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  1. <sprite name="smallFlowerPots2"
  2.         verboseName="flowers">
  4.   <look>Hydrangeas and poinsettias.</look>
  5.   <verb name="Forget">
  6.     <behavior type="dialog">Hard to say who planted these flowers, maybe this is the home of a gardener.</behavior>
  7.   </verb>
  8.   <verb name="Remember">
  9.     <behavior type="dialog">These wild flowers were planted here by the wind.</behavior>
  10.   </verb>
  11.   <verb name="Play" moveTo="1">
  12.     <behavior type="dialog">There was a boy who pretended to be a flower. He closed his eyes, drank a glass of water, then slowly opened them.</behavior>
  13.   </verb>
  14.   <verb name="Catch" moveTo="1">
  15.     <behavior type="dialog">The bees hovering around these flowers will sting if they're caught.</behavior>
  16.   </verb>
  17. ...
  18. </sprite>
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