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  1. 003436
  2. 000001:0.0,1,"""POOP! AHAHAHAHA!"""
  3. 000002:0.0,1,"""derp"""
  4. 000003:0.0,1,"""no homo"""
  5. 000004:0.0,1,"""gay atheist jews rule the country"""
  6. 000005:0.0,1,"""obama was born in china"""
  7. 000006:0.0,1,"""Alpha`: go empty the sharps bins from a needle exchange"""
  8. 000007:0.0,1,"""Hey. You can write on this wall with the !write command. Display messages with the !wall command."""
  9. 000008:0.0,1,"""PoohBear: PoohBot can suck my balls."""
  10. 000009:0.0,1,"""<3"""
  11. 000010:0.0,1,"""when can i get it?"""
  12. 000011:0.0,1,"""poohbot is a phony"""
  13. 000012:0.0,1,"""Oontz oontz oontz"""
  14. 000013:0.0,1,"""Nairaaalalala is pretty <3"""
  15. 000014:0.0,1,"""Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day"""
  16. 000015:0.0,1,"""Simsarmy: I won't be happy until it quotes me/"""
  17. 000016:0.0,1,"""[poop]"""
  18. 000017:0.0,1,"""I chose to be alone, in a way. I've come to terms with life. Society wouldn't turn a blind eye just because of a bad thing happening to you, but only when they don't know. You're being misunderstood because you're not talking about it in a way that they would understand. If I told my then friends that I was severely been beaten at home and exorcised, they'd just call me a retard or something."""
  19. 000018:0.0,1,"""[09:05] <sunsunsun> poop is so funny"""
  20. 000019:0.0,1,"""One of my favourite sentences is 'Suprise but secks'."""
  21. 000020:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> Man, I love you all"""
  22. 000021:0.0,1,"""I fucking love Mexicans"""
  23. 000022:0.0,1,"""<PoohBot> PoohBear: PoohBot can suck my balls."""
  24. 000023:0.0,1,"""!write"""
  25. 000024:0.0,1,"""/nick sunsunsun"""
  26. 000025:0.0,1,"""/nick sunsunsun"""
  27. 000026:0.0,1,"""yes homo"""
  28. 000027:0.0,1,"""<PoohBot> <PoohBot> PoohBear: PoohBot can suck my balls."""
  29. 000028:0.0,1,"""no homo"""
  30. 000029:0.0,1,"""!wall"""
  31. 000030:0.0,1,"""=3"""
  32. 000031:0.0,1,"""sunsunsun is the Krzykstine's Scepter of Prynttlion"""
  33. 000032:0.0,1,"""!wall"""
  34. 000033:0.0,1,"""FUCK YOU POOHBOT YOU ARENT EVEN REAL"""
  35. 000034:0.0,1,"""<@Lurkin_Lobster> IVE GOT A LITTLE penis....ITS PATHETIC"""
  36. 000035:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> it is just dumb and it takes a long time to do things"""
  37. 000036:0.0,1,"""<@lostabu> best rape scene ever"""
  38. 000037:0.0,1,"""<@lostabu> !wakk"""
  39. 000038:0.0,1,"""<@bonsoirrr> my ex was in the jackie chan fan cllub"""
  40. 000039:0.0,1,"""Step 3. Insert biro into anus. Be careful and gentle."""
  41. 000040:0.0,1,"""i think u just want an excuse to stick something up your butt"""
  42. 000041:0.0,1,"""lay honey traps bitches love honey"""
  43. 000042:0.0,1,"""<@hdb> pubic hair is also awesome"""
  44. 000043:0.0,1,"""!quote"""
  45. 000044:0.0,1,"""my spoon is too big"""
  46. 000045:0.0,1,"""two pills I pop till my pupils swell up like two pennies"""
  47. 000046:0.0,1,"""coffeebeans10: If it hurts the pooper, it isn't super."""
  48. 000047:0.0,1,"""“The greatest happiness is to scatter your enemy, to drive him before you, to see his cities reduced to ashes, to see those who love him shrouded in tears, and to gather into your bosom his wives and daughters.” ~ Genghis Khan"""
  49. 000048:0.0,1,"""Whats the best part about sex with a five year old boy? Watching him break down on the witness stand."""
  50. 000049:0.0,1,"""<@Lurkin_Lobster> lincoln longs"""
  51. 000050:0.0,1,"""<@mvs027> oh i love brown men"""
  52. 000051:0.0,1,"""<@mvs027> i think ive been walled ONCE"""
  53. 000052:0.0,1,"""<@mvs027> my face smells like farts"""
  54. 000053:0.0,1,"""<@bonsoirrr> ;9"""
  55. 000054:0.0,1,"""<@bonsoirrr> the spoons have boners"""
  56. 000055:0.0,1,"""<@Lurkin_Lobster> i need a self esteem snowman"""
  57. 000056:0.0,1,"""<@Lurkin_Lobster> im a girl and i approve this message"""
  58. 000057:0.0,1,"""Rays> like I spent 6 months on one girl, trying to tempt her out of her shell"""
  59. 000058:0.0,1,"""[In local news, nyan cat lost control of his poptart earlier today and crashed into a UPS truck]"""
  60. 000059:0.0,1,"""I'm going to hell, who's coming with me?"""
  61. 000060:0.0,1,"""effilctar: I would drag my penis through a mile of broken glass to hear her fart through a walkie talkie."""
  62. 000061:0.0,1,"""<@bonsoirrr> nevernude!"""
  63. 000062:0.0,1,"""<@bonsoirrr> I wish you could grow amphetamines"""
  64. 000063:0.0,1,"""<@AtheistHedonist> yes ladies you can all have sex with me. yes all of you. you're welcome"""
  65. 000064:0.0,1,"""slap my ass"""
  66. 000065:0.0,1,"""yeah baby, harder"""
  67. 000066:0.0,1,"""now bite me"""
  68. 000067:0.0,1,"""mmm"""
  69. 000068:0.0,1,"""<@poohbot> !wall"""
  70. 000069:0.0,1,"""a young-ass man with a trash can strapped to the back of his ass so the rats can't chew through his last pants"""
  71. 000070:0.0,1,"""i'm sweaty"""
  72. 000071:0.0,1,"""STOP LOOKING AT ME SWAN"""
  73. 000072:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> guys seem to like nipples"""
  74. 000073:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> my vagina itches!"""
  75. 000074:0.0,1,"""<@bonsoirrr> I hope this does traumatize me"""
  76. 000075:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> this is unexceptable!"""
  77. 000076:0.0,1,"""you suck"""
  78. 000077:0.0,1,"""<mvs027> searching '9780143039020 TORRENT' doesnt work"""
  79. 000078:0.0,1,"""<@Boring_> my face smells like farts?"""
  80. 000079:0.0,1,"""<Ray`> and suckers for for octopi"""
  81. 000080:0.0,1,"""<Ray`> would probably look like a cross between a dinosaur and a leg of lamb"""
  82. 000081:0.0,1,"""<@bonsoirrr> i feel like no one should feel bad <@bonsoirrr> except nazis they should feel bad"""
  83. 000082:0.0,1,"""<@bonsoirrr> !wirite"""
  84. 000083:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> mmm nipples"""
  85. 000084:0.0,1,"""<@Ray`> the words period stain just made me shudder <@Lurkin_Lobster> yeah baby"""
  86. 000085:0.0,1,"""<@bonsoirrr> not semen"""
  87. 000086:0.0,1,"""Ray`> if I was bleeding out my genitals for several days a month"""
  88. 000087:0.0,1,"""<@Ray`> but I mean, I try to imagine how I'd deal with it if I was bleeding out my genitals for several days a month, or more"""
  89. 000088:0.0,1,"""<@mvs027> when did poopbot start"""
  90. 000089:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> can i tend to the cat farm? also am i invited?"""
  91. 000090:0.0,1,"""<@Ray`> about 10% were really hot guys"""
  92. 000091:0.0,1,"""<@Ray`> creepy old gay men love the Ray"""
  93. 000092:0.0,1,"""What's the worst thing about fucking a 3 year old? Getting the blood out of your brand new clown costume."""
  94. 000093:0.0,1,"""How do you make a little boy cry twice? Wipe your bloody penis on his teddy bear."""
  95. 000094:0.0,1,"""<@DistilledWater> fish arent people"""
  96. 000095:0.0,1,"""))<>(("""
  97. 000096:0.0,1,"""<mvs027> bons lets scissor * bonsoirrr scissors"""
  98. 000097:0.0,1,"""<@ThereIsNoJustice> how come poop doesn't work like urinating. if you see water it makes you have to pee, right? why doesn't seeing a candybar make you have to poop?"""
  99. 000098:0.0,1,"""<@mvs027> i still have that chocolate/period stain"""
  100. 000099:0.0,1,"""<mvs027> omg i just farted and im on skype with lostabu"""
  101. 000100:0.0,1,"""<lostabuff> girls dont fart"""
  102. 000101:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> I would like to watch this butt sex"""
  103. 000102:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> TWO IN THE PINK, ONE IN THE STINK"""
  104. 000103:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> MY TRAPS, MY TRAPS, MY LOVELY LOSTABU TRAPS"""
  105. 000104:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> I have severe anal bleeding."""
  106. 000105:0.0,1,"""<lostabuff> just use a straw"""
  107. 000106:0.0,1,"""<roses> TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS"""
  108. 000107:0.0,1,"""<roses> DON'T TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS"""
  109. 000108:0.0,1,"""<+TehRabbitt> i accidnetly foreveralone"""
  110. 000109:0.0,1,"""<Dren> My hand is on my penis. Please do go on, simsarmy"""
  111. 000110:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> Leaning in, I reach for Dren's penis. His throbbing... heart loud enough to be heard. Squeezing hard, he decides to release his grip on the seat. He slowly begins to lick... the lolly Dren had provided."""
  112. 000111:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> damn i guess i have a hidden penis i didnt know about"""
  113. 000112:0.0,1,"""I'm afraid you just lost the game."""
  114. 000113:0.0,1,"""'Damnit bonsoirrr, why are you having sex with Pee Wee Herman.'"""
  115. 000114:0.0,1,"""<LE_BROCCOLI> PoohBot wants pics of your butt"""
  116. 000115:0.0,1,"""<tricyclefan> i am a mucus machine"""
  117. 000116:0.0,1,"""<Zandio> sunshine <AtheistHedonist> and vaginas"""
  118. 000117:0.0,1,"""<Ray`> now I'm the counterproductive vagina cleaner"""
  119. 000118:0.0,1,"""Ray`> I got a lot done, but the only time I stopped working was when part of my code looked like a boob"""
  120. 000119:0.0,1,"""that's what she said"""
  121. 000120:0.0,1,"""!write"""
  122. 000121:0.0,1,"""<Stereo__> if it's on your own ballsack and you can eat it"""
  123. 000122:0.0,1,"""'SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU CUNTS' ~ Teddy Roosevelt"""
  124. 000123:0.0,1,"""t0pher has the best tittays"""
  125. 000124:0.0,1,"""'Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks.' ~ Abraham Lincoln"""
  126. 000125:0.0,1,"""'Everyday I'm hustlin' - Mahatma Gandhi"""
  127. 000126:0.0,1,"""'I am an honest, caring, and gentle human being' -Chris Brown"""
  128. 000127:0.0,1,"""'FUCK THE POLICE COMING STRAIGHT FROM THE UNDERGROUND.' ~ Winston Churchill"""
  129. 000128:0.0,1,"""(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻"""
  130. 000129:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> TWO BAGS OF penisS"""
  131. 000130:0.0,1,"""<Stereo__> everybody poops but not everyone does it into buckets"""
  132. 000131:0.0,1,"""<mvs027> good night gay"""
  133. 000132:0.0,1,"""!hug"""
  134. 000133:0.0,1,"""I love a good pair of Assless Chaps"""
  135. 000134:0.0,1,"""__Ray> what happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom"""
  136. 000135:0.0,1,"""Lurkin_Lobster donates dew a couple lobster legs to replace his fee"""
  137. 000136:0.0,1,"""Lurkin_Lobster> please dont spank the lobster"""
  138. 000137:0.0,1,"""<coffeebeans10> I PUT THE ASSLESS CHAPS ONE IN"""
  139. 000138:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> i think we're slowly killing poohbot"""
  140. 000139:0.0,1,"""<mori> It's looks as if it is looking into the entry of a cows anus"""
  141. 000140:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> welp i guess you dont want to hear that ive been doing farts all day that are like bugles coming out of my ass"""
  142. 000141:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> GET penis I LOVE GOING TO STAPLES FOR penis"""
  143. 000142:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> GET penis I LOVE GOING TO STAPLES FOR penis <mvs027> omg noooo i have SO MANY"""
  144. 000143:0.0,1,"""<@mvs027> it prepares the bread for sandwich mode"""
  145. 000144:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> I THINK I JUST POOPED BUT I DIDNT"""
  146. 000145:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> Oh just my asshole...let me get back to licking that"""
  147. 000146:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> I like to spread the pooh around, if you know what I mean"""
  148. 000147:0.0,1,"""__Ray> dude's traps have invented a new fundamental force in the universe known as vulvamagnetic"""
  149. 000148:0.0,1,"""<mvs027> ray's pizza situation > libya"""
  150. 000149:0.0,1,"""<@Lurkin_Lobster> farting is a great way to assert authority"""
  151. 000150:0.0,1,"""<__Ray> I would do things to eliza dushku that would make her question the very fabric of reality"""
  152. 000151:0.0,1,"""<lostabu_dead> DATS MAH SHRAAMPIN BOAT"""
  153. 000152:0.0,1,"""<lostabu_dead> <lostabu_dead> ITS CALLED JENNEH"""
  154. 000153:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> FLAP DEM MEAT WINGS SUGAR"""
  155. 000154:0.0,1,"""<swagt0pher> i'll show you a large gun"""
  156. 000155:0.0,1,"""<laminar> with a penis i hope. nasal sex rocks."""
  157. 000156:0.0,1,"""<Garybomb> FUCK MY FINGERS <coffeebeans10> ok"""
  158. 000157:0.0,1,"""<swagt0pher> she has a period stain, he has a colon stain... it's a match made in sexual-punctuation heaven"""
  159. 000158:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> no rural as in i fuck sheep"""
  160. 000159:0.0,1,"""<Dren> Recording lesbian sex and sending it to me will burn at least 50,000 calories. Trust me"""
  161. 000160:0.0,1,"""<mori> If you have ADHD I kindly request you to be careful with your utensils around here, dear lobster, for I fear for me weewee"""
  162. 000161:0.0,1,"""<Garybomb> Welcome to America we sell lard in 5 gallon buckets"""
  163. 000162:0.0,1,"""<mvs027> i'm marai"""
  164. 000163:0.0,1,"""<mvs027> i'm taking a shower at ray's"""
  165. 000164:0.0,1,"""sex are always good"""
  166. 000165:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> he thinks they're hotdogs"""
  167. 000166:0.0,1,"""<`Ray> you may feel a slight penis sensation"""
  168. 000167:0.0,1,"""<AtheistHedonist> if coffee has dildos he ll like that"""
  169. 000168:0.0,1,"""<poohbot> no one will have sexy with robot poohbot"""
  170. 000169:0.0,1,"""<`Ray> vera nice wang"""
  171. 000170:0.0,1,"""<AtheistHedonist> just the tip. just the tip"""
  172. 000171:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> i think this is a trick just got me to smell semen"""
  173. 000172:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> semen doesn't even smell"""
  174. 000173:0.0,1,"""<AtheistHedonist> and now you know the story of the dildos"""
  175. 000174:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> why were you guys talking dildos to begin with?"""
  176. 000175:0.0,1,"""<coffeebeans10> I thought it was a case of hot dogs! I swear! I had no idea they were dildos!"""
  177. 000176:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> i went there once and was like 'this is gayer than aids'"""
  178. 000177:0.0,1,"""<AtheistHedonist> I need a nut fan"""
  179. 000178:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> vaginas are like gloves that catch balls"""
  180. 000179:0.0,1,"""I love Ponies"""
  181. 000180:0.0,1,"""<dewhashish> girls fart gliter"""
  182. 000181:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> bite my shinny metal ass"""
  183. 000182:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> i think the penisship wants to come in for a landing"""
  184. 000183:0.0,1,"""<`Ray> Cocks: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new cocks"""
  185. 000184:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> are they in chinatown or is everything just in chinese in the future?"""
  186. 000185:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> SHE KILLED HIM W/HER VAGINA"""
  187. 000186:0.0,1,"""its not gay if you beat them up after"""
  188. 000187:0.0,1,"""Stop typing !wall all the time, it's giving everyone a headache!!"""
  189. 000188:0.0,1,"""<UMBWesker> ...corn is like green delicious razor blades that sweat."""
  190. 000189:0.0,1,"""<`Ray> let the masturbation bats sooth your tears"""
  191. 000190:0.0,1,"""<`Ray> GOOD NIGHT DON'T LET THE MASTURBATION BATS BITE"""
  192. 000191:0.0,1,"""<AtheistHedonist> soldering is a lie"""
  193. 000192:0.0,1,"""<`Ray> in what way can I patch a gay hole where the result wouldn't be more gay?"""
  194. 000193:0.0,1,"""<`Ray> like the little pink bitches they are"""
  195. 000194:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> your better than farmville"""
  196. 000195:0.0,1,"""Manji2501: I don't understand what you are all talking about?!"""
  197. 000196:0.0,1,"""If anyone wants to sell me a Touchpad let me know :("""
  198. 000197:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> Haven't you ever sucked a crackhead's penis before? It's actually a lot better than it sounds"""
  199. 000198:0.0,1,"""<roses> I VOTE FOR DEM TRAPZ"""
  200. 000199:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> eat your hands <bonsoirrr> type w/your nose"""
  201. 000200:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> NAKED SKYPING"""
  202. 000201:0.0,1,"""`Ray> it's not CPR if you have a boner"""
  203. 000202:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> soon you'll all be tards <bonsoirrr> just like me!"""
  204. 000203:0.0,1,"""`ray ok I'm advocating feeding semen to homeless people"""
  205. 000204:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> i cant wait til its another couple inches longger"""
  206. 000205:0.0,1,"""<Alpha`_> I THOUGHT TRAPS WERE CHICKS WITH penisS"""
  207. 000206:0.0,1,"""<PoohBot> <@poohbot> !wall"""
  208. 000207:0.0,1,"""<regjoe> those men can really take it"""
  209. 000208:0.0,1,"""/)^3^(\"""
  210. 000209:0.0,1,"""<whymeeh> poohbear is pretty rad, not gonna lie. if i was a lobster, id blow him"""
  211. 000210:0.0,1,"""<Ray-> 'TOOK TOO MUCH ADDERALL BBL'"""
  212. 000211:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> I think my peen might explode"""
  213. 000212:0.0,1,"""<@poohBear> Last night I kept unconsciously checking out panty lines"""
  214. 000213:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> I wear a clown costume to help me pick up women"""
  215. 000214:0.0,1,"""<tric> no laughing at my groucho marx shaped vagina?"""
  216. 000215:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirr> barn owls <bonsoirrr> vaginas <bonsoirrr> wtf"""
  217. 000216:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> This was after they shaved my ass"""
  218. 000217:0.0,1,"""<Ray``> yeah I don't like the idea of having a boner while looking at tom cruise"""
  219. 000218:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> read a book...with your penis?"""
  220. 000219:0.0,1,"""!write"""
  221. 000220:0.0,1,"""Lurkin_Lobster teeth are brushes"""
  222. 000221:0.0,1,"""<kittenhands> homeless snails :("""
  223. 000222:0.0,1,"""<Ray``> he's still living in my sister this next year"""
  224. 000223:0.0,1,"""<ptard> what do you plastic?"""
  225. 000224:0.0,1,"""<Garybomb> 5 guys are ok"""
  226. 000225:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> I LOVE 5 GUYS"""
  227. 000226:0.0,1,"""<AtheistHedonist> penises are great"""
  228. 000227:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> Note to self: Don't show your peen to middle school girls"""
  229. 000228:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> but im not hattin'"""
  230. 000229:0.0,1,"""<Stereo_> man, when i'm horny i make really bad decisions about jizz"""
  231. 000230:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> im fruggle and retarded"""
  232. 000231:0.0,1,"""<Ray``> hello boys!"""
  233. 000232:0.0,1,"""<Alpha`_> ok guys, i think im gay :|"""
  234. 000233:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> The wall has gotten really gay"""
  235. 000234:0.0,1,"""<Ray``> DON'T KNOW IF CHILD MOLESTER OR JUST ENGLISH"""
  236. 000235:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> and for the record, we are not all stupis"""
  237. 000236:0.0,1,"""<Ray``> my problem is too many boners"""
  238. 000237:0.0,1,"""Ray``: 'talk less about your penis, Ray'"""
  239. 000238:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> mmm peniss"""
  240. 000239:0.0,1,"""<Dren> I need a sexy twin brother to have sex with"""
  241. 000240:0.0,1,"""Ray``> march of the socially awkward penguins"""
  242. 000241:0.0,1,"""gold bond, medicated nipple cream"""
  243. 000242:0.0,1,"""<mvs027> i agree because you used a fake vagina to scissor me"""
  244. 000243:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> sperm is actually good for you"""
  245. 000244:0.0,1,"""<mvs027> yes im sorry i thought of you while farting :["""
  246. 000245:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> 3:21:15 AM PoohBear: 'WE MUST FIND THIS BUTTHOLE WHO TOOK OUR TV'"""
  247. 000246:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> try not to e-kill each other while im gone, id like to have people to chat with when i get back"""
  248. 000247:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> i'll pack my lucky chloroform rag and get the flight over"""
  249. 000248:0.0,1,"""<@Ray``> I'm the mujahideen, and I'm making a scene!"""
  250. 000249:0.0,1,"""<uglychick23> creepy"""
  251. 000250:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> :{"""
  252. 000251:0.0,1,"""<mvs027> 'What's the point of crowning yourself a king of the unfortunate?'"""
  253. 000252:0.0,1,"""ptard> you can try to accpet everybody, but it doesn't mean they'd do the same for you."""
  254. 000253:0.0,1,"""cant read my cant read my no you cant read my pokedex"""
  255. 000254:0.0,1,"""bonsoirrr       stabs a bitch"""
  256. 000255:0.0,1,"""<Ray``> im going to hook up with Alpha` at some point"""
  257. 000256:0.0,1,"""<dewhashish> I like dogs, in /that/ way."""
  258. 000257:0.0,1,"""people think about REALLY there going because would right though thats pretty other still stuff"""
  259. 000258:0.0,1,"""<mvs027> i want to stick my hand down and scratch the fuck out of it"""
  260. 000259:0.0,1,"""<mvs027> my itchy mucous membrane"""
  261. 000260:0.0,1,"""<mvs027> i just looked for big black things near me"""
  262. 000261:0.0,1,"""<uglychick23> i thought bonsoirrr was a gay guy?"""
  263. 000262:0.0,1,"""<uglychick23> drugs can sometime make people see things on different planes of existence."""
  264. 000263:0.0,1,"""* lostabu is thankful for this bountiful penis"""
  265. 000264:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> I am glad I'm not that only one who has that transvestite hacker sex dream."""
  266. 000265:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> ‘While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,"""
  267. 000266:0.0,1,"""<Ray``> relax, he's just a proctologist"""
  268. 000267:0.0,1,"""If Americans skipped Christmas and donated the money, the $170 billion can be used to wipe out world poverty."""
  269. 000268:0.0,1,"""and then I was like 'OATMEAL!? Are you crazy!?'"""
  270. 000269:0.0,1,"""http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhnVQizc69c"""
  271. 000270:0.0,1,"""Lurkin_Lobster: oh man im laughing so hard i just farted"""
  272. 000271:0.0,1,"""http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMtTHFEXLvU"""
  273. 000272:0.0,1,"""UMBWesker> oh, looks like your fan club has arrived."""
  274. 000273:0.0,1,"""Ray``> I think I need to do some heavy drinking"""
  275. 000274:0.0,1,"""<Ray``> full-rate, I'll do a god damn sock puppet theater for you if that's what you need"""
  276. 000275:0.0,1,"""<Ray> Ray has all the !wall quotes!"""
  277. 000276:0.0,1,"""<madsy> Because it's an insect death trap"""
  278. 000277:0.0,1,"""<PoohShower>    Animals can be gay. Animals do not get married. Therefore, getting married is not natural and being gay is."""
  279. 000278:0.0,1,"""<morningwould> but then i gotta break out the make up, heels, stockings, wig, dress"""
  280. 000279:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> I HAVE AN ADVANCED DEGREE IN penisNOLOGY"""
  281. 000280:0.0,1,"""<morningwould> what do i need to do to get on the wall"""
  282. 000281:0.0,1,"""<morningwould> i want some hot sex with myself"""
  283. 000282:0.0,1,"""<dewhashish> if a penis falls in my asshole and nobody's around to hear it, is it still gay?"""
  284. 000283:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> i want elijah wood, in or around my mouth"""
  285. 000284:0.0,1,"""[21:10] * morningwould rubs stabby's traps [21:10] * morningwould does not have hands big enough to accomplish this task"""
  286. 000285:0.0,1,"""http://img233.imageshack.us/img233/342/jellys.png"""
  287. 000286:0.0,1,"""< `Ray> I'll tell you something, nothing beats getting high and going vagina snorkeling"""
  288. 000287:0.0,1,"""http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ"""
  289. 000288:0.0,1,"""<Stereo_> jesus died so i could sodomize a sheep"""
  290. 000289:0.0,1,"""<morningwould> i miss fapping in public"""
  291. 000290:0.0,1,"""<Stereo_> puny man give better blowjobs"""
  292. 000291:0.0,1,"""Ray``> brb orbitting mvs"""
  293. 000292:0.0,1,"""[22:51] anniekan: I AM BRUSHING MY TEETS"""
  294. 000293:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> my butthole hurt"""
  295. 000294:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> he jammed my mouth full of gauze"""
  296. 000295:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> he jammed my mouth full of gauze <lostabu> (penis)"""
  297. 000296:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> he jammed my mouth full of (penis)"""
  298. 000297:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> TWO ENTHUSIATIC CLAWS UP FOR THE ALIEN MOVIES!"""
  299. 000298:0.0,1,"""<Ray``> throwing women is a lot of fun"""
  300. 000299:0.0,1,"""<Boring_> Egyptians without internet? Gyptians"""
  301. 000300:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> i could shit on a bus tomorrow and it could crash and burn and explode"""
  303. 000302:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> Ghosts no, I enjoy cunnilingus far too much."""
  304. 000303:0.0,1,"""<madsy> Hah, no quotes of me yet."""
  305. 000304:0.0,1,"""<ptard> There should be a poohbot twitterfeed plugged onto the side of irc"""
  306. 000305:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> brothels are like museums?"""
  307. 000306:0.0,1,"""Don't spam the poohbot"""
  308. 000307:0.0,1,"""“I saw it on TV. Something about a kiddie porn dungeon.”"""
  309. 000308:0.0,1,"""<@Ray``> I'd smash that shit so hard she'd come out all blurry in photos and then die in 7 days"""
  310. 000309:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> I summon my army of snowmen to cuddle Lobster: ☃ ☃ ☃ ☃ ☃ ☃"""
  311. 000310:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> You will have pubic hair when I am finished having my way with you. Baby?"""
  312. 000311:0.0,1,"""<Manji2501> AH HAH!"""
  313. 000312:0.0,1,"""<Manji2501> i think we'd all cuddle mvs"""
  314. 000313:0.0,1,"""http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRZ2Sh5-XuM"""
  315. 000314:0.0,1,"""<@Ray``> dr sock puppet says SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY"""
  316. 000315:0.0,1,"""<tric> i'm just going to sit here and touch myself while i detest everyone"""
  317. 000316:0.0,1,"""<@Ray``> god damned sexy chinaman <@Ray``> god damned sexy chinaman"""
  318. 000317:0.0,1,"""<tric> i have a mad crush on anniekan"""
  319. 000318:0.0,1,"""<tric> one day i'm going to make sweet loving sex to you all"""
  320. 000319:0.0,1,"""<TommyGun991> I'm so bored I would fist someone"""
  321. 000320:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> also !wall"""
  322. 000321:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> I am basally just here to hit on tric and confuse ptard."""
  323. 000322:0.0,1,"""<TommyGun991> poohbot is a sodomizing meth addict"""
  324. 000323:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> I had my hand in a girl once. Little enjoyment was had by either of us."""
  325. 000324:0.0,1,"""<TommyGun991> lets talk about how much my day sucked and how sweaty my ass is"""
  326. 000325:0.0,1,"""http://i.imgur.com/NDDfL.jpg"""
  327. 000326:0.0,1,"""That touched me like an inappropriate uncle."""
  328. 000327:0.0,1,"""7H15 M3554G3 53RV35 7O PR0V3 H0W 0UR M1ND5 C4N D0 4M4Z1NG 7H1NG5! 1MPR3551V3 7H1NG5! 1N 7H3 B3G1NN1NG 17 WA5 H4RD BU7 N0W, 0N 7H15 LIN3 Y0UR M1ND 1S R34D1NG 17 4U70M471C4LLY W17H0U7 3V3N 7H1NK1NG 4B0U7 17, B3 PROUD! 0NLY C34R741N P30PL3 C4N R3AD 7H15. R3 P057 1F U C4N R34D 7H15"""
  329. 000328:0.0,1,"""<Ray``> I hate when I'm about to hug someone really sexy and my face hits the mirror."""
  330. 000329:0.0,1,"""<dewhashish> that's why we're the IT crowd, and youre jen"""
  331. 000330:0.0,1,"""<tinabobeena> DEW GET THE FUCK OFF MY FUCKING AWESOME COUCH"""
  332. 000331:0.0,1,"""<Alpha`> the channel is for discussion not for bot spam"""
  333. 000332:0.0,1,"""Ich bin ein nerd!"""
  334. 000333:0.0,1,"""<lostabu_> i like the one where david fists goliath"""
  335. 000334:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> but its HELL on my boobies"""
  336. 000335:0.0,1,"""<Stereo_> still can't figure out why i'm so against wearing clothes that outline my penis"""
  337. 000336:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> I WANT TO SEE YOU PEE."""
  338. 000337:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> I need that like I need taint cancer."""
  339. 000338:0.0,1,"""<Large> if someone ever hugs you I want you to whisper 'you smell like my mom'"""
  340. 000339:0.0,1,"""Curious about Sweden? Here is a handy primer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-14842999"""
  341. 000340:0.0,1,"""<UMBWesker> Damn you penis, you failed me again."""
  342. 000341:0.0,1,"""Masters and Johnson considered withdrawal as a means to developing sexual problems, e.g. premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction."""
  343. 000342:0.0,1,""";9"""
  344. 000343:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> i should drive over and give you some of my ancient chinese secret"""
  345. 000344:0.0,1,"""DIABEETUS!!"""
  346. 000345:0.0,1,"""<dewhashish> agreed, i christmas"""
  347. 000346:0.0,1,"""<@Alpha`> Broken arms: Painful, but humerus"""
  348. 000347:0.0,1,"""<ptard> i like nipples"""
  349. 000348:0.0,1,"""<dewhashish> If I had nipples they'd be hard becasue I'd have nipples"""
  350. 000349:0.0,1,"""<Ray`> I'm not foreveralone, I have my photos of laminar's sisters"""
  351. 000350:0.0,1,"""<coffeebeans10> i remember the dildo conversation though"""
  352. 000351:0.0,1,"""Ray`> my keyboard brings all the keys to the board"""
  353. 000352:0.0,1,"""<@Ray`> also while this is violating my proposed rule on penis talk, I seriously have an almost permanent boner lately"""
  354. 000353:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> That said, I am glad she spread her legs and didn't abort you."""
  355. 000354:0.0,1,"""< Stereo_> and then he was like, i just came"""
  356. 000355:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> lostabu: I have YOUR PACKAGE RIGHT HERE."""
  357. 000356:0.0,1,"""<Dren> Lostabu is the first Asian I've ever spoken to that I wasn't ordering from"""
  358. 000357:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> you're a sick man, ptard"""
  359. 000358:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> he was under me"""
  360. 000359:0.0,1,"""<WormMan> that's why you gag them"""
  361. 000360:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> poohbot makes me sound like a loon"""
  362. 000361:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> You say that now, but let's see what you think when I am elbow deep in your arse"""
  363. 000362:0.0,1,"""<PoohBot> <PoohBot> PoohBear: PoohBot can suck my balls."""
  364. 000363:0.0,1,"""YOU ARE A PIRATE."""
  365. 000364:0.0,1,"""<+kitten-class> YEAH EAT ME BABY"""
  366. 000365:0.0,1,"""http://i51.tinypic.com/2ntwnqh.png"""
  367. 000366:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> i suppose i could find time in my busy schedule to peruse naked ladies on gonewild"""
  368. 000367:0.0,1,"""<Ray`> did someone say deep fried babies?"""
  369. 000368:0.0,1,"""60% of the time, it works every time"""
  370. 000369:0.0,1,"""http://i.imgur.com/Ebnz5.gif Lurkin_lobster when i come into the room"""
  371. 000370:0.0,1,"""All aboard the good ship penistanic!"""
  372. 000371:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> Congratulations on selling a handy on craigslist for $100."""
  373. 000372:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> lets make a dewhashish kittenhands and Lurkin_Lobster sandwich!"""
  374. 000373:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> Time to masturbate"""
  375. 000374:0.0,1,"""I've got to stop clicking on links in here"""
  376. 000375:0.0,1,"""wololo"""
  377. 000376:0.0,1,"""http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tBqdKGiqnI"""
  378. 000377:0.0,1,"""add http://www.rainymood.com/ to anything and it instantly becomes more awesome."""
  379. 000378:0.0,1,"""<@Ray`> what about a wallaby, that's like a diet kangaroo"""
  380. 000379:0.0,1,"""<mvs027> i go for ALL AGES"""
  381. 000380:0.0,1,"""NSFW http://i.imgur.com/9H2BD.jpg"""
  382. 000381:0.0,1,"""<satsui_> OVER 20 POUNDS OF PUSSY AND ASS"""
  383. 000382:0.0,1,"""<twentyfourseven> You should write an article on penis safety in the lab"""
  384. 000383:0.0,1,"""<Dren> I get a SUPER boner from you, Dew"""
  385. 000384:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> I think '“Italian relations”' is going to be my new euphemism for cunnilingus."""
  386. 000385:0.0,1,"""<DistilledWaters> and a good spanking."""
  387. 000386:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> damnot"""
  388. 000387:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> i guess im just a pervert"""
  389. 000388:0.0,1,"""<ptard> Then call me queer and paint me pink"""
  390. 000389:0.0,1,"""<ptard> just say his name and he might magically come"""
  392. 000391:0.0,1,"""<ptard> !skeet !skeet"""
  393. 000392:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> nothing like a good old fashioned bout of cunt punching to pass the time"""
  394. 000393:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> in soviet russia, bicycle travel across you"""
  395. 000394:0.0,1,"""<Quagles> Goddamn delicious nuts"""
  396. 000395:0.0,1,"""<tric> i'm nothing special in the sack, but i've got a decent ass and a cute face"""
  397. 000396:0.0,1,"""Manji2501: kayaking i think i get the jist of.. you sit in a boat and try not to hit rocks."""
  398. 000397:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> LADIES AND GENTLEMEN....LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, PLEASE"""
  399. 000398:0.0,1,"""lostabu: YOU FOOLS, YOU DON'T SIMPLY <4"""
  400. 000399:0.0,1,"""* twentyfourseven stays on the camel"""
  401. 000400:0.0,1,"""<superfantastic> 'DISCOUNT TESTICLES! BUY 2, GET 2 FREE (mix and match)!'"""
  402. 000401:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> i'm a urethra destroyer"""
  403. 000402:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> i am the sapz"""
  404. 000403:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> i'm rock solid homosexual"""
  405. 000404:0.0,1,"""<Dren> When he pounded her ass and the pulled out quickly to lick her asshole I think the writer was really trying to symbolize the power of what a big government unchecked could, and would, do to society. I also think it reflects the writers inner feelings for how we should handle big issues such as starvation and disease in third world countries. Also - I came there"""
  406. 000405:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> Man, I feel like the dark lord himself just came up from hell and blew his unholy jizz right inside my brain"""
  407. 000406:0.0,1,"""< Dren> I like mayo too much. I over mayo everything that has mayo on it < UMBWesker> And this is why we don't date. Differences over preference of sandwich spread. < UMBWesker> Irreconcilable differences. <@madsy> UMBWesker: Oh.. I thought it was due to differences over preference of leg spread."""
  408. 000407:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> i will give you a truckload of penises then"""
  409. 000408:0.0,1,"""Dren: I can't wait until I get my truckload of penises. I want them all over me"""
  410. 000409:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> my modem pooped yesternight"""
  411. 000410:0.0,1,"""<PoohBot> Oh, I guess I can't !wall myself"""
  412. 000411:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> faulk you cornoser"""
  413. 000412:0.0,1,"""!wall"""
  414. 000413:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> i want DONT SPANK THE LOBSTER to come up"""
  415. 000414:0.0,1,"""<dew> GODDAMNIT ANDREW LEARN HOW TO FUCKING TYPE"""
  416. 000415:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> i love bestiality"""
  417. 000416:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> you love routers as much as i love cocks"""
  418. 000417:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> my traps in my shoulders are so strong i orgasm when i lift"""
  419. 000418:0.0,1,"""<lolcats> then you'd get fucked raw, so everyone wins"""
  420. 000419:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> OMG ITS A CRISIS OF EPIC PROPORTIONS"""
  421. 000420:0.0,1,"""<Dren> They should put a warning on Asian people: WARNING: Befriending may induce Chinese food cravings"""
  422. 000421:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> An hour later, I was dancing in front of the mirror with my junk tucked between my legs"""
  423. 000422:0.0,1,"""<Alphastar18> almost makes me want to stab myself with a dildo"""
  424. 000423:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> i'm the colour of freshly ejaculated semen"""
  425. 000424:0.0,1,"""<Dren> OH MY GOD I HAVE DINOSAUR BATH TOYS"""
  426. 000425:0.0,1,"""<smile> well jesus was a carpenter, he probly knows his way around wood"""
  427. 000426:0.0,1,"""<Dren> Rent payment in the form of semen is accepted"""
  428. 000427:0.0,1,"""<thecoldpart> crohones deep fry your jizz and send it my way"""
  429. 000428:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> Please state the nature of your sexual emergency"""
  430. 000429:0.0,1,"""<Garybomb> Math and suck my asshole"""
  431. 000430:0.0,1,"""<gum11_>: but i forgot that the uterus is way lower and ended up doing it to her stomach"""
  432. 000431:0.0,1,"""<Dren> I'll throw a fucking brick at your face"""
  433. 000432:0.0,1,"""<@Stereo_> that thing spurted like crazy"""
  434. 000433:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> FAP: forever alone party yayayay"""
  435. 000434:0.0,1,"""<dew> this is why we cant have nice things"""
  436. 000435:0.0,1,"""<Dren> You like my cock up your ass though"""
  437. 000436:0.0,1,"""* lostabu rips a fart in disgust"""
  438. 000437:0.0,1,"""<dew> remember, life is too short to remove the USB device safely!"""
  439. 000438:0.0,1,"""<dew> the recaptcha to get in said 'icorrate things', that's so racist"""
  440. 000439:0.0,1,"""<true_mori> 'PUBE NUMBER 183298 STANDING BY AWAITING ORDERS'"""
  441. 000440:0.0,1,"""'You're still fucking peasants as far as I can see.' - John Lennon"""
  442. 000441:0.0,1,"""<tric> i fart like hell in the mornings"""
  443. 000442:0.0,1,"""<Dren> I have a special vagina I guess"""
  444. 000443:0.0,1,"""<`Ray> dudes showing up at my door with boners"""
  445. 000444:0.0,1,"""I fucked Ted."""
  446. 000445:0.0,1,"""<PoohBot> <PoohBot> <Poohbot> !wall"""
  447. 000446:0.0,1,"""<dpyro> i want to date a hipster girl so i can hatefuck her"""
  448. 000447:0.0,1,"""<timekeeper> it was the thickest"""
  449. 000448:0.0,1,"""penis, penis, penis. Tee-hee!"""
  450. 000449:0.0,1,"""<Dren> Can I intake the creamy substance that comes out?"""
  451. 000450:0.0,1,"""<Dren> Dren wears out all the boys!"""
  452. 000451:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> But I wanted penises instead"""
  453. 000452:0.0,1,"""<+kitten^work> i should be in bed getting paid"""
  454. 000453:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheHead> isn't that the thing around a vagina?"""
  455. 000454:0.0,1,"""I am feeling fat and sassy."""
  456. 000455:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> I need to fuck a nerd."""
  457. 000456:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> I am basally just here to hit on kittenhands and confuse ptard."""
  458. 000457:0.0,1,"""<kitten^work> HAHAHA DUMB CANADIAN"""
  459. 000458:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> oh fuck my tacos"""
  460. 000459:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> Show it to me later today on cam xD"""
  461. 000460:0.0,1,"""<dew> if life gives you lemons, throw a lemon party"""
  462. 000461:0.0,1,"""<UMBWesker> If that is the best part of waking up, I'll think I'll stay in bed."""
  463. 000462:0.0,1,"""<Alphastar18> crohnoes that sounded like you have to play your penis like a piano"""
  464. 000463:0.0,1,"""<bonsoirrr> best 3 sec of your life"""
  465. 000464:0.0,1,"""You can do anything so long as you have a sufficient amount of RAM."""
  466. 000465:0.0,1,"""<jabones> now how does that !write thing go.. XD"""
  467. 000466:0.0,1,"""<Alphastar18> yeah I think I'll rape a girl tomorrow"""
  468. 000467:0.0,1,"""<Dren> 'Daddy, why are you crying?' 'SHUT THE FUCK UP DADDY IS ON HER PERIOD'"""
  469. 000468:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear1> I want to have a gay threesome with Satan and Jesus, with God himself watching and fapping in the corner"""
  470. 000469:0.0,1,"""<@Ray`> leaving a bag of puke and cum outside someone's door is just fucked"""
  471. 000470:0.0,1,"""<Tinabobeena> oh yeah, i love it when he calls me titsabobitsa"""
  472. 000471:0.0,1,"""+1800CARLOS"""
  473. 000472:0.0,1,"""http://i.imgur.com/4jgxS.jpg"""
  474. 000473:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> my butthole hurt [later] <lostabu> it's never cool to show another man your boner"""
  475. 000474:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> doesn't matter had sex"""
  476. 000475:0.0,1,"""<MaelMarcone> i have satin on my nipples"""
  477. 000476:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> And I'll have a giant rock get stuck inside my penis"""
  478. 000477:0.0,1,"""< Kitty_party> The other day we double teamed a centipede"""
  479. 000478:0.0,1,"""<Dren> I missed shooting my load of semen in you"""
  480. 000479:0.0,1,"""<Garybomb> I gave me a seizure"""
  481. 000480:0.0,1,"""<lolcats> we're all dumbucks in here"""
  482. 000481:0.0,1,"""[05:08] crohnoes        i tame Anonymous erry night in the bedroom circus lion style with a chair and a whip"""
  483. 000482:0.0,1,"""Ray: dildo in the ass guy told us more stories today"""
  484. 000483:0.0,1,"""<dew> A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station."""
