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Sep 23rd, 2016
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  1. …Accessing //F: 007…
  2. 開始時
  4. [Zaiek’s right behind us on foot. We’re on our way to a forest clearing in Seotara. Thankfully we were able to enter the grounds undetected, but I wonder for how long. Zaiek knows these lands better than I.]
  6. [We captured someone who helped the other agent steal info from Zaiek. He’s a lively one. Not really taking this seriously, but we have him tied up and waiting for…a more serious manner of convincing. He refuses to tell us any info. I doubt he is significant. But he’s perfect for this situation, nonetheless. ]
  8. [We’ve pulled up. I’m afraid that I cannot log while there is work to do. But I can say that tonight Zaiek will find out the true weight of the Black Talon and that no matter what, he is at our disposal forever.]
  10. [I will log what happens after.]
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