different, and I want to give you that. Affection. Love. Trust. Not to say that Adelle doesn't want those things, but she wants them in a different way."
  2262. "Okay. I guess that makes sense."
  2264. You spend a while in bed, just holding Arenne in one arm, before Adelle wakes up properly from her little cat nap. "This is so nice, my lord," Adelle says, leaving your grasp to stretch a little. "Waking up in your arms." She curls up for a little before speaking again. "It's too bad we have things to do today."
  2266. The subtle signal isn't lost on you, and you disentangle yourself from both your wives, collecting your clothes and getting dressed. "We're going to Neanderhold to deal with the last of this assassin business," you explain. "If you'd like to come..."
  2268. Arenne just shakes her head, a small smile on her lips. "Go ahead," she says.
  2270. You head down to the cellar - now more a dungeon - where Lorenne is sitting there, eyes staring at nothing. When she finally becomes aware of your presence, there's a resignation in her expression that wasn't there before. Patina's a few strides away, frozen by Adelle's talents. Adelle waits further up the steps, simply watching, ready to assist if you want it.
  2272. >What do you do?
  2274. ---
  2276. >8
  2277. >Good enough, given the circumstances.
  2279. You sit down in front of Lorenne, looking her in the eyes. She stares at you, expression empty, a certain tension in her shoulders.
  2281. "I'm going to Neanderhold to present my evidence," you say, voice cold. "Your lover will probably die shortly thereafter. Is there anything you'd like me to tell him, on your behalf?"
  2283. Lorenne mumbles around the gag.
  2285. "I guess not," you say, standing up, and she whimpers. You take off your clothes before moving to put the length of your cock on her slit, rubbing back and forth, gently. She starts to sob. "Shh, shh, Bitch," you hush her. "There's no point in crying. Just accept it. I'll be gentle. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you can stop being miserable," you explain, quiet, your cock slowly sliding along her slit, her juices slightly coating its lower half. "You're nothing, now. Be nothing, Bitch. Let go."
  2287. You stick your cock inside her, your hand coming up to cup her cheek, gently wiping away her tears with your thumb as you start to fuck her, slowly and gently, as sweetly as you would a virgin. You lean forward and down, wrapping your lips around one of her breasts, suckling at it like she was a timid peasant girl you'd just seduced, running your tongue along the nipple as your lips wrapped around it. You fuck her, calmly, carefully, without force, one hand slowly stroking her clit while the other plays with her breast. She whimpers, occasionally, but they're good kinds of whimpers - pleasure mixed with revulsion, confusing and disorienting her when she's already at a low point. She starts to cry again, and you just keep up your soft, slow pace inside her.
  2289. "Shh, shh, Bitch," you say, again thumbing away her tears. "There's no need to cry any more. You don't have to be anxious. You know how the rest of it goes, now. You know what you are. What you're always going to be, from now on. You don't have to hope for your lover to come back, for him to save you, because that's no longer possible. This is the first day of the rest of your life. Accept it. Accept your new position."
  2291. She doesn't struggle, doesn't even try to mumble a rejection. You pull away her gag, gladdened by her apparent change of heart, and wait for her to say something to offend you. As you watch her face carefully, ready to dodge away from any bite, you keep one hand on her breast, your cock sliding in and out from the moist fuckhole that once pleasured your younger brother.
  2293. "Tell me what you are now, Bitch," you say, cupping her jaw, forcing her to look at you when her eyes automatically slide away. "Show me you understand things as they are. The sooner you understand, the better for both of us."
  2295. She swallows, then speaks, her voice a little shaky and hoarse. Strained. "B-Bitch is your slave," she manages to force out, her whole body shaking, the movement making her sex dance around your cock delightfully. "Bitch is your slave," she repeats, hanging her head when you let go of her chin.
  2297. You lean forward, kissing her on the top of the head. "Good, Bitch," you say, voice soft and sweet. "That's very good. If you keep this up, maybe one day you'll be allowed to walk again."
  2299. Lorenne chokes back a sob, her voice tense, tears starting to flow. "Bitch is your slave. Bitch will never be free again. Bitch is your slave. Bitch will be happier if she just serves you. Bitch is your slave." There's a cough, a sputtering, her body going limp, and you just stroke her hair, sweetly kissing her forehead again. "Bitch doesn't have any hopes."