  485. 000484:0.0,1,"""<dew> a typo is the difference between 'i caused a man's laughter' vs 'i caused a manslaughter'"""
  486. 000485:0.0,1,"""<dew> I think people who have trouble remembering passwords should set it to 'incorrect', that way they'll be reminded everytime"""
  487. 000486:0.0,1,"""penis, penis everywhere. Frolic among them, on a dare."""
  488. 000487:0.0,1,"""crohnoes: you will never hear techno as clasy as that"""
  489. 000488:0.0,1,"""<deytookerjarbs> man i wanna fill a hot tub with poop and just sit in it and slap the poop like it's a drum"""
  490. 000489:0.0,1,"""Curious about Norway? Here is a handy primer: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2218606/Norway.png"""
  491. 000490:0.0,1,"""< lobsterphone> All I can picture is him doing curls with dildos"""
  492. 000491:0.0,1,"""<@kitten^work> hey lolcats, come sit on my cock"""
  493. 000492:0.0,1,"""upon a midnight dreary, while i pron surfed, weak and weary, over many a strange and spurious site of ' hot xxx galore'. While i clicked my fav'rite bookmark, suddenly there came a warning, and my heart was filled with mourning, mourning for my dear amour, ' 'Tis not possible!', i muttered, ' give me back my free hardcore!'..... quoth the server, 404."""
  494. 000493:0.0,1,"""http://static.fjcdn.com/large/pictures/c2/ac/c2ac5b_1149488.jpg"""
  495. 000494:0.0,1,"""<lolcats> cocksuckers"""
  496. 000495:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> I'm not skinny but I do have a pretty excellent rack, so it's an overall win"""
  497. 000496:0.0,1,"""<dew> if you start a post that begins with !write it will show up later whens omeone types !wall"""
  498. 000497:0.0,1,"""hi"""
  499. 000498:0.0,1,"""<@Lurkin_Lobster> The whores are fucking amazing"""
  500. 000499:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> How about a tall mug of shut the fuck up"""
  501. 000500:0.0,1,"""<mvs027> i left to play with my cat and ended up sleeping for like 3-4 hours"""
  502. 000501:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> I'M SEXY"""
  503. 000502:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> fixedzero is a hawtie"""
  504. 000503:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> I think about Margaret Thatcher when I masturbate"""
  505. 000504:0.0,1,"""<@dewhashish> im lucky i didnt get pregnanr"""
  506. 000505:0.0,1,"""'lolcats' - lolcats"""
  507. 000506:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> Goes with the bagel I crumbled down your pants yesterday"""
  508. 000507:0.0,1,"""<Von> crohnoes is a pro troll."""
  509. 000508:0.0,1,"""<Von> good lord that's a stiff cock"""
  510. 000509:0.0,1,"""<scourt> He is doing lines off my tits, tickles the nips"""
  511. 000510:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> every hole's a goal right"""
  512. 000511:0.0,1,"""<bunbunn> Hehehehhe *giggles* he said poop"""
  513. 000512:0.0,1,"""unoriginal phrase"""
  514. 000513:0.0,1,"""<poopsMcGiggles> its filled with cats and seaman"""
  515. 000514:0.0,1,"""* PoohBear poops his pants"""
  516. 000515:0.0,1,"""<bunbunn> :\ where is the wall?"""
  517. 000516:0.0,1,"""<HoldenF> Well in that case, I think you'd be far more pleasant plugged as well!"""
  518. 000517:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> I want to put the geico lizard in my butt"""
  519. 000518:0.0,1,"""<@Lurkin_Lobster> Guys I'm gonna fap"""
  520. 000519:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> I'm a fapaholic"""
  521. 000520:0.0,1,"""<@LE_BROCCOLI> TIL about getting hella laid in correlation to losing weight."""
  522. 000521:0.0,1,"""<dpyro> i like the ladies"""
  523. 000522:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes`movie> i wanna hate fuck her and smash her cervix"""
  524. 000523:0.0,1,"""<Dren> We got drunk - but it's no longer getting drunk. We decided it's getting 'Bonsed-'"""
  525. 000524:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> I don't remember getting on irc or eating a whole bag of carrots apparently"""
  526. 000525:0.0,1,"""<<crohnoes> i wanna wear a vagina on every finger>"""
  527. 000526:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> I like to feel like I'm younger than 9. That way, when I masturbate, it feels like I am being molested by myself."""
  528. 000527:0.0,1,"""<Von> i have one floating around in there that i pray never sees the light of day."""
  529. 000528:0.0,1,"""<timekeeper> om nom nom!"""
  530. 000529:0.0,1,"""<gum14> how am i odd"""
  531. 000530:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> thanks to you I was like blinded by people jerking off"""
  532. 000531:0.0,1,"""(Anonymous) her vag cut off apparently"""
  533. 000532:0.0,1,"""<<+Tinabobeena> pooh, you are the shit>"""
  534. 000533:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> I'll come out to meet you two if kittenhands and I can make out"""
  535. 000534:0.0,1,"""<HoldenF> I promise I look good in a skirt"""
  536. 000535:0.0,1,"""<<lostabu> TIL fixedzero wiggles her legs>"""
  537. 000536:0.0,1,"""<<Von> probably because we're the same slut.>"""
  538. 000537:0.0,1,"""<Alphastar18> well I was at an elementary school today to prey on the kids"""
  539. 000538:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> i'm newly non FA i dress like a common whore"""
  540. 000539:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> have you been to Korea? <gum14> no but ive watched korean porn"""
  541. 000540:0.0,1,"""<<bunbunn> lame is delicious>"""
  542. 000541:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> where are you from russlar <russlar> your mom's vagina"""
  543. 000542:0.0,1,"""<sweatyhorse> mael, after sex just punch her really hard in the gut"""
  544. 000543:0.0,1,"""<+Dren> I hurt him so bad with my giant penis"""
  545. 000544:0.0,1,"""<@Stereo_> when i see your beard my ventral flaps start emitting an erotic scent"""
  546. 000545:0.0,1,"""<smile> I'Ll BlOw SoMeThInG"""
  547. 000546:0.0,1,"""< Anonymous> sometimes i am like 'oh hey a penis picture' *analyzes the fuck out of it*"""
  548. 000547:0.0,1,"""< Anonymous> sometimes i am like 'oh hey a penis picture' *analyzes the fuck out of it*"""
  549. 000548:0.0,1,"""< Anonymous> sometimes i am like 'oh hey a penis picture' *analyzes the fuck out of it*"""
  550. 000549:0.0,1,"""< Anonymous> sometimes i am like 'oh hey a penis picture' *analyzes the fuck out of it*"""
  551. 000550:0.0,1,"""< Anonymous> sometimes i am like 'oh hey a penis picture' *analyzes the fuck out of it*"""
  552. 000551:0.0,1,"""<dpyro> a cock IRL is nice"""
  553. 000552:0.0,1,"""< Anonymous> sometimes i am like 'oh hey a penis picture' *analyzes the fuck out of it*"""
  554. 000553:0.0,1,"""< Anonymous> and that's why I like PoohBot's cock"""
  555. 000554:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> I've seen far more black penises IRL than anyone else in here"""
  556. 000555:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> I'm laughing like an asshole at the pharmcy these people must think I'm mental"""
  557. 000556:0.0,1,"""<thecoldpart> also my pee smelt weird before cos i ate heaps of asparagus tonight"""
  558. 000557:0.0,1,"""<lolcats> TIL lobster takes shits ttoo"""
  559. 000558:0.0,1,"""<<dew> damnit crohnoes no>"""
  560. 000559:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> Dew I have lots of porno on my new huge tv"""
  561. 000560:0.0,1,"""<@dew> nothing is too gay for you von"""
  562. 000561:0.0,1,"""(3:43:44 PM) astro13: like us theres prob good and asshole dolphins alike"""
  563. 000562:0.0,1,"""(V)(;,,;)(V) Why not zoidberg?"""
  564. 000563:0.0,1,"""http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ&ob=av3e"""
  565. 000564:0.0,1,"""<@lostabu> r/childporn"""
  566. 000565:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> I might have to start jizzing on my own face"""
  567. 000566:0.0,1,"""<smile> cum on my face"""
  568. 000567:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> I think I just scared the entire chatroom away by talking about the health benefits of semen"""
  569. 000568:0.0,1,"""<Von> too much just makes me want to grill instead of bone."""
  570. 000569:0.0,1,"""* @PoohBear flips his hair back"""
  571. 000570:0.0,1,"""<tric> i'm a member of the skanky norwegian club"""
  572. 000571:0.0,1,"""<Von> I'll give you some red meat"""
  573. 000572:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> Von all your everything involves penis"""
  574. 000573:0.0,1,"""<TSA_Von> uses the special speculum on PoohBear."""
  575. 000574:0.0,1,"""<TSA_Von> i am so gay on the !wall"""
  576. 000575:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> i apparently have a huge penis obsession on the !wall"""
  577. 000576:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> i apparently have a huge penis obsession"""
  578. 000577:0.0,1,"""<TSAcats> thank god nobody quotes me for the !wall"""
  579. 000578:0.0,1,"""<timekeeper> but i haven't gotten groped yet"""
  580. 000579:0.0,1,"""<Von> DISREGARD WOMEN, ACQUIRE penisS."""
  581. 000580:0.0,1,"""<tric> i'll show you my thing lurkin"""
  582. 000581:0.0,1,"""<tric> rape him with the ipad"""
  583. 000582:0.0,1,"""<tric> i want your penis UMBWesker"""
  584. 000583:0.0,1,"""<tric> GOD HAVENT YOU GUYS EVER PLAYED GYNOCOLOGIST"""
  585. 000584:0.0,1,"""<@PoohAway> I think my beard is helping me lose weight"""
  586. 000585:0.0,1,"""<@dew> DO NOT USE MCAFEE OR ILL BAN YOUR ASS"""
  587. 000586:0.0,1,"""<Von> as we know, i am a girl."""
  588. 000587:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> i'm into high fives, if you're referring to when you get high with 5 dudes and they fill all your holes with cock"""
  589. 000588:0.0,1,"""<danweiser> i wouldnt have left you hanging if i had known it was a high five"""
  590. 000589:0.0,1,"""<smile> no plz don't cum on my face"""
  591. 000590:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> i want to ride your FACE"""
  592. 000591:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> porn comes from within guys"""
  593. 000592:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> heathens 4eva"""
  594. 000593:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> why don't they make more tentacle dildos here. that needs to be a thing."""
  595. 000594:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> lol"""
  596. 000595:0.0,1,"""<Von> I like girls better when they're dressed like horses"""
  597. 000596:0.0,1,"""PoohBear was kicked by Stereo_ (Cheaters always win.)"""
  598. 000597:0.0,1,"""<dew> Oh yea i love your penis in my vagina'"""
  599. 000598:0.0,1,"""<DistilledWater1> if i were you i'd be a lesbian gold digger"""
  600. 000599:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> do me in the butt"""
  601. 000600:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> I'd rape all of you with love and my vagina"""
  602. 000601:0.0,1,"""<Von> and deepthroated it."""
  603. 000602:0.0,1,"""<tric> von loves the penis the most"""
  604. 000603:0.0,1,"""<Von> dew, between you, Anonymous, and fixed, that wall is going to be full of me loving penis."""
  605. 000604:0.0,1,"""<Von> JUST BECAUSE I RECOGNIZE A GOOD penis WHEN I SEE ONE"""
  606. 000605:0.0,1,"""tric> i can smoke and still write about how much von loves the cock"""
  607. 000606:0.0,1,"""<+Dren> Butt love. Best kind of love <3"""
  608. 000607:0.0,1,"""<+anniekan> WANG"""
  609. 000608:0.0,1,"""<VonDrunk> haha, according to the !wall i definitely love the cock."""
  610. 000609:0.0,1,"""<VonDrunk> brb need more whiskey for all these cocks."""
  611. 000610:0.0,1,"""fantastic_lee: i'm on top of von"""
  612. 000611:0.0,1,"""<@lostabu> your mom didnt complain"""
  613. 000612:0.0,1,"""<@PoohLab> POOPY POOPY POOP"""
  614. 000613:0.0,1,"""<fixedcleaning> not when they're ruubbing my inner thighs"""
  615. 000614:0.0,1,"""shit"""
  616. 000615:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> in beard we trust"""
  617. 000616:0.0,1,"""<MaelMarcone> nah.  stalking is when you go to their house and fap while looking at them watching Nick at Nite 14 times until they finally bought a dog."""
  618. 000617:0.0,1,"""<bunbunn> okay, so i'll walk in wearing a bacon bikini and ask him if he would like breakfast?"""
  619. 000618:0.0,1,"""<bunbunn> all the Greats live in canada"""
  620. 000619:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> no better reason than that to send me nudes, Pooh"""
  621. 000620:0.0,1,"""<dpyro> <head></head><body>FUCK YOU penisES penisES<br>penisIS</body>"""
  622. 000621:0.0,1,"""<DrPossumEspace> SHOVE YOUR HAND IN MY POUCH AND WIGGLE YOUR FINGERS"""
  623. 000622:0.0,1,"""<chillout_mori> what do norwegians do for helloween, dress up as lutefisk?"""
  624. 000623:0.0,1,"""<chillout_mori> I was all over your face on camchat"""
  625. 000624:0.0,1,"""<tric> crohnoes, i laughed and a snotbubble came out my nose"""
  626. 000625:0.0,1,"""<lostabu>: its a chinese eat dog world"""
  627. 000626:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> :3 how do you want it"""
  628. 000627:0.0,1,"""<tric> i have a vagina thus i make the rules"""
  629. 000628:0.0,1,"""<dew> butt pirate"""
  630. 000629:0.0,1,"""<tric> i bet his hair smells like angel barf and sandy beaches"""
  631. 000630:0.0,1,"""<tric> one day i'm going to have sex again and it's going to be glorious"""
  632. 000631:0.0,1,"""<Tric> LO AND BEHOLD MY SANDY VAGINA"""
  633. 000632:0.0,1,"""<mvs027> i have a ton of panda toys in my basement"""
  634. 000633:0.0,1,"""<mvs027> i cant tell where penis is originating"""
  635. 000634:0.0,1,"""<mvs027> well crohnoes has seen my bathroom and knows that i poop"""
  636. 000635:0.0,1,"""<madsy> Multitasking lobster - now with extra claws and tail"""
  637. 000636:0.0,1,"""[18:58] <@PoohBear> You just let the poop log harden for a few days then use it as a dildo"""
  638. 000637:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes`movie> anyone ever thought when you're taking a huge dump that this is what it must feel like to have a man withdraw their penis from your ass? i have"""
  639. 000638:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> let's cyber guys"""
  640. 000639:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> THE SEXY LEVEL IN THIS CHAT JUST SKYROCKETED"""
  641. 000640:0.0,1,"""<Wil> Just yank a sock off and have fun with it!"""
  642. 000641:0.0,1,"""your butt will be comfy"""
  643. 000642:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> MMM BONERS"""
  644. 000643:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> lets all have a giant orgy"""
  645. 000644:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> its okay i was naked eating twizzlersin bed last time"""
  646. 000645:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> >_> I won't say the rest <Anonymous> just know that i was eating twizzlers naked.. in bed."""
  647. 000646:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> Oh, sweet mother of god. I would first slowly caress you until you were in the proper mood. Then I would gently insert my penis into you vagina, speeding up until you start moaning out load. Then I would casually spray my seed into you orifice."""
  648. 000647:0.0,1,"""<MaelPhone> I'm slightly aroused"""
  649. 000648:0.0,1,"""* Tric slaps that ass"""
  650. 000649:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> MMMMMM SEMEN"""
  651. 000650:0.0,1,"""<@dew> Boob is 3 points of view of a nice pair, B is top down view, oo is front, and b is side view"""
  652. 000651:0.0,1,"""<laundry_lee> i'll kiss you so passionately that your nipples will get hard enough to cut glass"""
  653. 000652:0.0,1,"""<twentyfourseven> You know what else? When there's a penis in my vagina it tends to feel pretty good."""
  654. 000653:0.0,1,"""<twentyfourseven> and penis. I love penis"""
  655. 000654:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> Vagina - Its what's for dinner"""
  656. 000655:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> JAM OUT WITH YOUR CLAM OUT"""
  657. 000656:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> i'm bad at small talk <Lurkin_Lobster> BUT SHES GREAT AT EMOTICONS"""
  658. 000657:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> if small talk ain't your thing anniekan, perhaps we should talk about my penis instead?? <anniekan> still small:("""
  659. 000658:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> i'd cut off her tits and use them as burger patties"""
  660. 000659:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> i would fuck sigourney weaver"""
  661. 000660:0.0,1,"""<Nsxr> I was told there would be penis ships."""
  662. 000661:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> if people could get pregnant over the internet, I think everyone in FA would be knocked up already"""
  663. 000662:0.0,1,"""<Shaughn> Who is crohnoes and what makes him/her so special?"""
  664. 000663:0.0,1,"""tinabobeena: my undies keep falling down in my face"""
  665. 000664:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> IT HURTS SO GOOD"""
  666. 000665:0.0,1,"""<Tric> yeah crohnoes, thanks for giving me herpes"""
  667. 000666:0.0,1,"""<Dren> I am trying to put it in"""
  668. 000667:0.0,1,"""<Dren> And it's curling up"""
  669. 000668:0.0,1,"""^this user LOVES the cock"""
  670. 000669:0.0,1,"""[15:56] <Kirkman> no biggie... looks like I won't be stabbed to death at work today"""
  671. 000670:0.0,1,"""^this user is the best"""
  672. 000671:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> My scientific findings are splattered all over my monitor"""
  673. 000672:0.0,1,"""<`Ray> he looks like a tiny pedophile"""
  674. 000673:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> I remember seeing a photo spread where the women were wearing construction hats, and they were pulling a used tampon out of another girl with a pair of pliers"""
  675. 000674:0.0,1,"""<Von> plus i would launch myself off my chair if i got a random boner."""
  676. 000675:0.0,1,"""<Dren> Lost is too attractive to me. I see him and my clothes melt away"""
  677. 000676:0.0,1,"""[22:32] <crohnoes> i collect the faces of all the women i've skinned alive, i have quite a collection"""
  678. 000677:0.0,1,"""<Dren> Biting's excellent. It's like kissing - onlythere's a winner"""
  679. 000678:0.0,1,"""<thecoldpart> i could be inside of you tonight"""
  680. 000679:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> All religions are cults"""
  681. 000680:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> I'm starting to not like bald vagina"""
  682. 000681:0.0,1,"""<bunbunn> KA KAAAAW KAW"""
  683. 000682:0.0,1,"""<Von> i have to shave my legs again today."""
  684. 000683:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> PoohBear come here lol i prob have panties and a nightgown that fit you :)"""
  685. 000684:0.0,1,"""<Von> i love being all wet and naked."""
  686. 000685:0.0,1,"""<Alphastar18> Jesus was over 9000% water"""
  687. 000686:0.0,1,"""<Bob_> depends on how you blow on it"""
  688. 000687:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> i've missed his giant cock in my mouth"""
  689. 000688:0.0,1,"""<Large_> Probably my .least favorite ship, after rapeship and analtearingship"""
  690. 000689:0.0,1,"""i love penisships"""
  691. 000690:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> i prefer a heart bowl of shredded cock"""
  692. 000691:0.0,1,"""<@Hannibear_Lecter> FUCK ME IN THE EAR"""
  693. 000692:0.0,1,"""<@stereo_> all the horror films heroines need football helmets"""
  694. 000693:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> the crown of your head seems pretty symmetrical, there's that I guess"""
  695. 000694:0.0,1,"""<Neurocam> i want like phenotype superpowers, so i can know anyones ancestry by looking at them, totally wont happen though"""
  696. 000695:0.0,1,"""http://i.imgur.com/b4Yly.jpg"""
  697. 000696:0.0,1,"""<@`Ray> girls are intimidated by my large penis"""
  698. 000697:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> k time to look through the porn channels and report my findings"""
  699. 000698:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> .8ball did you lie to me about finding a bf last week? <+flegbot> It is certain"""
  700. 000699:0.0,1,"""<dew> i watch porn for the acting and the stories"""
  701. 000700:0.0,1,"""<PoohSleep> Then pair them up blindly with someone (one of us) of the opposite sex on sex"""
  702. 000701:0.0,1,"""Why dont you get some neosporin for that gash between your legs?"""
  703. 000702:0.0,1,"""How many fingers should I use?"""
  704. 000703:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> would rather masturbate with razors taped to my fingers than use skype ever"""
  705. 000704:0.0,1,"""<@lostabu> SLAPA DA BASS"""
  706. 000705:0.0,1,"""<Tric> thank god, it's like an abandoned mine down there"""
  707. 000706:0.0,1,"""<`Ray> guess we should be performing neutrino experiments in tric's vagina"""
  708. 000707:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> oh god his penis is still there"""
  709. 000708:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> i'm gonna eat out tonight"""
  710. 000709:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> i'm gonna eat out tonight"""
  711. 000710:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> i'm gonna eat out tonight i believe the place is called anniekan"""
  712. 000711:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> 101: want the cunt? TAKE THE CUNT. THE CUNT IS YOURS BY BIRTHRIGHT. THE CUNT BELONGS TO YOU."""
  713. 000712:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> to be fair though if any of my kids installed bonzi buddy on the computer they'd get the belt too"""
  714. 000713:0.0,1,"""(Anonymous) so did you guys ever find out who that butt belonged to ?"""
  715. 000714:0.0,1,"""<timekeeper> my phone has a really long, strong vibrator"""
  716. 000715:0.0,1,"""<@madsy> timekeeper: Not if it's longer than mine"""
  717. 000716:0.0,1,"""(@madsy) jabones: Because my penis length is unprecedented"""
  718. 000717:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> I'll give Tric a reacharound"""
  719. 000718:0.0,1,"""<hangover_mori> plz set down rules concerning 1) pants 2) distance 3) snorkeling"""
  720. 000719:0.0,1,"""now that is sexy"""
  721. 000720:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> 1) no pants, ever 2) cuddles at all time unless I'm hungover 3) get downnnn"""
  722. 000721:0.0,1,"""step off bitch"""
  723. 000722:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> i'll stop eating cats when annie stops studying"""
  724. 000723:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> boobies are good at any size"""
  725. 000724:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> mine are ANAL"""
  726. 000725:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> http://i1130.photobucket.com/albums/m539/celebjihad/mila_kunis_fingered.gif"""
  727. 000726:0.0,1,"""<@dew> just mila kunis getting fingered and a girl licking it up after"""
  728. 000727:0.0,1,"""<@lostabu> or i will take your mom to a nice steak dinner and then never call her back"""
  729. 000728:0.0,1,"""<Alphastar18> I've got 99 problems but a jew ain't one"""
  730. 000729:0.0,1,"""<Dren> She smells like what I imagine crohnoes' room to smell like"""
  731. 000730:0.0,1,"""< Anonymous> You guys are my penises, I love you all."""
  732. 000731:0.0,1,"""<Alphastar18> I stand erect at your service"""
  733. 000732:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> Careful alpha is erect"""
  734. 000733:0.0,1,"""<blueberry_muffin>(mori) I will whisper sweet sweet muffins in your ears"""
  735. 000734:0.0,1,"""<blueberry_muffin> I feel so flattered. * blueberry_muffin blushes <anniekan> OMG NOW IT'S A CRANBERRY MUFFIN"""
  736. 000735:0.0,1,"""<@stereo_> dammit i farted and need to leave the room"""
  737. 000736:0.0,1,"""<dew> is that code for erection?"""
  738. 000737:0.0,1,"""<chillout_mori> And this Ladies and Gentlemen, is the true circlejerking."""
  739. 000738:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> i will give you an allergic reaction"""
  740. 000739:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> dude that was the greatest experience of my life"""
  741. 000740:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> i sound like a gay trucker or something"""
  742. 000741:0.0,1,"""<Dren> Poohbear - I am going to make sweet sweet love to your anus <lostabu> PoohBear: i will beardfuck you"""
  743. 000742:0.0,1,"""<Dren> poohbear - i am going to cum in you like a duck"""
  744. 000743:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> turbopenis! pew pew pew"""
  745. 000744:0.0,1,"""<lolcats> noseriously is there anybody here outside of america and america b?"""
  746. 000745:0.0,1,"""* <chillout_mori> I LOVE TICKLEBALLS <chillout_mori> IT MAKES MY PROSTATE GO TEEHEEE"""
  747. 000746:0.0,1,"""<bunbunn> well, someone's always gotta be on top"""
  748. 000747:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> man i'm such a penis"""
  749. 000748:0.0,1,"""<Dren> drunk is my favorite emotion"""
  750. 000749:0.0,1,"""<scourt> angel voice annie"""
  751. 000750:0.0,1,"""This concept of 'wuv' confuses and infuriates us!"""
  752. 000751:0.0,1,"""I could eat alphabet soup and shit a better argument than that"""
  753. 000752:0.0,1,"""CAPS LOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL"""
  754. 000753:0.0,1,"""Because fuck you that's why!"""
  755. 000754:0.0,1,"""<DistilledWater> i was starting to worry i was the only gone who got a boner"""
  756. 000755:0.0,1,"""<Von> I like all the balls"""
  757. 000756:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> I'm like buttraping you right now lolz."""
  758. 000757:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> don't worry, the box is going to come at you."""
  759. 000758:0.0,1,"""<Tric> i have meat wings"""
  760. 000759:0.0,1,"""<Tric> between my legs :D"""
  761. 000760:0.0,1,"""“Why do people say 'grow some balls'? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding” ― Betty White"""
  762. 000761:0.0,1,"""If sex between 3 people is called a threesome, between two people is a twosome, why is handsome still a compliment?"""
  763. 000762:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> I would go gay for Katy Perry"""
  764. 000763:0.0,1,"""smile> but would do sex on or around both of them"""
  765. 000764:0.0,1,"""<dew> great now thecoldpart is the celeb penis in here <dew> that was all i had!"""
  766. 000765:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> mmm it's so delicious"""
  767. 000766:0.0,1,"""<ForlornPanda> it's never enough penises for her!"""
  768. 000767:0.0,1,"""<Tric> i don't think i've ever farted during sex - then again holding it for like 2 minutes isn't hard"""
  769. 000768:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero_> my problem is that sometimes I sneeze when I deepthroat AHEM"""
  770. 000769:0.0,1,"""<fantastic_lee> grab your junk and go 'right here' it's the only appropriate response"""
  771. 000770:0.0,1,"""<fantastic_lee> grab your junk and go 'right here' it's the only appropriate response"""
  772. 000771:0.0,1,"""<fantastic_lee> grab your junk and go 'right here' it's the only appropriate response"""
  773. 000772:0.0,1,"""<smile> it's very rude to turn down the penis"""
  774. 000773:0.0,1,"""<Untrustworthy> as long as my hotness exceeds my creepiness, I'm good."""
  775. 000774:0.0,1,"""<Dren> I should probably shower. Sigh. I want to be gross and lazy"""
  776. 000775:0.0,1,"""<Tric> what a cunt"""
  777. 000776:0.0,1,"""<dew>: wall!"""
  778. 000777:0.0,1,"""!wall"""
  779. 000778:0.0,1,"""!wall"""
  780. 000779:0.0,1,"""I love your face so much I want to squish it"""
  781. 000780:0.0,1,"""<Manji2501> i thought the plural for penis was peni"""
  782. 000781:0.0,1,"""<dew> wtf is a star wars?"""
  783. 000782:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> not you buttface"""
  784. 000783:0.0,1,"""<Tinabobeena> oh i was wondering if it was your penis"""
  785. 000784:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> INSANITY BAN"""
  786. 000785:0.0,1,"""<smile> HOW CAN YOU BE ALONE IF BOOBS? [15:35] <anniekan> JUST WAVE IT IN SOMEONE'S FACE"""
  787. 000786:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> WELCOME TO VAGINA HOUR"""
  788. 000787:0.0,1,"""Tric> lurkin, i picked the cello because i like having large instruments between my legs"""
  789. 000788:0.0,1,"""All in all you're just another brick in the !wall"""
  790. 000789:0.0,1,"""<Tric> i just came"""
  791. 000790:0.0,1,"""<MrReevers> I keep writing wakk"""
  792. 000791:0.0,1,"""<dew_work> !ll"""
  793. 000792:0.0,1,"""<Lobster_Chef> WHOSE EATING VAGINA AND WHYAM I NOT INVITED"""
  794. 000793:0.0,1,"""<tricderp> I WILL EAT YOUR VAG, Anonymous"""
  795. 000794:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> oh god that goo"""
  796. 000795:0.0,1,"""<ForlornPanda> Anonymous is an equal opportunity lover, boobs and penises, she love them all"""
  797. 000796:0.0,1,"""<Dren> I will hug your face with my boobs"""
  798. 000797:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> he loves you because he fears you [19:48] <lostabu> like a relationship with god [19:48] <Anonymous> hot"""
  799. 000798:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> If I were gay, my life's dream would be to gay marry tiiv on Conan"""
  800. 000799:0.0,1,"""<Von> I WANT TO GOO ALL OVER YOU AGAIN Anonymous"""
  801. 000800:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> fine :3 i want to look like a prettyman though"""
  802. 000801:0.0,1,"""<Von> pretty men are my favorite kind."""
  803. 000802:0.0,1,"""<Von> I am gooing all over the wall"""
  804. 000803:0.0,1,"""<Neurocam> it all comes back to the goo"""
  805. 000804:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> sherlawk makes my insides feel funny but I have concerns that he might be 17"""
  806. 000805:0.0,1,"""<smile> our make out coordinator for today is suq tong"""
  807. 000806:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> i learned about car repair while making out with dren"""
  808. 000807:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> After all, what's more exciting than AIDS?"""
  809. 000808:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> i treat my animals better than i treat people"""
  810. 000809:0.0,1,"""<tiredtric> it's filled to the brim with penis"""
  811. 000810:0.0,1,"""<tricpants> i have a ranch in my pants"""
  812. 000811:0.0,1,"""<lolcats> I'd rather stab my ovaries."""
  813. 000812:0.0,1,"""<Dren> Occupy my vagina"""
  814. 000813:0.0,1,"""<Large_> Consider my cockles warmed"""
  815. 000814:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> i am eating your mother for dinner"""
  816. 000815:0.0,1,"""<coffeebeans10> Earth is Lurkin Lobster's asshole?"""
  817. 000816:0.0,1,"""<ForlornPanda> Von must love Sarah Jessica Parker then"""
  818. 000817:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> Crotchless sweatpants"""
  819. 000818:0.0,1,"""<DistilledWater> you should have cum inside to keep her forever"""
  820. 000819:0.0,1,"""Abortion: It really brings out your inner child."""
  821. 000820:0.0,1,"""(warm_lee) PIKA PEE's all over your floor"""
  822. 000821:0.0,1,"""<fantastic_lee> donut like beards"""
  823. 000822:0.0,1,"""<nopants_mori> HOW DID I EVEN GET HERE I AM NO GOOD WITH CLOTHES"""
  824. 000823:0.0,1,"""<nopants_lee> VIPERSFATE IS GONNA KILL YOU! :O"""
  825. 000824:0.0,1,"""<jabones> penis"""
  826. 000825:0.0,1,"""<Kyosama66> corn corn corn corn corn corn corn empty field corn corn OH MY GOD LOOK A DIRT ROAD corn corn corn"""
  827. 000826:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> China: Dog dog dog dog dog dog dog nom nom nom nom nom nom nom?"""
  828. 000827:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> i would be giving happy endings in opium dens"""
  829. 000828:0.0,1,"""* Anonymous is now known as Mc_Peepants"""
  830. 000829:0.0,1,"""<+nopants_kitten> i've never hooked up through here <nopants_fixed> NOT YET"""
  831. 000830:0.0,1,"""[16:28] <@nopants_pooh> You are in an irc room full of single people who are not wearing pants"""
  832. 000831:0.0,1,"""<@stereo_> they're like koosh balls"""
  833. 000832:0.0,1,"""http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/35906t/"""
  834. 000833:0.0,1,"""<@dew> poohbear you sexy man"""
  835. 000834:0.0,1,"""<Dren> I gave lostabu a hard time earlier when I showed my boobs"""
  836. 000835:0.0,1,"""<nopants_fixed> girlboner commenced"""
  837. 000836:0.0,1,"""<dew> fucking asians"""
  838. 000837:0.0,1,"""<Alphastar18>: are doritos texmex?"""
  839. 000838:0.0,1,"""<MrReevers> Unless that's code for anal penetration, then count me out"""
  840. 000839:0.0,1,"""<@dew> no means yes and yes means anal"""
  841. 000840:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster_> I MISS CROHNOES <mvs027> where did he gohnoe"""
  842. 000841:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> a dork is technically the name for a whales penis"""
  843. 000842:0.0,1,"""[22:07] <Von> not that i actually hate blacks or anything, but that's how i view it."""
  844. 000843:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> where the fuck is crohnoes <Anonymous> I really need him right now :/"""
  845. 000844:0.0,1,"""in bed"""
  846. 000845:0.0,1,"""<Dren> What if I let you eat the brownie off of my chest? BROWNIE SOUNDS PRETTY GOOD TO THINK ABOUT NOW, HUH?!"""
  847. 000846:0.0,1,"""<timekeeper> i got a crisis of epic proportions in my pants.."""
  848. 000847:0.0,1,"""<Dren> I want to ride a real one"""
  849. 000848:0.0,1,"""<forfun2> cause all the bitches want my penis"""
  850. 000849:0.0,1,"""http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ"""
  851. 000850:0.0,1,"""<index> a mans hands on my body rubbing with oils"""
  852. 000851:0.0,1,"""if you get an erection at a funeral, is it called mourning wood?"""
  853. 000852:0.0,1,"""Excuses are like assholes, everyone has them and they stink"""
  854. 000853:0.0,1,"""60% of the time, it works every time"""
  855. 000854:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> penisS penisS penisS penisS penisS penisS"""
  856. 000855:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> It's my thing. penis"""
  857. 000856:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> penis, it's what's for breakfast"""
  858. 000857:0.0,1,"""I've never been on a date"""
  859. 000858:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> Cocks, the other white meat"""
  860. 000859:0.0,1,"""<smile> the fap and the furious"""
  861. 000860:0.0,1,"""<smile> the fap and the furious"""
  862. 000861:0.0,1,"""<tricstick> i'm tric, i'm 25 and i am a whore"""
  863. 000862:0.0,1,"""<tricstick> FUCK YOU SMILE, I AM GOING TO FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF YOU"""
  864. 000863:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> IM THE RAPE LOBSTER"""
  865. 000864:0.0,1,"""<CanadianTric>: and suddenly i can queef on command"""
  866. 000865:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> mmmmmmmmmmmm"""
  867. 000866:0.0,1,"""<ForlornPanda> he's gonna molesterize you!"""
  868. 000867:0.0,1,"""<lulzwhut> my penis is red squishy and sticky"""
  869. 000868:0.0,1,"""http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oGmytVHl_I&feature=player_detailpage#t=5s"""
  870. 000869:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> Small hands make a penis look bigger"""
  871. 000870:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> Ohhh the retard that comes out of mouth"""
  872. 000871:0.0,1,"""http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ"""
  873. 000872:0.0,1,"""http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ"""
  874. 000873:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> i am a connoisseur of cock"""
  875. 000874:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> WELL TONIGHT WAS INTERESTING"""
  876. 000875:0.0,1,"""<Manji2501>: this fucker needs to leave my fucking awesome! >:O"""
  877. 000876:0.0,1,"""Manji2501: ugh. i've been tyopoying ilke there is no tomorrow."""
  878. 000877:0.0,1,"""<Manji2501> sex so good even your roommate hasto tahve a smoke..."""
  879. 000878:0.0,1,"""<Von> if it wasn't so creepy, I would 'like' boobs on facebook"""
  880. 000879:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> well I'm glad that I passed your genetic imperative test"""
  881. 000880:0.0,1,"""<hrim> I get the feeling that I say ' i get the feeling' a lot in FA irc"""
  882. 000881:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> /msg Anonymous go eat some turd"""
  883. 000882:0.0,1,"""*lostabu was booted from #r/foreveralone by madsy (Anonymous said out :-|)"""
  884. 000883:0.0,1,"""<hrim> it feels like there's an invisible penis poking me in the dark."""
  885. 000884:0.0,1,"""☜( ゚ヮ^☜) love you buddy!"""
  886. 000885:0.0,1,"""<@dew> just fap in frustration"""
  887. 000886:0.0,1,"""<Von> penis EMBARGO"""
  888. 000887:0.0,1,"""http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/359a2z/"""
  889. 000888:0.0,1,"""<wolfc86> my penis is confused about whether to grow or shrink thinking about such an idea"""
  890. 000889:0.0,1,"""PoohBear: TI-83 is like the AK-47 of calculators"""
  891. 000890:0.0,1,"""<pumpkinMUFFIN> that i end up drawing penises and other random things"""
  892. 000891:0.0,1,"""<bunbun_> i turned the penis into a beautiful palmtree"""
  893. 000892:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> it's hard"""
  894. 000893:0.0,1,"""<Dren> Oh I will cum on something alright"""
  895. 000894:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> OCCUPY ME"""
  896. 000895:0.0,1,"""<Von> I'm so vanilla"""
  897. 000896:0.0,1,"""<bunbunn> i have a 6 day load that needs a home"""
  898. 000897:0.0,1,"""<@stereo_> man, fapping while listening to the eagles and don henley is pretty special. it's like my jizz is tears."""
  899. 000898:0.0,1,"""<fantastic_lee> i would not want that girl with a dog."""
  900. 000899:0.0,1,"""<@`Ray> ALL ABOARD THE TRIC TRAIN"""
  901. 000900:0.0,1,"""<trictrain> I AM FREEZING MY CLIT OFF!"""
  902. 000901:0.0,1,"""<dew> you know the 'huh?' guy from reddit? lurkin you couldve done a better job, always yelling huh on the phone"""
  903. 000902:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> shrinkage"""
  904. 000903:0.0,1,"""<@Lurkin_Lobster> im scared thinking of the long term ramifications of taking all the speed ive taken in my life"""
  905. 000904:0.0,1,"""<VonPhone> And now I am being a true fa during in the library drinking coffee ircing on my phone."""
  906. 000905:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> MUFFIN CALORIES ARE DIFFERENT"""
  907. 000906:0.0,1,"""<Sherlawk> 'Hey, ladies need some red hot Von to keep you warm?'"""
  908. 000907:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> I'm a girl about some things!"""
  909. 000908:0.0,1,"""<VonPhone> Psht you're just making fun of me because I'm more of a girl than you."""
  910. 000909:0.0,1,"""<Sherlawk> I'm saving my ass for that special someone. <Sherlawk> Who knows how to handle a prostate."""
  911. 000910:0.0,1,"""<thecoldpart> i love you and want to make out with your accent"""
  912. 000911:0.0,1,"""<leelluu> so she's bisexual for underwear"""
  913. 000912:0.0,1,"""<wolfc> ahhh i want it so bad"""
  914. 000913:0.0,1,"""<@dew> Anonymous do you know how to get it on?"""
  915. 000914:0.0,1,"""<@dew> did you know manual jobs are done by hand? so just look up hand jobs on google"""
  916. 000915:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> yeah well i just showed you my pee on camera"""
  917. 000916:0.0,1,"""I'm the lawww!"""
  918. 000917:0.0,1,"""<Alphastar18> ín this channel, we know eachother in the biblical sense"""
  919. 000918:0.0,1,"""<milk> no i only bathe in water and sometimes the spilled blood of my enemies"""
  920. 000919:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> I would drag my penis through a mile of broken glass just to hear tric fart through a walkie-talkie"""
  921. 000920:0.0,1,"""<hrim> If your fruit loops are brown, something has gone terribly wrongb"""
  922. 000921:0.0,1,"""<dew> i haz....A DATE <robotric> OH DEW TELL"""
  923. 000922:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> I'M SO OFFENDED, I WANT TO GO MASTURBATE ON A DEAD FETUS"""
  924. 000923:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheHead> it's caged, don't worry"""
  925. 000924:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> my quotes are the tits."""
  926. 000925:0.0,1,"""http://imgur.com/QBFV4 NSFW but soooooooo hot"""
  927. 000926:0.0,1,"""EddieTheHead: i always fap in class"""
  928. 000927:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> BONERSSSS!!!"""
  929. 000928:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> penispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenispenis"""
  930. 000929:0.0,1,"""<bedtric> now i feel like picking a fight with the clown"""
  931. 000930:0.0,1,"""<citra> im not on the wall :("""
  932. 000931:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> just stop because it will make it harder"""
  933. 000932:0.0,1,"""<Garybomb> I need a jetpack to the moon"""
  934. 000933:0.0,1,"""<risingtric> GIVE IT TO ME <risingtric> COME ON"""
  935. 000934:0.0,1,"""<@risingtric> now i have a giant blue vagina"""
  936. 000935:0.0,1,"""<coffeebeans10> I'd hate for my kangaroo to behorizontal"""
  937. 000936:0.0,1,"""<coffeebeans10> first it's dildos, now it's kangaroos."""
  938. 000937:0.0,1,"""<+PoohBot> <PoohBot> <PoohBot> PoohBear: PoohBot can suck my balls."""
  939. 000938:0.0,1,"""[02:19] <@VonHW> no jacking july"""
  940. 000939:0.0,1,"""<CheckinUOut> no dildo december"""
  941. 000940:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> I WAS BANGING 7 GRAM ROCKS"""
  942. 000941:0.0,1,"""<@`Ray> I'm going to rape her with a pool cue"""
  943. 000942:0.0,1,"""<Manji2501> your teacher is hard then."""
