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Oct 14th, 2021
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  3. As you probably already noticed, the work on Patch 1 took a little delay, but there are objective reasons for this – there really are a lot of changes and improvements. In addition to fixing the voiceover, incorrect descriptions, bugs and typos, we focused on improving the user experience: a lot of changes were made to the game interface, balance, mechanics and, of course, optimizations – now the game runs faster and a little more stable. This is partly attributable to you, Dear Players, as many errors in the game have been fixed thanks to your bug reports.
  5. We also listen closely to the suggestions you offer across our social networks. Thank you for your words of support and well-reasoned criticism. And above all, thank you for staying with us – it matters a lot to us.
  7. Warning: fix descriptions may contain plot spoilers!
  8. Localization and Voiceover
  10. Fixed the sound for reading books
  11. Fixed voiceover for Sister Beatrice Catcher
  12. Fixed voiceover for Petra Willard
  13. Fixed cries of Afflicted employees at the First Settlers' Camp
  14. Improved MOBIOS sounds
  15. Added sounds to control panels and vending machines in Carmine Heights
  16. Fixed hyena footsteps sounds
  17. Fixed necroid footsteps sounds
  18. Fixed interruption of dialogue voiceover shortly before the end of playback
  20. Text and Dialogues
  22. Added low intelligence dialogue with Potanin at Carmine Heights location
  23. Fixed dialogues with Tim Ginzburg and Jeffrey Gallop
  24. Fixed dialogue with public terminal on Magellan
  25. Fixed a typo in Crump’s dialogue
  26. Fixed a typo in Jacques Falco’s dialogue
  27. Fixed incorrect working of several main story dialogues for low intelligence playthrough
  28. Fixed displaying of the tooltip for the "Fortune" characteristic in a random event related to the delivery of lost letters
  29. Fixed description of the Brass Apple relic
  30. Fixed dialogue behaviour when talking to Yoko about teleglasses
  31. Fixed companions’ lines on the Deserted Road location
  32. Fixed skill/stat check metrics in Milo Randall's dialogue
  33. Added the ability to receive a bribe from Courtney Reznor after exiting the dialogue
  34. Fixed inability to start dialogue with Yoko after going through her story dialogue
  35. Fixed description of the Expropriator perk
  36. Fixed initiating dialogue with Lenny after the Crossroads' Troubles quest
  38. Graphics
  40. Created and added a unique head for Olivia Raysner
  41. Created and added a unique head for Audrey Melville
  42. Created and added a unique head for the Fop named Pepper
  43. Created and added a unique head for the Fop named Sad Bug
  44. Improved displaying of water and dust shaders at night
  45. Fixed a Black Wing helmet model
  46. Fixed changing color for a number of hairstyles on the character creation screen
  47. Fixed male hairstyle models
  48. Fixed White Wing pants model
  49. Added red/ginger hair color and fixed hair color for some character archetypes
  50. Improved ending images for the Carmine Heights faction
  51. Fixed flickering of some assets at locations when using TAA (Temporal anti-aliasing)
  52. Added new cockroach model to match icons: Knight Roach
  53. Added new rat models to match icons: White Rat and Ravenous Rat
  55. UI
  57. Improved design of fillable indicators (radiation, thirst, fatigue, encumbrance, hunger)
  58. Fixed the crime icon stuck on companions
  59. Fixed status effects branch in abilities tooltip
  60. Replaced the armor sprite on the player character
  61. Publisher's logo has been replaced with the up-to-date version
  62. Made changes to the ability points distribution screen (colors, font styles, the displaying of ability points has been removed if there are 0 left)
  63. Spread out the "glued together" filter buttons on the inventory screen
  64. Replaced sprite of an empty inventory cell
  65. Removed green outline from the minimap
  66. Fixed alpha channel for location grid
  67. From now on, if the requirements for obtaining a perk are not met, it is displayed semi-transparent
  68. Expanded the mouseover/click zone to the entire line on the abilities screen
  69. Added a Deactivate Stealth button and Reload Standard Weapon button
  70. Matched the color indicating unfulfilled requirements on both the perk screen and in tooltips
  71. Fixed mouseover for all items in the inventory
  72. Improved title screen
  73. On the character creation screen, the Attributes are indicated for each trait after the Attributes heading
  74. Changed the displaying of font color on the loading screen
  75. Added line break after a dash when entering a location
  76. The left part of the PDA screen now has the same width everywhere
  77. Fixed displaying of new save
  78. Added an icon for the Second Wind ability
  79. Fixed Tool Required message when attempting to scan
  80. Added indication of the number of items that can be crafted in the crafting menu
  81. Improved button colors in the crafting interface
  82. Improved highlighting interface when hovering over objects that have already been searched
  83. Fixed button for adding skill points after reaching the maximum skill value
  84. Fixed displaying of radiation indicators in UI when switching between languages
  85. Fixed displaying of the MOBIOS manipulator in the inventory
  87. Balance
  89. Unique MOBIOSes now have increased damage resistance
  90. Updated rewards for digging up graves in the Picnic neutral zone
  91. Improved the reward for stripping the Light Alloy Chest Armor
  92. Fixed settings for crafting a prosthesis for Aaron Melville
  93. Reworked traders’ goods at trader camps, now it corresponds to their specialization
  94. Increased the number of combonds carried by traveling traders in the late game
  95. Fixed progression of Kraut value depending on rank
  96. Günther Haas in the Junktown Arena has been buffed, the ability to inflict fatigue damage upon him has been fixed
