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Oct 29th, 2021
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  1. ar kane “crazy blue”
  2. swirlies “his life of artistic freedom”
  3. the ecstasy of st theresa “honeyrain”
  4. the ropers “revolver”
  5. boyracer “sarah and sarah”
  6. chapterhouse “need (somebody)”
  7. pale saints “time thief (peel session)”
  8. relay “safe”
  9. flying saucer attack “the drowners”
  10. starflyer 59 “do you ever feel this way”
  11. mercury rev “bronx cheer”
  12. curve “horror head (peel session)”
  13. (the sounds of) kaleidoscope “new language”
  14. urusei yatsura “plastic ashtray”
  15. lorelei “everything’s gone rain”
  16. my bloody valentine “off your face”
  17. ringo deathstarr “starrsha”
  18. baby birds don’t drink milk “last night sucked”
  19. loveliescrushing “youreyesimmaculate”
  20. his name is alive “baby fish mouth”
  21. henry’s dress “sally wants”
  22. velocity girl “crazy town”
  23. pink playground “sunny skies”
  24. lilys “the hermit crab”
  25. joanna gruesome “sugar crush”
  26. swervedriver “rave down”
  27. alison’s halo “calendar”
  28. bowery electric “without stopping”
  29. drop nineteens “delaware”
  30. beatnik filmstars “50/50 split”
  31. astrobrite “lollipop”
  32. electro group “captain new mexico”
  33. earlimart “we drink on the job”
  34. medicine “beneath the sands”
guitar “sunkissed”
  35. black tambourine “for ex-lovers only”
  36. dive “freeze frame”
  37. bailter space “splat”
  38. ride “decay”
  39. lush “scarlet (long version)”
  40. the boo radleys “skyscraper”
  41. yo la tengo “today is the day”
  42. stereolab “changer”
  43. cascadia “yours”
  44. duster “earth moon transit”
  45. vehicle blues “letter writer”
  46. slowdive “morningrise”
  47. cocteau twins “evangeline”
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