  2301. "No, Bitch doesn't have any hopes," you say. "All Bitch can hope for now is that she doesn't displease her owner. Is Bitch going to displease her owner?"
  2303. Lorenne shakes her head, her body still a little tense. "Bitch won't fight back any more."
  2305. "That's good, Bitch. You understand what you did wrong. That's very good. If you're good, you won't get hurt any more, Bitch. I'll even try to make you feel good, when I use you sexually." As if to punctuate your words, you run your fingers around her clit, making her squeeze her eyes shut, gritting her teeth. "Doesn't that sound good, Bitch?"
  2307. "It sounds good," Lorenne says. "Bitch doesn't want to be hurt any more. Bitch just wants to die."
  2309. "Oh, no, Bitch. You're not going to die. You're going to live a long, happy life. Well, happy for me, anyway," you say with a cruel grin. "It can be happy for you, too, if you accept what you are."
  2311. "B-Bitch is your slave," Lorenne repeats, head hanging.
  2313. You pull out, then, and start to kiss down her body, gently teasing her, making her squirm and writhe at your lips' unwanted actions, before you finally wrap them around her clit, lashing at it with your tongue. That's the final bit of stimulation she needed, and she orgasms, a little of her juices leaking out, a sobbing moan ringing in the cellar. You let your teeth bite at her legs, enjoying the feel of the still somewhat firm muscle, then return them to her sex, lapping at it, making her start to cry once more. You continue your oral ministrations, running your tongue down to her taint, then back up to her clit, making her squirm and writhe involuntarily.
  2315. "Where do you want my cock, Bitch?"
  2317. "Bitch doesn't care," Lorenne says. "Bitch will take your cock wherever you put it."
  2319. You let yourself grin. "That's a good girl, Bitch. But there's just one thing..." you glance over at Patina. "Poor Patina's all alone right now. Her fingers are probably very cold. Don't you think your body would be a good way to warm them up?" Lorenne's eye twitches, her breath catching in her throat. "Well, Bitch? Aren't you going to offer Patina your asshole so that she can warm her cold, metal fingers?"
  2321. Lorenne shivers, twisting her head slowly towards Patina. "B-Bitch's ass c-could warm your fingers, Patina," she manages to force out, though it's obviously not easy for her, given the way her whole body shakes. You glance over to Adelle, who comes over as you lift Lorenne and put her in Patina's lap, placing her hands on Patina's head.
  2323. Patina, for her part, understands her place in the world, and you watch with barely restrained glee as two of her fingers plumb the depths of Lorenne's ass, making her eye twitch anew. You lean up close to her, your cock running along her slit again, your eyes locking with hers as she sits there, Patina's fingers slowly working away inside her. "Where do you want your master's cock? Beg for it to show your master that you want his cock, and don't forget to thank him."
  2325. Lorenne's eye twitches again, and it takes her a long moment to force out the words. "Please put your cock in Bitch's pussy," she manages at last, her whole body apparently shaking from the exertion.
  2327. "In Bitch's pussy?" You look over Bitch, as though confused. "All I see is a cunt. I can't put my cock in your pussy, Bitch, because all you've got is a cunt."
  2329. Bitch starts sobbing, no tears coming out, her body just heaving up and down for a long ten seconds or so before she speaks again. "Please put your cock in Bitch's cunt," she says at last.
  2331. "Good girl, Bitch," you say, as you slowly slide yourself in, fucking her gently, your hands roaming along her body as she shivers in place, letting you use and abuse her cunt. "What do you say when I use you for the only thing you're good for, Bitch?"
  2333. This time there's no physical sign of the hesitation, just a brief moment of emptiness before she speaks. "Thank you for fucking Bitch's cunt," she says, her voice hoarse, almost inaudible. "Thank you for fucking Bitch's cunt," she repeats, a little louder. "Thank you for fucking Bitch's cunt," she says, her head flopping to one side, her eyes staring at nothing. You gently play with her clit as you fuck her, making her occasionally make some little gurgle of pleasure. Your lips kiss and suckle at her breasts, one hand occasionally coming up to play with them. You force her to kiss Patina, enjoy the sound of metal against flesh as Patina's tongue explores the inside of Lorenne's mouth. You make her thank you for fucking her several times. You bring her to the edge of sexual release again and again, until she breaks down sobbing and begs you to "please let Bitch come," at which point you do, telling her what a good girl she is.