  97. Rebalanced MOBIOSes and their aura effects
  98. Rebalanced the reloading cost of Shiroyama at some ranks
  99. Rebalanced and fixed the Ghost perk
  100. Changed the rank of the received servoshell in the random event with the stuck soldier
  101. Changed rewards for looting lockers
  103. Levels
  105. Fixed walking under the roof in the Abandoned Hospital location
  106. Reworked the position of anomalies in the Magellan laboratory basement
  107. Added camera borders and fixed lighting at the Chick'n'Corn Restaurant location
  108. Fixed working of a heap of stones at the Chick'n'Corn Restaurant location
  109. Fixed a flying bush and added detailing for the Crossroads location
  110. Fixed steam jet position on Magellan's reactor floor
  111. Fixed problematic pots in the Roadside Picnic location in the prologue
  112. Added a camera border in the trader camps
  113. Fixed black zones on the map borders at several Magellan locations
  114. Fixed the ladder at the New Committee Outpost location
  115. Fixed camera borders, terrain at the location in the "Deceiver" event (Deserted Road)
  116. Increased the radius of initiating dialogue with the Oranges in Concord bathroom
  117. Changed Darryl Gilmore's position in Concord
  118. Fixed roof clipping on the cafe at the Picnic Neutral zone location
  119. Fixed issues with decor at the Carmine Heights location, optimized
  120. Added camera boundaries at Carmine Heights location
  121. Added camera boundaries for the location with the Fatigue anomaly
  122. Fixed the passage to the container at the First Settlers Camp location
  124. Game Mechanics
  126. Added display cases with unique rewards for high reputation with the Picnic, Phalanx, Carmine Heights, and Fop factions
  127. Improved the protocol for processing crimes by animals
  128. Meatball made the owner of all things in the Abandoned Hospital location
  129. Improved initiating dialogue with weapons drawn for sentient necroids (Meatball)
  130. Fixed the working of the equalize button when buying in barter menu
  131. Necroids can now use ladders
  132. Improved the working of the Lucky Finds system
  133. Increased the maximum value of items that can be stolen by pickpocketing
  134. Fixed the working of the state mechanic (hunger, thirst, etc.) when skipping time for short periods
  135. Fixed working of psi-implant on companions if they die or are knocked out
  136. Fixed a change in reputation when completing side quests in low intelligence playthrough
  137. Fixed issue with reputation for the New Committee main quests
  139. Story
  141. Warning, spoilers!
  143. [spoiler]Added a reputation change in the story dialogue while in the Council in Act 2[/spoiler]
  144. [spoiler]Added the ability to independently mark the weapons receipt at Concord station in the prologue[/spoiler]
  145. [spoiler]Fixed a game ending bug related to the Fops and Phalanx[/spoiler]
  147. Bugs and Errors
  149. Fixed displaying of heads for characters in the main menu
  150. Fixed incorrect tape playback in the tape recorder on the laboratory floor of Magellan
  151. Fixed updating the list of available perks after receiving a perk
  152. Fixed pushing companions through the wall at Magellan reception
  153. Fixed eyes changing color when choosing skin color in the character creation screen
  154. Fixed starting dialogue with a door on Nashville offices if the door is attacked
  155. Fixed the freeze upon starting combat with the Puppeteer Roach in the Nashville sewers
  156. Fixed infinite experience gain in the Bolts game
  157. Fixed a bug where the box with selectrones did not disappear after burning it
  158. Fixed the situation where dynamite remained in corpses’ inventory after the explosion occurred
  159. Fixed the number of rounds in the magazine for some ranks of the Svetlana rifle
  160. Fixed interacting through walls at the C12-Nashville Facility – Offices location
  161. Fixed the working of riddles at the Treasure Hunters' Campside location
  162. Fixed the working of the perk Against All Odds
  163. Fixed investigating crimes committed by companions in locations without a dedicated prison
  164. Hard-Boiled Electrician ability description now matches the effect
  165. Fixed working and description of canned beans
  166. Fixed behavior of Kurt Spengler when counting votes in elections if they take place at night
  167. Fixed removing reputation from Katarzyna in case Crump died while not in player group
  168. Fixed reputation going above the maximum value
  169. Fixed the check of the Career Criminal ability in dialogs related to elections
  170. Fixed the combat freeze at the Picnic Neutral zone location
  171. Fixed Sherlock’s dialogue related to the First Settlers' Camp
  172. Fixed being able to bribe Sparrow when in player group
  173. Fixed working of A New Boss quest
  174. Fixed Flamberg mine at the Secret Test Site location
  176. Effects and Animations
  178. Fixed bleeding effect on the injured Clara Morgan
  179. Fixed animation for soldiers wearing servoshells in the main menu
  180. Fixed skeleton animation for MOBIOSes, fixed effects displaying on them
  181. Fixed incorrect animation of the Hoplite Armor’s cloak
  183. Optimization
  185. Optimized rendering of some desert plants
  186. Increased the amount of allocated video memory and the quality of some textures
  187. Fixed a drop in frame rate when selecting abilities after a long play time
  189. Miscellaneous
  191. Added scan record for Fatigue anomaly
  192. Fixed the background of portraits at the Camp location
  193. Changed portrait of Theresa Goddard
  194. Fixed overlay working on EGS
  195. Changed portrait of Sandra Malverde
  196. Improved the Dirty Money quest
  197. Added alternative ways of obtaining information in the Water Is Everything quest
  198. Fixed inability to inform Ida Grace about the Oranges’ escape in the Playing Detective quest
  199. Fixed fighting with Salvador Torres while having companions
  200. Improved Olivia Raysner's AI
  202. ...And many other minor fixes and changes!
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