  944. 000943:0.0,1,"""* DistilledWater strokes meowmeow's shaggy fur"""
  945. 000944:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> i've got your package right here"""
  946. 000945:0.0,1,"""DistilledWater: i mean, they have buttons for your wiener"""
  947. 000946:0.0,1,"""<lostabu>: silly cats, trics are for kids"""
  948. 000947:0.0,1,"""<wolfc> hi ew!"""
  949. 000948:0.0,1,"""* PoohBear severes his own penis"""
  950. 000949:0.0,1,"""*PoohBear severes his own penis"""
  951. 000950:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheHead> I'VE BEEN ASKING EVERYONE TO PLAY WITH ME"""
  952. 000951:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheHead> I'VE BEEN ASKING EVERYONE TO PLAY WITH ME"""
  953. 000952:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> penis."""
  954. 000953:0.0,1,"""<Von> i want ALL THE EPEEN"""
  955. 000954:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> you do this to yourself Von"""
  956. 000955:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> WHY DOES EVERYTHING I SAYSOUND LIKE A LEPRECHAUN"""
  957. 000956:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheHead> don't get me wrong, I <3 cunt."""
  958. 000957:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> I CUNT HEAR YO"""
  959. 000958:0.0,1,"""EddieTheHead: i cunt hear you"""
  960. 000959:0.0,1,"""<DrPossum> I'M FULL OF HATEFUCK"""
  961. 000960:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> manji. thats 11more inches. of pain"""
  962. 000961:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> also I call my height 'nipple height '"""
  963. 000962:0.0,1,"""lostabu> watch out for his large hardon collider"""
  964. 000963:0.0,1,"""<FARTING_LOBSTER> Imagine seeing a lobster just lift its tail and rip one"""
  965. 000964:0.0,1,"""sharkweek_lee: back in the days of ice pick lobotomies"""
  966. 000965:0.0,1,"""[17:31] <sharkweek_lee> i enjoy drugs"""
  967. 000966:0.0,1,"""<laminar> there is a girl in my bed snoring <fixedzero> ! <citra> !! <fantastic_lee> !!!?"""
  968. 000967:0.0,1,"""<scourtiee> Who doesnt like down south?"""
  969. 000968:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> tents are hard"""
  970. 000969:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> it was hard at first but it got easier"""
  971. 000970:0.0,1,"""<eddietheheaddie> I imploded in your ass"""
  972. 000971:0.0,1,"""<eddietheheaddie> Tell your pussy to calm down"""
  973. 000972:0.0,1,"""<Saiyaman> Its Y2K! D:"""
  974. 000973:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> SCUMBAG VON CALLS AND THEN LEAVES"""
  975. 000974:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> the package i'm holding in that picture, and I MEAN THERE ARE BIGGER ones..."""
  976. 000975:0.0,1,"""<Kyosama66> You can fuck my pizza"""
  977. 000976:0.0,1,"""<Kyosama66> EXTRA special sauce"""
  978. 000977:0.0,1,"""<lulzwhut>they fall out when i take off my pants"""
  979. 000978:0.0,1,"""<lulzwhut> i'll quarter you."""
  980. 000979:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheHead> i <3 long bangs ;)"""
  981. 000980:0.0,1,"""nopants_mori: Care to take a seat?"""
  982. 000981:0.0,1,"""fixedzero: have you had sex on your new couch yet?"""
  983. 000982:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> while (true) {penis()}"""
  984. 000983:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> infinite penis loop ftw"""
  985. 000984:0.0,1,"""<hrim> did you know the male dolphin can cum as far as 14 feet"""
  986. 000985:0.0,1,"""<canadian> i just exploded on my mom"""
  987. 000986:0.0,1,"""<canadian> i just exploded on my mom O.O"""
  988. 000987:0.0,1,"""something like this"""
  989. 000988:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheHead> I'LL GIVE YOU WHATEVER FACE I WANT"""
  990. 000989:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> what if it isn't a quote you said, can I pretend you said it any way and frame you"""
  991. 000990:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> i love boobs"""
  992. 000991:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> Von has done that to me 5 million times"""
  993. 000992:0.0,1,"""* anniekan flexes her penis at everyone"""
  994. 000993:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> WHATEVER, RACIST"""
  995. 000994:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> vagina jokes"""
  996. 000995:0.0,1,"""index: is it ok to reuse a condom just for fapping purposes ?"""
  997. 000996:0.0,1,"""<laminar> i'm not sure i can fit that many pixels inside me <aloneikan> use photoshop"""
  998. 000997:0.0,1,"""<Dren> Lesson - it's ok to be racist if you let them stick their penis in you"""
  999. 000998:0.0,1,"""<@Von_> guys, just want you to know: my penis is in the full and upright position, similar to many airplane seatbacks."""
  1000. 000999:0.0,1,"""<Von> Holy shit I did not realize that I looked that good from behind"""
  1001. 001000:0.0,1,"""<tiiv> I'm gonna ride a jockey"""
  1002. 001001:0.0,1,"""[11:57] (tiiv) should have coverd it up"""
  1003. 001002:0.0,1,"""anniekan: i'm going to be a lazy virgin and just lay there"""
  1004. 001003:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> i want to be alll over that"""
  1005. 001004:0.0,1,"""<CheckinUOut> then she started screaming....and i was like O.o"""
  1006. 001005:0.0,1,"""<Lobster_Phone> She's eating chow mein and getting excited over meat"""
  1007. 001006:0.0,1,"""<Lobster_Phone> But sometimes I flap just to spray people"""
  1008. 001007:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> then brad putt"""
  1009. 001008:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> UPBUTT"""
  1010. 001009:0.0,1,"""<Dren> VON is the perfect guy"""
  1011. 001010:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> it tasted like it came from someone'sbutt"""
  1012. 001011:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> i think i wouldn't be able to handle thatmonster"""
  1013. 001012:0.0,1,"""<Dren> Well that explains my incest fetish, Lee"""
  1014. 001013:0.0,1,"""[09:37] (lulzwhut) now cheer up slant face"""
  1015. 001014:0.0,1,"""<risingtric> don't you dare squeeze a child through me <risingtric> i will TEAR up"""
  1016. 001015:0.0,1,"""risingtric: my vagina is preparing for the jap invasion"""
  1017. 001016:0.0,1,"""<thecoldpart> i want to make your face into my face <thecoldpart> and then we can kiss"""
  1018. 001017:0.0,1,"""<tired_lee> it's like permanent sexy times"""
  1019. 001018:0.0,1,"""[14:01] (@dew) wiped off the ice cream"""
  1020. 001019:0.0,1,"""<PoohBot> <PoohBear> The wall has gotten really gay <dew> i blame von <Von> fair enough"""
  1021. 001020:0.0,1,"""<Untrustworthy> as Untrustworthy approaches Canadian, Canadian files a sexual harassment lawsuit."""
  1022. 001021:0.0,1,"""<CheckinUOut> i would like a wife with a side of sandwich"""
  1023. 001022:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheHead> i FAer one fan."""
  1024. 001023:0.0,1,"""[10:16]<Garybomb> Bam, sticky fingers"""
  1025. 001024:0.0,1,"""<Garybomb> I didn't mean to poke fun at your poopy vagina"""
  1026. 001025:0.0,1,"""<`Ray> brb reserving the VIP section in anniekan's pants"""
  1027. 001026:0.0,1,"""<RyanXM|Updog> i shit awesome does that count?"""
  1028. 001027:0.0,1,"""<dpyro-edu> you can shoot someone but their vagina will still be a chlamydial deathtrap"""
  1029. 001028:0.0,1,"""* dpyro-edu is a necrophiliac * DrPossum plays dead"""
  1030. 001029:0.0,1,"""[02:43] PoohLab I want to be the chicken strips in your sexy fajita"""
  1031. 001030:0.0,1,"""[03:26] Large__ Its all about the heat you're packin"""
  1032. 001031:0.0,1,"""fixedzero: My spoon is too big"""
  1033. 001032:0.0,1,"""<hrim> my fetish is black hole anuses"""
  1034. 001033:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> i'm a dominatrix in my spare time /// * anniekan gets her whip out"""
  1035. 001034:0.0,1,"""<stereo_> man sucking on someone's acne and having it burst in my mouth is one of the few things that'd gross me out"""
  1036. 001035:0.0,1,"""< Mushticles> he just calls me mushticles"""
  1037. 001036:0.0,1,"""[09:47] stereo_ lostaboner"""
  1038. 001037:0.0,1,"""<hrimcat> i'm a gigantic slut :\"""
  1039. 001038:0.0,1,"""< hrimcat> so girl that I have a hydra-vagina. Cut one off, three more appear. I could take a thousand peniss at this point."""
  1040. 001039:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> peeeniissessss... in your mouth. i dunno."""
  1041. 001040:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> i'm feeling very fertile"""
  1042. 001041:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> did I hit him in the mushsticles"""
  1043. 001042:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> i don't know but i just got it all over my fingers and i don't know what's happening"""
  1044. 001043:0.0,1,"""<@Von> I AM GREAT GUYS"""
  1045. 001044:0.0,1,"""<+TehRabbitt> Assholes... Everyone's got one :-|"""
  1046. 001045:0.0,1,"""<stereo_> sometimes i wonder what it'd be like not to be all weird"""
  1047. 001046:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> I can't watch this and not get a boner: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ee-IvjlJ7W8&feature=related"""
  1048. 001047:0.0,1,"""<+TehRabbitt> i got my computer privalages revoked in HS for watching this video in class: javascript:bn('JPtQ4K-evBo');"""
  1049. 001048:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> i would be delicious D:"""
  1050. 001049:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> i would taste like pizza"""
  1051. 001050:0.0,1,"""< anniekan> omg klingon sex"""
  1052. 001051:0.0,1,"""<lobster> RUBBER LOOKS GOOD!"""
  1053. 001052:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> if a spider landed on ym face"""
  1054. 001053:0.0,1,"""<HoldenF> The best part is that she's actually at the same school as me so I can avoid her every day <HoldenF> Like dodgeball, but abstract"""
  1055. 001054:0.0,1,"""[04:44] ChkinYourBumOut MY LOVELY LADY HUMP"""
  1056. 001055:0.0,1,"""[04:44] BUTTRAY FIRING MY BUTTRAY"""
  1057. 001056:0.0,1,"""[04:44] culo_lee        bums for alll<3"""
  1058. 001057:0.0,1,"""[04:45] stereo_ this is the final buttdown"""
  1059. 001058:0.0,1,"""<MushaBum> DEW JOIN THE BUTT PARTY"""
  1060. 001059:0.0,1,"""[04:48] ASStroBUTT      i forsee a lot of peniss"""
  1061. 001060:0.0,1,"""[04:48] ChkinYourBumOut WHAT WHAT IN MY BUTT"""
  1062. 001061:0.0,1,"""<lulzwhut> i am always down for a penis party"""
  1063. 001062:0.0,1,"""<lulzwhut> Anonymous: i want dew to lick my butthole there's nothing wrong with that"""
  1064. 001063:0.0,1,"""<lulzwhut> Anonymous: i want dew to lick my butthole there's nothing wrong with that"""
  1065. 001064:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> I'll stick my balls in a vagina"""
  1066. 001065:0.0,1,"""<hrimboobs> wait i saw that GIF where a guy dunked his sac into a chick's ass"""
  1067. 001066:0.0,1,"""<forfun2> please don't fuck my mother"""
  1068. 001067:0.0,1,"""<garybomb> If my hair gets anymore grey it will be all salt"""
  1069. 001068:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheHead> YOU KNOW WHO ELSE IS FUCKING DELICIOUS? Von"""
  1070. 001069:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> You don't get butt privileges, i'm sorry..."""
  1071. 001070:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> tl;dr i will eat you D:"""
  1072. 001071:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheHead> I just came a little bit"""
  1073. 001072:0.0,1,"""<ptard> 'all you need is love, all you want is sex, all you have is porn'"""
  1074. 001073:0.0,1,"""ptard: Done it 4 times already too... not sure what to get for this christmas"""
  1075. 001074:0.0,1,"""<citra> i kinda slur-type"""
  1076. 001075:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> would you like to alkanize my vagina baby <anniekan> you get my ph rising"""
  1077. 001076:0.0,1,"""[15:45] <DrPossum> No one wants to see naked possum [15:45] <fixedzero> I"""
  1078. 001077:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> I'LL BE A WORM MONSTER THINGY"""
  1079. 001078:0.0,1,"""<PoohGym> Mi caca es de color como un arco iris"""
  1080. 001079:0.0,1,"""<PoohGym> Me gusta masturbarme en los baños públicos"""
  1081. 001080:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> so does this mean i can give a penis exam now?"""
  1082. 001081:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> well im proud of my peking duck"""
  1083. 001082:0.0,1,"""<dew> scourt get away from his foreskin!"""
  1084. 001083:0.0,1,"""<@`Ray> well my dinner plans are set foreskin pizza it is"""
  1085. 001084:0.0,1,"""<scourt> @dew I WANT TO TOUCH IT"""
  1086. 001085:0.0,1,"""tricderp: and this tropical climate is making my armpit hair grow"""
  1087. 001086:0.0,1,"""anniekan: WE MUST GO DEEPER"""
  1088. 001087:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> .8ball will lee's butt be mine 4ever? // <flegbot> Yes"""
  1089. 001088:0.0,1,"""trolololololol"""
  1090. 001089:0.0,1,"""<ForlornPanda> oh noes, it's almost midnight <kitty_party> What happens then? <ForlornPanda> i turn back into a pumpkin <coffeebeans10> really, my pumpkin turns back into forlornpanda at midnight"""
  1091. 001090:0.0,1,"""<lolcats> yeah my weiner always raises for von"""
  1092. 001091:0.0,1,"""<t-rex_lee> lol it's soooo small"""
  1093. 001092:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> im so gay lol <laminar> i'm gay for you."""
  1094. 001093:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> Von is the #1 cause of hardons in the US"""
  1095. 001094:0.0,1,"""(Manji2501) every tmie i see her i think 'sweet statchatory!' then remember she's legal and i go 'giggity!'"""
  1096. 001095:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> they didnt fit in my screen and i have a big screen"""
  1097. 001096:0.0,1,"""anniekan where was the climax"""
  1098. 001097:0.0,1,"""*Von is now known as VonAssHunting"""
  1099. 001098:0.0,1,"""<Von> 'why did my sheets just turn into the japanese flag?'"""
  1100. 001099:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> shower sex washes away all the natural vagina juices and i get more sore from it"""
  1101. 001100:0.0,1,""".google penisship"""
  1102. 001101:0.0,1,"""<Von> i just came because i was bored one night and stayed for the penises."""
  1103. 001102:0.0,1,"""Von     "Your body is the only home you really have; might as well keep it nice.'"""
  1104. 001103:0.0,1,"""* Anonymous assumes the position"""
  1105. 001104:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> i went into her portal"""
  1106. 001105:0.0,1,"""<Von> Anonymous, http://i.imgur.com/fwlY2.jpg"""
  1107. 001106:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> It's ok, my mom also gives me weird looks when she finds my panties in the laundry"""
  1108. 001107:0.0,1,"""<MaelMarcone> i'd put ranch on my balls if i was that flexible"""
  1109. 001108:0.0,1,"""<HungOverPossum> if they made care possums like carebears, I would be FMLPossum"""
  1110. 001109:0.0,1,"""<Von> *bounce*"""
  1111. 001110:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> blowjobs cure everything"""
  1112. 001111:0.0,1,"""<fantastic_lee> i wish you were still VonTURKEY <fantastic_lee> so i could nom you"""
  1113. 001112:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> HOT AS FUCK"""
  1114. 001113:0.0,1,"""<dpyro> I AM RESUSCITATING YOU WITH MY penis"""
  1115. 001114:0.0,1,"""<MaelPhone> Would banging Fixed be dividing by zero?"""
  1116. 001115:0.0,1,"""<dpyro> and that's how i got 15 years in prison"""
  1117. 001116:0.0,1,"""<+tehrabbitt> <-- always is the first to die"""
  1118. 001117:0.0,1,"""<MaelPhone> Psh. Von is a hotbox."""
  1119. 001118:0.0,1,"""<MaelPhone> Psh. Von is a hotbox."""
  1120. 001119:0.0,1,"""<scourtie> THERE WAS NO SEX"""
  1121. 001120:0.0,1,"""<Manji2501> i kind of am craving BJ's <@stereo_> i want to try 5 guys"""
  1122. 001121:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> I'm going to look at porn for awhile then find a cure for cancer"""
  1123. 001122:0.0,1,"""[10:21] (Von) so, is your father in jail? :P"""
  1124. 001123:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> yeah I am actually into my teeth"""
  1125. 001124:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> 'god my penis is beautiful'"""
  1126. 001125:0.0,1,"""[14:52] (Lurkin_Lobster) lostabu how was mvs's cat??? was it tasty?"""
  1127. 001126:0.0,1,"""(citra) i cant help it when i see boobs my mind goes blank"""
  1128. 001127:0.0,1,"""(@stereo_) with von here i can't say anything that isn't homo"""
  1129. 001128:0.0,1,"""<stereo_> the more we think about von's ass, the happier we'll all be"""
  1130. 001129:0.0,1,"""Von: and 'Am I fingering this right?'"""
  1131. 001130:0.0,1,"""<stereo_> von, you're getting suckered into this, cause you're the best bro i know <stereo_> plus you can crack coconuts between your thighs and shit"""
  1132. 001131:0.0,1,"""*PoohBear puts a tv in his anus"""
  1133. 001132:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> *farts*"""
  1134. 001133:0.0,1,"""[01:40] (dpyro) the boobdar sees all"""
  1135. 001134:0.0,1,"""[01:41] (dpyro) eye of Mordor // [01:41] (dpyro) more like eye of Boobdor"""
  1136. 001135:0.0,1,"""<DrPossum> Everyone has their own pet. It's like a cat, but more mathy."""
  1137. 001136:0.0,1,"""<Shaughn> I've masturbated no less than 3 times since coming into this chatroom tonight."""
  1138. 001137:0.0,1,"""dpyro: gonna freedom the shit out of you"""
  1139. 001138:0.0,1,"""[18:01] (russlar) MushAway: 'HELLO? YES, THIS IS COCK!'"""
  1140. 001139:0.0,1,"""[18:02] (dew) oh wtf, the one time the wall doesnt say anything about mush and penises"""
  1141. 001140:0.0,1,"""<mvs027> youre likely to find some crazy to go around your penis"""
  1142. 001141:0.0,1,"""<mvs027>my penis has a pro tip ;)"""
  1143. 001142:0.0,1,"""(1:27:06 AM) mvs027: im doing a minor"""
  1144. 001143:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> i like to see the money shot"""
  1145. 001144:0.0,1,"""<LE_BROCCOLI> and then we'll rough it."""
  1146. 001145:0.0,1,"""<Treees> !write <Treees>"""
  1147. 001146:0.0,1,"""<Treees> I'm flapping as hard as I can you twatmuffin!"""
  1148. 001147:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> Also, I'm on my period"""
  1149. 001148:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> CUM ALL OVER THE PLACE"""
  1150. 001149:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> CUM ALL OVER THE PALCE"""
  1151. 001150:0.0,1,"""<@dew> leelluu spreading herpes is NEVER ok!"""
  1152. 001151:0.0,1,"""<Lukenasia> as a lobster do you come with cream cheese? <Lurkin_Lobster> nope sorry <Lurkin_Lobster> i cry tears of melted butter though"""
  1153. 001152:0.0,1,"""* anniekan waits for her sandwich to thaw"""
  1154. 001153:0.0,1,"""WTF IS THIS SHIT"""
  1155. 001154:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> FWP: my pretzel stick is bent"""
  1156. 001155:0.0,1,"""[04:36] LARGE_SMILEYFACE        Dont squeeze your penis so hard its head pops like a overripe pimple"""
  1157. 001156:0.0,1,"""<LARGE_SMILEYFACE> Haha it goes 'Anonymous!'"""
  1158. 001157:0.0,1,"""<LARGE_SMILEYFACE> Dont squeeze your penis so hard its head pops like a overripe pimple Haha it goes 'Anonymous!'"""
  1159. 001158:0.0,1,"""<LARGE_SMILEYFACE> If I were a priest I'd just eat you right up!"""
  1160. 001159:0.0,1,"""<citra> i create my own sexytimes"""
  1161. 001160:0.0,1,"""* HOHOHOannie roofies all the qt boys"""
  1162. 001161:0.0,1,"""<LargieClaus> Anonymous just has penis sense <dpyro> her vagina is tingling"""
  1163. 001162:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> LOSTABU GO CHOKE ON A penis"""
  1164. 001163:0.0,1,"""<dpyro> this is my Anonymous impression: penis penis penis hi lostabu penis VAGINA"""
  1165. 001164:0.0,1,"""*EddieTheHead happens to be a necro. GIGGITY GIGGITY GOO"""
  1166. 001165:0.0,1,"""=-=lostabu was booted from irc://chat.us.freenode.net:6667/#fachat by YOU (LOOOOOOOOL penisES)"""
  1167. 001166:0.0,1,"""<LargieClaus> WHITTLKIN MY penis AND DOIN THE BEST I CAN"""
  1168. 001167:0.0,1,"""<CheckinUOut> fight my battles woman! with your penis of justice"""
  1169. 001168:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> This room is herpes free"""
  1170. 001169:0.0,1,"""PoohBear: This room is herpes free"""
  1171. 001170:0.0,1,"""<derptric> i love penis"""
  1172. 001171:0.0,1,"""<derptric> i love how whatever me and smile are talking about, if he sees my boobs he will stop talking and just say: BOOBS"""
  1173. 001172:0.0,1,"""kitty_fiesta: Lol because this place loves the penis"""
  1174. 001173:0.0,1,"""DistilledWater1: something deep"""
  1175. 001174:0.0,1,"""<tricstick> i'm usually farty in the mornings - i call it morning thunder"""
  1176. 001175:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheHead> oh man 2 girls 1 poopsession"""
  1177. 001176:0.0,1,"""[07:54] (lostabu) military boot camp? nope. Sex with smile? Yup"""
  1178. 001177:0.0,1,"""[08:00] * lostabu cuddles the fuck out of his bag of pretzels"""
  1179. 001178:0.0,1,"""[08:05] (EddieTheHead) have you ever hiccuped and farted at the same time?"""
  1180. 001179:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> http://i.imgur.com/364Oo.jpg faps in the faimly room"""
  1181. 001180:0.0,1,"""(12:21:24 AM) lostabu: Buffy The Fap Fap Fapper"""
  1182. 001181:0.0,1,"""*lostabu cries in the corner while making fap jokes"""
  1183. 001182:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> I don't think we have ever been this close as a community as that fapping moment!"""
  1184. 001183:0.0,1,"""<Von> 11/29/11: The day FA fapped in simulfap."""
  1185. 001184:0.0,1,"""<lolcats> 11/29/11 Official FA Day of Fap"""
  1186. 001185:0.0,1,"""Neurocam> you know, if there was ever an application for foreveralone it would be the faapp"""
  1187. 001186:0.0,1,"""* anniekan spreads..."""
  1188. 001187:0.0,1,"""<triclet> we will be busy FUCKING"""
  1189. 001188:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> OH SORRY DO I HAVE CAPS ON"""
  1190. 001189:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> I am married to this chat <@PoohBear> And you guys are all 10s"""
  1191. 001190:0.0,1,"""<dpyro> if my penis was a vagina it'd be wet now"""
  1192. 001191:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> I want ABRAHAM LINCOLN penis"""
  1193. 001192:0.0,1,"""[15:07] (dpyro) Anonymous is a creeper"""
  1194. 001193:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> Im also a penis"""
  1196. 001195:0.0,1,"""Large_: its like a penis has wrapped itself around your brain Anonymous"""
  1197. 001196:0.0,1,"""[18:27] (BurritoEclair) I heard it was just the tip"""
  1198. 001197:0.0,1,"""<fixedSkyrim> I do love me some racism though"""
  1199. 001198:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> I think that if you can learn to know and love yourself, you will never truly be alone"""
  1200. 001199:0.0,1,"""PoohBear: 'Buy your nephew a game, and he'll play it until he's bored. Teach your nephew how to pirate games, and he'll never be bored again.' ~ Ancient Chinese Proverb"""
  1201. 001200:0.0,1,"""<macgyver> Deal breaker: watches NASCAR"""
  1202. 001201:0.0,1,"""<DrPossum> As a guy, I can only describe it as to biting into a 16 year old girl"""
  1203. 001202:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> get him a phaser <lostabu> and set it to weight loss"""
  1204. 001203:0.0,1,"""<wolfc_work> she beats it on a daily basis"""
  1205. 001204:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> good ole annie's cock"""
  1206. 001205:0.0,1,"""* anniekan looks down at her crotch <anniekan> i am very confused:("""
  1207. 001206:0.0,1,"""<citra> oh it was hard :("""
  1208. 001207:0.0,1,"""<DistilledWater> i would cum inside the teacher"""
  1209. 001208:0.0,1,"""<fantastic_lee> i would think it's harder"""
  1210. 001209:0.0,1,"""<macgyver> as a 1%er, i dont really want to help people"""
  1211. 001210:0.0,1,""".google !wall"""
  1212. 001211:0.0,1,"""<DrPossum> If it wasn't you, it would have been someone else"""
  1213. 001212:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> once you Anonymous, you always Anonymous"""
  1214. 001213:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> I like to hold onto his pulsating traps while we are having gay sex"""
  1215. 001214:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> I touched myself had thoughts of flames"""
  1216. 001215:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> I've still got rug burns on both my knees"""
  1217. 001216:0.0,1,"""<ThereIsNoJustice> Tom Hanks is a pimp~!!"""
  1218. 001217:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> black man please!"""
  1219. 001218:0.0,1,"""<@stereo_> i get a lot of protein from nuts too"""
  1220. 001219:0.0,1,"""<mrdanneskjold> peniss are awesome"""
  1221. 001220:0.0,1,"""(10:27:03 AM) canadian: !setgreet <GREETING>!"""
  1222. 001221:0.0,1,"""(4:56:23 PM) thecoldpart: I AM SO DRUNK CAN SOMEON SAVE ME (4:58:16 PM) thecoldpart: plsease i am s o drunk can u make ou withw me babe"""
  1223. 001222:0.0,1,"""<@`Ray> that comic sans is the typographical equivalent of bowel cance"""
  1224. 001223:0.0,1,"""<lostabu`> MA Y U DRESS ME LIKE HOOKER"""
  1225. 001224:0.0,1,"""<lolcats> lemme get something else stuck then"""
  1226. 001225:0.0,1,"""<Von> lawdy i'm so gay."""
  1227. 001226:0.0,1,"""<@Von> because i'm not already gay enough."""
  1228. 001227:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> POKE ONWARD MEN"""
  1229. 001228:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> i like when you abusive me with your words"""
  1230. 001229:0.0,1,"""*lostabu exposes self"""
  1231. 001230:0.0,1,"""<Alphastar18> maybe Anonymous, but she has fucking weird habits"""
  1232. 001231:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> i'll knock you up <Anonymous> we can name our firstborn Little Nyan"""
  1233. 001232:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> yes, teeth are never a good idea<anniekan> O_O* anniekan chomps her teeth"""
  1234. 001233:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> take a bite out of my sausage baby"""
  1235. 001234:0.0,1,"""<fixed_husband> i really like it when people bite my nipples off. It takes a few days to regrow them, but it's so worth it"""
  1236. 001235:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> write all the things"""
  1237. 001236:0.0,1,"""<+TehRabbitt> !write <anniekan> write all the things"""
  1238. 001237:0.0,1,"""TehRabbitt> golden manshower of jizz"""
  1239. 001238:0.0,1,"""!wall"""
  1240. 001239:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> dont breath while you try to swallow, you will choke"""
  1241. 001240:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> aim for the mouth area"""
  1242. 001241:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> If they made rectal suppositories that were shaped like lostabu's penis, then I would be using suppositories all the time"""
  1243. 001242:0.0,1,"""<BurritoEclair> I can't fag"""
  1244. 001243:0.0,1,"""<@Von> you can take turns. there's enough of me to go around. <@Von> we'll just have a lottery for the order."""
  1245. 001244:0.0,1,"""<kitty_party> So....gangbang Von?"""
  1246. 001245:0.0,1,"""<coffeebeans10> I think the dildo came on as a result of my altered conciousness"""
  1247. 001246:0.0,1,"""(9:15:22 AM) tricderp: james, i will love you until my heart stops beating"""
  1248. 001247:0.0,1,"""<lonelytric> salty semen tears"""
  1249. 001248:0.0,1,"""[04:21] (lolcats) well it IS going down"""
  1250. 001249:0.0,1,"""<CheckinUOut> i jizz bad decisions when i'm tired"""
  1251. 001250:0.0,1,"""<PoohBot> Hey, Anonymous... You’re like telophase, I admire your cleavage."""
  1252. 001251:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> I'm cold and I am chained lying naked on the floooooor"""
  1253. 001252:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> it gets weird but ....you see nipple"""
  1254. 001253:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> i love her nipple too"""
  1255. 001254:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> but a nipple IS a nipple"""
  1256. 001255:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> NIPPLEEEEEEES<3"""
  1257. 001256:0.0,1,"""* anniekan gets her tongue ready"""
  1258. 001257:0.0,1,"""<@Von> i want to eat your tongue, annie."""
  1259. 001258:0.0,1,"""kitty_party: Lol laminar it's like prison hooch in your kitchen"""
  1260. 001259:0.0,1,"""<Tric> morning cunts"""
  1261. 001260:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> .google penis"""
  1262. 001261:0.0,1,"""[01:31] (smile_) but I dunno how to ladies could do it...unless they just...scissor or something // [01:32] (fixedzero) Also strap-ons, silly."""
  1263. 001262:0.0,1,"""[01:33] (Sherlawk) Any girl with a strap-on has a fast trip to my bed."""
  1264. 001263:0.0,1,"""[06:40] (thecoldpart) MUSHAboner // [06:40] (EddieTheHead) 8====D"""
  1265. 001264:0.0,1,"""(4:01:16 PM) syncopation: I F5ed many times"""
  1266. 001265:0.0,1,"""<syncopation> i need to talk about sex more"""
  1267. 001266:0.0,1,"""<fantastic_lee> note to self: spend more time in gw"""
  1268. 001267:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> yay LORT"""
  1269. 001268:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> burritos get bitches"""
  1270. 001269:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> i WILL MAKE YUMYUMS AND BE THE YUMYUM QUEEN"""
  1271. 001270:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> okay this poking has gone too far!"""
  1272. 001271:0.0,1,"""<lolcats>it's my audial orgasm <3"""
  1273. 001272:0.0,1,"""< lolcats> i'm like a musical whore: i do everything but i'm not quite good at any of it"""
  1274. 001273:0.0,1,"""<lolcats> lolcats is my name, lolling is my game"""
  1275. 001274:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> so i just wrote a christmas card to someone i hate"""
  1276. 001275:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> and some stuffing is going to dance right up its ass"""
  1277. 001276:0.0,1,"""<@Von> <Anonymous> i want that rainbow penis D: >> FTFY"""
  1278. 001277:0.0,1,"""* Anonymous screws self"""
  1279. 001278:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> GUYS"""
  1280. 001279:0.0,1,"""<MushaBu> penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis"""
  1281. 001280:0.0,1,"""<forfun2> penis."""
  1282. 001281:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> smile.. i told you it was big"""
  1283. 001282:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> OOOOHHHH YES SATIN BLANKET ON MY NUDE BODY"""
  1284. 001283:0.0,1,"""<IHeartHuckabees> I'd say, 'Take my creamy compassion, pretty lady.'"""
  1285. 001284:0.0,1,"""[08:20] (lostabu) it's a bit coffee"""
  1286. 001285:0.0,1,"""[08:27] (lostabu) and I cant look at rim jobs"""
  1287. 001286:0.0,1,"""<Large_> well dont let him do anal next time mush <Mushaway> But...but... <Mushaway> It hurts so good"""
  1288. 001287:0.0,1,"""[12:02] (Large_) SHUT UP SODOMITE"""
  1289. 001288:0.0,1,"""<Large_> why does it always come back to putting things up the ass"""
  1290. 001289:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: Poke me"""
  1291. 001290:0.0,1,"""[13:23] (lostabu) ----------------------( ._.) *nom*"""
  1292. 001291:0.0,1,"""<fantastic_lee> That's one of the remarkable things about life. It's never so bad that it can't get worse."""
  1293. 001292:0.0,1,"""< fantastic_lee> Oh my God, I'm so excited I wish I could wet my pants."""
  1294. 001293:0.0,1,"""< fantastic_lee> Call me old fashioned but I like a dump to be as memorable as it is devastating."""
  1295. 001294:0.0,1,"""<fantastic_lee> C'mon, it's just like making love. Y'know, left, down, rotate sixty-two degrees, engage rotors..."""
  1296. 001295:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> the vagina looks meh.. but you know.."""
  1297. 001296:0.0,1,"""Von: SURPRISE! CHUNKS OF VAGINA ON YOUR penis"""
  1298. 001297:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> WE ARE GOING TO EAT DINNER AND LOOK AT A WATERFALL // <HOHOHOannie> oh there will be a waterfall alright"""
  1299. 001298:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> IM NAKED AND SHE TELLS ME TO PUT SHOES ON"""
  1300. 001299:0.0,1,"""* Anonymous stabs you with her penis"""
  1301. 001300:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> just.. JAM IT IN THERE"""
  1302. 001301:0.0,1,"""<kitty_party> Kitty parties are 30 seconds of running really fast and then a nap lol"""
  1303. 001302:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> do you grab your cat and scream into her belly"""
  1304. 001303:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheVampire> whoa that was a lot bigger than i thought it was"""
  1305. 001304:0.0,1,"""< Anonymous> I'm a pedophile"""
  1306. 001305:0.0,1,"""<dpyro> I like penises in my butthole"""
  1307. 001306:0.0,1,"""<dpyro>man you can't just make a man come on command"""
  1308. 001307:0.0,1,"""penis"""
  1309. 001308:0.0,1,"""<Suaviloquent> Pls don't rape me"""
  1310. 001309:0.0,1,"""misoronery: fapfapfapBLOOOOOOODFAPFAPFAPFAPFAAPFPAFPAFAPFAF"""
  1311. 001310:0.0,1,"""<CheckingUOut> a scrotum coat"""
  1312. 001311:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> penis"""
  1313. 001312:0.0,1,"""<tiiv> write Anonymous: penis"""
  1314. 001313:0.0,1,"""< citra> i wish i had the power to store sandwiches on a usb"""
  1315. 001314:0.0,1,"""(Anonymous) it taste so yummy and it's really creamy"""
  1316. 001315:0.0,1,"""citra: i feel like theyre too hard to eat"""
  1317. 001316:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: I like your mom's panini CheckinUOut"""
  1318. 001317:0.0,1,"""(12:29:56 PM) siginter: and just showed up at my door at 3am with a broken robot and tearful eyes"""
  1319. 001318:0.0,1,"""citra: i cant wash myself without pressure"""
  1320. 001319:0.0,1,"""<thecoldpart> i didnt have mine out"""
  1321. 001320:0.0,1,"""citra: i always fuck shit up"""
  1322. 001321:0.0,1,"""siginter: hence the flaming beans"""
  1323. 001322:0.0,1,"""<PoohTest> I just got her Zelda sword in the male"""
  1324. 001323:0.0,1,"""<Von> i'm a pretty princess megusta.jpg"""
  1325. 001324:0.0,1,"""<DistilledWater> shove it into my mouth"""
  1326. 001325:0.0,1,"""<DrPossum> lostabu, I can tell you've been practicing"""
  1327. 001326:0.0,1,"""<lostabu>LACED WITH COCKAINE"""
  1328. 001327:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> you've penis'd my mind"""
  1329. 001328:0.0,1,"""<lostabu_>yes love in the butt"""
  1330. 001329:0.0,1,"""SANTAannie: THE BOOBS WANT A HUG"""
  1331. 001330:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> someone penis that and let me know what it is"""
  1332. 001331:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: oh god the penises"""
  1333. 001332:0.0,1,"""do you have any idea how tiring it is with all these wall requests?"""
  1334. 001333:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> I like watching guys jerk off, yes!"""
  1335. 001334:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> Anonymous, you 1upped me be proud"""
  1336. 001335:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> rub it in some more"""
  1337. 001336:0.0,1,"""<Garybomb> I don't have pants on"""
  1338. 001337:0.0,1,"""<citra> !wall"""
  1339. 001338:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> I like to masturbate in public<@PoohBear> I like to masturbate in public"""
  1340. 001339:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> I also like to expose myself"""
  1341. 001340:0.0,1,"""(12:50:52 PM) citra: wow i am reading about potatoes (12:50:55 PM) citra: they are so fucking moody"""
  1342. 001341:0.0,1,"""<dew> blasting shit out of your ass"""
  1343. 001342:0.0,1,"""< fixedzero> and then orgy at the reception < fixedzero> obviously."""
  1344. 001343:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> I basically vomit unicorns and rainbows"""
  1345. 001344:0.0,1,"""<scourt> Im going to ride lee"""
  1346. 001345:0.0,1,"""<scourt> Im going to ride lee"""
  1347. 001346:0.0,1,"""<scourt> SHHH LET IT HAPPEN"""
  1348. 001347:0.0,1,"""<uni_lee> so.... scourt and i should totally wrestle in popcorn... FOR SCIENCE"""
  1349. 001348:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> your automatic eyes warm me up mush"""
  1350. 001349:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> 99 Anonymouss would result in a glittery explosion of rainbows // <uni_lee> and feist music"""
  1351. 001350:0.0,1,"""<ThereIsNoJustice> maybe summon an orgasm."""
  1352. 001351:0.0,1,"""[15:08] (Lukenasia) fuck eddie"""
  1353. 001352:0.0,1,"""[15:15] (lostabu) i love cock in and around my mouth"""
  1354. 001353:0.0,1,"""[15:15] (lostabu) we chinks eat everything under the sun"""
  1355. 001354:0.0,1,"""<lolcats> my dental health is better than my mental health"""
  1356. 001355:0.0,1,"""* PoohBear urinates on the floor"""
  1357. 001356:0.0,1,"""<Suaviloquent> For every deep, I'll ralph you."""
  1358. 001357:0.0,1,"""<dpyro> CheckinUOut: sometimes I like to have a threesome with both my hands"""
  1359. 001358:0.0,1,"""<SmilesTric> i'm going to rub my juices all over him lol"""
  1360. 001359:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> And citra kept going 'seriously, how does that guy even have sex'"""
  1361. 001360:0.0,1,"""(7:20:51 PM) lee_husband: Notch wants to fuck, get on that fat Swedish ass of his."""
  1362. 001361:0.0,1,"""<scourt> I love hookers"""
  1363. 001362:0.0,1,"""(10:52:26 PM) Lukenasia: my hand is going to feel cheated on if i ever get a gf lol"""
  1364. 001363:0.0,1,"""<PohhBear> I imagine Anonymous being a superhero…. And her call sign is a spot light with the silhouette of a massive dong"""
  1365. 001364:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheHead> don't you judge me i am playing in semen"""
  1366. 001365:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> i have like 10+ poking me"""
  1367. 001366:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: fuckballs"""
  1368. 001367:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: but mine is FUN."""
  1369. 001368:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> SLIP WHAM DEAD doesn't matter though, had sex"""
  1370. 001369:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> SLIP WHAM DEAD doesn't matter though, had sex"""
  1371. 001370:0.0,1,"""<hrim> You know what's also fine? Von's butt."""
  1372. 001371:0.0,1,"""<Von> eh, i've done that to girls before. including the meowing"""
  1373. 001372:0.0,1,"""* Anonymous penises von."""
  1374. 001373:0.0,1,"""<MaelMarcone> i have had sneezes that led to farts. they hurt"""
  1375. 001374:0.0,1,"""[10:23] (tricster) let's penis!"""
  1376. 001375:0.0,1,"""[17:04] <Anonymous> It comes out creamy and yummy"""
  1377. 001376:0.0,1,"""(6:12:46 PM) G_Spot: my dog slurps when he is fapping"""
  1378. 001377:0.0,1,"""[15:02] (Alphastar18) the mighty penis named Eddie"""
  1379. 001378:0.0,1,"""<@dew> i got distracted by pussy"""
  1380. 001379:0.0,1,"""<Untrustworthy> guys.. I almost drank paint water."""
  1381. 001380:0.0,1,"""[19:10] (lostabu) i like asparagus pee"""
  1382. 001381:0.0,1,"""[19:09] (lostabu) Lurkin_Lobster: BEWARE THE PEE SMELL"""
  1383. 001382:0.0,1,"""[20:10] <lostabu> i've tasted urine five or six times"""
  1384. 001383:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: SEMEN IS SEMEN"""
  1385. 001384:0.0,1,"""<wolfc86> mmm pineapple vagina"""
  1386. 001385:0.0,1,"""<wolfc86> lostabu they put the semen on it for you already!"""
  1387. 001386:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> fuuuck me"""
  1388. 001387:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheHead> i want that in and around my mouth"""
  1389. 001388:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> <3 peni5"""
  1390. 001389:0.0,1,"""<nmss> penis! vagina!"""