  2335. With your slow pace and Lorenne's lack of responsiveness, you have a long time before you orgasm, and you draw it out for Lorenne, making her degrade herself verbally, make her repeat her new status as your slave, making her say that she wants you to come, making her beg for you to orgasm inside her and fill her with your bastards.
  2337. What sends you over the edge is when, unprompted, she says, "Please come in Bitch's cunt, master." You never threatened her in order to make her call you master. That makes your cock throb inside her moist little fuckhole, and you have to pull out to stop yourself from coming. You move the gag back into her mouth, making extra sure it's deep in place, before placing your cock inside Patina's mouth and blowing your load just inches from Lorenne's immobile form, your cum coating the cold inside of her mouth with your sticky white load. Patina swallows and licks at your cock as you pull back, still erect.
  2339. "Good, Bitch," you say, petting her head. "You're doing very good. If you keep up your good behavior, one day I may even untie you and let you suck my cock. Doesn't that sound wonderful, Bitch?" She doesn't respond at all. "I know you're gagged, Bitch, but you can nod or shake your head."
  2341. It's a tantalizing few seconds before Lorenne finally nods, her body slumping back into Patina when she finishes, her eyes squeezing shut.
  2343. "Good girl, Bitch," you say, voice sickly smooth. "Just keep this up, and one day you might just be allowed to leave here. Doesn't that sound nice?"
  2345. Lorenne doesn't respond at all, even involuntarily. You collect your clothes and get dressed once more before heading out of the cellar with Adelle following you.
  2347. >What do you do?
  2349. ---
  2351. You collect your things, bringing Kini along with you on the way. Adelle seems to dote on the little tanukigirl a bit, scratching away at her head absently. You wonder, idly, what the root of that behavior is. Thankfulness for her earlier work protecting you? Enjoying the thought of how docile and obedient Kini has become?
  2353. Doesn't really matter. Kini doesn't seem bothered by the positive attention, and a happy Kini is all you want, really.
  2355. Neanderhold's just a few hours march from your home, and you get the pretty fast, letter neatly tucked away. It doesn't take long for you to get an audience with your parents, and it doesn't take long for them to call in Levy.
  2357. He comes, accompanied by two guards, a light tinge of nervousness to his face from their presence. "What is it, father, mother?" You roll your eyes.
  2359. "Do you know a woman named Lorenne Statelle?" Your mother asks, eying Levy.
  2361. He works his jaw for a moment, his eyes flicking from her, to you. "I have a mistress by that name, mother."
  2363. "Did you know that this Lorenne Statelle attempted to murder me?"
  2365. Levy pauses, his whole body going still. Then, with a practiced smoothness, he ducks to the ground, grabbing the sword of one of his guards as he does, sweeping it out and cutting straight through the other's leg, sending him sprawling to the ground, maimed. He spins, cutting the throat of the still standing one, and turns his sword on you. "You son of a bitch," he says, blade out, facing you.
  2367. That... isn't quite the response that you expected.
  2369. >What do you do?
  2371. ---
  2373. >1
  2374. >I am quite literally laughing in real life.
  2376. You draw your own sword before he can close the distance, parrying his for a few blows. He feints, and you misstep, losing your balance. His sword cuts clean through your arm, your blade clattering uselessly to the ground. Adelle screams as he shoves his sword into your gut, cutting across your stomach and sending you sprawling.
  2378. As you lie on the ground, barely able to breathe, your whole body wracked with pain, you hear Levy's voice.
  2380. "I heard you were pregnant." Then comes the 'sklurch' of metal penetrating flesh, followed shortly by the sound of a wet spray flying across the walls. "Not anymore."
  2382. Those are the last things you hear before you lose consciousness for the last time.
  2384. END OF QUEST
  2386. (but not really)
  2388. ---
  2390. >1
  2391. >I am quite literally laughing in real life.
