DSYITF - Round 2 - Reviews

zoasBE May 11th, 2013 34 Never
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  1. Again, I tried to be crucial as a judge, but first of all, I tried to leave out favoritisms, personal preferences or prejudices, but also fairly critical and demanding.
  3. Maps and its judgements are sorted by chronological order.
  7. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Sunset:
  10. my life with the thrill kill kult -
  12. Gameplay, 13.5/15
  13. This map has unconventional elements that makes it into something really delicious. Elements like that rapid walk on that spiked surface which it is really fun and works well, like the falls here and there, cheating those one-ways, like the excelent use of that launchpad. As a more solid thought about this map, I can say that the experience it offers is really interesting because of its composition, it is interesting to discover little by little, in where exactly jump to find that hidden flow of which I spoke earlier. It is also disconcertingly funny, the first few times you play this map, you do not know where to go, as well as the first time you get to the floorguard tunnel, you end lost just because you do not know how to access to the left area and you end up dead by that little electrical bitch. Finally, you see the hole, but that will be in the next play. With this, what I want really to transmit is that it is a very rich map to discover little by little, and once you discover how it works, it is fairly good. There is always a place to make an accurate jump for your Ninja flows, perpedicular jumps here and there, this fall after taking one of the switches knocking down the structure, the possibility to go faster each time, the right degree of difficulty, the mechanics and the path of that zap-drone, the gauss area, nothing was difficult, but amusingly challenging to master.
  14. It may seem that I am in love with this map because everything that I wrote, but it is really noteworthy. Good flow, good degree of difficulty, and interesting unconventional mechanics here and there. I do not really have any complaints about this map.
  16. Aesthetics, 4/5
  17. Superb. Super classy. The repetition of this meandering pattern was great, in style, and in this case worked really well. It really seems as a 'whole'. Maybe the spiked structure in where the Ninja starts did not fit at all with the whole, but that short run over those peaks is superb, so, I have nothing to say about it. Really unique.
  19. TOTAL: 17.5/20
  20. Here we have a quite unique map, extravagant and stylish, where the gaming experience is rewarding for many different reasons, but mainly because of its unusual mechanics here and there, and finally by its hidden and well done flow. This adorned in an excellent atmosphere.
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