Miscellaneous Greens

Aug 26th, 2018
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  1. A collection of short greens I wish to save
  3. 1.Ditzy For Dinner
  4. 2.An Office Affair
  5. 3.A Present for a Dragon
  6. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. 1.Ditzy For Dinner
  8. --------------
  9. >You return home after a long day at work.
  10. >As you open the door you are greeted with with a warm waft of dinner that brings a smile to your face.
  11. "Honey!" You call out, "I'm back!"
  12. >"I'm in the dining room." Ditzy Doo calls back.
  13. >You follow the voice of her voice and freeze in your tracks.
  14. >On the dining table, laying over a silver platter with lettuce, is your dear Ditzy Doo.
  15. >She looks at you with sultry eyes as she chews on an apple.
  16. >"Ahnon," she purrs.
  17. >You crook your head as you try to contain your laughter.
  18. "Uh-heheh. Uh Ditzy? why are you on the platter?
  19. >"Isn't it obvious, Anon?" she waves her hoof over her curves. "dinners already served."
  20. >Oh my god.
  21. >You break out into laughter before Ditzy.
  22. >She looks unfazed, caring enough only to adjust herself on her bed of lettuce to avoid being sore.
  23. >"One day, I finished my mail run early, and thought it would be nice to take you to Sugarcube Corner for your break."
  24. >She gives you a sinister grin that stops your laughter.
  25. >"I saw you eating meat."
  26. >Oh shit.
  27. >You suddenly remember a day at work, when a Griffon came in to help out in a special project.
  28. >The both of you chatted about your respective origins and traded stories.
  29. >Soon the topic changed to what you both eat, and once he found out that you used to eat meat he offered you a part of his lunch.
  30. >It was essentially a sloppy joe.
  31. >You wouldn't say your a fan of the type of sandwich, but you wouldn't deny that you enjoyed.
  32. >The sweet fat bathing in its juices, you really had to control yourself that moment.
  33. >You couldn't remember the last time you had meat of any kind before that time, just eggs.
  34. >Guess now it's coming back to bite you in the ass.
  35. >Perhaps not in the way that you expect seeing how Ditzy presents herself to you.
  36. >Ditzy continues, "The way I saw you ate that sandwich, how..ravenous you were. Like a predator."
  37. >She unfurls a wing to beckon you forward.
  38. "But I smelled food," you protest.
  39. >Your quick to mentally slap yourself and obey the Pegasus's summons.
  40. >She licks her lips. "Yes, but I'm the main course. You will be the predator, I will be the sandwich....Prey! I mean-"
  41. >You disrupt her correction as you seize her in your grip.
  42. >You press her shoulders against the bed of lettuce and drag the platter closer to you.
  43. >"Eep!"
  44. >You're getting in the mood now.
  45. "Struggle all you want," you softly growl, "I'm not letting you go."
  46. >Ditzy's cheeks are getting redder by the second, her breathing becoming more ragged as you bring your face closer to hers.
  47. "How bout a taste of the meat."
  48. >You can already see her tongue bobbing up and down through her lips as she pants.
  49. >Too predictable.
  50. >You move your hands her chest and mane, holding them tight like reins as you float to her neck.
  51. >She shudders as she feels your warm breath caress her throat and releases a soft moan when you dab your tongue against her soft fur.
  52. >You hum in delight.
  53. "I like the way it tastes. Now for the first bite."
  54. >You bear your teeth and descend on the poor mare's neck.
  55. >"Ah-ah-Anon!"
  56. >Her body, powered by ancient instinct, fights back.
  57. >Her wings stretch out and try to slap you away, her legs twitch and kick, and her body tries to flex out of your hold, yet her incessant moaning and cooing betrays her instincts.
  58. >You finally grant her a moment of respite so she could catch her breath.
  59. >You also don't her to go to work tomorrow with a hickey.
  60. >No else in Ponyville has to know what two did last night.
  61. >Ditzy looks at you with lidded eyes.
  62. >A crooked smile forms on her face as she stares at you.
  63. >You flash a smile back at her.
  64. "Don't think I'm done with you yet?"