  2393. You draw your own sword before he can close the distance, parrying his for a few blows. He feints, and you misstep, faltering. His sword cuts into your hand, neatly slicing off your pinky finger and getting halfway through your ring finger before he hits your wedding ring at the wrong angle, leaving it fleshy and partially detached. The pain and damage makes you lose your grip on your sword, and you fall to the ground, your sword clattering nearby. Levy circles you for a moment, sword pointing at you, ready to end your life.
  2395. "Levy, stop," Lorenne's voice interrupts the fight, and Levy turns, looking at the origin. Kini's the only possible explanation, but Levy doesn't realize that.
  2397. "Lorenne?" His voice is soft, uncertain. "I thought for sure that you..."
  2399. >What do you do?
  2401. ---
  2403. You turn your head, seeing Adelle, backed up against the wall, eyes wide and set on Levy. You wave your hand, and her attention flicks to you. Levy and Kini continue their conversation, Kini coming up with quick lies to distract and disorient Levy. You point at Levy's feet quickly, then the ground. Adelle takes a moment, sinking to her knees, back still to the wall, her hands touching the ground and her eyes closing.
  2405. For your part, you snap out with your good hand, grabbing the hilt of your sword before rolling away.
  2407. >4
  2409. Levy wheels around, his blade pointing in your direction, but you're thankfully out of sword range. He senses whatever Adelle's doing but (thank the gods) doesn't realize it's her doing it, and takes a few quick steps to the side, sword trained in your direction.
  2411. "Levy, please, stop," Kini begs, doing her best impression of Lorenne. "Just stop."
  2413. "Too late now," Levy says, voice cold. "I want to at least kill this bastard before I die."
  2415. You pull yourself onto your feet, and have to use your off hand to hold your sword, the pain in your half-attached ring finger too much to use that hand for the moment. Besides, you're not used to fighting with only three fingers, anyway.
  2417. >What do you do?
  2419. ---
  2421. >5
  2423. You stand tall, your bad hand lying limp at your side, the drip of blood from your open wounds still audible. You back away, finding a chair, putting your foot on it and kicking it roughly in Levy's direction. The motion's clumsy, and Levy's quick - he takes a quick step to the side and it just slides past him, his focus still on you.
  2425. >14
  2427. "Levy, please!" Kini tries again. "He promised to-"
  2429. Levy's momentary distraction is the opportunity you need. You sweep through his defense, cutting a long gash on his forearm and sending his sword sprawling to the side. The next breath, your blade is pressed up against his throat, and you can see out of the corner of your eye the steady flow of blood from the wound.
  2431. Levy stares down into your eyes, looking at you carefully. His hands come up, grabbing your forearm tight, pulling at it.
  2433. You could let it happen... but that would be too much of a risk. You push forward, cutting open his throat, a long, vertical gash appearing in his throat.
  2435. A burbling noise comes out of his mouth, blood following it.
  2437. A few moments later he falls, dead, to the ground.
  2439. >What do you do?
  2441. ---
  2443. You drop your sword, swallowing in relief. Adelle rushes you, her weight slamming into your body as she pulls you into a tight, intense hug, which you return in kind, still recovering from that. You look over at Kini, who's resumed her ordinary shape and is looking vaguely uncomfortable. "Come here, girl," you say, and Kini comes near. With the hand that's not currently bleeding, you reach over for her, scratching her head. "You're a very, very good girl, Kini," you say. "Very good. I am extremely happy with you."
  2445. The other guards finally start to arrive, looking over what's happened, their fallen comrade (and their dead one), the form of Levy on the ground, and your mother explains what happened.
  2447. "Sorry, mom," you say, at last. "I really didn't intend for this to happen. Also," you add, raising your sword hand, the half-ruin of your ring finger stinging you with fresh pain as you do, "I really need a healer."
  2451. ---
  2453. You're awoken by a cooing noise and the clatter of a dozen tiny feet against your floor. You rub at your eyes, looking around the room. On the floor is a little auburn-haired centipedegirl, her jet black lower body wriggling across the ground, glistening in the morning light.
  2455. You sigh as you get up, rubbing at the bridge of your nose with your good hand. You walk over to Vinnette, picking her up in one hand and tucking her under your arm. She coos excitedly, her little hand reaching up for your face, and you just tilt your head away. Her lower body wraps around your bicep, her little legs digging into your flesh uncomfortably, and you start to walk towards the exit.
