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  1. on rightclick on chest:
  2.     if block under event-block is barrier:
  3.         cancel event
  4.         open chest with 1 rows named "&a&lTrade" to player
  5.         set slot 0 of player's current inventory to stone named "&7&lStein &f&l➜ &7&lStein"
  7. on inventory click:
  8.     if name of event-item contains "&7&lStein &f&l➜ &7&lStein":
  9.         cancel event
  10.         if amount of stone in player's inventory is more than 0.1:
  11.             remove 1 stone from player's inventory
  12.             give 1 stone named "&7Stein" to player's inventory
  13.             stop trigger
  14.         else:
  15.             send "&cDu hast keinen Stein" to player
  17. on place stone:
  18.     if name of event-block is not "&7Stein":
  19.         cancel event
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