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  1. Technical Criteria:
  2.    Menu Bar: First option must be Home. Icons AND Text for each option.
  3.    Header: Logo
  4.    Footer: Member Names, id, ‘sonic’ link to the same (current) page,  © 2019
  5.    NO INDEX.html
  6.    6+ Pages
  9.    Head Section:
  10.        Meta-Tags: 3+ minimum (Keyword, description, utf)
  11.        Tags that allow good ranking on search engines
  12.        Titles for each page
  14.    Content:
  15.        Paragraph/Heading Text and Images
  16.        1+ Link to external website (Absolute hyperlink opens in NEW WINDOW/TAB)
  17.        Simple rollover effects (CSS using the :hover pseudo selector or image based rollovers)
  19.    Styling:
  20.        pagestyle.css to style the layout and structure of your pages.
  21.            -Font family and size for body, paragraph, heading etc.
  22.            -Attributes for link states like link, visited, focus, hover, and active
  23.            -Attributes for form elements states (pseudo-classes) including different types of inputs.
  24.            -Tables with elements and attributes
  25.            -Background image/Background colors for containers(sections, divs, ...)
  26.            -Additional stuff that makes shit pretty
  27.        menu.css to style all your menus (horizontal and vertical)
  28.        tabs.css to style the tabs
  30.    JavaScript:
  31.        Code the tabs(With CSS)
  32.        Contact.html:
  33.            Tab structure with 4 tabs called address, e-mail, chat, call.
  34.            Address and Call contain the address and telephone numbers respectively (no form).
  35.            If e-mail tab is clicked, a form appears and you can enter your-email address, the topic, type the text, and submit.
  36.            If chat tab is clicked, a form appears and you can enter a message and press button send.
  38.    Favicon:
  39.        Paste the code between the <head>and </head> of yoursite:
  40.        Basic Format: <link rel="shortcut icon" href="path and file name" />
  41.        Example: <link rel="icon" type="image/ico" href="images/favicon.ico"/>
  42.        Or <link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="/somewhere/myicon.png" />    
  45. Design:
  46.    Semantic Elements, divs and spans.
  47.    Fluid layout - Structure (Columns and layout) is up to me.
  48.    Attributes(relative, absolute, sticky, and fixed) to position different parts of layout.
  49.    Tables: Data/Images
  50.    Forms: Login/Registration/E-Mail Contact/Chat
  53. Contact.html:
  54.    2 Forms: Contact E-Mail and Contact Chat
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