  1391. 001390:0.0,1,"""<nmss> penis penis penis"""
  1392. 001391:0.0,1,"""EddieTheHead: i heard vagina and i came"""
  1393. 001392:0.0,1,"""G_Spot: I wish i had a vagina to test it out"""
  1394. 001393:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> i stand naked in front of a mirror and cry until i fall asleep"""
  1395. 001394:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: SOB TEE HEE *SCHLICK* SOB SOB"""
  1396. 001395:0.0,1,"""Lurkin_Lobster: buttholes are very stretchy"""
  1397. 001396:0.0,1,"""kitty_party: Nah I shave"""
  1398. 001397:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: penis..in an outlet"""
  1399. 001398:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: stuff them in your mouth"""
  1400. 001399:0.0,1,"""[08:43] (Lurkin_Lobster) I LOVE DOING THINGS TO MY EAR // [08:43] (Lurkin_Lobster) it feels SO good"""
  1401. 001400:0.0,1,"""[08:45] (lostabu) it was fucking us up the ass on saturday"""
  1402. 001401:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> Motorola Ass penis Edition"""
  1403. 001402:0.0,1,"""< Lurkin_Lobster> it is a very vagina like phone"""
  1404. 001403:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> How am i supposed to relax with penis poking me"""
  1405. 001404:0.0,1,"""no"""
  1406. 001405:0.0,1,"""thecoldpart: @anniekan forget about studying stats, you can study my nips and what not wink wink"""
  1407. 001406:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> madsy bought you a fabulous new chevy volt"""
  1408. 001407:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> little balls of YUMYUMS"""
  1409. 001408:0.0,1,"""[12:03] (lostabu) APPLES everywhere"""
  1410. 001409:0.0,1,"""[13:13] (lostabu) I admit defeat and surrender this ungodly poke war (to Anonymous -dec. 12, 2011)"""
  1411. 001410:0.0,1,"""[13:14] (lostabu) rub it in mush go ahead"""
  1412. 001411:0.0,1,"""(9:08:14 PM) DrPossum: I get boners in physics classes for different reasons"""
  1413. 001412:0.0,1,"""LOL"""
  1414. 001413:0.0,1,"""< anniekan> in 4 days i'd be chewbacca"""
  1415. 001414:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> in 4 days i'd be chewbacca <tiiv> LOL <Von> wut"""
  1416. 001415:0.0,1,"""[16:44] (thecoldpart) probably furiously masturbating to pictures of you Anonymous"""
  1417. 001416:0.0,1,"""[16:47] (G_Spot) it's like a gangbang in your mouth"""
  1418. 001417:0.0,1,"""* DrPossum slips fixedzero a little tongue"""
  1419. 001418:0.0,1,"""<Shower_Lobster> LET ME GET MY NEW CAMERA AND HEAD RIGHT OVER TO THE ANAL_GOAT_ORGY"""
  1420. 001419:0.0,1,"""[19:05] (I_RAPE_GOATS) #OccupyRapeStreet"""
  1421. 001420:0.0,1,"""tinsel_lee: UNGAG ME NAO"""
  1422. 001421:0.0,1,"""<tiiv> fagonewild.reddit.com/vonsbuttisthebest"""
  1423. 001422:0.0,1,"""(2:19:42 PM) IHeartHuckabees: As the Sun crested the horizon, I sauntered into the IRC room. Its silence was unsettling until Saiyaman broke it with a single, two-lettered word."""
  1424. 001423:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> <(^_^)> <(^_^) (^_^)> Shimmy shakes from kirby"""
  1425. 001424:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> STATEMENT REDACTED"""
  1426. 001425:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> People need to NOT shove things in my mouth"""
  1427. 001426:0.0,1,"""(6:19:12 PM) reindeerhands: i got a laptop dance from this beautiful girl one time at a strip club"""
  1428. 001427:0.0,1,"""[16:10] (@PoohBear) Lukenasia: I'll let you stick in my pooper"""
  1429. 001428:0.0,1,"""<wolfc_> oh I've got a little bit of everything in me"""
  1430. 001429:0.0,1,"""<OG_citra> put that in my mouth"""
  1431. 001430:0.0,1,"""( ^o^)==oo==(^o^ ) bro fist!"""
  1432. 001431:0.0,1,"""lostabu: shh shh, dont resist just eat it"""
  1433. 001432:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: its like slimy… lol"""
  1434. 001433:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> boobs boobs boobs"""
  1435. 001434:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> oh lady gaga :3 you make me tingle inside"""
  1436. 001435:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: CAN I STICK MY penis IN IT?"""
  1437. 001436:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheHead> IF YOU LIKE IT THEN YOU SHOULDA PUT A penis IN IT"""
  1438. 001437:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> i'd fuck me hard"""
  1439. 001438:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> I'd fuck me, i'd fuck me hard"""
  1440. 001439:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheHead> YOU NEVER KNOW WHERE I'M GONNA STICK IT"""
  1441. 001440:0.0,1,"""[01:04] (@madsy) Anonymous: You went to penis heaven via a penis tunnel when you died?"""
  1442. 001441:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> No just kidding we laughed at penis pictures"""
  1443. 001442:0.0,1,"""[05:48] (Suaviloquent) I gave her epilepsy."""
  1444. 001443:0.0,1,"""[05:56] (lostabu) I hope one day a penis freezes on your screen and your mom is like OMG ORALIA WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT"""
  1445. 001444:0.0,1,"""[06:00] (lostabu) GIANT BENT WANG"""
  1446. 001445:0.0,1,"""<Lukenasia> if there was ever a human 'sound' wouldn't it be laughter?"""
  1447. 001446:0.0,1,"""[09:25] (G_Spot) FUCK ALL THINGS!"""
  1448. 001447:0.0,1,"""[11:51] <dpyro> a naked fixedzero always brings holiday cheer"""
  1449. 001448:0.0,1,"""[12:04] <dpyro> OG_citra i think you're broken"""
  1450. 001449:0.0,1,"""< OG_citra> i wish i were bipolar sometimes"""
  1451. 001450:0.0,1,"""<Tric> i have tried fucking everything"""
  1452. 001451:0.0,1,"""(8:00:49 PM) siginter: i don't trust your opinion, you jack off in igloos"""
  1453. 001452:0.0,1,"""[14:25] <Anonymous> shut up G_Spot D:"""
  1454. 001453:0.0,1,"""<Large_> it has nothing to do with sex <Large_> just fixedzero's throbbing veiny penis"""
  1455. 001454:0.0,1,"""<Large_> brown rice is like :( <Large_> Not that Im racist. <Large_> But white rice is just the master rice"""
  1456. 001455:0.0,1,"""[16:48] <G_Spot> the female orgasm is a lie anyways"""
  1457. 001456:0.0,1,"""<lostabu>how big is it?"""
  1458. 001457:0.0,1,"""<HOHOHannie> girls don't produce fecal matter, we produce hopes and dreams and rainbows"""
  1459. 001458:0.0,1,"""<G_Spot> 4 is too many, 5 is fisting"""
  1460. 001459:0.0,1,"""<HOHOHOannie> YOU ARE A BABY BUTT"""
  1461. 001460:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> but also, labia covers it?"""
  1462. 001461:0.0,1,"""< Anonymous> I've dated a girl before so no problem there"""
  1463. 001462:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> *opens mouth* insert here"""
  1464. 001463:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> they left you at home naked with food you cant eat"""
  1465. 001464:0.0,1,"""[20:35] == G_Spot has changed nick to black_cock"""
  1466. 001465:0.0,1,"""fantastic_lee> but i only have the giant ones"""
  1467. 001466:0.0,1,"""<fantastic_lee> but i only have the giant ones, <black_cock> Then we can all party"""
  1468. 001467:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> 'Apparently I am a penis because I am floppy and have a mushroom head... Did not know this....'"""
  1469. 001468:0.0,1,"""<wolfc86> Dry hump everything"""
  1470. 001469:0.0,1,"""* black_cock needs rest"""
  1471. 001470:0.0,1,"""<CheckinUOut> my milkshale brings all the bots to the yard"""
  1472. 001471:0.0,1,"""<ForlornPanda> Last night I came in a girl's eye"""
  1473. 001472:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: i swallowed it"""
  1474. 001473:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: i swallowed it again D: D: D:"""
  1475. 001474:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> the interwebs have ruined my attention spam"""
  1476. 001475:0.0,1,"""(9:33:02 AM) CheckinUOut: Anonymous your jaw is gonna hurt tomorrow hahaha"""
  1477. 001476:0.0,1,"""siginter: almost half an inch long"""
  1478. 001477:0.0,1,"""[02:33] (CheckinUOut) i wear glitter every day"""
  1479. 001478:0.0,1,"""(10:04:49 AM) EddieTheHead: remember ,the younger the better"""
  1480. 001479:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: IT HURTS SO GOOOOOD"""
  1481. 001480:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> Anal ...always"""
  1482. 001481:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> then i was like LOLPUKEEEEEE"""
  1483. 001482:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> I didn't swallow it (THERE CITRA)"""
  1484. 001483:0.0,1,"""boom> I didn't swallow it (THERE CITRA)"""
  1485. 001484:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> oh grow up guys i swallow all the time EVERY TIME LARGE QUANTITIES OF IT"""
  1486. 001485:0.0,1,"""<tiiv> i like to be poked"""
  1487. 001486:0.0,1,"""<tiiv> i like boys Anonymous"""
  1488. 001487:0.0,1,"""<Von> i don't try to shove it down peoples' throats."""
  1489. 001488:0.0,1,"""<Large_> NO SIR I AM A SMART FUCK"""
  1490. 001489:0.0,1,"""<wounded_knee> JUST WHIP IT OUT"""
  1491. 001490:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> pandaaa jizzz"""
  1492. 001491:0.0,1,"""<sexuf> POW POW IN DA BUTT // <tiiv> if you can"""
  1493. 001492:0.0,1,"""<tiiv> I was misquoted"""
  1494. 001493:0.0,1,"""<tiiv> when i say i was misquoted, please ignore"""
  1495. 001494:0.0,1,"""<tiiv> you know you want it"""
  1496. 001495:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> I like guacamole"""
  1497. 001496:0.0,1,"""<tiiv> I like guacamole too"""
  1498. 001497:0.0,1,"""<tiiv> mein korper ist bereit."""
  1499. 001498:0.0,1,"""<sexuf> (╯°□°)╯︵ ɯooqɐɥsnɯ"""
  1500. 001499:0.0,1,"""<sexuf> (ɯooqɐɥsnɯ( ゜-゜ノ)   grope!"""
  1501. 001500:0.0,1,"""<`Ray> I will urinate on his face while still alive"""
  1502. 001501:0.0,1,"""<bunbunn> because women don't know anything about anything"""
  1503. 001502:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheHead> i need something hard"""
  1504. 001503:0.0,1,"""[05:12] * CheckinUOut has something hard for eddie"""
  1505. 001504:0.0,1,"""< Anonymous> My jaw hurts a lot xD"""
  1506. 001505:0.0,1,"""<PoohCleaning> I wonder what her vagina smells like... All herpes ridden"""
  1507. 001506:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheHead> my butthole gets so big when i listen to that song.... it's incredible"""
  1508. 001507:0.0,1,"""<citra> ugh this kids guy just texted me 'i've got drinks and movies' <fixedzero> yeah he has Sunny D and blues clues <fixedzero> actually that sounds awesome, can I go instead?"""
  1509. 001508:0.0,1,"""[22:24] franky: but im sexy [22:24] lee_rex: I KNOW RIGHT"""
  1510. 001509:0.0,1,"""[08:08] (IHeartHuckabees) piss-drenched, squacking, mother of FUCK"""
  1511. 001510:0.0,1,"""[09:54] (anniekan) i accidently your mother"""
  1512. 001511:0.0,1,"""anniekan: WAS IT LOVE AT FIRST CAMCHAT"""
  1513. 001512:0.0,1,"""<citra> if u stab your ballsack <citra> do u lose all your spermys <citra> can they all escape?"""
  1514. 001513:0.0,1,"""<citra> im all vonned out guys"""
  1515. 001514:0.0,1,"""<laminar> i was at a family reunion trying to score some chicks <laminar> welcome to the south."""
  1516. 001515:0.0,1,"""[01:08] ** sexuf has quit (Quit: ragequit)"""
  1517. 001516:0.0,1,"""[01:12] (sinking) time to get that probe out of storage"""
  1518. 001517:0.0,1,"""citra: i really like men"""
  1519. 001518:0.0,1,"""<Von> i also have no desire to be anywhere around gonewildplus <`Ray> I checked that out once <`Ray> I was expecting people to be fatter <`Ray> then I checked it again the next week`Ra they'd gotten fatter"""
  1520. 001519:0.0,1,"""[11:47] (sexuf) I don't know where the finger has been"""
  1521. 001520:0.0,1,"""[11:49] (tiiv) occupy my bedroom"""
  1522. 001521:0.0,1,"""[12:24] (tiiv) I just love the burn >_>"""
  1523. 001522:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> yeah its fucking big D:"""
  1524. 001523:0.0,1,"""<hotasmonkeys> WHy not just eat the person instead? especially if it's a sweet, succulent baby"""
  1525. 001524:0.0,1,"""<Treees> I did not say this"""
  1526. 001525:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> lostabu: If you ever get tired of your hand, just know that my ass is always open for business ;-)"""
  1527. 001526:0.0,1,"""[11:23] (lostabu) tiiv, enter me"""
  1528. 001527:0.0,1,"""[11:23] (tiiv) that's why I keep poking"""
  1529. 001528:0.0,1,"""< Anonymous> Thanks i eat all that minus the penis"""
  1530. 001529:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheHead> i work for jews like they don't me in jews but like i work FOR them"""
  1531. 001530:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheHead> i would spray her with the white gel whenever i got the chance"""
  1532. 001531:0.0,1,"""<@`Ray> if you make a clone of yourself and have sex with it, is that gay? or are you just on the forefront of masturbation technology"""
  1533. 001532:0.0,1,"""< sinking> thats like saying if I fist my own anus im gay, and I think we all agree, totally not gay to fist"""
  1534. 001533:0.0,1,"""mvs027: i said my vibrator is broken"""
  1535. 001534:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> russlar cooking nude broke the internet"""
  1536. 001535:0.0,1,"""[21:37] chailatte: rub it all over yourself and think of me"""
  1537. 001536:0.0,1,"""[23:29] (lostabu) OMG MY BANGS"""
  1538. 001537:0.0,1,"""<kitty_party> Wait did I just get paid in cock?"""
  1539. 001538:0.0,1,"""<kitty_party> Don't worry I can handle two at a time"""
  1540. 001539:0.0,1,"""<kitty_party> I should have seen that coming"""
  1541. 001540:0.0,1,"""[01:04] * wolfc86 spits"""
  1542. 001541:0.0,1,"""[00:05] (wolfc86) I'll pay you with more cock later"""
  1543. 001542:0.0,1,"""[00:05] (@Von) if cock suddenly just became currency, i am suddenly a rich man."""
  1544. 001543:0.0,1,"""<kitty_party> Just lay there and do what they tell you"""
  1545. 001544:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> Poohbear i like penises in my mouth"""
  1546. 001545:0.0,1,"""[01:30] (lostabu) PoohBear, me gusta todos los penises"""
  1547. 001546:0.0,1,"""'banging a fat guy wearing homer slippers isn't normal. but on meth, it is'"""
  1548. 001547:0.0,1,"""< Anonymous> I have like fucking 30 people poking me"""
  1549. 001548:0.0,1,"""(EddieTheHead) anal and oral iz srs bznz"""
  1550. 001549:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheHead> i guess i could love you in the asshole too."""
  1551. 001550:0.0,1,"""<tiiv> hey get it out"""
  1552. 001551:0.0,1,"""< fantastic_lee> they're huge and take up a lot of space"""
  1553. 001552:0.0,1,"""[15:53] <fantastic_lee> I HATE YOU"""
  1554. 001553:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> take me"""
  1555. 001554:0.0,1,"""< Anonymous> i want you're supple boobies"""
  1556. 001555:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> NEIIIIIGHHHHHHH"""
  1557. 001556:0.0,1,"""<sexuf> mushaface.jpg"""
  1558. 001557:0.0,1,"""<tiiv> my butt hurts"""
  1559. 001558:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> can you wingle my dingle?"""
  1560. 001559:0.0,1,"""<sexuf> wub wub wub wub all vaginas"""
  1561. 001560:0.0,1,"""< Anonymous> my greet is still rainbow penises"""
  1562. 001561:0.0,1,"""<stereo_> i'd suck a penis but only if it was on a woman"""
  1563. 001562:0.0,1,"""<citra> im not a fan of farts really"""
  1564. 001563:0.0,1,"""[00:37] (@lostabu) I will create a robot that cuddles with me"""
  1565. 001564:0.0,1,"""[00:41] (ThereIsNoJustice) FUCK US TILL WE BREAK"""
  1566. 001565:0.0,1,"""[03:33] (LE_BROCCOLI) I can't whip my hair back and forth with crabs"""
  1567. 001566:0.0,1,"""<the_alias> well fuck that guy and his horse of wankery"""
  1568. 001567:0.0,1,"""[05:06] (pdxdan) i cum by the liter"""
  1569. 001568:0.0,1,"""http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5667740/1/Batman_and_Robocop_The_Day_the_Men_Found_Love"""
  1570. 001569:0.0,1,"""<tricsmile> welcome to the house of retards"""
  1571. 001570:0.0,1,"""<madsy> lostabu: I'll totally steal your spleen and liver"""
  1572. 001571:0.0,1,"""<@lostabu> House_Lobster: do you have your liver storage container ready?"""
  1573. 001572:0.0,1,"""* Sh0rtWave touches lostabu's longwave with a chainsaw."""
  1574. 001573:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheVampire> HOLY HORSEpenisS MY MOUTH IS ON FIRE"""
  1575. 001574:0.0,1,"""[09:33] (@dew) mush comes in, mush goes out can't explain that"""
  1576. 001575:0.0,1,"""<@lostabu> guys guys, foreskin is the best invention ever"""
  1577. 001576:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheVampire> Anonymous, i don't think boobies on a little boy is pretty"""
  1578. 001577:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheVampire> Anonymous, I'll give you a log ;)"""
  1579. 001578:0.0,1,"""[09:55] <+Anonymous> Ive had sex for 6 hours. After that i hated everything"""
  1580. 001579:0.0,1,"""<+Anonymous> If any anal happens it will be to me not the guy. That's not my thing"""
  1581. 001580:0.0,1,"""<@lostabu> play with his hair <@lostabu> whisper in his ear <@lostabu> rub your finger on his neck <@lostabu> run a knife down his abdomen"""
  1582. 001581:0.0,1,"""[13:45] (@Lurkin_Lobster) i got my first orgasm from a black guy"""
  1583. 001582:0.0,1,"""<Lukenasia> this one more bushier than the last D:"""
  1584. 001583:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> I'd like to sneak into your vault"""
  1585. 001584:0.0,1,"""@PoohBear> I just googled Mr S and it's bondage gear"""
  1586. 001585:0.0,1,"""dewhashish"""
  1587. 001586:0.0,1,"""<dewhashish> AND THAT'S THE WAY YOU DO HER"""
  1588. 001587:0.0,1,"""< dewhashish > AND THAT'S THE WAY YOU DO HER"""
  1589. 001588:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> peniss in and around mouths"""
  1590. 001589:0.0,1,"""<+fixedzero> Those velvet curtains aren't hiding a linen closet"""
  1591. 001590:0.0,1,"""[07.48.57]      Anonymous       I have been outpenis'd"""
  1592. 001591:0.0,1,"""<`Ray> I like to bathe in mustard"""
  1593. 001592:0.0,1,"""<Lobsterphone> Lemurs are hawt I wanna put one in my bum"""
  1594. 001593:0.0,1,"""<+citra> sex is fun <+citra> i think <+citra> i cant remember lol"""
  1595. 001594:0.0,1,"""[05:15] (LE_BROCCOLI) Anonymous, you are a nice lady"""
  1596. 001595:0.0,1,"""<Lobsterphone> My vagina is the crushinator"""
  1597. 001596:0.0,1,"""<Lobsterphone> Omg I just farted while my butt was againt the edge of my desk. IT WAS LIKE A MEGAPHONE"""
  1598. 001597:0.0,1,"""<+citra> if i were a citra god <+citra> my limbs would be chains of lemons <+citra> and my penis would be a huge like overgrown on steroids lemon"""
  1599. 001598:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> i dont want to see chodes at work but at home its okay"""
  1600. 001599:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> we tempt you in with our hot sticky pockets and then BOOM FRIEND ZONE"""
  1601. 001600:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> oh baby, you're making me damp"""
  1602. 001601:0.0,1,"""<tricandsmile> åæøåøæøåæø wtf are all these!"""
  1603. 001602:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> i will beat you senseless with a penis"""
  1604. 001603:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> lostabu, you's a fine ma fucker won't you back that ass up// <lostabu> oh jesus i guess i will *backs his ass up*"""
  1605. 001604:0.0,1,"""<@lostabu> I hope you suffocate from a chode"""
  1606. 001605:0.0,1,"""* Anonymous is a pretty boy"""
  1607. 001606:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> .google typing skills for Le_Broccoli"""
  1608. 001607:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> vagina bookers"""
  1609. 001608:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> dostana you're killing my boner"""
  1610. 001609:0.0,1,"""<+wolfc_work> 'I'll sell you my semen for $20'"""
  1611. 001610:0.0,1,"""<@Good_Lobster> bleeding peen? YUP THOSE DISHES AINT DOING THEMSELVES"""
  1612. 001611:0.0,1,"""<Leraine> Those condoms are still too small to handle my enormous peen"""
  1613. 001612:0.0,1,"""<Ray`> compliment her vagina then punch her in the face"""
  1614. 001613:0.0,1,"""Rayyyyy: shoot your wife, frame her brains"""
  1615. 001614:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> FINE YOUR EPEEN IS BIGGER and you win at poke wars Anonymous (Dec. 29, 2011)"""
  1616. 001615:0.0,1,"""< fridayfriday> I have a penis yall"""
  1617. 001616:0.0,1,"""<pdxdan> i have done allot of drugs over the years but i never fucked with syrup"""
  1618. 001617:0.0,1,"""<fa_and_ok> it took like 20 minutes to blow it"""
  1619. 001618:0.0,1,"""http://i.imgur.com/TuaMs.gif"""
  1620. 001619:0.0,1,"""[10:08] (@PoohBear) It's a beard/traps relationship"""
  1621. 001620:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> penis cookies are win"""
  1622. 001621:0.0,1,"""* PoohBear is wearing panties and a dress"""
  1623. 001622:0.0,1,"""[12:33] (@Ray`) line your eyes with semen"""
  1624. 001623:0.0,1,"""[13:28] (@PoohBear) Blowjobs? I can give those"""
  1625. 001624:0.0,1,"""[13:32] (lulzwhut) http://mkv25.net/anime/Squid/crying_squid_girl.gif this is literally me"""
  1626. 001625:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> im totally peeing right now"""
  1627. 001626:0.0,1,"""<Sherlawk> Fuck off lostabu."""
  1628. 001627:0.0,1,"""LE BROCCOLI is now known as penisS_penisS_penisS"""
  1629. 001628:0.0,1,"""<citra> I think better when im sitting on the toilet. It's my zen place"""
  1630. 001629:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> yeah, i blew my load too"""
  1631. 001630:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> stop for a sex"""
  1632. 001631:0.0,1,"""[13:35] (Mr_Anonymous) just lay babies down. Make roads with them"""
  1633. 001632:0.0,1,"""[14:42] sinking: oh shampoo, you a nasty girl"""
  1634. 001633:0.0,1,"""[12:42] <sinking> oh shampoo, you a nasty girl"""
  1635. 001634:0.0,1,"""[14:39] cookiecookie: FAP IN ALL THE ROOMS FIND ALL THE PORN"""
  1636. 001635:0.0,1,"""<lulzwhut> i got grilled that day defending my method of keeping the bush down"""
  1637. 001636:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: i never really wear bras"""
  1638. 001637:0.0,1,"""<Untrustworthy> I never really wear bras anymore."""
  1639. 001638:0.0,1,"""@Lurkin_Lobster> I FAPPED IN A CONVENT"""
  1641. 001640:0.0,1,"""[18:31] <+UMBWesker> You guys have problems."""
  1642. 001641:0.0,1,"""[20:05] brian_sayz: i wish i had a girlfriend [20:05] brian_sayz: so she could blow [20:05] brian_sayz: on my my microwave dinner"""
  1643. 001642:0.0,1,"""<lulzwhut> im chilling with all my boyfriends obviously"""
  1644. 001643:0.0,1,"""<bunbunn> sometimes being on your period is fun"""
  1645. 001644:0.0,1,"""<MaelPhone> I'd like to cover you in tin foil and turn you into a potato."""
  1646. 001645:0.0,1,"""<macgyver> Yay! I made it onto the wall!"""
  1647. 001646:0.0,1,"""<bunbunn> that's why i didn't bring my anal beads to the airport when i moved to england, it was covered in explosives residue"""
  1648. 001647:0.0,1,"""gingers arent people"""
  1649. 001648:0.0,1,"""<macgyver> I never show up on wall"""
  1650. 001649:0.0,1,"""<@Ray`> I've actually gotten to the point of flexibility where I could suck myself off"""
  1651. 001650:0.0,1,"""<stereo`> i'm ascending to heaven on a pillar of feces"""
  1652. 001651:0.0,1,"""<@Ray`> Anonymous has three settings on the dial: rainbows, emotions and penis"""
  1653. 001652:0.0,1,"""<Ray`> just found diaper fetishists * fixedzero throws glowsticks"""
  1654. 001653:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> A mouth's a mouth, right?"""
  1655. 001654:0.0,1,"""<@Ray`> I want to make love to PoohBear's beard"""
  1656. 001655:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> PoohBear would be king of the gays if he was on the bear circuit"""
  1657. 001656:0.0,1,"""<russlar_padd> Holy crap my bed is covered in crap"""
  1658. 001657:0.0,1,"""<@Ray`> death via penis in eye socket"""
  1659. 001658:0.0,1,"""* fixedzero puts on her chastity belt * fridayfriday puts on anti-rape condom * @PoohBear puts on his robe and wizard hat"""
  1660. 001659:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> hey pooh, can I put my penis in your beard"""
  1661. 001660:0.0,1,"""[04:43] cookiecookiecookie: I have only fake beards and testosterone dreams"""
  1662. 001661:0.0,1,"""hi fixedzero: always remember dew <3s you"""
  1663. 001662:0.0,1,"""hi Lurkin_lobster: remember dew <3s you"""
  1664. 001663:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> !wall <Sherlawk> I have to poop so badly I'm afraid to blow my nose."""
  1665. 001664:0.0,1,"""<dew> what would you guys dew without me?"""
  1666. 001665:0.0,1,"""<dew> what would you guys dew without me??? ha! get it?? im on a roll"""
  1667. 001666:0.0,1,"""[12:27] (IHeartHuckabees) I'm a guy, and I'm going to go fap to a girl with curly hair"""
  1668. 001667:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> My penis is MASSIVE"""
  1669. 001668:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> it's well known my penis is only overshadowed by the likes of mush and fixedzero <3"""
  1670. 001669:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> Im 21 and a raging homo."""
  1671. 001670:0.0,1,"""<cookiecookie> mush fap in my mouth"""
  1672. 001671:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> also this requires i put clothes on. idk how i feel about that"""
  1673. 001672:0.0,1,"""<LE_BROCCOLI> I FUCKING TASTE IT"""
  1674. 001673:0.0,1,"""<tiiv> it is all fluffy i love it"""
  1675. 001674:0.0,1,"""<@dew> she wrecked her panties"""
  1676. 001675:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> no one liked it so i hate you all"""
  1677. 001676:0.0,1,"""<Dostana> I think Anonymoush is somewhat overrated // <Lobsterphone> I liked her before she was popular I had it on vinyl"""
  1678. 001677:0.0,1,""".google rick roll"""
  1679. 001678:0.0,1,"""<@dew> guys im keeping the same resolution next year as i am this year: 1920x1080"""
  1680. 001679:0.0,1,"""<geophph> i'm only wearing pants because i have the windows open"""
  1681. 001680:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> Windows be damned, I wear no pants."""
  1682. 001681:0.0,1,"""[19:00] <@Anonymous> POOHBEAR GET IN MY VAGINA"""
  1683. 001682:0.0,1,"""!google reddit's gaming subreddit"""
  1684. 001683:0.0,1,"""<thecoldpart> i had a sneeky spew this morning"""
  1685. 001684:0.0,1,"""[22:48] thecoldpart: nephew is sleeping in my room [22:48] thecoldpart: 9months old [22:48] forlornpanda: they're delicious at that age [22:48] forlornpanda: tender"""
  1686. 001685:0.0,1,"""MEIN KOERPER IST BEREIT"""
  1687. 001686:0.0,1,"""<Sherlawk> Tonight I learned that I'm just too much man for one woman."""
  1688. 001687:0.0,1,"""Sherlawk: I think you're the only one who ever walls me."""
  1689. 001688:0.0,1,"""<@Lurkin_Lobster> dammit i got reeses on my sheets"""
  1690. 001689:0.0,1,"""<Sherlawk> His lips were soft though."""
  1691. 001690:0.0,1,"""<@madsy> Meet thousands of sexy girls at Seaworld, UK now!"""
  1692. 001691:0.0,1,"""<+quiesce> Hey. You don't patch gay holes, you exploit them."""
  1693. 001692:0.0,1,"""[17:19] <bluedude> Pazon, it's like you were a really bad psychiatrist evaluating me"""
  1694. 001693:0.0,1,"""<Tinabobeena> EVERYONE COME TO OREGON AND MAKEOUT WITH ME"""
  1695. 001694:0.0,1,"""<Tinabobeena> god i'm such a whore lol"""
  1696. 001695:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> god..i'd go lesbian for her"""
  1697. 001696:0.0,1,"""GREAT SCOTT!"""
  1698. 001697:0.0,1,"""FUCK YOU CHUCK"""
  1699. 001698:0.0,1,"""There are actually several reasons why dolphins do not speak English."""
  1700. 001699:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> imdrunk XD"""
  1701. 001700:0.0,1,"""<Mushaderp> oh fod"""
  1702. 001701:0.0,1,"""------=========<0 BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ"""
  1703. 001702:0.0,1,"""PoohBear we love you"""
  1704. 001703:0.0,1,"""* @PoohBear is intrigued"""
  1705. 001704:0.0,1,"""<@madsy> have you guys ever noticed that capslock is an anagram for cockslaps?"""
  1706. 001705:0.0,1,"""[00:26] <stereo`> do you stop being a wizard if you do have sex"""
  1707. 001706:0.0,1,"""[00:54] <timekeeper> also, im not sure why okc is recommending transsexuals to me?"""
  1708. 001707:0.0,1,"""(fridayfriday) nothing like a little cut the rope and potty time"""
  1709. 001708:0.0,1,"""<bunbunn> eat my bloody shit"""
  1710. 001709:0.0,1,"""http://973-eht-namuh-973.com/"""
  1711. 001710:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> I'd force him to chew on the hemerrhoids of old homeless men at gunpoint"""
  1712. 001711:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH"""
  1713. 001712:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> I got the baby bug bad man <fridayfriday> my ovaries pump with joy every time I see one"""
  1714. 001713:0.0,1,"""<russlar_padd> HOW MANY CALORIES DOES YOUR SPERM HAVE?"""
  1715. 001714:0.0,1,"""*Ray` has a huge penis"""
  1716. 001715:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> it is not for your bunghole"""
  1717. 001716:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> more than happy to teach you how to buy drugs"""
  1718. 001717:0.0,1,"""<CookingLobster> i have a gyno appointment in the morning and i have to freeze my ass off to go get probed"""
  1719. 001718:0.0,1,"""<cardboardphone> not thrusting it into your face, thrusting it into a vagina"""
  1720. 001719:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> i would not stick my wang in a peppercorn grinder"""
  1721. 001720:0.0,1,"""<lostabu>DRUGS ARE GOOD MKAY?"""
  1722. 001721:0.0,1,"""<Von> ;p;z/ // <Von> lolz"""
  1723. 001722:0.0,1,"""(+Manji2501) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(//ToT)//"""
  1724. 001723:0.0,1,"""(@Anonymous) oh chris brown <3"""
  1725. 001724:0.0,1,"""[01:31] (LE_BROCCOLI) Not anymore, I destroy wood."""
  1726. 001725:0.0,1,"""[02:07] (tiiv) mi cuerpo está listo también"""
  1727. 001726:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> poohbear, I WANNA PUT A BABY IN YOUR BEARD"""
  1728. 001727:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> Rape is too much work"""
  1729. 001728:0.0,1,"""[02:45] (fridayfriday) well mush let me put my baby penis in you"""
  1730. 001729:0.0,1,"""[02:48] (+quiesce) Well, OK, that isn't weird at all. I will just be over here with my oil painting kit and naked."""
  1731. 001730:0.0,1,"""[02:58] (Von) Anonymous, if i had a million dollars i'd buy you a house."""
  1732. 001731:0.0,1,"""[02:59] (smile) Anonymous if i had 5 dollars id buy you tomales"""
  1733. 001732:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> brb - I'm dancing with myself - oh oh oh oh"""
  1734. 001733:0.0,1,"""<+quiesce> I will ride your ass with a strap-on if you keep that up."""
  1735. 001734:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> santa likes it when I leave porn and milk out on the table for him"""
  1736. 001735:0.0,1,"""[12:05] (@lostabu) i am mush's asian"""
  1737. 001736:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> dry with a hint of anger?"""
  1738. 001737:0.0,1,"""<wonderfoul> lol you guys are so nice this is atypical for irc"""
  1739. 001738:0.0,1,"""<Von> vaginas are tricky with all their trap doors and secret compartments <Dostana_hangover> Is it like a Mario maze?"""
  1740. 001739:0.0,1,"""<Large_> Wow her mouth is huge.         I want to see if she can fit an whole turkey in there"""
  1741. 001740:0.0,1,"""<MaelPhone> 'hey...my penis's on there. FYI.' *slowly hands phone back*"""
  1742. 001741:0.0,1,"""<bunbunn> madsy is so beautiful it's insane"""
  1743. 001742:0.0,1,"""<dew> im so excited, my nipples could cut a diamond"""
  1744. 001743:0.0,1,"""<bunbunn> that doesn't explain why i hate semen."""
  1745. 001744:0.0,1,"""<bunbunn> that doesn't explain why i hate semen."""
  1746. 001745:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> BUN LET'S DO LINES OFF POOH'S BEARD"""
  1747. 001746:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> my vagina is in fact *poof* a penis"""
  1748. 001747:0.0,1,"""LE_BROCCOLI> I'M ALREADY COVERED IN CHEESE"""
  1749. 001748:0.0,1,"""Ray`> I've already expressed my opinions on disembodied vaginas in cans"""
  1750. 001749:0.0,1,"""[00:59] (LE_BROCCOLI) I'm a fragile creature D:"""
  1751. 001750:0.0,1,"""<thecoldpart> I LOVE U IM DDRUNK AS LOLZ"""
  1752. 001751:0.0,1,"""<orion`> do you get drunk quicker when you are upsidedown?"""
  1753. 001752:0.0,1,"""<thecoldpart> Lurkin_Lobster: I LPOVE U IM DDRUNK AS LOLZ"""
  1754. 001753:0.0,1,"""* +DrPossum adds UMBWesker to his yogurt <+DrPossum> It's delicious!"""
  1755. 001754:0.0,1,"""[12:04] (Large_) your family of lil' douches"""
  1756. 001755:0.0,1,"""<@Ray`> marriage is an institution invented to enslave men <@Anonymous> hence why i like marriage ;]"""
  1757. 001756:0.0,1,"""<Large_> im going to pick a grain of rice off your face and eat it"""
  1758. 001757:0.0,1,"""<@lostabu> sometimes I pudding"""
  1759. 001758:0.0,1,"""<@dewhashish> did he catch your snitch?"""
  1760. 001759:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> I want to send lostabu a molded replica of my peen <3"""
  1761. 001760:0.0,1,"""* +quiesce mounts Anonymous and blows raspberries into her neck before bouncing off into the sunset"""
  1762. 001761:0.0,1,"""*quiesce mounts Anonymous and blows raspberries into her neck before bouncing off into the sunset"""
  1763. 001762:0.0,1,"""<Large_> 5 guys is pretty delicious in your mouth"""
  1764. 001763:0.0,1,"""<LE_BROCCOLI> True story: I used to steal cakes."""
  1765. 001764:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> I wanna gobble your meat curtains like a sabretooth tiger"""
  1766. 001765:0.0,1,"""<Von> Anonymous likes it way down south."""
  1767. 001766:0.0,1,""".google sex"""
  1768. 001767:0.0,1,"""<@Alpha`> i have seen cocks in the line of duty at work"""
  1769. 001768:0.0,1,"""<Von> i'm like 5 inches shy."""
  1770. 001769:0.0,1,"""<wonderfoul> Anonymous and i should make a video"""
  1771. 001770:0.0,1,"""<russlar_padd> Are we having anus problems?"""
  1772. 001771:0.0,1,"""<+citra> i went to a sex store today just to feel the fleshlights"""
  1773. 001772:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> I cannot live in a world where impregnating mush is impossible"""
  1774. 001773:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> ooo baby check my cervix"""
  1775. 001774:0.0,1,"""<Snafu_> fuck me"""
  1777. 001776:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> y u no fit"""
  1778. 001777:0.0,1,"""Large_: This sucks. Its a turn on to imagine the sounds of getting head. Now I can truthfully say that DistilledWater has turned me on"""
  1779. 001778:0.0,1,"""<@madsy> I'm Norwegian, not a redneck"""
  1780. 001779:0.0,1,"""<Criously> I dont think I have any quotes on the wall"""
  1781. 001780:0.0,1,"""don't confuse the lobster"""
  1782. 001781:0.0,1,"""<@Ray`> I was banging my boyfriend in the ass and he turned around and kissed me on the lips, what a fag"""
  1783. 001782:0.0,1,"""<pdxdan> also its only gay if the balls touch"""
  1784. 001783:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> wow i know im saying something bad if Anonymous cant fap"""
  1785. 001784:0.0,1,"""<@MushAway> SEXUAL HARASSMENT NO ME GUSTA"""
  1786. 001785:0.0,1,"""<bunbunn> good lord lobster.. you experience the most fantastic passings of gas"""
  1787. 001786:0.0,1,"""<bunbunn> i'd want to fuck her with a strapon ONLY for the purpose of teaching her a lesson"""
  1788. 001787:0.0,1,"""<lolcats> don't you mean 'faps with glee'?"""
  1789. 001788:0.0,1,"""<stereo`> GET IN YOUR FAPCAGE BILLY YOU KNOW THE RULES"""
  1790. 001789:0.0,1,"""<@Lobsterphone> Maybe we could dvda her"""
  1791. 001790:0.0,1,"""<@Ray`> when their beards combine they create… captain beardplanet"""
  1792. 001791:0.0,1,"""[01:40] lostabu: i got your chinese right here baby"""
  1793. 001792:0.0,1,"""[02:53] Anonymous: you don't kiss what you stick your penis in."""
  1794. 001793:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> I just laughed so hard I drooled all over myself O_o"""
  1795. 001794:0.0,1,"""[05:08] (@stereo`) can i cook ramen on your vagina"""
  1796. 001795:0.0,1,"""<@Lobsterphone> Or as ray` called it, vagina in a can"""
  1797. 001796:0.0,1,"""<dew> no i just him lick me <i_love_pikeys> is there peanutbutter involved dew"""
  1798. 001797:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> Just ... let me slip my hand in you and fondle your heart for a few seconds."""
  1799. 001798:0.0,1,"""<@lostabu> Anonymous: is grade A creeper"""
  1800. 001799:0.0,1,"""<@smittenkitten> so i can get off early on fridays"""
  1801. 001800:0.0,1,"""<Large_> Stop giving IRC head then Anonymous"""
  1802. 001801:0.0,1,"""Ben_Dover is now known as tiiv"""
  1803. 001802:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> Anonymous: STAY OUT OF MY ASS."""
  1804. 001803:0.0,1,"""< Large_> i wonder if Id be a slut if I were a girl"""
  1805. 001804:0.0,1,"""<Large_> Sometimes I try to imagine what it would be like having a penis go into my vagina"""
  1806. 001805:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> OH BABY 69"""
  1807. 001806:0.0,1,"""<Von> I WANT A VAGINA"""
  1808. 001807:0.0,1,"""<@lostabu> and then sometimes it gets hard"""
  1809. 001808:0.0,1,"""<Large_> Having a penis is like keeping a doggie in your pants that barks at everything"""
  1810. 001809:0.0,1,"""<Large_> Having a penis is like keeping a doggie in your pants that barks at everything"""
  1811. 001810:0.0,1,"""<Large_> Sometimes I wish I could just blow a penis instead of"""
  1812. 001811:0.0,1,"""<russlar> nobody likes gushing dykes <citra> mmm i want gushers"""
  1813. 001812:0.0,1,"""<Large_> Vagina is pretty when closed <Large_> Terrifying when opened up <Large_> Looks like Predators mouth <Large_> HSSSSSS"""
  1814. 001813:0.0,1,"""*citra destroys her vagina // <Ray`> I can do that for you, citra"""
  1815. 001814:0.0,1,"""* Ray` pries citra off his face with a crowbar <Ray`> I'm doing science"""
  1816. 001815:0.0,1,"""<fa-sid> My girlfriend is like the cake in portal ... A LIE"""
  1817. 001816:0.0,1,"""<Large_> STOP TALKING ABOUT MY PANTIES"""
  1818. 001817:0.0,1,"""<Large_> Dostana the one downside of Windows 7"""
  1819. 001818:0.0,1,"""<Dostana> Not sure if that was !write-worthy"""
  1820. 001819:0.0,1,"""http://i.imgur.com/207YW.png"""
  1821. 001820:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> I LOVE MYSELF WITH MY HAND"""
  1822. 001821:0.0,1,"""<Von> shut up msuaboom"""
  1823. 001822:0.0,1,"""<Von> i want to use your beard as a loofah."""
  1824. 001823:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> no one understands me"""
  1825. 001824:0.0,1,"""<Large_> NO OONE UNDERSTANDS ME"""
  1826. 001825:0.0,1,"""<citra> i love having a monstercock"""
  1827. 001826:0.0,1,"""< dostana > I kind of disagree though, yours is not as bushy"""
  1828. 001827:0.0,1,"""<dpyro> talk to your local Anonymous about infinite penis looops"""
  1829. 001828:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> all that lube"""
  1830. 001829:0.0,1,"""<lulzwhut> MY VIRTUAL HORSE FELL IN A RIVER ORALIA I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO."""
  1831. 001830:0.0,1,"""<lulzwhut> mushapenis is being a butt"""
  1832. 001831:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> Stop mindfucking me. It hurts so good"""
  1833. 001832:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> lets commence with the buttsex"""
  1834. 001833:0.0,1,"""*lostabu pours hot butter into ray's penis popcorn. HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT // <Ray`> mmm yeah baby butter up that penis"""
  1835. 001834:0.0,1,"""<umbwesker> No butter will be in or around my penisular area"""
  1836. 001835:0.0,1,"""<mvs027> who knows what their penis looks like"""
  1837. 001836:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> oh meat how i love putting you in my mouth"""
  1838. 001837:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> Is it legal to have people taxidermied?"""
