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  1. [04:45] Mishie|Johnny   After his bet with Ruin and his hilarious defeat, Johnny decided that it might be a good idea to find out more about what he missed whilst he was outside of reality.  The most important of which, or at least to him, the fuck was up with that cyborg chick?
  2. [04:46] Mishie|Johnny   As such, he decided that as much fun as it would be to just wander the ruins of the Chancel aimlessly, he might as well just cheat and use his ability to divine using Risk to find where she is.
  3. [04:50] Casshan The cyborg, Eve, can quickly be found circling the site of the highly-destructive sandworm fight from her long-passed first day at the Chancel, using eye lasers and rocket fists to smash the crater's base flat and slice through rubble to make it easier to move around, slowly clearing the interior for some sort of huge construction project. Her limbs appear to be slightly bulkier and painted...
  4. [04:50] Casshan ...with black and yellow stripes, as if to suggest she's in construction mode or something.
  5. [04:50] Mishie|Johnny   "Heeey~  You're Eve right?"
  6. [04:52] Casshan backs up slowly, klaxons mounted to her lower back going off and turns around, lowering to the ground by Johnny. "Yep! You're the guy who had the sandworm... Johnny, right?"
  7. [04:54] Mishie|Johnny   "Yupe yupe, Johnny 'Noble of Risk', here to say hi to the new hire"  Johnny then sticks out his hand "Always fun to have more interesting people around"
  8. [04:59] Casshan smiles and takes it. "Eve Casshan. It's well... cyborgs, for me." Her hand is somewhat oversized for her height and build, resembling a huge gauntlet with bulky steel parts, painted over with industrial yellow paint at the moment.
  9. [05:03] Mishie|Johnny   "Hmmm, yeah, that definitely falls under 'interesting', especially with what you were able to pull off earlier.  Although it is different to have somebody with well, an actual combat focus"  As Johnny's hand drops back down to his side, he quickly looks Casshan over, "Although from the looks of things you're not just a one trick pony"
  10. [05:09] Casshan "I'm pretty good at science and building stuff, you could say." Eve nods, stretching a bit. "The other augmentation layout is better for fighting and moving around, but you need torque for big construction projects."
  11. [05:14] Mishie|Johnny   Johnny nods along absentmindedly "Yeah, that makes sense, shouldn't take too long to fix it all up really, plus we'll be able to spruce things up a bit"
  12. [05:16] Casshan goes to sit at the edge of the crater. "So you just came to say hi?"
  13. [05:18] Mishie|Johnny   "Well yeah, thought it might be a good idea to get to know you when there isn't crazy shit going like earlier"
  14. [05:20] Casshan "Ah! Well, it's nice to meet you, I guess!"
  15. [05:21] Casshan looks out to the crater and thinks for a moment. "So what did you do earlier, besides wreck the area with the sandworm fight?"
  16. [05:24] Mishie|Johnny   starts to walk up the rubble, not really paying attention to where he's stepping but still somehow never losing his balance "Oh that?  That was kinda just an added benefit I guess, Ai had been going on about wanting to build more schools or whatever so I thought that I might as well get some of the demolitions work done whilst I tested out my new sandworm.  But apart from thaaaaat, I guess...
  17. [05:24] Mishie|Johnny   ...all I did was make sure that nobody died or got seriously injured in the entire thing plus made it actually possible for you to reach the edge of that Actual"
  18. [05:25] Casshan "Oh!"
  19. [05:25] Mishie|Johnny   Johnny stops climbing for a moment looks down at Casshan "What, you didn't notice how there were literally no fatalities at all despite all this, or the fact that all of a sudden something that should have been impossible was now achievable?"
  20. [05:29] Casshan rubs her head and flusters a bit, nodding. "...oh, wow. I feel like a bit of a bitch for getting mad at you for not doing anything. I totally didn't notice no. I was too busy trying to do something impossible to notice whether or not someone was actually letting me do it or not."
  21. [05:30] Mishie|Johnny   waves her off "It's cool it's cool~  Not all of us get to do flashy shit like making giant lillies or growing rocket shoes.  Some of us have to rely on little things like rewriting the laws of reality to make the impossible, possible or the certain, uncertain"
  22. [05:31] Mishie|Johnny   "Hell, I'll take it as a compliment that you didn't even notice me"
  23. [05:38] Casshan laughs a bit and pulls out a bottle of sport drink, popping the nozzle open to take a swig. "You're surprisingly sneaky."  She says with a small grin, peering over at Johnny. "So... what is it that people do for fun around here? I'm a bit confused as to where work ends and play starts."
