Amy -- Stage 1

theharami19 Sep 29th, 2015 66 Never
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  1. 0. Magnaflow Catback Exhaust (installed by original owner) [HP++]
  2. 1. Eibach Sway Bars (3-way adjustable front, fixed rear) [reducing roll]
  3. 2. Steeda Cold Air Intake [HP++]
  4. 3. MGW Short Throw Shifter [faster, precise shifts!]
  5. 4. Koni Sport (lovingly known as Koni Yellows) struts and dampers. These have adjustable low-speed rebound. [amazing balance and damping]
  6. 5. Steeda Sport lowering springs. 1" drop in front, 1.5" drop in rear [stiffer suspension, lowered ride => faster weight transfer, reduced squat and dive]
  7. 6. Maximum Motorsports Caster Camber Plates [easily adjust caster/camber for track days]
  8. 7. Ford Racing Jounce Bumper Kit. Original equipment on GT500 [more predictable response when lowered suspension bottoms out]
  9. 8. Steeda Heel-Toe Throttle Pedal Cover [easier heel-toe downshifts]
  10. 9. 14" SVT Front Brake Rotors [stronger initial bite, better heat dissipation]
  11. 10. 4-piston Brembo Front Calipers [solid, consistent braking response]
  12. 11. DBA 11" Slotted Rear Rotors [might as well replace them]
  13. 12. SVT brake pads, front and rear [again, might as well replace them]
  14. 13. Goodridge Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines [stiffer brake pedal]
  15. 14. Motul RBF600 brake fluid [higher boiling point, low compressibility => stiffer brake pedal]
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