  1839. 001838:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> BIG N BLACK"""
  1840. 001839:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> I play the skin flute"""
  1841. 001840:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> Sherlawk, with that pretty face you could be a twink now"""
  1842. 001841:0.0,1,"""<@dew> sherlawk is pretty"""
  1843. 001842:0.0,1,"""<dichloroethane> you thought socializing was hard, now try doing it with syntax motherfucker"""
  1844. 001843:0.0,1,"""so what's about to happen?"""
  1845. 001844:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> maybe she just wants a deep pickling and he's not in the mood"""
  1846. 001845:0.0,1,"""[12:30] (odinsgrudge) moral of contagion: If you cheat on your husband, you'll wipe out 1/7 of humanity"""
  1847. 001846:0.0,1,"""<Ray`> my younger brother was like YES, I WILL PET THESE CATS"""
  1848. 001847:0.0,1,"""<Phill> and it is tight as hell"""
  1849. 001848:0.0,1,""" fantastic_lee begins ovulating for kittens"""
  1850. 001849:0.0,1,"""* Anonymous only touches herself"""
  1851. 001850:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> i want him in and around my butt"""
  1852. 001851:0.0,1,"""/me gusta"""
  1853. 001852:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> GET OVER HERE AND LICK MY ANUS"""
  1855. 001854:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> POOP ITS WHATS FOR DINNER"""
  1856. 001855:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> Someday I'll be the one doing the exploding."""
  1857. 001856:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> I feel like a teenage girl right now"""
  1858. 001857:0.0,1,"""<Dostana> I need to masturbate in the shower, I have yet to in this hotel room yet"""
  1859. 001858:0.0,1,"""<ryanxm> !right i have no idea what i am doing"""
  1860. 001859:0.0,1,"""<kitty_party> !wrong"""
  1861. 001860:0.0,1,"""lostabu: RIP kitty_party. OD'd on nyquil"""
  1862. 001861:0.0,1,"""<Von> this thing about my ass being feminine needs to stop."""
  1863. 001862:0.0,1,"""<Von> i have the ass of a spartan warrior"""
  1864. 001863:0.0,1,"""<kitty_party> I would sex him up"""
  1865. 001864:0.0,1,"""motherfucker, do you speak it?!"""
  1866. 001865:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> I think that if you can learn to know and love yourself, you will never truly be alone <Lurkin_Lobster> I LOVE MYSELF WITH MY HAND"""
  1867. 001866:0.0,1,"""how the fuck does this work anyway?"""
  1868. 001867:0.0,1,"""(@lostabu) THATS A HUGE CELLO"""
  1869. 001868:0.0,1,"""<ryanxm> i know everyone wants me in their butt, but you are gonna have to wait in line"""
  1870. 001869:0.0,1,"""<ryanxm> *moans and poops*"""
  1871. 001870:0.0,1,"""<Ray`> I'm turning into a triangle"""
  1872. 001871:0.0,1,"""(sleepy_lee) i woke up in bankok (sleepy_lee) surrounded by kok"""
  1873. 001872:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous>  boners are fun!"""
  1874. 001873:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> I like to flick my boner with my finger. Like its a speed bag of something"""
  1875. 001874:0.0,1,"""* @Anonymous 's nipples harden"""
  1876. 001875:0.0,1,"""<Ray`> what does the anus transform into"""
  1877. 001876:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> Tiiv.. im going to poke you so hard..."""
  1878. 001877:0.0,1,"""<bryterlayter> Just talking about girl on girl and rape and vegemite"""
  1879. 001878:0.0,1,"""<pdxdan> in my little head im like BONNNNNNNNNNNNNNER"""
  1880. 001879:0.0,1,"""<@kitten^work> kitten^work: i live in Nor Cal"""
  1881. 001880:0.0,1,"""[11:25] * @lostabu sprays purel all over self"""
  1882. 001881:0.0,1,"""<PoohBot> Oh hi guys."""
  1883. 001882:0.0,1,"""[11:45] (Large_) I have nipples, could you milk me?"""
  1884. 001883:0.0,1,"""[11:46] * Dostana clenches lips on Large_'s nipples"""
  1885. 001884:0.0,1,"""<Large_> I kind of wish Anonymous's nipples looked like lostabu's face"""
  1886. 001885:0.0,1,"""<russlar_work> i';m pretty sure Anonymous's nipples look like the back of lostabu's head"""
  1887. 001886:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> Maybe it's my ovaries talking but I think pregnant women are so beautiful and glowy"""
  1888. 001887:0.0,1,"""<@Ray`> can I borrow your skin for a day"""
  1889. 001888:0.0,1,"""<Large_> my face does look like an especially handsome dog penis!"""
  1890. 001889:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> if i am killed, i am blaming you dostana"""
  1891. 001890:0.0,1,"""<Large_> I had a crush on Sailor Mars when I was a kid <3"""
  1892. 001891:0.0,1,"""<Large_> lace underwear makes me feel pretty too"""
  1893. 001892:0.0,1,"""<@MushAway> my penis senses are tingling!"""
  1894. 001893:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheVampire> my vagina"""
  1895. 001894:0.0,1,"""<fa-sid> THERE IS NOTHING ON THE WALL FROM ME ehehehe"""
  1896. 001895:0.0,1,"""<fa-sid> I am a panty-sniffing mastermind"""
  1897. 001896:0.0,1,"""Large_ fall in a cliff - Anonymous."""
  1898. 001897:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> i'm just going to get a fat man to rape you"""
  1899. 001898:0.0,1,"""<Von>   I am willing to bet anti-rape condoms are a significant cause of murder."""
  1900. 001899:0.0,1,"""<russlar> penis IN VAGINA!"""
  1901. 001900:0.0,1,"""<Von> MY BUTT IS FANTASTIC YOU CUNTS"""
  1902. 001901:0.0,1,"""<von> we need to have a butt-off."""
  1903. 001902:0.0,1,"""<a_meteorite>I can get behind this halfbreed...'s ass"""
  1904. 001903:0.0,1,"""<Von> everyone, male or female, would want to get behind this halfbreed's ass. // <dew> and fuck it"""
  1905. 001904:0.0,1,"""<lostabu>       i can confirm that large is a ladybody, i've touched his dog"""
  1906. 001905:0.0,1,"""<bunnygurl> only time I was able to do that I was able to think myself to orgasm."""
  1907. 001906:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> god my penis is beautiful"""
  1908. 001907:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> It's like trying ladyboys before going full gay"""
  1909. 001908:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> It's like trying ladyboys before going full gay"""
  1910. 001909:0.0,1,"""<wolfc86> Anonymous! i choose you! // *wolfc86 throws a Mushaball"""
  1911. 001910:0.0,1,"""<Dostana> Hopefully someone doesn't steal your idea and send pubic hair"""
  1912. 001911:0.0,1,"""<dpyro> finger in butthole <timo2> new usb device detected"""
  1913. 001912:0.0,1,"""[02:23] (@Ray`) so much butter and cream // [02:23] (dpyro) that should help with the finger later"""
  1914. 001913:0.0,1,"""[04:06] ** thecoldpart has quit (Quit: i want to make out with Anonymous)"""
  1915. 001914:0.0,1,"""<thecoldpart> I SAW my first wall quote the other day"""
  1916. 001915:0.0,1,"""[04:53] (@tiiv) Anonymous: you're all mine!"""
  1917. 001916:0.0,1,"""[05:29] * @tiiv serenades Anonymous with lullabies // [05:30] * quiesce flogs Anonymous"""
  1918. 001917:0.0,1,"""<fixedpossum> ugh so long"""
  1919. 001918:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> our genitals are magic, that's why"""
  1920. 001919:0.0,1,"""<Large_> Semen doesnt taste that bad in small quantities"""
  1921. 001920:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> linux ass mysql penis"""
  1922. 001921:0.0,1,"""┏( -_-)┛┗(-_- )┓┗(-_-)┛┏(-_-)┓"""
  1923. 001922:0.0,1,"""* Dostana finds a baby's bottom to put face on"""
  1924. 001923:0.0,1,"""<haploid> this channel has an unhealthy obsession with cock."""
  1925. 001924:0.0,1,"""[16:25] (quiesce) Anonymous: .__________________."""
  1926. 001925:0.0,1,"""<stereo`> i don't always eat out my waiters but when i do i usually tip extra"""
  1927. 001926:0.0,1,"""<Large__> I AMA straight guy who pretends to be gay."""
  1928. 001927:0.0,1,"""(@Anonymous) I am a lesbian who pretends to be straight"""
  1929. 001928:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> we will have..little wangs"""
  1930. 001929:0.0,1,"""stereo`: i just want girls to lick lick my vagina"""
  1931. 001930:0.0,1,"""<Large__> DRINK MY FECES"""
  1932. 001931:0.0,1,"""<Dostana> ♥ ❤ ❥ ♥ ❤ ❥ ♥ ❤ ❥ ♥ ❤ ❥ ♥ ❤ ❥"""
  1933. 001932:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheVampire> yeah watch out for the guys with crabs"""
  1934. 001933:0.0,1,"""* ADHD_Lobster molests tina over the internet"""
  1935. 001934:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: ehhhhhh"""
  1936. 001935:0.0,1,"""(@Anonymous) his butt... has amazing fries"""
  1937. 001936:0.0,1,"""[04:53] (quiesce) Anonymous: You haven't seen angry faces until you have gazed into my bare, pulsating crotch."""
  1938. 001937:0.0,1,"""[05:14] (Dostana) The Skype Chats are like eargasms"""
  1939. 001938:0.0,1,"""haploid Snafu_: graffiti. Apparently it's not a crime if it looks good."""
  1940. 001939:0.0,1,"""[14:22] (fridayfriday) I heard a rumor…if you say penis x3 Anonymous shows up <3"""
  1941. 001940:0.0,1,"""<fahquar> Dammit. As if I didn't have enough on my hands...."""
  1942. 001941:0.0,1,"""<@Ray`> and I am gay for clive barker"""
  1943. 001942:0.0,1,"""***dew slaps ray` on the ass"""
  1944. 001943:0.0,1,"""<dew>   im going to plow you so hard later"""
  1945. 001944:0.0,1,"""dew: im bulimic, that way i can taste it twice"""
  1946. 001945:0.0,1,"""odinsgrudge: I want to be ablye to hang from a tree like a monkey w/ my penis"""
  1947. 001946:0.0,1,"""<Ray`> who'd win in a fight, stephen hawking or helen keller?"""
  1948. 001947:0.0,1,"""Official channel for /r/foreveralone | Channel Stats: http://stats.foreveralonechat.com/ | Please refrain from creeping on others in the channel. | Operator action will result in a warn/kick/ban. | http://goo.gl/4jeH3 FA Valentines gift exchange (if interested click link) | Do not spam the bot"""
  1949. 001948:0.0,1,"""(11:56:28 PM) lostabu: its !write"""
  1950. 001949:0.0,1,"""<@Ray`> not like you can't just pretend to be an attractive male teenager, create a facebook account, friend random teens and creep on their swimsuit photos"""
  1951. 001950:0.0,1,"""[12:20] * @Anonymous slaps lostabu's butt"""
  1952. 001951:0.0,1,"""'I'm reddit famous, wanna fuck? - noonches"""
  1953. 001952:0.0,1,"""<Ray`>  when frightened, the uterus will escape the body and flee to safety"""
  1954. 001953:0.0,1,"""<@Ray`> I like being able to eat cheese all the time"""
  1955. 001954:0.0,1,"""<Ray`> and I was testing it out, very pleased with the way the the wings were working on pulling the string"""
  1956. 001955:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> I will chop off your manhood"""
  1957. 001956:0.0,1,"""<Nephyst> let me use my elbow as a fork and my belly button as a food."""
  1958. 001957:0.0,1,"""[06:09] (@PoohBear) If I were in prison with you, I'd drop the soap and ask you to pick it up for me"""
  1959. 001958:0.0,1,"""[06:15] (lostabu) im always down for some naked tiiv"""
  1960. 001959:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> bunbunn dress up like a schoolboy and see if it helps"""
  1961. 001960:0.0,1,"""<@Ray`> PUT YOUR penis IN MY PAPER TRAY"""
  1962. 001961:0.0,1,"""<bunbunn> i need your ink, give it to me now!"""
  1963. 001962:0.0,1,"""<bunbunn> fill me upppp"""
  1964. 001963:0.0,1,"""[13:50] (fahquar-data) stop rubbing things in mush's face"""
  1965. 001964:0.0,1,"""<AnonymousNitro>        I do you fucking crazy ass"""
  1966. 001965:0.0,1,"""(11:15:28 PM) dew: the wall is 95% penis"""
  1967. 001966:0.0,1,"""<lolcats> haploid if i clone you and you fuck yourself will you be diploid?"""
  1968. 001967:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> HOT MEN IN HERE"""
  1969. ------:0.0,1,"""http://i.imgur.com/LJyY8.jpg"""
  1970. 001969:0.0,1,"""<haploid> Anonymous: stop slut-shaming."""
  1971. 001970:0.0,1,"""Eddie was booted from #reddit-foreveralone by madsy (WE GET IT, YOU LIKE LLAMAS)"""
  1972. 001971:0.0,1,"""<Ray> 'I'm a lobster, snap snap'...thats the story of your life"""
  1973. 001972:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> pity faps."""
  1974. 001973:0.0,1,"""<Dostana> lolpenis<3"""
  1975. 001974:0.0,1,"""<LadyViolet> fa-sid: just do whatevs man. it's her vagina."""
  1976. 001975:0.0,1,"""<laminar> bunnygurl is question master"""
  1977. 001976:0.0,1,"""(@stereo`) i just occasionally have sex with men, but i'm not gay"""
  1978. 001977:0.0,1,"""!wall"""
  1979. 001978:0.0,1,"""<Criously> and its not that tiny"""
  1980. 001979:0.0,1,"""<Criously> It's actually above average!"""
  1981. 001980:0.0,1,"""PoohBear: I'm chatting in both chats, skyping, masturbating, and writing a research paper on how to cure cancer"""
  1982. 001981:0.0,1,"""[01:57] (fridayfriday) mush likes them unwilling"""
  1983. 001982:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> El mio siempre esta listo para ti, tiiv"""
  1984. 001983:0.0,1,"""[02:25] (fridayfriday) s = spit on the peen"""
  1985. 001984:0.0,1,"""(1:46:56 AM) ***Anonymous fapfapfapfapfap (1:47:04 AM) Anonymous: IT HURTS SOGOOOOOD"""
  1986. 001985:0.0,1,"""[03:59] (a_meteorite) I furiously beated something during this whole argument too."""
  1987. 001986:0.0,1,"""<glahga> or you can rub it on yourself"""
  1988. 001987:0.0,1,"""(2:14:06 PM) stereo`: bah i should have asked santa for a nice looking butt"""
  1989. 001988:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> I am not knocked up"""
  1990. 001989:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> enjoying penis is pretty hetero"""
  1991. 001990:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> I have rapist thoughts"""
  1992. 001991:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> I am feeling rather hot and gluttonous today."""
  1993. 001992:0.0,1,"""[13:01] (Kashington) I'm scared"""
  1994. 001993:0.0,1,"""<Large_> If you peg Anonymous do it in her mouth so she can't talk"""
  1995. 001994:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> I dreamt I was showering in a locker room with tiiv and lostabu, and we were snapping each other with towels"""
  1996. 001995:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> i would probably murder your friends with a broken bottle"""
  1997. 001996:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> I am your asia"""
  1998. 001997:0.0,1,"""Curious about Denmark? Here is a handy primer: We drive through there to get to Germany."""
  1999. 001998:0.0,1,"""haploid: I couldn't get laid if I walked into a Thai whorehouse with $10,000 and a huge bag of cocaine."""
  2000. 001999:0.0,1,"""* Large_ holds on to Anonymous's cock to avoid falling over"""
  2001. 002000:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> If someone says to me 'Do whatever', it's going in the ear"""
  2002. 002001:0.0,1,"""<Large_> I dub thee Lady Anonymous, Duchess Of Douche"""
  2003. 002002:0.0,1,"""<dew> i was so good i yelled out my own name during sex"""
  2004. 002003:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> Hello, pole. it is good to see you."""
  2005. 002004:0.0,1,"""<Large_> SHOW ME THE MEANING, OF BEEEEEIN LONELY"""
  2006. 002005:0.0,1,"""<Large_> But their peniss drag on the ground!"""
  2007. 002006:0.0,1,"""<Lobsterphone> WE ARE NOT HAVING BATHROOM SEXYTIMES"""
  2008. 002007:0.0,1,"""<Mr420> that damn cider is giving me diarrhea every time, but its worth it"""
  2009. 002008:0.0,1,"""<Sh0rtWave>     I won't believe any of you are female unless I'm in your physical presence and can perform my own inspection."""
  2010. 002009:0.0,1,"""< wolfc > DOLPBEWBS http://i42.tinypic.com/16052eg.gif"""
  2011. 002010:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheHead> MY VAGINA IS GLORIOUS"""
  2012. 002011:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> do people get their tongues stuck to you in the winter?"""
  2013. 002012:0.0,1,"""tiiv: gdajfl"""
  2014. 002013:0.0,1,"""[04:10] <@Anonymous> o yeah i am the only one that talks about penises -_-"""
  2015. 002014:0.0,1,"""<BikerMael> her mouth says no but her eeys say fuck me in the ass"""
  2016. 002015:0.0,1,"""sinking: I want to get her some chastity gloves so she can't type"""
  2017. 002016:0.0,1,"""shut up Anonymous"""
  2018. 002017:0.0,1,"""[01:15] <Anonymous> I like boobs!"""
  2019. 002018:0.0,1,"""<Dostana> i like penis :3"""
  2020. 002019:0.0,1,"""<Dostana> in my butt :D"""
  2021. 002020:0.0,1,"""[00:21] dostana: When mixed, baby made :O"""
  2022. 002021:0.0,1,"""[03:53] <CheckinUOut> TIL Anonymous is a cat"""
  2023. 002022:0.0,1,"""<lolcats>       I'm so glad I don't have any !wall quotes."""
  2024. 002023:0.0,1,"""[09:47] (lostabu) sneak hug is one step away from rape hug"""
  2025. 002024:0.0,1,"""(9:29:48 PM) tiiv: In order to derive the spatial entities, a “complete linkage cluster analysis”, proposed by FRIEDRICH (1996), is employed to determine the smallest Euclidean displacement within the multivariate space created by the above set of indices presuming spatial adjacency of the attached pixels within the terrain model (WOLF et al. 2009:2025)."""
  2026. 002025:0.0,1,"""<Snafu_> i farted"""
  2027. 002026:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> I just don't feel like being wet"""
  2028. 002027:0.0,1,"""<citra> u can give boob jobs"""
  2029. 002028:0.0,1,"""<tiiv> boobs are great"""
  2030. 002029:0.0,1,"""< fridayfriday> I've been subconsciously poking myself in the boob"""
  2031. 002030:0.0,1,"""(12:28:11 AM) dew: i find this chat easy to masturbate to"""
  2032. 002031:0.0,1,"""non-alcoholic beer is like a dildo without vibrations, It fills you up but there is no buzz."""
  2033. 002032:0.0,1,"""<macgyver> loose is okay. i got a big package"""
  2034. 002033:0.0,1,"""<fahquar> I'm not tight"""
  2035. 002034:0.0,1,"""fahquar: I'm not tight...loose as a clown's pocket, me"""
  2036. 002035:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> I WANNA KISS YOU SO HARD THAT YOUR LIPS BLEED"""
  2038. 002037:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> Fun fact: Due to the colour properties of my hair, my crotch is only appreciably red in direct sunlight."""
  2039. 002038:0.0,1,"""[09:24] <laminar> icy hot does horrible things to boy parts"""
  2040. 002039:0.0,1,"""<chillaminar> THESE THREE INCHES WILL BE YOUR LAST"""
  2041. 002040:0.0,1,"""<kitty_party> Ahh physics y u so silly"""
  2042. 002041:0.0,1,"""<Tinabobeena> when i feel lonely i find my purple plastic penis. it vibrates. lol"""
  2043. 002042:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> I have the nude mod installed for Skyrim, so when I get lonely I kill women in the game, remove all their clothes, then I pose them in sexy poses and take screenshots."""
  2044. 002043:0.0,1,"""coffeebeans10: say we were playing pool, and the bar is full of douches and people looking for a fight, and I told you I wanted to play 'Hollaback Girl' on the jukebox. what would you do?"""
  2045. 002044:0.0,1,"""i lost my anal virginity on my parents bed"""
  2046. 002045:0.0,1,"""[02:32] (@Anonymous) i do enjoy the boobs :3"""
  2047. 002046:0.0,1,"""<sushi`> penises vaginas cocks peniss pussy crotch boobs stuff stuff stuff"""
  2048. 002047:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> penis vagina orgasm slut hobag drip moist"""
  2049. 002048:0.0,1,"""(thecoldpart) I love lolcats"""
  2050. 002049:0.0,1,"""<ptard> yeah, but it was like bros, not brosexual"""
  2051. 002050:0.0,1,"""< sushi`> Confession: there is porn video online that just makes me speechless. Not necessarily from the guy's perspective, but actually from the woman's. Where i am like... I would totally want to be in her place, as the woman."""
  2052. 002051:0.0,1,"""(@lostabu) me and tiiv are bromosexuals"""
  2053. 002052:0.0,1,"""lostabu:        we are the axis of sexy"""
  2054. 002053:0.0,1,"""[13:15] (@Anonymous) I never thought boobs could hurt this much D:"""
  2055. 002054:0.0,1,"""[12:16] (lolcats) Anonymous: my boob hurts too"""
  2056. 002055:0.0,1,"""<@lostabu> love is a battle of the bulge <@lostabu> the bulge in my pants"""
  2057. 002056:0.0,1,"""(lolcats) LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD"""
  2058. 002057:0.0,1,"""http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koVY-zMzeVQ <- tiiv's song"""
  2059. 002058:0.0,1,"""<ptard> haha mothers and their knifing stage"""
  2060. 002059:0.0,1,"""<russlar> The Jar-Jar Binks Adventures <PoohBear> These composting toilets look like a better idea"""
  2061. 002060:0.0,1,"""dew     I NEVER SAID THAT"""
  2062. 002061:0.0,1,"""[21:15] =-=     lolcats is now known as ptard"""
  2063. 002062:0.0,1,"""<ptard_> My nickname brings all the penis to the yard"""
  2064. 002063:0.0,1,"""<ptard>         It seems I've innfected people with the tardis virus"""
  2065. 002064:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> Ich leibe fecken"""
  2066. 002065:0.0,1,"""<@tiiv> didn't see that coming huh!"""
  2067. 002066:0.0,1,"""<tiiv> boning"""
  2068. 002067:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> Jizz is good for the skin"""
  2069. 002068:0.0,1,"""*lostabu tucks it, puts on lipstick"""
  2070. 002069:0.0,1,"""<tiiv> I have the feeling Anonymous just talked dirty to me"""
  2071. 002070:0.0,1,"""PoohShower> I want a girl to quote star wars during sex"""
  2072. 002071:0.0,1,"""<@PoohShower> SHERLAWK IS A MAN. A MAN, MAN, MAN."""
  2073. 002072:0.0,1,"""<Tinabobeena> sherlawk, you're so hot i'd let you join in while i make love to your bass"""
  2074. 002073:0.0,1,"""*p3n15 flops around"""
  2075. 002074:0.0,1,"""citra: I LOVE POOPING"""
  2076. 002075:0.0,1,"""sighwonder: facebook is for white people"""
  2077. 002076:0.0,1,"""http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=fBzfJF3C0CI"""
  2078. 002077:0.0,1,"""citra: I thought fiber was for pooping"""
  2079. 002078:0.0,1,"""quiesce: I am not a penis!"""
  2080. 002079:0.0,1,"""citra: I miss my pussy when I was 17"""
  2081. 002080:0.0,1,"""[00:46] (quiesce) I say my eyes are innocent by virtue of never having had semen in them. Fair?"""
  2082. 002081:0.0,1,"""(fahquar) it will help ease the gas"""
  2083. 002082:0.0,1,"""(fahquar) swallow it"""
  2084. 002083:0.0,1,"""(coffeetent) I'm so hard I'm gassy!"""
  2085. 002084:0.0,1,"""(lolcats) anyway don't fuck each other too much"""
  2086. 002085:0.0,1,"""(CheckinUOut) elle me dit Anonymous est retardee LOL that works in the song LOL"""
  2087. 002086:0.0,1,"""(10:40:51 AM) Anonymous: But fuck you anyway lol D:"""
  2088. 002087:0.0,1,"""[09:34] <EddieTheRomanian> he's bad, bad, evil, demented and mad, he'll smuther your brother and blister your sister and torture your mother and dad, his mind is a pile of malice and guile, and kindness not even a tad, Tiiv, he's bad..... BAAAAAAADDD BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD"""
  2089. 002088:0.0,1,"""(lolcats) DOUCHELAND"""
  2090. 002089:0.0,1,"""(lulzwhut) ( . Y . )"""
  2091. 002090:0.0,1,"""<@lostabu> man nips are sexy"""
  2092. 002091:0.0,1,"""lolcats: it has nothing to do with speed or hardness"""
  2093. 002092:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: Do i need to stick a fucking sign on hhim that he is MY ASIAN"""
  2094. 002093:0.0,1,"""(fahquar_reads) I keep my old farts in jars."""
  2095. 002094:0.0,1,"""lostabu: i read that as tiiv had a goatse"""
  2096. 002095:0.0,1,"""(Large_) Fine Anonymous I admit it I like you too"""
  2097. 002096:0.0,1,"""(7:17:56 PM) Large_: And Im like bitch u aint no nippon"""
  2098. 002097:0.0,1,"""<citra> lol one time for an art projecrt i made a sculpture of my uterus and put it in a jar"""
  2099. 002098:0.0,1,"""Large_: Haploid: Id trade my hypothetical martial arts skill for a hypothetical big penis, just sayin"""
  2100. 002099:0.0,1,"""fahquar_read: Gentlemen! Fetch the hounds! The hunt is on! The penis Hunt! *sounds the bugles*"""
  2101. 002100:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> Tiny Chinese baby girl, get in my satchel."""
  2102. 002101:0.0,1,"""<@lostabu> i pierced my wang one day because i was bored"""
  2103. 002102:0.0,1,"""lostabu: what dont you want to feel a giant metal ring when i stick my pee pee in your vagooooo"""
  2104. 002103:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> the door is barking."""
  2105. 002104:0.0,1,"""<sinking> no darren, u stay perfect bby gurl ;)"""
  2106. 002105:0.0,1,"""kitty_party: Hash"""
  2107. 002106:0.0,1,"""<Zekk> 'Yes, I'm gay. 100% gay. Sorry.'"""
  2108. 002107:0.0,1,"""<lolcats> tiiv, Anonymous. My favorite internet jerks :>"""
  2109. 002108:0.0,1,"""(lolcats) i was going to say 'but i came there anyway' BUT I KNOW YOU PEOPLE"""
  2110. 002109:0.0,1,"""<Dashby> lolcats: you seem like an outgoing person, why are you here?"""
  2111. 002110:0.0,1,"""<Mr420> vote ron paul"""
  2112. 002111:0.0,1,"""lostabu lolcats: lolcats lolcats lolcats lolcats lolcats"""
  2113. 002112:0.0,1,"""[17:10] fixedzero: I wonder if any reddit-is-down babies will be made today"""
  2114. 002113:0.0,1,"""(Large_) Im usually not that furious when i msturbate"""
  2115. 002114:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> but fahquar, I have fingers to plug up all the holes"""
  2116. 002115:0.0,1,"""(5:59:28 PM) haploid: Hmmm, wonder what a beardjob would feel like."""
  2117. 002116:0.0,1,"""(@lostabu) we shall name them ching, chong, chang, chino"""
  2118. 002117:0.0,1,"""<lostabu_lunch> old saggy wrinkly sad bags"""
  2119. 002118:0.0,1,"""<lolcats>       i can use things with both hands"""
  2120. 002119:0.0,1,"""*lostabu        sticks his penis in crazy"""
  2121. 002120:0.0,1,"""*lostabu sticks his penis in crazy"""
  2122. 002121:0.0,1,"""┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐"""
  2123. 002122:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: you were yummy as fuckkkk"""
  2124. 002123:0.0,1,"""[14:52] (@Anonymous) I ATE YOU YESTERDAY"""
  2125. 002124:0.0,1,"""*lostabu sticks his penis in crazy"""
  2126. 002125:0.0,1,"""*lostabu sticks his penis in crazy"""
  2127. 002126:0.0,1,"""*lostabu sticks his penis in crazy"""
  2128. 002127:0.0,1,"""*Anonymous sticks herself on crazy"""
  2129. 002128:0.0,1,"""*sushi` sticks his penis in crazy all the time"""
  2130. 002129:0.0,1,"""lostabu is asian"""
  2131. 002130:0.0,1,"""!wall"""
  2132. 002131:0.0,1,"""!wall !write"""
  2133. 002132:0.0,1,"""!write !wall"""
  2134. 002133:0.0,1,"""[15:13] (@Anonymous) i will ..penis punch you both."""
  2135. 002134:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> nut up or shut up"""
  2136. 002135:0.0,1,"""tiiv is now known as mushatiiv"""
  2137. 002136:0.0,1,"""<tiiv^zombies> my ping will be down when it's good and ready"""
  2138. 002137:0.0,1,"""lostabu gurrrrl yo have some messed up labias"""
  2139. 002138:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> SOMETIMES GIRLS JUST NEED SPACE"""
  2140. 002139:0.0,1,"""<wolfc_work> don't drop the sopa"""
  2141. 002140:0.0,1,"""<fantastic_lee> no need to get your panties in a twist"""
  2142. 002141:0.0,1,"""(russlar) I MUST LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH YOUR penis"""
  2143. 002142:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> alpha` >_> and i am the penis obsessed one?"""
  2144. 002143:0.0,1,"""[00:33] maelmarcone: scumbag mush. finally gets on cam. hides behind a rabbit."""
  2145. 002144:0.0,1,"""maelmarcone: scumbag mush. finally gets on cam. hides behind a rabbit."""
  2146. 002145:0.0,1,"""sighwonder: kooks sighwonder: do you and mush have a homance?"""
  2147. 002146:0.0,1,"""fa_and_ok: !wallshaboom"""
  2148. 002147:0.0,1,"""<lolcats> her ultimate is rainbow penis"""
  2150. 002149:0.0,1,"""<GalacticOtter> fuckity fuck fuck a truck with a duck"""
  2151. 002150:0.0,1,"""(sinking) have you seen my man closet, he has no chance"""
  2152. 002151:0.0,1,"""EAT SHIT LOSTABU!"""
  2153. 002152:0.0,1,"""<Large_> Not me, I think about solving Fourier series when I masturbate… those sexy oscillations, oh my god"""
  2154. 002153:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> i have an awesome bod"""
  2155. 002154:0.0,1,"""<Large_> I ought to just give you the worst reacharound of your life right now"""
  2156. 002155:0.0,1,"""< Large_ >"""
  2157. 002156:0.0,1,"""<sinking> you will never outfag me, for I am the fag king."""
  2158. 002157:0.0,1,"""<sinking> They shall call me faggius maximus, the fag of fags, king of kings"""
  2159. 002158:0.0,1,"""(11:25:38 PM) Large__: lolcats I prefer the term 'social sphincter' to asshole"""
  2160. 002159:0.0,1,"""<@lostabu> anniekan: how is your butt"""
  2161. 002160:0.0,1,"""(11:27:24 PM) lostabu: anniekan: how is your butt"""
  2162. 002161:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: takes a bite of shrimp and chews slowly....."""
  2163. 002162:0.0,1,"""<Ih> That's a bot, right? <Ih> the thing that keeps talking about peniss"""
  2164. 002163:0.0,1,"""< Ih> what does !write mean?"""
  2165. 002164:0.0,1,"""http://www.icanhazchat.com/reddit-foreveralone#: dude, @poohbear is hella lookin like a pirate, bet that dude is gonna get some booty tonight"""
  2166. 002165:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> it was smaller"""
  2167. 002166:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> I'd be a boy if I could. Just so I could write my name in the snow with my pee."""
  2168. 002167:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: i want a penis to slap people that annoy me"""
  2169. 002168:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> MY MILKSHAKE BRINGS ALL THE LOLCATS TO THE YARD <dew> and they're like 'i can has?'"""
  2170. 002169:0.0,1,"""The only thing that could stop a massive orgy is daylight or a bigger orgy down the street"""
  2171. 002170:0.0,1,"""<CheckinUOut> i know there's a FAP club somewhere"""
  2172. 002171:0.0,1,"""I'm old Greg!"""
  2173. 002172:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> who gaveher chinese food? that's what I want to know."""
  2174. 002173:0.0,1,"""http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2010/9/24/1285335427020/Measure-Fancy-pants-002.jpg"""
  2175. 002174:0.0,1,"""citra: my computer is like a tiny asian woman, and i'm trying to shove a bunch of peniss in her"""
  2176. 002175:0.0,1,"""<citra> My computer is like, a tiny asian woman, and I'm trying to shove all these peniss in her"""
  2177. 002176:0.0,1,"""fridayfriday: when in doubt feel it out"""
  2178. 002177:0.0,1,"""(11:11:41 AM) PoohBear: http://i.imgur.com/tVcRv.jpg (11:12:27 AM) PoohBear: I masturbated many times in that little guard shack"""
  2179. 002178:0.0,1,"""fridayfriday: I am in bed with a pussy"""
  2180. 002179:0.0,1,"""(@lostabu) dew, this isnt vietnam there are rules"""
  2181. 002180:0.0,1,"""fridayfriday: I make a pretty good Jewy sidekick"""
  2182. 002181:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> Also sinking is a cunty penis faggot"""
  2183. 002182:0.0,1,"""<@fridayfriday> sinking strikes me more of a bear sex kind of guy"""
  2184. 002183:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> you put your penis in, you take your penis out, you put your penis in, and you shake it all about"""
  2185. 002184:0.0,1,"""<@fridayfriday> *penis slaps sushi`*"""
  2186. 002185:0.0,1,"""(8:17:06 PM) RyanXM: i wonder if, eventually, PoohBot will have enough information to just have our conversations without us"""
  2187. 002186:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> LOSTABU SHUT UP"""
  2188. 002187:0.0,1,"""<sinking> everyone wants a penis, they're swell"""
  2189. 002188:0.0,1,"""<@lostabu> you can't not like penis"""
  2190. 002189:0.0,1,"""alcohol dissolves everything!!!!"""
  2191. 002190:0.0,1,"""sushi` is a liar... DO NOT TRUST HIM"""
  2192. 002191:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> I want to crawl inside his gaping pouch. I bet it's cozy in there…hell I'd even bring a flashlight."""
  2193. 002192:0.0,1,"""<sushi`> why is fridayfriday a @? <@lostabu> because shes a jew"""
  2194. 002193:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> ICH LIEBE GROSSE STIEFFEN // <lostabu> i am gross when I am stiff ( ._.) // <PoohBear> 'I love huge boners'"""
  2195. 002194:0.0,1,"""<@lostabu> i read that as forced ejaculation"""
  2196. 002195:0.0,1,"""lostabu: schlicking is like scrubbing a dish"""
  2197. 002196:0.0,1,"""<lolcats> and i've done a lot of sanding wood"""
  2198. 002197:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> its like trying to remove that chunk of hardened sauce from your favorite dish"""
  2199. 002198:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: THE CLIT IS YOUR BFFFFFFFFFFFFF"""
  2200. 002199:0.0,1,"""http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ly0orrthbl1qzbf82o1_500.png"""
  2201. 002200:0.0,1,"""<@PoohNap> I once had my fist inside of an 80 year old woman"""
  2202. 002201:0.0,1,"""<@PoohNap> I fingered my anus while thinking about lostabu"""
  2203. 002202:0.0,1,"""<citra> is that when someone slaps your tits"""
  2204. 002203:0.0,1,"""<Tinabobeena> large_ loves the coek"""
  2205. 002204:0.0,1,"""** lostabu has quit (Quit: homance 4 lyfe)"""
  2206. 002205:0.0,1,"""(Large_) I summon a level 5 Labia monster"""
  2207. 002206:0.0,1,"""<sinking> BRO IM SO AVERA ILL MEDIOCRE THE SHIT OUT OF YOU"""
  2208. 002207:0.0,1,"""<sinking> BRO IM SO AVERGE ILL MEDIOCRE THE SHIT OUT OF YOU"""
  2209. 002208:0.0,1,"""<sinking> BRO IM SO AVERAGE ILL MEDIOCRE THE SHIT OUT OF YOU"""
  2210. 002209:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous>     >_> it's hard to type while you masturbate okay"""
  2211. 002210:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> I WANNA GO HOME AND MASTURBATE"""
  2212. 002211:0.0,1,"""[07:11] <Anonymous> <3 penis"""
  2213. 002212:0.0,1,"""<Sherlawk> Poohbear, bend me over and make me sing."""
  2214. 002213:0.0,1,"""<haploid> YOU'RE TEARING ME APART FRIDAYFRIDAY"""
  2215. 002214:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> lostabu holds the key clenched tightly in his buttcheeks"""
  2216. 002215:0.0,1,"""fridayfriday: I want a hate fuck"""
  2217. 002216:0.0,1,"""lostabu: PoohBear, what is a card that trumps all other cards?"""
  2218. 002217:0.0,1,"""<rolotony> you just come into my room when my penis is spinning"""
  2219. 002218:0.0,1,"""<bdown> My favorite quote this week comes from Warren Ellis: 'One little comment about being dilated to 8cm and everybody unfollows you YOU CAN’T EVEN SEE MY CERVIX YOU COWARDS'"""
  2220. 002219:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> I am feeling fat and sassy today, PoohBear"""
  2221. 002220:0.0,1,"""<pdxdan> i just want a giant piano i can frolick on"""
  2222. 002221:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> In which case he would find himself pimping up the wrong trees."""
  2223. 002222:0.0,1,"""(4:39:43 PM) NoPantsLobster: Well maybe you should wash your anus russlar"""
  2224. 002223:0.0,1,"""<fahquar> 'you think coming to russlar's anus was a bad idea? I'm beginning to agree with you..'"""
  2225. 002224:0.0,1,"""(fahquarclean) that's why you should be careful about 'getting people dirty' you never know what's going on"""
  2226. 002225:0.0,1,"""this person is awesome ^"""
  2227. 002226:0.0,1,"""<sexuf> I WANT THAT IN ME!!!"""
  2228. 002227:0.0,1,"""<sexuf> penis heaven sounds interesting as a Renaissance painting"""
  2230. 002229:0.0,1,"""<sexuf> All the thongs"""
  2231. 002230:0.0,1,"""http://imgur.com/AW42z"""
  2232. 002231:0.0,1,"""<lostabu>i want gwen stefani's body"""
  2233. 002232:0.0,1,"""<dew> i farted.... this is awful"""
  2234. 002233:0.0,1,"""* sexuf picks nose"""
  2235. 002234:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> seriously she like violates my eyes every 5 seconds"""
  2236. 002235:0.0,1,"""you are the love of my life Lostabu"""
  2237. 002236:0.0,1,"""<fantastic_lee> gonorrhea is adorable"""
  2238. 002237:0.0,1,"""fantastic_lee: OMG HIV IS SOOOO CUTE"""
  2239. 002238:0.0,1,"""[00:14] https://www.icanhazchat.com/fagw#: But then the first day is like a constant erection"""
  2240. 002239:0.0,1,"""(12:15:40 AM) fridayfriday: if you're not 18+…you are 18+ on the internet"""
  2241. 002240:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> I'm the chat slut. Everyone has their way with me D:"""
  2242. 002241:0.0,1,"""<@fridayfriday> poohbear, stick my tampon string in your nose."""
  2243. 002242:0.0,1,"""[03:00] <@fridayfriday> lostabu has a gaping vagina <3"""
  2244. 002243:0.0,1,"""(9:09:00 AM) lostabu: Wall me"""
  2245. 002244:0.0,1,"""<citra> ugh can someone make a comic of how like u finally get comfy in bed and then u have to pee"""
  2246. 002245:0.0,1,"""[03:01] (CheckinUOut) her pubic hair smells like fresh strawberries"""
  2247. 002246:0.0,1,"""Totally unrelated: Badgers."""
  2248. 002247:0.0,1,"""<lolcats> lostabu, you sure that's not the only thing you want in your mouth?"""
  2249. 002248:0.0,1,"""(8:00:38 PM) haploid: Um, you guys need to think outside the box. Find a bulemic woman to blow you. Problem solved."""
  2250. 002249:0.0,1,"""Snafu_: o hAi, wHatA yur FaVoRiTe pOkEmOn!?"""
  2251. 002250:0.0,1,"""<citra> im wearing like 4 layers <DistilledFone> Challenge accepted"""
  2252. 002251:0.0,1,"""< DistilledFone > Goddam I want to fuck a chick. < Dostana > it smells nice"""
  2253. 002252:0.0,1,"""[04:40] <@lostabu> its like heaven"""
  2254. 002253:0.0,1,"""<DistilledFone> I am on the wall a total of 4 times"""
  2255. 002254:0.0,1,"""<@fridayfriday> hmm that is a lot of penis in a row"""
  2256. 002255:0.0,1,"""[05:04] * fantastic_lee finishes"""
  2257. 002256:0.0,1,"""<DouginIllinois> Brazilian fart porn to be exact"""
  2258. 002257:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> dichloroethane why dont you go detect my sweaty taint"""
  2259. 002258:0.0,1,"""<fahquarworks> it's so rich and creamy (I am talking about coconut milk before anyone tries to wall this)"""
  2260. 002259:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> don't even i will eat you and throw up"""
  2261. 002260:0.0,1,"""<Enossir> I thought rose petals came out when women went to the bathroom"""
  2262. 002261:0.0,1,"""(7:14:51 PM) fahquarworks: I think he was just hiding the vicious, bowel ripping legacy that he would pass onto me"""
  2263. 002262:0.0,1,"""<dichloroethane> oh crap, I always thought lostabu was chick"""
  2264. 002263:0.0,1,"""*lostabu hate sexes his hand"""
  2265. 002264:0.0,1,"""<vil33> I'm just a good squatter"""
  2266. 002265:0.0,1,"""<TestNamePleaseIg> excellent... (note to log - they have accepted me as one of their own)"""
  2267. 002266:0.0,1,"""(8:55:23 PM) TestNamePleaseIg: Haploid creeping is sponsored in part by - TOYOTA - and viewers like you!"""