  65. >You stare at the lower regions of her body when a devilish idea crosses your mind.
  66. >You position your hands just right to keep her down and you bring your head back to her neck.
  67. >Slowly but surely, you hover your head across her body, insuring she feels every hot breath.
  68. >Ditzy's breaths becomes more ragged as she feels the hot air crossing to lower regions of her body.
  69. >To the forbidden zone.
  70. >At this point, she clenches her eyes shut as she bites down on her lower lip in anticipation.
  71. >You wet your lips and smack them together in preparation.
  72. >You then descend for the killing blow and Ditzy's eyes shot open.
  73. >"Huh-huh-huh-'non!"she pants
  74. >She could barely form a word but you keep going, lost in your blood lust.
  75. >"Anon. St-st-stop!"
  76. >She finally breaks and bursts into tears laughing.
  77. >You lift your lips from her belly just to breath and quickly resume giving her the ol' tummy buzz.
  78. >"Anon! Stop!"
  79. >You finally stop when you hear your stomach roar out.
  80. >Aw man, are you hungry.
  81. >As soon as she was done wiping the tears from she jumps up to her hind legs and poses her forelegs like a beast.
  82. >Rawr!" she growls.
  83. >She leans forward to plant a kiss on your lips and whispers to you, "That was fun. we should do it again sometime."
  84. >She flaps down to the floor and taps your stomach before heading to kitchen, "Time to feed the beast. My beast."
  86. The End
  87. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  88. 2.An Office Affair
  89. --------------
  90. >Be Anonymous.
  91. >Work in one of the largest offices Manehattan as a manager in of its many floors.
  92. >Thanks to the "guidance" and "wisdom" of upper management, the business had one of the greatest profits this quarter.
  93. >Upper management throws a party to celebrate this development.
  94. >The entire office gathers around the floor not willing to pass up the opportunity for booze or attempt to schmooze up the social ladder.
  95. >You're content with sitting in a cubicle in the farthest corner away, sipping away your champagne.
  96. >As you are guzzling down your fourth glass you hear a voice behind you.
  97. >"My my, Anonymous."
  98. >You weren’t prepared for company as the sudden voice made you jump.
  99. “Shit!” you silently cursed from spilling your drink on yourself.
  100. >Great, you’re gonna look like drunk.
  101. >You turn in the office chair to meet the disturbance.
  102. >She’s a mare of many shades of gray.
  103. >She has a black pen writing on piece of paper as her cutie mark and her long mane is tied behind her head.
  104. >You know those fiery orange eyes staring at you to belong to the manager of P.R., Pentelle Push.
  105. >”Enjoying the party from afar?” She smiles.
  106. >Before you could answer, Pentelle enters the cubicle and sits in the chair next to yours.
  108. >You take another sip of your drink.
  109. “Yup. Sometimes the best place to be in a situation is far away.”
  110. >You raise your glass to her.
  111. “Allows you to think.”
  112. >She eyes the champagne flutes lining on the desk.
  113. >”Seems you had a lot to think about.”
  114. “Yeah.”
  115. >Dammit.
  116. >You came here to be alone.
  117. >You especially didn’t wanted her of all ponies to cross with you.
  118. >You try to brainstorm an idea to get rid of the mare, but hearing the party drives you finish off your glass.
  119. >You reach for another glass, only to see that Pentelle has already snagged the last one.
  120. >She couldn’t help but giggle to hear you grumbles.
  121. >She gulps down your champagne before talking again.
  122. >”It’d be troublesome if our underlings found us squared away together, especially with you soaking booze like a sponge, Mr Anonymous.”
  123. “Still maintaining that perfect image, huh?” you quip.
  124. >”Partly that,” Pentelle hums, “Just thinking of a better place to ponder on life. Anon, how about we go to the roof...for old time’s sake?”
  126. >You raise a brow at the proposition, as you look for what to say next.
  127. “Been a while,” you mumble, “You think Hard Nut’s gonna be ok with that?”
  128. >”Heh, You know he’s a softy, especially when it comes to us.”
  129. >She starts to leave the walk off and you follow after her.
