hana wa odoreya irohaniho eng ver.

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  1. Hanayamata OP: hana wa odoreya irohaniho eng ver.
  3. Boom, booming with radiance,
  4. Let’s bloom it like a flower.
  6. All I want is just enough power to take a step forward,
  7. And a magic key to open my timid heart.
  9. But with a 1, 2, 3,
  10. Everything clears up beautifully.
  12. A dream begins (of our moments)… and I wonder what form it will take.
  14. Dance, dance!
  15. Don’t keep me waiting!
  16. I want to keep count together more and more,
  17. Moving on to brand new scenery.
  19. Many sights and smells,
  20. Boom, booming with radiance,
  21. So let’s bloom it like a flower;
  22. I want to see what you’ll become!
  24. Many sights and smells,
  25. Boom, booming with radiance,
  26. The feelings we’ll bloom will be far from average.
  27. After all, “A maiden’s path is up to the wind,”
  28. I shyly whisper.
  30. That’s a maiden’s heart.
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