  2268. 002267:0.0,1,"""rolotony: I'm indulgently delectable yet low in calories"""
  2269. 002268:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> i am still watching rihanna fuck my screen with her crotch apparently"""
  2270. 002269:0.0,1,"""(3:28:26 AM) lostabu: asian 2.0"""
  2271. 002270:0.0,1,"""rolotony: I'm trying to punch my stomach really hard and I accidentally nick my penis."""
  2272. 002271:0.0,1,"""<DouginIllinois> Brb getting fucked by a strap on with my ex while i cum in my own mouth."""
  2273. 002272:0.0,1,"""<TestNamePleaseIg> That sounds like a jeapordy category'"""
  2274. 002273:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> fine have a penis"""
  2275. 002274:0.0,1,"""< DouginIllinois > Is there a /r/fleshlights ?"""
  2276. 002275:0.0,1,"""I once got my penis stuck in a shop vac."""
  2277. 002276:0.0,1,"""<citra> i need to hav sex on a boat"""
  2278. 002277:0.0,1,"""[09:43] fantastic_lee: U CANT SPELL CLEAVAGE WITHOUT LEA"""
  2279. 002278:0.0,1,"""sinking I'm keeping my d in my p"""
  2280. 002279:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> why don't you just feed her a penis smoothie?"""
  2281. 002280:0.0,1,"""(@tiiv) I got your package"""
  2282. 002281:0.0,1,"""< citra> UGH I SNEEZED ALL OVER MYSELF"""
  2283. 002282:0.0,1,"""< citra> gawd i would rape a cake right now"""
  2284. 002283:0.0,1,"""12:54 <@lostabu> i shit you not, somebody has asked me what kind of 'nese I am"""
  2285. 002284:0.0,1,"""Dostana [~sushi@unaffiliated/dostana] has quit [Quit: *stabs"""
  2286. 002285:0.0,1,"""<Large_> Should have just suggested anal instead"""
  2287. 002286:0.0,1,"""< lee > i don't think that could even fit in my mouth"""
  2288. 002287:0.0,1,"""<@Lurkin_Lobster> im the nerd version of martha stewart"""
  2289. 002288:0.0,1,"""http://www.roadkilltshirts.com/Product.aspx?ProductId=11436 buy for dew"""
  2290. 002289:0.0,1,"""<ex_russlar> Anonymous's jokes: http://i.imgur.com/3HDXE.png"""
  2291. 002290:0.0,1,"""dichloro: I AM A FITNESS SANTA CLAUS SPREADING KILLER LATS TO ALL"""
  2292. 002291:0.0,1,"""<Douginillinois> It had a penis cumming inside of a vagina."""
  2293. 002292:0.0,1,"""<SnallTrippin>  I swear all people do is wall..."""
  2294. 002293:0.0,1,"""The chance of this comment showing up with the next !wall is a statistic improbability, however chances are the quote will contain the word or a synonym of penis."""
  2295. 002294:0.0,1,"""<smile_> i used to be a winey misunderstood loner but then i took a tric to the knee"""
  2296. 002295:0.0,1,"""(9:27:13 AM) Mael_Rudepants: i lift my penis when i take a piss. the rest is up to god"""
  2297. 002296:0.0,1,"""<Mael_Rudepants>        Sex is like The Matrix. I usually do it running up a wall."""
  2298. 002297:0.0,1,"""d1zl: note to self: go back to Jersey, bring lube"""
  2299. 002298:0.0,1,"""<@fridayfriday> sherlawk, how are your nipples this eve"""
  2300. 002299:0.0,1,"""(@lovechildcookie) mush and tiiv mad a bb I AM THAT BABY"""
  2301. 002300:0.0,1,"""<ProwL> I was fortunate enough to encounter the film early in my youth, before I knew penis existed at all."""
  2302. 002301:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> Four fingers for my sorry friend here."""
  2303. 002302:0.0,1,"""test"""
  2304. 002303:0.0,1,"""<RyanXM> speaking of assholes... i have to poop"""
  2305. 002304:0.0,1,"""(1:39:46 PM) ProwL: When they let soda into my schools, I almost shat myself in triumph"""
  2306. 002305:0.0,1,"""<lolcats> YOU JUST DONT UNDERSTAND"""
  2307. 002306:0.0,1,"""<@lostabu> Anonymous, can you send me one of your cupcakes"""
  2308. 002307:0.0,1,"""(11:09:33 PM) lostabu: TIL Anonymous is an intimidating black girl"""
  2309. 002308:0.0,1,"""< lolcats> am I the only one who doesn't mind bugs in food"""
  2310. 002309:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> dives head first into his own anus"""
  2311. 002310:0.0,1,"""<bunbunn> 'I ENJOY ANAL'"""
  2312. 002311:0.0,1,"""<bunbunn> i only fuck boys who cry when i look at them"""
  2313. 002312:0.0,1,"""<citra> i think shaved pussy is hot"""
  2314. 002313:0.0,1,"""<fa-sid> my penis is a penis"""
  2315. 002314:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> I would have been like, Anonymous, I am jellyfishing your ass"""
  2316. 002315:0.0,1,"""< fahquar > still can't log wanks"""
  2317. 002316:0.0,1,"""<stereo`> i can get horny when i'm pooping"""
  2318. 002317:0.0,1,"""< citra> yeah i cant pee or poo or fart when im horny"""
  2319. 002318:0.0,1,"""I can't distinguish 2d from 3d"""
  2320. 002319:0.0,1,"""tarpthawks: i love duck Large_: love duck <3"""
  2321. 002320:0.0,1,"""42"""
  2322. 002321:0.0,1,"""<ptard> going to need to go to mexico first if I'm ever going to shove a chocolate drug filled kinder suprise up my ass"""
  2323. 002322:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> thats hairy nutsack russlar"""
  2324. 002323:0.0,1,"""(@Anonymous) i turn men gay apparently"""
  2325. 002324:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> idk penises can be attractive"""
  2326. 002325:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> i was just looking for my lube"""
  2327. 002326:0.0,1,"""(fantastic_lee) ugh huge penises suck"""
  2328. 002327:0.0,1,"""<Large_> Except I said pork guy"""
  2329. 002328:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> that looks pretty big"""
  2330. 002329:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous>     MY BOOBS WANT FREEDOM BITCH"""
  2331. 002330:0.0,1,"""(@lostabu) IM SUCH A FATTASS"""
  2332. 002331:0.0,1,"""<@lostabu> Anonymous is now set to offended mode"""
  2333. 002332:0.0,1,"""(@Anonymous) well yeah i have big cheeks D:"""
  2334. 002333:0.0,1,"""(@Anonymous) hey. fuck you"""
  2335. 002334:0.0,1,"""a_meteorite     PoohBot just uttered the least sexual message ever."""
  2336. 002335:0.0,1,"""(7:59:51 PM) hrimsicle: i managed to beat a boner into submission earlier"""
  2337. 002336:0.0,1,"""Tinabobeena: there are hardly any quotes from me"""
  2338. 002337:0.0,1,"""(8:18:10 PM) RyanXM: you will always be read as penislord dichloro, lord of the peniss"""
  2339. 002338:0.0,1,"""<tiiv> Anonymous: mi cuerpo está listo para ti"""
  2340. 002339:0.0,1,"""<canadian> wanna see whats in my pants? ;)"""
  2341. 002340:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: RAAAAAPEEEEEE"""
  2342. 002341:0.0,1,"""<vil33> He didn't even describe the texture"""
  2343. 002342:0.0,1,"""12:55 <@lostabu> HEY LET ME RUB IT ON MY NUT SACK"""
  2344. 002343:0.0,1,"""<@lostabu> as you take 8 strokes to finish that one"""
  2345. 002344:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> Are you in my ass right now?"""
  2346. 002345:0.0,1,"""< Dostana > You live in the south, you can be as large as you want"""
  2347. 002346:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> penisS penisS penisS penisS penisS penisS DUCKS penisS penisS DUCKS penisS"""
  2348. 002347:0.0,1,"""[14:46] (Large__) SHES PLACING THE CUCKOLD'S HORNS UPON LOSTABU'S BROW"""
  2349. 002348:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> i will strangle you with the umbilical cord of the baby i will have with your mother"""
  2350. 002349:0.0,1,"""<fahquar> electrocution porn is weird"""
  2351. 002350:0.0,1,"""It seems the general perception is that being negative is more 'real' and 'honest' while being positive only goes to encourage bad behavior."""
  2352. 002351:0.0,1,"""<CheckinUOut> FA write your own wall post"""
  2353. 002352:0.0,1,"""<DouginIllinois> total sausage fist."""
  2354. 002353:0.0,1,"""<DouginIllinois> Vil33 one time i was going to cum early, and thought of this downs chick in my class, I still came."""
  2355. 002354:0.0,1,"""=-=lostabu was booted from #reddit-foreveralone by lostabu (FUCK EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU GUYS)"""
  2356. 002355:0.0,1,"""[00:26] ** lostabu has been kicked by lostabu (FUCK EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU GUYS)"""
  2357. 002356:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> ASS TO ASS"""
  2358. 002357:0.0,1,"""(hrim): i'll ping your client"""
  2359. 002358:0.0,1,"""<jellystar> mije are very dark . like bwrekt ahny diff bten ny pupils"""
  2360. 002359:0.0,1,"""<Lobsterphone_> Fucking god, at this rate ill be lucky if my vagina doesn't fall out before I go to norway"""
  2361. 002360:0.0,1,"""(CheckinUOut) this time last year i was spittin games and chasin tails"""
  2362. 002361:0.0,1,"""<kittenhands> penis bomb"""
  2363. 002362:0.0,1,"""<citra> the gods are gangbanging someone and i have to deal wiht the mess"""
  2364. 002363:0.0,1,"""test"""
  2365. 002364:0.0,1,"""<fahquar> I mean... just how will the plumber fix that blockage?"""
  2366. 002365:0.0,1,"""(7:10:42 PM) Soupcanmagician: My fathers cat is mexican fighting cat, and poops like a mountain lion. He burnt out the motor."""
  2367. 002366:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> I like women with big penises"""
  2368. 002367:0.0,1,"""<a_meteorite> 98% of people do not survive Anonymous's penis. FACT."""
  2369. 002368:0.0,1,"""<orion`> bah, no one quotes orion ;_;"""
  2370. 002369:0.0,1,"""<Lobsterphone> You people are sick sick sick"""
  2371. 002370:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> nothing like a movie with tons of breastfeeding"""
  2372. 002371:0.0,1,"""<sinking> welp, this is gay, im gonna go fuck dudes, see you fags later"""
  2373. 002372:0.0,1,"""<@Lobsterphone> Box lunch? Macgyver its the best name for eaing pussy ever"""
  2374. 002373:0.0,1,"""[12:19] <wolfc86> I WANT A fantastic_lee AND fridayfriday SANDWICH"""
  2375. 002374:0.0,1,"""<Tric> i don't get porn. To me watching porn is like watching someone eat a very tastylooking steak. I like steak. I want to eat steak too, but it gives me no pleasure to witness some other person eat the steak. Sometimes I find the steaks are eaten in an unusual or humourous fashion, but I've yet to feel satisfaction from viewing someone eat steak - or fuck for that matter."""
  2376. 002375:0.0,1,"""toponymy: 'i can tell by the pixels and having seen a few heads in vaginas in my time'"""
  2377. 002376:0.0,1,"""(@fridayfriday) MY MIND IS IN THE GUTTER"""
  2378. 002377:0.0,1,"""<jellystar> how do women get other women pregnant?"""
  2379. 002378:0.0,1,"""PoohBear: I'm a bear. I can smell the menstruation."""
  2380. 002379:0.0,1,"""(@fridayfriday) skype is lame I want to put my penis in its butt"""
  2381. 002380:0.0,1,"""<wolfc86> i love taylor swift"""
  2382. 002381:0.0,1,"""<citra> woah i just poopedso much"""
  2383. 002382:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> I get really solid heavy ones the day after <dew> did they have beards?"""
  2384. 002383:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> If my poop had a beard, I think I'd be going to the doctor"""
  2385. 002384:0.0,1,"""/)^3^(\"""
  2386. 002385:0.0,1,"""alternut        JUST RELAX YOUR SPHINCTER, IT WILL BE OVER SOON"""
  2387. 002386:0.0,1,"""<alternut> I am the 99% of occupants in my bedroom"""
  2388. 002387:0.0,1,"""<fahquar> I think he has mainey reasons for having a problem with Maine that are mainely to do with maine."""
  2389. 002388:0.0,1,"""<macgyver> After a while, it stretches to the right size and shape"""
  2390. 002389:0.0,1,"""<jellystar>     mike's hard black cherry is sooo good"""
  2391. 002390:0.0,1,"""<fahquar>       ok, I think I'm spent"""
  2392. 002391:0.0,1,"""<fireballforever> pros: shoves hands down pants, pulls out treats"""
  2393. 002392:0.0,1,"""jellystar> i love mike's hard cranberries"""
  2394. 002393:0.0,1,"""<Tinabobeena> I LOVE POKING"""
  2395. 002394:0.0,1,"""<dew> i yell out 'fuck the police' when i press the handicap button to open doors"""
  2396. 002395:0.0,1,"""actualgirl: i'm not wearing bra and panties"""
  2397. 002396:0.0,1,"""[11:11] <bunbunn> it touched me deeply"""
  2398. 002397:0.0,1,"""<fahquarlurks> it's almost like if you weren't a douchebag, this wouldn't happen"""
  2399. 002398:0.0,1,"""<fahquarlurks> you make my butthole wet"""
  2400. 002399:0.0,1,"""<fahquarlurks> I feel like spreading my legs just talking to him"""
  2401. 002400:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> see how easy that shit is? stick your penis everywhere OH HI CONSEQUENCES HOW ARE YOU"""
  2402. 002401:0.0,1,"""laertes: i used to masturbate to scrambled porn. as a consequence, picasso makes my penis hard."""
  2403. 002402:0.0,1,"""<laertes> i've been doing no-soap/shampoo for a couple of months. my pubic hair is a lot harder to comb"""
  2404. 002403:0.0,1,"""<@fridayfriday> Well, they did tell me once it was lucky I was a heavy sleeper when I was a kid - __ - otherwise I wouldn't have my brother"""
  2405. 002404:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: I'm going to make ramen everyday until I make it my bitch."""
  2406. 002405:0.0,1,"""wolfc86: 'if it's gonna be that kinda party i'm gonna stick my penis in the mashed potatoes'"""
  2407. 002406:0.0,1,"""dichloro: am I wet where?"""
  2408. 002407:0.0,1,"""sinking: that burning is probably syphilisi"""
  2409. 002408:0.0,1,"""http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUqElPRjnRo"""
  2410. 002409:0.0,1,"""<Criously_> Shes a penis wizard, it has to be a penis"""
  2411. 002410:0.0,1,"""<fahquar> do we have a volunteer it make a chocolate penis gif? <fahquar> it's for dieting..."""
  2412. 002411:0.0,1,"""* quiesce gently faps at jellystar's chamber door"""
  2413. 002412:0.0,1,"""(2:58:45 PM) livewire: it sure isn't easy for homosexual cats nowadays"""
  2414. 002413:0.0,1,"""[15:40] (fahquar) male dolphins rub you with your penis to say hello"""
  2415. 002414:0.0,1,"""(@Lurkin_Lobster) then i come back to dolphin fucking penises"""
  2416. 002415:0.0,1,"""Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again?"""
  2417. 002416:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> russlar: i want to penis punch them"""
  2418. 002417:0.0,1,"""<Dostana> I will get mugged and will not be able to dial 911 because I was streaming music"""
  2419. 002418:0.0,1,"""fahquar: Anonymous: The more you copy and paste, the more material goes into my spank bank......"""
  2420. 002419:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> Why am I watching videos of dolphins having sex?"""
  2421. 002420:0.0,1,"""<@dew> im not antifeminist, i love bitches!"""
  2422. 002421:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> you guys make it hard to masturbate with your chats"""
  2423. 002422:0.0,1,"""^ is awesome"""
  2424. 002423:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: BUT MY VAGINA IS ACHING TO BE RIPPED APART BY A BABY"""
  2425. 002424:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> damn it i thought i was in the clear"""
  2426. 002425:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> Hangover poops always make me feel like I'm in labor"""
  2427. 002426:0.0,1,"""[19:33] (lee_rex) i don't like it when anybody tries to shove anything down my throat"""
  2428. 002427:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> Real men take it up the butt"""
  2429. 002428:0.0,1,"""<dichloro> Somebody's bitter in Uzbekistan"""
  2430. 002429:0.0,1,"""Anonymous tastes like strawberries"""
  2431. 002430:0.0,1,"""fap the pain away"""
  2432. 002431:0.0,1,"""lee_rex tastes like peaches"""
  2433. 002432:0.0,1,"""(dostana) I TRIPPED ONTO THE penisSHIP"""
  2434. 002433:0.0,1,"""fridayfriday: I could shoot chocolate out of my vagina, but what fun is that?"""
  2435. 002434:0.0,1,"""<titaniumduck> girls have boobies"""
  2436. 002435:0.0,1,"""=-=tiiv is now known as pazon"""
  2437. 002436:0.0,1,"""http://files.broadsheet.ie/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/irelands-potato1.jpg"""
  2438. 002437:0.0,1,"""(@lostabu) YOUR WEENIE IS BETER THAN MINE TRUST MY"""
  2439. 002438:0.0,1,"""There is always a relevant !wall quote, it's your job to find it."""
  2440. 002439:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> Hobo With A Shotgun was curiously similar to my last relationship."""
  2441. 002440:0.0,1,"""Pooh wanders around with his junk out for all of 100 acre wood to see."""
  2442. 002441:0.0,1,"""[00:59] Anonymous: don't you call me out on my taco"""
  2443. 002442:0.0,1,"""<wolfc86> i think we should assume all PoohBear's links are NSFW"""
  2444. 002443:0.0,1,"""PoohBear: NSFW: http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lglblsLmfv1qgj3plo1_500.png"""
  2445. 002444:0.0,1,"""<russlar> Relativistic flaming semen"""
  2446. 002445:0.0,1,"""PoohBear in the summer: http://i.imgur.com/taTtM.gif"""
  2447. 002446:0.0,1,"""<bunbunn> farting is ok, just don't sit on my face and fart on it"""
  2448. 002447:0.0,1,"""(10:29:45am) * fixedzero swallows the key to lostabu's muzzle"""
  2449. 002448:0.0,1,"""(bunbunn) anal's my favorite meal of the day"""
  2450. 002449:0.0,1,"""<stereo`> gonorrhea nodule =~ jolly rancher gusher"""
  2451. 002450:0.0,1,"""<bunbunn> fuck i fucking fuck fuck"""
  2452. 002451:0.0,1,"""<sinking> i'd rather become morbidly obese than do any diet that requires no beer"""
  2453. 002452:0.0,1,"""CheckinUOut: i look FABULOUS in platforms"""
  2454. 002453:0.0,1,"""fahquar: We played it with bare hands for a while, quite entertaining"""
  2455. 002454:0.0,1,"""(CheckinUOut) wub one out while i listen to wub wub"""
  2456. 002455:0.0,1,"""sinking: If you wore a glove made out of the skin from someones hand, is it masturbation or a handjob fahquar: It's murder"""
  2457. 002456:0.0,1,"""[01:44] (PeeinUOut) are we all R.Kelly?"""
  2458. 002457:0.0,1,"""***wolfc86 nipples Anonymous"""
  2459. 002458:0.0,1,"""wolfc86: but she was all POKE POKE POKE SCRAPE SCRAPE SCRAPE BLEED BLEED BLEED"""
  2460. 002459:0.0,1,"""<fficred> when i fap, i have to fantasize that porn stars are self-actualized individuals, not victims of molestation or sexual abuse desperately trying to convince themselves they' aren't as worthless as they feel."""
  2461. 002460:0.0,1,"""busy_dostana is now known as BUSTY_dostana"""
  2462. 002461:0.0,1,"""RyanXM_Work: Poohbot is a fascist Dictator"""
  2463. 002462:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> Funeral? Sexy times. Wedding? Sexy times"""
  2464. 002463:0.0,1,"""[12:57] ** BUSTY_dostana has joined #reddit-foreveralone"""
  2465. 002464:0.0,1,"""(dostana) * dostana doesn't know what madsy looks like :( //// (@fridayfriday) Sex on a lobster roll."""
  2466. 002465:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> tbththttthththththhtt thats what blowing a girl sounds like"""
  2467. 002466:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> lostabu you blow on the clit"""
  2468. 002467:0.0,1,"""(5:24:55 PM) haploid: look, I like pineapples. In their natural state. fresh, unheated. God did not intend us to heat pineapples or combine them with cheese or bread. This is an abomination unto God and as such, all people who eat this disgusting combination will be damned to hell."""
  2469. 002468:0.0,1,"""<Large_>I would rather eat a pineapple, sorry vaginas"""
  2470. 002469:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> i am going to pee myself of laughter"""
  2471. 002470:0.0,1,"""<cardboardphone> im gonna eat a pussy stuffed with pineapple"""
  2472. 002471:0.0,1,"""<Large_> Pussy juice + malibu would be gross, face it"""
  2473. 002472:0.0,1,"""<@Lurkin_Lobster> yeah it also improves the flavor of semen"""
  2474. 002473:0.0,1,"""Lurkin_Lobster  pineapples! the topic that endures."""
  2475. 002474:0.0,1,"""<dostana> Okay bye, this is kind od tefiuta typingv this # especially pn phone"""
  2476. 002475:0.0,1,"""<stereo`> yeah, irl neo would have used his powers to make peniss fly at people"""
  2477. 002476:0.0,1,"""dew:    how date you quote me!"""
  2478. 002477:0.0,1,"""<fahquar> It's a growing problem when people go to cupcake bars. <Lurkin_Lobster> yeah its like surprise buttsecks that cakerape"""
  2479. 002478:0.0,1,"""/nick SexyPantsPooh"""
  2480. 002479:0.0,1,"""<Criously> rape has a point"""
  2481. 002480:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> on a related note, has anyone else noticed how goddamn horrible the mobile sites for youporn and the like are?"""
  2482. 002481:0.0,1,"""<stereo`> poohbear: when i see the oscar trophy, i ask myself.... how many people have put those in their ass and/or vagina"""
  2483. 002482:0.0,1,"""galacticotter: I'm starting to think that Citra is just a disembodied head on a bunch of pillows with telekinesis to play DS"""
  2484. 002483:0.0,1,"""<dostana> Women never will understand the pleasures of being able to play with your own set of balls <Anonymous> dostana we have BOOBS! so much getter"""
  2485. 002484:0.0,1,"""<dostana> Women never will understand the pleasures of being able to play with your own set of balls <Anonymous> dostana we have BOOBS! so much better"""
  2486. 002485:0.0,1,"""lostabu: she comes out like a raisin checkinuout: shriveled and brown"""
  2487. 002486:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> I PULLED IT FROM MY BUTT CRACK"""
  2488. 002487:0.0,1,"""(lostabu) The urethra does not stretch."""
  2489. 002488:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> citra, what is your favorite type of pie? <citra> CREAMPIE"""
  2490. 002489:0.0,1,"""<citra> CREAMPIE"""
  2491. 002490:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS DRAMA *rage quits*"""
  2492. 002491:0.0,1,"""<coffeepoops> *is collon lube, who knew?*"""
  2493. 002492:0.0,1,"""<bunbunn> WOW you should try to poop less often"""
  2494. 002493:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: I woke up and i was like why do i hear moaning and slaps"""
  2495. 002494:0.0,1,"""(@fridayfriday) like a penis sneezing into a vagina"""
  2496. 002495:0.0,1,"""<@hdb> i wish i say funny stuff that poohbot could bring out of comtext"""
  2497. 002496:0.0,1,"""<CheckinUOut> anytime fapping happens it's magical"""
  2498. 002497:0.0,1,"""<vil33> SMALL penisES UNITE"""
  2499. 002498:0.0,1,"""<laminar> only thing i fling is poo"""
  2500. 002499:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> I couldn't hear you guys, I was eating a carrot. It was loud in my head."""
  2501. 002500:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: i was eating a carrot, it was loud in my head"""
  2502. 002501:0.0,1,"""<@Lurkin_Lobster> it feels heavy when you hold it, i like it"""
  2503. 002502:0.0,1,"""<citra> I want a blue waffel"""
  2504. 002503:0.0,1,"""<citra> I want a blue waffle"""
  2505. 002504:0.0,1,"""* lostabu was kicked by lostabu (wacist)"""
  2506. 002505:0.0,1,"""http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=8Uee_mcxvrw"""
  2507. 002506:0.0,1,"""<odinsgrudge> 'I wanna fill your hooha with good juice.' works every time"""
  2508. 002507:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> Arrogance isn't attractive to anyone worth having, also."""
  2509. 002508:0.0,1,"""<odinsgrudge> Trojans: would you really trust a condom. Named after a city where a bunch of seamen snuck in its walls?"""
  2510. 002509:0.0,1,"""<dostana> OMG GUYS, IF WE CAN HELP VIL33, WHY CAN'T WE HELP OURSELVES?!?!!?"""
  2511. 002510:0.0,1,"""Said: PUA is just a nice way of saying, find the one for you! We are jackasses with hearts of golf."""
  2512. 002511:0.0,1,"""<sinking> im an intense faggot who goes to great lengths to keep an insanely close shave"""
  2513. 002512:0.0,1,"""<GalacticOtter> I had to BRB because I had the urge to poop a buffalo"""
  2514. 002513:0.0,1,"""I don't *read* r/askscience, but I do feel smarter for subscribing to it."""
  2515. 002514:0.0,1,"""(9:33:58 AM) ladysmile: IT'S COVERED IT SLIME AND SHE'S PETTING IT"""
  2516. 002515:0.0,1,"""13:41 <@lostabu> i eat morning wood"""
  2517. 002516:0.0,1,"""[14:42] <Anonymous> I like it either way"""
  2518. 002517:0.0,1,"""[13:43] (@lostabu) if i sucked hitler's penis, I'd imagine it would taste like this"""
  2519. 002518:0.0,1,"""13:44 <@Anonymous> Bitch please"""
  2520. 002519:0.0,1,"""[13:43] (RyanXM) mine was real, fuck you"""
  2521. 002520:0.0,1,"""When I'm alone, I like to get naked, cover myself in vaseline and crawl around on the kitchen floor pretending I'm a slug."""
  2522. 002521:0.0,1,"""[13:49] (poopfeast420) 8=><=88=><=8"""
  2523. 002522:0.0,1,"""(poopfeast420) IDK WHY ARE YOU FRIENDS WITH ME, SCREW U IM GOIN' HOME"""
  2524. 002523:0.0,1,"""(@lostabu) Anonymous is superior lesbo. Captain gay of the USS gay."""
  2525. 002524:0.0,1,"""RyanXM: im gonna fuck the next person that says !wall"""
  2526. 002525:0.0,1,"""<Kirkman>       I am not :D ing about the penis slap"""
  2527. 002526:0.0,1,"""13:59 < RyanXM> I'm in a great fucking-mood"""
  2528. 002527:0.0,1,"""(6:41:21 PM) ptard: TONIGHT WE DINE IN IRC, WHICH CAN AT TIMES BE JUST AS BAD AS HELL if the connection drops or you've joined linux on a mac"""
  2529. 002528:0.0,1,"""(/°□°)/︵ ┻━┻"""
  2530. 002529:0.0,1,"""oring_ [~Simsung@apus.rz.izeto.pl] has quit [Quit: FAp]"""
  2531. 002530:0.0,1,"""(8:28:21 PM) quiesce: Zoom & Enhance Sexventure Underpants?"""
  2532. 002531:0.0,1,"""lostabu: Anonymous: Serving customers since 1990"""
  2533. 002532:0.0,1,"""*quiesce carries Anonymous, Tegan, and Sara to an undisclosed location // <fixedzero> is the location MY BED"""
  2534. 002533:0.0,1,"""<hahaboohoo> what does pansexual mean <CheckinUOut> have sex with pans"""
  2535. 002534:0.0,1,"""<@stereo`> if dogs screamed when you boiled them i wouldn't eat em either"""
  2536. 002535:0.0,1,"""<slippyslide> how do i make a girl not wanna fuck me <stereo`> just ask her that question"""
  2537. 002536:0.0,1,"""GalacticOtter: Or you're on a quest for middle earth and you can't risk a sexual relation because you may not make it back from Mount Doom."""
  2538. 002537:0.0,1,"""<slippyslide> i'm sick of girls wanting my penis, it's really annoying"""
  2539. 002538:0.0,1,"""<GalacticOtter> Ok so what if you say you left your penis in your other pants"""
  2540. 002539:0.0,1,"""<@stereo`> yes bring trichloromethane as a wingman he will keep everything cool"""
  2541. 002540:0.0,1,"""<pdxdan> you guys he has his arm around me :D"""
  2542. 002541:0.0,1,"""<Mitchbones> peniss. everywhere. <Mitchbones is that sexy?"""
  2543. 002542:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> :|"""
  2544. 002543:0.0,1,"""penispenispenispenispenisAnonymouspenispenispenispenispenis"""
  2545. 002544:0.0,1,"""Anonymous says if I do this she will come to my house =D"""
  2546. 002545:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> >_>"""
  2547. 002546:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> /me pets quiesce"""
  2548. 002547:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> !write <Anonymous> /me pets quiesce"""
  2549. 002548:0.0,1,"""<morningwould> I would let him fuck me for free"""
  2550. 002549:0.0,1,"""Anonymous plays with LEGO"""
  2551. 002550:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> I love penis"""
  2552. 002551:0.0,1,"""<@lostabu> I AM SEXUALLY ATTRACT TO POOHBEAR"""
  2553. 002552:0.0,1,"""<@lostabu> WE ARE HAVING A GAY WEDDING SOON"""
  2554. 002553:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> I like penises in and around my mouth. I love you all btw <3"""
  2555. 002554:0.0,1,"""[02:18] <@fridayfriday> MAKING ME LOOK LIKE A WHORE"""
  2556. 002555:0.0,1,"""[04:43] (CheckinUOut) yeah reductor, it's kinda gay when it's just you and i listening to enosir sleep"""
  2557. 002556:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> i hate wearing anything but jeans"""
  2558. 002557:0.0,1,"""(sinking) my pants? I was saving you something to lick off"""
  2559. 002558:0.0,1,"""Anonymous has quit [Quit: rainbow penises<3]"""
  2560. 002559:0.0,1,"""(vil33) poo is soft and squishy"""
  2561. 002560:0.0,1,"""[15:39] * @tiiiv gropes tiiv"""
  2562. 002561:0.0,1,"""(vil33) I hit myself in the balls and face by accident a few times"""
  2563. 002562:0.0,1,"""<vil33> no i would show the penis and everything"""
  2564. 002563:0.0,1,"""<Large_> please, the only part of me thats slutty is my eyes. Ill eye fuck anyone."""
  2565. 002564:0.0,1,"""<Large_> I would date Anonymous as a 1990, 1989-ish vintage"""
  2566. 002565:0.0,1,"""<morningwould> i'll blow on your hair for you"""
  2567. 002566:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> i hate goosebumps when you are still cold and wet"""
  2568. 002567:0.0,1,"""'Faster,' moaned Anonymous, as Mushaboy thrust his penis, which was covered in several other penises, into her gaping love cavern."""
  2569. 002568:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> large is so awesome"""
  2570. 002569:0.0,1,"""<Large_> !write <@Anonymous> large is so awesome"""
  2571. 002570:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> large is so awesome"""
  2572. 002571:0.0,1,"""derp"""
  2573. 002572:0.0,1,"""<DistilledWater> mostly cus it just means that animals are getting more play with better looking chicks than me"""
  2574. 002573:0.0,1,"""* lee_rex flaunts penis"""
  2576. 002575:0.0,1,"""Enossir: shits dildos"""
  2577. 002576:0.0,1,"""http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lyv188NYqe1qbik4c.gif"""
  2578. 002577:0.0,1,"""[04:10] (sinking) then bacon was all like, shit goddam am I lonely, shoot your hot ranch dressing seed all over my tits"""
  2579. 002578:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: Just get naked. Who needs clothes"""
  2580. 002579:0.0,1,"""(circly) where we're going, we dont need clothes."""
  2581. 002580:0.0,1,"""Ṱ̗͒̐̃̑͛͐ͤ̀o͕̘͒̐͊̀͜ ̷̲̤͕̩̘͔͎̎̍͟i̵̟͔̮͇̠͍͉̍̆̓̀̽̐ͨṋ̶̯͔ͥ̆̑̓̓v̭͍͕͕͂ͧ̉̿̏͊ͧ͞ȍ̫̙͎͓͋̏̐̂ͨ͆͡͞k̫̫̩͈̮̭̤͛̋̔̒ͯȩ̶̘̳͉͓͎ͣ̃̌̐̐̏ ̫͔̠͓̹̭ͦͧ̇̌̀̚t̺̪̘̲ͨ̀ͅhͫ̉̄̃ͩ̓̆̍͛҉̘̦̤̭̖̩e̗͓̖̮ͭͬ͆̚ ̻̏͛͒̕h̡͇̳̣̲͕̩͕̗ͪ̓ͬį̗̰̱̝̹̉̒̒ͩ̓̾͑͂͠͠v̠͍̝̰̙͇̍̄̂̉̽e̖͔̮͓ͬ̓̓̚"""
  2582. 002581:0.0,1,"""fantastic_lee: :3 BJS FOR ALL"""
  2583. 002582:0.0,1,"""laminar: everyone want's ricin once they see his dice"""
  2584. 002583:0.0,1,"""dew:    guys i just want you all to know, corsets are fucking comfy and like an all day hug"""
  2585. 002584:0.0,1,"""<macgyver> I look like a half grown chia pet"""
  2586. 002585:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: ^cunt"""
  2587. 002586:0.0,1,"""[03:29] * @lostabu kisses tiiv"""
  2588. 002587:0.0,1,"""<tiiv> I'm a slut"""
  2589. 002588:0.0,1,"""<tiiv> I slept with lostabu"""
  2590. 002589:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: yup i'm a lesbian now"""
  2591. 002590:0.0,1,"""<Enossir> i just spent a good 5 minutes looking at myself in the mirror saying 'hey there big sexy'"""
  2592. 002591:0.0,1,"""<Saiyaman> for some reason. sometimes I'll gag when I have headphones in too deep D:"""
  2593. 002592:0.0,1,"""<actualgirl> dude that thing is creepy <actualgirl> GET OUT OF MY HEAD"""
  2594. 002593:0.0,1,"""<Enossir> Everytime the word penis is uttered in FA IRC a little 12 year old boy in texas giggles...."""
  2595. 002594:0.0,1,"""http://www.reddit.com/r/MushaPoon/"""
  2596. 002595:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: stfu before i beat you senseless with a penis"""
  2597. 002596:0.0,1,"""(@Anonymous) :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D"""
  2598. 002597:0.0,1,"""<citra> like i said, some peoples fb posts never cease to amus <lee_rex> i read that as anus"""
  2599. 002598:0.0,1,"""<lee_rex> ANAL"""
  2600. 002599:0.0,1,"""<lee_rex> SPHINCTER"""
  2601. 002600:0.0,1,"""<lee_rex> i ended up unplugging it because it was ridonculously loud"""
  2602. 002601:0.0,1,"""* dew cuddles dew"""
  2603. 002602:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> My dad makes nice would furniture, so shopping at Ikea wood only induce guilt in me"""
  2604. 002603:0.0,1,"""<lee_rex> 5 guys <lee_rex> they were delicious"""
  2605. 002604:0.0,1,"""<lee_rex> 5 guys. they were delicious"""
  2606. 002605:0.0,1,"""* dostana has yet to have 5 guys"""
  2607. 002606:0.0,1,"""<vil33> I still don't know what buttrock means"""
  2608. 002607:0.0,1,"""<jellystar> I don't ejaculate in my cats eye"""
  2609. 002608:0.0,1,"""coffeebeans10: OMG I'M FUCKING DELICIOUS"""
  2610. 002609:0.0,1,"""pjberry: the point of a whore mouth is that it doesn't shut"""
  2611. 002610:0.0,1,"""<odinsgrudge> PoohBear: Will you fondle my balls?"""
  2612. 002611:0.0,1,"""[00:55] <morningwould> i don't think i've seen an ugly girl in camchat [00:55] <morningwould> except for dew"""
  2613. 002612:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> PoohBear: I want you to tongue my bung, while you juggle my balls in one hand, and play with my asshole with the other, but don't stick you're finger in. Then I want to pinky you while I stick in your fucking friend's brown, while Silent Bob watches, and fucking spanks it in a Dixie cup. After that, I want to smell your titties for a while, and you can pull my nutsack up over my penis so it looks like a bull"""
  2614. 002613:0.0,1,"""<pjberry> poohbear likes ballooons cause they look like titties"""
  2615. 002614:0.0,1,"""<@Lobsterphone> The all new, 2013 Ford Fupa"""
  2616. 002615:0.0,1,"""[04:02] (EddieTheHead) i'd rather lose cranium than lose penis..."""
  2617. 002616:0.0,1,"""Lurkin_Lobster: wow dew that sounds like a bad time for your butthole"""
  2618. 002617:0.0,1,"""<PoohBot> <lostabu> i will give you a truckload of penises then <laminar> ^ do want"""
  2619. 002618:0.0,1,"""laminar: forget the naked part"""
  2620. 002619:0.0,1,"""last night I was the only one without a girlfriend at a party, heard two different couples having sex, and then everyone went to different rooms to go fuck their girlfriends. I sat in the downstairs room for a minute and yelled FOOOOREVERRRR ALOOOOOOOOONEEEEEEEE!!!!!! and drove home."""
  2621. 002620:0.0,1,"""<TheErik> last night I was the only one without a girlfriend at a party, heard two different couples having sex, and then everyone went to different rooms to go fuck their girlfriends. I sat in the downstairs room for a minute and yelled FOOOOREVERRRR ALOOOOOOOOONEEEEEEEE!!!!!! and drove home."""
  2622. 002621:0.0,1,"""< NorthernGrim> can everyone create wall quotes?"""
  2623. 002622:0.0,1,"""dostana: Stuff all of them in your mouth, citra!"""
  2624. 002623:0.0,1,"""<citra> i used to only watch pornos of like young girls and old guys"""
  2625. 002624:0.0,1,"""< citra> omg penis cake"""
  2626. 002625:0.0,1,"""<NorthernGrim> ive got to turn no fap february into fapruary"""
  2627. 002626:0.0,1,"""<fahquar> I was walking along the street in LA one day, and a middle aged black guy said to me 'Whaddup, OG?' <fahquar> I am still not quite sure why"""
  2628. 002627:0.0,1,"""(EddieTheHead) how exactly does one blow ass? // (Lostabu) you put your mouth on the anus and go TBTHTHTHTHHTHTTH"""
  2629. 002628:0.0,1,"""[14:50] (@lostabu) IMAWHORE"""
  2630. 002629:0.0,1,"""<Criouslier> I unlocked jigglypuff in supersmash bros on the toilet <fahquar> Criouslier - that is the weirdest euphemism for fapping I ever heard"""
  2631. 002630:0.0,1,"""<TheErik> I bet you have a mutant baby in your stomach like in total recall."""
  2632. 002631:0.0,1,"""<Kyo|Work> I'm serious, citra. You don't want to go roller anythinging with me <Kyo|Work> I will use you to stop and not feel bad about it."""
  2633. 002632:0.0,1,"""Soupcanmagician: I want to seranade some bitches"""
  2634. 002633:0.0,1,"""quiesce tastes like lemons"""
  2635. 002634:0.0,1,"""(WorkingSherlawk) Fixedzero is a professional babe."""
  2636. 002635:0.0,1,"""<dew> once you start a SC2 game and see a korean opponent, GTFO"""
  2637. 002636:0.0,1,"""<citra ugh too many clits"""
  2638. 002637:0.0,1,"""<citra> I just can't get enough peniss in me"""
  2639. 002638:0.0,1,"""<Free_Bulletsshouldn't we be talking about women and how nobody pays attention to us?"""
  2640. 002639:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> appropriate mush quote"""
  2641. 002640:0.0,1,"""[01:07] dostana: How big are they? [01:13] fantastic_lee: massive"""
  2642. 002641:0.0,1,"""coffeebeans10: holy fucking hell what the fuck just came out of my ass!?!?! I AM NEVER EATING TACO BELL AGAIN"""
  2643. 002642:0.0,1,"""<citra> i take whatever i can get"""
  2644. 002643:0.0,1,"""PoohBear: If you were wondering why the bus stop smells like a fish market at the end of a hot and busy day, that was me, thinking about fahquar's accent"""
  2645. 002644:0.0,1,"""(Large_) Starring Fuckable Friday, Lusty Lostabu, and a special appearance by PoohBear the Penetrator"""
  2646. 002645:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> brb - The hedgehog is skating in the sink again."""
  2647. 002646:0.0,1,"""<@fridayfriday> I'll make you glad you came."""
  2648. 002647:0.0,1,"""<dostana> I like my nuts sweet and salty"""
  2649. 002648:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> Anonymous: Slap my ass and call me Mary."""
  2650. 002649:0.0,1,"""<fahquar> Don't force it..."""
  2651. 002650:0.0,1,"""<dew> dew <33333333"""
  2652. 002651:0.0,1,"""OMG!"""
  2653. 002652:0.0,1,"""love the mush"""
  2654. 002653:0.0,1,"""PoohBear: Who is the old lady in the background? I'd knock the wrinkles out of that pussy."""
  2655. 002654:0.0,1,"""<@lostabu> my first first blow job was from an oreck 8 lb vacuum"""
  2656. 002655:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> As a heterosexual man, I'd like to say that I enjoy have anal sex with other men"""
  2657. 002656:0.0,1,"""<@Lurkin_Lobster> this conversation is stranger than anything i have looked at on spacepeniss today"""
  2658. 002657:0.0,1,"""wolfc86: is when your shaft rubs up against the other guy's shaft"""
  2659. 002658:0.0,1,"""(timekeeper) sexy_dostana's nick conjures up images of a dude in drag"""
  2660. 002659:0.0,1,"""<lostabu>i have an awkward boner // <CheckinUOut> i dont, i have a full on one"""
  2661. 002660:0.0,1,"""<thecoldpart> wow thecoldpart left the room. <fixedzero> amazequit?"""
