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  1. Key: PoetieTheMapper
  2. Character: Tarus
  3. Skill(or transformation): AT4
  5. Reasoning:  
  6. He has just witnessed two individuals whom he cared deeply for, being killed by Rose. And bundled with the memories of losing loved ones before.. Tarus absolutely loses it.
  7. Colla and Shallot
  8. Shallot Stark – Whom he considered a close friend, despite their stupidities and their sensitivities for making the wrong choices. Tarus believed it to be an actual trait of a Stark, but admired them for it. Despite it leading them to become a minion of Deradora before. It still forged a bond between the two soldiers at the time that lasted until their second and final death.
  10. Colla – The young kid that he took on a mission on Dragon Island and then getting attacked by Miriam. The young kid he was tasked with to destroy the cave the Demons protected when Pak Choi orchestrated a counter-attack against the first offensive formation by the then Einherjar. And also the young kid whom Tarus spent time with as prisoner. Together they overcame the hardships as Tarus repeatedly said to; “Keep hope and never give up. You are the future..” Eventually Tarus came to love the boy as his own son. But like Endo, Colla was taken away from him too. Never getting the chance to make up what divided them during the first Dragon Ball incident on the Island.
  12. What seemed to be a beautiful victory in this eternal war against the forces of Maki, quickly turned into a nightmare. A story on repeat for Tarus, the same feeling of losing his son Endo and friends; Tak, Pumkin, Pars Lee, Quinjai and all of his comrades. Though there were scenarios he believed it to be the end for him, he oddly survived. Time and time again. But now… He snapped, discarding any desire for life and willing to die to avenge his fallen comrades AND vanquish this evil once and for all.
  14. Tarus had finally been broken, driven far------ beyond the edge and plunged into absolute blinding rage. Rose was let loose on a rampage? Well Tarus gunned for them to take their life in turn!
  16. What is the moment:
  17. When Rose kills Shallot and Colla and the rest is fleeing.
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