  130. >You’d like to slink back to the party and take another glass if it weren’t from your flaming cheeks.
  131. >No doubt the result champagne.
  132. >Pentelle occasionally looks back to see if you’re following, giving you warm smile as she does.
  133. >Yup.
  134. >Definitely the champagne.
  135. >An elevator ride and a walk through the halls later, both of you go to the office of head janitor, Hard Nut.
  136. >Pentelle greets the grizzled janitor with a hug and brings up her request to him.
  137. >”For you two? Sure thing.” he nods, “Just be careful, it’s windy today.”
  138. >He hoofs over a key to you and gives you a wink.
  139. >”Could also be chilly too.”
  140. “Thanks Mr. Nut.” you chuckle, “We’ll get this back to you tomorrow.”
  141. >A silent ride in the elevator and flight of stairs takes the both of you to the roof.
  142. >The chilly breeze wafts over you like a morning shower.
  143. >It almost makes you forget about the party.
  144. >Just you, the city you love, and Pentelle.
  146. >Pentelle takes in the glorious smell of the Manehattan and walks to the buildings edge to a steel railway.
  147. >You stand next to her as the two of you gaze into the city.
  148. >The sun is already setting.
  149. >The streets and buildings of the city slowly beam to life.
  150. >It feels just as good seeing this now with Pentelle as it did many years ago in the past.
  151. >”Perfect place to think, huh?” Pentelle smiled.
  152. “Yeah,” you agree, “Much better.”
  153. >”So what’s on your mind,” she inquired.
  154. >You really wanted to just enjoy the sounds of the city.
  155. “Pushy,” You sigh, “Really living to the name again I see.”
  156. >She giggles and playfully punches your arm.
  157. >”I hate being called that!” she protests.
  158. >Both of you share a small laugh before she speaks.
  159. >”It’s alright if you don’t want to tell me. I’m also quite enjoying this thinking session.”
  160. “No, I can tell.” you reassure her, “I uh…. I feel like I’ve hit a brick wall I can’t get over.”
  161. >Pentelle’s smile fades away as she listens intently to you.
  162. “The last project,” you continued, “that was my last shot to moving up. Yeah, the largest growth this quarter?”
  163. >You jab your thumb to your own chest.
  164. “It’s sure as hell wasn’t Paper Weight!”
  166. >”There’s other offices, Anon,” Pentelle interjected, “You could’ve moved to the office in Vanhoover.”
  167. >You chuckle at the suggestion.
  168. “Pen, move of out Manehattan. Not an option.”
  169. >She rolls her eyes.
  170. >”Right, right, madness, I know. But there were still other ways.”
  171. “Yeah, many other less savory ways.”
  172. >Manipulation, coercion, and subterfuge, skills as natural to you as breathing and worth more than all the bits in Canterlot.
  173. >You could’ve easily stepped over the backs of everyone else to reach the top, but you didn’t.
  174. “I was different man before I came here, Pentelle.” you admitted,
  175. “He had no moral qualms and had everything because of it. I don’t want to be that person again. I don’t want to hurt others Pushy, especially you. I don’t ever want you to see me like that.”
  176. >Pentelle’s brows shot up at your words.
  177. >Better change the subject quickly.
  178. “Uh..what about you, Pen? You’re a smart mare. You could’ve easily move up beyond mid-management.”
  179. >”Well, I’m an honest mare.”
  180. “No shit,” you chuckle, “Remember the Flim Flam project fiasco?”
  181. >The name exasperates the mare.
  182. >”How could I forget?” she sighs
  183. “It was so bad, you could’ve thrown anypony under the bus and no one would be the wiser. And try to avoid saying because ‘I’m an honest mare’.”
  184. >”You really do have sinister plan for everypony you meet, do you ,Anon?” Pentelle.
  186. “Old habits die hard,” you shrug.
  187. >”Well, to be ho-sincere, I kinda wish for you to rise to the top, Anon.”
  188. >You’re lost for words.
  189. >Why would she do that?
  190. >Pentelle speaks on.
  191. >”You’re smart, quick-witted, your fingers is like a gift from the heavens from for those with an itchy back.”