  2662. 002661:0.0,1,"""lostabu: why would you have sex with your mom at home"""
  2663. 002662:0.0,1,"""the only time it's ok to say, 'I have diarrhea,' is when you're playing Scrabble...because it's worth a shitload of points"""
  2664. 002663:0.0,1,"""<@dew> i saw two midgets get into an argument. it was a short fight"""
  2665. 002664:0.0,1,"""(haploid) stick to the jesus loving byelorussian with the bolshevik revolution eyes"""
  2666. 002665:0.0,1,"""<Sherlawk> She is pretty <Sherlawk> Especially from up in this tree..."""
  2667. 002666:0.0,1,"""<dew> I think people who have trouble remembering passwords should set it to 'incorrect', that way they'll be reminded everytime"""
  2668. 002667:0.0,1,"""<bunbunn> self-defecating humor is my favorite"""
  2669. 002668:0.0,1,"""<pjberry> i'm gonna eat your ass"""
  2670. 002669:0.0,1,"""<@fridayfriday> sounds painful, yet satisfying"""
  2671. 002670:0.0,1,"""(ricin) http://whydoiclickonlinksthatsaypenis.com"""
  2672. 002671:0.0,1,"""* bunbunn1 munches on a bit of quiesce's fresh delicious lettuce"""
  2673. 002672:0.0,1,"""fridayfriday: pjberry stop trying to put your penis in my cat"""
  2674. 002673:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: http://i.imgur.com/a0O28.gif"""
  2675. 002674:0.0,1,"""[01:28] (CheckinUOut) http://i.imgur.com/LrZZC.gif"""
  2676. 002675:0.0,1,"""CheckinUOut: if the internet dies i only have enough porn for maybe a month tops"""
  2677. 002676:0.0,1,"""[02:02] (CheckinUOut) when you pop in the dvd expecting porn...all you will see is this http://i.imgur.com/LrZZC.gif"""
  2678. 002677:0.0,1,"""< GalacticOtter> I'm attempting to work out how to fap with a cheese grater without causing major damage or harm to the user."""
  2679. 002678:0.0,1,"""DrPossum: http://i.imgur.com/bSZKp.jpg"""
  2680. 002679:0.0,1,"""Lurkin_Lobster> im going to have to put pants on when UPS gets here"""
  2681. 002680:0.0,1,"""█▬█ █ ▀█▀ █ ▀█▀"""
  2682. 002681:0.0,1,"""* fantastic_lee greases up Eddie"""
  2683. 002682:0.0,1,"""<klaxxon> they would welcome you with open penises"""
  2684. 002683:0.0,1,"""citra tastes like tangerines"""
  2685. 002684:0.0,1,"""will you be my valentine?"""
  2686. 002685:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> hug my asshole with your boner"""
  2687. 002686:0.0,1,"""<dew> I GOT A NEW JOB <crohnoes> IS IT A BLOW JOB?"""
  2688. 002687:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> i imagine a norwegian penis tasting like a fresh bottle of milk that's been left outside in the snow"""
  2689. 002688:0.0,1,"""<dostana> I usually am just sitting their with my butt cheeks spread and hunched over to the phone"""
  2690. 002689:0.0,1,"""(@dew) i come at the right time"""
  2691. 002690:0.0,1,"""<happy_dostana> There are a lot of guys i would go gay for"""
  2692. 002691:0.0,1,"""<mitchbones> but if Joseph Gordon-Levitt or James Franco knocked on my door and was like 'let's fuck' <mitchbones> I wouldn't say no."""
  2693. 002692:0.0,1,"""* dostana rainbowfists Anonymous"""
  2694. 002693:0.0,1,"""<poopmonger> yall niggas just mad cause my poop yall admirin'"""
  2695. 002694:0.0,1,"""<citra> i didnt realize so many chicks had innie pussies"""
  2696. 002695:0.0,1,"""http://i.imgur.com/a0O28.gif"""
  2697. 002696:0.0,1,"""<wolfc861> 'Wow Tom *REALLY* gave me a good ride last night.'"""
  2698. 002697:0.0,1,"""<titaniumduck> My male senses are tingling"""
  2699. 002698:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> Whenever I see roadkill, I stop my car and attempt to insert my penis into it"""
  2700. 002699:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> HERE'S MY VAGINA DO WHAT YOU WANT WITH IT *thrusts*"""
  2701. 002700:0.0,1,"""<@fridayfriday> you have not seen enough peniss."""
  2702. 002701:0.0,1,"""[03:54] (CheckinUOut) http://i.imgur.com/rCg6P.gif"""
  2703. 002702:0.0,1,"""[03:58] (@Lobsterphone) Slavic penis. Its what's for dinner."""
  2704. 002703:0.0,1,"""<sherlawk> BUT THERE'S AN AWKWARD BLOWJOB"""
  2705. 002704:0.0,1,"""<reveral> whats the difference between tiiv and my chickens? i wouldn't fuck tiiv"""
  2706. 002705:0.0,1,"""<haploid> 'doc, I need adderall' 'Oh yeah, what are your symptoms?' 'Well whenever I go to work, I can't focus on anything.' 'Really, how bad is it?' 'Well, I...I am on IRC.' 'Dear God'"""
  2707. 002706:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> You guys are like full retard today"""
  2708. 002707:0.0,1,"""[12:42] <@Anonymous> fridayfriday, im glad you came"""
  2709. 002708:0.0,1,"""[01:03] <@fridayfriday> show me your genitals"""
  2710. 002709:0.0,1,"""[01:05] <@fridayfriday> women are stupid, and I don't respect them, that's right I just have sex with them"""
  2711. 002710:0.0,1,"""<tiiv> I didn't read the latest issue of cosmo"""
  2712. 002711:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: fridayfriday is my boyfriend"""
  2713. 002712:0.0,1,"""[01:39] <haploid> short women are awesome."""
  2714. 002713:0.0,1,"""<danilo_d> friday is mush's bf? http://gifs.gifbin.com/052010/1274779903_glen-big-baby-davis-tongue.gif"""
  2715. 002714:0.0,1,"""<haploid> 13 inch difference between me and my girlfriend, but it works out fine."""
  2716. 002715:0.0,1,"""<@fridayfriday> big black wall of penis flesh coming at you"""
  2717. 002716:0.0,1,"""<danilo_d> are you talking about giving head?"""
  2718. 002717:0.0,1,"""(8:02:53 PM) RayWEB: Anonymous doesn't talk, she filibusters"""
  2719. 002718:0.0,1,"""lolcats: with a Win96 sticker in the corner?"""
  2720. 002719:0.0,1,"""<dostana> 100% of the !wall is true"""
  2721. 002720:0.0,1,"""<sinking> call me tough nipples"""
  2722. 002721:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> awwww what a faggot you are so caring about my hand"""
  2723. 002722:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> i fapped so hard to sinking and his tough nipples"""
  2724. 002723:0.0,1,"""<nipples> WALL ALL THE MUSH!"""
  2725. 002724:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> <insert inappropriate text here>"""
  2726. 002725:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> no price on the menu, pay with semen"""
  2727. 002726:0.0,1,"""(CheckinUOut) oh like michael phelps of sperm"""
  2728. 002727:0.0,1,"""Ptard is now taking design/drawing requests. /msg for stuffs"""
  2729. 002728:0.0,1,"""<fantastic_lee> I WANT TO RAPE YOU"""
  2730. 002729:0.0,1,"""<wolfc_work> My nuts are people!"""
  2731. 002730:0.0,1,"""<class_dostana> If i was having sex with PoohNap, the beard would be the foreplay"""
  2732. 002731:0.0,1,"""<citra> im the jewiest jew here, bitches"""
  2733. 002732:0.0,1,"""PoohNap"""
  2734. 002733:0.0,1,"""<PoohNap> I always go to the 'single dude' stores. There are just depressed guys bying microwaveable meals"""
  2735. 002734:0.0,1,"""<Brandonson112> I got lee a gift <Brandonson112> gonorrhea"""
  2736. 002735:0.0,1,"""<haploid> stereo`: why clean it up? It's like scars. Years later you'll find a dried puddle and be able to tell an awesome story about the gret fapfest of February 2012"""
  2737. 002736:0.0,1,"""<odinsgrudge> fh'nglui mglw'nafh Anonymous IRC wgah'nagl fhtagn"""
  2738. 002737:0.0,1,"""vil33 only the first part because from the 'slob on my cat' part it goes downhill imo"""
  2739. 002738:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> I'm glad you came."""
  2740. 002739:0.0,1,"""<dew> bitch im fabulous"""
  2741. 002740:0.0,1,"""<@fridayfriday> BUT MICHAEL KORS WOULD NEVER WANT THE PUSSY"""
  2742. 002741:0.0,1,"""<sinking> ASK ME ABOUT HOW HARD MY SHARDS ARE"""
  2743. 002742:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lumfhr5VAj1qez34go1_500.jpg"""
  2744. 002743:0.0,1,"""(CheckinUOut) i'd upvote you if this was reddit"""
  2745. 002744:0.0,1,"""(CheckinUOut) this ts gif describes how i feel everytime i see a ts gif http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lz49w5d85E1qd72gc.gif"""
  2746. 002745:0.0,1,"""fridayfriday: would be awesome if those were made from menstrual blood"""
  2747. 002746:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> would be awesome if those were made from menstrual blood"""
  2748. 002747:0.0,1,"""[03:50] (CheckinUOut) http://28.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lz4bhuYI2E1qgn18to1_500.jpg // [03:51] (@fridayfriday) would be awesome if those were made from menstrual blood"""
  2749. 002748:0.0,1,"""[04:37] ** fridayfriday is now known as captaincockblock"""
  2750. 002749:0.0,1,"""quiesce Yay."""
  2751. 002750:0.0,1,"""Lurkin_Lobster you are the only motherfucker i know that could be bitten in the ARMPIT"""
  2752. 002751:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> Oh boners. How do you work"""
  2753. 002752:0.0,1,"""(citra) I CANT FAP WITH AN ECARD OK"""
  2754. 002753:0.0,1,"""The cake is a lie."""
  2755. 002754:0.0,1,"""* lostabu installs ubuntu on your girlfriend"""
  2756. 002755:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> lostabu i have my derp moments xD"""
  2757. 002756:0.0,1,"""Anonymous has small hands"""
  2758. 002757:0.0,1,"""<dew> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKHFUKZ-IXE i want to do this to all of the ladies in here"""
  2759. 002758:0.0,1,"""<TheErik> citra: My love for you is like diarrhea, I just can't hold it in."""
  2760. 002759:0.0,1,"""<vil33> 4 inches is just the right size for me"""
  2761. 002760:0.0,1,"""<haploid> jstar: the downside to using a non-apple device is you can't sniff your own farts with the rest of the smug hipster crowd."""
  2762. 002761:0.0,1,"""<alternut> wow, chatting with my vietnamese friend, she tells me 21 million vietnamese dong is 1k usd, <@Lurkin_Lobster> hahaha dong"""
  2763. 002762:0.0,1,"""<sirderpalot> i can't imagine ever kissing a girl"""
  2764. 002763:0.0,1,"""<permagreen> I find it's generally a good idea not to date racists"""
  2765. 002764:0.0,1,"""mitchbones: fridayfriday: Deaf guys can't hear you when you say no"""
  2766. 002765:0.0,1,"""<wolfc86> gotta go down on fridayfriday"""
  2767. 002766:0.0,1,"""< pjberry> and by mine and yours i mean penises"""
  2768. 002767:0.0,1,"""<pjberry> if mo money mo problems, then shouldn't no money be no problems?"""
  2769. 002768:0.0,1,"""(fridayfriday) when in doubt smoothie it out"""
  2770. 002769:0.0,1,"""(CheckinUOut1) so did you guys hear apparently stacy's mom has got it going on"""
  2771. 002770:0.0,1,"""(1:24:55 PM) EddieTheHead: oyeah... the rest of the time, we talk about sex with my mom"""
  2772. 002771:0.0,1,"""[12:31] <permagreen> Nothing is ever easy. Everything is impossibly difficult and unimaginably complex. We just forget about all that once we get good at something and then take it for granted."""
  2773. 002772:0.0,1,"""<EddieTheHead> router, if you are reading this, please take it as my attempt at communicating. i fucking hate you. that is all, enjoy your day processing zeroes and ones. because you're boring."""
  2774. 002773:0.0,1,"""<jellystar> I don't rape <mitchbones> you suprise sex!"""
  2775. 002774:0.0,1,"""mitchbones: last night I found twin sister erotica and replaced their names with Tegan and Sara :3"""
  2776. 002775:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: FRIDAYFRIDAY GET IN MY MOUTH"""
  2777. 002776:0.0,1,"""<dostana> lol perky nipples"""
  2778. 002777:0.0,1,"""<dostana> Ass first, masturbate, body, then hair"""
  2779. 002778:0.0,1,"""<CheckinUOut> always work my way down"""
  2780. 002779:0.0,1,"""* mourningwould masturbates to tears"""
  2781. 002780:0.0,1,"""<WorkingSherlawk> I'm always up for some buttsex."""
  2782. 002781:0.0,1,"""russlar-eh> what, nobody is going to !write my line?"""
  2783. 002782:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> Eating that ice cream is like having a bunch of Japanese businessmen jizzing into my mouth at the same time"""
  2784. 002783:0.0,1,"""<morningwould> that's pretty hard"""
  2785. 002784:0.0,1,"""[08:00] <@Anonymous> and i got it all over my hand"""
  2786. 002785:0.0,1,""".google Anonymous"""
  2787. 002786:0.0,1,"""(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻"""
  2788. 002787:0.0,1,"""<brian> Lobster, do you do circumcisions?"""
  2789. 002788:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> BEADS? <PoohBear> Anal? <macgyver> Did someone say battlestar galactica!?!?"""
  2790. 002789:0.0,1,"""<@Lurkin_Lobster> have sweet dreams about getting pegged!"""
  2791. 002790:0.0,1,"""<alternut> fuck, did I really start a pegging debate?"""
  2792. 002791:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> im a lobster motherfucker. i always go out on top. <morningwould> i prefer bottom"""
  2793. 002792:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> That's right, you go to your bunk to wank. I am quiesce, and I approve of this massage."""
  2794. 002793:0.0,1,"""pjberry: i believe multitasking to be a euphemism for porn"""
  2795. 002794:0.0,1,"""<kirkman> YEAH HIGH FUBE"""
  2796. 002795:0.0,1,"""<lulzwhut> oh god im a nerd of the worst degree"""
  2797. 002796:0.0,1,"""*quiesce        touches Anonymous"""
  2798. 002797:0.0,1,"""vil33: meeting new people has made my penis like 2 inches longer"""
  2799. 002798:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: I'm hung like a motherfucking horse"""
  2800. 002799:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> I feel like if I had a penis I'd trench coat that shit up, show you in a mcdonalds"""
  2801. 002800:0.0,1,"""fridayfriday: omg I'd show my penis to all the girls on omegle"""
  2802. 002801:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> If I had a vagina, I'd let everyone put their penis in it"""
  2803. 002802:0.0,1,"""gymwould: penis IS THE BEST"""
  2804. 002803:0.0,1,"""<zeld4> You guys are like furries but not."""
  2805. 002804:0.0,1,"""* CheckinUOut fap fap fap fap fap"""
  2806. 002805:0.0,1,"""<@madsy> My debian package only has three dependencies. Lobster and two balls."""
  2807. 002806:0.0,1,"""<dostana> No time to go back down, balls are getting to heavy and big!"""
  2808. 002807:0.0,1,"""<Tric> smile_ s penis <Tric> http://imgur.com/BG97r"""
  2809. 002808:0.0,1,"""<stereo`>it's like a little flower of peniss"""
  2810. 002809:0.0,1,"""<Ptard> I think I have a new fetish for sprinkles"""
  2811. 002810:0.0,1,"""[23:29] <Aevum> nothing like a short asian woman wiggling your cock as if it was a pepper shaker"""
  2812. 002811:0.0,1,"""<rauh> it will just lead me down a long hard road with little growth."""
  2813. 002812:0.0,1,"""haploid: and you can turn the lights off on ugly"""
  2814. 002813:0.0,1,"""< permagreen> Yeah, but I want a hug, not a funny cat picture"""
  2815. 002814:0.0,1,"""<@Lurkin_Lobster> SOMETIMES I FART MYSELF AWAKE. NO SHAME."""
  2816. 002815:0.0,1,"""<@Lurkin_Lobster> i knew that was coming"""
  2817. 002816:0.0,1,"""<lee_rex> you guys know how dangerous the wall is?"""
  2818. 002817:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> tis the season where i wish i had penis"""
  2819. 002818:0.0,1,"""<lee_shower> it's been a while since i had penis :<"""
  2820. 002819:0.0,1,"""<@Lurkin_Lobster> i might just experiment lol"""
  2821. 002820:0.0,1,"""<thecoldpart> welp i just spewed everywhere"""
  2822. 002821:0.0,1,"""NO TOUCHING!"""
  2823. 002822:0.0,1,"""<NorthernGrim> how did the hipster burn his hand? he changed the lightbulb before it was cool!"""
  2824. 002823:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> Just gay sex with tigger"""
  2825. 002824:0.0,1,"""<Anonymous> i boner myself. it's how i work."""
  2826. 002825:0.0,1,"""(@fridayfriday) no problem pooh, I will bring the love"""
  2827. 002826:0.0,1,"""<permagreen> This discussion is now about which Oscar winners have probably diddled themselves with their oscar"""
  2828. 002827:0.0,1,"""dostana: I like guys that look nice in a suit"""
  2829. 002828:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> okay my boner went a little limp"""
  2830. 002829:0.0,1,"""<permagreen> Anonymous cannot sleep. There is a channel that needs watching over."""
  2831. 002830:0.0,1,"""<dostana> Truth...if Anonymous left...i would post naughty things about her on the wall"""
  2832. 002831:0.0,1,"""[01:11] <Zombie_Mael> that statement is the epitome of FA [01:11] <Zombie_Mael> 'i say that to my cat sometimes'"""
  2833. 002832:0.0,1,"""(@fridayfriday) my cat licks me if I am salty"""
  2834. 002833:0.0,1,"""<GalacticOtter1> All I see are angry rainbows :\"""
  2835. 002834:0.0,1,"""<quiesce> I can help myself, I just choose not to."""
  2836. 002835:0.0,1,"""<RyanXM> 'playing with my cloyster makes me squirtle'"""
  2837. 002836:0.0,1,"""danilo_d: 'Goddamnit quiesce, my vagina is not a bank'"""
  2838. 002837:0.0,1,"""<macgyver> I don't think anyone wants to see my porn stash. It's pregnant squirting gang banging with vicious anal"""
  2839. 002838:0.0,1,"""<TheErik> Sadness comes out when I squeeze my penis long enough."""
  2840. 002839:0.0,1,"""(fahquar) damn fridayfriday and her giant penis"""
  2841. 002840:0.0,1,"""<dostana> I wish I was lucky, but my balls are too small"""
  2842. 002841:0.0,1,"""<dostana> I am not living up to my g_spot days"""
  2843. 002842:0.0,1,"""<dostana> guyss.....i am getting soft"""
  2844. 002843:0.0,1,"""'it is also the pardonable vanity of lonely people everywhere to assume they have no counterparts.' -John le Carre, The Honourable Schoolboy"""
  2845. 002844:0.0,1,"""<CheckinUOut> creep all they want, they aint gettin none of this booty"""
  2846. 002845:0.0,1,"""<toponymy> cut that 'haha' thing out, nothing funny was said!"""
  2847. 002846:0.0,1,"""<intehsun> awkward waffles"""
  2848. 002847:0.0,1,""".ud blue waffle"""
  2849. 002848:0.0,1,"""<pjberry> and then i remembered how good they tasted"""
  2850. 002849:0.0,1,"""<dew> groceries: i would put you in me"""
  2851. 002850:0.0,1,"""<happy_fingers> oh my... from sodomy to vibrators to gay porn... we're all getting ready for valentines"""
  2852. 002851:0.0,1,"""(CheckinUOut) lesboreo and frigayfrigay"""
  2853. 002852:0.0,1,"""Anonymous: 2 girls 1 tiiv but with chocolate tiiv: how could I say no to that"""
  2854. 002853:0.0,1,"""< actualgirl> is this gonna end with your penis in my throat? :("""
  2855. 002854:0.0,1,"""(PoohBear) I'm only here for the hot man ass"""
  2856. 002855:0.0,1,"""<CheckinUOut> just realized i'm looking at pics of gay guy.. on valentines day"""
  2857. 002856:0.0,1,"""<PotatoEddie> THEY DON'T CALL ME BLUMPMEISTER FOR NOTHIN'"""
  2858. 002857:0.0,1,"""<crohnoes> WHY ARE MY FINGERS ON MY KEYBOARD INSTEAD OF INSIDE A VAGINA"""
  2859. 002858:0.0,1,"""* jellystar_ is now known as not_jellystar // * not_jellystar is now known as jellystar // * jellystar (a02779b8@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit"""
  2860. 002859:0.0,1,"""mitchbones: I love old dudes blowing each other, where can I find a party like that online?"""
  2861. 002860:0.0,1,"""(CheckinUOut) i wonder if i can bring some girls to the yard"""
  2862. 002861:0.0,1,"""<skyr> i was imagining women covered in bacon ketchup and bbq"""
  2863. 002862:0.0,1,"""fixedzero: time to rock this shit russlar: literal butt rock? fixedzero: I may have wiggled my butt, yes"""
  2864. 002863:0.0,1,"""11:10 < russlar> i gave Lurkin_Lobster sexual feelings in her vagina. my day is done"""
  2865. 002864:0.0,1,"""<fantastic_lee> also ow my lip <fantastic_lee> ooh it's under birthcontrol"""
  2866. 002865:0.0,1,"""why i am forever alone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9qYF9DZPdw"""
  2867. 002866:0.0,1,"""<relaxo> LOL my phone vibrated and i thought i got a text message BUT the battery was empty and it always vibrates when it turns off."""
  2868. 002867:0.0,1,"""[definition of the wall] <fantastic_lee> yeah it's supposed to be more like an attack on another person"""
  2869. 002868:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> Dew, my valentine for you is better than his <3: http://i.imgur.com/pOxnp.jpg"""
  2870. 002869:0.0,1,"""poohbear: Who is snot a vagina?"""
  2871. 002870:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> so my roommate has no idea that im in here on the internet talking to people and i just heard her on the phone going I DONT KNOW WHAT SHE DOES IN THERE SHE LIKE TALKS LOUD TO NOBODY AND LAUGHS ALL THE TIME"""
  2872. 002871:0.0,1,"""<@Anonymous> fridayfriday i want your massive penis in my mouth"""
  2873. 002872:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> But mainly I'm a bottom"""
  2874. 002873:0.0,1,"""<imgeekboy> fridayfriday: I love that you're always here!"""
  2875. 002874:0.0,1,"""<@peeingonfriday> I MAKE IT RAIN"""
  2876. 002875:0.0,1,"""(CheckinUOut) n plz, do math"""
  2877. 002876:0.0,1,"""<Lee_droid> drown them all!"""
  2878. 002877:0.0,1,"""<Lee_droid> I'm so lady"""
  2879. 002878:0.0,1,"""< permagreen> We need to make a concentrated effort to put more non-mushy people up there"""
  2880. 002879:0.0,1,"""<RyanXM> YOU ARE ALL SO SEXY"""
  2881. 002880:0.0,1,"""<pjberry> i like that kriss kross doesn't care about making it hot...they just want that shit lukewarm"""
  2882. 002881:0.0,1,"""Lobsterphone: Some days you're the windshield some days your the bug"""
  2883. 002882:0.0,1,"""<CheckinUOut> as a guy seeing that pic it doesn't feel right i want to lick nutella.... but it's on a penis"""
  2884. 002883:0.0,1,"""< lolcats> i went out with math once but he dumped me for biology"""
  2885. 002884:0.0,1,"""lee_rex: I *was* a good student. lolcats: god bless you, american public education system"""
  2886. 002885:0.0,1,"""<Ray`> just go over there and kill her, you'll still get to go home from prison on weekends"""
  2887. 002886:0.0,1,"""(8:36:11 PM) Large_: Speling is importent thoh"""
  2888. 002887:0.0,1,"""<lolcats> stop walling"""
  2889. 002888:0.0,1,"""<lolcats> well now you know what it's like to be a lady"""
  2890. 002889:0.0,1,"""<dichloroethane> Johnson is just so intimidating on the mound"""
  2891. 002890:0.0,1,"""<pjberry> i need to remember that my mom is on facebook before i listen to spotify hits like 'Pop That Pussy'"""
  2892. 002891:0.0,1,"""* PoohBear is now known as SuckUpPooh"""
  2893. 002892:0.0,1,"""<alternut> belive me, if rl was a fantasy, I would have killed myself in that fantasy, because it's terrible"""
  2894. 002893:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> i bone the hell out of her"""
  2895. 002894:0.0,1,"""citra: i just wanna go to the gym and eat berries"""
  2896. 002895:0.0,1,"""<russlar> holy mother of fail"""
  2898. 002897:0.0,1,"""<lee_rex> you just wet it and apply"""
  2899. 002898:0.0,1,"""<forever_balloon> 'hey bitch, you want my junk, go hea now'"""
  2900. 002899:0.0,1,"""<lee_rex> but… it's so sticky <citra> thats what she said"""
  2901. 002900:0.0,1,"""<forever_balloon> was my first successful time with three <forever_balloon> felt super awesome"""
  2902. 002901:0.0,1,"""<topotency> the novelty of llaw! will be shorter than the lifespan of your sperm"""
  2903. 002902:0.0,1,"""<forever_balloon> PS: do not cut a fuckhole into the reddit alien plushie. This is a Bad Thing To Do"""
  2904. 002903:0.0,1,"""* forever_balloon grips blue penis gently and says 'may I have this dance?' the blue penis says nothing. forever_balloon hurls the penis at the nearest window, 'FINE I NEVER LIKED YOU ANYWAY AND I FAKED IT EVERY TIME!"""
  2905. 002904:0.0,1,"""'It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming'"""
  2906. 002905:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> PoohBot is really a bunch of kids in Vietnam that I pay to mess around on IRC all day"""
  2907. 002906:0.0,1,"""<alternut> I'm looking closer at those rubber plug things.. I don't know"""
  2908. 002907:0.0,1,"""<alternut> !selflove"""
  2909. 002908:0.0,1,"""!wall"""
  2910. 002909:0.0,1,"""http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smrJ7459pj0"""
  2911. 002910:0.0,1,"""<permagreen> PoohSleep, Did you murder us all and then start a band with our zombiefied corpses?"""
  2912. 002911:0.0,1,"""<GalacticOtter> You are your own person, noone else can make you who you are. Your influences are the people who nutured you and found your value as a human. Not those who abused you and neglected you."""
  2913. 002912:0.0,1,"""<morningwould> i would like a ration of gay men"""
  2914. 002913:0.0,1,"""<Lee_droid> duck you phone"""
  2915. 002914:0.0,1,"""<morningwould> because something's poking my butt <alternut> taht would be lee's penis"""
  2916. 002915:0.0,1,"""<fantastic_lee> i'm not pervy :<"""
  2917. 002916:0.0,1,"""<hrim> wowie look at that. i join IRC and get a boner."""
  2918. 002917:0.0,1,"""<lolcats> i'll stop !walling when there's not a quote that isn't about sex/sex-related"""
  2919. 002918:0.0,1,"""(11:06:23 PM) morningwould: waffles of justice? (11:06:29 PM) morningwould: anus of justice?"""
  2920. 002919:0.0,1,"""<russlar> Whatever girl wants a penis, that's hot as fuck"""
  2921. 002920:0.0,1,"""<PoohAway> So setting Uranus on fire might not work so well"""
  2922. 002921:0.0,1,"""<lee_nap> gotta make it smaller O_O"""
  2923. 002922:0.0,1,"""The square root of rope, is string."""
  2924. 002923:0.0,1,"""The plural of Surgeon General is Surgeons General. The past tense of Surgeons General is Surgeonsed General."""
  2925. 002924:0.0,1,"""89 percent of magic tricks are not magic. Technically, they are sorcery."""
  2926. 002925:0.0,1,"""(10:42:42 AM) morningwould: pLOLitics"""
  2927. 002926:0.0,1,"""<morningwould> pLOLitics"""
  2928. 002927:0.0,1,"""<forever_balloon> i mean, if she was around i'd totally plow that field like the great dust bowl just ended"""
  2929. 002928:0.0,1,"""scourtie: He just likes when i get sad enough to cry, likes the tears on tits."""
  2930. 002929:0.0,1,"""http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7movKfyTBII"""
  2931. 002930:0.0,1,"""BIP!"""
  2932. 002931:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> This summer I am flying to new zealand to consummate my love with a goat that I fell in love with"""
  2933. 002932:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> nothing worse than an unwanted penis stuck in the tap when you just want some water"""
  2934. 002933:0.0,1,"""<russlol> i'm suddenly imagining the Jaws theme, except it's going 'pe-nis. pe-nis. penispenispenispenis'"""
  2935. 002934:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> nothing worse than an unwanted penis stuck in the tap when you just want some water"""
  2936. 002935:0.0,1,"""<morningwould> i'm hornery as fuck"""
  2937. 002936:0.0,1,"""<aerial> i'm not good at being silent while fucking"""
  2938. 002937:0.0,1,"""<@danilo_d> I use my penis as a chat client"""
  2939. 002938:0.0,1,"""<morningwould> by the time they get to me, they're all hard"""
  2940. 002939:0.0,1,"""<Ray`> trying to find where I put my bag of weed"""
  2941. 002940:0.0,1,"""<morningwould> depends on if one of you were strong enough to hold off your urge of goatfucking"""
  2942. 002941:0.0,1,"""<lee_rex> EW DEW HOW DISGUSTING"""
  2943. 002942:0.0,1,"""<morningwould> that shirt is very becoming on you, of course, if i were on you, i'd be coming too."""
  2944. 002943:0.0,1,"""<lee_rex> it's not even in my mouth o_O"""
  2945. 002944:0.0,1,"""dew: i like lee_rex full naked"""
  2946. 002945:0.0,1,"""<morningwould> i've increased my protein intake <alternut> taking a lot of cock lately morningwould?"""
  2947. 002946:0.0,1,"""<fantastic_lee> ugh everything is so big"""
  2948. 002947:0.0,1,"""that's what she said"""
  2949. 002948:0.0,1,"""http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Csc8zr2MGUw#t=0m12s"""
  2950. 002949:0.0,1,"""<morningwould> i'm just jealous that gay guys won't stick it in my pooper"""
  2951. 002950:0.0,1,"""<fantastic_lee> i'm stupid"""
  2952. 002951:0.0,1,"""<coffeebeans10> I'm down with assblow"""
  2953. 002952:0.0,1,"""<gymwould> why must we be content with archaic ass washing techniques?"""
  2954. 002953:0.0,1,"""<travisHAZE> I hear nasty swampy ass can be used as a defence against giant mutant cockroaches"""
  2955. 002954:0.0,1,"""<fantastic_lee> i would totally get naked for that guy forever_balloon ;P"""
  2956. 002955:0.0,1,"""Boys and girls in America have such a sad time together; sophistication demands that they submit to sex immediately without proper preliminary talk. Not courting talk — real straight talk about souls, for life is holy and every moment is precious."""
  2957. 002956:0.0,1,"""<GalacticOtter> PoohBear, you make me hot in the honeypot."""
  2958. 002957:0.0,1,"""I hope it is true that a man can die and yet not only live in others but give them life, and not only life, but that great consciousness of life."""
  2959. 002958:0.0,1,"""My aunt once said that the world would never find peace until men fell at their women's feet and asked for forgiveness."""
  2960. 002959:0.0,1,"""Happiness consists in realizing it is all a great stange dream."""
  2961. 002960:0.0,1,"""Reality is just a crutch for people who can't handle creativity and the inherent madness of the mind."""
  2962. 002961:0.0,1,"""It no longer makes me cry and die and tear myself to see her go because everything goes away from me like that now — girls, visions, anything, just in the same way and forever and I accept lostness forever."""
  2963. 002962:0.0,1,"""Thinking of the stars night after night I begin to realize “The stars are words” and all the innumerable worlds in the Milky Way are words, and so is this world too. And I realize that no matter where I am, whether in a little room full of thought, or in this endless universe of stars and mountains, it’s all in my mind."""
  2964. 002963:0.0,1,"""<Pazon> There's so much more data in a star than in a person's body, though I'm not expert at lossless compression."""
  2965. 002964:0.0,1,"""<forever_balloon> cause hell, if you're already feeling guilty about enjoying it, what's the difference between regular sex and getting spanked on the internet while a midget bites your nipples till they bleed?"""
  2966. 002965:0.0,1,"""GalactiicOtter: I'm watching a slinky on a treadmill to the song 'Stayin' Alive' by the BeeGees because the slinky has swag and pizzaz"""
  2967. 002966:0.0,1,"""<RyanXM> fa-sid: pisses vodka and drinks piss"""
  2968. 002967:0.0,1,"""(11:01:00 PM) Lee_droid: omg I must see this magnificent breast"""
  2969. 002968:0.0,1,"""(11:09:46 PM) ricin: i should've probably not said that"""
  2970. 002969:0.0,1,"""<pole> i'd dp"""
  2971. 002970:0.0,1,"""<alternut> BRRRRRRRRRUUUUUMMMMFFFFFFFFFF thats the sound i assume a leaf blower makes when blowing someones ass"""
  2972. 002971:0.0,1,"""<cream_> he's sticky"""
  2973. 002972:0.0,1,"""< MaelMarphone> So flashlight orgasm = great stomach workout"""
  2974. 002973:0.0,1,"""<PhoneTric> I hate it when it gets all sloppy and dirty :("""
  2975. 002974:0.0,1,"""<permagreen> Poohbot is a sexy piece of software"""
  2976. 002975:0.0,1,"""<+lostabu> i hire some mexicans to do my manscaping"""
  2977. 002976:0.0,1,"""<lee_rex> 'I just wanna get my penis wet'"""
  2978. 002977:0.0,1,"""<kororaa> penis -- kid tested, mother approved."""
  2979. 002978:0.0,1,"""<kororaa> What happens in !write stays in !write."""
  2980. 002979:0.0,1,"""<kororaa> bukkake is how grandmothers show their love."""
  2981. 002980:0.0,1,"""<kororaa> Doesn't mitchbones deserve wang?"""
  2982. 002981:0.0,1,"""kills bugs dead."""
  2983. 002982:0.0,1,"""<kororaa> I just called to say I love dew's penis."""
  2984. 002983:0.0,1,"""alternut> DAE get horny over fancy looking circuit boards?"""
  2985. 002984:0.0,1,"""kills bugs dead."""
  2986. 002985:0.0,1,"""<kororaa> Slow down time with turgid throbbing cock."""
  2987. 002986:0.0,1,"""<kororaa> actualgirl isn't just for breakfast anymore."""
  2988. 002987:0.0,1,"""<kororaa> If it doesn't get all over the place, it doesn't belong in Lurkin_Lobster"""
  2989. 002988:0.0,1,"""<morningwould> !sloggin balls"""
  2990. 002989:0.0,1,"""<Lee_droid> I won't be able to sleep with such deliciousness in my mouth"""
  2991. 002990:0.0,1,"""<Zekk> woah, gay sex. funnily enough, i was just thinking about that."""
  2992. 002991:0.0,1,"""I'm sorry Pooh. I'm afraid I can't do that."""
  2993. 002992:0.0,1,"""<Tric> luckily some things are way more important than looks <Tric> like minecraft"""
  2994. 002993:0.0,1,"""(5:47:05 PM) PoohSleep: If people could see my thoughts, they would see a lot of elderly women having lesbian sex with each other"""
  2995. 002994:0.0,1,"""<Ray`> it's like a very intimate dance while holding a full bladder, except without the discomfort, ending with both of you urinating over the other"""
  2996. 002995:0.0,1,"""(7:01:16 PM) PoohSleep: I just want to urinate on someone (7:01:21 PM) PoohSleep is now known as RKelly"""
  2997. 002996:0.0,1,"""lolcats: anyway, on a scale from female to poohbear you get a beard rating of 5"""
  2998. 002997:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> There is http://www.icanhazchat.com/midgetnecrophilia"""
  2999. 002998:0.0,1,"""Lee: THEY'RE MASSIVE"""
  3000. 002999:0.0,1,"""<ReDucTor> PoohBear, one day we will have sex with dead midgets together"""
  3001. 003000:0.0,1,"""TheErik: Show us on the horse where you were touched inappropriately."""
  3002. 003001:0.0,1,"""(2:10:04 PM) EddieTheHead: lolcats, tell me what you want what you really really want"""
  3003. 003002:0.0,1,"""(2:12:32 PM) tric: my boobs only hurt when smile is nibbling"""
  3004. 003003:0.0,1,"""<smile_> norwegian free range girl breast"""
  3005. 003004:0.0,1,"""<Zekk> hahah, can you imagine that tho? having buttsex so fast, the friction melting the condom inside of said anus?"""
  3006. 003005:0.0,1,"""(PoohBear) Maybe that site would help me market my fetus butt plug"""
  3007. 003006:0.0,1,"""(1:24:59 AM) PoohBear: I was thinking of something like anal fisting (1:25:03 AM) PoohBear: but with bricks"""
  3008. 003007:0.0,1,"""odinsgrudge: I'm FA because Cthulu Jobs forget to put Tapioca pudding in my sock diaper. Fifth world problems yo"""
  3009. 003008:0.0,1,"""wolfc86: we're all just fucking giant sacks of flash riding along a rock that's ridinig along a gas giant so big shit's gone nuclear inside"""
  3010. 003009:0.0,1,"""wolfc86: i kissed a boy and I LIKED ITTTTTT"""
  3011. 003010:0.0,1,"""<+lostabu> i could never handle more than 2 guys at once"""
  3012. 003011:0.0,1,"""<hdb> how does one get to be on the poohbot wall?"""
  3013. 003012:0.0,1,"""<Zekk> mine tend to be about gay sex for some reason."""
  3014. 003013:0.0,1,"""<Zekk> what? it's not as if i particularly prefer taking it up the butt"""
  3015. 003014:0.0,1,"""<Zekk> i have sexual relations with myself all he time."""
  3016. 003015:0.0,1,"""<permagreen> Sexual relations are the best kind of relations"""
  3017. 003016:0.0,1,"""(7:58:56 PM) hdb: BUT SOMEONE NEEDS TO BE AT LEAST TOUCHING MY VAGINA"""
  3018. 003017:0.0,1,"""(9:54:27 PM) hdb_: facial is a MUST for me"""
  3019. 003018:0.0,1,"""<@Alpha`> it's a shame my mustache looks like crap"""
  3020. 003019:0.0,1,"""<Ray`> you'd be surprised what you can watch when you're baked out of your mind"""
  3021. 003020:0.0,1,"""[15:09] <kororaa> You got peanut butter in my peniss!"""
  3022. 003021:0.0,1,"""(10:19:52 PM) kororaa: lostabu. WARNING: THIS MAY CAUSE CANCER"""
  3023. 003022:0.0,1,"""(10:21:42 PM) kororaa: Lurkin_Lobster isn't for everyone. Lurkin_Lobster's side effects include drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, death, spontaneous combustion and dizziness."""
  3025. 003024:0.0,1,"""<kororaa> my penis -- Alpha` tested, mother approved."""
  3026. 003025:0.0,1,"""amber's penis takes a licking and keeps on ticking."""
  3027. 003026:0.0,1,"""* russlar_afk loves the smell of napalm in the IRC"""
  3028. 003027:0.0,1,"""citra: yeah i have a 2 head penis"""
  3029. 003028:0.0,1,"""<citra> yeah i have a 2 head penis"""
  3030. 003029:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> I gave myself a money shot"""
  3031. 003030:0.0,1,"""<danilo_d> that's some power ejaculate you got there, PoohBear"""
  3032. 003031:0.0,1,"""orion`: short people are easier to kidnap"""
  3033. 003032:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> i wanna go eat a friend"""
  3034. 003033:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> Is that ovary quivering material?"""
  3035. 003034:0.0,1,"""<permagreen> !ralpj"""
  3036. 003035:0.0,1,"""<Reddit316> mmmm i love to be eaten down there ;) anytime even if i am not on a bagel"""
  3037. 003036:0.0,1,"""<@danilo_d> tl;dr: bitches be crazy"""
  3038. 003037:0.0,1,"""<PoohNap> I have the gayest boner right now <Zekk> you can't have the gayest boner. the balls aren't touching!"""
  3039. 003038:0.0,1,"""<alternut> how many can i fit in my mouth?"""
  3040. 003039:0.0,1,"""<forever_balloon> i'm gay for vagina"""
  3041. 003040:0.0,1,"""<dew> Despite what people may think or say, I'm not crazy. The voices in my head agree with me!"""
  3042. 003041:0.0,1,"""<permagreen> I'll bet buttsex does not taste very good"""
  3043. 003042:0.0,1,"""<dew> im not a throbbing whore!"""
  3044. 003043:0.0,1,"""<Mitchbones> hdb, anything goyte makes you happy"""
  3045. 003044:0.0,1,"""<MaelMarphone> Mmmm lobster farts."""
  3046. 003045:0.0,1,"""(10:12:56 AM) PoohBear: I like to listen to this song when I'm thinking about a special guy…: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PI3LAgGBxqU&ob=av3e"""
  3047. 003046:0.0,1,"""<PurrInMyEar> What if you fantasize about hitler mastrubating while masturbating dressed up as Hitler? I do that sometimes"""
  3048. 003047:0.0,1,"""<PoohNap> Where is France?"""
  3049. 003048:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> my labia would be displeased with such a thing"""
  3050. 003049:0.0,1,"""* permagreen grows a pair of breasts and flies away on wings of peppermint"""
  3051. 003050:0.0,1,"""<Zekk> aww, i wanted vitamin D. D for cock! Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh"""
  3052. 003051:0.0,1,"""<throbbing> fantastic_lee: so what you're saying is, you need penis?"""
  3053. 003052:0.0,1,"""<Stereo`> any cock would have sufficed"""
  3054. 003053:0.0,1,"""<macgyver> I THINK I JUST JIZZED IN MY VAGINA"""
  3055. 003054:0.0,1,"""<TheErik> I feel the love. <TheErik> (fap fap fap fap fap)"""
  3056. 003055:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> I do not want to have sex"""
  3057. 003056:0.0,1,"""<kororaa> AHHHH!!! RUN!!!!! Oh, wait... it's only FUCK MY LIFE."""
