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  1. The most famous victim
  2. ----------------------
  3. Every bit of it unwanted attention.
  4. The (phenomenon) is known as "jailbait",
  5. named after a portal on the site Reddit,
  6. and Angie Varona is the most famous victim,
  7. but far from the only one.
  9. Jailbait is different from child pornography
  10. in that it doesn't directly show pornographic images,
  11. and seemingly not violating any laws,  (literal: staying on the legal side of the law)
  12. but it's a fine line, the intent presumably the same,
  13. and the methods are mildly speaking uncomfortable.
  15. Jailbait-ers look around on social sites, especially
  16. Facebook, and here they find pictures of 13-year-olds,
  17. photographed on vacation, or of 14-year-olds posing
  18. suggestively, and steal the images and put them up
  19. on sites like Jailbait at Reddit. The site has 21 000 members,
  20. that looks at and exchanges images, writes the news site Jezebel,
  21. that also asks the question: Why does the owners of Reddit allow
  22. a site like Jailbait?
  24. "The price of free speech"
  25. --------------------------
  27. The question will be asked somewhere surprising - specifically, at the
  28. Condé Nast magazine chain(?), first and foremost known for publishing
  29. prestigious magazines like Vanity Fair and the New Yorker.
  31. However, Condé Nast also owns Reddit, and has no problems with it, says
  32. Reddit owner Erik Martin to Gawker. "Condé Nast has never complained," he says.
  33. He's not necessarily happy about hosting a site like Jailbait, but "it's
  34. the price of free speech," he says.
  36. Gawker answers: "It's apparently only on Reddit that you can regard publishing
  37. stolen vacation photos of 13-year-olds as free speech."
  39. Angie Varona still has to live with the price of free speech.
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