  24. [05:39] Mishie|Johnny   walks over to Casshan and sits next to her, slinging his arm around her shoulders "See that's the other reason why I wanted to do this lil meet n greet, the hilarious synergy between our Estates and the fact that we can do so much stupid shit together"
  25. [05:40] Mishie|Johnny   "Because well, if you want fun, I'm sure I could find something for you~"
  26. [05:42] Mishie|Johnny   "But well, if you want my idea of a good time?  That involves me sitting at home in front of the fireplace with an old bottle of scotch and an even older book"
  27. [05:42] Mishie|Johnny   "That and hilariously dangerous gambling, kinda depends on what I'm in the mood for really"
  28. [05:45] Casshan smiles along and nods, although she casually reaches up and nudges the arm off her shoulder. "That could be pretty fun, as long as you don't mess things up for me by building up risk of a cyborg apocalypse, I think we'll get along just fine. I'm a very pro-human transhuman."
  29. [05:46] Casshan "Reading is fun, though! I play games and uhm... hmm. I've been thinking about turning this crater into a sweet robot fighting arena."
  30. [05:56] Mishie|Johnny   Johnny absentmindedly nods along to most of what Casshan is saying, riiiight up until she mentions the robofighto arena "Go oooooon"
  31. [05:57] Casshan "It's a good way to take stock of the best fighters in the city."
  32. [05:57] Mishie|Johnny   "Assuming that the best fighters are also robots"
  33. [05:58] Mishie|Johnny   "Since y'know, 'robot fighting arena' kinda implies that well, it's robots fighting each other in an area"
  34. [05:58] Casshan "Well, the ideal would be to have robots as the benchmark. So non-robots could fight too, I guess."
  35. [05:58] Casshan "And then have a tournament-type thing to whittle down the number until it's me and whoever's the second-best fighter around."
  36. [06:01] Casshan "I'm assuming that cyborgs and robots would be the majority in the final 16 and final 8, though. Empowered by their knowledge and wisdom, humans can overcome the limitations nature has placed on them.|
  37. [06:01] Casshan "
  38. [06:02] Mishie|Johnny   "More than a few assumptions going on right there, like you making it that far, or even that robopals would have that much of an advantage"
  39. [06:03] Mishie|Johnny   stands up and looks out over the remains of the Chancel "Seriously, Bóthar-Contráth is a pretty fucking weird place, all kinds of strange things might turn up if you put up a decent reward"
  40. [06:10] Casshan stands up and peers out along with him. "...hmm, maybe you're right. But a tournament is the way to find out."
  41. [06:10] Casshan "What kind of reward do you think we could use to coax them out?"
  42. [06:11] Mishie|Johnny   shrugs "Large sums of money are pretty traditional for this kind of shit, although you could just cheat and offer shit with your Estate as well"
  43. [06:15] Casshan "Oh! That's a good idea!"
  44. [06:16] Casshan taps a steel horn jutting along her temple. "Upgrades, then? The strongest fighters could become even stronger..."
  45. [06:27] Mishie|Johnny   shrugs "Eh, you're better off leaving it open and letting them decide what kind of shit that they want"
  46. [06:27] Casshan nods. "I've actually never run a fighting tournament before! This could be pretty fun."
  47. [06:28] Casshan "Say, do you want any upgrades? I'll do a freebie since we'll be working together for a while."
  48. [06:31] Mishie|Johnny   looks back at Casshan "Oh really?  What kind of shit are you offering?"
  49. [06:32] Mishie|Johnny   looks over Casshan quickly "Going to be honest, not a huge fan of the whole 'hilarious obvious augmentations' part of things though"
  50. [06:36] Casshan looks over her bulky arms and laughs a bit. "Oh, hehe. I suppose this might be a little much. I just figured being an obvious cyborg made a bit more of a statement then something people can't see." The cyborg taps her horn again and projects a hologram through her eyes. On it is a cross-section of a human head, mercifully not overly detailed.
  51. [06:36] Casshan "We could just give you minor implants and enhancements, or use nanomachines. The wonderful thing about being a cyborg is that it's as much an ethos as a thing people can see! It's about embracing technology into yourself."
  52. [06:37] Casshan "Like you could have a cellphone in your head and browse the internet with your mind. Or just smell nicer. Or have fold-out chainsaws hidden in your knees."
  53. [06:37] Casshan beams. "The possibilities are endless!"
  54. [06:39] Mishie|Johnny   "See, those sound fun and all, but well, not exactly practical when you can already do so much stupid shit with your own powers"
  55. [06:39] Casshan "Oh! Hey, I got it."