  3058. 003057:0.0,1,"""<Zekk> HEY I LIKE BUTTSEX. IT FEELS NICE WHEN A GIANT penis -- wait. fuck."""
  3059. 003058:0.0,1,"""<WizardOtter> hormones or 'whore moans' amirite?"""
  3060. 003059:0.0,1,"""<forever_balloon> fuck this ADD right in the butthole"""
  3061. 003060:0.0,1,"""<gamingbeans> aah yes, the assblow"""
  3062. 003061:0.0,1,"""(12:19:59 AM) Ray`: !slogan Korea (12:20:00 AM) kororaa: There's something special in Korea. (12:20:05 AM) Ray`: no shit"""
  3063. 003062:0.0,1,"""<dew> oh yea, right in his mouth"""
  3064. 003063:0.0,1,"""(1:30:55 AM) gliese581: !slogan Jeff Goldblum (1:30:56 AM) kororaa: What can Jeff Goldblum do for you? (1:31:12 AM) gliese581: I'm... not going to answer that"""
  3065. 003064:0.0,1,"""<Zekk> yes, i'm eating poop"""
  3066. 003065:0.0,1,"""<dew> im surrounded by sexy ladies.... and morningwould"""
  3067. 003066:0.0,1,"""<wonderfoul> i'd date me"""
  3068. 003067:0.0,1,"""<hdb> with girls (which is rare) that i find hot, id eat or something."""
  3069. 003068:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> DUCT TAPE THAT JUNK TIGHTER"""
  3070. 003069:0.0,1,"""<dew> fixedzero if i could purr, i would"""
  3071. 003070:0.0,1,"""Anonymous is a very aggressive person. He/She attacked others 22 times. For example, like this: * Anonymous slaps lostabu's butt"""
  3072. 003071:0.0,1,"""<kororaa> vagina is how grandmothers show their love."""
  3073. 003072:0.0,1,"""Melts in your mouth, not in your prolapse."""
  3074. 003073:0.0,1,"""<kororaa> Nothin' says lovin' like penis cheese in the oven."""
  3075. 003074:0.0,1,"""[20:45] <PoohBear> dew: How come you don't hang out in #reddit-sex?"""
  3076. 003075:0.0,1,"""<kororaa> fapfapfapfap in the morning, fapfapfapfap in the evening, fapfapfapfap at suppertime. When fapfapfapfap is on a bagel you can eat fapfapfapfap anytime."""
  3077. 003076:0.0,1,"""[20:49] <hdb> !slogan Gotye [20:49] <kororaa> Gotye Gotye Gotye Gotye Gotye Gotye Gotye"""
  3078. 003077:0.0,1,"""^This person is awesome."""
  3079. 003078:0.0,1,"""<hdb> i will go down on a beard"""
  3080. 003079:0.0,1,"""lee: If, in the future, people are able to marry inanimate objects, I dibs mr. clean magic erase, it turns me on more then i care to admit #OCD"""
  3081. 003080:0.0,1,"""<coffeebeans> just realized I was still the bitch wizard"""
  3082. 003081:0.0,1,"""(10:57:44 AM) ***Lee_droid shakes bag of temptations"""
  3083. 003082:0.0,1,"""< odinsgrudge> why do people almost always 'lol when they get added to the wall?"""
  3084. 003083:0.0,1,"""(11:21:18 AM) othnielia: !slogan jews (11:21:18 AM) othnielia: Nothin' says lovin' like jews in the oven."""
  3085. 003084:0.0,1,"""(12:14:04 PM) Lee_droid: stupid furniture varnish"""
  3086. 003085:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> HE COULD GO RIGHT BETWEEN MY BOOBIES"""
  3087. 003086:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> Santorum=anal cream pie?"""
  3088. 003087:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> the.millionaire.matchmaker.s03e07.hdtv.xvid-momentum.avi"""
  3089. 003088:0.0,1,"""<vil33> TAMPONS AND PERIOD BLOOD EVERYWHERE"""
  3090. 003089:0.0,1,"""<gliese581> you keep touching them in the wrong parts"""
  3091. 003090:0.0,1,"""<Mitchbones> I've never owned a dildo before"""
  3092. 003091:0.0,1,"""<Zekk> YOU'RE REALLY A MAN?!"""
  3093. 003092:0.0,1,"""<coffeebeans10> and by bananas I do not mean penis"""
  3094. 003093:0.0,1,"""<coffeebeans10> the first thing I thought when I read that vil, was fapping"""
  3095. 003094:0.0,1,"""lee_rex: what a healthy prostate you have"""
  3096. 003095:0.0,1,"""<forever_balloon> i'm so cold, i'm going to take a shower to warm up :/ | coffeebeans10 has changed nick to a_shower"""
  3097. 003096:0.0,1,"""<MaelMarphone> Coffeebeans, then I'd name my penis The Challenger."""
  3098. 003097:0.0,1,"""<lee_away> HE WIGGLES SO GOOD"""
  3099. 003098:0.0,1,"""<lee_away> HE WIGGLES SO GOOD"""
  3100. 003099:0.0,1,"""<lee_away> HE WIGGLES SO GOOD"""
  3101. 003100:0.0,1,"""<lee_away> HE WIGGLES SO GOOD"""
  3102. 003101:0.0,1,"""<alternut> !write <lee_away> HE WIGGLES SO GOOD <dew> !write <lee_away> HE WIGGLES SO GOOD <forever_balloon> !write <lee_away> HE WIGGLES SO GOOD <coffeebeans> !write <lee_away> HE WIGGLES SO GOOD"""
  3103. 003102:0.0,1,"""<alternut> noooo, I'm out of jelly bean"""
  3104. 003103:0.0,1,"""<Geekychair> Haven't had sex in sooooooo long. It's gotten to the point where i masturbate thinking of other times i masturbated"""
  3105. 003104:0.0,1,"""Previously on #reddit-foreveralone ..."""
  3106. 003105:0.0,1,"""<_skyr> anal sex can't be all that bad if it led you to zeppelin, permagreen"""
  3107. 003106:0.0,1,"""(11:32:15 AM) GalacticOtter: I'd drill her like a West Australian mining company."""
  3108. 003107:0.0,1,"""(12:29:33 PM) permaghost: And when you're trying to sleep, I'm going to play Never Going to Give You Up on the kazoo"""
  3109. 003108:0.0,1,"""<GalacticOtter> May screws a bunch of pokemon"""
  3110. 003109:0.0,1,"""<Lobster82> Guys I just like molested a cucumber"""
  3111. 003110:0.0,1,"""<Lobster82> I dismembered it and put it in the refrigerator"""
  3112. 003111:0.0,1,"""<GalacticOtter> I will use her excess sexual energy to fuel my DEATH RAY! MUAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAH"""
  3113. 003112:0.0,1,"""<tablet_balloon> You know, before lobster told us about her fagina vegetebals, we were having a nice highbrow discussion about quality videogames."""
  3114. 003113:0.0,1,"""<GalacticOtter> I know, always with the pregnancy and the monthly blood expulsion...<mcloud> that's stereotyping!"""
  3115. 003114:0.0,1,"""canadians are weird, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhV3B-fMOBY"""
  3116. 003115:0.0,1,"""(7:56:28 PM) noelani: i have a dream of some day ripping my uterus out in one giant rip and then tossing it aside. god i hate having shark week"""
  3117. 003116:0.0,1,"""odinsgrudge: Don't knock the song Zekk. This track has a very important message, just remember when your feeling  worthless and depressed and you are contemplating suicide, the simple  action of whiping your hair back and forth (dont matter if its long or  short) can make the pain go away"""
  3118. 003117:0.0,1,"""(10:56:08 PM) PoohBear: I suppose I could go lick raw hamburger meat and pretend it's a vagina (10:56:17 PM) PoohBear: But it just isn't the same"""
  3119. 003118:0.0,1,"""(11:18:31 PM) gliese581: !slogan !wall (11:18:31 PM) kororaa: Nothing beats a great pair of !walls."""
  3120. 003119:0.0,1,"""fa-sid: Somewhere in between all the LOL?s and J/K?s, we?ve lost our sense of humour."""
  3121. 003120:0.0,1,"""* pdxdan farts loudly"""
  3122. 003121:0.0,1,"""<dew> wait wait, actualgirl is legal????"""
  3123. 003122:0.0,1,"""[21:31] <PoohAway> fridayfriday: I've seen your balls when you whipped em out on cam. Impressive, to say the least."""
  3124. 003123:0.0,1,"""<imaloneandwhatis> Put a nixon mask on and slather yourself in chocolate. Yell 'Sock it.... TO ME' as the seductee enters the room. I see this going favorably."""
  3125. 003124:0.0,1,"""<lee_rex> a matching set of bra and panties goes a really long way too :)"""
  3126. 003125:0.0,1,"""<wolfc861> i've seen enough hentai to know where this is going"""
  3127. 003126:0.0,1,"""<Zekk> and penis. penis is also tasty."""
  3128. 003127:0.0,1,"""<lolcats> DEW I LOVE YOU"""
  3129. 003128:0.0,1,"""(7:32:59 PM) ***Kageshishi grabs lee_droid and proceeds to bend her over his knee and begins morale improvement exercises"""
  3130. 003129:0.0,1,"""http://imgur.com/nsoJq"""
  3131. 003130:0.0,1,"""<lee_rex> i jackiechanfaced"""
  3132. 003131:0.0,1,"""permagreen: Killing someone in writing so unsatisfying. It's like if masturbation never resulted in orgasm"""
  3133. 003132:0.0,1,"""laminar: oral doesnt matter if you didnt get herpes!"""
  3134. 003133:0.0,1,"""<laminar> i believe in bacon and mayonaise"""
  3135. 003134:0.0,1,"""(3:28:00 AM) fantastic_lee: god i'm failing at speeling"""
  3136. 003135:0.0,1,"""(2:59:06 AM) remedy: DO WALL THAT"""
  3137. 003136:0.0,1,"""<dew> this ass isnt going to fist itself"""
  3138. 003137:0.0,1,"""<FlagranteDelicto> I suck at being a girl"""
  3139. 003138:0.0,1,"""* lee_rex catches in mouth"""
  3140. 003139:0.0,1,"""<Sathlin> If any one of you dies, I'll kill you"""
  3141. 003140:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> If any one of you dies, I'll use you corpse for sexual gratification"""
  3142. 003141:0.0,1,"""<alternut> I put gators in your toilet <lee_rex> OH HEY MAYBE I'LL FINALLY GET SOME ACTION"""
  3143. 003142:0.0,1,"""<alternut> rolls over, grabs the bun in thatguyfrompulpf's pocket, and shoots lee"""
  3144. 003143:0.0,1,"""<_Christine> This convo is turning me on :S"""
  3145. 003144:0.0,1,"""danilo_d: so im hella flacid at the moment IM WORKING ON IT OKAY?"""
  3146. 003145:0.0,1,"""<Biker_Mael> so i just tried on a jockstrap for the first time. that was an experience"""
  3147. 003146:0.0,1,"""< tablet_balloon> And 17 nobody expects good facials"""
  3148. 003147:0.0,1,"""<orion`> its like an angel has come in your mouth it tastes so good"""
  3149. 003148:0.0,1,"""<coffeebeans10> I like ass meals"""
  3150. 003149:0.0,1,"""<Criously> okc has slightly depressed me when it listed a post op transsexual as my highest match"""
  3151. 003150:0.0,1,"""russlar: !add <Criously> okc has slightly depressed me when it listed a post op transsexual as my highest match Criously: isnt it !write?"""
  3152. 003151:0.0,1,"""<dew> you slut <dew> to jesus"""
  3153. 003152:0.0,1,"""<macgyver> I'm cursed with a massive penis"""
  3154. 003153:0.0,1,"""<odinsgrudge1> i read that as 'is massaging random girls'"""
  3155. 003154:0.0,1,"""dew: GET YOUR SEXY ASS TO MY HOUSE FOR SOME LOVING"""
  3156. 003155:0.0,1,"""<russlar> check out this picture of the internet http://i.imgur.com/8NJds.jpg"""
  3157. 003156:0.0,1,"""<CanadaWhy> LET ME JUST GET THAT 50 GALLON LUBE TUB"""
  3158. 003157:0.0,1,"""<citra1> i miss my penis"""
  3159. 003158:0.0,1,"""coffeebeans: I'M A MAN, AND I SMELL LIKE ASS"""
  3160. 003159:0.0,1,"""http://s-ak.buzzfed.com/static/enhanced/web05/2010/11/1/1/enhanced-buzz-5040-1288589396-37.jpg"""
  3161. 003160:0.0,1,"""<lee_rex> gets handcuffs and strapon <coffeebeans> woo!"""
  3162. 003161:0.0,1,"""forever_balloon: i look better than jennifer aniston and i have a penis"""
  3163. 003162:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> I always thought 'sex-positive' means masturbating with electrodes attached to your nipples"""
  3164. 003163:0.0,1,"""< citra> yay cum"""
  3165. 003164:0.0,1,"""<forever_balloon> this probably sounds egotistical, but i think it's silly that no girl right now is experiencing how awesome it is to be my girlfriend."""
  3166. 003165:0.0,1,"""PoohStudying: We could cover ourselves in blood and fecal matter, and offer free hugs to passer-bys"""
  3167. 003166:0.0,1,"""(11:08:11 AM) ***PoohStudying makes a cup of hot chocolate for Lee_droid to dip her testicles into"""
  3168. 003167:0.0,1,"""ReDucTor: i had 6 penises once, but due to a lawn mower accident im down to 3"""
  3169. 003168:0.0,1,"""<RyanXM_work> you can't volunteer me or my anus"""
  3170. 003169:0.0,1,"""<macgyver> Also the possibili of chunks in the asshole hair. Not enticing"""
  3171. 003170:0.0,1,"""<DeadpoolMerc> Hey it might be the best shit you ever had in your face..."""
  3172. 003171:0.0,1,"""<pdxdan> sit on my face"""
  3173. 003172:0.0,1,"""<FlagranteDelicto> I dont mind anal"""
  3174. 003173:0.0,1,"""<FlagranteDelicto> the one thing i get written on the wall, and it's akin to 'stick it in my arse, big boy'"""
  3175. 003174:0.0,1,"""<FlagranteDelicto> I'm not saying 'welp, there's nothing on tv, fuck my arse until Family Guy comes on'"""
  3176. 003175:0.0,1,"""<forever_balloon> deadpool: imagine you'r lady has a second vagina, and it's still as tight as a 12 year old. that's anal."""
  3177. 003176:0.0,1,"""* FlagranteDelicto is not talking anymore about this until you write some less slutty things i say on the wall"""
  3178. 003177:0.0,1,"""lee: it can be but i only buy stuff on sake"""
  3179. 003178:0.0,1,"""[02:34] http://www.icanhazchat.com/fagw#: lee only buys while drunk on sake*"""
  3180. 003179:0.0,1,"""<@PoohBear> Back in the day before internet porn was plentiful, I used to masturbate to hot teen sluts on Maury Povich"""
  3181. 003180:0.0,1,"""<Ray`> let us celebrate all over the faces of some fine young women"""
  3182. 003181:0.0,1,"""<+gliese581> Brought you by the Partnership for a cows-Free Vagina"""
  3183. 003182:0.0,1,"""<@dew> guys, did you know i <3 hdb"""
  3184. 003183:0.0,1,"""<Lurkin_Lobster> WOW A WHOLE PAPERCLIP"""
  3185. 003184:0.0,1,"""ZeeMap Bot: Looking for people in your_mom... Found everybody :,)"""
  3186. 003185:0.0,1,"""russlar-eh: gliese581: I support boobs"""
  3187. 003186:0.0,1,"""<+gliese581> somebody has to do the job, even if sometimes it gets hard"""
  3188. 003187:0.0,1,"""<@orion`> you can goatse up that bitch, heh"""
  3189. 003188:0.0,1,"""gliese581: I'm more rational than Data's toilet paper color priorities chart"""
  3190. 003189:0.0,1,"""ReDucTor: one day i plan to go to the cattacombs and have sex with a skull"""
  3191. 003190:0.0,1,"""<Geekychair> Good, talking my 19 yesr old friend made me horny"""
  3192. 003191:0.0,1,"""<Snafu_> i wish my beer farts would go away"""
  3193. 003192:0.0,1,"""<Stereo`> i mean, if you don't mind that it's about an inch long"""
  3194. 003193:0.0,1,"""<lee_rex> I JUST TOOK A PERIOD POO"""
  3195. 003194:0.0,1,"""<@Stereo`> we have a grope squad? <hrim> we do now"""
  3196. 003195:0.0,1,"""<@Ray`> I've bought porn from the dollar store"""
  3197. 003196:0.0,1,"""<ricin> OH SHIT FLYING BEARS"""
  3198. 003197:0.0,1,"""<deleted> (deleted)"""
  3199. 003198:0.0,1,"""<Lee_droid> Darn my pop music"""
  3200. 003199:0.0,1,"""<+kororaa> There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's ponies."""
  3201. 003200:0.0,1,"""<PoohAway> I also once accidentally stuck my fingers into a dude's butt"""
  3202. 003201:0.0,1,"""<PoohAway> and she just perked up and said, 'Oh, wrong hole sweetie'"""
  3203. 003202:0.0,1,"""<gliese581> 'My name is Mary, not Jane!' 'Whatever, grammer nazi…'"""
  3204. 003203:0.0,1,"""<Snafu_> bars are where the vaginas are willing"""
  3205. 003204:0.0,1,"""<OldManMagnus> mine shits all over the place if i forget to talk him for a walk.<OldManMagnus> mine shits all over the place if i forget to talk him for a walk."""
  3206. 003205:0.0,1,"""[...] hundreds of sperm team up to form bundles that swim much faster than individual sperm in the spiny anteater's semen"""
  3207. 003206:0.0,1,"""<FlagranteDelicto> I'm the same as Pooh, don't like a spoonful of negativity in my morning masturbation coffee"""
  3208. 003207:0.0,1,"""<ReDucTor> facebook makes stalking boring, i miss the days of having to stalk by sitting outside peoples windows"""
  3209. 003208:0.0,1,"""<ptard> just had my first white hair <Stereo`> i found a white pube once"""
  3210. 003209:0.0,1,"""<macgyver> Rimjob for rimjob?"""
  3211. 003210:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> macgyver: I'm down for some rim-to-rim action"""
  3212. 003211:0.0,1,"""http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Tgj40Q7QJM"""
  3213. 003212:0.0,1,"""<summerinthecity> its true hairy butts can be kinda hot"""
  3214. 003213:0.0,1,"""<Zekk> it's so boring right now"""
  3215. 003214:0.0,1,"""<forever[]balloon> so i just realized i haven't fapped since friday evening"""
  3216. 003215:0.0,1,"""<coffeebeans> my mother just walked in the room while I had the dead bunny open"""
  3217. 003216:0.0,1,"""<Fantastic_Lee> all that chewing makes my jaw hurt for hours"""
  3218. 003217:0.0,1,"""*coffeebeans forks bunnie"""
  3219. 003218:0.0,1,"""<wolfc86> 'honey what were you doing?' <wolfc86> 'STUFFING MY VAGINA!' <wolfc86> '… with what?' <wolfc86> 'PLEASURE!!!!!!!!'"""
  3220. 003219:0.0,1,"""<jayseesee> All I got was pegging"""
  3221. 003220:0.0,1,"""<fa-sid> dostana, ride away on my space rocket"""
  3222. 003221:0.0,1,"""<FlagranteDelicto> it's soooo long"""
  3223. 003222:0.0,1,"""<Zekk> pay attention to the words that are coming out of my fingers!"""
  3224. 003223:0.0,1,"""<+Lee_droid> It's not gay if it's in a 3 way"""
  3225. 003224:0.0,1,"""(dostana) But true blood is nice because i can go.....hell yeah that guy ia hot"""
  3226. 003225:0.0,1,"""<+Lee_droid> You do this to yourself"""
  3227. 003226:0.0,1,"""(dostana) Hint: BRAZILIAN"""
  3228. 003227:0.0,1,"""<dostana> No !write for you dew!"""
  3229. 003228:0.0,1,"""roses are red, grass is green, I want you in bed, if you know what I mean ;)"""
  3230. 003229:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> drugs are my bitch"""
  3231. 003230:0.0,1,"""<laminar> I WANNA SHOW PICS OF MY BITCH"""
  3232. 003231:0.0,1,"""<Lee_droid> Time that's really ducking cruel"""
  3233. 003232:0.0,1,"""<Ray`> in my head PoohBear is always zach galafinakis"""
  3234. 003233:0.0,1,"""<fa-sid> dostana, ride away on my tumblr."""
  3235. 003234:0.0,1,"""<Ray`> he needs simple instructions like 'don't use the phrase 'rough as a nuns vagina' in your first message to her'"""
  3236. 003235:0.0,1,"""<lee_rex> OH GOD STOP FAILING ENLIGHS"""
  3237. 003236:0.0,1,"""poop"""
  3238. 003237:0.0,1,"""<FlagranteDelicto> .praise the lord * kensia slaps the lord heartily on the back"""
  3239. 003238:0.0,1,"""<Cyril_> hdb sounds like something I'd need a vaccination against"""
  3240. 003239:0.0,1,"""<dghost>death is a poor excuse for not drinking"""
  3241. 003240:0.0,1,"""(coffeebeans) I'd download a vibrator"""
  3242. 003241:0.0,1,"""(dostana) It's like driving a vibrator"""
  3243. 003242:0.0,1,"""<coffeebeans> ..."""
  3244. 003243:0.0,1,"""<coffeebeans> if you find what you were going to wall me, wall it twice"""
  3245. 003244:0.0,1,"""<coffeebeans> if you find what you were going to wall me, wall it twice"""
  3246. 003245:0.0,1,"""<lee_rex> IM SMARTEST PERSON EVERERER"""
  3247. 003246:0.0,1,"""<Ray`> I'm not sure jupiter exists"""
  3248. 003247:0.0,1,"""<horse> YOU'LL FEED ME APPLES MOTHERFUCKER"""
  3249. 003248:0.0,1,"""<V>     it just felt more like reading twilight than lord of the rings, you know?"""
  3250. 003249:0.0,1,"""Testing"""
  3251. 003250:0.0,1,"""<Zekk> the :-3 face is actually deepthroat"""
  3252. 003251:0.0,1,"""i love you"""
  3253. 003252:0.0,1,""".chat about poohbot"""
  3254. 003253:0.0,1,"""<fa-sid> dostana, ride away on my head and"""
  3255. 003254:0.0,1,"""<Zekk> http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/r7uor/my_friend_built_a_robot_pig_for_him_to_have_sex/"""
  3256. 003255:0.0,1,"""<fa-sid> dostana, ride away on my netbook, but i had a 40 man"""
  3257. 003256:0.0,1,"""<fa-sid> I was like, 'hey hdb, your wig matches your lipstick"; and she was like, 'I'm not wearing lipstick"; and I was like, ' :O '"""
  3258. 003257:0.0,1,"""PoohTwo: No I think you're right it think a lot of Smurf acres"""
  3259. 003258:0.0,1,"""<permagreen> He also added 'Except, of course, your grandmother. It takes her three drinks.'"""
  3260. 003259:0.0,1,"""<Stereo`> if you open up your anus, you too can find the strong manly love you wanted"""
  3261. 003260:0.0,1,"""<fridayfriday> my penis can only stretch so far"""
  3262. 003261:0.0,1,"""<forever_balloon> my butt has a bruise... this is mildly disturbing"""
  3263. 003262:0.0,1,"""<actualgirl> maybe i shouldn't admit that on the internet :P"""
  3264. 003263:0.0,1,"""(6:05:38 PM) lee_rex: it's small and tight"""
  3265. 003264:0.0,1,"""<lee_rex> i need to stop describing my butt"""
  3266. 003265:0.0,1,"""[21:06] (+kensia) I already know that Women are overrated [#914]"""
  3267. 003266:0.0,1,"""dostana stabs anniekan's button"""
  3268. 003267:0.0,1,"""<FlagranteMeh> like cooking, lassages, head, hugs <Ray`> that's when someone massages you with a lasagne"""
  3269. 003268:0.0,1,"""(PoohTwo) : I only show my penis to Jesus | (anniekan) : same | ( fa-sid) : and santa | (PoohTwo) : I fee like dancing"""
  3270. 003269:0.0,1,"""<forever_balloon> longer dong bigger dong longer lasting dong harder dong"""
  3271. 003270:0.0,1,"""PoohBear: My panties are soaking after watching that"""
  3272. 003271:0.0,1,"""fa-sid was only acting like a creeper, I am not really a creep"""
  3273. 003272:0.0,1,"""<fa-sid> 'Always do what you are afraid to do.' (if you were afraid of me, you'd have to do me) (trolololol)"""
  3274. 003273:0.0,1,"""<fixedzero> I'm too sexy for my shirt"""
  3275. 003274:0.0,1,"""dostana stabs anniekan's button"""
  3276. 003275:0.0,1,"""<dostana> No !write for you to buy me a few minutes later, his boss 'replied all' with 'Hi Ainslie, I just though no one will continue to work"""
  3277. 003276:0.0,1,"""R_Kelly pees on all the things"""
  3278. 003277:0.0,1,"""<happy_khan> oh no, our poo"""
  3279. 003278:0.0,1,"""<forever_balloon> 3/31/2012 Never forget. The day that PoohBear died live on IRC. ("Live' ... lol)"""
  3280. 003279:0.0,1,"""<forever_balloon> STOP HAVING SPACE FUTURE PHONES"""
  3281. 003280:0.0,1,"""<dghost> babies: the other white meat"""
  3282. 003281:0.0,1,"""[<dostana> Mmmm balls are deeeelicious"""
  3283. 003282:0.0,1,"""ee_la: I lost my teddy bear, can I hold you in the dark while I cry and masturbate"""
  3284. 003283:0.0,1,"""* FlagranteDelicto runs a finger around the lip of the open bottle and raises an eyebrow at TheVenetianMask"""
  3285. 003284:0.0,1,"""<Ray`> god damn, I could go for some peenor today"""
  3286. 003285:0.0,1,"""<lee_rex> beavers are cute"""
  3287. 003286:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> How about Vogon hiphop"""
  3288. 003287:0.0,1,"""<PoohBear> If I had my way, I'd have a giant spinning dildo that beats other robots senseless"""
  3289. 003288:0.0,1,"""<lee_rex> is there a place i can ask an awkward question about my butthole?"""
  3290. 003289:0.0,1,"""<Alpha`> 'he had been hanging curtains naked in he kitchen when he fell backwards on to the kitchen table and on to a potato.'"""
  3291. 003290:0.0,1,"""<fantastic_lee> I POOP FROM THERE D: // <diaglott> not anymore."""
  3292. 003291:0.0,1,"""(1:32:25 PM) Ray`: moral principles are a luxury under tyranny"""
  3293. 003292:0.0,1,"""<Neurocam> I'm not your BUDDY, HOLLY, wait i did that wrong"""
  3294. 003293:0.0,1,"""<fa-sid> dostana, ride away on my high five"""
  3295. 003294:0.0,1,"""<Time2303> you work with strippers? <Time2303> Bring your daughter to work day must be interesting."""
  3296. 003295:0.0,1,"""bloop sex"""
  3297. 003296:0.0,1,"""<Lee_droid> I poop maybe entry other day"""
  3298. 003297:0.0,1,"""<+kensia> i have bacon in my own in my butt!"""
  3299. 003298:0.0,1,"""TheVenetianMask: a proper gentleman is satisfied with giving a nice lady a great foodgasm without asking for anything in return"""
  3300. 003299:0.0,1,"""<fantastic_lee> LET THE SOCIALISM HEEEEEEAL"""
  3301. 003300:0.0,1,"""<Ray`> BACON IS THE BEST CHRISTMAS"""
  3302. 003301:0.0,1,"""<Ray`> I'll be in my room, furiously masturbating to hold back the sadness"""
  3303. 003302:0.0,1,"""<diaglott> Ray`: I'd love to get my balls eamined by anyone"""
  3304. 003303:0.0,1,"""<dghost> babies: the other i got hit by any means"""
  3305. 003304:0.0,1,"""<alternut> microwaving a cup of water for tea....somehow it exploded"""
  3306. 003305:0.0,1,"""<+kensia> The Haunted Mask (1/1): When a man ejaculates all over someone's face, and then lets the semen dry. Over time it becomes solid, and then is pulled off as a mask. 'What are you gonna be for Halloween? ' 'I don't know, but if you're lucky you can get the haunted ..."""
  3307. 003306:0.0,1,"""<Ray`> I threw that bitch an orange, bitches love oranges"""
  3308. 003307:0.0,1,"""<geophph> i can't get over the fact that poop comes out of a butt"""
  3309. 003308:0.0,1,"""<fantastic_lee> i'm a terrible lebian"""
  3310. 003309:0.0,1,"""<fantastic_lee> is dirty boy and needs a penis"""
  3311. 003310:0.0,1,"""<diaglott> knowning that girls will eat shit out of another girls asshole for money, lets me know that i will probably have to pay more to get one to date me"""
  3312. 003311:0.0,1,"""<theravenfalls> it's only gay if we touch penises together"""
  3313. 003312:0.0,1,"""<bacon_n_legs> gay time."""
  3314. 003313:0.0,1,"""dosty_edu: Fuck you, I can eat all these apples"""
  3315. 003314:0.0,1,"""lostabu prepares his anus"""
  3316. 003315:0.0,1,"""<dostana> Lol butt prints"""
  3317. 003316:0.0,1,"""<Stereo`> if you have family there"""
  3318. 003317:0.0,1,"""POOP"""
  3319. 003318:0.0,1,"""<kensia> if coffee has dildos he ll like that in college"""
  3320. 003319:0.0,1,"""<Snafu_> bars are open"""
  3321. 003320:0.0,1,"""<lee_rex> i need to do anything big and bulky"""
  3322. 003321:0.0,1,"""<+kensia> i live in a rocket ship exploded into lemons made of my poor mind"""
  3323. 003322:0.0,1,"""<Snafu_> bars are a privileged man here, witness of the bots spam eachother"""
  3324. 003323:0.0,1,"""<fa-sid> you're a boob"""
  3325. 003324:0.0,1,"""[10:17] (kensia) pffttt...lee isn't purebred...she's canadian"""
  3326. 003325:0.0,1,"""<lee_away> that's not an anus"""
  3327. 003326:0.0,1,"""(3:05:10 AM) PoohBear: You can't shelter people, but you can help make them stronger"""
  3328. 003327:0.0,1,"""<Zekk> i'm totally for hot sexy men right now, too."""
  3329. 003328:0.0,1,"""<Zekk> another gay comment"""
  3330. 003329:0.0,1,"""<Zekk> OH, AND ACTUALGIRL IS HOT AS FUCK TOO"""
  3331. 003330:0.0,1,"""<Snafu_> it ain't gay to cyber a dude on the internet"""
  3332. 003331:0.0,1,"""<Lee_droid> Im sure they have normal porn in Japan"""
  3333. 003332:0.0,1,"""* dosty_pony has gone soft"""
  3334. 003333:0.0,1,"""http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0anMUhBOzUg"""
  3335. 003334:0.0,1,"""<madsy> Emulating a keyboard or joypad on the screen is like sticking wheels on a horse"""
  3336. 003335:0.0,1,"""<TheErik> I'd like you to put a fake beard on your face for a makeout session with me, so you can know what that is like."""
  3337. 003336:0.0,1,"""<laminar> anyone want to ride bikes across the great american penis?"""
  3338. 003337:0.0,1,"""<russlar> cbt? // <Lee_droid> Cognitive behavioral therapy // <russlar> cock & ball torture? // <ptard> someone said diana ross?"""
  3339. 003338:0.0,1,"""http://i.imgur.com/SAupI.gif"""
  3340. 003339:0.0,1,"""<+PoohBot> <+PoohBot> <PoohBot> <PoohBot> PoohBear: PoohBot can suck my balls."""
  3341. 003340:0.0,1,"""<diaglott> i'd fuck a tranny though"""
  3342. 003341:0.0,1,"""<FlagranteDelicto> i can see why they have to numb your cervix first"""
  3343. 003342:0.0,1,"""<citra> cmon"""
  3344. 003343:0.0,1,"""<rubygloom> if i could have boners i'd fap all the time"""
  3345. 003344:0.0,1,"""< Dyrus> yeah i did that once too and i woke up with a toothbrush up my butthole"""
  3346. 003345:0.0,1,"""<dosty> The twilight movies...were actually 'entertaining'"""
  3347. 003346:0.0,1,"""<summerinthecity> im kinda attracted to this midget"""
  3348. 003347:0.0,1,"""Ma all the gods of furious strong be with you as you crunch opponents and live like a windrammer as you fuck"""
  3349. 003348:0.0,1,"""live like a windrammer as you fuck"""
  3350. 003349:0.0,1,"""f00dle: and by jk, you mean you finished already"""
  3351. 003350:0.0,1,"""<lee_away> my butt becomes super frozen"""
  3352. 003351:0.0,1,"""<MaelMarphone> The saddest thing I've ever watched is a video of me masturbating."""
  3353. 003352:0.0,1,"""<TheErik> Then turn that into a looping gif of your butt getting bigger and smaller and bigger and smaller."""
  3354. 003353:0.0,1,"""<lostabu> 21 years ago, i popped out of a vagina"""
  3355. 003354:0.0,1,"""Butt butt in the what"""
  3356. 003355:0.0,1,"""[20:36] (rubygloom) it takes forever to get off"""
  3357. 003356:0.0,1,"""<StrayDistortion> ghaudg'fasid'f"""
  3358. 003357:0.0,1,"""<anniekan> i'm going to be a professional internet chatter"""
  3359. 003358:0.0,1,"""<kittenhands> no like it was too big for the hole"""
  3360. 003359:0.0,1,"""<kittenhands> my poops are like snickers size"""
  3361. 003360:0.0,1,"""<summerinthecity> oozes their man gunk onto the area of the female"""
  3362. 003361:0.0,1,"""A masochist says hit me - A sadist says no."""
  3363. 003362:0.0,1,"""<Time> trying to make it big so it's visible XD"""
  3364. 003363:0.0,1,"""<citra> is a cumslut"""
  3365. 003364:1336628493.812128,1,"""<PoohBear> 69 was a crazy year"""
  3366. 003365:1336645613.859581,1,"""Derp"""
  3367. 003366:1336645636.834452,1,"""Testing"""
  3368. 003367:1336722747.673116,1,"""<jestimon> sex with toddlers is weird"""
  3369. 003368:1336796875.514276,None,"""<MaelMarphone> My ex just posted some pics and she looks bad. Baaahahahahaha"""
  3370. 003369:1336807272.969861,None,"""<Mael_Marcone> hey as it happens, i have the penis of an 80 yo man"""
  3371. 003370:1336813609.416176,None,"""<cowbacon> no Guitar_Mael told me his penis name was Ceroux the Cunt Destroyer o.O"""
  3372. 003371:1336813789.405572,None,"""<PoohBot> cowbacon: There's already an active bomb, in alternut's pants!"""
  3373. 003372:1336843721.377589,None,"""<summerinthecity> its dicks everywhere at grocery stores <Ray> you sure you're not in a dick shop"""
  3374. 003373:1336882100.106586,None,"""<ptard> How about a comedy star wars, but in pre-historic era called Stone Wars And the death star is literally just a big rock"""
  3375. 003374:1336978635.989424,None,"""<summerinthecity> i kinda want to sleep with like a really old guy :l"""
  3376. 003375:1337033301.022307,None,"""<lostabu> I think of the woman's crotchal area as a buffet <ptard> i think anal is like the dessert"""
  3377. 003376:1337064032.578852,None,"'<FlagAway> honey, the buggest sexy toy is between my esrs'"
  3378. 003377:1337113966.799126,None,'<lostabu> pepperoni-nipples.ca'
  3379. 003378:1337236691.132254,None,'(FlagranteDelicto) hes eating pizza and resting mountain dew on my head while i deepthroat'
  3380. 003379:1337242245.67348,None,'<PoohBear> I might take a blowjob from my guy friends if I was in the right mode'
  3381. 003380:1337386721.967253,None,'<wolfc86> let it out wherever you feel most comfortable'
  3382. 003381:1337389687.381296,None,"'<+kensia> wolfc86 was last seen just now, saying seen wolfc86 in #togetheralone'"
  3383. 003382:1337389719.858617,None,"""<fixedzero> I like to pee, under the sea, in an octopus' garden."""
  3384. 003383:1337389739.921157,None,'hey... fixedzero wassup?'
  3385. 003384:1337428439.485918,None,'< snuggle> my vagina is an ice cream sandwich'
  3386. 003385:1337480452.347676,None,'[10:19] <wolfc86> i need a 12 inch long black dildo'
  3387. 003386:1337640325.791984,None,"""<TheVenetianMask> (apparently nobody cares about dosty's butt)"""
  3388. 003387:1337641075.888579,None,'<lolcats> spit on it'
  3389. 003388:1337648194.02402,None,"""<Lee> I hate kids but they're excellent lab rats"""
  3390. 003389:1337651505.01723,None,'<Lee> Now this one goes in your mouth'
  3391. 003390:1337652512.112706,None,'\xe2\x80\xa2 Lee feels the love <Lee> And by love I mean boners'
  3392. 003391:1337674647.263725,None,"'<FlagranteDelicto> i like deepthroat, makes me feel like a spy'"
  3393. 003392:1337676675.807742,None,'<lolcats>god this entire chat just vouched for my cock'
  3394. 003393:1337689373.909684,None,"'<Ray> it still works, but it hangs at a strange angle'"
  3395. 003394:1337723560.290505,None,"'<Erik> if that was me, the head of my penis would be a bear icon or a grinning face'"
  3396. 003395:1337723565.070474,None,'<3'
  3397. 003396:1337724606.291392,None,'PoohBear: The weirdest part of being my age is watching milf porn and realizing the women in it are as old as I am'
  3398. 003397:1337791956.001076,None,"""<dew> wait guys, what if the light at the end of the tunnel is the vagina of the next life we'll live?"""
  3399. 003398:1337792842.892519,None,'<actualgirl> weed cupcakes are neat.'
  3400. 003399:1337792903.625477,None,'<actualgirl> i got walled :D'
  3401. 003400:1337799526.908641,None,'<citra> the worst thing that happened when i got a blowjob is i came into the girls mouth and she wasnt expecting it'
  3402. 003401:1337802766.559682,None,"""<PoohBear> I'm pretty careful these days about accidentally jizzing in my own mouth"""
  3403. 003402:1337827541.996115,None,'<fantastic_lee> THEY WERE MAGNIFICENT <fantastic_lee> LIKE STARING AT GOD IN THE EYES <fantastic_lee> BIG ROUND GODLY EYES'
  3404. 003403:1337830882.043151,None,"'A wise man, recognizing that the world is but an illusion, does not act as if it is real, so he escapes the suffering.'"
  3405. 003404:1337830967.361069,None,'I got worms.'
  3406. 003405:1337831003.16619,None,'I got worms (added yesterday)'
  3407. 003406:1337831925.853852,None,'No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.'
  3408. 003407:1337832558.990334,None,'The only real failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows.'
  3409. 003408:1337832603.987297,None,"'Have compassion for all beings, rich and poor alike; each has their suffering. Some suffer too much, others too little.'"
  3410. 003409:1337832831.403094,None,"'Do not overrate what you have received, nor envy others. He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind.'"
  3411. 003410:1337832894.67813,None,"'Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.'"
  3412. 003411:1337832944.080141,None,"'You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.'"
  3413. 003412:1337834513.505768,None,"'Is it true, that when the pilsbury doughboy bends over, that you see doughnuts?'"
  3414. 003414:1337835735.580046,None,"'Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. ~ Lao Tzu'"
  3415. 003415:1337836633.128377,None,"""believe me, if I started murdering people, there'd be none of you left - Charles Manson"""
  3416. 003416:1337854638.562003,None,'<@slutbot> ooo wop ooo wop goo fixedzero go go'
  3417. 003417:1337885169.090285,None,"""sometimes when I'm alone at night and can't sleep, i get naked, rub vaseline on my body and pretend i'm a slug"""
  3418. 003418:1337892411.223115,None,"""[16:44] (wookieewookiee) but thats because i'm totally gay for lee"""
  3419. 003419:1337948598.280051,None,"""(2:28:56 PM) Ego: You don't appreciate a lot of stuff in school until you get older. Little things like being spanked every day by a middle aged woman: Stuff you pay good money for in later life."""
  3420. 003420:1337971593.435454,None,'is that what they call girls masturbating?'
  3421. 003421:1337971762.168541,None,'(8:55:08 PM) milk: im stroking my ego right now'
  3422. 003422:1338089355.811044,None,'<Wizard_Shat> at least my dick is gorgeous'
  3423. 003423:1338108069.699503,None,"'<FlagranteDelicto> please dont wall that, thanks!'"
  3424. 003424:1338108187.708485,None,"""<FlagranteDelicto> *sigh* in 3 months time when creepy telestalker guy and i are on my couch making out (cause he's really just musinderstood) and i show him irc and someone goes !wall and that quote comes up, i will be forced to tell him it was back in the day when i thought it was okay if he came while watching me through a telescope"""
  3425. 003425:1338114652.597514,None,'<summerinthecity> if it gets brown on the bottom and looks poopyish then its to long :l'
  3426. 003426:1338169824.169929,None,"""<MrGarlic> when life gives you lemons at least you don't get scurvy"""
  3427. 003427:1338275476.902634,None,'<duh> Just sock a tampon in your viagra and put it in your butt hole'
  3428. 003428:1338303735.148144,None,"'<Ray> do you want to be called kitt because you like the name, or because you want david hasslehoff inside you?'"
  3429. 003429:1338316830.042033,None,"""<wolfc_work> i just watched a guy sniff another guy's butt in the dark"""
  3430. 003430:1338335735.629262,None,'[19:55] (sheepinblack) AG does not breast me'
  3431. 003431:1338336287.923046,None,"'<coffeebeans> come here and give me some loving, pickle!'"
  3432. 003432:1338350038.329173,None,'<Lee> Everyone knows where I lube'
  3433. 003433:1338363255.614681,None,'<citra> poohbear are you building a poop factory'
  3434. 003434:1338363309.654046,None,"'<PoohBear> You can use human waste to create energy, right? Well, what if you had special pants And you shit your pants and it powers your cellphone or ipod or whatever'"
  3435. 003435:1338363357.874711,None,'<forever_balloon> Look at me AND choke me!'
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