  2457. On your way there, Cammy scampers up to your side, her ears twitching excitedly and her tail wagging happily. "Hi, Daddy," she says, tugging at your pants excitedly. "You're the best daddy in the world, you know that?"
  2459. You reach down and scratch Cammy behind the ears, earning that odd pseudo-purr her mom gives on occasion. Vinnette takes advantage of your momentary distraction to grab your ear and yank, hard, making you wince. "Ow! No! Bad Vinnette," you say, when you get out of her grasp. You look back down at Cammy, her big eyes staring up at you, innocent to all the world. "Thank you for saying that. I'm not sure about best, but I know I'm probably the most prolific- ow! Gods, Vinnette! Stop that!"
  2461. Cammy giggles. "What's prolific mean?"
  2463. "It means I have a lot of kids."
  2465. "That's true!" Cammy is super excited at that. "And we're all super lucky to have you, Daddy!" She hugs your pant leg, her head getting uncomfortably close to your cock, making it throb. She pulls back and looks up at you. Then she presses her hands together and opens her mouth, tongue lolling out, before speaking again. "Please play with me, Daddy!" That little expression makes your cock throb in your pants again, and you glance around.
  2467. "Okay, Cammy," you say, patting her head again. "Let me deal with Vinnette. Go wait for me in my room, okay? We'll play a new game together. It's a game Daddy plays with your Mommy a lot."
  2469. "Oooh! Is it fun?" Cammy asks, excited. You physically pull Vinnette off your bicep as her hands grasp for your head again, holding her away from you.
  2471. "It's very fun. Your Mommy likes it a lot. So do all the other Mommies."
  2473. Cammy claps her hands excitedly. "Oh boy, Daddy!"
  2475. "Wait," you say, before Cammy can run off. She looks up at you. "Why did you do that thing with your hands and your mouth when you were asking me to play with you?"
  2477. "Um, Dauphin told me I'm a doggie, so I should beg like a doggie, and he showed me how."
  2479. You sigh at that. "I'll have to talk to him about that. Don't do that for anybody but me, and only if we're alone, okay, Cammy?"
  2481. Cammy nods. "Okay, Daddy! I love you!" She shouts that last bit over your shoulder as she scampers to your room.
  2483. Once Vinnette is returned to her mother, you head back inside, towards your room. Adelle interrupts you, grabbing your arm. Little Jennique - just a month old - is currently attached to one of her supple breasts, suckling happily. "My lord," she says, looking at you. "Duke got into a fight with one of the local boys. Apparently he called Rivette a 'slut', though I suspect neither Duke nor the boy in question - Ectour, I believe his name was - know what a slut is."
  2485. "At least he's protecting his half-sister," you say, sighing. "I'll talk to him," you promise. "But not right now."
  2487. Adelle gives a knowing smirk at that. "Which girl?"
  2489. Your lips turn into a thin line, then you just smile and laugh. "You know me too well, darling," you say, leaning forward to kiss Adelle on the cheek. "Cammy," you say.
  2491. "Cammy." Adelle seems surprised. "She's a bit young, isn't she?"
  2493. "She's a monstergirl," you say, with a shrug. "I'll be gentle with her, don't worry. I wouldn't be rough with one of Kini's kids."
  2495. "Well, as long as you aren't being rough," Adelle says. "Arenne is a little... laconic, since Earl died."
  2497. "What do you want from me?" You ask. "I'm only good at a couple of things. One of them makes grieving mothers, not fixes them, and the other one hasn't worked despite both our best efforts."
  2499. "I know, I know," Adelle says with a sigh. "I was thinking perhaps a trip to Arcine, to visit her family?"
  2501. "Another one? We went when Earl died."
  2503. "And not since. It's been months, Jennique is born, and it's not as though the roads are dangerous since Erosette took over."
  2505. Erosette. Empress of Rivaine. Technically, you're Emperor Consort of Rivaine, but that relationship only really comes up when Erosette comes by and asks you to fuck her. No time for much travelling with thirty eight kids (twenty five if you don't count Melisende's), so you don't visit her much any more.
