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  1. SELECT r2, response, avg(recommend) FROM cc3.evisits JOIN cc3.scale ON evisits.r2=scale.rcode GROUP BY r2, response ORDER BY r2;
  3. SELECT recommend, (AVG(r1)+AVG(r2)+AVG(r3)+AVG(r4)+AVG(r5))/5 FROM cc3.evisits JOIN cc3.scale ON scale.rcode=evisits.r2 WHERE type=2 group by recommend;
  5. SELECT startdate, count(*), avg(recommend) FROM cc3.evisits WHERE resolved='Yes' GROUP BY startdate HAVING count(*)>=5 ORDER BY startdate;
  7. SELECT count(*), avg(s1visual), inckey.incomerange FROM cc4.survey JOIN cc4.inckey ON group by inckey.incomerange order by avg(s1visual) desc;
  9. SELECT education, hispanic, count(*), avg(s1readability), avg(s2readability) FROM cc4.survey JOIN cc4.edukey ON WHERE sex='Female' GROUP BY education, hispanic HAVING avg(s1readability)>6 AND avg(s2readability)>6 ORDER BY avg(s2readability) desc;
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