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  1. quicktags
  3. This userscript lets the user quickly tag a release in RYM ( by adding customizable buttons that automatically tags the release in question with user-defined tags.
  5. Features:
  7. Tag Buttons: Tags a release on clicking, up to five buttons (infinite in the future).
  8. Delete All Tags Button: Deletes every tag attached to the release on clicking.
  9. Buttons Position: Changes the position of the buttons.
  11. Usage:
  13. After you install the userscript, a new icon will appear in the upper-left corner of the screen:
  15. This icon leads to a settings menu where you can edit the propieties of every customizable button (including the tag or tags that every button applies to the releases and the text displayed on the button), activate/deactivate the buttons, include a button that deletes every tag attached to a release, or change the position of the buttons in the page (not customizable, there are only two options for now).
  17. After configuring and saving your settings, the site will reload, and the buttons will appear on the page depending on your settings. A button will not appear if one or all of its respective text fields are not filled with some text (or if you deactivate them).
  19. In order to prevent some possible bugging, keep your tags simple. If you want to add just one tag, just put the tag text and nothing more. If you want to use more than two tags, separate every tag with commas (as you will normally do with the original rym tag function) and don't put two commas together, or a comma at the end of the tag text. Here are some recommendations:
  21. Planned Features:
  23.     - The possibility to add more than five buttons (infinite if possible).
  24.     - Check if, in the settings menu, a button tag was badly written and format it correctly upon saving.
  25.     - When trying to add one or more tags to a release, check if the tags in question are already in the release, if they are, delete them from the release. Also delete duplicates (in case the release originally had), for example, turn "want to listen, want to listen, high priority, " into "want to listen, high priority, ".
  26.     - More functions (like buttons that quickly catalog something into "on collection", "wishlist", or "used to own").
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