  2507. There's some technical term or whatever for your relationship now - suzerain? The Lestranges, Nells and the Republic of Arcine all wound up ceding technical authority to the self-proclaimed Empress. You mostly run your own affairs, it's just a matter of all being on the same side in any wars, and none of you starting anything (but of course, she can). But you weren't terribly interested in doing that anyway. Erosette's spent most of the time since conquest on elaborate building projects - road networks, irrigating rivers, that sort of thing. The whole peninsula has been more peaceful since she got done killing everyone who opposed her, so you can't complain.
  2509. "Yeah, alright. You make a good point. I'll talk to her when I see her."
  2511. The route to your room takes you past Arenne's so you stop at her door, looking in. Arenne's sitting on her bed and staring forlornly at the urn containing Earl's ashes. He was only eight; her second child, her first son. It's hit her hard. You move into her room, rapping on the open door. She blinks looking over at you. "Oh. Hi, Baron," she says, voice quiet.
  2513. You sit down next to Arenne, wrapping one of your hands around hers. "Angel, I love you, but you need to move on. Earl's... gone, yes, but Rivette and Marquis and Princeps are all still here, and they need their mother." You caress her cheek. "Please, angel."
  2515. "It's not as easy as you make it sound," Arenne says.
  2517. "Fine." You pause. "Adelle is saying that visiting your family might help. What do you think?"
  2519. "I don't know. Maybe."
  2521. "If you want to, we could go in a couple weeks, once we get the kids squared away."
  2523. "The kids..." Arenne looks at you. "There are a lot of them." There's the hint of accusation in her words. Because you were fucking other women.
  2525. "I know," you say. "I love you. I'm sorry."
  2527. "Yeah. I understand. It's... a vice," she says, looking up at the ceiling. "You know that, so I can accept it. That's part of love. Accepting the bad with the good." She looks at you, that melancholy still in her eyes, then rests her head on your shoulder, looking back at Earl's urn. "I love you," she whispers.
  2529. "I love you too," you say, wrapping one arm around her, not saying anything for the moment.
  2531. ---
  2533. "You're getting pretty far along," you whisper. "You sure you should keep up doing this."
  2535. Chara glances sidelong at you. "Can we not talk while we hunt? Besides, it's your fault."
  2537. "I don't remember you complaining," you counter.
  2539. Chara just rolls her eyes, focus back on the foliage you're stalking through. "I always get like that. You're supposed to be the responsible one."
  2541. "Now there's a sobering thought," you whisper.
  2543. "Shut up. Boar," Chara notes, drawing her bowstring back, arrows at the ready. She stares out, her tall, slender form interrupted only by her pert breasts and the increasingly large bulge in her midsection. A shot twangs out; half a breath after that, another follows it. There's the sound of a loud thump in the distance, and Chara rises. "Now we can talk," she says, glaring at you as she stalks towards the boar. "What's a sobering thought?"
  2545. "That you consider me more responsible than you."
  2547. Chara pauses, staring into the middle distance, caught in her own trap, then snorts. "Whatever, moron. Like I care what you think."
  2549. The two of you continue your backbiting on the way back home, hefting the boar between the two of you. When you arrive, you hand it off to Patina, who carries it in both hands to the kitchen.
  2551. "Anyway, point is, you're an idiot," Chara says.
  2553. "An idiot who you let fuck your butt last night."
  2555. "An idiot savant, then," Chara clarifies. "I gotta go bug Juniper. She hates it when the little centipedegirls get in her pool. Hates it. And you know what that means?"
  2557. "That you love it?"
  2559. "Bingo!" Chara says, giving you the gun fingers. "Have you seen any of them around?"
  2561. "Vinnette crawled into my room this morning. When I took her back to her mom, she complained about Pedetta being missing too."
  2563. "Which one's Pedetta?"
  2565. "Bright red hair, bright red body, hard to miss," you say.
  2567. "Sweet!" Chara runs off, charging down the hall, looking this way and that, pausing only to listen for the distinctive clatter of centipedegirl legs. Her pregnant belly bounces a little with each step, and her breasts bounce more than a little.