  192. >The sun has already set as Pentelle stares at the rolls of lights in the city streets.
  193. >“Back then when we used to be just assistants, I could see that. Even when we promised each other to rise up to the top, I couldn’t help but get you there first. You’re so nice, Anon.”
  194. >Damn champagne.
  195. >You press a hand against your face to hide your glowing cheeks, but you can do nothing against the heart beating against your chest.
  196. “Ironic that were holding ourselves back to help each other,” You point out.
  197. >”Yeah,” Pentelle giggles.
  198. >You quickly take a peek at Pen.
  199. >She stares into a the city with a meek smile and a crimson blush that stands out on her ashen fur.
  201. >You suddenly see her shiver.
  202. >It sure did get a lot colder since the two of you came here.
  203. >Even with her silver office coat, you’re pretty sure wasn’t enough.
  204. “You’re cold. let me take care of it.”
  205. >”No it’s okay, Anon.,” she reassured you.
  206. >despite her words, you strip off your coat and drape it over her.
  207. >It covers most of her body with the coat’s arms barely touching the floor.
  208. >She looks too adorable and you can’t help but laugh.
  209. >”Anon!” she whines as the blush on her cheeks glows a few shades redder.
  210. >As much as she protests, she doesn’t take it off.
  211. >She does however steps closer to you.
  212. >So close to the point that she’s rubbing against you.
  213. >”Aren’t you cold too?” she grumbles.
  214. “Not really,” you lie nonchalantly.
  215. >Yeah, it’s getting cold fast.
  216. >You want to back inside into the building, but you want to stay like this with Pentelle a little longer.
  217. “Pentelle.” you mumble
  218. >”Yes, Anon?”
  219. “To be uh, ‘sincere’ with you, Manehattan isn’t the only reason I didn’t move to Vanhoover.”
  220. >”R-really? For what reason?”
  221. >She coos when you place a hand on her head.
  222. “It’s a lot closer than you think.”
  223. >Her silence makes you feel like your heart is stopping.
  224. >Then, she stands on her hind legs and embraces you with a warm hug.
  225. >”And I think you’re one of best things I like in this city.” she sniffs.
  227. >You kneel down so your eyes can be at the same level as hers.
  228. >The two of you stare at each other’s eyes and get lost in their watery gaze.
  229. >You can feel her hot breath caressing your neck.
  230. >Enough to keep the furnace burning inside you raging hot.
  231. >She closes her eyes and her lips edge closer.
  232. >You do the same and wait for the coming kiss, but you hear Pentelle gasp.
  233. >Instead of a kiss on lips, you receive punch on the chest that has you slump to your back.
  234. >You look up just in time to see Push stumble and flop onto your chest.
  235. “Ompf!” you huffed.
  236. >You look up at Pentelle with a look disbelief that matches her.
  237. >”Anon! By Celestia, I’m so sorry,” She babbles, “I was just about to kiss you, and I stepped on your coat, and then I-I-”
  238. >Before she could finish, you clasp her cheeks with your hands and stretch out to kiss her.
  239. >Her eyes widen in surprise, but she was quick to give in and return the gesture.
  240. >You stop when your abs start to shake and you lay on your back again.
  241. >You feel her body press down on you.
  242. >It makes you euphoric that you can feel her heartbeat beat with yours as if you’re both one in the same.
  243. “I love you, Pushy.” You can’t help but say to her.
  244. >She rests her head against your chest, seemingly content to lay with you.
  245. >You feel you could do the same all night.
  246. >Then an Idea comes to your mind.
  247. >You bring your hand behind Pentelle and start undoing her mane.
  248. >”Anon,” Pentelle mumbled
  249. >Her mane softly plummets to the sides of her face as it flows with the wind.
  250. >It just makes her look more beautiful.
  252. >The two of you lay there on the ground, happy with eachothers of presence.
  253. >You both started to get up from the ground and start dusting eachother off.
  254. “It’s pretty dark,” you noted, “Want me to walk you home?”
  255. >Pentelle is almost done dusting your backside.
