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  1. {"data":[{"message":" ","voiceMessage":null,"showVoicePrompt":false,"contacts":[],"images":[],"options":[],"links":[],"content":{"type":"html","body":"<div class=\"ExternalClassE5FF1EDC1CF54679A733F5F2563BA5D5\"><b><i>Public Holidays</i></b> \n<ul><li>MDCBMS generally follows the public holidays as announced by the private sector. However, keeping in mind MDCBMS business requirements, Executive Management, at times, may use their discretion in the observance of the announced holiday.</li><li>The UAE celebrates approximately 13 days of public holidays each year; some of these holidays occur on fixed dates, others are dependent upon the sighting of the moon. These ‘lunar’ dependent holidays are the ones that are officially declared as holidays, sometimes only 24 hours (or less) before they occur. MDCBMS employees will be informed of the dates of the public holidays as soon as they are known<br>\n         <table border=\"1\" cellspacing=\"1\" cellpadding=\"1\"><tbody><tr><td>Holiday</td><td>Fixed or Lunar Dependent</td></tr><tr><td>Eid Al Adha (Hajj Eid)</td><td>Lunar (usually 4 Days holiday)</td></tr><tr><td>Eid Al Fitr (Ramadan Eid)</td><td>Lunar (usually 3 Days holiday)</td></tr><tr><td>New Year’s Day</td><td>January, 1st</td></tr><tr><td>Islamic New Year’s Day</td><td>Lunar (1 Day)</td></tr><tr><td>Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday</td><td>Lunar (1 Day)</td></tr><tr><td>Al Israa wal Miraaj</td><td>Lunar (1 Day)</td></tr><tr><td>UAE National Day</td><td>December, 2nd and 3rd</td></tr></tbody></table></li></ul></div>"}}]}
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