Dumbfuck profile trash

MusashiIndi Sep 11th, 2019 117 Never
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  1. [center][img=1377871]Krysthot[/img][/center]
  2. [hr][hr]
  4. [center][big][color=red]Some Ghetto MommyThot[/color][/big][/center]
  6. [center][color=white][b]Ya know that whole bullshit ass stereotype of white bitches fuckin' black dudes 24/7? Ya know the shit I'm talkin' bout, that ain't what this pedo is for. The entire fuckin' opposite is just what's up this bitch's alley. If I needa spell it tf out: White boys. Krysti's into fuckin' white boys a majority of the time. Tiny cocks, massive cocks, it don't really matter as long as the color is pale, ivory, or pasty. There's like one or two exceptions in there, but when it comes to datin', shoppin' trips, and more importantly twerkin' on top of a kid -- They're prolly fuckin' white. Skin tone difference mixed in with aggressive backshots and and some underaged lil' pale fuck tryna get his dick in a phat assed black hoe for a mommy = Some real good pedo shit.[/b][/color][/center]
  7. [hr][hr]
  9. [img=1375717]Krystin2[/img]
  11. [hr][hr]
  14. [center][big][color=red]Dates and W/E[/color][/big]
  16. [color=white]Wanna know how to get my attention the most? Lez go on a date and fuck. I ain't talkin' no fuckin' bullshit ass "Let's try shopping for something cute ^^" shit either -- We goin' out, I'm puttin' on an outfit that shows off this dark ass jigglin' with every step, and we prolly gon' fuck somewhere too. Idgaf about the location really, you decide or I do, both end up in some ebony cheeks gettin' clapped by a lil' white kid and that's what matters most at the end of the day//night. Simple shit like a store or a park is aight, but if ya wanna get real weird and freaky and do that shit at school for your classmates to hear through a bathroom stall or out at some kiddy themed carnival, thas much better. Think of places where you know you and mommy would get caught and//or give an audience the audible sounds of those nuts bottoming out with nutbatter and gurglin' while ya hump mommy and make her scream. It'l be lotsa fun and guarantee more dates with this ghetto queen, fo sho. ❤[/color][/center]
  17. [hr][hr]
  18. [center][big][color=pink]Messy & Primal Fuckin' Fun W/ Mommy[/color][/big]
  20. [color=white]Ya know what this trashy junglemomma loves even more than a few dates? Messy, sloppy, and obscenely loud sex. Bed breakin', neighbor wakin', violent ass poundin' with some big black momma shakin' and twerkin' those wobbly mocha cheeks all over your dick. Whether it's puttin' on somethin' trashy like a full body fishnet dress to expose the meatiness of mommy's phat, round booty filling the holes or even followin' up on that hoein' offer and watchin' some black pedobitch audibly '[b]GLLLRK GLLLRK[/b]' from swallowin' that meaty spire of child-cock in her disgustin' throat. There's a blowjob and then there's just sloppy head. Literally disgustin' head. Gettin' ya dick crammed in mommy's throat and feelin' slimy, warm throatgunk coatin' that fuckstick and slobberin' all over those achin' nuts underneath till you bust a hot, creamy load of babybatter in her guts. That shit has to be pulled out leakin' nut and covered in mommy's sloppy mess of a throat gulpin' that lenghty white womb piercer to the fuckin' base.[/color][/center]
  22. [center][collapse=► OOC Shit]
  23. [center][color=white]► I own the art nigga eat my ass[/color]
  25. [/center][/collapse][/center]
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