  256. >”How bout we get something to eat on the way?” queried Pen, “Pizza?”
  257. >You nod and the two of start leave the office and walk the sidewalk to a pizza place close Pentelle’s place.
  258. >”Aren’t you cold, Anon?” she asks, “Don’t you need your coat?
  259. >You shake your head.
  260. “Nah! I’m good.”
  261. >”You’re gonna get a cold,” chastised Pen, “And I won’t be responsible if you have to miss work.”
  262. “Well, when you put it that way…”
  263. >You quickly scoop Push into your arms and hug her tight.
  264. >”Anon! what are you doing?” Pen bursts.
  265. “I don’t need a coat if I have you to keep me warm.
  266. >”Put me down. Ponies are staring.”
  267. >You can she face blush from the unwanted attention.
  268. >”Let them stare, they don’t matter to me,” you declare, “Not when compared to you.”
  269. >You finish off with a peck on her lips.
  270. >”Anon, if you put me down, I’ll pay for the meal.”
  271. “Wait, I thought you were gonna pay for it?” You joke
  272. >”Well, It’s on you now if you don’t put me down.” Pen chuckles.
  273. >You think about it for while before giving your answer by hugging her tighter.
  274. “Eh, I’m happy like this. Aren’t guys supposed pay anyway?”
  275. >She sighs and starts to rest her head on your shoulder, but not before returning the kiss.
  276. >Manehattan is the best city in Equestria.
  277. >All the reason you need is fit snugly within your arms.
  278. --------------
  279. 3. A Present for A Dragon
  281. >Late.
  282. >That's what the clock says as you're waiting for the cupcakes to cool.
  283. >Why you didn't try to bake them the night before eludes you, but you sure are regretting it now.
  284. >You prod one of the fresh cupcakes while you carry a bag filled with vanilla frosting.
  285. "Come on, come on..."
  286. >After another minute of tapping your foot, you shake your head.
  287. "Screw it! Gotta go!"
  288. >You get the piping bag and squeeze it over one of the cupcakes.
  289. >The nozzle pops off and the cupcake's surface is quickly buried underneath a wave frosting
  290. "Aw shit,"
  291. >You work more slowly for the rest of cupcakes after cleaning the first one.
  292. >Try as you might, no cupcake had the same amount of frosting when you finished.
  293. >They left much to be desired, even more so once you started placing the crystals onto the frosting.
  294. >Though, "placing" sounds too delicate.
  295. >Impaling is a more accurate description.
  296. >Pinkie Pie makes this look so easy.
  297. >You make a deep sigh as you gaze on your finished products before packing them into boxes.
  298. >You rush out out of the door to the birthday party with the cupcakes as well as your gift.
  299. "Shoulda just stuck with the gift!"
  301. >Barb opens the last present from the Pinkie Pie.
  302. >It's a camera.
  303. >"To capture every happy moment from now on!" Pinkie cheers.
  304. >Barb gives her small smile.
  305. >"Thanks Pinkie, I'll make great use of it."
  306. >The young dragon scans the room for the dozenth time, only to see you not here.
  307. >"Of course he wouldn't just forget my birthday," Barb assures herself, "He's probably on the way."
  308. >She feels a hoof rest on her shoulder to see Twilight patting her.
  309. >"I'm sure Anon has a good reason for being late, Twilight smiles at her before silently mumbling, "He better have one."
  310. >Barb could feel that her eyes starting to water and her lips beginning to tremble.
  311. >She pulls the golden, paper crown Twilight made for her over face.
  312. >She doesn't want to spoil the mood for everypony else.
  313. >Suddenly, Barb can hear steps echoing from the hallways followed by labored breathing.
  314. >She peeks between the tips of the crown to see you standing in the doorway huffing.
  315. >"Anon!" Twilight calls out, "You're late!"
  316. "Yeah...Sorry 'bout that. Just baking cupcakes... and I didn't expect it to take so long."
  317. >You stare at Barb looking back at you with wide eyes.
  318. >You hold up her present in the air and manage a smile.
  319. >"Hey Barb! I didn't miss too much did I?"
  320. >She comes charging towards you nearly rocking you off balance as she hugs one of your legs.