  56. [06:40] Mishie|Johnny   "Hmm?'
  57. [06:40] Casshan seems to be way giddier than before talking about this. "You seem to be tricksy and like to play around with people. How about some enhancements to help with that?"
  58. [06:41] Casshan "A social enhancement suite to help you discern lies, control microexpressions, emit pheromones to add some weight to your words and boost your own self-confidence. It'd be pretty effective!"
  59. [06:42] Mishie|Johnny   rubs his chin "I'm not sure if I should be complimented or insulted... But go on"
  60. [06:44] Casshan "It's mostly just soft synthetic nerve bundles we insert into the brain, a computational unit. Some artificial glands beneath the skin for pheromones."
  61. [06:44] Casshan "You'd look the same unless you want me to stamp a logo on your head."
  62. [06:46] Mishie|Johnny   "Hmm, I've never had any problems with stacking shit in my favor before, and hey, an advantage is an advantage right?  Although, any shit I need to be aware of?"
  63. [06:49] Casshan "Well, if you accidentally break it you could start emitting the wrong pheromones."
  64. [06:49] Casshan "And have people hating you or crawling all over you. Amorously, I mean."
  65. [06:50] Casshan thinks. "I guess there's a moral aspect, too? It's a bit like looking at someone's social media pages to build a plan of how you'll deal with them."
  66. [06:54] Mishie|Johnny   "I think I can take care of myself enough to make sure that it doesn't get broken"  Right after he says this, Johnny has a momentary flashback to all the horrible shit that he does on a regular basis for his own amusement "And hey, do I REALLY seem like the kind of person that would exploit it for petty things?"
  67. [06:57] Casshan "A little bit, if I'm being completely honest."
  68. [06:57] Casshan laughs a bit. "Sorry, I'm just teasing."
  69. [06:58] Mishie|Johnny   shrugs
  70. [06:58] Mishie|Johnny   "No offense taken"
  71. [06:59] Casshan "I guess I'd ask is... what do you /want/?"
  72. [07:04] Mishie|Johnny   "Going to be honest, that lil gizmo that you suggested that it could be pretty useful, half of my job is talking to people and sorting shit out, and being better at that could be pretty useful, the only real downside that I can think of is that it would have to be pretty impressive to work on things that aren't human"
  73. [07:06] Casshan "Hmm... it would have to be, wouldn't it?"
  74. [07:06] Casshan "I'll give you a basic unit to work with for now, and if it proves to be inadequate we'll upgrade. Alright?"
  75. [07:07] Mishie|Johnny   "Ooooooor"
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  77. [07:07] Casshan "Ooor?"
  78. [07:07] Mishie|Johnny   Johnny smirks at Casshan "We do the exact opposite"
  79. [07:07] Mishie|Johnny   "Why settle for normal, when you can go all for something amazing~"
  80. [07:08] Mishie|Johnny   "Like I said before, my thing is all about making the impossible, possible"
  81. [07:09] Mishie|Johnny   "And lets be honest, a device that would be able to read anything, effect everything and work in all possible situations?"
  82. [07:09] Casshan "Oh, I see!"
  83. [07:09] Mishie|Johnny   "That sounds pretty impossible, well, to most people"
  84. [07:10] Casshan "Oh! So make a ridiculously overpowered super prototype version of it that all subsequent copies off will be inferior to! While that does seem somewhat anti-progressive it sounds super cool!"
  85. [07:10] Casshan claps. "I'm in!"
  86. [07:12] Mishie|Johnny   "What are you talking about!  This is all about progression~  We'll be pushing the boundaries of what's possible, forcing reality to cater to our whims, just think of all the possibilities"
  87. [07:12] Casshan "Oh! Even better!"
  88. [07:12] Mishie|Johnny   "Although it may be difficult to replicate something as amazing as this, by it's mere existence it will prove that we can always strive forward, that we should never give up just because something is impossible"
  89. [07:13] Mishie|Johnny   "And y'know, turning the shit that we learn about making this can be used for other things"
  90. [07:18] Casshan smiles and reaches her hands over to hold Johnny's, her grip slight-too-tight and firm. "Oh my god! This is so cool! I was worried I'd be surrounded by crazy people who didn't care about science!"
  91. [07:19] Mishie|Johnny   smiles at Casshan reaction "Trust me, you wont have to worry about me not doing stupid shit for results"
  92. [07:22] Casshan releases Johnny's hands after a moment, nodding. "I can tell I can, I think!"
  93. [07:26] Mishie|Johnny   "I think we can agree that this is going to be the start of something amazing"
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