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  1. Dynamics/Headstage:
  2.     ET1000 sounds more compressed and the Headstage is considerably smaller than my Lambda Nova Signature. On another note The Bias Voltage is much different 180v vs 580v so the stator gap is likely a big cause of the lack of Dynamics on the ET1000.
  4. Sound: 
  5. Overall~
  6.     The ET1000 dosnt seem to have the typical beyer tuning and are just above Neutral while I would say my LNS are right at     neutral/below Neutral which is where my preferred Sound signature is.
  8. Treble~
  9.     Both the Beyer and Stax have clean and crisp Treble but the Beyer has a Sparkle to it and the Stax is more relaxed and is less      aggressive and slightly recessed compared to the ET1000.
  11. Mids~
  12.     The mids are where its mainly at for me as far as whats going on in the music and the ET1000 seems to have its focus mainly in the upper mids lower treble and it does it well and so the rest of the mids take a back seat a bit. The LNS on the other hand this is its
  13. Strong suite mids are absolutely Lovely and smooth as silk.
  15. Bass~
  16.     The low end is where the headphones start to really differentiate. The ET1000 doesn't have the Sub bass bump around 30-50hz and they require a proper seal in order to have any low end at all, but when sealed properly they have as good as low end extension as LNS. Extension isn't everything though the texture of the low end matters a good deal such as the sound of a Cello, a plucked standing bass, or Jazz Piano. The Texture just isn't as well defined on the ET1000 as the LNS and I suppose this is due to the fact that the stator gap is smaller and not able to move as much air as the larger Gap on the Stax allows for.
  18. Build Quality:
  19.     The Build Quality of the Stax isn't as bad as people claim. The plastic isn't cheap plastic it seems to be a pretty solid and durable material. Compared to the build of the LNS the plastic on the ET1000 feels a little cheaper, though unlike the Stax ET1000 has a metal headband. The Stock pads on the ET1000 are awful and the mounting mechanism is pretty odd. The Stax just stick on with double sided tape and are made of a quite nice pleather.
  21. Comfort:
  22.     Comfort is a huge difference between ET1000 and LNS. ET1000 with its nearly flat pads and death grip clamp are very uncomfortable for even moderate periods of time Especially with glasses. While I have both an old and Brand new headband for my Stax The Clamp on the old headband is Tight enough that with the pads on it its very comfy. The earpads on the stax are rather deep for me(my ears dont touch the inside) Though the New headband for my Stax has an aggressive clamp but its doesnt make it unbearably Uncomfortable.
  24. Conclusion:
  25.     The Stax are a tried and true Sound while the ET1000 was a risk for Beyer and while it sold well in japan alongside the normal Bias evidence shows that since Beyer no longer makes estats Beyer viewed it as a market they wouldn't have a much success in so they stopped making them in 1984 and it became one of the more obscure headphones out there as far as notable brands go. To conclude this rambling Both the Beyerdynamic ET1000 and Stax Lambda Nova Signature are Excellent headphones they each have a unique sound. Though if I was pressed to pick one and only one it would have to be the Stax: the Comfort and sound are far superior to the ET1000
  27. -Queensryche Boomer
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