  2569. You head to the kitchen, finding Despina hard at work skinning the boar, Patina just standing there awkwardly. When she spots you, Despina gives you a winning smile. "Sir," she says, with a quick bow of the head. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"
  2571. "Pleasure's always mine," you say, leaning against the wall. "Go ahead with what you have to do right away. We can talk when it's cooking."
  2573. "As you wish," Despina says, returning her attention to her work, happily humming as she finishes removing the skin, then puts the boar in the oven and starts the fire. "Now, surely you had some business with me, to have waited all this time?"
  2575. You get closer, wrapping one hand around either of her breasts, groping and kneading the flesh like it was clay. Despina just sighs contentedly, leaning her head back and closing her eyes, letting you roughly toy with her breasts like they were so much meat. She occasionally lets out little murmurs of pleasure, making you redouble your efforts. When she orgasms from your breast play, gripping your shoulders for support as she does, you wait her out before putting one hand on her shoulder and pushing her to her knees. Her hands pull your trousers down with a practiced skill, your cock popping out to the warm air of the kitchen as you lean back and let Despina get to work.
  2577. ---
  2579. Kini's slender form is curled up on her bed, and you sit down next to her, making her raise her head and look at you. "Master."
  2581. "Pet," you reply, reaching over to scratch her behind the ears. "Come on," you say, patting your lap. "You can rest your head here."
  2583. Kini move around before curling up again, her head resting in your lap this time. She closes her eyes and gives that pseudo-purr of pleasure as you scratch her behind the ears. Her leg kicks, occasionally, some odd little nervous tic that you never did understand. "I love you, master," Kini mumbles in between those throaty noises of pleasure she makes.
  2585. "I love you too, pet," you say, continuing to scratch her. Her tail wags back and forth on the bed, making a soft thumping noise. "Cammy is a very sweet girl. You raised her well."
  2587. "Thank you, master."
  2589. "I suppose I should get to why I'm here. I played with Cammy earlier today, and she really enjoyed herself."
  2591. Kini blinks for a moment, her tail freezing in place, but she's a smart tanukigirl. She gets it after a second or two. "Oh."
  2593. "I was gentle with her. Let her do all the work, really. She wanted to do it again when we were done, and I had to tell her I couldn't. I'm sorry for not asking you first, pet."
  2595. "It's not my place to question my master's decisions," Kini says.
  2597. "I know. You're a very good girl, pet. I didn't want to hurt Cammy, which is partly because of how much of a good girl you've always been for me, these past... ten years, I think it is?"
  2599. "Ten years, two months, three days," Kini says, quickly, then catches herself, her tail freezing again, biting her tongue.
  2601. "Not that you were counting," you say with a smirk. Kini doesn't reply. "It's okay, pet. You were thinking about before again?"
  2603. "Yes, master. Sorry."
  2605. "It's okay. It's natural to be nostalgic. But you understand that your life is better now, right?"
  2607. "Yes, master."
  2609. "When you do those... daredevil massive cons, it's for a better purpose now, enriching the whole nation rather than yourself," you say. "It's safer, since you have people supporting you back home, with supplies and information and all the other things you could need. And we all miss you when you're gone. You understand all that, right?"
  2611. "Of course, master. My life with you is better than it was before you. I don't have to worry about where my next meal will come from. I don't have to worry about whether the guards are going to find me again like- like last time. There are people who care about me - the real me, not an affectation I put on. And when my master and Lady Nell decide to take me to their bedroom, they're always careful to make sure that I feel safe and happy."
  2613. "That's right, pet," you say, continuing to scratch her behind the ears.
  2615. "Still, master..."
  2617. "Some days you miss the freedom of being alone. I know." You look down at her. "I went through a similar transition at about the same time. Married a wonderful girl, then a second, equally wonderful girl. Started a household. Settled down, stopped being able to adventure, with all the people relying on me." You sigh, thinking back. "I got in some very risky situations." You wave your sword hand in front of her face, the wounds you received in the fight with Levy still obvious to anyone who gives it even a glance. "It's better to be safe, I think. To have people who you love and can count on. I hope you feel the same way, pet."
  2619. Kini just lets her tail wag, giving the occasional pseudo-purr from deep in her throat, letting you continue to scratch her for long minutes, never giving a proper reply.
  2621. END OF QUEST
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