  321. >She looks up at you with a big smile.
  322. >"No! You came in just in time!"
  323. >You point at her head and chuckle,
  324. "Is that a crown on your head?"
  325. >Barb's cheeks start to glow red as you feel her claws fidget.
  326. >"Oh. I-uhh."
  327. "It look's nice."
  328. >"It does?"
  329. "Mm yeah."
  330. >Barb starts to blush even harder.
  331. >"Oh, thanks."
  333. "Anyway I baked some cupcakes for you and everyone else."
  334. >You set the box of cupcakes on the table and Twilight opens it up.
  335. >Her eyebrows jump in a silent surprise as she levitates to you, Barb, and the rest of the guests.
  336. >You can feel face get hotter as you release a low sigh.
  337. >Barb looks at a product of your attempt at baking with wide eyes, sparkling like the crystals not fully submerged in the frosting.
  338. >She then takes a bite.
  339. >You hear the crunch of the crystals and ponder if you should've used rock candy instead of actual crystals.
  340. >"Wow!" Barb gasps, "It's good."
  341. "Really?"
  342. >You give her an incredulous look.
  343. >"Yeah! The cupcake is so moist! And the crystals..."
  344. "Huh."
  345. >You take a bite out of your cupcake and hear a crunch in your mouth.
  346. >You silently groan.
  347. "Oh..."
  348. >You dig out the crystal from your mouth and quickly put it in your pocket."
  349. >"It's the best thing I ever had, Anon." Barb hums.
  350. >Coming from Barb, you expected to hear something like that, but you can't help but smile.
  351. "Glad you like. Have as a many you like."
  353. >Twilight gives you a silent nod of approval.
  354. >"Barb how about we open Anon's gift first."
  355. >The young dragon claps her claws together.
  356. >"Yes!"
  357. >She takes your wrapped gift and climbs onto the couch.
  358. >Barb looks at and taps the empty space at her side.
  359. >You make a quick sigh and sit next to her before she rips through the wrapping.
  360. >"It's a book!" Barb exclaims with a big smile.
  361. >You smile.
  362. "A photo album."
  363. >"An album?"
  364. "Yeah, Pinkie told me she was getting you a camera. So, I thought it only made sense to get something to put the photos in."
  365. >Barb is lost for words.
  366. >"I uh, I."
  367. >You tap at the cover of the album.
  368. "Open it."
  369. >Barb opens the cover and sees something written inside.
  370. >"To the number one assistant in Equestria, "Barb reads aloud. "and a good a friend to a grouchy Human."
  371. >You give her a big smile.
  372. "Happy birthday 'Princess'!"
  373. >Barb wraps her arms around her arms around your neck and nuzzles into you.
  374. >"Thanks, Anon. I really like it."
  375. >You give her soft pat on her head.
  376. >"Glad you feel that way."
  377. >"How about we start filling up that album?" Twilight asks.
  378. >She's already levitating the camera and aiming it at you and Barb.
  379. >Barb grins and you chuckle.
  380. "Sure why not?"
  381. >"Say cheese!"
  382. >At first, you thought it was gonna be easy after you drop off the cupcakes and the gift.
  383. >Just settle down on the couch until the party is over, but Barb isn't gonna let that happen.
  384. >Many party games, a pinata where she almost hit you at least three times, and a dances that simply revolves holding her paws as she stands on your moving on your feet.
  385. >You can't get Barb to get off you.
  386. >When you finally had enough, you just scooped her into your arms and took her with you to the couch.
  387. "Tired," you mumble.
  388. >You sink you into couch as slowly drift into sleep.
  389. >You don't remember if Barb ever got off of you.
  391. >Hours after the last of the guests left, including you, Barb lays in her bed alone.
  392. >She carefully slides all the freshly printed photos of today's events into the album.
  393. >She holds the last photo in her claws and stares at it.
  394. >It's of you and her sleeping together.
  395. >"Someday," Barb sighs before putting the photo away.
  396. >She hugs the album close to her and slowly descends into sleep as she brainstorms ideas on what to give you for your birthday.
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