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50 day meme

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  1. DAY ONE: introduce yourself / list your likes and dislikes
  2. DAY TWO: make a bulleted list of everything that happened in your day
  3. DAY THREE: your favorite movie
  4. DAY FOUR: a photo of you taken over ten years ago
  5. DAY FIVE: a letter to your crush
  6. DAY SIX: list what you ate today
  7. DAY SEVEN: a youtube video that you find funny
  8. DAY EIGHT: a photo of you taken recently
  9. DAY NINE: list some of your favorite websites
  10. DAY TEN: a letter to the person you hate the most or caused you a lot of pain
  11. DAY ELEVEN: share your favorite recipe
  12. DAY TWELVE: we want to see your teeth today
  13. DAY THIRTEEN: whatever tickles your fancy
  14. DAY FOURTEEN: a song from your childhood
  15. DAY FIFTEEN: a letter to someone you wish you could meet
  16. DAY SIXTEEN: provide pictures of 5 celebrity crushes
  17. DAY SEVENTEEN: a photo that makes you sad
  18. DAY EIGHTEEN: set or share a goal
  19. DAY NINETEEN: whatever tickles your fancy
  20. DAY TWENTY: a letter to someone that changed your life
  21. DAY TWENTY-ONE: your favorite television program
  22. DAY TWENTY-TWO: a photo that makes you happy
  23. DAY TWENTY-THREE: share one of your current favorite tunes
  24. DAY TWENTY-FOUR: a letter to yourself a year ago
  25. DAY TWENTY-FIVE: a letter to someone you judged by their first impression
  26. DAY TWENTY-SIX: favorite books
  27. DAY TWENTY-SEVEN: a talent of yours
  28. DAY TWENTY-EIGHT: favorite places to shop
  29. DAY TWENTY-NINE: provide the hex code of your favorite color
  30. DAY THIRTY: a letter to the friendliest person you knew for only one day
  31. DAY THIRTY-ONE: whatever tickles your fancy
  32. DAY THIRTY-TWO: a photo you took
  33. DAY THIRTY-THREE: what you're craving right now
  34. DAY THIRTY-FOUR: your favorite quote
  35. DAY THIRTY-FIVE: a letter to an ex
  36. DAY THIRTY-SIX: some hobbies of yours
  37. DAY THIRTY-SEVEN: a song that you like to dance to
  38. DAY THIRTY-EIGHT: a photo of your parent(s)
  39. DAY THIRTY-NINE: zodiac sign and do you think it fits your personality
  40. DAY FORTY: a letter to a deceased person you wish you could talk to
  41. DAY FORTY-ONE: whatever tickles your fancy
  42. DAY FORTY-TWO: bad habit(s) you have
  43. DAY FORTY-THREE: a picture of your favorite place in the world
  44. DAY FORTY-FOUR: something that fascinates you and why
  45. DAY FORTY-FIVE: whatever tickles your fancy
  46. DAY FORTY-SIX: photos of personal things in your life (pets, family, house, etc.)
  47. DAY FORTY-SEVEN: birthday wish list
  48. DAY FORTY-EIGHT: a photo of you right now
  49. DAY FORTY-NINE: hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days
  50. DAY FIFTY: a letter to your reflection in the mirror
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